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The Great Barrier Reef isn’t dead (yet)

This is a wake up call. This is no joke and the long term ramifications are hard to fathom. What is clear that action is required now. I have visited the GBR recently and I can not express what a loss this would be to each and everyone and everything. This is not only a great wonder of the planet but one of the most beautiful and complex living systems in the world and devastating for the wonder that is planet earth.  

The message should be that it isn’t too late for Australia to lift its game and better protect the Great Barrier Reef, not we should all give up because the Great Barrier Reef is supposedly dead,“ Terry Hughes, director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, told The Huffington Post.
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Before launching from a 10,500- foot ridge on Mardi Himal, in Nepal’s Annapurna Range, California photographer @codytutts handed the camera to his wife, @cherisetuts. On the anniversary of the country’s devastating earthquake, the two planned to paraglide on a thermal updraft that would carry them to 15,000 feet, and Cherise wanted to capture Cody near Fishtail, considered a sacred peak and therefore inaccessible to climbers. “Getting into position was tricky, but I knew it would be spectacular up there,” Cherise says. “Then all it really took was a gust of rising air.” #Exposure |

Via Outside Magazine.

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Renan Ozturk is a professional climber, artist and filmmaker. He loves interacting with high mountain culture in the Himalayas and creating outstanding pieces of art from his surroundings. Watch “Image Quest” on Outside Television.

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