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Okay anons! Here we go! Under the cut will be my outline for the next Within Us Story (because i REALLY want to talk about it)

Contains: Medical quarantine, Imposters are the result of a parasitical infection, gendered crewmates, mini crewmates are children, Polus map focus, crewmate color pairings

Warnings: Safe, soft vore. Hard, fatal vore. Children being swallowed by adults. Deaths and mentions of. Blood. Injuries.

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Being a Shifter is hella rare so it’s a pretty big deal in the cultivation world.

So being a shifter is also a huge deal because there are so many factors going into it and even if you have all of the requirements (a high cultivation base, a strong/ancient bloodline etc) it’s always a toss-up for if they’ll become a shifter or not

So during the qishan training camp

Jc is targeted for various reasons

And one time wen Chao snaps and orders wen zhuliu to melt his coreAnd in a fit of a last ditch effort to protect himself (something is not the ‘proper’ path usually it’s through a lot of meditation or a surge of spiritual energy but little do people know that the shifting was supposed to only be a last-ditch effort to protect those worthy before cultivation was a widespread thing)

Jc shifts

They’re all sent back to their small rooms and jc is very agitated because he can’t find a way to shift backAnd the only other two people alive who have been able to shift was lxc and grandma Yu, both people who are decidedly not there

And wwx is very worried because even though he knows that jc would never hurt him intentionally, hes in the body of a very powerful animal, both spiritual and otherwise, and he’s very agitated, prone to lashing out in both fear and desperation

Wwx isn’t really surprised that jc is a shifter since there has always been something cat-like about his brother

He’s very flexible for one, like he’s been known to be able to rest on his forearms with his feet planted on the ground by his head. (If that makes sense)

He’s always stomping around because his footsteps are pretty much completely silent, causing him to scare one too many people by accidentally sneaking up to them

It’s a common practice whenever someone enters a common  room to look up because he’s taken a liking to stretching out on the ceiling beams he can fit on (and sometimes even those he can’t, just letting his limbs hang over the sides) and just napping there

whenever hes agitated, since they can’t exactly scruff him as a human, they just need to scratch behind his ears or underneath his chin and he deflates almost instantly

His eyes dilate whenever he’s happy

And the disciples have a running competition for who can make his eyes stay dilated the longest

(Yanli is the reigning champion)

Jim walked in on him dozing in the sun while Yanli was painting practicing her calligraphy while he sleepily rubbed his cheek into her forearm and knee

(Jfm immediately scolded him)And he tried to cover it up with his usually prickly self

And he tried to cover it up with his usually prickly self

Yep, and he was really downcast for the rest of the day because cuddles

But it was half-hearted

He used to get really distracted by Zidian because pretty sparkly string that mom is waving around

I have a headcanon that he teethed on zidian all of the time and that was a sign of his future talent with it because zidian was semi-sentient and while madam Yu was pregnant with jc, the spiritual energy from zidian seeped into jc’s spiritual energy and madam Yu’s but less so because wielding a high-class spiritual weapon like zidian has to change your spiritual energy somehow

Okay so jc is pacing in his tiger form, and after a while wwx is able to swallow his fear and slowly inch forward, making himself as less of a threat as possible

They can still retain a lot of their human consciousness in their shifted forms, so jc recognizes wwx easily and allows him to get close

He starts carefully scratching behind jc’s ears and underneath his chin, which is a familiar enough motion that allows jc to flop over wwx’s legs and start purring, or I guess rumbling since jc is still pretty big as an adolescent tiger

And once he’s calm enough, he’s able to shift back (thankfully clothed) and he just passes out from the stress and mental toll almost getting his core melted, shifting, and not being able to shift back put on him

And like the next day, everyone’s a little more reluctant to be near him (except wwx, nhs, lwj, and their disciples) because now jc’s even more of a target

And he spends that day being constantly on his guard and tense because Wen Chao hasn’t done anything yet and it’s making him antsy

So on the second day of Wen Chao not doing anythinf

Jc is ready to jump out of his skin

And so during 'training’ wwx and him are shoved by a Wen and he snaps, shifting and standing over wwx as he snarls

Wen Chao smirks because he was waiting for jc to snap and he tsks, striding forward with Wen Zhuliu guarding him.

“bad kitty, you were warned not to shift but here you are, breaking the rules.” And everyone knows that WC never said anything, especially because wwx was with jc the entire time, but they can’t say anything.

