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headcannon that jason always has a spare room ready for any of his siblings in your shared apartment.
so when you had asked him he wanted to stop going to safe house to safe house or climbing in and out of your small studio apartment. he immediately said yes and started sending you listings to apartment after apartment every second of the day and even facetiming you every now and then during patrol when he sees a building going up or a for sale sign.
the two of you finally went house hunting and he was honestly like a kid in a candy store, asking questions about amenities work, if animals are allowed, parking, he was a full blown homeowner at this point.
once the two of you settled on an apartment, it ended up bigger than the two of you even wanted but it stayed within budget. 3 full bedrooms and baths, walk in closest, and a beautiful kitchen which sent the two of you wild, it was perfect mix of modern and homey, something jason never had before he found you.
a home.
and jason couldn’t be happier.
he was going furniture shopping, calling you often and asking how exactly you wanted everything to be set up (he never really had a good eye for decorating, have you seen his safe houses?)
he wanted large couches because even though he claims his siblings annoy him and he would be better off without them, he doesn’t mean it, and he wants room for his family to be at HIS home with HIS soulmate.
but jason did make it a priority, it didn’t matter what you wanted or said, he wanted one of the extra rooms to be for his siblings. no one used it for anything else but them.
he picked the whole room out himself and he had never been prouder (except of his reading nook that he had in the corner of your master bedroom, he showed everyone the work he did). he picked out the bed, brought timmy to get a mattress and they agreed on one, painted the walls, and stocked the bathroom with the usuals, shampoo, face wash, first aid kit, extra anesthesia, ya know the normal things everyone has in their guest bathrooms.
he always kept the room neat and clean, changing the sheets and vacuuming the carpet every week, never openly offering it to his siblings but they all knew that it was open for them at all times. 
the first time timmy stayed over he was over the moon, of course he only expressed that to you not to his kid brother. he cooked tim’s favorite meal (was very bummed when he didn’t come out when dinner was called) but he kept it warm for him whenever he decided to come out.
he waited from 5 pm to around 9, worried sick as to why tim hadn’t come out of the guest room yet. he didn’t know if he got sick, hurt, or crashed finally from the caffeine jay watched him consume during patrol the night before.
finally mustering up the courage and knocking down the walls of ‘i’m a tough man’ act, jay finally grabbed the warm plate of spaghettini and gently peaked into the spare room seeing his younger brother working too hard on Wayne Enterprises bullshit (thankful he wasn’t the one who inherited the company as a teenager).
jay looked back at you with a smile, nodding that his kid brother (both of your favorite sibling of the many bruce wayne had adopted, well yours is obviously jason, tim’s a close second) was perfectly fine and he watched as you headed back to the two of yours bedroom, book in hand now waiting for your soulmate to eventually saunter back to spend time with you.
and of course jay annoyed timmy for hours after that, eventually getting him to eat, stop working, and thankfully sleep, and you could swear that jason slept with a smile on his face that night.
since then tim spend most of his time at your home, most of the time because he genuinely loves you and jay and your home, but other times because of fights with bruce or breakdowns he can’t have, or just for some quiet, something you and jay love endlessly, quiet.
after a while damian would come in between the visits of tim. he always said he just needed quiet or a place to think and draw without intrusions but what he really means is he loves hanging out with his big brothers partner, who actually paints with him and loves his animals (you take him to shelters and museums every time he’s free and at your home). but he also loves his brother (he will never admit that aloud) but he loves jays food and hanging out with him, if it be silence of speak just eating and watching tv, or having heated debates about books, help with homework (which dami will never admit he needs) or even going to get new ear piercings and books.
then cass started coming, she got the second spare bedroom that you had just decorated simply with decor and furniture from your old studio apartment. but that style changed as cass started to stay more and more and soon stef was coming with her after patrol and the third bedroom became theirs. purple and black with posters and flowers across the whole room on stef’s side, knifes and weapons laid on the dresser in cass’s side but lots of comics and school work on the desk too. (cass also has been loving the baby pink color and sage green so that’s been making appearances).
