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#ouyang zizhen

waking up in the middle night and not finding you

★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★   ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★   ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★

.。*゚+.*.。  Lan Sizhui ゚+..。*゚+

  • Sizhui would be a light sleeper so he’d know when you’d leave the bed
  • he’d think that you needed something and expect you to come back soon
  • but when you take longer than anticipated (5 whole minutes, how dare you)
  • he sleepily gets up and leaves the bedroom to find you
  • when he walks quietly to the kitchen, he sees you holding a mug of something and staring out the window
  • he’d be so quiet that you wouldn’t realize that he’d found you until he walked up to you and hugged you from behind
  • you almost drop your mug in surprise but settle into his arms easily
    • “whatcha drinking” he asks softly against your neck, closing his eyes as he takes in the scent of something vanilla-y and you
    • “sorry for waking you” you apologize to him, but he shakes his head against your back
    • “can you make me some?” he asks you suddenly, in the weird silence of dusk
    • you nudge his head gently with yours
    • and that gets a laugh out at him
    • “you don’t like drinking things randomly, A-Yuan”
    • you don’t hear as much as you feel his shrug from the way his arms flop cutely
      • “wanna stay here with you” he replies

.。*゚+.*.。 Lan Jingyi  ゚+..。*゚+

  • the moment he realized you weren’t in bed with him, Jingyi would freak the f-out trademark
  • would not like it
  • would bolt out of bed and go around the apartment like a loss puppy 
  • when he goes out to the kitchen and sees you drinking a glass of water would bound up to you
  • and you’d hear him coming from a mile away
  • so obviously you’d turn around and he’d just run into your arms
    • “why’d you leave me” he’d pout cause he’s a baby
      • but his voice still sounds a bit gravely cause he’d just woken up from sleep
        • so you’re quite torn
    • “i wanted some water” you tell him and show your cold cup
    • “if you were thirsty you could have just stayed in the bedroom” Jingyi teases you
  • you roll your eyes at him and slap his butt when he tries to run away
    • “go back to sleep, i’ll be back in a second” you tell him
    • “i’m not sleeping without you!” he says as he bounds back to the bedroom, feeling better now that he knows where you went
  • you take a bit of time to finish your remaining water and wash your cup before going back to the bedroom
  • when you enter, the lights are low and just as you thought Jingyi’s fast asleep again
    • what a liar, you think to yourself but you don’t mind him
  • you shake you head at him and turn the lights off before climbing into bed
    • it’s forgivable, when he pulls you close even in his sleep

.。*゚+.*.。 Jin Ling  ゚+..。*゚+

  • Jin Ling has this mildly cute but also mildly infuriating habit of rolling into the other side of the bed
  • usually when he bumped into you, he’d stop and wrap his arms around you
  • but tonight, he just kept rolling and rolling
  • and very nearly rolls off the bed when he realizes you’re not there
  • it takes him a second
  • because he needs some time to reboot since he’s still half asleep
  • but he would very distinctively know that you’re not there and so would get up with eyes half closed and go look for you
  • would see your figure sitting by the kitchen island probably checking something on your tablet
    • you’re such a workaholic
  • so he’d walk up to you and lean into your space to catch your eye
  • like a cat
    • even though he’s mostly a dog person
  • you’d laugh at him and ruffle his hair
    • only nearing 2 AM is he this cute
      • “come back to sleep with me” he urges you
    • when you try to protest and want to check your work email one last time, Jin Ling doesn’t take no for an answer
    • he shuts your tablet right in front of you and proceeds to drag you back with him

