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#ouran high school host club
How have you been, haven’t talked in a while

Oh, hi, there! I’ve been doing okay! Stuck at home a lot, and a little lonely, but I’m okay otherwise! My parents are very busy trying to make sure we can do okay without teaching martial arts for a while, and I even got Chika-chan to bake a cake with me!

He didn’t seem to hate doing it with me, but the cake turned out a little… Burnt to a crisp. But it was fun!

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Hello! May i please have a matchup for ohshc? :) I’m a bi 5’9 girl with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m antisocial, and closed off to most people. I have a sarcastic and dirty sense of humor, and i’m childish. I love to playfully tease people. I’m a gryffindor, and quite stubborn. I get jealous easily. I LOVE animals. My hobbies are shopping, singing/piano, and archery. I’m a tomboy, and i live in hoodies. I’m honestly pretty touch starved. Thanks in advance!!

Hi! Thank you for your request! You seem so cool and your icon is adorable!🌸

I ship you with…

Kyoya Ootori


Originally posted by kagamiz

(from Ouran Host Club)

Kyoya is a clever and calculator guy, who realizes things quickly even when for others are impossible, liking to keep those info for himself to tease a little people involved. He’s calm and logical, showing a diligent and sometimes threatening attitude. Though he doesn’t like getting many friends, he’s really fond of the few he has, showing with them a caring and protective side. He’s very polite when he needs, but he never let others put their feet on hid head.

Though you’re quite antisocial and closed, Kyoya will be able to find the way to get closer to you, even if just for the fact that he finds you interesting, making him curious to search more info about you and knowing you better. It’ll be a defeat for him otherwise. Knowing each other better, you’ll surely get along, since he loves sarcasm and he’ll laugh under the mustache for every joke you’ll say, hiding his smile while he adjusts his glasses or uses his blocknotes to cover his face. But he could wink at you to let you know he appreciates.

And obviously he’ll make sarcasm too, maybe whispering it so only you can hear him. Do we have to talk about teasing people too? He’ll love it! It’s what he does for the 99% of his day! And he’ll find so funny seeing you doing it with other people, falling for you even more.

He could scold you a little you for being too stubborn and childish, but he does it just to tease you too, bc in reality he finds you cute when you do it.

He could even play a little of your jealousy, talking with people he knows can cause it, though doing nothing really explicit with them, since he’ll be always loyal to you. He just likes to see you pout.

He’ll take you often where you can stay with animals, from cat cafe to zoo, to even safari. It’s just a little way to spoil you. In exchange he’ll ask you to sing or play the piano for him, sometimes even to make him sleep since he doesn’t do enough and your music relaxes him a lot.

That’s all! Hope you liked it and sorry for the waiting!

have a nice day🌸💕💕💕💕💕💕

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Story: Speak Now, by Aldela, on fanfiction/net

Speak Now by Aldela

Story: Speak Now 

Author: Aldela 

Second Account: Kc495 

Tumblr: @hostagine

Website: FF.Net

Word Count: 15, 407

Status: WIP 

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2016

Rating: T (13+)

Author Summary: Hikaru left that airport with a broken heart. He was ready to leave for Italy and never go back, as the love of his life left for Boston with his best friend. Now Kaoru struggles to keep his brother from making the biggest mistake of his life -Marrying someone he doesn’t even know-, but proven to be impossible by himself. He’s ready to ask for help from the friends they left behind.

Relationship: N/A (there is no established relationship mentioned outside of Hikaru and his future wife)

Applicable Tags: Romance, Friendship

See you Friday (4/10) for the full review!

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