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pairing: reader x chisaki kai (overhaul)

fandom: BNHA 

<read part 1 here >


warning(s): swearing, mentions of kidnapping and drugs, reader is a badass yakuza leader

summary: in which y/n is a young yakuza leader who one day caught the interest of the leader of their rival gang, chisaki kai


A near empty glass of red wine sat on the glass table in front of you as you sank back into the plush sofa you were on, a cigarette between hung between your lips. With a long exhale, a new wave of smoke replaced the previous one that was slowly dissipating in the air conditioned room.

“Are you done?” The voice in front of you across the table made you tilt your head towards its direction. 

“Chisaki, did you not teach your men to be respectful to visitors?” You asked the man in front of you lazily as Chisaki’s unreadable eyes never left yours. No doubt, that the intensity of his stare made you uncomfortable. It was like he was undressing you with those calculative eyes of his.

“Nemoto, where are your manners? Y/n’s a guest and a fellow yakuza leader, there’s no need to be rude.” Chisaki ordered the man who had rudely interrupted your peace earlier on, his eyes never leaving you. 

“Whatever,” you waved your hand dismissively. “I’m here on business with you, Chisaki.” Taking one last puff of your almost finished cigarette, you lazily threw the bud on the clean and pristine floor and extinguished it with the heel of your shoe. much to Chisaki’s annoyance. You knew how much Chisaki hated it when someone smokes and dirties the environment he’s in, and the subtle scrunch of his eyebrows indicating his unhappiness made you smirk internally. 

“Why did you order your men to attack mine? I’m sure you’re aware, I already have 3 causalities just this week. Are you that bad at controlling your men that they end up running around like rabid dogs? Hell, even dogs are smarter than them.”  At your remark, both Chisaki and his most loyal follower, Nemoto visibly tensed up. Silently, Chisaki loosened his tie and leaned forward, his steady eyes locking with your disinterested ones. 

“I told them to do whatever they deem fit if anyone comes into my territory. It’s the fault of your own men not knowing their place.” The young yakuza leader replied. “That was my order to them, if you’re not happy there’s nothing I can do. After all, your men are already dead. Maybe it’s the result of having such an incapable and spoilt brat who lacks the guts and experience as the yakuza leader.” He scoffed. 

As much as you hated it, there was some truth to his words. Out of all the yakuza leaders, you lack the experience that most of them have. Instead of working your way up to the top, you had it easy, with the position given to you, all just because you’re the child of the previous yakuza leader. Hell, there were even times when you weren’t sure you would be able to manage a whole organization of men who would kill on a whim. But still, you had successfully managed to prevent the yakuza from falling apart as soon as you inherited the ‘throne’. 

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? I hit the jackpot, didn’t I?” Chisaki took your silence as a form of cowardice. “You shouldn’t talk so much when you’re still learning about the ways of the yakuza, my dear y/n.” The black face mask covered the lower half of his face, but you’re positively sure that underneath the damn mask was a smirk. 

Motioning for the lackey that had accompanied you, he handed you a lighted cigarette which you sucked harshly on, your feet taping the carpet impatiently. “I don’t want to hear that kind of crap for someone who has to wear a face mask and gloves all the damn time. Maybe you should retire and spend the rest of your life in solitary confinement. You act too much like an old man.” You retorted smugly, your eyes daring him to say something else. “I may not be as great of a leader as my father,” you exhaled, smoke acting as a temporary curtain between you and Chisaki. “But I know better than to take part in illegal drug dealings despite being banned from it.” You scoffed. “Oh, and the illegal developing of dangerous drugs without a legal license.”

At your words, Chiskai gave a humorless low chuckle, the deep baritone of his voice slicing through the dangerously silent room. “You can’t accuse someone of doing something without concrete proof, y/n. What makes you think that we’re dealing with illegal drugs? If you have the proof, show it to me.” 

“There’s no need for any proof and you know it. Once I tip the police off, it’s over for your poor little pathetic life.” You replied with obvious disinterest as you looked back at Chisaki who had gone silent, an unreadable look on his face yet again. 

“Well,” You sighed as you got up from the sofa and stretched your limbs. “Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I don’t see a point in staying here any longer.” Taking a puff from your cigarette, you turned to leave without bidding Chisaki goodbye. 

“Oh and, the girl’s name is Eri, isn’t it?” You paused in front of the door and tilted your head to look at Chisaki. But the man hadn’t move one bit, and his body showed no signs of tension. “How terrible you are, Chisaki. Never would I dream of kidnapping a young girl to experiment drugs on. Only a degenerate like you could do it.” You scoffed.

