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#ouran high school host club
maidoftheday2 days ago
Tumblr media
Today鈥檚 Maid of the Day: Ritsu Kasanoda from Ouran High School Host Club
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hostagine2 days ago
Never Ever Ever
Tamaki and Haruhi break up, but Hikaru's the only one heartbroken.
Unrequited love + Angst
"Are you still angry with me?"聽
What made him think he was angry at him? Was it the silent treatment all day or the aggressive side eyeing? He wasn't sure. But the way Hikaru was sitting, slouched over on a log by himself, behind the lake house they'd been staying at, hiding his face, he knew he wasn't happy.
He rarely ever wondered what he was thinking. He didn't have to. He was an open book. He always said what he thought. Hikaru's heart didn't just show on his sleeve, he walked with it, carelessly, and talked with it, thoughtlessly. He practically held it in his hands for anyone to take it. It made it very easy to love him, or hate him. To steal his heart or to break it.聽
Tamaki supposed that he must've done both.聽
"You don't even know why you're angry,"聽
"Shut up," Hikaru sneered, fists full of his own hair. "You're a piece of shit that's why."聽
"Are you really that mad that we broke up? That you'd call me names?" Tamaki asked quietly, watching as the muscles in Hikaru's back flexed. He shouldn't be provoking him but if Kaoru wasn't going to do it, someone had to. "I kind of expected you to make a fool of yourself in front of everyone, sure. But to be honest, I thought you'd be happy."聽
"Why would I be happy? because I liked Haruhi?" Hikaru snapped, standing to his full height. He had the balls to mock him now? "Am I not supposed to be angry? Should I cackle and twiddle my fingers like an antagonist in what you think is your cute little romantic comedy? Should I be hovering over her shoulder, hoping she'll see me as a rebound to forget about you? The fuck am I to you?"
"You know that's not what I meant." Tamaki scoffed, tightening his coat around himself to shield away from the cold. "Despite popular belief, I don't actually think everything is about me, ass."聽聽
"You cheated on Haruhi."
"I did not cheat. You're the only one that thinks that."
Hikaru finally turned to face him, his cheeks twitched and the specks of gold reflected in his eyes looked primal as the sun danced off the water and shown on his face. "Spell it out for me then. You were engaged to Haruhi when you fell in love with someone else. Look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong. I saw you two at the party this weekend. You kissed Ayame."聽
Tamaki had gone quiet. He was speechless but it's not to be mistaken for guilty silence. He was just so focused on the fire in his eyes he forgot he was defending himself.聽
"We already called it quits by then," Tamaki said when he noticed Hikaru beginning to walk away, most likely to finish his tantrum someplace else. "You've never been in love with anyone before so you don't know how it feels or know that sometimes people fall out of love too."
Hikaru inhaled sharply as Tamaki continued.
"Haruhi and I don't love each other anymore. I didn't cheat on her. You just keep saying that to justify being angry, because you don't know why you're angry."聽
"Stop pretending like you understand!" Hikaru shouted. "I hate it when everyone thinks they know how I feel."聽
"Then just say what you're thinking, so I can understand." Tamaki shouted back, but he was more desperate. He didn't care if Hikaru was angry at him or thought ill of him but he couldn't stand knowing he caused him grief for whatever reason. "What did I do? Is it because you're jealous?"
"I'm angry because you don't love her anymore-" Hikaru said before he stopped himself.聽 "For fucks sake. Are you happy now?"聽
After another awkward pause, Tamaki gave a frustrated sigh, pulling his hand out to rub into his hair. "Haruhi isn't exactly heartbroken now is she? So you're just going to have to get over it."
Get over it?
"How?" He whispered.
"Come again?" Tamaki grumbled.聽
Hikaru opened his fist and looked down at the marks his nails left in his hand. "I don't care how Haruhi feels about you. She doesn't love you anymore? Good. You suck."聽
"You suck." Tamaki muttered under him.聽聽
"But it's not fair that you get to be over her." His voice strained, struggling to convey both of his most complicated feelings. Being angry, and being sorry for himself. "You've been together for 4 years. You got to spend everyday with her. You got to live with her, sleep next to her- fuck, you were supposed to marry her next year..."聽
"And?" Tamaki dared.聽
"And yesterday," Hikaru hesitated, "Haruhi told me that I'm... like a brother to her."