then of course lastly dick and duke started to come, more so for movie nights and adventures or anytime after patrol. dick really only sleeps on the couch because jay couldn’t fit a third bed in the room where tim and dami normally sleep. this three bedroom house is now housing at least 6 people and 5 different beds for the people to choose from. duke will normally take the couch as well unless tim or damian decides to actually sleep at their own house for once, then he grabs the spare bed.
but dick and duke tend to come less often, dick goes through phases (mainly because the two of you are best friends and when he visits gotham he ends up loosing track of him and just crashes at yours) and duke enjoys the manor, especially as everyone is now in your house more time than not.
of course jay and you need a break so he’ll close the doors for a few days, the longest was a month. he explains that you and him need some time and all of his siblings respect that no issue. they all go back to their mad house until jay sends a short sweet text saying ‘it’s a go’ to the group chat and they all come back to the silence that is apartment.
there are no fights or drama at jays place, it’s always calm and everyone gets along (leading bruce to almost selling the manor because the energy or feng shui is off so it makes everyone crazy; everyone yelled at him and damian threatened him and the thought was suddenly *poof* from bruce’s head.)
jason loves having everyone there and he loves that you and him are the ones to provide it. he feels like he’s apart of the family again after everything he’s been through and with all the work with the outlaws that he thinks has been spreading him from the bats (not on purpose, which is why it makes him sad) and when he tells you that, gosh your heart swelled so it barley fits in your chest.
and don’t worry, roy, donna, and bazaro spend time there as well. the outlaws have a monthly sleepover with you and jay, no other siblings.
but jay never thought he could be so happy, but he is and truthfully he can’t stop smiling.
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Hosea - finished portrait
My followers on instagram voted for him to be drawn, so here he is. The quality is a bit.. questionable, but its really just to protect my art from getting printed. So I keep the hd version of it. Drew him slightly younger than he is in the story.
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Porsche 356 O U T L A W
© K. Bari
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Tupac Shakur in Italy. (1996)
A Scottish street photographer in Milan captured him on his way out of a Versace show, just three months before his death. These unseen photos were hidden for decades.
Photography by David McLean.
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Good stock.
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Remembering Waylon Jennings:
June 15th 1937 - February 13th 2002
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The Empyreal Tombs sound like the perfect place for a blue shadow dragon to make a lair, because every dungeon needs more dragons. It is the name of the game.
Tumblr media
Monster Hunt: Thesh, the Enmity Exhumed
w̴̖̻͒̀h̵͚̙̽e̵̝̒r̷̬̉̓e̴̫̔ ̶̟͖͋̀â̶̢̭͋r̴͇͝e̵̿͜ ̷̫͊ý̷͈̩o̶̩̽̾ṻ̵̡,̶͓́͘ ̵̺̀͝t̵̀̈́͜ì̴̞̙͘n̴͙̜͒y̷̟͋ ̶̌ͅh̸̬̘́e̶͙̋̂ͅr̸̰͑͜o̴̞͘̚ ̵̧͌͌?̷̝͚̂ ̴��̫ͅ
Setup: Hovering along ruined corridors in a tangle of yellowed bones and frayed wrappings, the ghost of a once mighty dragon stalks through the dark, looking to avenge itself on the ancient champion who ended his life and embalmed him as an eternal offering to their patron deity.
Once little more than a mere rampaging beast, centuries of resentment and theological captivity have transformed Thesh's soul into a powerful and desperate thing, hellbent on revenge and capable of invoking supernatural powers that eluded him in life, flinging curses like other dragons spit fire.
Released by the party's inadvertent blundering about an ancient tomb, Thesh will resume his rampage across the countryside, convinced that his centuries of imprisonment were nothing more than a bad dream and that he is still a flesh and blood dragon. As with more traditional spirits, the comforts of a mortal life will do little to soothe Thesh’s frenzied existence, which won’t stop him from attempting to gorge himself or horde riches, which will only exacerbate his vengeful rage when these familiar comforts fail to sate the echoes of his appetite. 