.。*゚+.*.。 Ouyang ZIzhen  ゚+..。*゚+ 

  • Zizhen likes to hold your hand whenever
  • so when he’d reach out to find you in his sleep only to realize that the bed was empty
  • that’d make him wake up and he’d sit up being really confused
  • he’d notice that there was a light coming from outside and would leave the bedroom to go find you
  • he’d walk out and see you sitting on the couch, probably drinking something
  • but when he circles the couch, he catches you doing something he’d never believe
    • “is that a hot pocket?”
    • you turn towards Zizhen’s voice, meat filling half dropping out of your mouth
    • when he catches your faces he tries to muffle his laugh
    • “i mwas humgry” you try to explain in between your mouthful as Zizhen sits down besides you
    • he pitches your chipmunk cheeks from the hot pocket and steals a bite of your food
    • you end up heating up another one cause he wants to eat a full one to himself
      • and when your stomachs are warm you’d both return to bed together.
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wwx : *gets hurt*

lsz : senior wei, are you alright?

wwx : yes, i am. i’ve had worse happen to me

lwj *comes in* : wei ying, are you hurt? let me see

wwx *faking crying* : LAN ZHAN! KISS IT BETTER!

oyzz :

ljy : what just happened?

jl: uncle told me that he used to do that all the time with my mother

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obsessed with wen ning taking the juniors out on a night hunts and becoming the strange, sweet uncle to all of them!! and yes i’m including ouyang zizhen 😤. somehow he’s always there to protect them, or brings things he’s grown or gifts he made.

it goes from just sizhui calling him uncle to all of them, even jin ling (who only ever does it sometimes, much like with wwx).

and wen ning slowly starts to tell them about e wen clan (the better, non horrible parts), like his sister and the people of the burial mounds.

just. give wen ning a family.

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junior quartet reacting to you running and jumping into their arms

✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑ ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑ ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑

Lan Sizhui

  • you stand at the highest steps of Cloud Recess, eyes anticipating the figures that would appear around the bend
  • next to you Jingyi is similarly standing
    • even though you can’t see his hands, you know he’s wringing them together behind his back
  • because it’d been a least a year since you both had last seen Sizhui
    • so much time had passed when he asked for his parent’s blessings to go on a self finding journey
    • to uncover his past
    • save some people along the way
  • and all his adventures would finally be told, because he was coming home today
    • “Sizhui!!”
  • the call of your friend’s name draws you out of your daydream
  • you look up to see two figures just turned around the bend, one donned in light white and the other in deep grays and blacks
  • your eyes light up as their figures come closer and you notice the changes in him
    • the broadness of his shoulder
    • how much longer his hair got
    • but one thing that stayed the same, was the light shining in his eyes
  • when you both lock eyes, you forget the distance between and the rules of his home and simply run
  • even though your robes are long, you keep a tight clutch on the fabric as you race down the steps, hearing Jingyi’s accompanying steps with you
  • you hear Sizhui distantly shout back to you not to run though it’s all playful
    • a little part in the back of your mind revels in how different even his voice sounds
  • and when you reach close enough to him, you jump up and into his unsuspecting arms
  • Sizhui doesn’t stumble back, though he does inhale sharply at your impact
  • beside him Wen Ning, his uncle, coughs quietly into a closed fist
  • your arms are wrapped around Sizhui for a solid minute before your mind catches up with your actions
    • oh my goodness, Jingyi was right there i should have let them talk first
    • Sizhui probably wanted to see his best friend more
    • and i’m hugging Sizhui OH MY GOD
  • you’re about to pull away in embarrassment when you feel arms wind themselves around your waist, drawing your body even closer to him
  • you jolt slightly when he digs his nose into the crook of your neck, breathing in deeply
    • “i was going to say that no one missed you as much as me, but i think y/n’s stolen my spot” Jingyi teases you both, though he smiles
      • you hide your own smile holding onto Sizhui just as tightly
      • cause you’re not planning on letting him go any time soon