"So how can you fall out of love with her and I can't?"聽
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ouranbounda day ago
slow and steady
happy birthday @ohshcscenerios !! you deserve the world.
characters: takashi and haruhi
Falling in love was not instantaneous. At first glance, she was plain. A sweater, ratty with age, had been the only thing to draw his eye. The fabric draped across her figure in an unimaginative way; she posed no treat and held no interest. His focus turned.
Falling in love, Takashi found, would take much longer. Like the trickling of a spring brook, the icyness of Haruhi's voice began to thaw. Contacts took the place of tortoise shell glasses, her eyes round and surprised no matter the occasion.
'She looks like a tanuki,' he reasoned. It was the only explanation as to why his eyes had trouble leaving hers. Mitsukuni's fork played it's part well, never hesitating even as he made the revelation. His cousin was intrigued, grey irises alit with curiosity. Still, Mitsukuni feigned ignorance; his insistence would only snuff out the beginning sparks of love.
Takashi watched on as Haruhi was paraded around Music Room Three, a pair of red-heads tugging at her seams. He waited with baited breath for her eyes to settle on his own, for her unspoken request for rescue. Such request never came. Despite the disappointment that boiled in his stomach, Takashi was just as well. She was strong-willed, and who was he to impose?
Summer arrived with a flourish. Takashi had adverted his gaze for a moment, only for his charge to disappear into thin air. His mask of indifference was slipping; like the others, he had wanted to see Haruhi in the bathing suit. But his distraction had cost him his cousin, a price Takashi would never forgive himself for.
As if she could read his mind, Haruhi joined on his search. It was a blessing, he thought, to have her thoughts and curious eyes all to himself. Tamaki's sweatshirt swallowed her whole, skirting around her thighs. For a second, he allowed himself to imagine it was his own jacket keeping her warm, his smell lingering on her hair. A flush painted its way across his cheeks, disguised by his bronze skin. It was a curse, he amended.
She was slow, unpracticed in endurance. Mitsukuni was still missing, the jungle shrubbery mocking him. Haruhi stumbled, nearly colliding with Takashi's chest. 'It's more efficient this way', he reasoned, Haruhi curled in his arms. Her fingers pressed into his skin, cheek rosy and warm in the crook of his neck.
'A little tanuki,' he mused. A snap of a twig tensed his muscles as men in uniform poured out from the trees. Haruhi yelped as they gripped her wrist, trying to pull her from his grasp.
'My little tanuki.' He widened his stance, gripping the girl even closer. Haruhi'seyes were shut, figure trembling from fear. This would not do. Takashi prepared himself for the fight.
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randoimago2 days ago
Sorry if I bother you,but could you do a Haruhi x S/O who seems scary,but takes care of flowers?It's random,I know,but it really seems interesting to me.Also,the Haruhi I'm talking about is from Ouran High School Host Club.
Haruhi with Scary, Gardener S/O
FANDOM: Ouran Highschool Host Club
Character(s):聽 Haruhi Fujioka 聽
Type of Request: Headcanons
Word Count: 167
Note(s): Just gives me Kasanoda vibes (who I miss every day of my life). I'm glad to write this!
Tumblr media
Haruhi is very much "don't judge a book by its cover" about everything. So when she hears the rumors and gossip about another scary student then she also knows that there's more to it.
Honestly finds your presence comforting especially with the gardening. It's very cute and she has definitely introduced you to Kasanoda.
When rumors get out about her dating you it becomes rather interesting. Interesting because she is still thought to be a boy by most of the student body (excluding the host club and a few others of course) so hearing that one of the hosts is dating a scary guy is interesting.
Might just become another Kasanoda situation except this one ending better tbh.
