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#outer banks
killjoyybsinner · 10 months ago
Me, watching The Devil All The Time just bc of Tom Holland:
Like 2 minutes in:
penny wise?!
Like 15 minutes later:
Like 5 minutes later:
Another 5 minutes later:
Tumblr media
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surii · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RUDY PANKOW as JJ MAYBANK in  2.05 “The Darkest Hour” OUTER BANKS (2020-)
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twinklelilstarkey · 3 days ago
Sunburnt - Rafe Cameron
Tumblr media
Words: 20.6k+
Type: Angst, Smut
Summary: Spending a weekend at Cameron’s house and swimming in their pool doesn’t sound all that bad. Expect when you hate your best friend’s brother and the both of you get sunburnt.
Warnings: Fem!Reader. Slow burn story. Non-canon ages - Rafe is just a year older than the Reader and Sarah, who are of age (!!). An age gap of one year. Arguing, insults. A lot of smacking each other. Mentions of alcohol consumption and getting drunk. Eavesdropping. SMUT (minors DNI; Oral sex - female receiving; Unprotected sex; Spanking; Biting; Risk of getting caught; Praise Kink; Orgasm denial, etc.).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hate is a big word. 
Yet you’re not scared to use it when you describe your relationship with Rafe Cameron. 
You two have known each other for years, and that feeling has never changed. Oh, well, to be fair, when you first met him, you had a crush. It is a secret you still believe you will be taking to your grave. You’re embarrassed for ever feeling that sort of way towards him, but what can you say? You two were just kids.
That crush started mostly because you had just begun to be friends with Sarah in middle school, aka the time that your family decided to move to the island, and he was just there. Rafe Cameron has never been unattractive since you’ve met him, so, it’s not really your fault, is it?
Your crush on him lasted probably about two weeks, and it ended right when you were first invited to have dinner with the Cameron’s one day. Well, not just you, you were a kid, so, you and your parents.
Lucky for you, that’s exactly when your parents and Sarah’s actually started to have a good friendship between them, which in your opinion is what saved your friendship with Sarah many times, because you two argued a lot while growing up, (but in your defense, she did not keep any of your secrets as a kid and it was always very infuriating).
Anyways, the dinner started off normal, your parents were the ones that did most of the talking while the younger kids just stuffed their faces in with the delicious food. You would innocently steal looks at your crush when Sarah wouldn’t be looking and everything was extremely calm. 
God, you still remember how that would always make you feel a whole rush of adrenaline. A bit dramatic, sure, but for your first love, it’s quite reasonable.
When dinner was over, the adults went inside and you stayed with the younger people in the backyard. For the most part, it was just you, Sarah, and her little half-sister, Wheezie, which was still super young at the time. Rafe kept his distance, but with a lot of encouragement (from Sarah) later, he actually decided to sit with you all.
You remember that you felt nervous just to have him beside you. The idea of talking to him terrified you. 
What if you made the fool out of yourself?
“I heard you got your heartbroken, Rafe.” Sarah had said to her brother in a teasing tone.
“Fuck you, Sarah.” He had said back.
That was what started it. It sort of set the mood for the rest of the night, yet you were too dumb to even notice it.
Sarah and Rafe kept bickering about the fact that he had been rejected. She made fun of him while he just threatened to throw her into the pool. Normal siblings stuff. All of it was very petty and very unnecessary, and you were right in the middle of it.
Sarah decided to step away for a bit since it was getting late and Wheezie was starting to get tired. She had volunteered to take her sister into the house, leaving you and Rafe on your own. 
Something like this had happened before, leaving you alone - you mean - and it always went well since Rafe wasn’t that rude with others except for his petty sister, so you can’t really blame Sarah for leaving you or for what happened next.
“I’m sorry to hear that you got rejected.”
Yeah... You still cringe to this day that you actually said that to him.
“Why are you sorry?” He asked with scrunched eyebrows and with a glare.
Before you could even say anything, he talked again.
“It’s not like you even know the girl.”
“Well, I know you-”
“Since when?” He asked with a shake of his head, “You’re just like Sarah. Just mind your own fucking business.”
You were shocked at his words.
“I don’t know you. So, stop getting all up in my stuff.” He said angrily at you, “You’re just some bitch that’s friends with my sister. Leave me the fuck alone.”
He had stood up and looked down at you, still sitting in the grass.
“For all I know, Sarah will ditch you too as soon as she gets what she needs from you.”
Yap, he said that.
Sure, he was angry, probably even furious, because of all that had happened before you two even got to share some words. Sarah had gotten him in a bad mood, you understood. And still do. Yet at the end of the day, even though you shouldn’t have started that conversation, Rafe also didn’t have to be such a piece of shit.
So, yeah, that’s when your crush on him ended. Or at least should’ve- No! Y/N, you’re not about to think like this again. It’s in the past, it’s in the past.
Anyways. You swear that that day molded you for life. It shaped you to want to be exactly what Rafe said you were. Because, let’s be honest here, you were a shy little girl in middle school, how much of a bitch could you really be?
It’s not a lie that you cried that day... and the day after... and the one after as well. But, as soon as those tears were dry, oh, you were ready to destroy that boy’s life. 
And you based your next actions on the girls in the movies you used to watch, the same exact ones that always do a big revenge on their ex-boyfriends or bullies. 
Yeah. You used them as an example. What can you say? You learned from the best.
You were so serious about making him understand that he was wrong about you, that you even accepted defeat in every argument you had with Sarah just so your friendship could last longer. All because you wanted to prove to Rafe that your friendship would last and last, and that the little bitch was wrong all along. 
Years later, still not today, your hatred for Rafe was in the distance still. Meaning, you two didn’t argue, yet, you just sent him glares and he would send some back, but nothing too severe. 
When you finally got into high school, Rafe was a year above you so he already knew the school. Aka, he already knew the people.
You got to know Topper and Kelce really quickly and that was not good. Rafe, being the piece of shit he still is was, told his friends that you were obsessed with him and completely and utterly in love with him. Even said that’s why you’re even friends with his sister.
Yeah, you almost fought him on the spot.
Thankfully that didn’t spread a lot around in school, but till this day, Topper and Kelce try to get under your skin because of it. 
They’re friends with Rafe for a reason, right? They’re all flour from the same bag.
That’s when your constant arguments with Rafe started. 
You two fought for the first weeks so much about these rumors that it almost was a daily habit. Everyone in the Cameron family swears that if they had heard you two fight about it one more time, they would’ve just packed and left the island, leaving Rafe on his own and everything. They honestly could not handle it anymore.
Now? Well, now, you’re a senior. Rafe is out of school, deciding to do a gap year. So, you’re still dealing with him every day, as well as, with Topper and Kelce. Which, by the way, you have in almost all your classes.
As if your life couldn’t get any worse.
“Sarah!” Someone shouts from one of the windows of the house.
Isn’t that a pleasant way to wake you from your thoughts?
You look over your shoulder as you lay comfortably on the chair, book on your hands while you sit back under the shade of the blessed large tree behind you, hiding for the midday’s hot sun.
“I’m sleeping!” Your best friend yells back from beside you.
“I don’t fucking care, get your ass in here!”
Sarah sighs loudly and quickly stands from the chair beside you, leaving you on your own in the hell-like heat. You look down at your book, trying to re-concentrate back on its words, but you start hearing footsteps behind you.
“Look who it is!” You hear someone say.
You look over your shoulder, again, and your eyes land on both Kelce and Topper. They’re both wearing swim shorts and light tank tops. How cute. They’re matching.
“What the hell are you two doing here?” You ask with a frown.
“Rafe invited us.” Kelce answers while they walk around the fence which protects the pool, over to the gate.
“Of course, he did.” You whisper to yourself in defeat.
“Why? Didn’t you miss us?” Topper asks with his arms wide open as if displaying himself to you.
You frown further as he says that and a chuckle leaves his mouth. The both of them walk over to the last two available chairs around the Cameron’s pool and drop their stuff on top of them.
Your eyes are forced back onto your book and you lift your legs, laying your feet flat and bringing your knees up while laying back onto the lounge chair. This way you won’t have to look at their faces as an accident, your legs and book are shielding you.
Kelce laughs at something Topper says and you bring your book further close to your face, forcing your mind to concentrate on something else.
“It was your mess to clean, not mine.” You hear a familiar voice by the house, “You do this to me all the time. I’m not washing your shit.”
“It was a plate, Rafe. Jesus Christ.” You hear Sarah fight with her brother.
You can already tell that she’s rolling her eyes at him, because, who wouldn’t?
Their steps start getting closer and closer and you continue to force yourself to not even bother with looking up at them. Sarah is the first to walk into the fenced area and soon enough Rafe followed her in.
She gets to her chair and extends something at you. A cold water bottle.
“Thank you.” You whisper at her and she smiles.
“No worries.” She says as she sits back down.
You put down the bottle by your chair, keeping it in the shade, and adjust your seating position to get more comfortable. A tall someone walks in front of you and you ignore their stare, pretending that you’re too focused on your book to even pay them attention.
“Since when do you read?” You hear Rafe ask you and you ignore him.
Without you looking, Rafe looks over at his friends and he smiles at how you’re pretending to not have listened to him. They laugh a bit with him and he shakes his head before making his way to them.
“You all seriously left me to sit on the broken chair?” You hear him ask his friends.
“Guess you’ll have to find something else to sit on. That rock looks pretty comfortable to me” Kelce teases him and then laughs loudly sounding a little choked up.
Probably just got hit by Rafe.
“If it’s that comfortable why don’t you go sit on it?” He continues to argue loudly.
You take a deep breath in hopes that it would give you some supernatural abilities to stay concentrated while they talk and you lay your elbow over the arm of the chair, laying your cheek onto your fist, bored.
“Hey yo, Y/N!” You hear Rafe again.
You ignore him, again.
“Can you switch chairs with me real quick?” He teases while looking over at you.
His eyes analyze you for a bit as you keep ignoring him. You’re sitting by the shade, sitting at the newest sun chairs his dad had bought not too long ago, just like Sarah is. And that’s when his eyes really stop on you.
You’re wearing a t-shirt still, kind of oversized, tied up around your waist. He can see, even though you have your legs up, the sides of the red bikini high on your hips. He can tell it’s high-waisted. Your supposed favorite since you always wear those ones when you’re with Sarah in the pool. As well as the ones with a thong.
Yeah, he still doesn’t regret looking out of the window that day.
He looks away from you and decided to start paying attention to what Top and Kelce are saying for once.
Rafe, already deep in conversation at a completely different volume now, pulls his shirt off and sits at the end of Top’s chair since he’s just occupying half of it.
Your eyes move up from your book at them as they laugh and your eyes stop on Rafe and his shirtless self. He has a smile on his face as he listens to Kelce talk and you notice how his abs contract as he chuckles at the so-funny conversation.
A sheer layer of sweat is starting to create on his skin, almost as if it’s making his already tan skin glow like gold with the rays of harsh sunlight. You lick your dry lips and force yourself to look somewhere else.
Your breathing had just started to heavy with just the sight on its own and you notice how your body warmed with just staring at him. God, why does this always happen?
You curse yourself in your mind and continue to act as if you’re still very concentrated in your book, even though you haven’t flipped a page for the last 15 minutes.
“This shit is cold as balls, what the fuck?” Topper curses as he steps into the water.
He brings his arms up to shoulder height as he reacts to the cold that rests on his feet and the guys watch for afar while cheering him on with such a difficult task. 
Topper continues to make his way down the steps of the pool and soon he dives right in just to fight off the cold.
“Is it too cold?” Kelce asks from afar to Topper, who just came back to the surface.
“No, it’s pretty nice, actually.” He says back to his friend.