Lan Jingyi

  • the night was dark, not only because it was so late
  • it had been hours since you had last seen Jingyi and a group of young disciples off
  • you didn’t think it would take this long
    • it really shouldn’t be this long, you think but don’t say
    • “shouldn’t they be back by now?” Zizhen asks both you and Sizhui as you guys stand by the front gates
  • you all have yet to see anyone
    • “don’t worry, they would have sent a signal if they needed anything” Sizhui tries to reassure
  • but you are unassured, already mildly ruffled
  • something doesn’t feel right 
  • you’re about to jump onto your sword and fly to the scene yourself when you catch shadows of swords flying in from ahead
    • “they’re back!” you shout, excitedly (hopefully) to your two friends
  • but that dies the moment that the first people land
  • they’re two of the younger disciples, and one person is basically carrying the weight of the other 
  • Sizhui widens his eyes and the three of you rush to the injured
    • “what’s happened?” Sizhui asks, because it was supposed to be a little trickster spirit, not something that would have injured anyone
    • your mind is fearful, because you hadn’t see-
    • “where’s Jingyi?” Zizhen asks the two disciples
    • “he, he was just right behind us” the young disciple splutters helplessly, holding his friend up as he looks up to the dark sky
      • it’s nearing late midnight, so it’s already hard as it is to see anything
      • your heart feels lodged in your throat
      • Sizhui and Zizhen take to helping the younger disciples back into Gusu, taking care of their injuries first
      • but you stay rooted in your spot, staring up at the sky
      • you tell yourself you’ll give him five minutes
      • five minutes before you hop onto your sword and go find him yourself
      • you count down every second as you stare up at the sky
      • it feels like an eternity
    • but then as you’re pacing you hear someone land heavily near the gates that you’re waiting at
    • you turn to see none other than the man that you’ve been looking for
    • in the moonlight his robes look a bit dirty, a bit ruffled 
      • but otherwise he looks fine
        • he’s fine
      • you had planned to walk up to him, give him a piece of your mind
      • but your feet were running before you could stop yourself
      • and Jingyi doesn’t really react until he hears your footsteps and realizes that you’re probably gonna hit him
      • “y/n let me explain-”
      • you don’t let him explain, jumping straight into his open shaking arms
      • you don’t know why you’d been so scared
      • but to feel him so solidly around you, eases your mind after your wait
      • Jingyi takes in a deep breath, wrapping his arms around you and laying a hand on your head
      • a reassurance
        • he’s fine
        • you’re fine
        • you both are fine


Jin Ling

  • today, everyone had been invited to Jin Ling’s second home, Lotus Pier
  • and it was a fun occasion for all, especially for you since this would be your first visit
    • but just because it was your first time, doesn’t mean that you were going to behave
  • out of the entire group of your friends, you had been the last to arrive
    • because you had taken a little detour around your own sector to gift shop for them (but we don’t talk about that)
  • so it’s no surprise that as you’re walking up to the port side entrance, you already see the rest of your friends waiting for you
  • as you’re walking up to the group, you notice that your favorite sect leader has his back turned to you
  • and you’re feeling mischievous today
  • so you walk gentle (but big) steps along the pier to sneak up on Jin Ling
  • you’ve made a good distance along the pier when you see Jingyi catch your eye
    • he’s a trickster himself, but he blabs everyone else’s pranks
  • so you find yourself breaking into a run before Jingyi can expose you
  • but what you failed to take into account was that the wooden pier is quite a noisy thing when you’re running on it
  • so just before you reach Jin Ling’s unsuspecting form, he turns suddenly and you end up jumping into his arms, instead of onto his back like you had planned
  • you’re surprised that he does not stumble with your weight, almost like he had been prepared for it
  • the rest of your friends laugh at you
    • because the blush on your face is noticeably red despite this being a prank for Jin Ling