Still no reaction from the man on the sofa.

“If you want me to keep your little secret, you ought to compensate for the lives of my men you’ve taken. It’s the least you can do.” You said after awhile. “Human lives are not so cheap that you can go ahead and take them without any regard. Atleast the lives of my men aren’t.”

With one last side glance at the other yakuza leader, you left without another word.


It’s been more than three weeks ever since your little “meeting” with Chisaki, and there was no sign of remorse from him. In fact, he took it upon himself to see that you suffer more losses. From the constant cuts and bruises your men would get after running errands to the drastic decrease of customers that would frequent the gambling dens under your ownership, it was as clear as day that Chisaki was reacting to your words, all the more making it obvious that he was indeed hiding something. 

“… So I want you to stay away from Chisaki for the time being, you got it?” The silvery voice of the young man next to you brought you back to reality. 

“Y/n? Are you even listening to me?” 

Setting down the cool glass of whiskey in front of you, you gave a sigh in response and turned to the man beside you. 

“Yeah, yeah. I heard you the first time, Midoriya.”

Midoriya Izuku- as far as you could remember, your little partnership with him went back a long way. When you had claimed the position of the yakuza leader, the first thing you did was to make sure that you were on good terms with the police. That way, things would be easier. In exchange for more freedom to carry out the organization’s businesses, you had agreed to inform the police of any suspicious activities that were going on in the yakuza world. Midoriya Izuku, although the two years younger than you, had a strong sense of justice like no other. Ever since he had been in the police force three years ago, he’s been working hard like no other officer to bring gather evidence and bring down the Shie Hassaikai. By working with him, the Shie Hassaikai would collapse sooner or later, making you the next most influential yakuza leader once Chisaki was out of the way. 

“I suppose you wouldn’t want any information on whatever Chisaki’s been planning then?” You raised an eyebrow as you scruntised the drink in from of you before downing in all in one gulp.  “I have… some news that might interest you.” You gave a tiny smirk as you placed a lit cigarette between your teeth. 

“And how reliable is your source?” Midoriya raised an eyebrow questioningly. “For all you know it might just be a rumor.”

“Midoriya, Midoriya.” You sighed. Since when did I ever lie to you?” A lighthearted chuckle escaped from you, the smoke from your lips blurring your vision.

“… Two months ago, when you said you’d be free to grab ramen together and you ended up bailing on me last minute.” The green haired man replied quietly, almost seriously. 

Almost immediately, a burst of laughter erupted from within you, your body trembling from the vibrations of your laugh. Since when have you last felt this genuinely happy? 

“I couldn’t help it and you knew it. There was no way I could half ass things and leave to have ramen with you.” You sighed as you wipe the tears forming at the corners of your eyes, now full of life and vibrancy. “But on a serious note,” You continued. “They aren’t just rumors. Pictures don’t lie.” A huge puff of thick, grey smoke hit the back of your lungs as you tossed a manila envelope towards Midoriya, which the latter swiftly caught. Without another word, the green haired male proceeded to look through the contents, his eyebrows scrunching as his eyes landed on each and every photograph contained in the envelope. 

“… What is all this about? Where did you get these photos?” 

“It’s exactly what it looks like.” You propped your elbows on the bar counter top, your gaze swift as you scanned the different bottles of drinks behind the counter. “Illegal drug trafficking on top of the Illegal developing of drugs. Not only that, you see the girl in the picture? She’s a guinea pig to Chisaki, nothing else.” 

You didn’t have to look at Midoriya to know that he was mortified to say the least. Who wouldn’t be, after learning that a yakuza leader has been experimenting drugs on a young girl?

“She’s the one, isn’t it?” You asked. “The girl that had been reported missing. You know, the one that the police has been finding for the past few months.” You stretched your limbs, a contended sigh escaping from your lips as strong yet gentle fingers tapped the cigarette trapped between them.

“Y/n,” Midoriya sighed. “I thought I told you to steer clear of Chisaki and whatever he’s doing.” 

“He killed some of my men, it’s only fitting that I poke my head into his business and cause as much as trouble as I can.” You shrugged. 

At the silence that greeted your last sentence, you turned towards Midoriya, only to find him staring back at you with an unreadable look on his face.

“I’m just kidding.” 


“Anyway,” Midoriya sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “This is valuable information. The police will be conducting a more explicit investigation now that we have this.” He waved the manila envelope in his hand. 

“Do whatever you want with it.” You replied, your voice devoid of any emotion at all. “In fact, the sooner you throw him in jail the better.” You inhaled another puff of thick smoke. 

