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#outer banks
rafes-cameron · a day ago
Playing with Fire
Pairing: JJ Maybank x OFC
Warning(s): Language, mentions of underage drinking. 18+ due to dirty talk, explicit protected sex.
Summary: After years of flirting, JJ decides to push the envelope by sharing risky pictures with Y/N via text.
(GIF credit to @splinterbean)
Tumblr media
JJ Maybank was known to be trouble. But his charm and devilish good looks made him absolutely irresistible to the girls on Kildare Island. Despite being best friends, Y/N was no different. She always found herself checking him out, praying that none of the other Pogues noticed. On quite a few occasions, she would sneak a glance, only to find his cerulean blue eyes already on her. They always had flirty banter between the two of them, although their friends didn’t think anything of it. They chalked it up to simply being part of their personalities, never giving it a second thought.
After an uneventful kegger, Y\N headed home, knowing that she had a luxurious queen bed and down comforter waiting for her. Meanwhile, JJ decided to crash at the chateau. Per usual, he managed to snag the guest room, leaving Pope to sleep on the couch with Kiara. With the alcohol still running through his veins, JJ grabbed his phone and quickly typed out a message, hitting send without a second thought.
- JJ: You home yet?
The ping of her phone startled her awake. She jumped in the shower as soon as she came home from the party and ultimately passed out on her bed before she even had a chance to get dressed. She rubbed her eyes, attempting to rid the sleep before reaching for her phone in the dark. She read his message with a smile before replying.
- Y:N: Oh yeah. Still partying hard over here
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As soon as he received her message, he opened the picture, which caused a bright smile to appear on his face. She was laying in bed, perfectly snuggled in her large comforter, her hair in a slightly damp and messy, face bare of any makeup. Her nose was wrinkled, sticking her tongue out with her eyes closed, throwing up a peace sign. He immediately saved the picture as it reflected his favorite version of her, when she was unabashedly herself. He studied every detail of the picture before zoning in on a microscope detail - She was topless. Although nothing private was exposed, it got his blood boiling and he decided to push the envelope a little further, testing the waters. He quickly ripped the shirt from his torso before sitting against the headboard of the bed, flipping on his phones camera. He quickly snapped two pictures, sending them her way.
- JJ: Wish you were here.
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She was scrolling through social media when his text came in. As soon as she opened the first picture, she laughed, noticing the dramatic pouty expression on his face in the first picture and his wide, cheesy grin as she swiped to the second. He was the cutest. She found herself subconsciously biting her bottom lip as her eyes traveled further south, noticing his abs on full display. They spent countess days and nights at the beach or on the marsh, so she had seen him shirtless hundreds of times but this was the first time he sent a shirtless selfie. She wasn’t mad about it.
Y/N: Okay, hot stuff. I see you..
JJ: You can see more, ya know ;)
Y/N: Are you drunk? LOL
JJ: Perfectly sober, babe
She gnawed on her bottom lip, contemplating and calculating her next move. She hit the FaceTime icon, quickly checking her appearance on the camera as she not-so-patiently waited to see if he would answer. “Well, hello, beautiful,” the blonde beamed, appearing on camera with his signature toothy grin. She chuckled, watching as he ran a hand through his messy hair, obviously checking his own reflection. “Don’t worry. You look hot,” she winked, making him raise an eyebrow. “Oh! Someone’s feeling frisky tonight.” He wiggled his brows, smile never leaving his face as a light brush crept onto hers. She playfully rolled her eyes, holding the comforter to her chest as she rolled onto her left side. His eyes were trained on the fabric, praying that her grip would fail, knowing that she had nothing on underneath. “I was calling to see if you had a girl over or something,” she mumbled. He shrugged, relaxing and laying down against the mattress, mimicking how she was laying. “Was hoping to bring you back after the party but here we are,” he sighed, poking out his bottom lip. “Are you saying that you want me, JJ?” She batted her eyes, staring at his handsome face on her phone screen. She was half-joking, at least that’s what she told herself. He didn’t waste anytime before he answered, “Fuck yeah.” Her heart stopped. “More than anything,” he continued, making her skin ignite on fire. He wasn’t physically with her but was still driving her crazy. She quickly brought herself back to reality and decided to give in to her desires. What was the worst that could happen? Taking the fabric that was once held tightly against her bare chest, she slowly inched it down her body, watching his blue eyes widen. “How bad do you want me, JJ?” She asked, his eyes never leaving her chest, which was now exposing her cleavage. “Y/N, please.” He licked his lips, sitting straight up and clutching his phone tight. She smiled, finally removing the fabric from her body, her tits on full display for him. “Holy fuck,” were the only words they left his mouth before his jaw went slack. “Come over,” she practically begged, the ache between her legs now too much to bear. His camera seemed to go black but she could hear shuffling, followed by the sound of keys before the handsome boy appeared again. She could tell that he was walking or rather, jogging through the house. He finally spoke after the front door of the chateau slammed closed behind him, “I’m on my way. 5 minutes.” She smiled, excitement radiating throughout every inch of her body as she ended the call.
4 minutes and 32 seconds later, the same handsome blonde was barging through her bedroom door. “Is this a dream? Because I feel like I’m dreaming.” He spoke quickly, his words almost running together as he approached the end of her bed, where she was waiting, fully naked and on display for him. She pushed herself onto her knees against the mattress, reaching for his shirt and pulling him close, crashing her lips to his. She was desperate for him. Years of flirting and empty promises had finally reached its boiling point. As he deepened the kiss, his hands tangled in her damp hair, her own hands slide underneath his shirt, fingertips ghosting over his toned abdomen. He broke apart from her, resting his forehead against hers as he gazed into her eyes, which were dark with lust. He reached, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head, dropping the fabric to the floor before grabbing her by the back of her neck and pulling her flush against him. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, dominating her senses as her hands were busy at work on his shorts. Once they were undone, she pushed them off of his hips, forcing them to the ground, leaving him in only his thin plaid boxers. He grabbed her and climbed onto the mattress, caging her in with his strong arms, grinding into her core. “Fuck,” she gasped, feeling his clothed clock against her bare pussy. She was soaking wet. He left a trail of sensual, open mouth kisses from her jaw, down to her chin, followed by her neck before he focused on her hardened nipples. “I’m going to fuck you so good, babe,” he lunged his hips forward, taking her left nipple into his mouth. Meanwhile, his hands didn’t leave an inch of her body untouched. He looked up at her, locking eyes as he flicked her nipple with his tongue before nipping at the bud roughly, making her back arch against him. A wicked smile appeared on his face as he placed a soft kiss to her stomach before pushing himself off the bed. He reached into his shorts, grabbing a condom from his pocket before tugging his boxers off his hips so he could crawl on top of her naked body. “Put this on for me?” He asked, his fingers dancing against the inside of her thigh. She nodded, grabbing the foil pocket from his grasp and yelping as he quickly switched their position, so it was his back against the mattress as she straddled his lips. “You’re a fucking goddess,” he groaned, admiring her body from this new angle. She smiled, grasping his cock, which was already rock hard. She pumped him a few times before tearing the packet open with her teeth, carefully rolling the latex onto him.
“Come here,” he spoke, voice rough and raspy, the tone going directly to her core. He ran his hand from her thigh, over her hip, grazing her side until he reached her neck, where he gently grabbed, bringing her body forward so he could kiss her swollen lips. She placed her hands on each side of his head, rolling her hips against him. “Mmm,” he hummed against her lips. He reached down, taking his cock in his free hand and gently tapping his tip against her swollen clit, making her body jolt. “Stop teasing, J,” her voice was already strained, making him smile against her lips as he guided his cock to her core, allowing her to sink down onto him completely. Both of his hands found her hips, gripping her skin tight as he waited for her to adjust. It was only a moment before she started moving her hips, setting a delicious pace that had both of them cursing in no time. Her mouth was open, allowing every little sound to fall from her lips, echoing throughout her bedroom while JJ held onto her hips. “Fuck, Y/N,” he seethed, his head falling back against the pillow with a bright smile. She took turns between bouncing and rolling her hips in figure eights on his cock, ensuring that she felt every inch of him and god, did she. He was hitting spots that no man had before. He needed to be closer to her so he sat up, crashing his lips to hers in perfect rhythm, holding her chest flush with his. Her hands tangled in his hair, tugging roughly when the pleasure was too much as he drank in all of her moans. His hips met hers, thrusting upwards, hitting the deepest spots inside of her that would make her lose her mind in no time. “So fucking good, J,” she panted, feeling one of hid large hands splayed at the small of her back and the other gripping her ass as he marked her neck and chest with deep, dark bruises as their hips moved in unison. He could tell that she was close by the way she clenched around him, which urged him to do whatever was needed to push her over the edge. He lied back, taking her hips in both hands so he could hold her in place, fucking into her with everything he had, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip. His thrusts weren’t fast. Instead, they hard, slow and deep, everything she wanted as she raked her fingernails down his chest.
In one swift movement, he flipped them over to their original position, never pulling out of her. With him on top, he pounded into her even harder, his eyes never leaving her beautiful face. “Gonna cum, J,” she warned, desperately reaching for his hand. He understood what she needed so he grabbed her, interlacing their fingers and pining her arm above her head. “You’re taking my dick so well, princess. Cum on my cock.” His filthy words in combination with his thrusts pushed her over the edge. Her toes curled and her back arched as she surrendered to the pleasure. When the knot broke, she felt pure bliss from the top of her head to the very tips of her toes, while chanting his name like a prayer. His thrusts were relentless, never letting up, ensuring that her orgasm lasted as long as possible. As she fought to catch her breath, he kissed his way up her body until he found her swollen lips, his hands fondling her breasts. “So pretty when you cum,” he mumbled, resting his forehead against hers as he gazed into her eyes. She reached up, holding his face in her feeble hands as she kissed him, ensuring that he couldn’t pull away. His thrusts became sloppy and in a matter of moments, it was his turn to give into bliss as he finished inside of the condom. JJ was convinced he had never cum that hard in his life. After riding out his own high, he crashed on top of her, burying his face in her neck. “My god, Y/N,” he huffed with a smile, holding her sweaty body close to his. She giggled, massaging his shoulders and back, making him groan. “Sex and a massage? Marry me,” he lifted his head, flashing his signature smile as she laughed. He kissed her lips before pushing off the mattress, heading towards her bathroom, where he discarded the condom and returned with a warm wash cloth. “Great sex and aftercare? No, you marry me.” She teased sweetly as he cleaned her up. He was so careful, which sent her heart soaring. He climbed on top of her, pulling that same large comforter from the photos over their bodies as he lied with his head on her chest. She ran her fingers through his blonde strands, holding him tight. “Why didn’t I send you shirtless selfies sooner?” They both laughed and before she knew it, he was hard again and kissing down her body before his head disappeared between her legs. That night, she learned that JJ Maybank’s reputation of being a sex god was absolutely true.