Ouyang Zizhen

  • it would be the first time that you were visiting Zizhen’s sect
  • he had always invited you, when you and your friends were studying together at Gusu
  • but you never thought that there’d be as great of a time as now
  • the weather is beautiful today as you approach Baling Ouyang sect
  • it would also be the first time in a long time that you guys were reunited
  • after your shared classes in Gusu a short summer ago, you all had went back to your sects to fulfill your duties as rising heirs/heiresses
  • and the time’s passed by so fast, you don’t realize that it’s been two summer since you’d last seen him
  • so when you climb off your horse and see him standing there waiting (anticipating) your presence, you can’t help the smile that breaks across your face
    • and the run that you take suddenly take up
  • he sees you running towards him and you watch as his surprised face morphs into a laugh as you jump into his arms (wide open for you)
  • he grabs you and spins you
  • half because of the momentum that you came at him with
  • the other half because he’s just that happy
  • you’re both laughing in each other’s arms
    • as his hand squeezes you tightly, you can’t believe that it’s been so long since you’d last seen each other
    • when he finally puts you down, his arms stay around you and his smile is wide
    • the look of pure joy on your shared faces makes you feel that the wait had definitely been worth it
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So I was thinking about a Harry Potter + Juniors au and in wich house they’ll probably be in:

Zizhen in Hufflepuff obviously or maybe Ravenclaw (bcus I hc him as a secret genius like NHS kind of, you know?).

Sizhui as either a Ravenclaw or Gryffindor (I think G goes well with his personality and sect color lol, but I lowkey think he goes better in R, since, y’know, he’s the only one with/with most brain cells, well at least more than one).

Ling I really wanted to pur him in Hufflepuff, because in the bottom he’s super soft and caring 🥺, obviously not because of his sect colours, what makes you think that? But I think he goes better with Gryffindor, or maybe even with Slytherin.

So… when I got to Jingyi I was like “Yes my boy is definitely a Gryffindor *realization* Oh my boy’s a G” and honestly(? it doesn’t surprise me at all, his personality is totally of a Gryffindor (or at least that’s what I think) or a Ravenclaw as well, mostly because of colours although he got some R trades, but no, yeah he’s an absolute G. And then I started thinking “What if Jingyi is like, the first Lan that isn’t a Ravenclaw?” God I love that idea idkw, not for nothing he’s the Lan most un-lan ever.

Now watch me do 〔write〕 the HC for this au, but tomorrow (or other day if I’m not to lazy) cus rn I’m tired 😗✌️

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JC love month 2020

Day 26-Domesticity


Originally posted by wiitzz

Slowly opening his eyes, the sunlight sneaking between the curtains, rolled a bit on the bed getting tangled up in the sheets and then he stretched. Jiang Cheng took a deep breath and then he finally got up, lazily making his way to the kitchen from where a delicious sweet smell came from, he put his hands around his boyfriend waist and stick to his body, still feeling sleepy

—Good Morning— Wanyin greeted after a yawn escaped from his mouth

—Mn Morning— Wangji saluted back continuing his job of making pancakes

It wasn’t until Lan Zhan finished the pancakes that Wanyin finally started to move but refusing to release him from his embrace. Once he settled the table, Wangji mildly removed his boyfriend’s hands and guided him to sit in his chair before going to his.

They eat in silence, the Lan out of an old habit and the Jiang still trying to not fall asleep. After the breakfast ended, Wanyin felt more energized, his intense coffee made his job, he definitely wasn’t a morning person but today he was way tired than usual. Yesterday he made his brother a favor and took care of A-Yuan while Wuxian made a quick trip for the day due to his job. It wouldn’t have been a problem since the kid, unlike his father, knew how to behave, the problem was when his brother-in-law asked him to take care of the living tornado he had as a son, Lan Jingyi, since he was coming home late from the hospital and the babysitter wasn’t able to go. He loved them so much, he really did, but sometimes it was so hard to accomplish the task of making the little Lan boy to stay calm, and even if the other looked calmer, he still got some things from his father and with a such energetic and chaotic kid as Lan Jingyi, well, lets say it wasn´t the best combination.

He was currently working from his place since his office was being remodeled and his boyfriend was working at the hospital with his brother, so he wasn’t home to help him with the kids, but it was fine, Jiang Cheng was an expert at doing various things at once, so he worked while taking care of the seven and six year olds, even tho he succeeded, he ended up dead, he had to stay up until like 2 a.m.  finishing his presentation for the next week meeting, both parents and his boyfriend arrived really late too.

