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#overheard at hogwarts

George Weasely has been acting strange for weeks, and his friend is determined to get to the bottom of it. What she doesn’t expect, is what he has been feeling for far longer than she ever could have known.

“What?” I grabbed him by the shoulders, and he still avoided my eyes. “George, please! You’re scaring me”.

“You and him! He says your name and your face lights up like the sun. He kisses you and the whole universe dissolves around you. And you look at him like he’s the only thing in the world that matters. You love him. I can’t see you with him because..” He was looking at me now, and for the first time, I wish I didn’t know him as well as I did, because I could see in his eyes that his heart was breaking into a thousand pieces. “Because I wish it was me instead.”

“George..” I whispered, his name catching in my throat. He was in agony, and only now I could see it. “How long?” His shoulders slumped, and I could see him fighting with himself as he choked- “forever.”

I barely saw him sink to the floor through my own tears. My best friend, the one person I trusted more than anyone. How many times had we laughed together, cried together, talked until the sun came up and then fallen asleep on each other’s shoulders? And all the while, I’d been tearing him apart.

“I’m sorry.” The words were barely there, forced over a mountain of guilt that sat squarely on my chest. It might not ever move.

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Sirius, trying to flirt: People tell me I have a unique way of lighting up a room.

Remus: Sirius that’s called arson and those people are witnesses.

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Remus: Can you do me a favour?

Sirius: I would literally cover up a murder you committed, plant my DNA at the crime scene, and take the blame for it if you asked to

Remus: Can you wash the dishes?

Sirius: No.

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James: Evans, both of us becoming Head Boy & Girl is a really special moment and I think we should celebrate it by getting married.
Lily: ...No.
James: Engaged?
Lily: No.
James: Going steady?
Lily: No.
James: A date?
Lily: No.
James: A kiss?
Lily: No.
James: A handshake?
Lily: No.
James: I'll see you tomorrow?
Lily: Sure.
James: I'll take it.
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