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luxestarkey · a day ago
whipped - rafe cameron
synopsis: rafe is absolutely whipped for his girl and even though he outwardly denies, he knows it’s true
word count: 1k
warnings: cussing, underage drinking, rafe being a simp
His eyes never leave your dancing figure, drink sloshing dangerously in the cup in your hands. You’re on the coffee table in the middle of Tannyhill’s giant living room, not a care in your mind as you sing to the music with your best friends. He knows you’ve had nearly enough to drink, already anticipating the hangover you’ll have in the morning. However, he makes no move to stop you as you down the remainder of your drink and toss the cup behind you.
Rafe loves you when you’re like this. It’s not often that he can get you to let loose for a night. Your need to be perfect in every aspect of your life had been taking a toll on you lately with the end of senior year looming over your head. Although you never talked too in-depth about it, he knows the pressure from your parents was reaching a boiling point.
So when you mentioned needing a break, Rafe was more than happy to stay sober for a night and let you have fun.
He was brought out of his thoughts when he felt a hand smack across his bicep. Turning to face Topper, Kelce, and a few other guys from school, he raises his eyebrows. “What?”
“Told you. He hasn’t heard a single word we’ve said for the past ten minutes. Not since she got up on that table at least,” Kelce snickers as he shakes his head. “Fucking pussy whipped.”
“I am not pussy whipped,” Rafe retorts.
“Whatever you say, man. Anyway, we were asking your opinion on the spring break destination. I think we should do a cruise, but everyone else disagrees,” Topper explains as he leans back against his chair.
“Cruises require too much extra shit man. What about Mexico or shit, St. Lucia or something?” Rafe answers, jumping slightly as a pair of arms wrap around his neck.
“Mexico for what?” you slur slightly, grinning as Rafe looks up at you.
“Hi, drunky. We’re talking about spring break,” he chuckles and brings you around the chair, pulling you into his lap.
“Y/N, cruise, Mexico, or St. Lucia?” Kelce asks as he looks at you, chuckling as you sway your head slightly.
“Mmmm, St. Lucia,” you smile, leaning back into Rafe as the boys around you continue arguing about locations.
“You ready to go to bed, pretty girl?” Rafe asks quietly, resting his chin on your shoulder as he presses a kiss to your cheek.
“No, I wanna drink more,” you whine, running fingers through his messy hair as you give him your best puppy dog face.
“I think you’ve had plenty. Your head is already going to be pounding in the morning,” he smiles and thumbs at your waist softly. “Come on baby, let’s get you up to bed. I’ll get you breakfast in the morning.” He pats your thighs gently, standing up with you as you let out an exasperated sigh.
“I’m taking her to bed. Can you idiots make sure that people leave before four or five in the morning?” Rafe questions as he turns to look at Kelce and Topper.
“Sure thing, lover boy,” Topper nods, giving him a knowing look as a smirk forms. “But you’re not pussy whipped or anything.”
Before Rafe can argue back, you simply giggle and aim your middle finger in Topper’s direction. “Jus’ because you aren’t getting any doesn’t mean he’s whipped.”
Rafe laughs loudly as he wraps an arm around your waist, guiding you away from Topper’s glare and through the sea of people still crowding his house. You lean your weight into him, following his lead as he takes you both up the stairs and prevents you from falling as you stumble a few times. Once in the comfort of his room, you collapse onto the soft sheets of his king-sized bed while he searches for clothes for you.
“Let’s get you changed, sweetheart,” he says softly and steadies your hips as you clumsily angle your body up. “Arms up.” You raise them above your head as he pulls your crop top off, reaching behind you to unhook your bra. He tosses them both into the corner of his room before sliding one of his t-shirts over your head. He moves down to your shorts, unbuttoning them and sliding them down your legs, tossing them in the same direction as your top.
He stands up and makes his way to the bathroom, pulling out the pack of makeup wipes he keeps for you. Once he reaches the bed again, he hands one to you.
“Wipe your makeup off, you’re gonna complain about pimples in the morning otherwise,” he chuckles, grabbing your phone off the bed and plugging it into the charger he keeps for you.
While you gently wipe your makeup off, you watch him closely, a large smile making its way onto your face.
“What are you smiling for?” he raises his brows, pulling his shirt over his head and changing into a pair of discarded sweatpants on his floor.
“Nothin’,” you shrug and let your eyes fall down his body shamelessly.
He shakes his head as he walks back to you, brushing some of your hair back. “I know that look anywhere, you’re thinking of something up in that pretty head. Tell me what’s up.”
“I lied,” you say softly, giggling as Rafe gives you a confused look.
“You lied? About what?” he smiles, crouching down between your legs and letting his hands rest on your thighs.
“When I said you aren’t whipped.”
“Oh, so you agree with Topper? You think I am?”
“Y’stayed sober so I could get drunk, dressed me, made sure my phone’s gonna be charged, and keep m’makeup wipes in your bathroom,” you slur, his eyes twinkling as he watches a goofy smile spread across your face. “You’re whipped, Rafe Cameron.”
He simply nods knowingly, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. “Damn right I am, baby,” he whispers softly as he gazes at you with more love in his eyes than you ever thought possible. “Only for you.”
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captainwans · a day ago
Tumblr media
jj maybank fic recs, yes ma’am! ♡ here are some of my absolute favorites, the ones that i re-read over and over again, and the ones that i fell in love with. enjoy!
this is also dedicated to my dear friend who also requested this, @ikissvernon <3 ily, darling!!
★・・・・・・ ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・・★
Tumblr media
The times you wanted to cry in front of JJ but held back, and the time you didn't — @anxiousstark
Red Velvet — @anxiousstark
gorgeous — @samwlscns
The three times JJ tried not to break down + the time he did — @anxiousstark
Can you stay a little longer? — @anxiousstark
storm — @lovelyjj
a sunday kind of love — @lovelyjj
love language — @pogueslandia
no regrets — @baby-bearie
drive me crazy — @goldenroutledge
loved you first — @mo-d3ans
from the very beginning — @mo-d3ans
never down and out — @mo-d3ans
heart like yours — @mo-d3ans
from the first wave to first kiss — @mischiefmaybank
my left hand’s free — @mischiefmaybank
Summer Love — @pixelated-pogues
midsummer ( series ) — @possiamo-andare
eventually — @writingsbehaviour
i’m gonna marry you someday — @skiesofthesketchy
Forever — @pixelated-pogues
Lavenders Blue — @favefandomimagines
IT’S NOT LIVING (IF IT’S NOT WITH YOU) — @storiesbymads
falling — @mydogisveryadorbs
madly and deeply — @mydogisveryadorbs
dumbasses — @xoxoavenger
promise — @pogueslandia
banana split — @pogueslandia
part of your world — @reawritesthings
Too Well — @reawritesthings
Rooftop — @reawritesthings
Igloo — @collecting-stories
Jealous — @collecting-stories
Magic Kisses — @collecting-stories
Attack of Panic — @collecting-stories
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pankowfruitsnacks · 2 days ago
Willow (r.c)
Tumblr media
paring(s): rafe x single!mom
summary: Rafe runs into his assistant on her off day. Y/n manages to talk him into taking the day off, spending time with her and her daughter.
warning: single parent, slight mention of shitty family
The most infuriating thing about Rafe Cameron was he is extremely distant. Some may describe him as determined and hard working, focus and task driven. In reality, the man made the work environment unbearable. Rafe focused more on pleasing his father than the well-being of those who worked below him. More importantly, his secretary.
"It's going on to be a late night for us both. We have to finish the proposal for him by the morning." Rafe simply spoke as he strutted to his back office. Y/n hung her head, every ounce of hope evaporated from her body. Another night she won't be home for dinner. Another time she proved her word to be worthless.
'I'm sorry, baby.' The girl whispered to no one in particular before pulling out her phone to make a call. It wasn't the first night she had to give a heads up to the babysitter, probably won't be the last. Living as single mother was hard enough, having no foundation of support is even harder. It's not like any of it was on her ten year plan. Not moving to Outer Banks, not working a desk job, and especially not having a baby at the age of eighteen.
In the small office in the back, Rafe was frustrated. Sighing and throwing his papers down on the desk. He worked his ass of for his father gaining nothing but headaches and little pay in return. Everything he did was useless, never good enough.
The man glanced at the clock, noting the time. '5:32 pm.' He's been working most nights in overtime, pulling his assistant to stay with him. Y/n was a hard worker, putting in the time and effort, even before the oldest Cameron requested. It's not like she has much life outside of the office.
In fact, his father confided in him that the girl traveled hundreds of miles from Tennessee for the position. Something about a distant relative having a connection. Either way, she was and is the best thing that happened to the company despite he showed it weather or not.
He hated pressing long hours on her, promising a larger bonus, no doubt from his own, but he needed the help.
A small knock, pulled him away from the document on his laptop. "Come him." He coughed, doing his best to look awake and ready.
"I found an possible issue with the proposal plan." The larger man's groan bounced around all four walls. Of course there was an error. He didn't mind to review it himself, instead he focused more on the verbiage rather than technicality of it all.
"You know my rule." This was the first time Rafe truly looked at her. Y/n wore a vintage styled dress, a soft light blue plaid design. The matching cropped blazer fitted perfectly on her slim shoulders. Rafe believed she was the definition of sophisticated. Someone who's parents would be proud to call her their daughter.
"I do. Never come to you with an error without a possible solution." Her voice grew timid, scared to even look at him. He was tough on everyone, expected perfection. If she didn't need the money, she wouldn't be there. If only life was good to her. "It's why I have three." She gestured to the stack of papers in her arms.
Rafe offered a faint smile. "I made a pot of coffee. Hopefully we can wrap things up soon."
The time was barely seven, but the evening y/n had planned with her daughter was already past. Willow most likely sat on her bed, curled up next to the babysitter, begging to know her mom's whereabouts. "It's pointless. Let's just get this right. Hopefully we'll have a few days where we can leave on time."
She sounded defeated, completely wiped out. Rafe felt guilt, recognizing he is the primary cause for the emotion. "I'm sorry to keep you. Not the most desirable place to be on Friday night." He did what he could, but could see small talk would not ease any tension.
_'How hard is it to build relationships in these conditions?' _Rafe pondered. She worked there two months now and all he knows is she's good at her job. His father would deem him unfit to take over the business if he couldn't create a proper work environment for his employees. Rafe need to do better. He needed to be better. Starting with y/n. "What is wrong?"
Y/n's hands shook as she placed the stack down on the desk. "The budget plan. I reran the numbers and we'd be over at least by a couple thousand on the remodel phase."
"Are you sure a couple thousand? That's not so easy to fix. I made sure my team knew what we had and what we expected." The stress flushed his cheeks, sweat beads dripping from his hair line.
"I double checked."