“Y/n.” The seriousness in Midoriya’s voice made you turn towards him, the slight raise of an eyebrow the only thing conveying emotion. 

“Smoking isn’t good for your health.” 

A mirthless laugh from you was the only response Midoriya got from you. 

“Stay away from Chisaki from now on, okay?” 


Hearing no response from you, Midoriya sighed as he got up from his seat. “Then, I’ll get going now. I’ll contact you soon.” 

With one last pat on your shoulder, you were now left all alone, the sound of his footsteps concealed by the plush carpet that covered every inch of the floor. 

“No promises.” You muttered as the last puff of smoke filled your lungs. 

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Help me breath…

Trigger warning: reader almost raped on her dream. Reader didn’t actually suffered this but the dream is still dark.

This topic is really heavy and forgive me if I mistook this…


Chisaki was perfect.

No matter what the other people told you. He was perfect. Your knight in shinning armor.

Human beings had their flaws. You had flaws, Kai had flaws… but that didn’t meant it made him less as a perfect boyfriend.

It took years for you to get intimate close to him. But it happened. Your wait was surely gifted and retribuited by this huge tsundere mafia boss.

How your heart ached for him with love… one day apart and you felt extremely lonely… Yet this man knew exactly what to do to get rid of those nasty sad thoughts and insecurities.

You were in a meeting of your family… everyone was laughing and joking around. Chisaki had a stoic face as usual, refusing to contribute on their laughs and to even touch them. But he made no move to correct something from your uncle or just disagree on your grandma opinions about heroes because he knew how much your family meant to you…

So he stayed close to you and remained quiet.

The peace was broken when the man whose was responsible to put you in the world shouted your name. You flinched yet furrowed your eyebrows in anger at him as Kai got in your front.

You outta of here. I want to speak her alone.” He growled. Chisaki glared back with the same hate on his eyes, preparing to use the overhaul before you put your hands on his. Shaking your head slightly as you muttered.

“I will be fine.” He only looked at you with hesitation before glaring back at your father. Letting you go as you followed the man to an empty room.

“I didn’t like it how close you two were.” The man rasped as you rolled your eyes in disgust.

What did you expect? He is my boyfriend.” You muttered as he locked the door. “What’s this for?” You aske din anger before gasping when he grabbed your wrist harshly, throwing you in a bed.

The hell dad?!” You shouted before your eyes widened in fera as he forced his hand on your kouth as he smirked down at you. A smirk it made you want to vomit.

Just stay quiet my beautiful daughter, will you?” You felt his hand on your thighs as you started to scream on his hand. Yelling, begging, kicking, anything…

He only laughed… the basstard laughed at your desperation as he started to unbutton your pants.

Your dad was doing this. You wanted to puke at how disgusting all of this was as tears dropped from your eyes.

You yelled, even more, bitting down on his hand as he cursed before you let out a one last begging and help call you could muster-

“KAI!” you yelled, panting as sweat crepped your skin… the man beside you flinching and getting up.

“What was that?!” He almost shouted if it wasn’t 5 a.m. exausted amber eyes narrowing at you “(y/n) you better have a…” he stopped talking at seing your distress persona. Exhaling and inhaling desperately as you hugged yourself.

You flinched when he moved. And widened his eyes in shock when he went to touch your arm only to get his hand slapped by yours as you almost fell from the head while shouting “don’t touch me”

You widened your eyes at seing it wasn’t your father’s face but your boyfriend’s… making tears start to accumulate on your eyes as he stared at you.

“What… even happened?” He let out as you clenched on your arms, tears finally spilling from your eyes as you sobbed.

“I-I don’t know…”

His heart stinged at the sign. Furrowed eyebrows evident as he righted with himself for only to open his arms to pull you to his chest… tensing when you just broke down and cried your heart out on his shirt.

His hand traveled from the top of your head and back in represent motions… this was a way you used to calm people down, specially himself when he was willing to be touched… he could only hope it works.

“Angel… I presume you had a nightmare?” He asked stoically but hands still carresing your body as your sobs lowered to sniffles.

“Should I really tell you?” You laughed bitterly, blinking your tears away “Is so… stupid.”

“Be my guest.”

When you told him, you could just feel his muscles tensing up as hives appeared underneath his shirt. Tightening his hold on you.

“Did that bastard ever laid a hand on you?” He growled as you shaked your head.

“No… I guess is just my relationship with him… is going down hills. I cant talk to him, I feel… sick? If that is even the right word. Maybe is my subconscious talking…” you mumbled before feeling chisaki hands on your shoulders to look at you, one finger tilting your chin up to look at him.

