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#out of character
hyrule-kingdom-updates · 5 minutes ago
Was Zora mom tall,,,,,was she a fighter,,,,,,,hhhh I love her,,,,,,purble,,,,,,,fish
She was a...*spins wheel of milfs*....9 1/2 foot tall....*rolls bisexual dice* soft spoken, kind and selfless brawler who also like to wield a...*pulls lesbian slot machine* double-edged bioluminescent trident axe and also...*takes survey from the the simps in the audience* had a pet sea snake named Chips
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 53 minutes ago
I still want the forbidden Milf Queen of the Zora lore....
Died in battle. Was purple. Idk that’s all I got right now
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · an hour ago
Remember kids! God might be powerful but a cuccoo is always stronger!
so true bestie...
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · an hour ago
Juggling the ups and downs and emotions of hku is talking about generation trauma, abuse, found family and serious politics, and turning around to remind you that the Queen of Hyrule was 360 no scoped by a cucco
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · an hour ago
Every dead milf died of unknown illness #69
It’s not just that, Serenity also died of grief
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · an hour ago
Hey how much older is Siv than Larc?
One year
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 2 hours ago
You: Makes Assivus confident in his actions Me, pulling out a wedding ring for him: Oh fuck please no im already so Bi-
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 2 hours ago
ok I dont have that original post but why don’t we play that game where you send me a word and I’ll give you a snippet of my writing that has that word in it
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pillowxtalk · 2 hours ago
(( I’ll write more replies tomorrow after work and studying. I’m looking forward to writing them.
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 4 hours ago
quill what have you done with aryll
Nothing she can’t walk off!
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 4 hours ago
Aryl first!
Haha...yeaaaaaaah.......about that....
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 4 hours ago
neither, you make the readers cry first
Oh tru. How you guys feeling :3
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 4 hours ago
So anyways, Launo funeral tomorrow. Do I make Larc cry first, or Link? Vote now
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 4 hours ago
You remind me of Scott Cawthorn
There's never coincidences
That’s right, there’s NEVER a coincidence, ever. Except when I say that there’s a coincidence because I need you to think there’s a coincidence because I need to throw you off on the thing that is very much not a coincidence. Which, coincidentally, is something that has happened right now. But that’s just a coincidence. 
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 5 hours ago
I can't believe me running an inch with a random line has lead to an entire au but I am not upset in the slightest I fucking love this whole thing
I have brainrot about an au from MY AU WHAT THE HELL
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You've been visited by the random OC question fairy! :D ~☆
Pick five of your character's most influential milestones (moving away from home, a first kiss, a death, etc.). Why and how did these milestones affect your character?
[[1. Her parents divorce when she was six is what took Maebh from a bright and bubbly child who adored her dad to an edgy introvert who thinks they’re inherently worthless and that everyone is going to abandon them.
2. Jason’s death really radicalized her further left, it’s what makes her hate the elite of Gotham so much (and especially Bruce Wayne who passes money off to others to do something with instead of handling it himself despite not even running his own company anymore). But it also reinforced her abandonment issues, which obviously Jason didn’t intend to die, but he was the first friend Maebh made on her own and his loss broke her.
3. Meeting Starry is a happier milestone lol. Starry was, aside from Jason, the first friend Maebh made on her own (obv she also has Nell but they sorta got forced together and Nell is definitely more Wynd’s friend than Maebh’s even if she and Maebh had something of a fwb situation at one point). But most importantly Starry gave Maebh a family and has proven that she’s not going anywhere and come hell or high water Maebh is stuck with her. Maebh’s also really really in love with Starry in case y’all haven’t noticed.
4. The two disastrous relationships pre-Roy I’m putting together because one kind of leads into the other. The first one was physically abusive (not that Maebh will admit that) and she was in a pretty rough place when Sebastian ( @bastardbastian ) realized she was being hurt and went with her to break up with them and get her shit back, she and him started dating soon after in a relationship that would be tumultuous at best- they couldn’t give each other what they needed, they were both going through things and inadvertently made each other’s shit worse- which culminated in their relationship being about 85-90% make up sex and Sebastian becoming an alcoholic (he’s since recovered, he and Maebh have apologized to each other and are now very good friends, he gave her his one year sober coin, and she’s helping him pick a ring to propose to his current gf with). But all of this left her pretty vulnerable.
5. The polycule- Maebh was SUPER resigned to spending the rest of her life regretting scaring herself into breaking up with Starry in high school, but now she’s not only dating a man she loves very much who’s an incredible dad thus letting her be a mom figure, she also gets to date Starry again and she’s worried about messing it up because she’s the actual worst at communicating because her idea of “things my partners need to know” and her partners’ ideas of “things we need to know” are very different. But overall it’s been a positive. ]]
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pillowxtalk · 7 hours ago
❊ I want to roleplay with you
✸ I want to plot with you
✤ I want to ship with you ((Mainly Your Min ><))
✷ I wish our characters was friends
✢ I like your characters
✣ I like the way you express your muse(s)
✦ I like seeing you on my dash
# I’m too shy to approach to you ((This is the story of my life lol))
What do you want to tell me? Put a symbol in my ask box
(( First of all thank you for sending this ask in. I know how nerve-wrecking that can be because I’m shy too. Then I’m always open to have new people interacting with my muses. Also I’m open to shipping if there is some chemistry between our muses. Feel free to say hello in IM and we can start talking. I promise I don’t bite.
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weareriots · 8 hours ago
[[ Sorry in case I start asking weird questions, this is because Tumblr is doing weird things.
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pillowxtalk · 11 hours ago
If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself, and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! <333
(( Here I go again so be ready to get bored.
- There are people I miss on this site, that I know I won’t get back.
- I love reading books.
- I know a few words in Korean.
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