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Winds Blowing Sand Across the Dunes of a National Park (Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
A view looking to the northwest while walking some of the Sand dunes and ridges one late June afternoon. The idea for the composition of this image was to use an idea I’d read many years ago in a Digital Photography School article on the “impact of less.” By zooming in to a section of the sand dunes and ridges, I felt I created more of a focus to what was straight ahead with the area still caught in the warm glow of sunlight. Yes, there was also a “glow” because of the wind blowing the sand that brought out more of a blur in the sands. That area caught in sunlight with its warmer earth tones would then be a color contrast to the darker, shadowed areas in the upper portion of the image. I later worked with control points in DxO PhotoLab 3 and then made some adjustments to bring out the contrast, saturation and brightness I wanted for the final image.

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