You fight your urges to look up as Rafe stands from his chair, but you’re just as quick to give up. He still has a smile on his face as he laughs at Kelce’s curses, which are directed at Topper, mainly about the temperature of the water, yet suddenly turns his back to you as he goes to get something back on the chair, giving you nothing less than a great view of his back muscles.
That’s a way to someone’s heart, right there.
You bite your grin at your own thoughts, cursing yourself again from looking like a crazy person, and Rafe turns back to the pool. 
He hisses at the cold and Sarah laughs beside you.
“You all are a bunch of chickens.” Sarah comments out loud and you smile at her teasing words, “Just get in the pool already.”
“Would you like to come in as well?” Rafe asks as he takes a small step back.
He steps out of the pool slowly and Sarah’s eyes widen.
“No, sir.” Her voice begins to shake, “Just making sure you had the courage of a man or-.” She stops as he glares at her, “or a mouse.”
That seems to be enough for her brother because right as she finished that sentence he was running towards the two of you. She squeals as she notices, and is quick on her feet, out of the chair and running for her life , no matter what she’s leaving behind.
The guys laugh as Sarah and Rafe run circles around the pool and you can’t help but smile at your best friend’s panicked giggles.
“Hey!” A woman shouts from the house, Rose, “No running by the pool! I don’t want to spend my day in a hospital because of you two!”
Sarah comes down to a full stop while Rafe doesn’t even slow down. As soon as Rose is out of sight, he scoops his sister up and throws her in the pool. She screams as she goes in and you shake your head before bringing your attention back to your book.
A second splash is heard and then the group falls into conversation, and you’re left at peace with your book.
About half an hour later, you stand from your chair, leaving your book sitting by it without a second thought. 
You had the great idea to drink that whole water bottle in almost one go a few minutes ago and now you’re dying for a bathroom.
You walk out of the fenced area and make your way back into the house. 
Rafe, who is standing off to the side while everyone splashes each other, looks over at you as you walk away, and doesn’t even try and hide his stare. As you untie your oversized shirt to cover your body so you can go back in and look more presentable, Rafe has a perfect view of your ass in the bikini while everyone is too busy laughing to notice.
You shut the door behind yourself and the cold of the air-conditioned house makes chills run through your warm body. Wheezie is still sitting by the couch, just like a few hours ago, watching some show as she hides from the overbearing heat outside. Rose is in the kitchen. And you can only guess that Ward is in his office.
Sounds like a normal Saturday at the Cameron’s household.
You walk upstairs to Sarah’s bedroom and make your way to her bathroom. The cleanest and most acceptable out of all you’ve used. 
You’ll never step foot on Rafe’s ever again. It reeked of cologne (not the good kind), and it was messy as all hell. His clothes were everywhere, you’re sure you saw about 3 pairs of used boxers in different places, even some over the glass wall of his shower, dangling.
You don’t care that it was years ago and that he could’ve changed, it was still very much traumatizing to you.
As you step back out of the house, feeling way better, you look down at your feet as you make your way back to the pool. The stones of the pathway are hot beneath your feet which just contributes to you having to walk faster.
You tie your shirt back up, hitting the gate open with your hip, and you stop walking as soon as your eyes land on your chair.
“Get off, Cameron.” You tell Rafe.
He smiles at the sound of your annoyed tone and you finally start making your way over to him. You smack his leg and he continues to look at you behind his dark glasses, carelessly chewing on his gum with his big smile.
Hope he chokes on it.
“Dude, get off my chair.” You tell him again. “Go to yours.”
“I don’t have one.” He shrugs.
“Then lay on the ground. I don’t care, that’s my chair.” You say, and his smile does not disappear in the slightest.
“Did you buy it?”
“What?” You ask.
“The chair? Did you buy it?”
“Right, so, it’s as much mine as it is yours. You go lay on the floor.” He says, pointing at the ground beside him.
You look over at the pool with a helpless expression on your face and Sarah is looking right back at you.
“Rafe, stop being an asshole and let her have the chair. Lay on mine.” She says and you look back at him.
“Where’s the fun in that, sister?” He asks with his stupid teasing tone and you roll your eyes.
You look back at Sarah and she sighs.
“You can lay on mine, babe. It’s fine.” She tells you.
You send a glare over at Rafe and he keeps chewing on his gum. You knee his thigh and he chuckles.
“Think that hurt?” He asks.
“Who’s saying I wanted to hurt you, dipshit?” You ask as you walk around him to retrieve your stuff.
“Oooh, did I make you upset, princess?” He teases and you lean down to grab your book and your phone. “We can always share if you’d like.”
“Fuck you.” You whisper as you stand back up.
For a split second, you feel his hand touch the back of your leg and in a quick movement, you hit his hand, hard, with the book.
“Get your dirty hands off me.” You say with anger in your tone.
He holds his hands up in surrender and you walk back around the chair to his right. Rafe’s eyes, behind the glasses, follow your figure shamelessly as you walk and stand by his sister’s chair. 
You lean over it to put down your stuff on the little table on the other side and Rafe swears his heart almost jumped out of his chest. Give the man a warning, next time.
Look away, look away, look away... He repeated to himself in his mind and you finally stood back straight before sitting down. Rafe continues to look over at you, yet his smile has disappeared because his fun has, unfortunately, come to an end.
Annoying you is like a gift. He loves it, just as much as you like to annoy him. No complaining is really allowed when it’s mutual, right?
You look over at the pool to check on Sarah and she’s still smiling widely while talking to the guys. At least she’s having fun. You sense Rafe staring at you and you look back at him.
Without a second to think about it twice, you lift your middle finger at him with a fake grin and he smiles back at you.
God, he loves this.
Hours passed by quickly and the sun is now setting. 
The temperature is also going down, as it usually does, and it’s starting to get to a point where all of you have started to feel a little too cold to not give up and go home - after deciding not to go in right as Rose had offered. 
Rafe fell asleep beside you, almost, 2 hours ago and you’re seriously starting to get worried for his skin.
The sun has rotated, obviously, and it has hitting his back for a great while, ever since he fell asleep, to be quite honest. You are pretty sure that he burned himself, which, to you, that’s karma biting his ass for stealing your chair. But you’re also not going to say anything when you’re not sure.
Who pokes the bear while he sleeps? Crazy people, that’s who.
“Ready to go back in?” Sarah asks you as she walks back to you.
“Yeah.” You answer with a smile.
You close your book and quickly stand back up on your feet. You stretch your arms up due to be sitting in the same position for so long and you gasp at the sight of Rafe’s back.
“Uh... Sarah?” You say and your best friend looks at you.
“I think your brother might be a little burned.” You tell her.
Sarah walks to stand beside you and sighs. 
“Oh Jesus.”
She leans over to her brother and shakes his shoulder carefully.
“Rafe.” She calls him as you turn back to grab your t-shirt and pull it on.
“What?” He asks with a sleepy tone.
“You got burnt.” She tells and he groans in annoyance, “And we’re also going back into the house, now.”
He takes off his glasses and sits up. You turn back around and give him a little teasing grin. 
You lean down and he looks over at you.
“Karma’s a bitch, uh?” You whisper.
Rafe stares at you without any sort of amusement and you smile brightly. He rolls his eyes at you and quickly stands, still half asleep. You use that opportunity to get your towel, which has been under him this whole time, and you throw it over your shoulder.
Rafe disappears from beside you and goes to get his stuff from the other side of the pool. Sarah grabs your hand and starts pulling you with her towards the gate.
The guys stay a little behind and Rafe is the next one to leave to get to the house, standing right behind you. You look over your shoulder at him and a smirk appears on your face as an idea shows up in your mind.
You hold the door open for him as Sarah walks in and you recieve a scowl from him right away. He doesn’t say anything as he walks in front of you, yet feels a little hesitant.
Since when do you hold the door for him?
You follow him right away and before you can do anything, Wheezie appears.
“What happened to you?” She asks her brother.
You appear beside him.
“Your brother,” You say with a smile, and without him seeing, you lay your hand on his hot back making him wince in pain and double over, “Got burnt.”
He smacks your arm away, not caring if he hurt you, and you hold in a smile.
“Fucking bitch.” He curses.
Wheezie stares at the two of you, concerned, and turns back her attention to the TV. You two are very weird.
“What’s wrong, Rafey?” You ask him and he turns to walk off the living room, “Did I hurt you, now?”
He sends you a side glare and you smile, proud of yourself. You finally two get to the kitchen, where Sarah is, and she quickly turns back to look at the two of you.
“You should take a cold shower for the burn. I’ll check where Rose has the stuff for that.” She tells Rafe and he nods.
He puts down his phone on the counter and with closed eyes, he turns around to go upstairs to shower. You look over at Sarah as he leaves silently, and she lifts her eyebrows.
“Guess who’s going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day?” Sarah asks you and you shrug.
“Shouldn’t have taken my chair.” You shrug and she smiles.
“You two are the worst.” She whispers under her breath.
She, while smiling at you, opens the medicine drawer and starts looking through everything.
“Can you help me find the stuff for the burns?”
“Yeah.” You say while walking up to her.
Rafe is in a bad mood… And burnt. Sarah helped him apply everything to his skin and Rose, after scolding him to no end, said that it’s a minor burn and that he will feel better tomorrow if he doesn’t spend any time under the sun.
Probably the first time you ever saw her being nice to him, or even him listen to her and not roll his eyes.
After dinner with their family, everyone decided to watch a movie. And that’s exactly what everyone is doing now. 
All of you are sitting on the couch, or, well, on the floor since you all don’t fit in it, but Sarah and Topper are already passed out and Wheezie has already been taken to bed by Rafe. Which was just a few minutes ago when she fell asleep beside him on the couch, laying her head on his not-burnt shoulder.
A cute moment between siblings that you refuse to acknowledge out loud.
You check the time on your phone, 3 am. And you don’t even feel your eyelids sort of heavy, you just feel bored out of your mind.
“Who’s awake?” You hear Kelce whisper.
Both of you and Rafe lift your arms in the slightly dark room as the TV flashes with a brighter scene and Kelce stands, groaning slightly at how sore his body is from being in one position for so long.
“I’m so bored.” He tells you and you smile at him.
“Same.” You whisper back at him.
You stretch your arms up in the darkroom and Rafe looks over at you, and then at his friend.
“The hot tub is working again in case you want to go over there.” He whispers and you look over at Kelce.
“Do you wanna?” You ask him.
“Anything’s better than this movie.” He says and Rafe grins at his words.
The three of you stand silently, being careful not to trip over Topper’s sleeping form. Or awake Sarah, who, for no reason, is a super light sleeper when on the couch.
“Y’all go ahead, I have to go change into my shorts again.” Kelce whispers at both you and Rafe as you reach the windowed doors.
You and Rafe only give him a quick nod back due to still having your swimwear on and he’s the one to open the door. You try and shield yourself from the cold the island tends to have during the night, by crossing your arms across your chest and moving your hands up and down your upper arms.
You close the door behind you and quicken your pace to follow Rafe. Your steps are heard over the little stones of the pathway, and you stand behind him the whole time.
Both of you don’t crack the perfect silence for a good minute, not even by taking louder steps over the stones. He leaves the gate open for you and walks up to the covered hot tub.
A sudden rush of wind hits you and you shiver slightly while watching Rafe take the cover off the hot tub and click something on the side of it.
Not even 2 minutes after, the water starts letting out steam as it bubbles away with the jets. You step closer, looking over the sides at it, and carefully move your hand to test it.
Rafe watches you as you do it so carefully and slowly put your hand on the water. You were so concentrated that right as you’re about to touch it, he can’t help but poke your side, disrupting your peace and making you jump on your feet.