“For… measures. Stay away from him, dont keep contact. Even if he never touched you in some way like this, is better to get away from such a toxic person like your father angel, forgive me for referring him as-”

“No no… you’re right.” You sighed shakily… “I probably wont get back to sleep after this though.”

He furrowed hsi eyebrows a bit before rolling his eyes with a bothered sigh, mentioning you to lay back on the bed before making a motion for you to turn your back to him.

You obeyed before feeling two arms awkwardly yet warmly circle your waist as he mumbled on the top of your head.

“At least know that even sleeping I am protecting my angel… I wont let no one touch neither haunt you.”

You let out a sob, a happy one though. Enjoyong the warm his body could give yet the contrast of hsi cold hands on your waist and belly…

You felt safe once again on your devil’s arms… ironically.

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Man, watching the Overhaul arc is basically just “local baby boi goes fucking feral.” and “local shit stain realises the exact moment he gone done fucked up.”

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“See, the problem with people like you,” Commented the cool, sanitised yet utterly terrifying voice of Kai Chisaki as he kneeled down just in the very corner of the hero’s peripheral vision. “Is that you relied far too much on that disgusting disease that plagues every last vein in your Godforsaken body. Maybe if you had just thought ahead a little… Has this illness robbed you of your senses, too? Left you as useless as a newborn? Not that it matters. It’s far too late by now for any part of you to begin thinking about what could have been. I mean, just take a look around.” He raised one hand to adjust his mask, while using the other to gesture to the scene around the two, one filled with flame and destruction. “If you had thought to bring police, tried to corner me with rifles, well you might have had some sort of success. I’m not stupid enough to resist against live bullets. But no. Your sickening Quirk has left you with such delusions that you thought you could stand to take me on alone.”

The young woman’s eyes filled with nothing but pure steel as she looked up at him. There was no fear to be found in the glare she delivered the man known as Overhaul, in spite of the terror bubbling in the pits of her stomach, constantly threatening to rise to the top. But she would not let it. Not in front of this Chisaki bastard, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he had won.

“No words?” The man sighed, poking her lightly in the head as if to provoke a reaction. “Like a kid who doesn’t get their way. Stubborn to the end. What a pain you are. The worst kinds of people are the ones who don’t realize they’re infected. They have no true redemption in their future. It’s kind of weird when you think about it. What a shame… Not that it’s any of my concern. I’m more interested in just why you and your ridiculous headgear have been following me around all day. Do you have an answer for that?” He grabbed her by the back of the hair, and pulled her face up to look at his. “I’d prefer an answer as soon as possible, so I can minimise the amount of contact made with your disgusting body.”

There was only one way the woman knew she could respond to this and that way landed directly on the suspected Yakuza’s forehead. “Why would I tell you anything, asshole? You won’t get anything out of the Phoenix.”

The man actually audibly growled, like a feral wolf, as he slammed her head into the asphalt. She felt her nose break as blood streamed from it onto the road. It was probably one of the lesser injuries she had incurred that day. Chisaki got to his feet and produced a spotless handkerchief from his pocket, wiping his face of the hero’s saliva. “How childish.” His voice was full of pure, deep contempt. “How filthy. Were you never taught manners? Are you mentally deficient? Hmph. Not that I should expect any more from a hero who calls themselves the Phoenix. How cliché.” With that, he returned to his kneeling position over her limp body, she practically felt his shadow drop over her as the smell of burning embers filled her nose. Were those sirens she heard? They were faint, but what else could they be? Were they coming in her direction? One ear was completely busted up, so she couldn’t tell. Looking up to the man who supposedly went by Overhaul, her peripheral vision severely limited by her complete and total lack of a right eye, she found her mind drifting away to the beginning of the day. When things had seemed oh so simple. When she still had all her limbs and when life had generally been more preferable when contrasted against her current predicament.

When had it all gone so wrong?