And of course Tamaki is being dramatic about the whole thing. But he calms down when he sees how happy his "daughter" is with the relationship. You also kind of bought his approval by bringing new roses to the host club considering Tamaki went through them way too fast.
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snuffkii2 days ago
Tumblr media
Trying to post my art on tumblr again! Here is an Ouran redraw!
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goggles-mcgeea day ago
Do you have a list of what fandoms you are in and are willing to write about?
I鈥檓 kinda curious since I鈥檝e only seen you do work for DC, Miraculous, and Danny Phantom (don鈥檛 get me wrong I absolutely love the work you鈥檝e done) but I don鈥檛 know what else you write about
I made a list a long time ago but it'd kinda lost in the void so I will write and make art of the following:
鈥 DC [ Specializes in Batman and Batfam]
鈥 Marvel [Specializes in Spiderman, Venom, Deadpool & Avengers]
鈥 Miraculous Ladybug
鈥 Ever After High
鈥 Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus
鈥 Winx Club
鈥 Dark Parables & Cursery
鈥 Danny Phantom
鈥 Cookie Run
鈥 Totally Spies
鈥 The Haunted House (Shinbi Apartment)
鈥 Monster House
鈥 Barbie Movie Universe
鈥 Disney Fairies
鈥 Breath of the Wild
鈥 Persona 5
鈥 Labyrinth
鈥 The 10th Kingdom
鈥 Identity V
鈥 Tokyo Mew Mew
鈥 Shugo Chara
鈥 How鈥檚 Moving Castle
鈥 Scooby Doo
鈥 Spirited Away
鈥 Total Drama
鈥 Bratz
鈥 Cells At Work
鈥 Ouran High School Host Club
鈥 Monster Prom
鈥 Yuri On Ice
鈥 Saiki-K
鈥 Fruits Basket
鈥 The Lunar Chronicles
鈥 Strange Magic
鈥 Red vs Blue
鈥 Gravity Falls
鈥 Paranorman
鈥 Coraline
鈥 (BBC) Merlin
鈥 etc.... I have so many things if you have a question about what I'm willing to write or make art for just message me or send an ask!
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falling-pagesa day ago
Happiest of birthdays to @ohshcscenerios 馃挅 wishing lots of happiness on your special day. Figured some family fluff would do the trick :)
Takashi Morinozuka x Haruhi Fujioka
Warnings: None
There was nothing wrong with the seatbelt, but Haruhi fiddled with it, anyways. Ahead of the appointment today, everything seemed so tight, constricting, warm; the sweater sat snugly around her belly, keeping in heat that she couldn鈥檛 afford to lose, yet it suffocated her, ratcheted up her anxiety that tingled down her spine for no reason at all.
Her movements were slight, but her husband noticed. From the driver鈥檚 seat Takashi reached over to pat her hand, keeping his eyes on the road and one hand on the steering wheel. She, too, could feel the goosebumps lacing up and down his arm, betraying his nerves. It amazed and endeared her how her tank of a husband could also feel jittery, with her the only time he would ever betray what he so sincerely hid behind the mask.
The futher they drove, the more nervous they felt, until they finally pulled into a rare parking spot at the doctor鈥檚 office.
Now Takashi was able to take both her hands, raising them to his lips and kissing them lightly, nervous energy invading the comfortable silence in the car. Neither was much for talking, especially not today, of all sweet, precious days.
They had gotten married the autumn of her last year of law school, and, still very much in the honeymoon phase of marriage, they recently celebrated the miracle of their one year--which, then, resulted in a little miracle of their own.
Takashi had made a very special breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and fruit for the occasion. It was unlike him to consume sweets at all, much less so early in the morning, but it was for sentimental value: by this point their baby was roughly the size of a chocolate chip, according to the book they had bought. Perhaps the baby was lonely; perhaps they wanted other chocolate chips to keep them company until the time came to meet their parents.
Takashi still had chocolate on his breath when he leaned across the console to kiss his wife, stilling her endless shifting. With anyone else it would have been nervous chatter, but Haruhi was thankful for him, for the moments to rest her mind and prepare for what lay ahead.
