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#ouyang zizhen

This far South, the winters are mild enough that Lan Sizhui rarely gets cold, but today is an exception. He doesn’t really miss it, especially when cold in the Cloud Recesses was treated as an occasion to improve one’s cultivation rather than a reasonable excuse to add another blanket on the bed. Among all the things that have changed for Lan Sizhui since came to live in Baling, this might be his favourite : people here are a lot more practical. 

Well, his second favourite, he corrects, smiling in spite of himself when his eyes drift toward his husband. 

While Lan Sizhui lounges in bed (do not be idle, he can hear his great uncle scold) his husband is still bent over his desk, hard at work. There’s always something to do in a sect of that size, and never enough people for it. Earlier Lan Sizhui himself got roped into helping repair the roof, part of which had collapsed after the unusually heavy snows. It was an interesting experience, and he thinks his father-in-law likes him a little better after seeing him work without a single protest. 

Life here is different, and Lan Sizhui likes it a lot. He’s never minded the rules of Gusu Lan, the calm of the Cloud Recesses, but there’s a sense of community in Baling that suits him better. It reminds him of something he’s mostly forgotten, hard days of his youth that never felt so hard because his family was together. 

He hopes Baling Ouyang will become family as well, someday. For now, though… 

Hard at work still, Ouyang Zizhen lights a new candle when the first runs out, and shivers. This won’t do at all. 

“Your father will scold me if you use too many candles again,” Lan Sizhui notes, refraining a yawn. “He seems to think I keep you up all night. As if we’d need light for that." 

Ouyang Zizhen startles slightly at hearing his voices. He raises his head, looking almost surprised to find Lan Sizhui on their bed. It’s been half a year, he really should be used to it now. 

"I could use candles on that,” Ouyang Zizhen points out with a smile so full of warmth that Lan Sizhui has to look away. “To gaze upon a sleeping beauty in near darkness, to know that you chose to be mine and that no one but me may see you at the hour when night turns to morning…" 

"That will put a dent in our budget,” Lan Sizhui retorts, resisting the impulse to hide his face. He must be blushing so bad. He doesn’t really mind. 

“A worthy expenditure,” his husband insists with such sincerity that Lan Sizhui makes a note to hide the candles, just in case. 

“You’re being ridiculous, Zizhen,” he accuses fondly. “And you’re avoiding the real problem. Put down those letters, it’s too late for work." 

"I promised father I’d look at them,” Ouyang Zizhen sighs, looking a little more serious now. “His eyes aren’t what they used to be." 

It’s something Lan Sizhui only learned when they got engaged, but sect leader Ouyang is much older than he looks. His cultivation has kept him in great shape, but it seems immortality won’t be for him, so of course his only son and many daughters worry and try to help. 

"Ruining your eyes won’t heal his,” Lan Sizhui points out. “Neither will getting sick. It’s freezing, come here before you catch a cold." 

"My cultivation is too high to get a cold,” Ouyang Zizhen grumbles, but he blows on the candle, rises, and walks toward the bed. 

Lan Sizhui watches his husband undress, then lifts the blankets covering him so Ouyang Zizhen can climb in bed and curl up against his side. The blankets are quickly wrapped around them. Lan Sizhui shivers at the cold that came to disturb his comfort, but it’s fine. It’ll soon get warm again and it’s so nice to be like this, just the two of them. 

Lan Sizhui knows some people don’t understand why he left a sect as prestigious as Gusu Lan to come in such a place. He doesn’t understand how he could have made a different choice. 

Life here is so good, so perfect for him, for them. 

Being with Zizhen is really the only choice he could have made. 

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Jin Ling blinks a few times, then rolls his eyes in a perfect imitation of sect leader Jiang. 

“You just can’t compare the two,” he hisses, crossing his arms on his chest. It’s supposed to look authoritative but Ouyang Zizhen just finds it cute, like a small dog that thinks it’s big. 

Ouyang Zizhen has learned to keep that sort for himself. With Jin Ling, there’s a fine line between ‘adorably annoyed’ and 'storing off because he’s actually upset that he’s not taken seriously’. 

