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#our lady of sorrows
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Puccini: La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini is an opera with some of my favourite sad songs in composed music. Perfect for days like this, where I am struggling to handle being a Catholic in a very anti-Catholic household. 

Lord have mercy on me, a sinner, for not defending Your honour in the face of the blasphemy my family spews. Lord have mercy on my family, bless them with grace to be able to see Your eternal light. Please forgive them for they do not know Your truth. Kyrie Eleison. 

O Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I ask for Your help to guide my family. For our bonds to grow stronger.

Our Lady of Sorrows, I will never know pain like thee. At the cross your station keeping, Stood the mournful Mother weeping, Close to Jesus to the last. Our Lady I ask you, through Christ Our Lord, the bring me comfort.  

Mater Dolorosa, Ora Pro Nobis.


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Pope John Paul II
‘Standing by the cross of Jesus was His mother.’ (John 19:25)
The Virgin, with her mother鈥檚 grief, participated in a quite particular way in the Passion of Jesus, cooperating deeply with the salvation of mankind. Like Mary, each of us can and must unite with the suffering Jesus in order to become, with His own pain, an active part in the redemption of the world which He effected in the Paschal Mystery. With these wishes, may my comforting blessing, strengthened by Mary鈥檚 motherly help, accompany you and those who lovingly assist you in daily offering.
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ways that i lose it in conjunction with mcr songs:

“im irredeemably evil and nothing will balance out the horrible things ive done in life. i will carry this weight with me forever”

“i refuse to die at the hands of an unforgiving world. through everything ive survived and i will continue to survive”

“god damn this slaps”

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“Our Ladies of Sorrow. I know them thoroughly, and have walked in all their kingdoms. Three sisters they are, of one mysterious household; and their paths are wide apart; but of their dominion there is no end. three, who weave the dark arras of man’s life in their mysterious loom, always with colours sad in part, sometimes angry with tragic crimson and black.”

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