鈥淭here鈥檚 no need to fret,鈥 he said, pulling back enough to rest his forehead against hers. His skin was cool, opposing her warmth, something stable she could cling to. Growing up she was never much for physical touch, but every time his skin brushed hers she was aching for more, more, a security she couldn鈥檛 provide in and of herself. 鈥淗e or she is healthy and strong. I have no doubt in my mind.鈥
Haruhi nodded, brushing their noses together. She wasn鈥檛 particularly spiritual, but she knew of Takashi鈥檚 intense devotion to his beliefs and rituals and respected his right to do as he pleased. She had been privy to his meditation garden a few times and could understand how the beauty of it could only be expressed in prayer. Daily he went there to think and pray, returning to her smelling of dirt and incense, but this morning he got up earlier than usual and stayed for longer, interceding on her and their child鈥檚 behalf for more than an hour. His own delicate way of showing his love for them--pleading for them to the highest power he knew.
鈥淥f course they will be strong,鈥 Haruhi whispered. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e your child, after all. I鈥檓 worried they might be a bit too strong.鈥
He laughed, pressing another kiss to her forhead before settling a hand on her stomach. She was already so tiny that he couldn鈥檛 imagine how big she would get once she started to show, or how on earth she was going to push his kid out of her.
鈥淚 am sure a baby is no match against you, the strongest woman I know,鈥 he said.
They shared one last kiss until the chill of late autumn disrupted the peace of the car, reminding them of the goosebumps prickling down their arms. When Haruhi pulled away, she couldn鈥檛 help but notice the sweet look of happiness on his face, his features bright as if awash with moonlight.
鈥淚 thought I had a pregnancy glow,鈥 she muttered, tracing her index finger down his temple, 鈥渂ut your eyes are shining like the sun.鈥
He turned his head to pin her hand between his cheek and shoulder, nuzzling gently against it before letting it drop into his own awaiting palm. 鈥淵ou are radiant, my dear,鈥 he said. 鈥淪eeing your happiness unlocks the light within my chest.鈥
Before she could even respond, he squeezed her hand and turned to the wing of the hospital, profile dark and strong in the white winter morning. 鈥淐ome,鈥 he said. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go meet our baby.鈥
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ottermelonart2 months ago
Tumblr media
honey-senpai from ouran high school host club:聽NOW AVAILABLE ON ETSY
see the full ouran set on聽instagram
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kugisakismaki5 months ago
just a mini reminder some of your fav anime鈥檚 r written/illustrated by women
1. Kimetsu No Yaiba ( Demon Slayer written by Koyoharu Gotuge )
Tumblr media
2) Fullmetal Alchemist ( Written by Hiromi Arakawa )
Tumblr media
3) Blue Exorcist ( written by Kazue Kato)
Tumblr media
4) Sailor Moon ( written by Naoko Takeuchi ofc )
Tumblr media
5) Noragami ( written by Adachitoka )
Tumblr media
6) Black Butler ( Written by Yana Toboso )
Tumblr media
7) Deadman Wonderland ( Written by Jinsei Kataoka )
Tumblr media
8) Fruits Basket ( Written By Natsuki Takaya )
Tumblr media
9) Inuyasha ( written by Rumiko Takahashi )
Tumblr media
10) Ouran High School Host Club ( written by Bisco Hatori )
Tumblr media
( please let me know if i left any out !! i鈥檒l try to make more posts like these soon ! :) )
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Random anime/manga series summarized for people who aren鈥檛 into anime/manga:
Grand Blue聽
Tumblr media
Spy x Family
Tumblr media
Kaguya-Sama: Love is War聽
Tumblr media
Black Butler
Tumblr media
Blue Exorcist聽
Tumblr media
Demon Slayer聽
Tumblr media
The Promised Neverland
Tumblr media
My Hero Academia
Tumblr media
Your Lie in April
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cowboy Bebop
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers
Tumblr media
Psycho Pass聽
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vinland Saga聽
Tumblr media
Ouran High School Host Club
Tumblr media
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