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Thinking about doing Fictober this year… Maybe. It’ll definitely push my limits as in writing in a short period of time in between busy scheduling and tests but I think it’ll be fun.

If you wanna read my writing on this blog, check out the #rex does fictober tag on this blog (there’s nothing yet though)

Blease validate my writing;;;; when I post it;;;;

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Friends, I am not anti-Edelgard.

I dislike her methods and how controlling she is regarding her route. I dislike how (as posted before) she has few repercussions for her actions and how she has a ‘golden route’ when sure, the others achieve (earn, in Dimitri’s case) their 'happy’ endings.

And they aren’t even 'happy’!

No. I don’t hate Edelgard. But I dislike her actions and overall controlling behavior. Are there rebellions? Considering she basically dissolves Faerghus and acts as though they were never there (don’t quote me, but I’ve seen mentions of it) and removes the Church totally (which seeing as Fodlan is a theocracy or parts of it is), how is that such a non-issue that it’s not mentioned in her 'happy ending’?

No, I don’t hate Edelgard. But I don’t like her and her route, either.

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So with the news snippets as the Narrative Device in We Are Robin/Robin War, I’m was reminded of what happened after Steph’s death with the Child Registration thing and that’s what really spurred this on bc I’ve got a few Ideas about merging pre52 & N52 canons. And more specifically, thoughts on what growing up in the shadow of 3 Robin Deaths would mean for when the Robin Movement starts and what it means for Duke.

(Also wanna preface this, that y’all are more than welcome to your own interpretation/merging and are more than welcome to tag me in your metas on if/how you reconcile the canons! These are just some of my thoughts/plans!)

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Gale: …but God isn’t a false idol. He’s God. The actual Creator. I’m not telling you to worship the actual cross, I’m asking you to worship what it symbolizes. The whole of my religion is based around the idea that God is not a false idol.

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@sncwflick​ said: your secret is safe with my indifference. - with a slightly wry smile


     It’s rather early morning ━ even earlier than what he considered to be farm working hours, which is why he assumed he was safe for another hour or two. But he supposed he should’ve waited a few more days to gauge routines properly, but he’d grown restless. One of the chickens - names already forgotten - pluck at his hair in an almost preening fashion and Ritsu allows it.

     Even with the man’s arrival Ritsu doesn’t do much more than stare blankly, daringly. Having chickens sitting on him like a second nest perhaps ruin the affect, but he cares little about that. Maybe he’s a little worried. Song Zichen had always been the distant one and Ritsu could never gauge him. Didn’t really know what his intrusion meant here to the elder, although Ritsu could at least rest easy with the fact he didn’t expect violence. 


     Eventually words break their silence, and Ritsu is mildly surprised by the “truce” presented. ❛ … Hn. ❜ The barest hum of acknowledgement. His resting is ruined still though, so he lifts one of the chickens off him and soothes the protesting clucks with a gentle ruffling of feathers. Now was as good as any to start the day, he supposed.


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Marc: Iris, where are you?

Iris: *in a blanket fort* in the Fun Fort. You’re not allowed.

Marc: Excuse me?!

Iris: you’re not allowed. you’re not fun enough.

Marc: yes I am!

Iris: no you’re not.

Marc: fine! then I’ll go have fun with emcee.

Emcee: *in the blanket fort* get rekt

Marc: w H Y?!?!??!

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