Keep reading

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Day 3: Friendship

And Green the Ground Below by @bromeliaddreams

🌱 Lan Xichen & Wen Ning Ning postcanon

🌿 growing things and healing

Constellations Traced in Summer by @shadaras

🍑 Nie Huaisang & Lan Wangji

🌌 queer friendship, intimacy & the gift of understanding

(NB: the focus of this fic is on NHS & LWJ’s friendship, though Wangxian is a b-plot)

Friendship Famous in Story and Song by @theleakypen

⚔ Juniors!

🎶 Ouyang Zizhen has 30 new best friends

I Think the Knife Helps by @zylaa

🗡 Lan Xichen & Wen Ning

🍵 postcanon conversations with someone who understands

and you could be my enemy by @ilgaksu

🐦 Nie Huaisang & Lan Wangji

✒ sometimes overtures of friendship are hard to believe

An Unlikely Friendship by westiec (me!)

🍇 postcanon cultivation politics

☁️ Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji come to an understanding

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Random fic idea. Might do something with it, might not. This is actually mostly canon save for The Juniors being about 21 here. Due to some Demonic fuckery, Jin Ling, Ouyang Zizhen, Lan Jingyi and Lan Sizhui are all lost in the Gongzhi (not a real place) Mountains. Everyone is injured, starving and Lan Sizhui is in particularly bad shape forcing Ouyang, the most mobile to go find help in the rumored Siyi Temple (10 Points for anyone who gets that reference) to find Gong Er, a woman called The Reckless Abbess. Slight Blood warning.

The Ouyang Sect tried to stifle the rumors surrounding the Gongzhi Mountains for decades. Shrouded in fog and choked by thin air, it’s deep valleys hide a dark and cherished secret. It is said that centuries ago, the courtesan of a cruel emperor chose death over freedom, broke out of her wedding palanquin and started running. Braving arrows, dogs, and soldiers, she ran until her feet bled. When she reached the outside of the city, mortally wounded, she didn’t stop. Running into the mountains, through rivers and climbing into trees. They say you can still see her trail of blood weaving through the woods and splattered on the trees. As Ouyang Zizhen climbs his way through the valley, he knows that story is not entirely true. 

The overgrown road is lightly packed with red clay. The leaves of trees lining it are all red, particularly uncommon in a mountain range known for its evergreens. The road is long, winding and marked with red hand prints on the trees. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll be hopelessly lost. Wounded and ruined with worry, Zizhen presses on, pain gnawing at his side. He shouldn’t have laughed at Lan Sizhui when he offered to bring herbs for minor injuries. It was supposed to be a routine trip, kids don’t need salve for every cut and scrape they get. Now he’s covered in bruises and bleeding through makeshift bandages. If he doesn’t keep going Lan Sizhen will die and the others have no way of getting back home unless someone finds them somewhere in that random shack with nothing but two canteens of water between them. Even as he stumbles face first into the dirt, he presses on fueled by desperation. 

If the Lan Sect is about temperance, and the Jin Sect about decorum then the Ouyang Sect is all about resilience. He will prevail. Even against his own weakness. Sorrow is only something to be defeated. Exhaustion will be conquered. The fog gets thicker but the red handprints on the trees beckon him closer and closer. Until suddenly the trees stop. Instead of the massive wooden gate he’s heard so much about, he’s greeted with a wall. High and wide. No way to climb over, peppered with red hand prints. 

There’s supposed to be a temple here! The Siyi Temple should be here! Confusion, dismay and rage tears at his wounds. All of it mixes into inky despair that wrenches a cry from his broken chest.

“No!” His voice breaks against the trees sending birds flying. “No, no no!” He pounds the stone with his fists. This is defeat. Jin Ling believed in him for nothing. His friends - his brothers beyond blood - are all going to die. There has to be someone here. This can’t have all been for nothing! “Someone!” His ragged voice echoes with no response. “Someone, anyone please help! My friends…! There’re all…!” He can’t breathe. The thin air never bothered him before but that fall from earlier must’ve shifted one of his broken ribs. “Please…!” He can’t shout anymore and his shaking legs finally give out. He rests his head against the stone wall, gasping for air. He clutches his chest. He has to get up! He has to keep going! Weakness is only something to be conquered. With one last shout, he forces himself back to his feet. 

