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#outdesign attempts to art
adobe-outdesign · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Special thanks to Helix Chamber for providing the canon backsprite!
tell me your secrets, electric rat
Gorochu is, in my opinion, the most intriguing beta Pokemon. Having a third evolution for Pikachu would’ve changed people’s entire perception of the line, as Pikachu would’ve been the baby and Raichu the transitional stage between the two. It’s crazy to think that there’s effectively been a missing link to the most iconic Pokemon this entire time, and one that was merely scrapped to just save data to boot.
But the other thing that makes it intriguing to me is that we simultaneously know exactly what it looked like and have no idea what it looked like. We have the back 1/4 of it and a quote from the designer, Atsuko Nishida, that describes the general vibe and some front features... but we have no clear idea as to what the rest of it was like. With most betas, we either have their entire sprites or they’re a complete mystery. This is basically Schrödinger’s Gorochu.
Anyway, the point is that I wanted to try to recreate what I feel it may have looked like, as there aren’t really any designs out there that I agree with (Helix Chamber’s gets the closest). Keep in mind that this is merely my interpretation, and it’s no more or less valid than any else’s designs.
I was also trying to recreate what I think the official art may have looked like, not the sprite, which is why there are some inconsistencies (Gen 1 sprites were woefully inaccurate, especially the backsprites).
I’ve included a massive section on my design rationale for this thing under the cut, just in case anyone was curious why I gave it two horns or stuff like that.
Design Rationale:
Body: For some reason people tend to make Gorochu really muscular, I guess to make it look stronger? Personally, given how fat the original ‘chu line is I find it hard to believe Gorochu wasn’t as chubby as its predecessors.
Side note, Helix Chamber gave their design claws. It fits with the raijin theme (though they don’t always have them), but it’s hard to make them work with the round paws, so I left them out here. Very plausible that they were there, though; if it did I’d think they’d just be on the front paws, like an inverse Growlithe.
Horns: The single horn is the biggest contention I have with the Helix Chamber design. Unless Ms. Nishida was just misremembering things, she says it had horns plural (and in one translation, a “pair of horns”). And Gorochu is based off a raijin (Japanese god of thunder), which usually have two horns.
Thing is that if you look closely at the sprite, there’s something between the horn and the whisker. It could be an eye, as some of the Gen 1 sprites had bug eyes, but it looks to have a sharp tip. So based on that I believe it had two horns stacked on top of one another.
Whiskers: The reason I changed the shape of them is that Horsea’s backsprite shows it with very similar whiskers... which turn out to be flat fins against its face in the official art. The other reason I think they might’ve been flatter in the front sprite is that it gives them more of a resemblance to Raichu’s ears.
As a side note: seeing as they seem to be a continuation of the ‘chus electrical pouches I don’t think it makes sense for the original circles to still be there. They could’ve been pointed at the bottom as well; I went with rounded because it connects them with the pouches visually.
Spikes: Good lord I hate these spikes. Popular interpretations:
Clouds: Clouds would be raijin-esc, but I think if they were mean to to be clouds they’d be... you know, round.
Back Stripe: The spikes start right about where the stripes start on Raichu and Pikachu’s gen 1 sprites. However, they’re clearly dimensional, and they don’t seem to wrap around the body (there’d need to be another few triangles for that to work).
Electric Mane: This was my original thought (think like Jolteon), but the spikes are far too big, and are facing the wrong direction.
Tail: Gonna have to agree with Helix Chamber; a tail seems the most likely, especially because it’s at the back of the neck, where a raijin’s ribbons flow. Given Raichu’s long tail, it would make sense for this to be the direction the line was going in.
It seems unlikely (in the official art) that its tail would be shorter than Raichu’s rather than longer, so I tried to make long and flow naturally around the body. Also, if it was this long it could arc over the head during attacks to make it even more raijin-esc.
I also disagree that the tip 'hooks’ around the neck. Aside from feeling unnatural, it doesn’t actually seem to wrap as noted above; rather, I think it was being held several inches or even feet away from Gorochu, and it only looks like it’s directly against the neck because we can’t see the bottom. Cover up the bottom in my illustration and you’ll get the same effect.
Finally, it has distinctive pyramid-like shading that I can only interpret as folds in the tail, which makes sense when you consider that that would make it zigzag lighting style across the top as well as the sides. There’s no guarantee the zigzag ran down the base like I have it here, but it felt unique so I left it.
Color: What we know from the backsprite is that it had a similar palette to Raichu; darker fur with light (presumably yellow and white) accents. Because the ‘chu line darkens as it goes, many people make Gorochu red, but I’m not fond of this as it makes it look too much like a fire type (indeed, there are almost no red electric types presumably for this reason). And given that Raichu shares Pikachu’s yellow, a warm brown seems likely--especially because Ms. Nishida also designed Alolan Raichu, which has a brown palette to differentiate it from regular Raichu.
Markings: Markings are made up and your feelings don’t matter. Some raijin art depicts them with decorative bracelets, which is where the stripes come from. The pattern and colors are meant to look like a more advanced version of the dark points Raichu introduces, as I’m assuming they were going somewhere with that. And I’d assume the underbelly stays, seeing as the white from the horn would need to be pulled through somewhere.
Anyway, the point of this was that I have no idea what Gorochu looked like at all. thank you for coming to my TED talk
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adobe-outdesign · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
(High-res version  |  Support me on Patreon)
Dex Entries
Dragine (Dragon + Serpentine + Brine, a type of saltwater) Serpent Pokemon Evolves from Dragonair with water stone
Type: Water/Dragon Height: 22′ 9″ (7.0 m) Weight: 248 lbs (112 kg) Gender: 50/50 split Ability: Drizzle/Shed Skin Friendship: 35
These reclusive Pokemon live in deep ocean caves. Their crystals glow in low-light conditions, which helps them navigate in dark waters.