"How the hell are we gonna fix this? My dad is gonna murder me. I fucked up." Out of motherly instinct, y/n rushed around the desk placing a small hand on his shoulder. She saw the difficulties of living up to his father's expectations. She understood the feeling, empathizing with her supervisor.
"Listen to me.  You've had the budget set for a while. A major supply ship got caught up in a storm." His eyes widened. "It's not something we would typically plan for."
"And you know this?"
"It's my job. Before you pull out the rest of your hair, let me speak." Rafe just nodded as the panic set in. "We just change the flooring. Luxury vinyl is cheaper but more durable for things like young children and dogs. Especially in places such as a mud room and kitchen." Y/n went on to pick apart her own proposal, talking about pricing of different options and sustainability through out time. "It gives a more modernized feel to the room, tying the theme together.
For not having a college degree, she knew how to fulfil her task and duties with the upmost diligence. Rafe made sure to take note of that. "I don't know what I would do without you. You're a life saver. I don't know how I could ever repay you." His presence filled with gratitude, not sure where all the emotion is coming from.
"Let me go home?" A teasing smile filter to her lips. Rafe glanced at his watch.
"Shit. Already 10:30." They have been revising and printing for hours. "I know you wanted to get home. Grab your things and we can walk out together." Rafe did his best to be sincere, trying to not let his exhaustion peak through. The meeting was bright and early tomorrow.
Y/n's face twisted with worry, eyebrows knit together as she turned around. Next bus won't come til morning and all y/n desperately wanted was to be home. Walking wasn't an option in this weather. "Mr. Cameron, sir?"
"Again, call me Rafe." He chuckled. "What's up?"
"Could I possibly have a ride? I missed the bus hours ago and I think I saw some snow flurries." Rafe shot up.
The bus? Is that really how she traveled? Most nights when he lets her off, it's way past the last bus call and long before he even thinks about leaving. Her only option would have been walking in the dark, alone and most likely freezing. "How could I say no?"
Y/n suddenly felt like a burden. He is exhausted just the same, having to taxi a new hire. "Don't feel obligated or anything. It was wrong of me to ask."
"No, no, no." Rafe rushed out. "I would much rather take you home, then have you walk. Its important that my best employee is safe."
Y/n's heart fluttered at the praise. It's been the first time she really felt accepted by him. Rafe Cameron is hard to please. He fired the last three assistants and a few secretaries. Now combining the two job titles, it's even harder to live up to the standards. "Thank you."
The two gathered thier belongings, locked up, and headed to his black truck. It was fairly quiet while car started up. The leather seats bonded to her skin nearly causing frost bite. Her teeth chattered, signaling to Rafe to bump up the heat full blast.
"The seats have warmers, just give it a moment." All she could do was nod.
Rafe struggled to carry on a conversation. This was time to make meaningful business connection. With her on his team, he'd be sure to always be one step in front of the competition. She proved herself valuable to the company. "Why didn't you just call an Uber?"
She shrugged, feeling akward. "With Christmas coming up, extra cost. I can't afford it at the moment." He frowned.
"I can work a raise into your review. You deserve more." He spoke truth, especially after tonight he would give her anything just so she'll stay with the company.
"I'm okay, really. Some seasons are harder than others."
"Well my father always says the company is like a second family. We do the most for family. You let me know." Y/n was taken back by his sudden interest and kindness.
"This isn't like you." A small smile began to form.
"I realized tonight how much I don't know about any of my workers. It's important to build that so people stay with us."
"So this ride was a trap to keep me in the business?"
"You're the one who asked for it."
"It was an idea. I had options."
"Like walking? You're not even wearing tights." Rafe genuinely laughed. She was easy to get along with. The girl continued to stand her ground. He desperately wanted to ask if she had proper personal transportation but didn't want to embarrass her. A new feeling of concern began to grow for y/n. To see her in a different light other than full work mode is refreshing. He's been so wrapped up in the job since college, socializing dropped significantly. That included interaction with Kelce and Topper. He had to be more serious and of course the two younger boys loved to throw a party. In fact, they were hosting a Friendsgiving type thing next week.
"Oh, this is my street. Third house." She interrupted his thoughts.
"Roger that." Rafe took note that she lived on the cut and not even the nicest part. Class didn't matter as much to him. He still didn't like trips over her, but y/n is nice and to be honest has not been here long enough to participate in the war.
As he pulled into the driveway, Rafe made a desicion. It was the first time he ever considered the idea. "Y/n. Tomorrow, don't worry about the meeting. Take the day off."
"Are you serious?" Her voice nearly broke. Tears pooled her eyes as she did her best not to let them spill. Y/n wasn't expecting to have the morning with her daughter due to the meeting.
"I'll call you with the important stuff after. You put in a lot."
"Do me a favor and record the full meeting. You roll your eyes and space out anytime your father starts talking. You think you know it all then miss some big change he's throwing." He's amazed once again by how well she pays attention to small detail. "I trust you can handle yourself, but I want to make sure I'm update by Monday. You're not the only one who needs to impress your dad to keep their job."
"You've got one strong backbone making a comment like that."
"Thank you, Rafe." Y/n glanced at the house and back at Rafe. "I need to get going. I had a relatively nice time considering circumstances."
"Me too. You have a good night and enjoy your time off." With that, y/n took off, running inside.
The first thing she did was pay the babysitter and said the girl on the way. She always felt guilty for staying late at the office, but things happens and that's life as a single mom.
Y/n then went into her daughters room, just to check in. Willow laid fast asleep.
A heartbreaking realization hit the young mother all at once. Her baby girl was growing up and y/n is barely home enough to witness it. Willow is coming up on her third birthday in a few months, all her clothes would need replacing shortly. Her daycare has been tracking her height. A full two inches. How much longer until Willow is off to her first dance or college, even her wedding day? Time was slipping away and y/n did the best she could.
Y/n savored every moment with her daughter, and tomorrow would be a full day of laughter and conversations to add to her memory to pull out at a later day. She kissed Willow on the forehead, then drifted to her own bed for a long night of rest.
Rafe could barely think straight the next morning. The meeting turned out to be long and tedious, especially since his assistant wasn't there taking in details he could careless about. Not to mention, no one was there to tap his knee, keeping him semi engaged to his surroundings. Y/n made every meeting bearable, it took him this long to realize how much she helped.
"Congratulations. I am excited to see where this project takes us." The man firmly shook both of the Cameron men's hands, then moving towards the other people in the room.
"We are extremely grateful to have you onboard." The elder Cameron grinned ear to ear, proud to finally seal the deal of the year.
"Your son is brilliant. The whole thing about the ship. He's going places." Rafe puffed his chest out a little further, finally feeling appreciated. If the client thinks he did well, then ward Cameron did as well.
"I have a magnificent assistant. Wouldn't have been able to figure it out without her." Ward was slightly taken aback. His son was giving a person in a far lower position the credit. That's completely unheard of. He knew y/n would do well with job, but she far exceeded his expectations. He would personally have to thank her.
"We'll get started come Monday. Pleasure doing business with you!" The man his team finally left, along with most of the Cameron's company. Everyone wanted to get home.
"Good Job, Rafe. You really have come along way from where you started." Ward couldn't be prouder of the man his son was becoming. Despite being hard on him, he knew it would make the boy stronger. "I am proud. We do have more paperwork to do now. It'll need to be done by Monday at close."
"I'll get on that after I grab some lunch." They shared a manly hug and both left.
Rafe quickly drove the Mexican restaurant, a personal favorite. It was tucked into the plaza near the cut. Most drive past it, but not Rafe. There is no way he would pass up their salsa.
"Good Afternoon, Mr. Cameron." He smiled at the owner. The place was small and family owned, the Cameron son was a regular. "To go or dining in?"
"To go, please." Rafe followed the man to the counter, leaning up against it as he recited ordered, not that they didn't have it memorized. His eyes scanned to small dining establishment. The sparkling blue settled on a booth table, a small child with salsa dribbling down her chin. A grin growing as the adult reached across to wipe it off.
"You are going to get you sweatshirt dirty, baby girl. Come here if I will put you in the high chair." Immediately, Rafe recognized the soft spoken voice. Y/n. He wasn't sure if he should go over or just stay by the counter. Before he could make up his mind, the girl was already calling his name.
"Rafe!" The girl beamed as she summoned him over. "How did the meeting go?"
"They signed the deal. All thanks to your smart thinking." His praise warmed her heart.
"Would you like to sit down with us? Willow just dug into our complimentary chips." Rafe examines the small child. He managed to hide the suprise, but deep down he never could have guess. He never noticed a ring or heard anything about a mister.
"I love the salsa too, Willow." Rafe directs his attention to her.
"Sasa yummy." The child threw her arms up and down, cheering. Rafe saw pure joy across the young face.
"Let's clean you up so you can get some more." As for y/n, she stared in astonishment at her boss. He seemed to do well with kids, taking control and saving a disastrous mess.
She mumbled a silent thank you while scooting over for him. "Take a seat."
"I don't want to intrude. Plus I have some paperwork to complete." It was true.
"Do you ever take a break?" He gave y/n his full attention. "I mean really stop and separate yourself from the job."
He stayed silent. His life was consumed by the work he did. There was always another proposal to make, another meeting to attend to. Of course he could take breaks, but that wouldn't be fair to father. Rafe was determined to prove himself. "There's always stuff to be done."
"Over working is gonna be the death of you. Rafe did his best to brush it off. "I'm serious. You're so focused on the company and not yourself."
"Have you met my father?"
"I'll make a deal. You take today off. Don't even think about work. Unwind and learn to enjoy yourself." She saw the stress he put upon himself and it came from a sense of genuine concern. If he continued down this path, it would be too late by the time he regrets it.
"And do what?"
Y/n looked him in the eyes. "You are more than welcome to join Willow and I. She at that age when everyone is her friend. I promise she won't mind." He contemplated the idea.
"And what do I get out of this?"
"A life." The adults erupted in a fit of laughter.
"You've got a funny bone, don't ya?"
"Guilty." She breathed. "So, what do you say, boss?"
"I will need help on the paperwork Monday morning. But if your okay with it, then show me how to live."
"Willow, this is Mr. Rafe. Mommy works for him." Y/n made proper introductions. "Rafe this is Willow, my daughter."
Willow stared up at the man. "You can be the prince." Rafe glanced to y/n as Willow crawled onto his lap.
'What did I sign up for?' Rafe thought to himself, not an ounce of regret filled him. This was a breath of fresh air for the man.
The trio stood at the edge of the shark tank. Willow demanded they spend time at the aquarium to see her friend Nemo. Her small hand tucked in rafe, as the child dragged him closer. "Hammer head." Willow did her best to display her knowledge, but to the adults it was gibberish.