The world tilts. Suddenly he’s staring up at the red leaves above him. The shift and sway in the cold winds. The rustling sounds like Jingyi’s wheezy laughter. He won’t hear it again. He has no strength left, he can’t even roll over. Tears could his vision as a shadow passes over him. He mutters a prayer for his friend’s soon departed souls and darkness consumes him.

For a moment, all he knows is darkness and the feeling of floating. There’s no pain or failure. There’s nothing but the void. He supposes this is what he deserves; failures don’t deserve rewards in the afterlife. Only those who’ve achieved great things achieve enlightenment. What has he accomplished other than breaking Ouyang Zheng’s drinking record? When he’s reincarnated, he will dedicate his life to finding his old friends - whatever form they take - and begging their forgiveness. He lets the darkness consume him pulling him deeper and deeper. 

Then he wakes up.

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a reaction, modern au

**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚***•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚***•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚***•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  

Lan Sizhui

    • “i can sleep on the floor,Sizhui, ever the gentleman would say
  • because he’s a chivalrous man and obviously wouldn’t want you to think he’d had any ill intentions
  • and if you really wanted him to sleep on the floor, he would have definitely agreed to
  • but the bed before you guys is a queens size for god’s sake
  • which is exactly what you tell him,
      • at your words he would just look… scandalized? a little anxious even? or… nervous?
    • “it would be much more comfortable if you had the bed to yourself-”
    • “of course it would be. but i’d spend the whole night uncomfortable because i let my friend sleep on the floor.” you interrupt Sizhui’s well intentions
    • “so just come and sleep with me already”
  • Sizhui’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head at your phrasing and his ears are as red as a firetruck
  • but you had already turned away from him and walked to your side of the bed, crawling under the covers
  • the light is on his side of the bed, so he makes his way over there, albeit slowly
  • you let him take his time, watching him with an amused smile
    • “what? scared i bite in my sleep?” you tease him when he’d finally joined you on the same mattress
    • “n-no, i just… i’ve never…”
    • “me either Sizhui,” you say and then turn to look at him cast in the dim glow of the bedside lamp.
    • “let’s just go to sleep,” you tell him
    • you hear a hum that you take as an affirmation
    • his ‘good night’ are the words that lull you to dream land

**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*

Lan Jingyi

  • just… stay there” Jingyi would tell you 
  • “where else would i go?” you tell Jingyi, because you were already lying on the very edge of the bed as it was.
  • “that is your side, this is my side” Jingyi says, almost seems like he’s whispering to himself
  • you just sigh at him and just turn your back to him, pulling your side of the covers close to you
  • “can you turn off the lights already?” you tell him, wishing to just go to sleep already
  • it takes a bit more shuffling around on the other side until the lights are finally off
  • in the dark between you, even the breathing is indiscernible
    • “good night,” you say, because you can literally feel the anxiousness rolling off of him in waves
  • but maybe it is the soft quiet sleepy tone of your voice that eases him a bit
    • you don’t mind
    • he doesn’t mind
    • you guys are fine
      • “good night,” he bids you as well, but by then you had already fallen asleep