“I’m just saying it’s traumatic either way,” Ouyang Zizhen claims. 

Jin Ling gives him That Look. The one he gets when he thinks everyone around him must be acting stupid on purpose because it’s not possible for people to be such idiots. He’s right in this case, Ouyang Zizhen is doing it on purpose, but it’s not his fault. Jin Ling just gets so cute when he’s a little pissed off. 

“Listen. I love you, but stop talking,” Jin Ling orders. “Your dad being annoying doesn’t compare to all my uncles being mass murderers, and one of them having tried to murder me personally." 

"I grew up in a house where Sect Leader Yao was a frequent guest,” Ouyang Zizhen insists with a pout. “He tried to teach me how to be a better swordsman, and my father let him. Encouraged him!" 

Jin Ling shivers, and takes a second to consider that. 

"Well, that explains why you suck so much I guess." 

Ouyang Zizhen grins. This is exactly the sort of opening he was hoping for. 

"Jin-gege, if I’m so bad, won’t you teach me then?” he asks in a flirty voice. 

The effect is immediate. Jin Ling’s mouth falls open in shock over those shameless words, his eyes grow wide, and his entire face goes so red that the dot on his forehead disappears. It’s so cute, Ouyang Zizhen loves him all flustered like that, as much as he loves him pissed off, or when he gets in sect leader mode and is so serious it takes his breath away, or when he’s soft and shy after enough kisses, or…. 

Ah, Ouyang Zizhen just loves him in general, really. 

So he smiles when Jin Ling recovers enough to splutter and complain, and he waits for a chance to kiss him at a moment that will get more adorable reactions out of him.

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I have one idea, but it’s…. kinda dark? Jin Ling gets erased out of existence?

Hmmm I said no sad, but it’s like crack-sad so I think it’s okay.