Their whiskers are very sensitive. They use these to feel the location of cave walls.
Dragine frequently rescue people and Pokemon who become lost in underwater caves. Because of this, it’s revered by cave divers.
Dragine live in underwater caves, and only surface during the fiercest of gales. They use the crystals on their body to turn massive storms into gentle drizzles.
A Dragonair completely loses its ability to fly upon evolving into this Pokemon. What causes this evolution is unknown, but exposure to a water stone is vital.
Dragine caves are easy to spot, as the entrances are often covered in jewels and gold left as thank-you gifts from divers.
This Pokemon usually has a calm disposition. However, they can become quite dangerous if enraged.
A newly-evolved Dragine has ten crystals on its underside. It gradually grows in more crystals over time, resulting in them forming one new orb about every five years.
This Pokemon channels energy through its crystals and uses it in powerful attacks. Some reports claim they’ve even attacked Gyarados who have wandered too close to their young.
Design rational and thoughts on Dragonite under the cut:
Design Notes
People who love Dragonair tend to hate Dragonite. I love Dragonite personally, and it actually bears much more of a resemblance to Dragonair than people seem to realize. It even makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint when you consider that it’s probably based off of an imugi.
However, it’s also true that Dragonite feels a bit disconnected from the rest of the line. This is because there are one too many changes made to it, ranging from the baffling color change to the body type. Even the personality changes, going from elegant and calm to friendly and doofy, so it’s understandable why people would be disappointed by Dragonite.
With that said, I’m surprised Gamefreak hasn’t done a branching evo for this line, as it would satisfy everyone. Prefer Dragonite? It’s still there. Prefer Dragonair? Now there’s an evo that resembles it more. Like both, like me? See if you can obtain two Dragonair and evolve them differently. Everyone’s happy.
The idea behind my design is that if a Dragonair evolving is similar to an imugi becoming a dragon after catching a jewel (yeouiju), then this branch is based off the idea that many imugi fail to become dragons and stay serpents. Dragonair both flies and lives in the water, whereas Dragonite gains a flying type, so I figured the evolution should lose its flight abilities and take to the seas, becoming part water-type.
Design wise, it’s based off a few deep-sea animals as well as Eastern-style lung dragons. It also bears a resemblance to Dragonair’s beta design, though that was unintentional (I already had started sketching when I found out what it used to look like).
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
me photoshopping something stupid: huehue googly boy
my followers: what the actual fuck have you Unleashed Onto the World
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
I got scared by googly eyed Michael. There is literally nothing you can do to make him look not horrifying.
what if I gave him a mustache
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
Holy SHIT i just wanna say i love ur Michael design? Hes actually horrifing!!! Like an actual corpse! Its fantastic!!! You dont see that kinda thing often in this fandom.
Tumblr media
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
Can we talk about your Michael please? I think your design is the best by far. It’s more scoop than most designs, which just turn him purple and leave in features that would be absent post scoop. I also found your comic with him and Scraptrap. Scraptrap is either too out of it to care, or he is genuinely terrified by what Michael has become.
Thanks! Michael designs that are emaciated have obvious bones always kind of bother me, considering he... doesn't have those anymore.
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
God damn it, I scrolled by your Michael picture again.
Tumblr media
scroll by it again and suffer
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
When I saw the Betrum art I wanted to see more of your drawings, needless to say your Michael design scared the ever-loving shit out of me (I love it) and your FFPS Bad Ending is fucked up as hell.
Thankies! I’m hoping to draw more of my Michael sometime soonish.
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
When you’re drawing something detailed and you quickly sketch something as a placeholder
Tumblr media
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
Your Michael scared the shit out of me. I wasn't expecting it. 10 out of 10.
not gonna lie I may or may not have scrolled down on my blog without remembering that art was there and jumpscared myself
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adobe-outdesign · a year ago
Do you think you could draw a design for a time-accurate Bendy plushie, based off of original Mickey Mouse ones? I would love to see what you would come up with!
Tumblr media
period accurate you say
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adobe-outdesign · 2 years ago
I know you don’t make art a lot, but when you do, it’s fucking amazing
Tumblr media
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adobe-outdesign · 2 years ago
yo just wanted to say i really like your edits n stuff you made of the alternative Beast Bendy or Tom Boris! they look fuckin' amazing m'dude!
Tumblr media
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adobe-outdesign · 2 years ago
I love your Tom design!
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adobe-outdesign · 2 years ago
Ur Tom design looks cute in a weird way to me.
it’s physically impossible to make any kind of Boris not look cute to some degree
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adobe-outdesign · 2 years ago
The Tom redesign is good but the marks on his snout are a little too ugly and distracting, i know you want to comunicate he's not perfect but the missing arm and ear already show that. I don't know how i feel about the eye patch though, maybe a little too edgy.
The eyepatch and scars aren’t to show he’s imperfect - they’re just wounds he picked up because Alice keeps trying to kill him. They weren’t something he was made with.
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adobe-outdesign · 2 years ago
Bendy’s Beast design to me felt kinda weak to. It just felt like the uniqueness of Bendy’s design was just taken away. Your design made me wanna piss my pants! It was hideous, it was monstrous, it was amazing! It was unique.
Thank you!
Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel. The parts of the design that are unique are awkward looking, and the parts that aren’t awkward looking are generic. Which is a shame, because the Ink Demon has a really iconic appearance.
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adobe-outdesign · 2 years ago
I love working on Bendy art because I keep glancing over at my layers panel and seeing this
Tumblr media
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adobe-outdesign · 3 years ago
I love your art Adobe! You should make more of it! :)
[meme voice] I love art school. would love to actually make art sometime
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