Adventure Hooks:
A powerful merchant prince has suffered greatly under Thesh’s raid of her caravans, and invites the party to her polis with an offer to slay the beast. surprise surprise, The prince is well aware that the party are responsible for unleashing the dragon and throws them into a dungeon to await trial. Do the party think they can prove their innocence, or is escape the better option? The latter may prove easier, but it will see them as outlaws and enemies of the Merchant prince’s people, who’s agents operate in nearly every trading post across the sands. 
While opponents may first consider Thesh to merely be a reanimated skeleton, the odd weightlessness with which the dragon moves and the way its bones drift like chimes in an unseen wind will betray the fact that they actually face a spectral apparition puppeting its own remains like an oversized poltergeist. The heroes would be well advised to confront Thesh like they would a disembodied spirit, rather than a flesh and blood beast, as fighting the dragon head on may see him get so angry as to remember that he ISN'T alive anymore, and begin hurling around his own remains like an arsenal of damage resistant spears.
A necromancer of some talent and even greater ambition sees Thesh's return to the world of the living as some great boon, and is working on a spell that may bind the spirit to his will. Do the party trust this malefactor enough to aid in his attempt to acquire the ritual components? Is staying the dragon’s rampage enough of a prize to risk placing its reins in the hands of such a sinister individual ?
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Charles Smith - Rainy day.
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P 356 O U T L A W
©  A. Florin
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Track ready.
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// 356 Outlaw // // oxcroft //
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An Outlaw Christmas
Jason Todd x male reader (silver canary)
Trevor Signorino as Jason Todd, you know the drill!
Tumblr media
Jason was sweating hard as his feet hit the floor with each step, even though it was minus temperature outside and it was still early, Jason felt too hot to run with his gear on. Deciding halfway through to strip down to just his sweat pants he was running in.
He knew you would scald him for going out in the temperature it was right now, but Jason didn’t care. He had energy to burn off.
There was no one around in the streets of Gotham that December 23rd morning, except for the occasional Dog walker. Of course he got second glances when they saw him. He wasn’t sure if it was because he was half naked in winter or just because he was half naked. He didn’t really care though.
Jason stopped to take a breath, the freezing air suddenly hitting his back as he caught his breath. Realising just how cold it is. He put his shirt back on, though could still feel the cold air so put his sweater on too.
Walking back to your shared apartment he walked in to find you, standing at the counter still half asleep with your mug of coffee in your hand.
Your e/c eyes still glossy from sleep, your h/c hair messed up from the pillows. Your baking from the night before still scattered around, smells and treats still left over.
‘Morning bed head’ Jason chuckled, you glanced at him slightly.
‘Morning gorgeous’ you mumbled, Jason chuckled at the sight of your face. Trying to chug the caffeine to wake you up faster.
‘You know the more your drink that the more you’re gonna need the bathroom?’ Jason smiled as he walked over and poured himself a cup.
‘I know’ you smiled slightly, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
‘Gonna take a shower, care to join me?’ Jason asked with a flirty smile on his handsome face, you winked as you finished your coffee.
‘Not opposed, cold outside?’ You asked, Jason only shrugged. ‘Did you keep your shirt on this time?’ Jason only winced at the question which gave you your answer.
‘Not all the way’
‘Jason, it’s winter you’re going to make yourself sick’ you placed your hand in his shoulder sweetly. Jason shrugged and turned to face you, his height more noticeable as he towered over your shirt form.
‘Love that you care about me so much’ Jason wrapped his arms around your waist.
‘Someone has too’ you laughed, Jason pulled you in for a kiss.
‘You need to shower babe, you stink’ you said as you pulled away, Jason tickled your sides in response as you walked over to the door.
*knock knock*
‘Who is that?’ Jason asked you as he paused his game, you stopping your dusting.
‘I don’t know I’m in here with you’ you responded sarcastically.
Jason rolled his eyes as you smirked and walked over to the apartment door, opening it to see a young woman.
‘Hi, I’m Miranda I just moved in next door and wanted to introduce myself to the neighbours’ she smiled brightly, you held your hand out to her.