You send him a glare as he holds in his laughter by you getting scared out of nowhere, and you retrieve your hand.
Rafe looks away to check on the house, just to see if Kelce is coming any soon, and no sign of him.
Right as he looks back at you, you’re already pulling your shirt off and your shorts had already been thrown off to the side. His eyes scan your body with no shame, and you smile at the water. Anyone can tell you’re excited to go in from a mile away.
You take the little steps on the side slowly and hold onto the tall wall to sort out your balance before getting in. Rafe pulls his shirt off carefully as you finally take your seat on the warm water.
He soon comes in as well and before he even sits, he checks on Kelce again.
Is he really being left to be alone with you in a hot tub by his best friend?
Rafe sits down right in front of you, and you can’t help but notice how he scrunches his face at the feeling of water hitting his sore skin. Which by the way, by the hours, everyone realized that he did not burn his whole back, just his shoulder, for some reason, so it’s not that bad. Rafe was more than relieved by those news, that’s for sure.
“You good?” Rafe snaps you awake from your thoughts.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” You ask him, looking up at his face.
“You were just staring at nothing for like 5 minutes.”
Five minutes?
“That’s a little exaggerated.” You say to him, and he grins.
You look over your shoulder at the house and your prayers are heard as the door opens and Kelce reappears. You smile at the sight of him holding something in his hand and so does Rafe. A bottle.
At least his friends know what to get.
He walks up to the gate quickly and lifts the bottle up for you to see what it is from the distance. You recognize the alcoholic beverage, yet you’ve never drunk it.
You know it’s one of the drinks that the guys always have with Rafe when they’re spending the night, and whatever it is, it’s strong because they all end up passed out.
“I wasn’t able to bring glasses, gotta share the bottle.” He says before passing it to Rafe.
You watch him as he takes the bottle in his hands and with a little of a frown, his bicep flexes, letting the bottle’s top pop, leaving him to hold the cork in one hand and the bottle in the other.
He brings it to his lips first and you watch him as he swallows it down. Adam’s apple moving up and down and you curse yourself in your mind at the sight of a drop of liquid sliding down his lips, to his chin, neck, and, finally, reaching his chest.
This is going to be a fun night.
You laugh at Kelce while Rafe shakes his head with a smile, and you take ahold of the bottle. Empty. Already? 
You pout in disappointment, laughter already died down, and Rafe takes the bottle into his hand to also check it out.
Kelce checks his phone in the corner of the hot tub and kisses his teeth.
“I should go back and probably try to get some sleep.” He says and you look at him.
“Why?” You ask with a sad tone.
“I have something to do with my family tomorrow morning.” He explains while standing, making the water drip from his body.
“So, you won’t go to the pool with us?” You ask.
You are very much drunk and you have to admit that you really underestimated the percentage of alcohol written on the bottle. Rafe is almost in the same state as you, and Kelce, well, Kelce looks fine. You’re not even sure if he drank anything.
“I can try and visit by the end of the afternoon, but I’m not sure I can.” He says while stepping out.
You follow him by sitting on the side of the tub with the stairs, right next to Rafe and he looks back at you before grabbing his stuff.
“Bye.” You say with a big smile and a wave.
“Bye.” He laughs at you.
Kelce turns his back to the two of you and Rafe is still looking at the bottle. As Kelce is already midway down the path to the house, you finally look at Rafe beside you.
“Do you have more inside?” You ask.
He looks up at you and your eyes meet.
“Probably not.” He says honestly.
You take the bottle back into your hand and check the bottom, just to see if there is honestly no liquid left with the slight light inside the tub. Your eyes spot what’s possibly just a drop and you gasp with a smile, making Rafe laugh beside you.
You take the bottle to your mouth and tilt your head back with it. Yet the drop never comes. 
You frown and take it away from your mouth, slightly disappointed.
“Nothing?” Rafe asks and you shake your head.
He takes a look at the bottle and holds the end of it when spotting the liquid halfway down, stopped at the curve of the glass. He forces your chin up by grabbing it with his large hand as he grabs the bottle and you smile when sensing that maybe, just maybe, you will have that so wished last drop.
With an open mouth and kind of outstretched tongue, the familiar taste of the alcohol drink finally meets your mouth, and you giggle as a bit of the not-so-small drop, slides off the corner of your lips.
Rafe puts the bottle in one of the cupholders behind him and you swallow down the liquid. His mind did have to make him think what he just did, but here we are. 
You clean the corner of your mouth as Rafe looks back at you, watching the drop go down your jaw and your neck. Midway down your neck, he catches it with his dry hand and before he can bring his finger to his mouth, you grab onto his wrist.
Rafe watches you as you bring his finger up to your lips and you lick the liquid that is left. He smiles maliciously at you, and you can’t help but smile back at him. 
He pulls his finger away from your mouth and you see the bottle resting beside him. There might be one more drop, right?
You lift up from your seat to sit on your knees and lean over Rafe to get the bottle. His hand comes to rest on your waist as you’re right in front of him and to his surprise, you don’t smack or push him away.
With the bottle back in your hands, you lean to have your arms by the wall and open your hand to tilt the mouth of the bottle to your palm, hoping that something will fall on it. Rafe, still using your lack of attention to his advantage, applies some pressure to your waist as you’re in a very comfortable position, and you adjust yourself by turning taking sit on his leg.
Oh, he’s more than fine with that.
You lift the bottle from your palm and see a tiny bit of liquid right on it. Rafe smiles at your excitement, and he forces himself to look away as you lick it innocently.
As if he could be any more sexually frustrated. 
You move a bit on his thigh and Rafe brings back his eyes to you. You still have a very faint trail of the drink on your neck and he leans in. A heavy sigh escapes your mouth at the feeling of his warm tongue against your neck and you almost let your bottle fall at the feeling of it. He lays gentle kisses as he licks up your neck to your jaw, following the trail that the liquid had left not too long ago.
You put down the bottle at the cup holder again and bring your, now, empty hand to the back of his head, holding onto his still dry hair as he goes back in forth on your neck.
His mouth leaves kisses, licks, and even bites on your neck, leaving you in nothing but an imaginary puddle as you melt at his touch.
At this point, yes, you’re both drunk and you know you shouldn’t be doing this by the laws of hating your best friend’s brother. The same laws that you created in your own head while you always found yourself busy cursing at the same guy that is now kissing your skin, endless times in your mind.
He pulls away from your neck and you look each other deep into each other’s eyes. A small smile spreads over your face and you lift yourself up from his leg.
Rafe looks rather concerned as you do so but relaxes as you sit back down, now, straddling him. He smirks as his hands move to your hips, pushing you down further onto his lap as well as close to his chest.
You can feel him hard under his shorts, which if anything, just made you smile further. You move your hips ever so slightly at the feeling of him and you bite your lip, so you don’t just smile widely at him and make him think that he has won anything over you.
His hands grip onto the sides of your red bikini and your hips, playing with the straps for a bit as you lay your hands over his shoulders gently. You lean closer to him and Rafe joins you midway, your lips touch but you don’t kiss.
You two are so close that you feel each other’s breathing on one another’s lips, if you talked you would touch again, but teasing each other already goes way back in all the years you’ve known each other. Today wouldn’t be any different.
As Rafe is about to finally kiss you, the outside lights, the ones that circle the pool, light up, illuminating everything around you. You two look around the area as Rafe continues to grab onto you securely.
“My dad’s probably up.” He sighs as he tries to look inside the house.
You look over your shoulder at the house and no lights have been turned on in there. Not even a bedroom, just the living room.
Rafe’s lips reattach to your skin, making you giggle in surprise and turn back to him. He litters kisses on your chest, right between your boobs, and you fight your eyes as they try to close and let you enjoy the moment. You pull him away by his hair and he groans as you do it.
“We gotta go.” You whisper at him.
He clenches his jaw at the sound of your words, and you stand from his lap.
You do another take over your shoulder and start making your way out to the steps. 
The water falling off you soaks the cold ground underneath your feet and Rafe is quick to also leave the hot tub. You shiver with the wind again and Rafe turns off the tub before looking at the chairs.
“Here.” He says before leaving your side.
You try to stay balanced on your feet as the world slowly starts to be a little unstable for your drunken state, when suddenly a towel hits your face and Rafe starts laughing in front of you. 
You take it away off your face and throw it over your shoulders, shielding your back and ignoring whatever just happened. The fabric is cold from it staying outside until now, but anything is appreciated for your soaked cold body.
You turn to start walking back home as you concentrate on your steps and the ground. You don’t even take 2 steps away from the hot tub before Rafe says something.
“Shit.” Rafe says from behind you.
You stop and turn to him, a bit too fast because you almost fell if he didn’t reach and held you close to him.
“What?” You ask, confused.
“Sarah’s up.” He says motioning to the house by moving his head.
You follow his gaze and notice the empty couch in the well lit room. A sudden shadow appears by the large window that faces you and you and Rafe quickly crouch down before the person appears.
Rafe still has a arm around you as you fight to stay steady in a crouch and you stare at him in a panic.
“What the fuck is she doing?” You ask him while hoping that the fence and the plants in front of you can cover you both just enough.
“How could I possibly know?” He asks.
“Well... You’re her brother.”
“And you’re her friend. You should know her more than me, dumbass.”
You smack him hard for the insult and even though you’re not exactly facing him, you expect to hit his arm. 
But no, you hit his shoulder. His poor burnt shoulder.
Rafe hisses, unwrapping his arm from you and smacking you away, and you can’t help but laugh out loud and quickly reach back to cover your mouth.
“I’m sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...” You repeat while giggling.
“You, bitch.” He curses.
You keep covering your mouth as you try and calm down your drunken giggles and Rafe can’t help but grin and shake his head at how much you’re enjoying all of this.
He looks away from your giggling and gasping-for-air self and, while smiling, looks between the empty spaces in between the plants. Sarah doesn’t look to be by the window anymore.
“Are you more calm, now?” He asks, finally looking at you.
“Don’t talk.” You say out of breath, “You’re going to make me start laughing again.”
He shakes his head at you and, out of nowhere, the lights turn back off. You two look at each other in the darkness and back to the house.
It had been Sarah who turned on the lights?
“Let’s go back in.” Rafe whispers at you and you nod.
Rafe’s the first one to stand back and he quickly offers you his hand. You’re soon up on your feet and following Rafe to the house. 
You cringe at the sight of his back as you stand behind him and almost trip over your feet right after because you decided that looking away from the ground was a good idea.
Rafe stops at the sound and looks over at you.
“You good?” He asks with a teasing smile.
You two reach the house, being careful enough to use the front door instead. You follow Rafe inside after you offered him the towel to at least dry himself a bit. 
As soon as he gives it back to you, you resume your mission and with the both of you trying to be light on your feet, you two make it upstairs rather quickly. You’re impressed, to say the least.
“Wait.” You say to him before he can disappear into his bedroom.
“What?” He whispers at you.
“Where am I sleeping?”
“With Sarah?”
“And what if she’s still awake?” You ask him and he sighs, standing back straight.
He looks through all the doors and takes a deep breath.
“And I also need to change clothes. I can’t lay down wearing a wet bikini.” You say while you try to ignore your chills due to the cold AC, which, for some reason, is still on.
“Fuck, Uhm...” He scratches the back of his head while thinking. “You can always sleep in my-”
Right as Rafe starts to say that and you were almost accepting to go share a bed with Kelce in the guests’ bedroom, the master’s bedroom door opens.
Your eyes widen at the slightest of sight of Ward and Rafe grabs onto your hand, harshly pulling you into his bedroom. You cover your mouth, so you don’t start giggling again and he carefully and silently closes and locks his door.
And that’s when you use your head.
“What’s wrong with your dad seeing me in the hallway?”