Rafe glanced back to y/n, a smile proudly set on her lip. They haven't talked as much due to the fact her kid had his undivided attention. She was extremely touched by everything Rafe did. To say he was the first person to hang out with the small family, would be an understatement. None of the parents at Willow's daycare even glanced in her direction, let alone allow their child hang out with her. It wasn't Willow's fault. All of it could be placed on y/n's choices. The black sheep of every gathering. So she never went, avoided them like the plague. Outings with her daughter were a treat within itself, the fact her boss joined them were rare. Honestly she was suprised he even agreed.
"See that one there?" Rafe pointed out to Willow. "The orange-ish, yellow on the ground?" The little girl pressed her face to the glass and nodded. "That's a wobbegon shark, but to me, it looks like Mac and cheese."
"Yummy!" She squeals, giggling at the silliness. Willow stayed enthralled with him. Never before has she had a man like him talk to her, let alone, her very own Prince Charming.
"Okay, we can stay for a little while longer, but we have to catch the bus." Today was Rafe's first time needing to ever ride the bus. He offered to drive them, but y/n fought him. No car seat, no ride. He understood that clearly. "I'm gonna talk to your mom, okay." The girl waved him off, examining the many fish before her.
"You're amazing with her." Y/n spoke softly, almost blending in with the chatter around them.
"She's amazing. I'm suprised I never knew you had a kid." They walked side by side, following Willow's antics.
"I tend to keep my personal life seprate from work." She silently huffed for air. "Makes it easier."
"How so?" Through out the day, Rafe realized how much he loved to hear y/n talk and how much he enjoyed her smile. For once in his life he felt good. She made him feel good. This was his first day of living and it was with y/n. This feeling is addicting and she seemed to be the source.
"It just does. Better if I don't get weird stares or questions all the time." The girl bowed her head, focusing on her feet rather than the fact she was basically oversharing. "I never know what to say anymore."
Rafe nodded. "I can see that. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Your child is safe with me. I mean, uh, your secret but I feel bad calling Willow a secret."
"I hate keeping her a secret. Does that make me a bad mother?" A genuine questioning filled her voice.
"I don't know a thing about parenting, but from the looks it, you are doing the best you can. You want to protect her and I admire you for that." She felt her mood shift upward. It's been a roller coaster of silent emotions today. It amazed her how easy Rafe picked up conversation beyond work. There were times she had to drive the conversation elsewhere. By doing so, y/n learned how he went to UNC, Vice President of some frat, his favorite movie genre is infact comedies, followed up with action. Her favorite thing still had to be the relationship he built with her daughter. In the short amount of time, he made the girl feel special. That's all y/n truly wanted. For her daughter to be special and not have to hide.
"That means a lot, boss." She bumped his shoulder, playfully pushing him sideways.
"At work I'm your superior, but can we just be friends right now? Outside of work, you know?" Rafe slightly bit his tounge at the word 'friend'. At this rate, he'd be head over heels for the beauty she embodied fully by nightfall.
"I'd like that very much." It would be nice to have a friend in someone who brought security to her and joy to her daughter. Y/n felt as if a weight lifted off her shoulders. One less person she had to hide from.
Willow turned around, throwing arms upwards to the adults. Y/n bent down to reach her. Before she could, Rafe stepped in, swooping Willow onto his shoulders. The young toddler wrapped her arms around his forehead. "Give me your hands." Rafe told her, using them to keep her upright and secure.
Y/n leaned into Rafe as they exited through a sea of strangers. Her skin burned at touch, a simple hand placed on the small of her back. It's the first contact from anyone in a long time, especially from a man. "Today has been great."
Rafe agreed, as they took their seats on the bus. "I didn't know how much the aquarium is. I never really had the chance to go growing up."
"I felt that. My parents were super invested in their work. My siblings came first."
He chuckled. "My dad believes my sister can do no wrong."
"And some how we mess everything up, without even trying." She was honest. Rafe felt her pain, but suprised to hear it from her. Ever since the first day she walked into his office, y/n has been the hardest worker. Never giving up and always going above and beyond.
"I don't believe it. You are the hardest worker I know." Rafe sighed.
"I came back from Paris alone and pregnant. That's just icing on the cake." Rafe rested his arm around her, pulling her closer to give her the comfort she needed.
"Story for another day." She brushed it off. "If that's okay?"
"As long as we can get another day like this. Me , you, and Willow." She rested a head on his shoulder in complete awe of how he included her daughter.
"I think I can arrange that."
He smiled down at her, Willow laid half asleep on their lap. "Good, because I kind of like you. Well, like hanging out with you." He did his best to cover, not wanting to be to forward. It was embarrassing how fast he was catching feelings for her, his assistant.
"Me too." Her heart soared at the thought of Rafe being around more.
"You let me know when. It's a date."
A/n: thank you so much for reading. Likes, comments, and re-blogs are much appreciated. I want to make this a series and dive deeper. Really exited for all the ideas. Also bare with me, I am playing around with themes and formatting. 
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Hey evie, can I request a rafe cameron x fem!reader fic based off of the Taylor Swift song Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince please?
as a swiftie this is the best request i have ever received. god bless you
paint the town blue
rafe cameron x fem!reader
Tumblr media
synopsis: unrequited yearning born from a painful love
warnings: strong language, alcohol use, mentions of drug use
a/n: idk how i feel about this lol
i counted days
i counted miles
to see you there.
His heart soared from his stiffened chest in the most agonisingly amazing way you could imagine. Rafe watched the love of his life walk down the isle, her bared smile as brightly white as her laced dress, her doed eyes set and softened on the man before her.
She was his heaven, but he was far from hers.
Rafe smiled as he sat, biting back punishing tears as he noticed the detailing that trailed the train of her dress.
"This is what I want," Y/N interrupted their comfortable silence, crawling to the edge of his bed with her index still firmly pointed on the dress in the magazine, "this one, right here."
Rafe frowned, turning in his chair and abandoning his homework for a moment to inspect what exactly she was talking about. She was grinning, beaming, at the sight of the dress - #3 in the magazine's wedding article. Rafe let out a breathy chuckle, shaking his head and swivelling back to his desk.
"What? Y/N teased, collapsing her legs beneath her as she tilted her head, "you don't like it?"
"Give me a few more years, then we'll talk wedding details," he dismissed, but the smile never dissipated from either's face as they returned to their respective tasks.
And now he watched her marry someone else, reeling her vows in that very same dress. He exhaled, bowing his head to stare at shaky hands as he contemplated just leaving. The last time he had even seen her was at their God-damn high school graduation eight years ago. Seeing the invite, the wedding invite, suddenly one day in his father's post alone was enough to send him into spiral.
"It's been eight years," Sarah had reassured, "and she wants you there. Go."
Listening to the usually right advice of his younger sister had gotten him no where but the back of a church he wanted to burn, suddenly feeling every inch and fracture of heartbreak he felt all that time ago - pain he hadn't known he still felt.
Suddenly, as if by some pain of God, Rafe felt every fleeting crush of love he felt the very first time he saw her in 10th grade English, and it macerated him like a bulldozer.
you know i adore you
i’m crazier for you
then i was at sixteen.
"Is there anyone sitting here?"
Rafe had opened his mouth to lie yes, the syllable almost rolling from his tongue before he saw her. Her chest slightly heaving, her lips pursed as she blew straggling curls from her face, her fingers wrapped around her bag in tightening it on her shoulder.
"Dude, I'm already late, I don't really want to stand here any longer."
Rafe blinked, shaking his head in not realising his stare. Y/N took his shake as a silent no, however, already beginning to walk away. He had no idea who she was, he knew not a shred of information about her, but he needed this girl to sit beside her. So he reached out, grabbing her forearm and blurting out a rushed,
"Sorry, I'm just tired. Sit."
Y/N glanced down at his hand, then back at him with a smile that could've killed him off right there and then. So she sat beside him, as she did every single day for the next three years of high school.
Rafe had fallen first. It was obvious to anyone within a mile of them that he was utterly enamoured with Y/N. She was his oath - his everything. Not quite a ray of sunshine in his life, yet still his solstice. The boy worshipped the fucking ground she walked on, and unbeknown to the man, he still did.
He swallowed his pride and his heart as he stood, offering a weak smile as she walked past him, fingers entwined with her husband’s. Everyone clapped, cheered, whistled. But Rafe was frozen in fear of jumping the poor guy if he moved a muscle – so he didn’t, he just watched her slip further from him.
He caught Y/N’s eye as she walked past, the wide smile slipping from her face as her heart thumped against her chest. Sending the invite was a long shot, an incredibly long shot. She didn’t even know where he lived now, hence why she had sent the save-the-date to Tannyhill. She had no intention of involving him in her wedding, no intention at all. But somehow, somewhere along the way, he entered her consciousness and the fucker wouldn’t leave.
So she invited him. He was the first boy to break her heart - realistically, crack in a million shatters she never thought she’d be able to fix. But. Not having him there on the most important day of her life, despite him not being there for any days for eight long years, felt far from right.
The entirety of the reception she searched for him. She had to see him, if it was the last thing she did. So she searched, high and low, till finally she found him outside. The reception was taking place on the top floor of a hotel, and Rafe had found his place leant against the balcony, an untouched glass of whiskey in his hand. He had spent the better half of the evening there, staring down at the garden below him, swirling the golden liquid around and around the glass as he went through fifty different reasons to both go and to stay.
There was one promenant one.
Rafe turned, her voice alone enough to make the breath fall flat from his lungs. As he swivelled, he took her in. The dress seemingly different in the moonlight, her face coated with a light sheen from dancing, her curls now let loose down her bare back.
“You look…” he started, wanting to say, “like something Monet would have painted,” but Y/N’s knowing smile stopped him from uttering another word as she stepped closer.
“I didn’t think you’d come.” She breathed out, barely whispering as she enveloped him in an all consuming hug. He hesitated at first, but his arms soon found their home around her, his free palm splayed across her back as he nested his face into the crook of her neck.
Her scent, her touch, her breathing. Nothing had changed, and Y/N released the same as she leant with ease into his frame. She bit back tears, feeling every emotion she felt the last time she hugged him come flooding back over her like a tsunami wave.
and i don't want you to go
i don't really wanna fight
‘cause nobody's gonna win,
“Rafe, you’re killing yourself!” She screamed, lurching forward to grab the small bag of what little was left of the sugared death, Rafe hardly sober enough to react.
“Hey,” he slurred out, sniffing and pushing his palms against his nose as he stood from his desk, “give it back.” He started for her, but she pushed back, running to his bathroom to flush the bag before he could reach her. He stood at the door, exasperated, his elbows leant against the frame as his eyes closed.
Y/N stared down at the toilet, waiting firmly for it to be gone before turning. Her chest rose and fell with anger, emotions running higher than he was as she looked at him through teary eyes.
“Rafe, you said you’d stop.” The break in her voice was sobering, enough for him to hate that he was the cause of it.
“I know,” he muffled against his palms, “I know. I know, I know,” he kept repeating, pacing his room till Y/N physically stopped him. She grabbed his face, forcing him to look at her as she searched his lidded eyes for any sort of reason.
