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numberoneweirdguyfan · 2 days ago
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OFMD core
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batsarebetterthanpeople · 2 days ago
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The Boy With The Teal Earring
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planetbiomes · 16 hours ago
The four horsemen of the apocalypse
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Middle aged queer relationship edition
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haflacky · 2 days ago
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Their wedding night 💕💕
Blackbonnet became husbands 😭🥺
Full version here
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trustworthy-liar · 2 days ago
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It's tough work having two captains to keep happy 😔
But boi will he do his best
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tr1ste-o1seau · a day ago
a little modern AU
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kovpai · 17 hours ago
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They are blood thirsty pirates! 🏴‍☠️🩸
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lesbiansoncaffiene · 11 hours ago
Can we talk about how in The Bathtub scene in Ep.6, even though Ed literally admits to plotting kill Stede. Like actively. Right up until 5 minutes ago.
Stede asks “Is that [killing me] still in the cards?” But he DOESNT MOVE AWAY FROM ED. He stays RIGHT THERE, hand on the edge of the bathtub, looking at his would-be murderer and still calls him his friend. Still comforts him. Still reassures him that he’s not a monster.
Except for that one moment of fear, Stede stays right by Ed’s side as he processes his emotions.
Jesus fuck- they’re so in love it HURTS.
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fallofasparrowiv · 2 days ago
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Channeling Frenchie to beat this hot weather. Cheers m’dears!
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petal-of-jasmine · a day ago
"And I know I've kissed you before but...I didn't do it right." (Pink in the Night (by Mitsiki)) [5/5]
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Final piece 🥲. It has been lovely to do this OFMD pieces, I totally did not cry while I was planning it.
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quiet--menace · 2 days ago
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Progress! A leisurely 5 hour sketch + 2 just for shading so far. Will add more to it soon. Need to add blue for Stede’s fancy jacket.
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numberoneweirdguyfan · a day ago
the funniest plot twist in OFMD is when izzy lies about telling stede who is boss is (ie. “i explicitly said blackbeard desired his company”) hoping that it would make edward want to kill stede, only for it to ACTUALLY make edward fall in love with stede immediately, and then exile izzy from his ship. top 10 ideas that backfire instantly
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sharknasia · 2 days ago
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ekezable · 20 hours ago
I read some nice fanfictions about young Blackbeard, Izzy and Calico Jack on AO3 and get inspired!
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cutegarbage · a day ago
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💜 the color of his love, and his heartbreak 💜
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plantchildart · 2 days ago
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Boooobs 💦
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its-a-show-stoppin-number · 17 hours ago
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