“You’re not the problem. I am. He’ll have my head if he knows that we went outside in the cold.” He explains in a faint whisper.
His room is super dark but, in some way, you can still see everything. You look around, and oh my god, it is way better than a few years back. 
Still messy but in an okay way. 
Ward’s steps are heard in front of the door and you two stop breathing right at the same time, making smiles appear in both your faces as you two notice how synchronized you are. You reach to cover Rafe’s mouth so he doesn’t influence you to start laughing and the steps soon disappear in the distance.
You uncover Rafe’s mouth and he talks right away.
“We left stuff outside.” He whispers at you.
“Fuck,” You say while adjusting the towel on your shoulders, “We suck at this.”
He leans away from the door and walks over to his wardrobe. You follow him with your gaze, and he turns on one of the lights in the corner. 
“Wear this.” He tells you before throwing you a shirt and some boxers.
At least this time he didn’t hit you in the face.
You run to the bathroom to finally take the cold bikini off your body and you close the door behind you. Oh, and look at that!
No boxers.
You are more than impressed now.
Rafe stays behind and as you examine and admire the lack of laundry in the bathroom, he brings his hands to his head, gripping his hair with his fingers, as he whispers to himself “What the fuck is going on?” with wide eyes.
Reality is starting to set in his mind.
You come back not even 5 minutes later and you’re quick to notice that Rafe also has changed, but just into some boxers.
“You better stay on your side of the bed.” You tell him and he smiles.
“I’ll try my best.” He answers as you lay on his left side of the bed. “But I won’t make any promises.”
He also lays down and before the lights are turned back off, you send him a glare, which goes unnoticed. You turn on your side to face Rafe, yet you don’t see him in the dark due to your eyes still not adjusting.
You throw your arm his way, and the sound of a loud smack is heard throughout the room as your hand collides with something, which makes you stop. You just hit him, and it wasn’t exactly gentle.
“The fuck was that for?” He whisper yells, voice muffled with his pillow.
“I’m just making sure you’re still keeping your distance.” You say, a smile prominent in your voice.
“Jesus Christ.” He whispers to himself. “People are going to think I got beat up because of you.”
You hold in your laughter and turn back to lay on your stomach, hugging your pillow close to you and ignoring/enjoying the fact that it smells exactly like Rafe. You whisper a little ‘good night’ and right after that, you’re out like a light.
Waking up was fun on the next morning, for sure.
It was literally just you pretending you didn’t wake up clinging onto Rafe, who had his back towards you. You still aren’t sure what made you awake before him, but whatever it was, it deserves a kiss on the forehead because it saved you from the embarrassment of falling into your own last night’s threat.
Rafe woke up not even half an hour after that. Got up first to go get the bottle and whatever else was left back by the pool, and when he came up, you were already back asleep. Yet that didn’t stop him from throwing all your stuff that was left outside on top of you.
You and your sleepy self just pointed your middle finger up at him for awaking you from your beautiful morning sleep, and to be quite honest, it all seems like you two are back to normal.
Quite unfortunate, but not unexpected.
You stand up about 10 minutes after Rafe had left to go to take his shower, yet not saying a word to you, and you’re quick to get out of the room, as silent as you can.
Thankfully, Sarah’s bedroom door was still closed, which could only mean that she was still asleep.
Very slowly, you open her door and slide in the slightest of space you could get yourself through, all because you can’t risk making it squeak.
You tiptoe to your bag and thank your past self for leaving the zipper undone. You pull out some clothes for today, as well as another bikini, before shoving yesterday’s stuff in the bottom of it, and rush into the bathroom.
When in between the 4 tiled walls, you let out the biggest sigh of relief. The stuff around the pool is now in the trash, your clothes from yesterday are back in your bag, you’re getting rid of Rafe’s clothes that you wore through your sleep and now you’re back in Sarah’s bedroom.
It’s like nothing happened. It’s like you didn’t hang out with her brother at ungodly hours, didn’t drink till 5 in a hot tub, or slept in his bed. Oh, yeah, and almost kissed him. Or even almost had sex with him.
You bring your hands to your head in despair as you repeat the silent words “What the fuck were you thinking?” as you searched for answers in your very occupied and active mind.
God, is it bad that you liked Rafe’s drunk version of himself? It was almost as if he could, actually, be a decent person, so you’ll yourself a ‘no’ for an answer.
You shake your head with another sigh, trying to snap yourself awake to reality and away from all those questions. They will bring you nothing but headaches, and you’re not very interested to go through one today.
You take a quick shower once feeling calmer, washing your body from last night’s secret activities, and soon you’re back into your clothes, ready to act as if nothing happened to everyone that is still in the house.
As you reopen the door from the bathroom, you’re met with the sight of Sarah sitting in her bed. 
Her hair is a mess, her face is slightly swollen from sleeping and her eyes are not even completely open. She sure had a great night of sleep.
You quickly hide Rafe’s clothes behind your back and give her a smile.
“Good morning.” You tell her in a happy tone.
“Hi.” She tries to say before her voice becomes a whisper. “Did you sleep here?”
You open and close your mouth as you try and find a quick answer.
“I- Uhm... Yeah, yeah, I did.” You nod quickly, “Walked in when you were already asleep.”
She frowns a bit at your answer, and you tense up.
“But I only came to bed at like 6.” She lifts her hands to scrub her eyes, “Where were you?”
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuck...
“I was...” You drag out the word, “At 6? Are you sure?”
She opens her eyes a little bit more to look at you.
“Yeah.” She nods, but then looks to stare at the wall, deep in thought, “I think?”
“Because I came in here at like 3. When the movie ended.” You lie to her.
Damn, you queen! Since when are you this good at coming up with lies?
“Oh-” Sarah says and shakes her head, “That’s weird because I remember walking around the house to check on the backyard and I really don’t remember seeing you on the couch.”
“Backyard?” You ask, faking curiosity.
You step aside to get closer to your bag and continue to give her a curious look.
“Yeah, I looked outside when I woke up with the TV turning off and…” She struggles to remember, “I looked out and thought I saw someone by the hot tub.” She explains and you tense further, “And then...” She breathes in tiredly, “And then I went to the front door to turn on the backyard lights, and there was no one.”
The TV turning off automatically was what woke her up? How is that even possible? Is she that light of a sleeper?
“That’s-” You stop yourself for a bit, “A bit creepy.”
She nods at you and frowns again.
“God, I was so tired. It probably was just a dream too.” She says with a chuckle, “It always happens to me when I sleep on the couch. I get the weirdest of dreams.”
“That would make a lot more sense.” You say with a fake giggle.
You crouch down to your bag, turning your back to Sarah, and shove Rafe’s clothes inside before she can even get a glimpse at them.
“Well, I’ll just go and get ready for today.” She says, “Can you start the coffee machine downstairs?”
“Of course.” You say with a smile while getting back up.
“Thanks.” She says before getting up from her bed, “You’re the best.”
Sure, Sarah. Sure.
Yeah, you definitely prefer drunk Rafe. A hundred percent. He’s back to being the asshole that he is and it’s starting to get under your skin already.
Just to make things better, today looks like complete shit too. It’s gloomy and very humid. It’s still good to go to the pool, but not as appealing.
“Apply sunscreen, Sarah.” You hear Rose say to Sarah in the hallway, “This climate can burn you too.”
“I will!” She answers in a whine.
You grin a bit at her tone, and she appears in the kitchen as soon as you do it. She offers you a smile and quickly goes to grab the empty mug beside you to pour in the just brewed coffee.
“Have you seen Rafe?” She asks you.
You clench your jaw and look over at her.
“Yeah. He came in to make his protein shake and then left.” You answer, “Why?”
“Rose is just looking for him,” She shrugs, “Probably to remind him that he can’t go outside because of his shoulder.”
You nod and walk over to the island, where your phone is.
“Where are you going?” You hear Rose in the hallway again.
“Out.” Rafe answers.
Oh, that tone is just as warm and cozy as an iceberg.
“Cover your sh-”
“I know!” He interrupts.
The front door slams shut after a few seconds, and you look up at Sarah with lifted eyebrows.
“Guess that yesterday’s bad mood continues.” She says with a tint of a smile on her face.
“Sure looks like it.” You answer with a sigh.
You look out of the kitchen’s window to seek some sort of entertainment as Sarah prepares her coffee and in the distance, you see Rafe doing his usual morning jog. Your eyes study him as he gets further and further away and someone walking into the kitchen makes you snap back.
“Morning.” Wheezie says.
“Morning.” You and Sarah say at the same time.
“Ew, Sarah.” You comment while sending a look at your best friend.
“Ew.” You interrupt her and she chuckles.
“It is not that bad!” She squeals and you can’t help but smile at her distressed words.
“It is.” You say with a nod, “Why would you even ship them in the first place?”
She adjusts her sitting in her chair to look at you with one of her defensive glares.
“Are you kidding me?” She says with a straight face.
“He’s so much better off with the dark-haired dude.” You say with a smile.
Sarah lets out an exaggerated gasp and with widened eyes, she looks at you as if you’re completely insane. As she’s in shock, you look over at the pool to see if Wheezie is still swimming around, but she had just stopped to listen to you talk to her sister.
“I agree with Y/N.” She says while pointing at you.
You offer her a wide smile, and she smiles back.
“You two are…” Sarah starts, “Disgusting.”
You laugh with Wheezie, and Sarah stands from her chair, walking over to get a water bottle from the cooler a few steps away from your chairs.
Your eyes look over at the house and catching you by surprise, you see Rafe coming back from his jog. He’s just walking by the house’s main gates, obviously looking exhausted.
He also isn’t wearing his shirt anymore, but he has it over his burnt shoulder. 
Who would’ve thought? He listened to Rose’s advice.
Sarah restarts the conversation about the first movie you all had seen yesterday. At least what she could remember before falling asleep, of course. And as she begins to talk, you find yourself unable to look away from her brother.
Even though he’s pretty distant from you, you can tell that he is sweating profusely. Some strands of his hair are attached to his forehead while others just move up and down heavily with his slow and tired steps.
His eyes are glued on the ground for most of his walk back but at the sudden sound of Wheezie’s giggle in front of you, he lifts his head and redirects his gaze over to the pool on the side of the house.
“Rafe’s back.” Sarah comments beside you.
You look away from him before your eyes can meet to look over at Sarah.
“Yeah.” You nod at her.
Wheezie gives her brother a very big and enthusiastic wave and he waves at her back by just lifting his hand up to the height of his chest and with a slight grin over his lips.
“Do you think he’ll come to swim with us?” Wheezie asks, turning back to look at Sarah.
“Probably not.”
Wheezie hides her disappointed expression by looking down at her hands and you study her with a small smile. 
She doesn’t even hide that Rafe is her favorite sibling anymore. Or at least not as much as when she was younger.
You can still remember very vividly how many siblings-wars that resulted in. To no one’s surprise, you were in every single one for emotional support for Sarah and even to be used as a point of discussion.
All because you wear the title of the favorite friend of all her siblings could ever have. You’re proud to wear it, but then you have to remind yourself that you’re competing against Topper and Kelce… And that isn’t that big of a competition, now, is it?
“Anyways.” Sarah interrupts everyone’s train of thought, “Like we were just talking about…” She takes a deep breath, “With the dark-haired guy?!”
You and Wheezie let out a chuckle at her words and she bites down her smile to try and still act like she’s still affected by your preference in the main couples.
After many conversations, Wheezie pressured Sarah just enough for the two of them to go in the water on such a windy day. You stared at them swimming from a distance, due to not being that brave, and soon your eyelids started to become heavy.
It’s no lie that you didn’t sleep all that much the night before. Most of your night was spent in a living room watching a boring movie and then in a hot tub, too drunk to want to sleep, and with the influence of some other things, like, Rafe’s presence.