“I can help,” she whispered, her thumb catching the tears that began to fall, “Rafe, I can help,” he leant into her palm, his eyes squeezing shut again as tears free fell down his face. She wiped as many as she could as she, too, cried - till it was physically impossible. So she held him. She just, held him.
“Congratulations,” Rafe pulled away from her touch, already missing her skin against his as she huffed a smile, her cheeks flushing. She was never good with praise in any sense, even a mere congratulations. Rafe smiled at the memories of him flooding her with compliments, only to be met with a shove and a meek smile.
“I can’t believe…” Y/N gazed up at him, squinting as if she were checking he was real, “I just… I couldn’t imagine this day without you.”
His breath caught in his throat.
“I wouldn’t have missed it.”
A silence fell upon the two, Y/N opening her mouth to speak but allowing it to fall shut again as she wandered over to the balcony. He followed, leaning over the railing beside her as she stared down at the very place he had been for the last hour.
“How are you?” She turned her head. The look in her eyes told him enough she didn’t mean it in the broad, small talk way.
Rafe dropped his head before meeting her eye again, “I’m clean.” A small smile spread on her lips, a glimpse of a twinkle shining in her eyes.
“I’m sorry.”
Y/N turned, her brows furrowing into a peaked frown.
“For how things ended. I’m sorry. I never apologised back then, I just let you slip away.”
Y/N swallowed the growing lump in her throat, nodding as she looked at the ground again, fiddling with the wedding band that newly adorned her ring finger. Meeting his eye, she saw his sincerity, and it was enough to heal the heartbroken eighteen year old that still lived inside of her.
“Leave then!” Rafe screamed, collapsing on Topper’s chair as he prepared to do his fourth line of the night. The graduation party raged on downstairs, his usual posse not even with him. This was all Rafe.
Y/N sobbed, pushing her palm into her face to stop herself. A hand on her hip, the other muffling her cries, Y/N turned, her eyes squeezed shut as she prepared to do the hardest thing she had ever done in her eighteen years.
"I'll always love you, Rafe," he turned, his face suddenly dropping in seeing her palm wrapped around the door handle. She paused, gathering herself before facing him one last time, "but loving you this close is killing me."
“Thank you.”
i think you should come home.
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lurkymurker · 13 hours ago
Euro Trip blurb: before the Bonfire
Thank you to everyone who requested! Prompts used:
“Say that again. I dare you.” @novxturient
“Why did you stay?” “Because it’s you.” + “Who did this to you?” @rafeswh0ree
also the lovely @notdisneychannel & @destourtereauxrecs whose requests also fall under this blurb! I hope I do it justice <33
Tumblr media
Warnings: inappropriate suggestive comments, underage drinking (y/n getting extremely drunk, drink safely - do not be y/n!!!), cursing
a/n: all my homies hate James Johnson. This is the full blurb for the “my girl” flashback in part 8!
At 7.00pm, on the dot, your phone screen was illuminated by a text message from Topper Thornton.
Unfortunately for him, you were too busy fiddling with the clasp of your buckle, for it to register; your phone forgotten on the kitchen counter as you hunched over your new boots.
When you failed to respond to his timid plea within the minute, Topper Thornton sent four more messages in succession.
Top: u can get to Noah’s by urself right ?
Top: y/n
Top: please reply
Top: im already here
Top: i totally forgot
Once you were certain the buckle was in place, you let out a satisfied huff, promptly straightening and grabbing your handbag before reaching for your phone atop the grey marble. It was as you were typing in your passcode that the screen flashed again, illuminated this time, by the same contact photo you had assigned your best friend when you were twelve.
“You can just text me ‘here’, you know.” You teased, sandwiching your phone between your shoulder and ear as you opened the front door. “No need to call. Heading out now.”
“Y/n…” Topper swallowed, and in the distance, you swore you heard a stifled giggle. “Did you get my texts?”
You faltered, brow furrowing slightly as you scanned the still empty driveway. “No. My phone is always on silent.”
There was a pause, another faint giggle, and then finally, a defeated sigh. “I can’t pick you up anymore, I’m already at Noah’s.”
“This better be a joke.” You frowned, jaw tightening as your registered the heavy bass in the distance. “What the fuck, Top? We always go to parties together.”
“What about Kelce?” Topper pleaded, his voice interrupted by the crackle of static. “What’s his ETA?”
You folded your arms across your chest, the balmy air wrapping around your figure, suffocatingly tight. “He’s in New York, remember? All weekend.”
“Shit.” Topper winced, exhaling defeatedly. “Of course. I’ll come back and get you, hold on.”
“Topper.” You sighed, rolling your eyes. “It’s fine. I’ll just get a fucking Uber or something, it’s –”
Topper interrupted you before you could finish your sentence, forefinger already hovering over the end call button expectantly. “Seriously? You’re the best! See you soon!”
You allowed your shoulders to slump, nodding wordlessly as he hurried through the quick farewell.
Having arrived at the end of your driveway, you pressed your phone against your forehead, it’s oblong shadow shielding the sun from your gaze as you studied the pavement ahead. Calling an Uber to Noah’s house felt almost trivial, at this stage; the smothering design of the Figure Eight meant everything was minutes away, with the party, and subsequent bonfire, no exception to this rule.
And so, instead of clicking through the Uber app, you slid your phone back into your pocket, gravel crunching under your boots as you began the walk to Noah’s. You were almost lucky enough to make it down the long street in silence; the air filled with the sound of birds chirping, uninterrupted by the low groan of a car ignition. Almost.
“Is that you Y/n?”
You forced a smile, squinting slightly as you turned toward the slowing car. “James, hey.”
James offered you a cheeky grin, his fingers curling over the passenger’s side door handle obligingly. “Do you need a ride?”
“It’s only a minute away.” You shrugged, absently teasing through your curls. “I’ll be fine.”
“Topper’s a dick, by the way.” James added, his expression unreadable as he gave you a once-over. “Ditching you for Ava, I mean.”
You froze, blinking several times before responding. “He’s with Ava?”
“Yeah?” James frowned, though there was a knowing lilt to his tone, the feigned confusion hardly believable. “She sent me a snapchat just before. He didn’t tell you?”
You paused, cocking your head to one side as the revelation washed over your features.
When you did speak again, it was through gritted teeth, lips twisted in a tight-lipped smile as you made to turn the door handle. “You know what? Yeah, I’d love a ride. Thanks, James.”
Shrugging James’ arm off your shoulder, you sent him a wayward glance, gait quickening considerably as you strode toward the large entrance.
“Wait up!” James called, desperate to match your pace. “Are you cold, Y/n?”
“It’s the middle of summer, Johnson.” You quipped, willing yourself not to roll your eyes. “Hurry up.”
You halted at the front door, giving your reflection a fleeting, once-over before opening it with as much conviction as you could muster. Though you were certain your harried features had absolutely everything to do with Topper Thornton, it didn’t seem fair to blame him, for them; he was oblivious after all, to your feelings, your crush on him painfully unrequited for as long as you could remember.
Instead, it made more sense for you to shoulder the blame; work over-time in an attempt to erase the painful ache settling into your chest. Though the rational part of your mind appreciated the incoherence of your logic, you were already opening your first white-claw as you stepped through the door; encouraged by the jumble of emotions in your mind, their presence clouding any sense of better judgement.
Slowly, you brought the can to your lips, your squeezed your eyes shut as you traversed the long hallway.
“Y/n!” Rafe smirked, catching you against him as you stepped into the living room. “Starting early?”
“Not in the mood, Rafael.” You muttered, gulping down a considerable amount of alcohol before continuing. “Does Noah have any hard liquor?”
Rafe faltered, brow furrowing slightly as he surveyed your expression. “Hey. Are you alright?”
“Fine.” You scoffed, pushing past him as you spotted Topper’s figure. “Top!”
“Y/n!” Topper grinned, wrapping his arm around your shoulder in a fleeting, side-hug. “C’mon. Ava and I are doing shots.”
You swallowed awkwardly, averting your gaze as Topper dragged you toward the deck. “Perfect. Ava.”
“Dude.” He continued, failing to register your tense features. “She’s so hot. And she’s so into me. Thank you for being so cool before, we went to…”
He trailed off as he bowed his head, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. “…that old church on Parcel Nine.”
“Oh.” You coughed, drawing your bottom lip between your teeth. “Nice.”
“Nice?” Topper repeated, throwing his arms in the air exasperatedly. “Hello? Give me a fucking fist bump or something –”
“I’m not one of your football buddies, Top.” You interrupted, brow knitted self-consciously. “I’m not going applaud you for getting some.”
Topper stumbled to a halt, frowning slightly as he met your eye. “Y/n. Are you alright?”
“Why does everyone keep asking me that?” You gritted, your eyes flitting toward Rafe’s figure momentarily. “Come on.”
Once within Ava’s vicinity, you were quick to accept the liquor she thrust into your chest, smiling gratefully before downing it in one, deft, gulp.
“Another?” You winced, already bringing the second shot glass to your lips. “Cheers!”
“Woah!” Topper laughed, clinking his own against Ava’s before continuing. “In the mood to get fucked up?”
You forced a smile, the third sloshing against your fingers dangerously. “Something like that.”
“That’s the spirit!” Ava grinned, handing you another before tugging at Topper’s arm. “C’mon, Top, let’s steal some more vodka.”
Topper paused, his eyes searching yours, almost desperately. “You’re alright to wait here?”
“Mm-hm.” You laboured, scrunching up your features as the last of the liquor burned your throat. “You guys go, have fun.”
Topper loosened his grip on Ava’s waist, leaning down to press a chaste kiss on your temple. “We’ll be right back.”
“No you won’t.” You mumbled weakly, your words inaudible over the heavy bass. “You never are.”
Since consuming the four shots of vodka, you had managed to down three more white-claws in succession, stopping only when you brought the the last can to your lips and realised that you were no longer seeing straight.
Triumphantly, you stumbled atop the beer pong table, arms raised above your head as you began to swing your hips. You were fairly certain you were making a fool of yourself; it was the only plausible explanation for Rafe’s consistent stare, having caught his eyes on your figure more times than you were willing to admit. Though you had matched his gaze, the first few times, you weren’t sure your glassy eyes were capable of steady eye contact, anymore. You didn’t care. About anything, for that matter.
“Oh shit!” Liam whooped, catching your wrist with his hand in an attempt to steady you. “You good, Y/n?”
In the distance, Rafe Cameron felt his shoulders tense.
“Liam.” You slurred, crouching down to pat his cheek gauchely. “From English.”
“Correct.” Liam grinned, his fingers lingering against your side, teasingly close. “That’s me.”
Rafe narrowed his eyes suspiciously, surveying your body language, the frequency of your breath; only relaxing his clenched jaw once he was certain you were comfortable.
Liam leaned forward, wrapping an arm around your waist before hoisting you off the long table. “Y/n. How much have you had to drink?”