  • So, this whole idea started when I thought “what if jingyi & zizhen, the ultimate matchmaking team, went back in time and unknowingly got yzy and madame jin together?”
  • Then I realized, “what if that made a big oopsie?”
  • Anyways, this is the “oh shit, i screwed up” kinda time travel AU. Be warned.
  • Jingyi and Zizhen are in the Cloud Recesses library, reading through some random books, when they stumble upon one that looks older than Lan Qiren. One of them is a journal, documenting a time traveler.
  • They read it, and it’s super cool! Fun! Woah!
  • Jingyi, thinking it probably won’t work anyway but hey, why not try? tries the tailsman with Zizhen.
  • Suddenly, they’re back in time.
  • But they don’t know that & thought they failed.
  • Just then, an uNknOwN Lan disciple walks in and demands to know wtf they’re doing there at this time of night!!
  • Jingyi is confused, bc who is this strangely familiar disciple? A new transfer?
  • He voices his ?? and is met with “I am Lan Qiren. Why are you imposters in here? Where did you get that ribbon?”
  • He’s droning on in true Lan Qiren fashion, and Jingyi and Zizhen kinda look at each other because hOLY SHIT THAT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!
  • They immediately get tf outta there (guess it’s their turn with the brain cell) and start checking out all the differences. Zizhen deduces that they should be forty or fifty or so years in the past, since LQR be old.
  • They’re wandering around for a couple days (future tailsman in Zizhen’s pocket) and have fun exploring all the different stuff.
  • And then, Jingyi realizes that the Wens are kinda alive. And he has a moment, where he realizes they could bring Sizhui back here!! Surely Sizhui would want to learn about his past, right?? This would be the perfect opportunity!
  • He may or may not have bought a Wen™ jewelry for his very platonic best friend, but we don’t talk about that.
  • And then, they meet a rando young woman practicing her sword fighting. Zizhen thinks that she feels familiar, but has no idea why.
  • The juniors approach her, and ask what’s up, because she be really murdering those dummies.
  • She introduces herself hesitantly (she’s a little sus of them), as Yu Ziyuan.
  • Zizhen & Jingyi definitely failed their history tests, because they don’t know who she is, only that she’s very gay for her friend.
  • And Jingyi and Zizhen hatch a plan to help this rando stranger who certainly isn’t important to the plot or anything get with the girl!
  • They help Ziyuan out by suggesting flowers, sweets, even give her a template for an undying love confession!
  • She’s kinda cold towards them at first, but Ljy and oyzz shan’t be hindered! They persist, and she eventually asks her friend to elope with her and escape their arranged marriages.
  • Jingyi gives Zizhen a side eye like “whoops” but also cheer as they ride off into the sunset!! Woohoo!
  • Then they go back in time, and… oh boy. Shit happened. Time rippled. The universe was changed.
  • Because Jingyi & Zizhen may or may not have erased Jin Ling from existence by getting his grandmothers together.
  • Because then those two ditch and jc & jyl are kinda not alive, though wwx still gets taken in (and maybe they pretend he’s jfm’s child so jfm can make him sect heir??)
  • And ljy & oyzz are shook.
  • And then they freak out and go to the only sane, responsible person they know: Lan Sizhui
  • bEcaUse sUreLy hE wOulDn’T bE diFferEnt
  • Actually, they search the whole Cloud Recesses, but he’s not. there. And Jingyi asks the now-old Lan Qiren, who has no clue who Sizhui is.
  • Then Zizhen has a brain cell moment and remembers, oh wait, wasn’t Sizhui a Wen??
  • They look at each other and bolt towards the Nightless City, which is not dead bc plot convience and. Maybe yzy and madame jin started their own sect and they saw through the Wen’s bs? They’re still alive tho
  • And Sizhui is an innocent bb farm boi in the middle of nowhere 🥺
  • Jingyi literally tackles him into a hug and Sizhui freezes bc who da FUCC is this
  • But even in this timeline, he is :)) so he just kinda asks, v. politely, “who are you”
  • But then he sees Zizhen and lights up
  • “A zhen! What are you doing here?”
  • tHEN
  • Sizhui smiles shyly and kisses Zizhen on the cheek and ljy & oyzz both have whiplash
  • bc this is time for my zhuizhen agenda and they be dating
  • they have to somehow convince Sizhui that they’re from a completely different timeline
  • And it’s really confusing until Jingyi just starts listing off everything he knows about Sizhui, bc he is not giving up his status as Sizhui’s best friend just bc they’re in different timelines.
  • & the stuff Jingyi know is… a lot.
  • “Your favorite color is white, you hate herbal tea, you think that putting your hair down is a hassle, and when you were twelve you thought you were cursed bc two of your rabbits died in a week and placed stone tablets near every door in the dorms—”
  • Sizhui is kinda shook so he goes with them, though he doesn’t believe them at first. And he ain’t letting his bf (oyzz) leave immediately :/
  • Sizhui helps them with the ritual, and lets them leave. Then, he goes home to his peaceful farmer boi life, confused. 
  • They have better luck next time they go back and don’t help anyone. They don’t do anything extreme, and they don’t do anything! Right?
  • Yeah no, cause zizhen sees this little, dirty child out in the streets and goes uwu and gives the child some money (and maybe a motivational speech?? life changing??).
  • That child grows up to be Jiggy, bc ofc ofc, and he and his mom manage to use to money to leave (I mean, sect heir oyzz has to have a decent sum, and it was worth more back then). Jgy becomes a respected vendor, hating his dad like every other child of jgs but still living da peaceful life.
  • So he never helps them with the Wens. And the Wens may or may not win. (honestly I don’t remember the plot of mdzs, so this is probably inaccurate. I gotta reread it; my memory’s trash lol)
  • A lot of people get dead. Zizhen is horrified.
  • This time though, WQ and WN stole baby WY and left. The Wens,, didn’t really care (maybe they noticed wq left, but they have other, not as competent, healers). 
  • They seek refuge, but the Cloud Recesses is kinda burnt and the Jiangs ain’t looking so hot either (plus that ain’t a good idea, jc is probably not ok with that)
  • They don’t bother to check up on anyone this time.
  • Zizhen and Jingyi go back to the past, stare at each other in true mamma mia, here we go again fashion.
  • But this time, they dig a hole in the ground and hide there for a couple minutes, before finally, finally, finally going back to the future
  • And it’s fine, except they screwed up and ended up a little too far into the future.
  • Like, as in they accidentally time travel to Jin Ling and Sizhui’s marriage fast-forward.
  • Revelations are made, and this has somehow worn even Jingyi to the point of exhaustion (also, is there any world where he gets to be with a Yuan??)
  • So they go back several years, energy depleted, and end up right where they started.
  • Zizhen and Jingyi look at each other, and have a mini-celebration because they did it! They got back and everything seems normal so they’re gonna assume it’s their timeline.
  • On their way to burn the magical time travel book, they bump into Wei Wuxian.
  • Zizhen asks how his husband is doing, and they find out that WangXian hasn’t gotten together in this timeline yet.
  • Jingyi screams, and Zizhen goes to cry in a hole. They’ll be okay. Eventually.

