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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Standard Overhang V3, another easy classic boulder in Little Cottonwood Canyon! I should have topped it out on the right side instead of squeezing through the tree

Did this on the way down from my first trad multipitch, Schoolroom 5.6! Kicking myself for not trying the V8’s to the right of this problem, found out after I left that they were super close

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|| Chasing the Shot ||

This is another composition I had been chasing for quite some time (the last year and a half or so). I’ve found myself fortunate enough to have made my way up into the Eastern Sierra for a couple days here to polish off the week.

Making my way to this location, I wasn’t 100% sure it was the spot I was looking for (you’re never really sure until you are there and looking out at the composition with your own eyes), but I was super pleased to find out it was.

I bracket this shot with my Nikon full-frame because I was shooting into the sun (more or less), but this image is just a quick single frame grab off my M 4/3 Lumix compact platform that I gave a quick edit to in LightRoom mobile.

Let’s go exploring, and tick off bucket list photos while we’re at it.

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hurricane ridge Mountains 2 by Mike Grauer Jr
Via Flickr:
Taken up on Hurricane Ridge. =-=-= #photos #photography #landscapes #landscape #mountains #fall #HurricaneRidge #olympicnationalparks #parks #outdoors #outdoorphotography #naturephotography #nature #trees #rocks #sonya7 =-=-=

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Tail end of a sunset on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico during a short beach hike. Taken a few days ago right after my best friend and love of my life proposed to me. Grateful to still have beautiful memories in nature during this crazy year!

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We walked in the garden, dark now except for the moon, past the grey wall of the blossoms, and into the cypresses’ shade. A moth fluttered against my face. The tinkle of the fountain ran thin and clear and cool. No word had been spoken; the warmth and fragrance of that garden drew one into a dream. Now the fountain’s plash sang more loudly, for at the rustic bench she hesitated, and, as I touched her arm, she sat down.

— John Dickson Carr, It Walks By Night (1930)

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