“S’lot.” You nodded solemnly, allowing James to remove the white claw from your grasp. “Another?”
“I don’t think you need –”
“Did you say another?” James grinned, quick to sidle into your other side. “Coming right up!”
“Oh.” You frowned, jerking your head toward him awkwardly. “Where’d you come from?”
“Yeah, James.” Liam inclined, narrowing his eyes pointedly, prompt to pull you into his side. “Bro code, dude.”
“Liam from English.” You hiccupped, wriggling out of his grasp awkwardly (Rafe was striding toward the scene, now, ever sensitive to small changes in your demeanour). “Not a situation for bro code.”
“Everything good here?” Rafe called, his eyebrows raised warningly as he drew nearer. “Y/n, have you had any water to drink?”
You crinkled your nose in disgust, pouting gaily as you gazed up at him. “No water.”
Rafe shook his head bemusedly, a small smile tugging at his lips. “Don’t look at me like that.”
“S’my line!” You protested half-heartedly, palms pressed against his chest, attempting to push him toward the living room. “One more.”
James gave you a meaningful glance, lips barely moving as he bowed his head. “I got that.”
You nodded, offering him a weak thumbs up before drawing your hands back to your side. “Thanks.”
“James.” Rafe gritted, fixing him with a pointed glare. “I don’t think she needs anymore.”
“You’re not the boss of me.” You scowled, though you felt yourself swaying into his side, head spinning dangerously. “Don’t tell m’what to do.”
“Don’t worry.” James grinned, ignoring Rafe’s sentiment in lieu of offering you a mock salute. “Coming right up!”
He patted your shoulder fondly, stepping backward and whirling around before Rafe could protest.
“Rafael.” You slurred, nodding your head as you pushed past him. “I don’t need water.”
“Wait.” Rafe responded, his voice impossibly gentle, fingers wrapped around your forearm. “Where are you going?”
You pointed toward the side of the house, where the deck wrapped around the large kitchen. “Saw a friend, b’fore.”
You paused, swallowing several times in an attempt to regain your composure. “I’m fine.”
“I’m right here if you need, yeah?” Rafe responded, frowning slightly as he watched you disappear. “Right here. Always.”
“Chris!” James hissed, donning a triumphant smirk as he entered the kitchen. “My man, come here.”
“James!” Chris acknowledged, dapping him up before continuing. “What’s up, man?”
James’ lifted an eyebrow expressively, nodding toward the outside area before continuing. “Did you see Y/n throwing back those shots on the deck, before? She’s getting fucked up.”
“Oh shit.” Chris laughed, his tone forced, reluctant. “Really? Just now?”
“Yeah.” James grinned, his tongue running against his teeth. “She was dancing on the table before.”
Chris paused, eyes widening as he registered the sound of knuckles cracking. “Dude –”
“And you know she has that thing for Top, right?” James added, ignoring the sound of the door swinging open, the intimidating figure of Rafe Cameron looming overhead. “You reckon she’ll need someone to comfort her, now that he’s with Ava? Because I would be more than happy to –”
“Wait, what?” Rafe gritted, his pupils flared. “What the fuck did you say?”
James faltered, wincing momentarily before forcing himself to turn. He blanched as he gave Rafe a timid once-over, figure appearing almost limp under his hardened gaze.
“Dude, relax.” He swallowed, tugging at his shirt collar nervously. “It’s not a big deal.”
Rafe let out a mirthless laugh, his clenched knuckle jerking against his side, daring him to continue. “What the fuck did you say, James? Repeat it.”
“I –”
He peered over Rafe’s shoulder helplessly, catching Noah’s worried figure stride through the door, as though on queue. “Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing.”
“It didn’t seem like fucking nothing.” Rafe seethed, a forefinger punched against James’ chest, rough enough to leave a bruise. “Say it again. I fucking dare you.”
Noah stepped forward before James’ could respond, offering the boy a tight lipped smile before applying a punishing grip on Rafe’s shoulder. “Dude, c’mon.”
Rafe scoffed, pulling away roughly. “Nah, bro. James was in the middle of telling a funny little story about someone. Go on, James, where were we?”
James’ raised his arms in surrender, eyes darting around the room nervously. “Forget I said anything. I’m leaving.”
“Good idea.” Rafe snarled, his jaw painfully tight. “If I see you near her –”
Noah’s lips parted slightly, realisation dawning on his features as he turned toward Rafe’s figure. “Oh, fuck sake, this is about Y/n?”
“So?” Rafe scowled, exasperated. “You should’ve heard the way he was talking about her, knowing that she’s my girl –”
“Dude.” Noah interrupted, quirking an eyebrow at the admission. “She’s not your girl.”
“You know what I mean.” Rafe muttered, raking his fingers through his hair. “Come on. I need a drink.”
Noah faltered, sighing defeatedly before following him toward the living room. “You need to stop fucking doing that.”
“Doing what?” Rafe challenged, whirling around balefully. “Don’t fucking start on me, tonight, White.”
“Cameron.” Noah warned, eyes half-closed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “She’s not your girl, bro.”
Rafe shifted his gaze heavenward, his lips pursed arduously. “Not yet.”
“Not yet?”
Noah paused, cocking his head to one side knowingly. “What about Amber?”
“What about Amber?” Rafe scoffed, his eyes darting toward the kitchen, frustrated. “Did you see where James’ disappeared to?”
“You’ve been hooking up with her for the past fucking year.” Noah pressed on, willing Rafe to connect the dots, his tone careful, encouraging. “If you’re serious about Y/n –”
“Whatever.” Rafe muttered, only half listening as he pushed past Noah’s figure. “I’m going to go find him.”
Rolling his shoulders with finality, he strode through the large living room, beelining for Chris’ figure where it stood, leaning against the coffee table.
“Where’s your buddy, Chris?” Rafe gritted, gripping at his shirt collar warningly. “Can’t seem to find him, anywhere.”
“We’re not friends.” Chris swallowed, his eyes flitting toward Rafe’s whitened knuckles, Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. “I think I saw him go outside.”
“Y/n’s there too.” He added quickly, wincing as Rafe shoved him against the opposing wall. “On the grass.”
Rafe gave him a curt nod, chest rising and falling with rapid breaths as he strode toward the deck.
The sun was dipping over the horizon as he stepped outdoors, it’s orange embers replaced by the bonfire attracting an audience in the distance. Well and truly in swing, it had thinned the throng of party-goers that initially flocked the wooden deck, with only a few stragglers remaining behind, congregating in cliques on it’s edges.
Without the added obstacle of traversing another crowd, Rafe spotted you easily in the distance, your figure laying down on the dewy grass, with James hunched over beside you. You weren’t quite sure what exactly he was saying, too busy enjoying the condensation against your heated cheeks, the way the pink sky appeared to spin in time with the music.
Rafe halted momentarily before drawing nearer, his eyes searching the group migrating toward the bonfire, attempting to find your best friend among them.
He wasn’t sure in this moment (nor in any moment, for that matter) how exactly Topper came to deserve your unconditional adoration. As far as Rafe knew, he had encouraged your copious alcohol consumption, and now, he was leaving you, unbothered, with another girl dangling off his arm. He wouldn’t dream of treating you the way your so-called, best friend, was; hell, he had spent the better half of this party remaining sober, a careful eye trained on your figure in an attempt to keep you safe.
As Topper’s indifference washed over him, Rafe Cameron felt a compulsive need to punch something. And as he watched James’ guide you to your feet, registered his knowing gaze, the way his fingers lingered against your bare waist, Rafe Cameron was fairly certain he knew exactly what that something was.
“Johnson.” Rafe glowered, his voice dangerously low. “Already forget about our little chat?”
“S’you Rafael?” You slurred, peering over James’ shoulder dolefully. “Supppppppp.”
Rafe’s gaze softened, his eyes flitting over your blanched features worriedly. “You alright, sweetheart?”
“Sweetheart.” You repeated, furrowing your brow in an attempt to gather your thoughts. “S’Ava Topper’s sweetheart?”
James quirked an eyebrow at the question, his grip on your waist tightening. “Don’t worry about that douchebag, Y/n, I’m here now.”
You blinked several times, cocking your head to one side. “L’go of me.”
“Y/n” James frowned, gazing down at you bemusedly. “It’s James.”
You ignored him.
“L’go of me.” You repeated, voice cracking as you blinked back unshed tears. “You’re an asshole James, y’know that?”
James paused, leaning backward to survey your expression. “You’re not serious?”
You frowned, palms pressed against his chest as you stepped backward. “Heard you before. Little speech.”
“Look.” James responded, his tone wavering slightly. “I don’t know what you heard, but –”
“She said.” Rafe gritted, his jaw set as he shoved James’ chest roughly. “To let her fucking go, buddy.”
James stumbled backward, his eyes darting toward your figure as Rafe stepped forward. “What the fuck?”
“I thought – ” Rafe spat, pausing momentarily to steady you as you turned. “– I told you to stay away from her.”
“Whatever.” James muttered, rolling his eyes as you let out an inelegant groan. “Waste of fucking time. I’m going to the bonfire.”
“Bonfire.” You echoed, a single tear running down your cheek. “Good.”
Once Rafe was certain James’ was out of sight, he forced his jaw to slacken, his brow knitted worriedly as he pulled you into his side. “Y/n. Are you alright?”
You swallowed several times, your breath shallow, eyes welling dangerously. “No.”
Rafe paused, raising your chin slightly as you wrapped your arms around his torso. “Y/n…”
He trailed off, impossibly gentle as he thumbed at your cheek. “…who did this to you?”
“Topper.” You hiccuped, scrunching up your features, running mascara blurring your vision. “Don’t tell’him’.”
“Don’t tell anyone.” You added hurriedly, wide-eyed as you gazed up at him. “Promise?”
“Topper?” Rafe repeated, and you could feel his bicep tense at your side, already halfway making for bonfire. “What the fuck did he do? I’m going to fucking kill him –”
“Stop, Rafael.” You frowned, kneading at his cheeks, an endearing attempt to slacken his jaw. “He did nothing. S’not his fault I like him.”
“Anyway.” You laboured, taking his hand expectantly. “Promise. Pinky promise.”
Rafe faltered, exhaling sharply as he registered your defeated expression. Though there was a part of him that wanted to leave you there, temporarily; bludgeon James’ at the bonfire and scold Topper until he couldn’t breathe, he wasn’t sure he was capable of abandoning you. You belonged at his side, you see, Rafe Cameron was certain you always had.
“I promise.” Rafe responded finally, his pinky linking your own, impossibly tight. “Will never mention this again.”
“Thanks. He’s a good guy, Topper.” You nodded, convincing yourself more than anyone else. “M’not going to remember this tomorrow, anyway.”
Rafe swallowed, and though he drew his pinky backward, he swore the invisible connection remained, tingling through his fingers, dancing up into his chest. “Yeah.”