**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*

Jin Ling

  • “this is the barrier” Jin Ling would state, patting the little mini pillow fort between you for the 100th time
  • “god you’re such a prude” you would comment at him 
  • you perch on your arm and turn to look at him over the pile, just to catch him adding another pillow
  • “i swear to god if one of these falls on me while i’m sleeping” you warn him, but he just huffs at you
  • “you don’t roll or anything in your sleep do you?” Jin Ling questions and you just fall back onto your small pillow with a groan
  • it shakes the pillow fort a little
  • “it’s literally 3AM already are we even going to get any sleep tonight” since he’d spent the better part of an hour making this stupid pillow barrier
  • no one’s stopping you from sleeping, just don’t touch the pillows” Jin Ling reminds you 
  • “wouldn’t dream of it” you snap back at him, because the hour is late and you’re getting grouchy
  • the lights go off soon and in the darkness, it’s easier for sleep to claim you
  • on the other side of the pillow barrier, Jin Ling doesn’t fall to sleep as quickly
  • although thinking that the barrier was supposed to keep your mind off you, it doesn’t
  • it just makes him wonder even more, what you sleeping face looks like
    • in the dark Jin Ling sighs to himself, feeling unnecessarily lost

**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*

Ouyang Zizhen

  • “good night” Zizhen bids drawing the covers up close
  • you both are laying on your backs a sliver of space between your spread hands,
    • close enough that if you just needed to reach out
    • to touch
  • you don’t dare
  • you tug the sheets higher on your face, taking a deep breath
    • “night,” you tell him, staring at the glow in the dark stars on his bedroom ceiling
  • there’s a soft pause for a moment
  • and you almost thought that he had fallen asleep
  • you close your eyes too but then…
    • “are you sure that this is okay? you really don’t mind?”
  • you open your eyes and turn your head to the right
  • it take a bit for your eyes to find his face in the dark, but the moonlight from the window helps
  • his eyes meet yours when you finally land on him
  • they’re so earnest and genuinely worried
  • definitely this wasn’t a planned situation, but it wasn’t…it wasn’t bad…
  • it was just different
  • you were nervous
  • but seeing Zizhen’s caring, wondering eyes, makes a small warm smile light on your face
    • “it’s really fine, i don’t mind…”
      • “I don’t mind you”
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While There’s Still Time

  • Fandom: MDZS/CQL
  • Ship: Jiang Cheng/Nie Huaisang
  • Characters: Jiang Cheng, Nie Huaisang, Lan Sizhui, Jin Ling, Lan Jingyi, Ouyang Zizhen, and others
  • Rating: Teen
  • Tags: Alternative Universe: Science Fiction, bantering as a sign of affection, slow burn, mutual pining, action/adventure
  • Chapters: 2/??
  • Link:


When Jiang Cheng left his home planet of Yunmeng thirteen years ago in search of his adopted brother, he had no idea that he would fall into an adventure that would cross worm holes, light years, and space time. In fact, he had no idea that along the way, he would find more than what he was looking for—that he would find a family.

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 @sentimentaltheory​​ for  (x) :  million miles by sunday moon


we’re a million miles away in the silence
away from all the noise inside
i don’t want to try to deny this

it’s  a  quiet  afternoon  &  the  sun  is  gazing  longingly  through  the  glass  of  the  library  &  smell  of  worn  books  &  warm  coffee  wafts  through  the  air  like  dandelion  puffs  in  the  breeze.  wen  qing  is  at  home  in  the  fragile  silence,  her  gaze  a  mile  deep  in  the  theory  of  everything  &  there  are  few  things  better  than  a  moment   like  this.

the  figure  beside  her  shuffles  in  his  seat,  his  brow  bent  in  concentration  &  his  features  soft  &  she  finds  her  gaze  lingering  in  a  way  that  cannot  be  excused.  yet,  she  doesn’t  have  the  decency  to  look  away,  dark  hues  hovering,  soaking  in  the  quiet  tranquility  of  him  as  if  it  may  be  her  last  opportunity.  as  if  she  were  starving.

at  any  moment  a  shuffle  of  pages  or  hushed  whisper  may  draw  her  back  to  reality,  back  to  the  pages  of  her  text  or  the  unfinished  lab  report  that  lays  half  scribbled  in  her  lab  or  the  tumblr  of  well-steeped  tea  that  she  hasn’t  touched  since  she  sat  down.  but  for  now,  she  allows  her  mind  to  drift  out  to  sea  without  so  much  as  a  life  vest  &  doesn’t  bother  to  fret  over  drowning.

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