“So, all I have to do is follow the bugger?” Twenty-three year old Misa Kawajiri enquired into her phone as she took small, meticulous sips from her large Coke, sitting atop a rooftop in the very heart of the city, occasionally reaching into the bag next to her to dig out a fry or two and jam them into her mouth. This was the life, no doubt about it. The young woman, who went by the heroic moniker of the Phoenix, was elated whenever she was sent on surveillance patrols by her agency. Most other pro heroes would consider such work to be beneath them, it mostly consisted of hounding tax evaders, low-rent rank-and-file grunts and conmen, there was almost certainly never a tang of excitement to be found. This was the reason most heroes preferred more interesting work and it was the reason why Kawajiri adored such jobs. For her, it was a chance to slow down, chill out and enjoy life at a bit of a slower pace than usual. She definitely was not above having time to unwind and take things at a more reasonable pace. Of course, today’s surveillance was already beginning to sound more interesting. It had started out with monitoring some basement-dwelling Otaku who shared anti-hero sentiments on internet forums, so not exactly a thrill ride there, as evidenced by the fact that Misa had left halfway through to get herself a McDonald’s. But her new target, as assigned to her by her employers at the agency…

“His name’s Kai Chisaki.” Rang the cool, clerical voice of Phoenix’s supervisor. “Mid to late twenties, germaphobe. He isn’t often seen out and about, instead residing largely in the Shie Hassaikai’s compound.”

“Hassaiaki?” The hero of the sky’s ears perked up at that. “He’s Yakuza?”

“As far as we know, yes. We can’t trace back any records of a family, except for Kazama Chisaki, his uncle, who was also associated with the organization before his death, although not as a full member.”

“Interesting…” The girl pondered. “So, why are we following him, then? The Hassaikai have a good reputation, right?” Her words were slightly muffled as she jammed more fries in her mouth at that moment than was probably reasonable.

“That they do, Phoenix. They’re underground. There have been search warrants on the premises before, but nothing suspicious was turned up. They’re a Yakuza group in name only right now, nothing worth worrying about. But Chisaki? He’s different. You’re going to be following him for reasons unrelated to his activity within the clan.”

“Oh?” Misa cupped her free ear with her hand so that she could better hear the man on the other end of the phone.

“In short, we have reasons to believe he’s been peddling Trigger behind the backs of his bosses. Obviously, I don’t need to tell you about that.”

She nodded, although that was a tad redundant, considering the voice on the other end could not see her. The experimental drug known for its Quirk-bolstering properties was nothing to trifle with, and it had only grown more popular in recent time. “Why do you think he’s doing so?”

“Money, probably. Who knows with these criminal types? The point remains that we have reason to believe he’s out and about today. I’ve sent you an image of him on your phone. Follow him, see what he’s up to. When a hermit like him comes out of the woodwork, it can never be good. Not for anybody.” And with that, her superior hung up, leaving Misa to her own thoughts. In being left this way, she dug her knees up tucked under her chin and sulked for a bit, confident that nobody could see her act in such a childish manner, taking the odd glance at the image. He was a shockingly handsome young fellow, with sharp yellow eyes, ruffled brown hair and a suit, he looked the part of any well-meaning businessman. The only weird aspect was the steampunk-esque plague doctor mask clamped around his mouth. She shrugged it off as probably having something to do with his Quirk, whatever that was.

“This sucks.” She groaned as she reached for her helmet, which mostly served as a fancy shell to hold the visor that shielded her eyes from the wind. “I don’t wanna have to pursue Yakuza drug dealers, it’s just no good. Give me a fat, tinfoil hat loser ranting about conspiracies any day. Surveillance is supposed to be a break from the hard stuff. But nooo, it just has to be more of it, doesn’t it?” She sighed, the air whistling over her lips, as she tossed aside her empty bag. Stretching upwards, allowing her skintight suit to hug her body, she felt her wings extend from her body. It was always a glorious sensation to be felt, the pure rush of it all. She adored it beyond belief, the best part of the job. With a cheeky grin, the young hero spread her arms…

… And let herself fall from the building’s roof.


Filthy. The very lot of them, surrounded by filth and dirt and all manner of unpleasantries. It was enough to break young Kai Chisaki out in hives, it truly was. Absolutely repulsive. How horrendous to have to walk amongst the common people, all of them no doubt inflicted with that despicable illness. As he made his way down the crowded high street, bumping into the occasional commuter, he felt the irresistible urge to lift up the sleeve of his green coat and scratch at the lumps on his arm. Urgh. The very lot of them, disgusting. He was rapidly remembering why he vastly preferred to remain indoors. And yet, he had to do this. He couldn’t entrust mere goons with carrying out the mission, not even the Eight Precepts of Death. This had to be done by him and him alone. He felt the cold metal rub against his stomach from the inside pocket of his coat. What depraved things that guns were. Alas, they were a necessary evil, and still far better than Quirks. As he walked, he had no clue of the eyes following him as he did so. Misa Kawajiri worked fast and had found him in mere minutes. Was he aware of this, he would almost have applauded her.

Key word: Almost.