‘I’m y/n Lance, nice to meet you’ you smiled back as she shook your hand, Jason walked over to the door.
‘Hello’ Miranda said again, going shy at the sight of the two handsome men at the door.
‘Miranda this is Jason Todd, Jason this is Miranda’ you pointed to both of them to introduce, Jason have mmm gave her a firm handshake with a charming smile.
‘How long you guys lived together?’ Miranda asked as you stepped aside to let her in.
‘A couple of years now, time has flown by’ you replied as you walked with her into the kitchen, Miranda having a seat next to Jason at the table.
‘What do you guys do?’ She asked, Jason shit a wide eye look at you.
‘I’m a singer and song writer, Jason works in Wayne Enterprises’ you answered quickly, you had thought about how to answer this question already, as you couldn’t tell people you make money off of helping out Crime Lords or making money by stealing from criminals. You know, the odd outlaw illegal job.
‘Oh ok, how long you worked for Mr Wayne?’ Miranda asked Jason, intrigued.
‘A while, he lets me off with a lot though’ Jason joked, ‘comes in handy when he’s your Dad’ Jason whispered the second part to which Miranda smiled.
‘I thought I recognised you, along with the running down the streets with no shirt in this morning’ Miranda joked, going a little red in the face.
‘You take cream or milk?’ You asked her handing her the coffee cup, Miranda just shook her head.
‘I take it however it comes’ she joked, she got a glimpse of your muscles too, wondering what you would look like shirtless running down the streets of Gotham.
‘I must say, not the most intelligent of decisions, in winter running with no shirt on and in Gotham City none the less’ Jason laughed, you say opposite.
‘So where’d you move from?’ You asked Miranda, she just seemed like she wasn’t expecting your question.
‘Star City’ she replied, not saying much else, she just seemed to be more interested in staring at the both of you intensely.
‘Was lovely to meet you’ you said as you waved at Miranda as she was leaving later on in the day, Jason wrapped an arm around your waist and kissed your neck.
‘Think she likes us?’ Jason asked you, ‘could use some new friends’ he joked, you just chuckled lightly.
‘Think she likes us a little too much, she kept staring at us a little too long’ You replied very matter of fact, Jason seemed a little taken aback by that.
Not like he’d never been hit on by a woman before, he had it in the gym, the store and even at his Dad’s work. But never in his home.
‘Don’t be silly y/n I think she is just friendly’ Jason tried to brush it off, then having mental flashes of her staring for long periods of time.
‘That face says something else’ you laugh, Jason just sighed as he runs his face.
‘Guess we’ll pay her a visit with a present from the gay couple next door’ he suggests to which you only bid in response.
Patrol was a hard one that night as Jason had been hit in the shoulder quite hard and seemed to be struggling, you had to step in with the help of Roy.
The morning of December 24th you woke up with Jason wrapped around you, like a monkey holding onto a tree. Snoring lightly in your ear, you just lay there, feeling the cold air kissing your skin as you tried to find energy to move to check the time.
7:23am your phone screen shouted at you, the brightness of the screen in the dimly lit room didn’t help, your eyes hadn’t adjusted yet.
Jason stirred and moved a little, enough for you to roll out of bed without disturbing him.
‘Morning’ Roy whispered as he sat up on your couch, you winked at him.
‘Morning, coffee?’ You asked, he smiled as he stood up and walked to the bathroom.
The day was a pretty simple day as Jason didn’t roll out of bed till after 10, feeling too tired from last night and you being busy with baking. Roy was in and out too, making calls and delivering in between as he had last minute visits to make.
‘Hey beautiful man’ Jason cheered to you as he kissed you hard, you smiled in the kiss.
‘Hey you’
Jason poured himself some coffee and was on a repeat of you from the morning previously, chugging caffeine to wake up.
‘What are you baking?’ He asked you, the smell of gingerbread greeting his nose with a flutter.
‘Gingerbread, baking them for Miranda’ You said with your head buried into the baking tray as you took it out to have a look at your work.
‘Why does she get some and I don’t?’ Jason tried to put on a sad voice, acting grumpy.