So, you fell asleep while laying on your chair.
You’re sitting in yesterday’s lounge chair, the one Rafe stole from you by the middle of the day, yet you were bold to move it a bit to the side. Meaning, you fell asleep with your legs exposed to the small rays of sunlight, and even though this type of climate looks like it can’t hurt you…
It’s absolutely bullshit. You will get burned no matter what. And that is, of course, if you have this exact same dumb going through your mind: don’t apply sunscreen just yet; and you end up being tired enough to fall asleep.
So, yeah, you’re the dumb one in the middle of all of this.
You were asleep for 2 hours and Sarah and Wheezie were honestly too entertained with whatever games they played to even acknowledge that you had fallen asleep. So, they also didn’t even notice that you forgot.
As soon as you woke up from Rose’s usual scream from the door of the side of the house announcing that lunch was ready, you just felt it.
You laid your hand on your thigh as if to readjust yourself on the chair before fully waking up, and all you felt was your skin under your palm hotter than ever. You let out a weak groan with your closed eyes and then you open them.
You stare at your skin as you touch it, trying to find when the burn starts or ends, and to your (sort of) relief, it’s just your upper thigh.
“Hey, let’s go?” Sarah asks as she walks back to the chairs.
You stand on your feet slowly, still a bit sleepy from your nap, and grab some of your stuff that will be needed at lunch. From your phone to only your shirt, since you didn’t even get to take your shorts off before falling asleep. 
Everyone walks back to the house, and you can already hear Rafe and Topper talking in the kitchen by the doorway of the living room, while putting on your shirt. You walk in behind Sarah, and Wheezie comes in behind you.
You watch as Rafe smiles at his friend and grabs grapes from the fridge, plopping them into his mouth, while walking through the arch way.
Soon Wheezie runs from behind you to get to the fridge before he gets to close it, and he was about to do it but her smaller hand stopped him.
He apologizes mid-sentence with a small pet on her head and she, with a huge smile, pulls out all the grapes she wants.
You smile at her as she looks around all happy and silently continues to listen to whatever Sarah is telling you both.
“Rafe, don’t eat grapes before lunch.” Rose says as she walks back into the kitchen, “You won’t be able to eat the actual food if you do so.”
Rafe couldn’t look like he cared less, if anything, that just made him shove more grapes into his mouth to annoy her further.
Rose closes her eyes with a deep breath in annoyance and Wheezie smiles beside Rafe.
God, this family is the most entertaining thing in the world.
“All of you to the table, let’s go.” She says, “Your dad will be there in a bit.”
Everyone walks in the direction of the large dining table, and you sit down without thinking too much about it. Someone pulls on the chair next to you and you sigh once you notice that it’s Rafe.
“You have the whole rest of the table to sit on.” You tell him and he looks over at you.
“If you hate my presence that much, I can say the same thing to you, princess.” He answers with a fake grin, “Go on. Make a scene and go sit the furthest away from me.”
You send him a glare while leaning back on your chair and he exhales through his nose as a laugh.
“Fucking asshole.” You whisper under your breath.
If anything, that just amused him further.
Sarah sits in front of you with a concerned expression on her face and you ignore it. You’re just hungry, and that’s all you want to focus on. Food. Not the annoying presence that seems to love to just exist.
You try to grab your phone from the top of the table, trying to find something entertaining to do while you all wait on Ward, yet you hear a groan from Rose before you even reach it.
“You all know the rules. No phones at the table.” She says and you send Sarah a look for help, “Put them away, everyone.”
You sigh and Rafe giggles silently beside you as everyone puts away their phones because you forgot the main rule and got caught. You elbow his side, and he laughs harder.
“Got everyone to hate you, now.” He whispers and you send him a look, “And because of you, we’re all going to have to hear her stories or sit in silence. Have to learn how to hide it better, princess.”
“You are so obnoxious.” You say, emphasizing the word.
“Guess we have that in common.”
“I haven’t even talked to you today!” You defend yourself a little louder than a whisper, getting some people’s attention. “You were the one in a bad mood right as you woke up.”
Some people look away uninterested when noticing that you’re literally arguing about nothing, yet one person doesn’t. Wheezie.
The one person that lives for your arguments due to how amusing they are.
“I was the one in a bad mood?” He says while pointing at his chest.
“Yes!” You whisper yell.
“You were the one that didn’t even say shit in the morning and just left!” He whispers back under Topper’s and Sarah’s conversation.
Without either of you noticing, Wheezie listens to every word and scowls at Rafe’s.
“Are you kidding me? You woke up, ran outside to get our stuff, and threw it in my face!” You defend yourself, “I was asleep, dumbass! What did you want me to do after you did that? Join you in the shower?”
Wheezie swears that her heart almost stopped due to the shock. Your stuff? Falling asleep? Shower? Since when do the two of you even interact?
Rafe shakes his head while looking lost for words and you do a little victory dance in your mind as you notice that you’re almost winning.
“I wasn’t even mad at you in the morning.” He says, “Wasn’t even in a bad mood.”
“Sure, Rafe.”
You look away from him and before he can even think about what else to say, Ward walks in the room, ready to eat lunch. Rafe sends you a soft look without you even noticing, but Wheezie obviously does.
He leans back on his chair almost as if defeated and she looks at him worryingly. What the heck just happened?
Soon, the food is served and you two sit beside one another in silence. You don’t even look at him, or even to his side of the table. Which, if anything, just made Rafe feel awful. As well as make it obvious for those who look at him, that he’s upset with something. 
You two eat quietly as Rose and Ward talk and his silence starts to violate your ears.
Midway through your meal, you reach for your glass of water and as you steal a look at Rafe, he’s literally depressingly playing with the rice on his plate.
And why in the hell are you feeling bad for him?
With a sigh, you pull your phone from under your leg and open your notes app and a new page.
“Don’t tell me you’re all depressed because of what I said.”
You lay your phone carefully on his upper thigh and he looks down at it without any sort of reaction. He clenches his jaw and grabs onto your phone, which looks tiny in his hands, by the way, typing away.
Wheezie steals a look at the two of you again and she sees Rafe reaching for your leg. You look down at it and almost roll your eyes.
“I wasn’t mad at you in the morning”
“Then what were you?”
He types again and Wheezie couldn’t be more confused on what in the hell the two of you are doing. You steal a look at what he’s writing, but you’re interrupted from doing so.
“Rafe!” Rose calls out from the other side of the table, making the two of you look at her spooked. “Phones down. You’re at the table.”
He locks your phone at that, and you mutter a small apology under your breath back at Rose. He gives it back to you and you take it carefully, putting it in between your legs so it doesn’t fall to the ground.
Rafe follows your hands and your phone with his eyes, and he forces himself to look away from your naked legs.
He swears that last night hasn’t left his mind for a second. He doesn’t care how drunk the two of you were, he has never been that close to kissing you and that is driving him absolutely insane.
“Hey, Sarah?” You ask as you walk back to the kitchen, phone in hand again.
“Yeah?” She says without looking up.
“Do you know where the stuff for the burns is?” You ask her.
Rose, who was just walking away from the kitchen, almost breaks her neck to look back and give you a glare.
“You got burnt too?” She asks.
“Unfortunately.” You answer.
“I don’t even know why I bother with you all.” She says before looking back to the hallway and walking off.
You hide your smile and look back at your best friend.
“I- Uhm.” Sarah starts before she lets out a breathy laugh at whatever just happened, “I think Rafe might have it.”
You frown.
“He took it to his bedroom yesterday to put it on his shoulder after his shower, I think.” She explains, “Want me to go get it for you?”
“No, that’s fine. I’ll just go put that on and then I’ll join you back there.”
“Are you sure?” She asks. “I don’t want you to burn more just to be with us outside. I can always stay-”
“Just go.” You tell her with a smile, “You’ll have Topper to substitute me. I’ll just watch a show or something.”
She smiles back and nods.
“Alright.” She answers, “Don’t let him murder you.”
“I’ll try.”
You leave her side at that and make your way to Rafe’s bedroom, hoping that he hasn’t gone back to sleep now that his best friend just left him for Sarah.
“Aren’t you going outside with us?” You hear someone say from behind you.
You turn and it’s Whezzie.
“I got burnt on my leg. I’ll just get this sorted and then I’ll probably join you back outside.” You tell her and she nods.
“Alright, see you then.”
Are you giving her false hope after you considered watching a show in the comfort of Sarah’s bed or the living room’s couch? Sure. But it seriously sounds too good for you to refuse, and too bad to say anything else to small Wheeze.
You give her a small smile as a goodbye and quickly run your way up the stairs. As you walk up to Rafe’s bedroom, you hear the downstairs door open and close, and then, complete silence.
Everyone’s outside again.
Rafe is about to go lay on his bed when he hears a knock on his door. He groans loudly in annoyance and walks up to the dark wooden door. In a not very gentle way, he practically rips it open and is shocked at the sight of you.
“I need the stuff for burns.” You say as soon as his eyes land on you.
“Who got burnt?” He asks with his eyebrows slightly scrunched.
“I did.”
A slightly humorous look appears on his face, and he opens his door widely to let you in, as well as steps to the side. You walk in slightly hesitant and Rafe closes the door behind you again.
“Karma seems to have gotten to you too, uh?” He says with a wide smile.
You roll your eyes at him, and he goes into the bathroom. You follow him there and he looks back at you.
“You should probably get- whatever you burnt,” he points at your body up and down, “under cold water first. Rose always makes me do that before I put this shit on.”
So good with his words.
“Alright.” You tell him before walking into his bathroom.
Your steps are slow, and he’s quick to notice it but doesn’t say anything. He turns to his shower and gets the showerhead unhooked. You take your shorts off and grab onto it.
“Will you be looking at me while I do this?” You ask him as you lean in to turn on the water.
“Why? Am I watching something that secretive?”
You ignore him and turn on the cold water. You hiss at how cold it is at first touch, even when it’s just on your hand, and lean back as you gain the courage to let it touch your leg.
“It won’t bite you.” Rafe teases.
“Just-” You start before looking at him, “Shut up.”
An amused smile appears on his face as he studies you.
To say you’re hesitating to let that cold of water touch your burnt warm skin is an understatement. Your back is leaned against the wall, you only have one foot in the shower’s tub and your shirt is pulled up. Only the sole of your foot is touching the water, but it doesn’t make it feel any easier.
“I would like it if you did that today, you know.” Rafe teases and you try to ignore him, “I got stuff to do.”
“Oh really?” You ask humorously, “What could you possibly have to do?”
“Fix my sleep schedule.”
“And sleeping at 3 pm will help?” You ask with a smile.
“Anything helps when you only slept 3 hours.”
You look back down at the water and lay your hand under it, still trying to get some courage just to do it. And that’s exactly when Rafe steps up closer, yanks the showerhead off your hands, and holds it on top of your leg.
You gasp in both surprise and at the coldness of the water, yet you don’t hesitate to hit him.
“What the fuck, asshole? I was getting ready to do it myself!”
He cringes at the fact that you just screamed in his ear and stands back up straight, holding the showerhead higher up and making the water, with the distance, start to splatter on your shirt.
“I had to do it because you’re seriously underestimating our water bill.” He says while you try to hold your shirt higher up your chest to get it away from the water.
“As if I’m the one that is to blame for the water bill being hi-”
“You do spend a lot of nights here.”
“You’re the one that takes 1-hour showers!” You defend yourself and he smiles down at you.
“You control my time under the shower?”
You ignore his question, yet you forget how much power he has now with this showerhead. He moves it a bit to the side and sprays the ice-cold water on your stomach.
“Rafe!” You squeal right as he moves it away.
