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I like to try to catch that time in between dinner and dark to sing and play outside, record videos, etc. Sometime after the sounds of the street have died down, after the birds have started to take over, and before the mosquitos do. It wasn’t exactly sunset this time, in fact I barely managed to squeeze this in before nightfall, but it turned out kinda sombre to match the tune. This is a new idea I’ve been working on, or rather trying to stay out of the way of. It’s happening to me more and more as a songwriter: I’ll come up with something that I’m not necessarily thrilled with, but if I leave the seed alone long enough to flower into its own entity (ie beginning, middle, end//independence enough to feel like it has nothing to do with me anymore), then (and only then?) it has potential to become something quite beautiful. The trick it seems, if natural-ness and authenticity are your goals, is to not f*ck with it too much! ⚙️

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