“He’s carrying some sort of briefcase…” The girl noted to herself as she watched him. Luckily, his mask made him very distinctive for anyone who may be looking for him, so she had not had much trouble. “Is that relevant to whatever he’s up to?” The questions were racing through her head in spite of her better judgement. She couldn’t help but wonder about the good-looking, well-dressed young fellow with Yakuza ties. It was all so odd to her, and new. She didn’t often run into anything so… exciting, was probably the word. And normally, Phoenix abhorred exciting. But something about it just seemed alluring. Maybe it was more the man than the danger, who really knew? Certainly not her.


Wrapped up in her own little thoughts, Kawajiri had lost Chisaki. He had seeped into the crowd. That wasn’t good, not good at all. Not even wasting a second, Misa once again extended her wings and took off into the air, in search of the fellow she was shadowing. Stupid Misa, she cursed herself. How had she been so stupid? She really needed to focus more. Her eyes scanned the surroundings as she flew over an alleyway that served as a gap between two buildings.

And in that very alleyway, Kai Chisaki now stood, facing a triage. They were common street thugs, Overhaul had done his research. Nothing big, they were unheard of, just worthless druggies with not a thing to their names and a whole heap of desperation for power, power that they had no clue what to do with. In other words, the perfect suckers to lure in.

“Gentlemen.” The distinguished Yakuza bowed. The goons showed no such respect in return. Was it really so hard to show the baseline politeness required of a person? These kinds of people pissed him off the most. Fortunately, the mask obstructed his grimace as he set the silver case on the ground and entered in a combination. A few seconds passed and then it clicked open. “Here’s your bloody Trigger. Ten vials, enough to give the three of you a bolster in your path- In your Quirks for up to forty-eight hours. If you have any questions, I would advise you ask now.”

The thugs all shared looks with one another. They appeared satisfied at the very least, yet the one in the middle, a big guy with muscles to rival All Might- Well, the former All Might- seemed incredulous to some degree. 

“So, what yer tellin’ us, Chisaki-”

“I would prefer if you called me Overhaul.”

“-Right. Sorry.” His accent was just thick enough to get under the Yakuza’s skin. “Yer sayin’ that we don’ hafta pay for any of this?”

To this, Kai shrugged. “Consider it a first-time buyer’s guarantee. If you want more later down the line, that’s when you’ll have to start paying me. Otherwise, take it.” He kicked the briefcase, sending it sliding towards the men. “It’s all yours.” For a moment, it seemed like the huge guy was about to protest, but at looking at the vials, his greed got the better of him, and he allowed a wide grin to overcome his face, no doubt imagining what his improved Quirk would be like. Disgusting animal.

“Pleasure doin’ business with ya, Mr. Overhaul.” He gloated as he picked up the case, his cronies hovering around him as they sneaked looks at the drug. Now was probably the best time to strike, while they were blinded by their own pathetic delusions of grandeur.

“Likewise.” Chisaki responded, reaching into his coat, as if trying to find a cigarette. “Say, you three, have you ever wondered what society would be like without Quirks? How far we could have advanced by now if we hadn’t had to restart everything to accommodate the idea of superpowers?” The men stared at him like he was mad, which was to be expected. “It’s just something I’ve been thinking about.” He admitted as he pulled the gun from his coat and aimed it squarely at the large man’s head. “Let’s test it out. You’ll survive, of course.”

“What the fuck?” The scumbag growled as he dropped the case in shock. “You pullin’ a gun on us? Guess what, you skinny prick? It’s three on one. Shoulda thought about that before pullin’ a betrayal!”

“Probably.” Kai noted nonchalantly as he took aim and fired.

The bullet ricocheted up against a wall in the alley as the metallic weapon was knocked from his hand by a kick. And not a kick from one of the steroided-up goons. No, one aimed from above.

“Looks like I caught you boys in the act.” Phoenix grinned as she stood, legs firmly apart, eying up Kai. “Trying to betray the dudes you’re selling drugs to really isn’t a great idea, I must add." 



"WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??!!” Kai Chisaki screamed, his voice carrying high up into the sky as he stared down the hero, his pupils small and mad in their sockets. “HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME??!! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU??!!” He was completely enraged, sweat pouring from his forehead as he grasped at his hair. “DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING!!” He appeared to be on the receiving end of a full-on breakdown. All this over being kicked in the hand? No, it couldn’t just be that. Already, the receivers of the Trigger had fled, stolen briefcase in hand. It really had been their lucky day.

“Woah, calm down, Chisaki-”

“Who gave you the right to call me that?!” He demanded, his voice slightly softer now. “And do you have any idea how difficult those bullets were to manufacture? I simply cannot afford to waste them!” Turning his back on Kawajiri, he picked up the gun, examining it for damages, and then wiped it clean with his white surgical gloves.