‘She’s a new neighbour and I thought it would be a good idea, besides it was your idea’ you chuckled, Jason shrugged.
‘Ok, that’s a good point. Let me get dressed and I’ll take them with you’ Jason stood up.
‘It’s ok, finish your coffee, I’ll let you know how it goes’
Miranda hadn’t opened her door after the third knock, you thought maybe she was nervous as it’s Gotham, or maybe she was out. But then you see her open her door.
Hair in a messy bun, long knitted jumper on with a pair of sweat pants, no make up and looking rough.
‘Morning’ you smiled, Miranda went bright red.
‘Shit, you aren’t supposed to see a Lady looking like this’ she gasped in embarrassment, you put your free hand up.
‘Hey I live with Jason, I’ve seen worse’ you joked, she seemed a little relieved at that and smiled.
‘Me and Jason thought we would be neighbourly and drop off a little something for you’ you said handing her a container of Gingerbread, ‘I baked them this morning so they’re still fresh’
‘Oh my, y/n thank you, you bake? You’re a man after my heart’ she winked, you chuckled.
‘It’s the thing to do when someone new moves in, was Jason’s idea. In our relationship he’s the eater and I’m the baker’ you joked.
‘You guys are a couple?’ She asked, a little shocked.
‘Yeah, is that ok?’ You asked her, she seemed like she was a little sad but nodded.
‘Well anyway, me and Jason are off tonight with some friends and family so we won’t be back till 27th, if we don’t see you then have a Merry Christmas’ you smiled, Miranda just nodded.
‘Merry Christmas’ she said as she politely closed the door as you walked away.
You sat staring out the window of the passengers side as Jason kept driving, giving you a loving glance every so often.
‘You ok doll?’ He asked you as you broke your longing look out the window, you side smiled a little.
‘Yeah babe, just a little embarrassed’ you admitted, ‘Miranda was so interested in us and the look she gave when she found out, she looked upset, I didn’t even ask her if she has anywhere to go’ you choked a little.
‘Y/n, it’s not your fault or responsibility to look after people. Miranda is a grown woman who can take care of herself, if she doesn’t like us for us then that’s her problem’ Jason fires calmly to you, stroking your hand at the same time.
‘We there yet?’ Roy broke the moment as he shot up on the backseat from his power nap, you smiled as you glanced back.
‘Not yet big guy, got another half hour yet’ you laugh, Roy huffs and lays back down.
‘On that note, we shall have some music to keep us occupied’ Jason said as he turned on a radio station with Christmas songs blasting.
Artemis, Roy and Bizarro sat at the sides of the table talking over each other and laughing. Artemis was teasing Roy about his choice of clothing while Bizarro kept trying to give compliments that didn’t get taken as a compliment.
You sat laughing as Jason had his eyes glued to you, Jason tipped his head to the side to indicate you to leave the room with him.
You did, walking into the hallway of the Safe House only to be stopped by Jason who pointed up to the ceiling of the doorway. You smiled brightly as Jason placed both hands on the side of your face.
‘Merry Christmas my beautiful, amazing Man’ Jason had pure love in his eyes.
He kissed you so sweetly and lovingly, lightly pressing his lips to yours. You held onto his muscular arms, accepting the kiss and deepening it.
Roy stood in the hallway and cleared his throat, you both broke the kiss and looked at him.
‘Didn’t want to disturb you love birds but Bruce has called and asked what time you’re leaving for the manor?’ Roy said as he walked over, Jason just wiped his top lip as he thought for a second.
‘After dinner I guess’ you raised an eyebrow at Roy and nodded a little.
‘I think Dinah and Ollie will be there too, one big family’ you smiled, ‘of course you guys are family too’ you tried to save, Roy laughed heartily.
‘I know what you mean y/n, no problem’
Christmas with your family and the Outlaw family too was a big one, as it was the first time in a while a mission had been finished in time for the 25th. It was also the first Christmas you’d spent with Jason where you realised you were going to be with him for the rest of your life, the love between the two of you was so strong and hard to break. Everyone around you could tell.
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“Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.”
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