He chuckles as you smack his arm, again, and try to hold the showerhead from his hands. You lay yours over his, but he doesn’t let go.
“Let me hold it.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re going to spray me with it.”
“You’re no fun.” You say under your breath, and he continues to smile widely.
Ew, why does he have to look so cute when he smiles?
“Are we done?” You ask him, bored of having ice cold water being sprayed on your, now, freezing leg.
“Just a few more seconds.”
You groan out of boredom and see Rafe reach for something with his vacant hand. You follow his hand with your gaze to see what he’s doing and see him grab a towel.
You lean your head back against the tiled wall and close your eyes, trying to find some relaxation out of all of this in your mind.
A sudden spray of water is felt against your stomach again and you hiss at the temperature. You poke Rafe’s side, still with your eyes closed and his giggles are able to make the corners of your lips lift.
“You’re giggling, Cameron.” You tease.
“Yeah, because I’m ticklish. You know that.”
The water is taken away from your leg and you reopen your eyes.
Rafe is now leaning into the other wall of the shower to turn off the water and you try your best at being fast. With his attention mostly on turning the water off, his grip on the showerhead is way lighter than you expect.
With a quick motion, you turn it around to him and it sprays him right in the neck and chest. He curses at the feeling but doesn’t move just yet. Before doing the final reach to turn everything off, he turns it to you, and you gasp as it soaks your shirt.
You try to move it away from you as you laugh, and the water is finally turned off.
“You’re a bitch.” He curses while re-hooking the showerhead on its initial spot.
“So are you.”
He turns back to you to stand back straight, and your eyes meet in the middle of it. Almost as if stuck on each other’s gaze, the both of you stop moving away from the shower the second it happens.
The glass door doesn’t provide all that much space for two people to stand between them, let alone one leaning over and the other just standing with their leg up.
You two lick your lips without even noticing and then suddenly, as you’re standing just a very few inches from each other.
The front door of the house slams closed, echoing throughout the house yet it is not what startles you because that always happens whenever someone leaves it open on a windy day. What startles you is how close you two are standing from each other.
“Okay, uhm…” You say out loud as Rafe moves away. “What do I… Uhm… What do I have to do next?”
Rafe stands back up straight and you get out of the shower, standing with him in the bathroom’s carpet with both of your shirts dripping with water. Rafe is the first one to pull at his shirt and you fight your own eyes at the sight of the fabric clinging onto his skin and showing every curve of his muscled front.
He throws it into the laundry bin as soon as it’s off his body and looks over at the counter. He passes you the towel he had just grabbed, and you accept it.
“You got to put this on first.” He lays his finger on top of the tube of, what you can assume as Aloe, “And got to let it dry a bit. At least that's what Rose kept telling me. And then put this on.” He lays his finger on the top of another tube, yet this one looks a bit more medicine-y.
You nod at him, and he stands a bit back as you go to look at it.
“Can you do it?” You ask him.
“Because…” You drag out the word for dramatic effect while with a straight face, “I don’t want to do it and would highly appreciate if you did something nice for me?”
A slight curve appears over his lips, and you can’t help but let your mouth mimic it. It’s contagious, what can you possibly do other than that?
“Fine.” He tells you.
You do a little victory dance in your head for the second time today, and he grabs the first product.
“I’m not a dog.” You tell him as you do as told.
“You sure are a bitc-”
“You are such a nice person, you know that?” You ask him and he can’t help but let out a breathy laugh.
He doesn’t answer and you take your seat on the counter, shifting a little to get comfortable over the stone, legs slightly apart while holding your wet shirt close to your torso. 
Rafe twists the cap of the product and steps on closer. You seriously keep on underestimating how close he gets to you every time. 
He stands in between your legs and even pushes your non-burnt one over a bit to the side so he can have both of his hips in between them. He pats down your leg with the towel to make sure it’s dry and you don’t say anything or do anything as you watch him lay some of the product on your skin.
Rafe uses his hand to hold some of his weight besides your other leg, almost as if too bored to hold himself upright, and use uses his other to spread the product around. You can’t help but study his movements silently as he does it.
He tilts his head a bit to the side in concentration and studies your leg up and down, almost as if looking for where the burn begins and ends.
You eye him carefully. Studying his hand as it moves so softly over your skin that you almost can’t believe he’s the one touching you. Laying your gaze over his completely exposed arms and chest, letting your eyes absorb every single perfection and imperfection on his skin. His every curve when it comes to muscle, as well as they all move in the slightest of actions.
Your mind takes you on a journey for a second. It reminds you of when you were in the hot tub just a few hours back with him. How his hands held your hips steady over his. How they were such a different warmth under the water and how they played with your minimal clothing.
And, God, how his lips felt.
Your eyes move over to his lips as you continue to be in your dreamlike world. They’ve always looked soft and now, now you know that they are.
The silence surrounding becomes too thick to breathe in as you awake back to reality, and you force your eyes away from him.
He’s your best friend's brother, Y/N. The one you’ve always hated. The one that has spread rumors about you, the one that has always treated you like shit. You can’t do this to yourself.
You bring your eyes back to him in doubt and his soft expression shuts your overthinking mind up. His hand on you is not helping your case in absolutely no way, making you think as if it’s all a trap.
But, damn, you’ve never wanted to be caught so bad in your life.
Before you can do anything, Rafe stands back straight and analyses his work on your leg. When satisfied, he turns, still in between your legs, and washes his hand under clean water.
“Rafe.” You whisper softly at him as he shuts down the water.
“Hm?” He answers just as softly.
You stay quiet in hopes he looks up at you and he does. Your eyes meet for the second time for a few seconds and, this time, you do what you two have failed to succeed, yesterday.
Your hands lay over his cheeks and pull him close to you. You lean in and your lips finally touch.
It’s safe to say that neither of you moved for the next 5 seconds, purely out of shock from your actions. You felt a wave of embarrassment wash over you and you even tried pulling away and sparing yourself some from feeling even more humiliated, but Rafe is the one to do something as you try so.
Your hands had fallen from his cheeks in defeat, yet his were quick to move and hold the back of your head, and that’s when his lips finally start to move against yours.
He doesn’t know for how long has been waiting for this to happen, but he knows that it has been years. Probably even back when he started high school. God, it has been too long since he has wished and dreamed about this.
His hand lets go of your head as soon as he knows that you won’t pull away again and holds onto your waist. The shirt is still wet, but so are his hands from just washing them, so it doesn’t startle you when you feel him.
Your hands rise to rest over the sides of his neck and back of his head, fingers clinging onto his hair as if to not let him get away. Rafe is quick to pull you even closer to him, moving you on the counter just so you’re sitting right at the end of it.
Your legs open wider for him to stand more comfortably between them and as soon as Rafe is able to let his hands go under your shirt, you know that there’s absolutely no way that you’re going to hold back in any way.
Rafe deepens the kiss, letting it go from a soft kiss to a more sort of enraged one. His tongue touches your bottom lip and without even a slight of a second later, he feels your tongue against his own.
The flame that had just appeared at the bottom of your stomach has started to grow and you honestly feel like your skin has become hot just to the touch. Rafe’s fingers grip onto it so securely, it almost makes it impossible to move.
And, God damn it, he is a great kisser. He really is.
Rafe pulls away for a split second even though his mind tells him not to, just to avoid any sort of possibility that you will want him away from you after this, but he does so and takes in a breath.
He opens his eyes hesitatingly and your gaze meets again, making him feel a sudden wave of relief washing over him. Your lips reconnect and this time, Rafe has all the confirmation he needs, you’re not moving away any soon.
If only you knew how many girls he has dated because they looked even slightly like you, or how many girls he has taken to bed just because he could see a slight resemblance, you would’ve been blown away.
Even though Rafe has the pass of evolving your make out, he can’t help but hesitate when thinking about his next move. The idea of going too quickly for you terrifies him since this could be his only chance of being with you and he can’t ruin that.
His lips pull away from yours and he decides to play it safe by starting to move down your neck. Nothing too risky in his mind since you two did this first before even a kiss. Yet, to you, he’s absolutely driving you insane at how slow and soft he’s being with you.
Not trusting your voice, you pull away from his head and grab onto the ends of your shirt. Rafe pulls away from your neck as he sees you doing it, and helps you throw the wet shirt away.
With another piece of clothing away from your body, you can’t help but implore to the gods above that Rafe will get the memo to start moving quicker.
And, yes, he does.
His fingers travel up your back and as if to encourage him to continue, you reconnect your lips and lean your body closer to his. Rafe doesn’t even hesitate in kissing you again, and as soon as he feels you moving your hips against his, he swears that he lost himself for a second.
He unties the back of your bikini with such ease that he surprises himself, and he pulls away from the kiss as soon as it moves up closer to your neck, right where the second tie is. You have to hold in a laugh at the sight of him as he sees your boobs.
He can’t blame you. He feels like a virgin, one who has never seen a naked woman in his life.
You take the rest of the top off, throwing it in the direction your t-shirt went, and Rafe’s hands go up to your chest in record seconds as you do that.
His fingers play with your nipples, pinching them ever so slightly between his pointer finger and thumb. A little gasp escapes your lips and Rafe swears that his ears have been blessed.
“Can we move this to bed?” You whisper at him, and your eyes meet again.
Without answering you, Rafe scoops you up in his arms abruptly out of the counter, and you giggle in surprise while wrapping one of your arms around his neck. His hands hold the back of your thighs, and your boobs are squished against his own chest.
You cup his face midway to the bed and kiss him again. Rafe even feels like he needs to stop walking to not feel too overwhelmed with what you’re doing, but he puts a brave face on and keeps going.
He drops you safely on top of the bed, making your lips disconnect and you fall back without any warning. He smiles maliciously as he watches you bounce over his mattress and your hands, out of reflex, move to cover your also bouncing chest.
Rafe moves your hands away right as he sees you do it.
“Don’t even think about covering up for me.” He warns you and you smile brightly.
He grabs onto the sides of the bottoms of your bikini and your smile doesn’t disappear even slightly as he moves them down. He’s careful not to touch the burn too much, which you can’t help but want to thank him, and soon, it’s another piece of clothing on the floor.
Your legs are closed, knee to knee, but Rafe is quick to separate them.
A small little whimper escapes his lips, and you swear that you could’ve had an orgasm right there just by the sound alone. Rafe leans down over you, in between your legs, and you hold onto his face as he comes to kiss you. It’s so soft and loving that you swear that it doesn’t feel real.
His kisses go down your cheek, jaw, neck, chest, ribs, stomach and you stop him there. Your hand clings onto the hair on the top of his head and Rafe looks up at you to discover why you stopped him.
“Are you sure?” You ask him, “You don’t need to.”
“I want to.” He whispers back.
Another kiss is laid on your skin and with his slightly calloused hands, Rafe lifts your legs over to his shoulders. You look at the ceiling as if to plead for something to grasp onto, and soon you feel his lips again.
A small involuntary moan escapes you and Rafe can’t help but smile. With one of his hands, he pulls your lips apart, and before he can even feel his body go into bliss mode at the sight, he just leans in closer and does it.
Your first clenches in his hair as his tongue touches you for the first time. Your body tenses up at the feeling of his tongue against your clit, and Rafe’s hands lift off your legs and grab onto your hips. A moan escapes your lips as you try your best to keep quiet due to the Rose and Ward working downstairs and you bite your lip, not caring how hard you’re doing it.
You let go of Rafe’s hair and prop yourself up on your elbows, looking down at him. Your gaze meets again, and he smiles against you.
His lips envelop your clit, and your head falls back involuntarily. He sucks it, and you swear that you can’t control the sounds that are able to leave your closed mouth. They’re a mixture of whimpers, moans, and gasps all at the same time.