“Bonfire, Rafael.” You announced after a beat, chewing at your bottom lip thoughtfully as you looked over the empty deck. “Everyone s’gone?”
“Mm-hm.” Rafe nodded, your expectant gaze forcing his to soften; realising in this moment that you needed him, much more than he needed to get even. “C’mon. Let’s get you a glass of water.”
“But.” You protested, your feet dragging against the glazed wood. “The bonfire.”
“What about it, sweetheart?”
You swallowed several times, willing yourself to sober. “It’s now. Why did you stay?”
“Because.” Rafe responded, and though his voice was barely a whisper, the conviction in his tone raised goosebumps on your skin. “It’s you.”
It’s you. The only words you managed to remember the next morning, headache ringing through your ears, dehydration constricting your dry throat. It’s you. The only words that mattered. The only words that ever had.
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outerbankies · 15 hours ago
i woke up sick so that means doing nothing today but re reading new light 😌 have a good weekend bestie!!!! 🤍
:( feel better my sweet ! hope this short lil one-off cheers you up <3
new light blurb: wake me — rafe cameron
new light series masterlist
warnings: swearing, reader being sick
"y/n/n," a soft voice awakens you, the touch on your shoulder light as a feather. "sweetheart, wake up."
"hm?" you shuffle around in the covers, noticing you had an iron-grip on the comforter in your sleep. your body shivers involuntarily, and for a moment you think rafe just woke you up to complain you stole the covers from him again. but as your body wakes entirely, you pick up on more things—that nasty feeling in the back of your throat, the way every muscle in your body aches, or the intense heat you can feel settled in right behind your eyes. "rafe, i-i don't feel good."
"i know, baby," he hushes, already sitting up. he flicks the lamp on his bedside table on, the light casting a glow over his sleep-mussed hair. your body follows the heat of his as he moves away from you, but he's coming back soon enough to rest his hand on your forehead. "jesus, y/n/n. knew it—you're burning up."
you half-groan, half-whimper as you burrow further into the covers you'd wrapped around yourself in your sleep. rafe looks at you sadly, moving some hair out of his face.
"i'm gonna go get you some meds. but you're on fire, sweet girl," he tuts. "woke me up. cold shower would bring your fever down."
you protest immediately, shaking your head. "no way. i'm fucking freezing. just wanna cuddle."
"i'll cuddle you after. c'mon."
rafe somehow manages to drag you out from under your pile of blankets after he takes your temperature and finds it higher than he even thought it'd be. he gets your shower running and watches you get in (making sure you don't flip the handle to the hot water) before he's rifling through the medicine cabinet for anything that'll help, flicking the kettle in the kitchen on to brew you some herbal tea.
he's waiting for you outside of the shower when you finish, with a soft smile and a warm towel ready to be wrapped around you, fresh out of the dryer. "feel better?"
"yeah," you admit weakly, standing there on shaky legs while he just holds you for a second. "thank you."
"no problem. take this," he says, passing you a few tablets and helping you get a drink of water to wash them down. "laid out some fresh clothes for you."
you change into the sweatshirt of his and leggings of yours that he'd picked out for you while rafe finishes up with your tea, and you notice a fresh box of tissues and an array of remedies on your bedside table: some vaporub, chapstick, and a freshly refilled hydroflask (you were still proud of how you'd successfully convinced rafe to give up on plastic water bottles about a week after you moved in together).
the shower helped but the medicine has yet to kick in, and you sit down on the side of the bed and find yourself teary at the sight, sniffling as rafe comes back into the room.
"hey, hey," he says, setting your favorite mug down on a coaster and kneeling at your feet. "y'okay? what's wrong?"
"yeah," you sigh. "just hate feeling like this."
"i know, sweet girl," he says. "you should get back to sleep if you can, okay? your medicine will kick in by the time i wake up for work."
"oh, fuck," you murmur, letting him tuck you under the covers. "don't even wanna think about work."
"you're not working tomorrow," rafe decides, propping you up against his chest once he's settled back into bed. you noticed he'd stripped completely down to his boxers so he could still sleep next to you and the overwhelming amount of body heat you must be producing—along with the fresh blankets he'd stacked on top of you. "got it?"
"got it, i'll send out some emails when i wake up again."
"i'll do it for you." rafe presses kisses on the top of your head, stroking your shoulders and twisting some loose strands of hair between his fingers while you sip your tea and watch whatever sitcom re-run he'd found at the late hour. he'd made it just the way you like. "feeling better?"
"a little. thank you."
"think you might have the flu, baby. it's been going around—half of wheez's science class had it last week."
"nooo," you groan.
"i know, i know. i'll call your doctor and see if we can fit you in in the morning," he says, plucking your mug out of your hand and turning off the light. "think you can get back to sleep now?"
"yeah," you mumble, already on the verge of dozing off against his chest. "rafe, you should go sleep on the couch so you don't get sick."
"ah, c'mon, y/l/n," rafe says, pulling you even closer, a warm hand lifting up the back of your sweatshirt so he can stroke your back. "my immune system is stronger than that."
"i don't think that's how it works."
"s'how mine works. it knows i need to be around you," he says, and you can just make out his cheesy grin before your eyes shut for good.
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seriesxwriting · 20 hours ago
I missed you.
Tumblr media
Warnings- fighting, kissing, swearing, drinking, “slut”, Talking about sex.
Summary- rafe gets jealous of one of your new male friends and starts a fight.
Pairing- rafe X you
Seires- outer banks <3
Rafe bibbed his horn off his sparkling white Mercedes. He hung out the car smiling and waving up at me. I was always waiting in that window, behind those pale glass panels of my bedroom. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in a week, he’d been on a business trip with ward and I knew they stressed him out so we didn’t talk about them. I smiled back excitedly, we were going to a party on my favourite beach. The one with the pink seashells that washed up on the shaw and the crowding trees that i loved listening to when they Russell in the wind with a tune. This party always had the best fireworks and the best alcohol and it was also secluded meaning …no tourons!.
I bounced down the stairs in a hurry and full of contentment.
“Y/n how many times do I have to tell you to not run down these stairs, you will fall and break your neck hunny” my mother slid out of the kitchen with a bowl under her arm and a wooden mixing spoon in the other.
“What you baking?” I glimpsed over with glee in my eyes. “It’s a surprise, be safe out okay” y/m/n nodded with warning and a serious eyebrow raise. “I always am… besides I’m gonna we with Rafe the whole time” I bit my lip heading for the door “tell him I said hi” she shouted returning to the kitchen. I stepped into the glittery moonlight of the night fully intrigued about how this was all going to go. Rafe cupped my face when I walked over and raising my self on my tippy toes our lips caught.
“I missed you” he tucked my y/h/c-t hair behind my ears “missed you more” I giggled hugging Rafe tightly. I really had missed him and the hug almost made me cry with relief he was back. “Ready to go babe or you gonna cling to me like a koala” he chuckled in my ear swinging me around. “I’m ready to go I guess” I ruffled his hair and went around to my side of the car climbing in breathing out with a smile while Rafe put my bag in the back. Like a gent.
We caught up, laughing and talking about the week he’d missed here. I hadn’t done much, I went out with topper and kelce a few times to partys and stuff. I knew Rafe would have wanted me to go to a party with someone he trusted so if anyone started on me they’d get beaten the shit out off. He was extremely protective and I loved it sometimes, or sometimes it scared the shit out of me because he could get hurt. Because of me. Rafe pulled up and we carried our stuff over to where we’d spotted our mates.
“Look who’s back” topper shouted drunkenly “back AGAIN” kelce sang loudly, also completely wasted. “Look who’s fuck face drunk…” he laughed placing our stuff down in the sand. “I hear you’ve kept an eye on my girl, thank you” Rafe nodded seriously, even though he knew that because he spoke to us every day. “No problem any thing for you bestie” topper winked putting his beer in the air. “Your a mess top” I laughed shaking my head and walking towards the keg. Picking beer up for Rafe and I.
“Y/n! Hey… I didn’t know you were coming tonight” Joseph jogged over wearing no top and running his hand through his long brown silky hair. “Oh- hi yeah I came” I shrugged laughing and sipping my drink. “Yeah I see that, who’d you come with top and kelce have been here ages” he wondered pouring his own beer. “Rafe, he came back this morning and then we met them here” i explained. I didn’t mind Joseph I only properly met him earlier on this week at one of the party’s and I see him at every one now.
I wonder if it was a coincidence he only introduced him self when Rafe wasn’t with me but I chose to breeze past it. People were warning me about him breaking a lot of couples up and going for the girl. “Oh- he’s back is he how was his trip” Joseph wondered dropping his smile but fixing it quite quickly. “It was- educational” I shrugged laughing a bit “we don’t really talk about his business trips, it’s stress we like to leave on the trip- don’t bring it up”. Joseph nodded understanding.
“Who’s she talking to? Is that Joseph Riley” “yeah there friends now, though we told her to watch out” topper rolled his head looking over at us. “Friends” Rafe mimicked in a child’s voice “friends my ass” in a sudden he was making his way up the sand hill towards me. “Babe, you all good here” Rafe slid as arm around my waist protectively pulling me towards him. Oh boy here we go.
“Yep here you go” i passed Rafe his cup “hey mate how was your trip” Joseph straight away jumped into even though I’d told him Rafe didn’t like talking about it. I eyed joe with confusion “Educational” rafe connected his eyebrows in anger. Joseph nodded feeling awkward “I’ll catch up with you later joe” I widened my eyes for him to go before Rafe did something bad. “Nicknames huh” Rafe nodded raising his eyebrows “Rafe come on” I tried taking his hand but there was no effort in him taking mine back.
“We’re just friends man- she’s allowed to have friends you don’t own her, y/n is can make her own choices” “Joseph seriously don’t” I warned him now having to step in front of Rafe. Smoke was almost about to rise from his ears and nose if I didn’t get him out of there. “Rafe let’s just go come on” I pulled his face down to me. In effort to calm him down
“no y/n I can see the way he’s gawping at you… you might be his friend but there’s no way that’s all he wants you to be” Rafe narrowed his eyes. “You might as well tell him y/n” Joseph shrugged smirking dangerously “excuse me?” I turned around frowning “tell him,.. we fucked”. My heart dropped at the lies spewing from his disgusting mouth. “What the fuck are you talking about! I would never fuck you, creepy bastard” rafes grip on my hand tightened and he spun me around. I thought it was so I wouldn’t slap the wanker but I soon realised it was so Rafe could reach him.
“She was a little slut for me, she’s beautiful when on her knees- tell him what you told me”. Rafe turned around and punched Joseph in the face hard, I let out a little scream covering my mouth. Topper and kelce were over in a flash but the two boys were already in a fight and everyone was watching.
Rafe got him good but Joseph definitely got him back a few times twisting my stomach. Tears flooded like rivers out my eyes and I gripped hard on to kelce’s arm for support. Topper was going to get in there but kelce stopped him, Rafe would go mad if topper had helped.