“Hey, creep! Stay right where you are!” Misa was petrified. She truly was. Something about this guy just was not right at all. She had been told he was a major germaphobe, but was it this bad? Enough to push him into insanity at a moment’s touch? “You’re under arrest for possession distribution of illegal narcotics.” She was basically reading off the rulebook, saying what she was supposed to say in such situations. But nothing about this felt normal. Why was he so focused on the gun? “Stand down and await for police transport.”

“You think I would heed such commands from a filthy piece of scum like yourself?” Suddenly, Kai was cool, clinical, yet again as he calmly pointed the gun in her direction. Phoenix nearly felt her heart stop. “Maybe you’ll make a better test subject.” His finger tightened on the trigger of the handgun. Misa had no time to think, no time to plan.

She simply ran forwards, charging the villain as he steadied his aim. Another loud bang echoed from the gun. She felt it tear her suit as it whizzed past her, but she managed to just barely evade it. Now, she was too full of adrenaline to stop, as she ploughed towards Chisaki. As she drew closer, she reached out, grabbing for his arm… She had to restrain him and fast.

“DON’T LAY YOUR FILTH-ENCRUSTED FINGERS ON ME FOR EVEN A SECOND!!” Overhaul yelled, back to unconcealed rage, as he slammed his hand down onto the ground. From nowhere, burst large columns of rock from beneath the concrete, sending the heroine flying back a few inches and separating the two. 

“Woah…” Was this his Quirk? She hadn’t seen anything like it before. The rock wall stretched all the way up, totally shielding the Yakuza from her. It twisted up into the blue sky, as far as the eye could see. And then, she heard his voice, once again calm, from the other side.

“You made me use my Quirk.” The man stated. “I hate this thing, but you left me with no other option. For that, I truly do feel some sort of hatred for you. So, I suppose I really feel no guilt in using you as my little guinea pig.” Then, he fell silent again, as Phoenix paced around, trying to look for some sort of opening in the wall. Suddenly, she heard a rush of wind behind her and snapped around her head just fast enough to see Overhaul rushing at her. Now, Kawajiri had no clue just what his Quirk did yet, but she figured letting him touch her was a bad idea, so she took off into the air, hovering out of his reach.

“So, a flight Quirk, eh?” Chisaki sighed. His hair was ruffled, the purple fur on his coat torn in places and his bleach white tie flicking wildly with the motion from his rapid movements. “I must admit, I’ve never been great with moving targets.” Once again, the pistol was out, pointed at her. No, she shouldn’t panic. Judging from earlier, whatever bullets he loaded the thing with were very precious and so, he wouldn’t waste them unless he knew there was a guaranteed chance of hitting her. She was safe for now.

She realized she had been foolish to think that even as the spiked column of rock dug itself up from the ground and impaled her right through the stomach, sending her back, right out of the alley and into the streets outside. She heard a scream as she slammed into a car, feeling the metal crunch behind her. Her vision was hazy, like that of a drunk, but she could still make out the suited villain walking slowly towards her as civilians fled the area. Well, all except for one man, who clearly realized that Kai was up to no good and tried to charge him. Without even looking in his direction, his gaze fixed on Misa, Overhaul’s arm made contact with the brave man’s chest and he exploded into nothingness.

“What the hell?!” Phoenix yelled. She felt like throwing up at the man’s remains splattered the asphalt So this Quirk… It could erect pillars of rock, reduce humans to nothing, what was it exactly? She couldn’t even think straight in her current state to try to decipher the answer.

“Isn’t it kind of weird how people always try to act the hero? I’ve noticed that. I swear, this world has been poisoned beyond belief. Can I even cure it? Is that possible?” She felt cold metal as the bastard jammed the gun into her gaping mouth. “All I know is that I can try my very best. Starting here. You’ll be my first patient, my girl. The first to be cured.”

“Bite me.” She hissed as she aimed a kick at his side, which somehow connected, winding the Yakuza just long enough for Misa to stagger to her feet. It felt like she had multiple broken ribs. Those could wait. “I think I get your shtick now. You think Quirks are disgusting or something, right? Yeah, just like any of those Creature Rejection Clan nutjobs. But you think you can bring an end to them, right?” She coughed up some blood onto her fist as she held Chisaki’s gaze. “Well, think again, dickwad. You really think that you’re some great saviour. I dunno what you have planned, but it sure as hell won’t be anything that won’t see you crushed like the pathetic little man you are!” And with that, she took flight again, aiming a kick at his head.

