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#out of character talk ( ooc )

eight people i’d like to get to know better!!

tagged by: @valiiantsouls
tagging:  @symbioteburnout / @spiidermade / @chokethelight / @anyone else who wants to do it ! 

one - ( alias / name ) : Garrett
two - ( birthday ) : June 25th
three - ( zodiac sign ) : Cancer
four - ( height ) : 5′4″
five - ( hobbies ) : Writing, Drawing, Reading, Collecting, Video games
six - ( favourite colour ) : Red
seven - ( favourite books ) : Heart of Darkness, Carrie, Heavier than Heaven, way too many others to list
nine - ( last film or show watched ) : Stargirl
ten - ( inspiration for muse ) : Raimi films, but also comics <3 
eleven - ( story behind url ) : “ He’s saved my life twice, and I’ve never even seen his face. “

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:: I don’t usually like the idea of a ship tier list because I feel like it implies that anyone not on the list would be impossible to ship with - stifling creativity - so I end this list by saying that if a character is not on this list, it does not rule them out in the least. Also, just because a character is listed as romantic doesn’t mean they have to be and vice versa for friends.

The last tier is pretty solid as unromanceable, though.

Orianna stuff is specific to someone I roleplay with (@amechanicalgirl, love ya gamer) but I’m more than happy to give a synopsis. Since there’s not really any active Oriannas - and I can adjust his story if I do roleplay with one who isn’t my friend - I feel comfortable canonizing it.

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