“Shit, Rafe.” You whisper out of breath.
He watches as you move around completely helpless. Your face scrunched up in pleasure yet agony due to not being able to make too much noise, your hips involuntarily moving to seek more of what he’s giving you, and your hands gripping onto his sheets.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck-” You repeat while interrupting yourself with a moan.
Rafe holds your hips steady with his hands and his tongue works circles around your clit while at the same time he keeps on sucking it into his mouth. 
A weak whimper leaves you and his teeth nip you ever so slightly. A choked-up moan escapes you and Rafe lifts one of his hands and brings it to himself. While lost in the bliss of the moment, you don’t notice the missing hand by your side, but then you feel one of his fingers enter you without any sort of warning.
Rafe pumps his finger in and out and pulls his mouth away from you. His eyes study as your soaked pussy takes his finger so easily and at how your hips move slightly to follow his every movement.
He adds his second finger and does the same, all of it at a pace so slow that you swear that you’re about to rip your hair out.
“Rafe, please.” You plead to him.
“What do you want, princess?” He asks.
You ignore the wave of need that washes over you at the nickname he always uses to annoy you and look down at him.
“Go faster, please.”
His smile comes back to his face, and he lays a kiss over the inside of your thigh, still over his shoulder. He starts moving his fingers again, back and forth, just like before and just a tiny bit faster. Not at all what you wanted, but he knows that.
Rafe moves your leg from his shoulder and stands up to hover over you again. This time you don’t reach for him, your arms continue to be laid back, holding yourself up by your elbows, all while Rafe just smiles at you.
His lips lay over yours and you accept them, you accept the kiss over tasting yourself on his lips and his tongue, letting a small moan leave your mouth. And that is exactly when Rafe speeds up.
Your kiss is intense, heads slightly moving in sync as it catches some sort of rhythm, and then his fingers start moving faster and faster. Your mouth is still against his as he speeds up, and as soon as his thumb moves up to finally touch your abandoned clit, you completely forget about the kiss.
You let out a loud moan against Rafe’s mouth and he smiles proudly. His hand seems to even move faster, and your legs lift at the overwhelming feeling. It’s all so intense to feel so suddenly that you can’t even focus on keeping quiet.
Rafe starts layering kisses on your neck and down to your chest, you lift your torso up to meet him first and soon his lips are on one of your nipples. His hand doesn’t stop the whole time, and right as you feel him close his teeth close around your hard nipple, you’re done for.
The loudest moan you’ve ever let out today leaves you and Rafe is quick to cover your mouth with his vacant hand. You moan against his palm, feeling all of your insides explode in what feels like the best orgasm you’ve ever had in your life.
Rafe slows down but doesn’t exactly stop, just enough to drag out your orgasm for as long as he can. 
As soon as you let your body fall back onto the bed, his proud smile comes back to his face and you wrap your arm over his shoulders as he restarts his kisses, finally lifting his hand from your mouth.
“Fuck.” You whisper a little bit out of breath. Rafe lays a kiss under your ear, and you grip onto his hair at the feeling of it.
He pulls his fingers out of you and you whimper over the oversensitivity. 
“Did it feel good?” He asks still under your ear.
His words are not exactly whispered, more of a mumble if anything, but his words sort of awake something in you. No matter how exhausted you feel, you’re not stopping this any soon.
He pulls his head away from your neck and looks at you, you give him a nod, and he nods with you almost as if teasing you for it. Your hand comes back to his face, and you lean in close to him. Your lips touch and the two of you smile at how neither of you move to reconnect them, just to try and tease one another.
As soon as you are about to kiss, Rafe grabs onto your side and moves you to lay in the middle of the bed with him, it really spooked you by how sudden it was, but you just laughed.
You lay now at the center of the bed and before Rafe can hover over you again, you sit up. He still has his shorts on, and that seems nothing but fair.
Rafe looks at you quizzically, not knowing exactly what you’re going to do now that you’re seated. He accepts the quick peck you lay on his lips and your hands find their way to the waistband of his shorts and boxers.
A small hiss escapes him as your hand touches him in the slightest of grazing.
“Don’t tease.” He says in a bit of a pleading tone, something he surely didn’t mean.
“What?” You ask with a smile, “Like you did to me?”
You, being careful to not touch him, grab onto his shorts and pull them down, just to reveal his boxers. Rafe moves slightly to get his shorts out of the way and your eyes study him softly. You lean closer and lay a kiss on his chin.
“Can I ride you?” You ask against his skin.
“You don’t even have to ask.” He tells you in a whisper.
A large smile reappears on your face, and you swear this is the most you’ve ever smiled not only with Rafe but ever.
“Lay down, then.” You tell him.
He does as told without saying anything else, and you quickly straddle him. You take a seat on his thighs and lay your hands outstretched over his boxers.
Rafe, obviously tired of all the teasing, moves his hips against your hands and you do as requested. You grab onto the elastic band and pull it down. To his distress, you do it way too slow.
“Y/N, fuck.” He curses, “Can you move a bit faster?”
You giggle and do as asked. Once the boxers reach a certain part of his hips, his member springs out and you can’t contain your smile.
Once the boxers are out of the way, your hand moves to take him, and Rafe can’t help but scrunch up his face ever so slightly holding in any sort of sound that fought to leave his mouth. His eyes stay on you and as soon as you move up his hips, his hands fly to move up to you.
You don’t exactly sit just yet. You hover over him and give him a kiss. Rafe is the one to move your hips down and you two touch. A groan makes Rafe’s chest vibrate against yours and you move your hips up and down over his cock. Your pussy wetting him with every motion and that is enough to make you whimper into the kiss. His grip on you is strong enough to bruise, but you couldn’t care less, because as soon as your clit touches him, you’re absolutely done with playing around.
You separate your lips from Rafe’s and sit back up. With a hand on his chest to hold yourself steady, you lift your hips and bring your other hand over his stomach to his cock. You move your hand up and down just a few times and quickly line it up with your entrance.
A little gasp leaves your mouth at the entrance of his tip in you, and you move your hand away. With both hands on his chest and with Rafe’s on your hips, you start to slowly sink down, taking every single inch of his into you. You close your eyes and bite down to calm yourself down as you do it and Rafe watches you with half-closed eyes.
As soon as you have finally seated completely on him, you look down at Rafe and you swear that he’s pleading you to move. With a small deep breath, you start doing so, feeling him reach places that you swear no other man has ever reached. You take it slow at first, just so you can get used to him but as a soft whimper leaves your mouth, Rafe moves his hips to meet yours unconsciously, trying to seek more as well.
You lean onto him and grab onto his shoulder, wanting to have him close to you. Almost as if reading your mind, Rafe sits up and wraps his arm around you as you continue to move.
“Better?” He asks and you nod, unable to form words.
Your hands aim at his hair, and you finally start speeding up. You close your eyes at the building-up pleasure and small little moans start leaving your lips.
Rafe watches you with such love in his eyes that even he leaves out a few gasps and sighs of his own. His heavy breathing is mixed with your own and when you rest your forehead against his for a second, his heart squeezes.
The room is filled with the sound of you moving your hips up and down at the perfect rhythm with the help of Rafe’s arm, and sometimes, his kisses as well. You throw your head back a little as you make yourself move even faster and Rafe’s mouth attaches to the skin of your chest.
Your boobs bounce at your movements and as soon as Rafe starts using his hold on your hips to make you come down harder against him, you two start losing control over both your sounds and feelings.
“Rafe.” You whine at his ear, “Baby, fu- Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”
You moan against his ear and Rafe practically uses your body over his lap to his own accords. Almost every change in rhythm is accepted by you, which absolutely drives him insane. It’s almost as if everything he does is perfect for you.
His free hand attaches to your ass, squeezing a cheek tightly as you continue to move up and down on his cock while lost in your own world of bliss. The sound of a smack is heard, and the sting only seems to hit you a second later. Rafe massages the sensitive skin with his large hand, and you let out soft soothing breaths as he does it.
He lifts his hand to your head, gripping onto the roots of your hair, and makes you look at him. Your hands aren’t even gripping his hair anymore, they’re resting by his neck as if to grasp onto something before you fall apart.
You moan against his lips, and he continues to help you move. Your clit starts grazing against his pelvis at every come down and the both of you sense how close you’re getting.
“I’m…” You try to say in the middle of moans, “Shit. I’m so close, Rafe.”
“I know, baby.” He whispers against your lips, “You wanna come for me?”
His words hit your gut like a bullet especially as he’s sliding up down inside of you, hitting every little perfect spot.
“Hm?” He asks you.
You try to form words into your mouth as some sort of band in the bottom of your stomach gets close to snapping and close your eyes as if to regain your focus.
“Come on, princess. Answer me.” He whispers at you, almost sounding as if he’s not feeling affected at all with the pleasure.
“Yes, please. I wanna come, Rafe, please.” You’re able to plead in the midst of your moans.
He smiles against you, fighting his own urge to let out a moan at how tight you're squeezing him and what the sounds of your wet pussy hitting against his hips are doing to him but forces himself to swallow them.
“Who does this pussy belong to, baby?” He asks you.
His possessive words almost make your insides turn.
“Yo-you, Rafe.”
He stares at you as you say it, all while not letting you slow down with the grip that he has on you. He knows that he’s driving you off your limit, if not even beyond, but that’s exactly what he plans on doing.
“Can I come, please, Rafe?” You ask reopening your eyes to look at his darkened blue eyes.
He brings his vacant hand away from your hair and holds it in between you. His finger touches your clit, which is soaked with all the juices you’ve been letting out while riding him, and he starts to slowly circle it.
A loud moan escapes you, making you close your eyes, and Rafe smiles proudly. You continue to slam down on his dick, which rapidly enters you and makes you want to scream at how good it all feels. You feel like you’re about to go insane.
“Please.” You plead weakly.
“Look at me.” He tells you.
You open your eyes again and stare at him. His teasing smile meets your gaze, and you bite your lip as you try to hold your orgasm back again.
“Now, look down.” He tells you and you swallow hard with a small whine. “Look at how good you’re taking me, princess.” He whispers against your forehead as you do as told, “How wet you are.” He speeds up his fingers, making you moan loud again, “Has anyone else ever made you feel like this, baby?”
“No.” You answer quickly.
He smiles triumphantly and moves his hand in a different way. He holds your clit between his pointer finger and thumb and starts moving in a motion that even makes you tear up.
“And nobody else ever will.” He tells you, “Right?”
You nod rapidly panicked with all sorts of emotions he’s able to make you feel, all before looking back up at him with pleading teared-up eyes.
“You’re mine, you get that?” He asks against your lips, his breathing starting to get a little too uneven.
“Yes.” You say.
“Say it.”
“I’m yours, Rafe.” You say in a whimper, uneven with all your moving. “I’m only yours, I promise.”
“Good girl.” He groans as he feels you squeeze him, “You can come, princess.”
A sudden weight is lifted off you, and Rafe starts moving his fingers on your clit faster, finally driving you to the edge and not stopping. As soon as your orgasm begins, he holds your head between his shoulder and neck as if to muffle your noise with himself and he closes his eyes at the feeling of you coming undone around and over him.
Your hands grip onto his sweaty body, holding against yours, moaning against his skin, breathing loudly and heavily, all while your body shakes against Rafe’s like never before. He moves his hips to meet yours a few times, which only contributes to continuing and dragging your mind-blowing orgasm further.
Rafe whimpers into your ear and you feel him twitch inside of you.
“Fuck.” He curses under his breath.
His grip onto you gets tighter than before and your bodies are completely held close to one another as he comes.
“Shit.” He says again under his breath, “God, I love you so much.”