He signals for a pair of attendants who bring a clearly too-small collar infused with spiritual energy out and WZl brings out his own spiritual energy to tell jc not to resist

And so jc snarls and lashes his tail as they put it on, making it hard to breathe as it’s pressed against his windpipe

And the spiritual energy blocks his own so that he can’t shift back until it’s taken off

And Wen Chao smugly attaches a chain leash to the collar and has the attendants drag jc away as everyone else watches in horror

Okay, so they don’t see him for two days and that makes even lwj antsy because lwj has seen his brother and shifters need a lot more food than regular cultivators, even if they have access to their golden cores (which jc does not) and they’re pretty confident that WC isn’t feeding jc

And so wwx wakes up in the middle of the night to WZl carrying a human jc into the room and puts him on the bed (WZl respects yzy so he’s not going to be a total asshole to her son unless he’s explicitly ordered to do so) and he makes eye-contact with wwx and setting down a pouch full of meat buns before leaving

So the next day jc and wwx leave their room together and everyone is relieved that aside from looking a little peaky, jc isn’t hurt

And everyone sort of teams up to keep the Wens from targeting jc and if they can’t prevent it, they team up to keep him from shifting again

And flash forward to when they’re all getting out of the turtle of death’s cave and jc shifts to run faster to lotus pier for help to get wwx and lwj out, but he shifts back when he arrives so people don’t ask questions

Flash forward a little bit more to when Jim is scolding jc and wwx is like 'doesnt he know ur a shifter’ and jc is like 'i never got the chance to tell him, and telling him now would only seem like I was lying to get attention’

He’s excited to tell Yanli when she gets back from her trip to Meishan Yu (the Wens don’t arrive until a little bit later since jc got back to lotus pier much faster than in canon)

And wwx is still the only other person aside from jc and the other cultivators still alive at the indoctrination who knows because the other 18 yunmeng disciples were killed to allow jc to escape and run for help back at the turtle cave

And so when the Wens finally come, he forgets he can shift and stuff because he’s occupied

And he only remembers when wwx pulls him away after they find out that everyone is dead and burning

And he shifts, careful not to hurt his brother but he’s still upset and uses his head and blunt paws to knock wwx away

Making noises of distress because he was so useless that he didn’t shift to help his parents kill the Wens

And wwx just falls to his knees in front of jc and buries his head in jc’s fur, crying into it as jc lies down and wraps himself around wwx as much as he can as he cries. (Can cats cry? Idk… Anyway)

So flash forward to when jc shifts back to human and is in the alley while wwx goes to get food

And he sees the Wens heading for wwx, shifting and letting out a roar away from wwx

(in this au, wwx knows that jc distracted the Wens for him and thinks that he now owes jc for not only jc’s parents, but Jc’s core as well)

And so when he gets his core removed after being forced to shift back, he ends up stuck in his human form because a shifters core is a focus for shifting so getting the transplant doesn’t affect the shifting because I also headcanon that even with wwx’s core, jc’s meridians and qi still had his own spiritual signature unless you focused on the core itself if that makes sense

After he gets wwx’s core he can still continue to shift

So I’m going with the headcanon that jc was tortured worse and he had much more whip marks than one, and I’m mashing cql and mdzs canon together so wwx was able to get jc, but they didn’t stay in lotus pier

Jc wakes up and is, rightfully so, pretty traumatized/depressed/in shock

And it gets worse when he sees wq and wn because he forgets he can’t shift and he has a full-blown panic attack because of it

And so wq has to knock him out with her needles for longer

(and trap him in nightmares he cannot wake up from ehehehhe)

Because they can’t get close to tend to his wounds without him lashing out or his panic getting worse

So wwx has come up with a (not) foolproof plan to give jc his core and keep him from finding out

When he is woken up and calmed down with wwx’s core already inside jc, wwx explains that they found a super convenient text that mentions shifters being able to create new cores just in case (they had wn write it and they did some bullshit spiritual stuff to make the text look much older than it actually was

And unfortunately jc believes him still because wwx practices his acting explanation with wq until she admits that if she didn’t already know, she would be fooled herself. And jc is still currently traumatized so yeah.