Wow, this ended up really Zizhen/Jingyi-centric…

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I havent seen anyone else do this and its been living rent free in my head for the past two weeks but Uh- reincarnation Au where Wei wuxian is born as mo xuanyu bc y Not!

  • Everything is pretty much the same up untill mo xuanyu is like 5 y/o where he is starting to get flashes of his memories
  • At first he asks his mother Who some of the more famous people are like jiang cheng and lan zhan, second miss mo doesnt know where her son heard about them but explains anyway, thinking her son might have gotten interested in cultivating
  • When jin guanshan comes to pick him up for cultivating and all that bs Wei ying remembers alot about his past, some gaps but a majority of It is there
  • However he learned to shut up about It
  • Once in the lanling jin sect he meets everyones favorite jin ling (Who is actually technically the older one here!)
  • And since its everyones favorite wei wuxian and Not the actual mo xuanyu some things will be different such as:
  • He’s pretty smart like his previous life and actually impresses his teachers with the things he know
  • He Also properly trains mo xuanyus body to be efficient at cultivating and gets pretty good at It!
  • He never falls for his half brother jin guanyao and gets kicked out!
  • While in the sect he becomes friends with jin ling and feels oddly protective of the boy even If he is technically younger
  • The twos relationship is quite similar to that of Wei wuxian and jiang cheng when they were younger
  • He’d probably Also refer to them all really informally once they’re all friends per usual Wei wuxian behaviour
  • Wei wuxian or mo xuanyu/rong as he’s know as relationship with the other juniors is great and they’re great friends and get along very well and all help tease jin ling
  • Wei would most likely resort to using demonic cultivation at one point or another and you guessed It home boy lan zhan recognizes It pretty much imediately.
  • Seeing as he and jiang cheng most likely see good chunk of his teen years bc of JL and the other juniors their heart strings would probably get pulled on ALOT

Would It end up in confrontation and most likely alot of angst? Hell Yeah!

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Zizhen is the softest junior, 11 out of 10 soft, and here’s why:

  • Canon-wise, he doesn’t have a sad/tragic backstory. (Not that you can’t be soft w/ a sad backstory, but u get the point. Even if u consider his backstory to be sad he’s still soft)
  • the most emotionally mature of the juniors. The emotional support they do deserve, but also the one that they need.
  • Plants & flower crowns are his fav, pastels are his aesthetic. Subdued colors & pretty greens are his favs
  • Dandelions & lilies are his favorite flowers
  • I hc him as a pacifist, bc fighting & war is unnecessary death.
  • A little naive when it comes to certain things but also super observant and pretty damn smart.
  • Can accidentally manipulate ppl into trusting him by just being a innocent pure cinnamon roll, he’s so very easy to trust.
  • But if he wanted to he could be v. powerful in politics. Sorta like in a jyl way. Ppl underestimate him but he notices shit and refuses to let anything morally corrpt exist. V. strong morals.

