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#outgoing mail
axe-of-ender10 hours ago
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bujodiy8 months ago
馃摠 Things to put in pen-pal letters 馃摠
This is not an exhaustive list, there are plenty of other things to include in penpal letters that aren鈥檛 listed here. As long as you are being creative and having fun, that鈥檚 what really matters!
Dried flower petals
Dried plant leaves
Sticky notes
Memo pad paper
Earrings and necklaces
Vintage stamps
Polaroid pictures
Washi tape samples
Buttons, charms, or shells (depends on how big they are)
Pressed flowers
Ribbon and string
To-do lists
Playlist written on an index card
Coins , like pressed pennies or foreign coins
Tiny crystals and rocks
Cute erasers
Gift cards
Tiny bars of soap or spritzes of perfume on a piece of paper
A pair of socks (if the envelope is large enough to hold them)
Questions for you and your friend
Vintage pages of paper
Greeting cards
Extra stamps
A small pen
Film reels
Brochures from where you live or a place you鈥檝e traveled to
Tiny makeup samples
Something you鈥檝e colored or drawn
Uncolored paper for your friend to color
Paint color sample papers
Book or movie quotes
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travelinginenvelopea month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
June 16th 2021
I am back to snailmail! This was my first letter going to Germany to Lena. I reached out to her on Instagram because we seemed to have things in common and we became penpals. It was also only after I took these pictures that I realized I got the value of the stamps wrong so I added one more stamp after before mailing it out.
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lilstrikersheep4 months ago
Hello! My name is Miriam, I am 23 years old living in the USA! I recently moved to a new address and unfortunately lost a lot of my penpals on the move :( I鈥檓 hoping to find a few more so I can write more letters!
馃寠 My primary language is English but currently learning French, Italian, and Kanji/Japanese so if you want to start writing in any of those languages that would be fine as well!
馃崉 I am married, with an interest in all things weird, Ghost stories, true crime, anything creepy, I work in a coffee shop, and love indoor plants, I love everything Cottage Core as well!
馃尶 I would prefer to have Penpals between the ages of 21-26, Female please.
馃 Things I like to talk about/ about me:
馃 Reading: Junji Ito Stories
馃寵 Music: I love listening to True crime/ comedy podcasts! (My favorite Murder, Hey babe!, Sinisterhood, Cult liter.
鉁↖nterests: Whats going on in your life, work, school, hobbies, your town, pets, gardening! Whatever you want to share I鈥檓 here to listen!
DM me if you鈥檇 like to be penpals!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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axe-of-ender28 days ago
"i apologize for the person i will become when-" no. i am not apologizing in advance for the person i will be when final waltz drops. i'm going to shriek and shout about this little minecraft roleplay animation like it's a goddamn movie and you cannot stop me
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prismabunnyart3 months ago
What鈥檚 your favorite ice cream flavor?
curious anons
ooh it's so hard to choose!!!! my top favorites are chocolate, fudge brownie, cookies and cream, cookie dough, and Baskin Robbins' love potion #31 (especially the "dark" flavor variant, but I haven't seen her in YEARS)
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shotoyajournal8 months ago
hello !
[14022022] not accepting any more penpals atm ! thank you all for sharing and talking to me ~
[05022021] i haven't been on this blog for ages but i am looking for penpals (鈼嶁⑨礂鈥⑩棈) so i'm going to quickly introduce myself !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my name is ari, i recently turned 20 years old and i am from a little village in barcelona, spain! i am taking a gap year because of mental health but i study illustration and i am also a huge fan of crafts and diy projects.
here's my main interests ( 陥嶀礂陥)
kpop: !!!stray kids!!! ateez, day6, dreamcatcher, casual listener of a lot of people tbh
anime & manga: witch hat atelier, deadman wonderland, tokyo ghoul, bnha, blue period, ao no exorcist, toilet bound hanako-kun & many more
books & writing & comics & obviously drawing
animal crossing but i don't have a switch ;^;
i am okay with international mail ! i can write in english, spanish and catalan ^^ i would rather not do online mail though 馃様
hit me up in dms or reblog if u wanna be penpals !! i will edit this post when i am no longer accepting so dont be shy hehe
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travelinginenvelopea month ago
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Tumblr media
September 13th 2021
Tomorrow's outgoing to my new penpal Paige. Sending her a letter, some questions with playlist, a postcard, sunflower pictures, washi samples and some yellow cards as well.
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laceyeve9 months ago
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<<Outgoing Mail>>
I had previously showed a preview of this reply letter.聽 The letter was completed and went out a week ago.聽 Its on it鈥檚 way over to Jojo.聽 With luck it has now been received.聽 The Promised Neverland is such a good anime and since we both enjoyed it, thought it be fitting to use it for a theme.聽聽
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vera-simik7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Outgoing to Illinois ^^
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