In that instant Joseph had fallen to the floor now spitting out sand. Rafe was about to kick his face in but he caught eye contact with me. He stopped what he was doing breathing for a second, rafes lip was bleeding, his eyebrow was cut and there was already a bruise forming on his jaw. His knuckles were also in a bad state, cut and bruised. Though Joseph was a lot worse off, I’m sure his nose was broken and he had marks and cuts all over his stomach and face.
Rafe kicked the sand back at his face a bit and then made his way over to me. “Your such an idiot rafe” I blurted out but my actions didn’t show it. I clung to his neck embracing him worriedly “y/n, I’m in love with you” he admitted in front of everyone. We’d never said that before. “Now is such a stupid time to say that” I shook my head at him trying not to smile. “I mean it” he whispered in my ear seriously “I love you too, you idiot” I buried my head in his neck. “I didn’t Fuck him- I wouldn’t touch him with a 10ft pole I prom-.” “I know, I know baby” Rafe nodded kissing my cheek.
“Let’s get outta here, I gotta clean you up” I whispered taking his hand. Rafe nodded his head smiling at me. Knowing even though I was mad at him we were Okay.
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luversgirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
summary: jj and pope are making out and get interrupted by y/n only for her to join
notes: this is based off @tommymcartney concept!!! sorry it took me so long my writers block decided to visit me and it’s so annoying
warnings: making out. sexual intentions & that’s it, i think?
Tumblr media
THE two sat in the chateau on the couch as they made out taking advantage of the empty house.
unknowingly y/n was in the house looking for her favourite lighter.
“hey have you guys seen my-“ y/n paused seeing the two boys blown out red lips.
“oh, um sorry i was looking for my lighter, have you guys seen it?” she apologized and questioned shyly feeling bad she interrupted the two boys.
“this it?” jj smiled as he moved his hand from pope’s hip into his pocket and grabbed the lighter pulling it out.
“yeah” she smiled reaching out to grab it only for the two boys to pull her down onto the couch with them sitting on each one of their legs half-straddling both of the boys.
“hey” pope spoke playing with the girls hair around his finger.
“h-hi” y/n stumbled out her words.
“wanna join us?” jj brought his hand to her waist kneading the skin on it.
“i, um-”
“come on y/n” pope whispered as he started to kiss along her neck trying to find her sweet spot.
“okay” the girl moaned at popes actions.
“yeah?” jj whispered to her as he moved his hand from her hip to her face holding it while he rubbed his thumb on her lip.
“yeah” she repeated nodding jj moving quickly to kiss her on the lips.
“that’s a good girl” the two boys smiled knowing what would be happening that night.
and oh boy they were right.
Tumblr media
taglist: @prettyboystarkey @pogueslandia @iheartrafecameronsmut
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poge-life · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My new favorite pictures of Drew. I’m convinced he can never take a bad photo 🥵
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goldenroutledge · a day ago
・。˚☾ ghostin ☽˚。・
pairing: rafe cameron x reader
wc: 0.9k
prompt: ‘If it’s any consolation, I promise not to ghost you when the season’s over.’ [requested by @drewswrld <3]
a/n: i saw opal had this headcanon about rafe dancing in the refrigerator light w y/n so i tried to add that in there lol hope u like it
rafe masterlist
Tumblr media
The sheets rustled around your lethargic figure as you rolled over on your back, detaching yourself from the close hold Rafe had on you during the night.
At the loss of your warmth, Rafe shifted a bit, letting out some incoherent mumbles.
You had to catch yourself from smiling, but it was no use. Once you were admiring the way his hair laid against the pillow, how a few strands fell down to his forehead, the way his chest rose and fell slowly with his breathing, the way his lips smudged into an adorable pout, how his-
What are you thinking, Y/n? Some self control would be nice.
The thing was, your relationship with Rafe wasn’t defined yet. Sure, you two had an undeniable connection. But how far could a little chemistry really go?
If anything, you knew you didn’t want to be the one to initiate the awkward ‘what-are-we’ talk, or even rush to put any labels on your relationship.
Regardless, that seed of hope continues to sprout in your mind that Rafe is on the same page as you, or at least is on the same chapter.
It depends on who you ask. Some would be able to easily explain that it’s just a friends with benefits situationship, telling by the articles of clothing that were guaranteed to be scattering the floor at the end of the night. On nights like tonight.
Others would say it was the beginning to a love story if they’ve ever seen one, judging by the stares across the room or the sudden interest when the other was brought up in conversation.
All you knew was that you were enjoying your time with him more than you should’ve for just a hookup.
From just arising out of sleep, your mind surely took the initiative to overthink things tonight.
Shaking it off, you carefully stepped out of bed and picked up the closest piece of clothing you could find. Coincidentally, it was Rafe’s shirt.
After slipping it over your head and rubbing the tiredness from your eyes, you were off to the kitchen. A cold glass of water would hopefully help clear your mind.
You kept the fridge door open for the sake of the light, unintentionally spacing out while sipping on your water.
Hopefully your love life will figure itself out at this point. Maybe it was time to surrender and let whatever happens, happen.
Suddenly, two bare arms slithering around your waist almost made you drop the glass on your foot as you jumped, but it was only Rafe behind you judging by his body weight shifting as he held onto you while pressing kisses into the crook of your neck.
“What’re you doing up?” He mumbled.
“Couldn’t sleep. Did I wake you?”
“Kinda. Just wanted to come check on you.” Rafe muttered into your skin. “And to come find my shirt.” Looks like someone stole it.”
“Oops.” You smiled, running your fingers through his hair.
“You wear it better than me, anyway. I don’t mind.”
“And you wear my… bedsheets, quite well too.” You giggled, fully turning around to see your top sheet wrapped around Rafe’s body, traces of his muscles showing through.
Rafe lazily smiled at the joke, nudging you with his arm. “You wanna come back to bed?”
Your tone of voice was a bit uneasy, though you cleared your throat shortly after to cover up any wavers.
Rafe quirked an eyebrow, suspicious.
“Or we could talk about what’s on your mind..?”
“Who says there’s anything on my mind? I can’t have a midnight trip to the fridge just because?”
“You know what I’m talking about.” Rafe noted. “Come on, talk to me.”
“What if it’s personal, Cameron?”
“Well, I’m a person.”
You gave him a playful glare, to which you earned a cheeky smirk in response.
“You could speak in hypotheticals, if that helps.”
With a sigh, your eyes flutter shut. At the end of the day, you could talk to any and everyone about the complicated subject that is your feelings. But the only one that mattered right now was standing right in front of you.
“Okay. Hypotheticals it is.”
Rafe nodded, letting you know he was ready to listen.
“Hypothetically… what if I really like this guy I’ve been seeing, but I’m not sure where it’s going, or if I should voice my feelings, or just let things be?”
The corners of Rafe’s mouth turn up, but he tries to remain calm.
“Then I would tell you, that hypothetically, he probably really likes you too. And hypothetically, he may not know where it’s going either, but he knows he wants you around for a long time.” Rafe continued.
“Okay.” You nod in understanding, lips slowly curving into a smile.
“You sure this is just a hypothetical?”
“If it’s any consolation…” Rafe began before throwing the sheet over his head, the fabric draping over his body. “I promise not to ghost you when the season’s over.”
Laughs erupt from both of you, and you remember that you’re lucky nobody else is home tonight. You pull the sheet off of Rafe and wrap it back around him, letting your arms hang around his neck.
“That’s great consolation, even if it comes in the form of a pun.” You tease, smiling through a kiss to his soft lips.
The two of you sway slightly back and forth, the refrigerator’s light illuminating your sleepy but blissful midnight confessions to each other.
Rafe smiles, taking one of your hands in his before twirling you around once, pulling you back to his chest.
“Well, if you need any more hypothetical advice, I’m your man.”
Tumblr media
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kiemaybanks · a day ago
“madison hates jiara” oh really?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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toriswrites · 2 days ago
JJ Maybank x Reader
day 2 of tori’s holiday fics 
Prompt:  JJ using mistletoe as an excuse to kiss you!
tori’s song suggestion for this fic
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The bundle of green and white was tied off with a red bow and hung in the archway of the entrance of the kitchen. The party in the house was hosted by you was an annual thing. Half of the school attended the holiday party, mainly for the free food and spiked eggnog. 
There was a table of cookies, a mix of store-bought cookies and homemade cookies. There was a deplenishing punch bowl of eggnog next to the cookies along with plastic cups and small paper plates, all holiday decorated. 
Your boyfriend was somewhere in the house, wearing the Christmas-related shirt you bought him last year. JJ was probably drinking another cup of the spiked eggnog and trying to convince Pope to sing karaoke in the living room. 
Being the host, you felt like you hadn’t had a moment to sit down, trying to make sure that there were enough cookies or that no one was too drunk and knocked down your family’s holiday decorations. You almost jumped out of your skin when someone’s hand landed on your waist. 
You were carrying another jug of eggnog to add to the punch bowl and it almost slipped out of your hand when your blond boyfriend put his hand on your waist. You were quick to recognize your boyfriend’s snickering as he spun you around to face him, “Didn’t mean to spook you.” 
“JJ! I almost dropped this!” You scolded, carrying the jug to the table of goodies, uncapping it, and adding the contents to the punch bowl. “I haven’t gotten any time with you tonight,” he whined, “you owe me a karaoke duet!” 
You laughed, “Since when do you sing karaoke?” 
JJ’s eyes caught sight of the green and white plant hanging in the archway of the kitchen. He quickly took the empty jug out of your hand and gave it to a random person passing by. “JJ! What are you doing?” You spoke as he pulled you toward the archway of the kitchen. 
“Oh look! Mistletoe!” He said, placing the two of you directly under the hanging plant. “You were the one who insisted on putting it up,” You rolled your eyes playfully. 
“Gives me an excuse to kiss you.” JJ’s smile was wide and playful as he looked at you. 
“As if you ever need an excuse,” You mumbled as he leaned in to kiss you.
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joelsfarabees · a day ago
congrats on 800 (or basically 800 😂)!!! i hope this helps you get back into the groove of writing!
can i get a fem!reader rafe cameron fluff? maybe something along the lines of, reader has been gone at college several months and rafe misses her so he surprises her on her college campus?
(unless you aren’t taking like specific requests lol, whatever you want to write is perfectly fine with me!)
sorry this is so late!!
“surprise sweetheart! i missed you.” he says pulling a bouquet of your favorite flowers from behind his back.
he pulls you into a hug, kissing you softly. after you both pull away you tug him into your room.
“ what are you —” you begin before he speaks again.
“ i’ve been missing you and wanted to come surprise you.” he says with the goofiest smile on his face.
“i’ve missed you even more baby, i’m so happy you’re here.” you say pulling him in for another kiss.
this was kinda shit but enjoy <3
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