Anyways ty for coming to my Ted Talk, stan oyzz or your kneecaps will perish.

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OuYang ZiZhen: so A-Ling how is your uncle

Jin Ling: which one

OuYang ZiZhen: oh, the mentally unstable one?

Jin Ling: which one

OuYang ZiZhen: you know, the gay one?

Jin Ling: which one

OuYang ZiZhen, sweating: the one who committed a war crime?

Jin Ling:

Jin Ling: which one

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Ty for the ask!

Jingyi is a terrifying, chaotic driver. Like. No. He has a motorcycle and it is a MIRACLE that he hasn’t gotten killed yet. Jin Ling refuses to go into a car with him at the wheel, and the one time he did have to ride w/ Jingyi… let’s just say he was never the same after.

Sizhui is somehow the only one not affected by Jingyi’s driving. Since he’s the mom friend, he drives pretty often. Also probably the only decent driver out of all of them (JL is okay, but a little too reckless).

Ouyang Zizhen is a responsible driver, okay! It’s just sometimes he goes too slow bc he’s scared of hitting a deer or smth, and everyone eventually gets tired of never getting anywhere, so Sizhui will offer to drive.

Zizhen is just scared of driving, and honestly? That’s valid.

Jin Ling has one mood when driving: mildly annoyed. Whether it’s Zizhen changing the song every five seconds, or Jingyi asking when they’ll be there repeatedly (usually not Sizhui, because not even Jin Ling can bring himself to be annoyed by him most of the time), Jin Ling just can’t catch a break.

One day he’s going to send them off a cliff, out of mild annoyance.

So yeah, Sizhui drives most of the time.

As for sect leaders, idk which ones you mean cause there certainly are… a lot. Since you said + wives I guess you meant JFM, YZY, JGS (ew), and Madam Jin? (I know there’s Madam Lan, but the consent was sorta… not there.)

The deities know that the current sect leaders aren’t het, if you get where I’m going with this… (though I could see LXC getting married to a well-respected woman).

Anyways, Jiang Fengmian can drive and does so all the time. Offers to help drive a Ling to archery practice (idk, he’d probably be an okay grandfather).

Yu Ziyuan is capable of driving, but she seems the type to be married to her responsibilities, so she only goes out for errands and the occasional visit to a friend.

Madam Jin doesn’t drive bc she married a rich bastard, and even though he’s literally the worst she ain’t gonna skimp on using his cash. but she knows how to bc she’s not useless. JGS is useless and doesn’t know how to.

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YES!!! OKAY, OKAY I HAVE THOUGHTS SO PICTURE they’re all about 12. The kiddos’ first DND campaign and Wei Wuxian has agreed to DM for them so they can all be player characters. (Wei Wuxian is a fantastic DM, he’s very good at acting out the NPCs. Also he is Known Cool Dad so he’s allowed to hang out with them).

Lan Sizhui, already the mom friend of the group, is going to let LOOSE. He’s playing a hafling warlock who is the MOST chaotic force of… well chaos. Half the trouble the party gets in is because of him, and that is saying a lot because…

Lan Jingyi is a bard teifling on the run for insulting one too many nobels. He causes most of the other half of trouble between being wanted and using his bardic skills criminal purposes. 

Ouyang Zizhen plays a dragonborn monk who is OP as all hell. This comes in handy with all the trouble, though he tends to get wrapped up in the schemes instead of stopping them from happening.

A-Qing is a rogue goliath and would be responsible for the other half of the trouble if she wasn’t such a good rogue. No one can prove she has done any crime ever. She has taken more than her fair share of loot too, but not one can prove that either.

Jin Ling is left trying to balance the party with a very sensible elf cleric who is focused on healing because Zizhen has the tank covered. Jin Ling is the reason they get out of the situations everyone else gets them into and he won’t let them forget it.

Have there been some food fights, junk food tossed at each other over Wei Wuxian’s detailed map? Yes. Have they stayed up way past their bedtime? Yes. Will they probably still be playing DND together into their college years and beyond? Of course.

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This is evil.