Before she even knew it, another column had travelled right through her left eye with a fleshy squealtch, blood coating the rock as she hurtled backwards, her fall stopped by a large vehicle that the rock pinned her to.

“Jesus… That it?” She spat, as Kai approached her yet again, his eyebrows raised in amusement. Then, he stepped backwards. Then again. Then, he spun around and started walking away. Misa was completely taken aback. “What?! You just leaving, you limp-dicked bastard? That ain’t how a saviour acts, is it? Running away from a fight?” Her attempts at provocation did nothing to stop him and when the young woman tilted her head just a little, she saw why.

“Ah-” She started, before the oil tanker she had been pinned to exploded. The shockwave could be felt for blocks to come, glass shattered from the skyscrapers above as the world was thrown upside down. Everything went white for Misa Kawajiri, then black.


Damn. That really had escalated quickly. And now, the pro hero lay, amongst the rubble, with one eye, a busted ear, no legs and a stump of an arm. The Yakuza stood above her. 

“I’ll be willing to overlook your blatant lack of manners.” Overhaul growled as he resumed his kneeling position. “In fact, I’ll let you be saved. I’ll be the one to save you. Isn’t that something? A sickening power-infected freak like you, given a second chance by a humble Yakuza. And after everything you’ve done to me. You have been one hell of an annoyance. But, I guess you’ll have started to make it up to me if Eri’s little bullets end up working.” The girl felt metal press into her side. Why was he so eager to shoot her? It must have something to do with whatever he was planning. The last thing Misa Kawajiri heard was the crack of a gunshot, the last thing she felt was the pain of the bullet entering her body, and then, she fell still. A second or two passed before Kai hovered his hand over her head.

“All going well, you have been deprived of your filthy Quirk.” He noted, more to himself as the hero was now deeply unconscious. “Now, just to fix you up.” He pushed his hand down on her and the woman’s body blew apart in a spectacular show of blood and gore. Just a few seconds later, it reassembled, all limbs, eyes and anything else re-attached. With a satisfied nod, the man got to his feet.

“You’ll live peacefully for the rest of your days.” He told her, turning his back on her and walking away from the destruction that lay sprawled out like the play area of a particularly deranged and angry child, as if it had just been another day at the office, adjusting his tie. “No Quirk, no heroics, no excitement. I hope you’re cut out for a desk job, Phoenix. It’s all you have in your future. You’re welcome.”

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Hey honey!! I hope you’re doing well!! Please could I ask for a male and female BNHA appearance matchup if that’s not too much to ask! (Ik u don’t do this, but pls don’t post the selfies hehe. Also this is pigassaulty btw, just asks and stuff go through my side blog 👉👈)

notes. hey bb!! of course you can <3 and omg you’re so pretty??

─── i think you’d look cute with momo yaoyorozu and chisaki kai/overhaul!

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BC: so. [standing over the table] who broke it?

BC: i’m not mad, i just wanna know.

FM: “…i broke it. I-”

BC: no, no you didn’t. trackie?

TrSh: “don’t look at me. look at bunkie.”

BB: “what? i didn’t break it.”

TrSh: “huh. that’s weird. how did you even know it was broken?”

BB: “because it’s sitting right in front of us, and it’s broken.”

TrSh: “suspicious.”

BB: “no it’s not.”

ThSt: “i-if it matters, probably not, but rumbler was the last one to sit on it.”

GR: “liar. i don’t even like tables that’re this low.”

ThSt: “oh really? then what were you doing by this table earlier?”

GR: “i had my laptop on there so i could play tf2 with lights around me so i could see, everyone knows that, storm.”

FM: “okay, okay, none of that matters, i broke it, let me pay for it, boney.”

BC: no! who broke it?

BB: “boney… OH’s been awfully quiet.”

OH: “really?”

[a free-for-all argument breaks out.]

BC: i broke it. i stubbed my toes five times in the last ten minutes, and i got angry. i predict another ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with war paintjobs and grimlock’s head on a stick.

[the argument in the background.]

BC: good. it was getting a little stale around here.

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I’ve never felt the need to be hugged as much as I do when listening to Yagami Yato audios, and that’s saying something because I absolutely hate being touched. It’s the fact a lot of the things said in the audios is something I actually need to hear and my friends don’t really say it to me because I just, hate talking about my problems. There’s a few significant reasons to why I’m like this.

But I swear to GOD this audio?


I needed to hear this, I needed this. And it helps that the nickname is my real name and it just, really helped.

It actually had me breaking down

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