And so they’re like 'you need to spend a day in ur tiger form on bssr’s mountain for it to fully settle

And everything goes according to the donghua canon for a while until during the ssc, nmj lxc and jc are ambushed and both lxc and jc shift to keep from being slaughtered while nmj is like 'imma put a hold on this for later’

So once they’re finished with the clean up and have gotten back to their camp, they sit jc down and he tells them how he shifted and everything.

version 1

okay, so they have to share a tent because they only have so many and already their men have to double up so they wouldn’t deprive any of their men (or women in jc’s case)

and jc curls up as a tiger but starts shifting back and forth when he has a nightmare.

and the other two sect leaders are woken up almost instantly because they’re in the middle of a war and they can’t afford for being heavy sleepers when they can be attacked at any second

they have their sword/sabre(or saber) out before they’re even fully awake only to realize that it’s just jc tossing and turning and shifting back and forth, whimpering and calling out 'no! no please! don’t take it!“ and phrases like that.

they look at each other in concern because nothing like that should ever come out of someone’s moth, much less a teenager as young as jc.

and they don’t want to wake him up because he’s been up more than they have, and if he’s been sleeping that badly, its only a matter of time before he crashes

so lxc shifts and curls around jc, using his own dragon-yness to change his dreams to something more peaceful (he would never betray jc’s trust by going into his dreams) while nmj keeps watch, making sure they aren’t disturbed or anything

time skip to the next night when they’re back in qinghe (since im basing that portion off of cql)

(Jc buries himself deeper into lan xichems scales enjoying the warmth that comes with a dragon)

Nie mingjue joims the cuddle pile


While grumbling


(Wholeheartedly but he has an image to uphold)

("Be quiet xichen i can hear you laughing at me, stop it”)

so they get advice on how to approach a defensive kitten and she smiles and tells them his secrets

but not too many, only a few, like how to help him relax

and they invite him for a 'strategy meeting’

operation: make the kitten trust us happens

they also get nhs to help

Two bros adopting a stray feral kitten because they have empty nest syndrome bc their brothers all grew up

NHS absolutely tries to pspspsps

Wei wuxian witnesses this and 'is amused’

this is after lwj and jc find wwx, or i guess he finds them

so lwj also witnesses this and is like 'brother why’

“You grew up so fast, i just want another baby bro”


jc nips them both.

Bc what the fuck.

He is a sect leader

They employ one of yanlis advice

The slow blink

Moving into his space but toherwise ignoring him to show that they are social and euqal and respectful

Not ignoring hut existing in the same space without bothering him, quality time

When he’s finally comfortable enough

They tell him about the nightmare and he’s like 'shit, well now that I trust you and youve only been accommodating, Its only fair to tell you’

And he starts explaining and they can tell that it’s affecting him, but his tone just gets more and more detatched

And they give him time to tell them on his own time, and he tells them about the destruction of his core and it’s reformation

But lxc is like 'thats not possible’ and jc puts together the pieces and starts to run off to yell at wwx

And they start yelling at each other in a room which jc used a silencing talisman with Yanli in the room to prevent eavesdropping

And then they refuse to talk to each other until the banquet and canon proceeds pretty much like normal with the added bonus of jc knowing he has wwx’s core and pretty much everyone knows jc is a shifter, the venerated triad forms later after the second seige of the burial mounds

And jc declines because he just lost his sister and brother and he has a sect to run/rebuild and a baby to raise, but nmj and lxc help anyway which jgy doesn’t like

And so jc is closer to nmj and lxc when when guanyin temple happens which hits him harder than before (wwx is not the perfect protagonist who was framed the whole time like in cql but whatever) and reconciliation is easier

Version 2

Things proceed as canon, but jc lxc and nmj are still closer but they only find out how he was tortured and not the core part

And so 3zun make frequent trips to lotus pier where two-thirds can bond with sect leader jiang and the one-third can keep and eye on him.

A-ling is adorable and yunmeng jiang civilians and disciples would cut a bitch for their sect leader

Reconciliation is relative

Lxc doesn’t go into seclusion in both versions because he has a very good friend who’s good at reading people and he didn’t put as much trust in jgy. It still hurt, but it didn’t shatter his worldview

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My sister got Pokémon Sword recently, and we’ve both been having so much fun with it! I even ordered Shield recently, so we can work on completing the Pokédex. She originally caught a Bounsweet to have as a grass type attacker, but she ended up sticking around and becoming part of her permanent party! All of Bounsweet’s evolutions are super cute, and I plan on drawing them all later. I started with Tsareena for now, and I plan on coloring this soon!

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