I’m really stuck between JL & LJY (the gay disasters, very relatable). But like. Zizhen. Sizhui. Why?? I can’t choose??

Seriously though, I think I’ll have to go with Jin Ling… :/

I mean, I usually default to his POV when I’m writing. That’s gotta count for something. Plus I think I can characterize him the best out of the quartet (though Zizhen is a close second). I dunno.

But Zizhen!! My sweet plant boi!! Pure and innocent. Child. And Sizhui!!!!! Lowkey always stressed but so very good and loyal. Mom friend extrodinare. & ofc you can’t forget Jingyi. He’s just. Chaos child! You can’t not love him!

I hate this.

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title: king of beasts
fandom: the untamed / mo dao zu shi
A song is calling to him, and the voice is his mother’s. Wei Wuxian ignores it at first, determined to focus on his upcoming wedding to Lan Wangji, recently named Chief Cultivator.

However, the events of Guanyin Temple and the coveted coffin inside draw the attention of some very powerful rogue cultivators. The leader of this group turns out to be an old enemy, long thought dead, with a familiar connection to Wei Wuxian.

With their world on line, Wei Wuxian must follow the song on the wind after all, and dive into his past to track down his mother’s immortal master, Baoshan Sanren.

relationships: lwj/wwx, jc&wwx, jc/wq, and the juniors™

begin on ao3 | new chapter on ao3

a/n: when i finished CQL, my one disappointment was that we never actually do meet baoshan sanren, because she sounds like a badass. for our favorite husbands to have an adventure to find the real celestial mountain she hails from felt like a very natural sequel to me. so here i am, writing that.

There was a reason Lan Wangji was so renowned for his cultivation and swordsmanship. Among all the sects, major or minor, no one could match him in sheer skill. This was an inarguable fact.

So it was reasonable for Wei Wuxian to feel safe with Lan Wangji standing between himself and danger.

However… Something about Lan Wangji’s opponent uneased Wei Wuxian’s gut. Despite Lan Wangji’s stifling spiritual aura, undulating off of him in punching waves, the man in front of them showed no signs of retreat. If anything, he appeared hungrier than before.

Neither Wei Wuxian nor Lan Wangji were ones to run from a fight. Courageous to a fault, some might say. They’d faced far worse odds than three rogue cultivators. Why, then, did Wei Wuxian want to grab his soulmate, hop on Bichen, and fly far, far away from this battle?

“Lan Zhan,” he managed, “Lan Zhan, be careful–”

Whether Lan Wangji heard him, he didn’t have time to respond before the rogue leader bore down on him.

Their clashing swords emitted sparks and shockwaves. Wei Wuxian rolled out of the way, ducking under his arms for protection. Lan Wangji was no novice at protecting Wei Wuxian on a battlefield, though. The act was instinctual, second nature, and well-honed. He pressured the man against him until they were forced to brawl away from others. The other cultivators knew as well as Wei Wuxian not to interfere with Hanguang-jun mid-duel.

Finally scrambling to his feet, Wei Wuxian witnessed a whole wave of cultivators descend upon the temple. Every envoy that had conferenced in Lotus Pier was there now, making up the numbers and rushing to nurse the injured.

Jingyi!” someone cried across the courtyard.

Wei Wuxian whipped his head toward the voice – it was his nephew, sprinting through the fray to where Lan Jingyi lay propped in Ouyang Zizhen’s lap, while Wen Qing fed him spiritual energy.

“Jin Ling!” called Wei Wuxian as he ran to meet him.

continue on archive of our own

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The Untamed / MDZS Characters as memes in my gallery part 2

Lan Sizhui, our precious radish

*pls pretend thats a sword*


Little dipshit, Lan Jingyi


Jin dramatic Ling


Ouyang who y'all always forget Zizhen


Sneaky ass bitch, Jin Guangyao


Our badass queen, Mian Mian


Hot bastard, Xue Yang


Shijie’s peacock, Jin Zixuan


Everyone’s dage, Nie Mingjue


Old man, Lan Qiren

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