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Full offense but people need to stop this ‘Only Sooji is being blamed’ bs. That has stopped happening by like week 3 of this show. Most people, especially on tumblr, have been holding ShiHyun and (although while not as much) SeJoo responsible. 

Some of you are trying to use the ‘SooJi is a Girl so she should not be taking more blame’ defense and that is only valid to a point. You are absolutely correct that she should not only be blamed for what went down, especially in the context TaeHee and ShiHyun’s relationship. However so many SooJi stans every single week bring up ShiHyun and try to displace SooJi’s willingness in this bet. SooJi was willingly apart of this she enjoyed hurting TaeHee, Enjoyied manipulating those around her (SeJoo, ShiHyun, KyungJoo etc…). 

Is ShiHyun as the one who actually dated TaeHee mostly responsible? Yes. Does that mean SooJi takes no responsibility? Absolutely not. I can’t see how anyone viewing this can be okay with the actions taken by The Trio. They were all mean and manipulative. They are all responsible and should be held accountable.

Also ShiHyun and SooJi going back and forth taking shots at each other as if they both weren’t manipulative bastards to each other the whole time. They knew what they were doing as far as the situation with each other goes they hold equal responsibility. 

Yes to calling out ShiHyun. A Big No to ignoring all that SooJi has done this entire time simply because she is a girl. That ain’t how it works. 

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So my best friend of 11 years got a boyfriend about 7 months ago, I don’t like him and she knows it.
She’s always with him, we rearly hangout anymore.
We hangout with each other in school, that’s it. Nothing more.
I’ve asked her to come hangout with me, play video games and sleepover like the old times. But she always has plans with him.

I ask her why she’s always with him and not me, her answer? “We hangout with each other in school, I rearly get to see him”. Oh yeah, right, forgot about that we ‘hangout’ in school.
No we don’t, we work, we don’t ‘hangout’, hangout is when we do what we always do. Play video games, sleepover, being weird all the time and just doing nothing.

I just feel like I’ve lost you, I know I have.
Stop dissing me for him, stop lying to me, stop being a bad best friend, stop denying this whole crap, just stop.

My mom always told me that whatever I do, never lose your best friend for a boy.

You’ve always said that you’d always choose me over any boy, but now when I ask you, you say it’s different, that things have changed.
Yes, yes it has, and soon you’re gonna lose me, the one whose always been there for you, who always backed you up, who never forgot about you, who always loved you and never judged you.

I need you, I always need you, I’m a mess, I kinda feelin’ like dying and you don’t even know, cuz he’s the one you care about so much you Diss your own bestfriend. Your sister by heart. Your mom talks to me more than you these days, it’s sad.

I don’t wanna lose you, but you don’t care about me, you don’t wanna be with me, you chose him, I’m sorry.

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