Your eyes open at his words as his body shakes slightly against yours as well and you lift your head a bit.
Did he just say that?
His head collapses against your shoulder as he finally finishes but you can’t bring yourself to calm down and rest like him. 
You bring your hands up to his cheeks and hold his face up and close to you, trying to hold up his head. His eyes are semi-closed as he stares at you and your breathing becomes even more uneven with the just spoken words.
“You love me?” You ask him without any second thoughts.
He’s a bit taken back by your words. He is still coming down to reality and that surely isn’t what he expects to hear from you as he does it.
“Answer me.” You tell him in a not so soft tone.
“You just said that you loved me.” You explain, “Do you really?”
Rafe thinks about lying before he thinks any further, his mouth even opens so he can do it right away. To say such things as that it was all just a thing of the moment, that he didn’t mean it, and probably some worse sentences that would just end up with you being upset at him.
“I do.” He admits it.
Your heart quickens at his words, and you try to lift off him, but he holds you steady.
“Please, don’t-” He tries to say, still out of breath, “Please don’t walk away from me.”
You stare at him, letting go of his face since he has finally held his head up on his own, and you can’t even decipher what is going through your head.
“It’s not a joke.” Rafe tries to tell you, “I promise you that.”
You continue to stare for a few more seconds, but then you decide to speak.
“God if I know.” He answers you, “I’ve loved you for so long. I don’t know why I do it… But I do.”
You clench your jaw as emotions start bubbling inside of you.
“Then why now?” You ask him.
“Just felt right. I think.” He shrugs quickly with his words, slightly panicked. 
You look away from him and take a deep breath. You’re both very much naked and he’s still inside of you. This is just a mess.
“And you swear to me that it’s not a joke?” You ask.
“I swear on everything that this is not a joke.”
You look back at him and you notice how sad his eyes are.
His pupils aren’t dilated anymore, making his eyes appear lighter again, making him appear softer. And with the small scrunch of his brows, his face appears to be just filled with worry and sadness.
You study him silently, eyes stopping for a second on his shoulder while deep in thought.
“I just… If what you’re saying is true. Then why have you always treated me like crap?” You ask him.
He doesn’t answer you at first and you honestly can’t bear to be in silence with all of this package that just unloaded on top of you. So, you smack his chest and look back at him in his eyes.
“Answer, please. Why have you always picked on me, teased me and-”
“It was the only way I could find to make you talk to me.” He answers with a weak shrug. 
What in the heck is this? Fifth grade?
“You made me hate you because you loved me?” You ask with a confused tone of voice.
“Not- not like that.” He shakes his head a bit, “I-I made you hate me way before I felt anything for you. I just… I just thought that I couldn’t tell you when I found out because it was too soon. And I also couldn’t stop... annoying you?” He tests the words, and you nod, “Because I would have to just stop talking to you an-and I… I-I didn’t want that.”
He takes a breath after his nervous stutters, and you stare at him in a slight bit of shock before he can continue.
“So, I just kept quiet. Well, until now.” Rafe sighs, “And it’s okay if you don’t-” He adds, clearing his throat midway through. “-Don’t like me back.”
You continue to stay silent and his grip on your hips is suddenly lightened. To test the waters, you move a bit as if you would stand and he doesn’t grab onto you. He’s really letting you go. 
Letting you leave.
Your heart squeezes in your chest at his still very much sad look and you unclench your jaw as you try to relax.
“You should’ve just told me the truth, years back.” You tell him in a whisper. 
“I’m sorry.” He says after nodding at you. 
“And you took it too far.”
“I know.” He mumbles sadly.
“You humiliated me in our school.”
“I know.”
“You made my life hell.” 
“I know.”
“And even embarrassed me in front of my friends, and family. Countless times.”
His head is down as well as his eyes, which now study the floor with a completely broken look. You close your eyes and take a deep breath.
“You’re an asshole-” You whisper, reopening your eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He interrupts.
“But I still love you.”
It takes a good minute for the words to register in Rafe’s brain. He blinks at the wooden floor and his face forms a frown of confusion. Rafe’s ears vibrate at the strange words that just came out of your mouth, and he looks up at you as he realizes.
You offer him a small grin and his eyebrows lift in surprise.
“What did you just say?”
He spoke so quickly that it almost sounded like gibberish, and you can’t help but hold in your smile at the sound of it.
“Say it again.” He shakes you by his retaken hold on your hips and you blink at him. “Come on, say it.”
Just for some more suspense, you look back at him and don’t say anything. He stares helplessly at you, and you rest your hands on his shoulders while leaning closer.
“I love you too, Rafe Cameron.” You whisper.
You let your smile consume you as you whisper his name and he grabs onto your face, pulling you into a kiss right as the words are repeated. You giggle as he starts peppering your lips and your cheeks with kisses.
His arms are around you again, pulling you against his warm and sweaty chest as he lays kisses all over you. Your fingers lay on his hair as you smile widely, and your heart continues to beat rapidly. 
It all feels so unreal to the both of you.
You pull his head back to look at you before you decide to talk again.
“And see this,” You start, “As the only reason why you’re alive today. Because I swear that you’re the most annoying person on this whole island.”
He smiles widely at you.
“You would’ve killed me?” He asks, trying to bite his smile in.
You scoff, just making it harder for him to hold in a smile.
“Abso-fucking-lutely.” You nod your head at him for emphasis.
You peck his lips softly and a sweet smile overtakes your features as you pull away.
God, you can’t even believe what just happened. You were supposed to take this secret to your grave and act as if this sort of thing could never happen to you. And now, this is god damn happening. 
Your, so long, crush that you have been rejecting in your mind loves you. You! Rafe Cameron loves you. Out of all people that he knows or has known, he loves you. The girl he has been terrorizing for years.
A sudden loud giggle and squeal come out from the outside, and you and Rafe look outside of the window as a panicked reflex. It seems to have started to pour out rain, and everybody outside is starting to run home.
“We should probably go take a shower.” Rafe whispers at you.
You nod before looking away from the window and Rafe stands up abruptly without any sort of warning. You groan due to him still being inside of your very, very sensitive self and you ignore the proud smirk he has on his face.
“God, Cameron. I would love a warning, sometimes.” You tell him while wrapping your arm loosely around his neck for extra help.
“And where’s the fun in that?” He asks.
He pats your leg as you two walk into the quite big shower and you unwrap your legs from around him slowly. He’s holding onto the back of your legs just in case you lose your balance while resting your feet on the slippery ground.
You let out a little gasp as he finally slips out of you as you put your leg down and Rafe feels his insides turn all over again just at the sound alone.
Your legs are too shaky for your liking, so you don’t let go of his shoulder, and Rafe wraps one arm around you as you walk closer to the rain shower head.
You two hear the front door open and slam closed again, and you sigh at the sound of Sarah’s loud voice talking about the ‘damned rain’ that ‘started out of nowhere’. 
“Quick shower it is.” Rafe whispers before he turns on the water.
You gasp at how sudden the water came down to the both of you and he can’t help but smile. Most of the still warming up water hits him and just splatters you a bit, and you look up at him with your now permanent grin.
“Rafe.” You whisper over the sound of the water with a slightly worried tone.
“What are we going to tell Sarah?”
He bites his lips in thought and takes a deep breath.
“I’m sure we’ll figure something out.” He nods at you, and you nod back, “We’re going to be fine. I’m sure she’s not going to freak out about it.”
“Really?” You ask with your brows slightly furrowed.
“Yeah. The most we should expect is her feeling mad for at least an hour or pouting around for a day.” He explains. “She’s not that extreme.”
Before you can open your mouth again, Rafe pulls you into the warm water with him and your body surely does welcome it. You’re going to take the best nap after this, no doubt.
“She usually never cares about who I date.” Rafe continues.
“But this is different.” You whisper again.
“I know.” He says while having his hand touch your arm up and down under the water.
“And for starters,” You say with a teasing tone making his lips already curl up into a soft smile, “You haven’t even asked me to date you yet.”
He frowns a bit and leans in close to you. The water that was just hitting you starts hitting his back and you smile up at him.
“Thought it was obvious.” He says and you shrug.
“Still got to always make sure, Cameron. Neither of us like misunderstandings.” You say with a growing smile.
He turns off the water behind you so that you two can hear each other better and he dramatically clears out his throat, making you giggle.
“Well,” He starts with a little nod down at you while unwrapping his arm from around you to stand straighter, “Y/N.” He pauses again, “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”
You close your smile into a grin and tilt your head as if contemplating your options. You hold your chin up, lips pursed as you look at the corner of the room, acting as if deep in thought.
“Come on.” He whines at you and pokes your side for great measure.
You giggle a little again and hold out your hand to him so that he waits.
“I’m thinking.” You say.
You let out a shriek as he pokes both of your sides, one after the other, and you try to smack his hands away from you.
“It shouldn’t take you this long to decide.” He adds with a little sassy tone, and you continue to bite down your lips to hide your smile.
“It’s a difficult question!” You defend yourself.
He pokes your side again unexpectedly and you let out a big laugh this time, letting it echo with the tiles in the room.
“Is it?” He asks while poking you again and again.
You laugh loudly and he continues to smile down at you even though you’re just making him suffer in anticipation for longer and longer.
“Okay, okay. Stop.” You plead while taking hold of both of his hands.
“Got your answer?” He asks and you nod, “Better be good.”
“Or what?”
“Or I’ll be the one to snitch on you to Sarah.” He threatens and you gasp in an exaggerated way, “Yeah, don’t like that one, uh?”
You chuckle a bit at him and try to calm down with a little shake of your head and a big deep breath in.
“So…” He starts.
“I…” You drag out the word as he leans in down closer to you.
“Y/N, come on.” He whines.
“I would love…” You add a little bit more, “to…”
“Jesus Christ.” He mutters as you stop again.
“Okay okay, I’ll say it whole now.” You say and he nods, “I would love to be your girl-”
You didn’t even have to end that sentence because right as you started to say the last word, Rafe held onto the sides of your face and pulled you into a kiss. You smile into the kiss over how cute it all is and he smiles when pulling away.
The water is turned back on and Rafe stands back to go under it. His eyes stay on you, looking at you proudly almost as if you’re some sort of present from the gods above, and you mean it when you say that he studies every single inch on you.
A smile appears on your face, and you push him a little bit back so the two can fit under the water.
“I love you.” He whispers under his breath.
“I love you too.”
As the two of you start your shower, someone stands outside of Rafe’s bedroom door. Wheezie.
She has just come back with everyone from the rain outside and she did not see you anywhere in the house.
She had felt worried due to the fact that she knew you went up to Rafe’s room for your sunburn, and you two do have some nasty fights. What she did not expect was to get to the door, lift her arm up to knock, and hear giggles. Your giggles.
And since when do you giggle at her brother?
She stands outside of the wooden door, thinking deeply, and the fact that you two kept on talking in such muffled voices, due to still being in the shower, did not help her connect the dots, whatsoever.
Wheezie, not wanting to intrude anymore, stands back from the door and lets a small smile consume her features. She will know what’s going on between you two, but, until now, she’ll be happy with the simple idea that you two have finally found a way to not fight.
She will try to not romanticize it too much in her head until she finds the truth. Which she knows that it will be soon.
Nothing escapes Wheezie Cameron.
Tumblr media
    The initial sunburn idea was requested by @gpiggy98​ by DM.
I really hope you enjoyed reading this. I was terrified to post it because proof-reading really messes up my confidence on each fic, especially with something that I was very happy to write and even think about. All likes, comments and reblogs will be very appreciated.
Love u guys!
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Tumblr media
Did you really stick up for Sarah? Of course I did. She’s not a real kook.
Madison Bailey and Madelyn Cline as Kiara Carrera and Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks Season Two
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