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#own character
zorkaya · 30 minutes ago
I’m just sitting here and thinking...
the irony of Zarina genuinely enjoying Zhongli’s company and learning from him,
but she despises Rex Lapis’ control over Liyue so much because she doesn’t think he does it out of love.
So like??? It makes me - a Zhongli fan - very fucking sad because I know how he is as a character, but Zarina doesn’t and she’s a judgmental, bitter woman.
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streaks-of-lavender · 53 minutes ago
So here's a fun fact about me. I hate Princess Peach. In fact, hate might be an understatement. I despise her with the deep, burning, all consuming rage usually reserved only for politicians and corporations. I hate the toadstool princess exactly as much as I hate The Great Gatsby.
There's no real reason for this. I have absolutely nothing against people who do like her. She just annoys me beyond belief, to the point that whenever I play a game like Mario Kart or Mario Party, my primary objective isn't to win, it's to do better than her while yelling insults whenever she appears on screen. I hate that she's rich, I hate her boyfriend, I hate her stupid pretentious "Did I win?" When she knows full well what she's done.
Anyways, someone who I follow (and enjoy following!! This is Not About Them as a person or blog) has been reblogging a bunch of Princess Peach stuff, so I keep seeing her on my dash, and was filled with so much pure, unfiltered dislike that I made a whole ass post about it. That's it. That's the post. I just really, really hate Princess Peach for some reason and wanted to bitch about her face daring to appear on my dash
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jeeperslatifi · an hour ago
^ this clip 😂 absolute pinnacle of awkward Ted content. though technically as he’s talking to two pilots he’d be asking Seb & Lewis this huh 🤔 anyway—
I get your dilemma of choosing who to put with who but I think your logic is spot on — the Lewis v Seb hot shot pilot drama would be spicy while still working out incredibly well and I love Seb paired with Jenson as his RIO and the banter between Jenson & Daniel in their roles would be incredible 👌🏻
please ted oh my god 😭 I MEAN okay you have a point and since they are what seems like stunt pilots too yeah it would just be the two of them going upside down and one on top of the other huh 👀 thank you anon for pointing out how much ted is admiring these french pilots 
but yeah!!!!! jenson and daniel seem like the absolute hype men for their respective pilots and the banter between the two of them while seb and lewis early on in their careers do an “anything you can do i can do better” style of flying is really just where its at personally. cause here’s the thing. yes i could have lewis as the pilot and seb as the RIO but why do that when i can also add jenson and daniel acting like total fools??
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cutietm · an hour ago
Tumblr media
   hi yes edna is now on this blog but ONLY for asks. 
aka let her fuckin comment on your muses fashion sense , let her talk about what type of costume she’d make your muse. LET HER HYPE UP YOUR MUSE LETS GO
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shatteredcrown · an hour ago
go through a nighttime routine and i’ll tell you what kind of villain you are
Tumblr media
unwillingly evil
YOU WERE FORCED. your resolve was broken slowly but surely, and now you're unsure of whether you'll ever get it back. for some reason, you believe that your current position is your fault. it isn't. it's the fault of those who did it to you. and yet you soldier on, facing forwards even as you slowly lose your will to continue. when you die, you're calm. unafraid for the first time in a while. this is the one thing they can't take from you.
tagged by @vigilans​ ( thank u friend <333 )  tagging: anyone rly, I did this on the main so I tagged mostly everyone by now
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starlyht · 2 hours ago
if i ever refer to blackwall / thom in a d.ragon verse thread with my dragon,  just know i specifically mean @shieldtheself    💀
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small--prince · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some characters and some (open species on dA) creatures from drawpile
oh and an extra:
Tumblr media
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eclypsd · 3 hours ago
SOME KARAM FACTS but not a lot bc i forget everything i wanted to say so this is just part one i am SO sorry ):
doesn’t like cars. he says it’s because it’s because of the pollution thing AND because they’re too loud but, while these are both true (especially the latter), he largely holds a grudge against all car drivers because one of the first things that happened to him when he came to live in the city was he got hit by a speeding car. for the record, he was fine thanks to the automatic healing, but he did freak the driver out a little. also, he kicked one of their headlights in before running off but. that’s not important.
i don’t think this is new or exciting information but since i haven’t written much on this blog yet, it’s still worth bringing up -- karam isn’t exactly, hmmmmmmm, good at emoting or expressing himself. that’s not to say he doesn’t emote because he does. but he doesn’t do it in a way that’s always immediately obvious or easy to understand and it’s often a little muted. because of this, it’s easy for people to read him as cold or aloof or even arrogant but that’s really not the case at all! he’s just not good at that sort of thing. (not bc he’s a spirit. sure, that contributes to the fact he doesn’t understand a lot of human social conventions but would rather not treat these traits as inhuman.)
he has a kill count (:  i’m not going to go into much detail about this right now because i’m saving it for a more detailed backstory post and it’s not very high anyway. like, it’s two. he killed two people at the same time. if i wanted to paint him in a favourable light, i’d say he’s not proud of it but the truth is that he doesn’t really care. he did care at the time was deeply ashamed of it for a good while after, even if he’d felt they deserved it in the moment, but he’s had two hundred years to work through those feelings. it doesn’t really bother him anymore.
he can’t cook. at all. i think i DID say this in a previous post back on the multi but he’s a terrible cook. he can manage the basics of heating stuff over a hob/fire/whatever and he did use fire to heat food when he was in the forest but he gets impatient and tends to burn things. he used to eat a lot of raw fish. this brand of microwaveable rice has helped him out a lot.
he got banned from his nearest convenience store for repeatedly shoplifting. they couldn’t get him into any real trouble bc he kept fucking off and disappearing before anybody could do anything about it and nobody could actually keep track of him so they just banned him instead. he doesn’t shoplift (as much) anymore but he still holds a grudge about the idea of having to pay for stuff.
i can’t think of anything else right now so i’ll write a part two later.
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i love s1 scully w her shoulder pads. homegirl ready to tackle anyone wtf
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thetpot · 4 hours ago
chapter 8 of after the flame, a pause is up!
Zuko's voice cut through the roar of Aang's thoughts. "I should have invited you to my meetings these past two days," he said haltingly. "I broke with tradition and I shouldn't have. Things are… different now."
"Your people think I'm an Earth Kingdom agent?" Aang said with a humorless laugh.
"Some probably do."
Aang searched for the joke in Zuko's delivery and didn't find it. "If we're talking about breaking with tradition, I sort of broke it first by not visiting for a year."
Zuko's smile came easier as he said, "There is no tradition of the Avatar visiting the Fire Nation in anyone's living memory. Tradition is what we've made it in the past ten years. Maybe the Avatar just takes a year off every ten years. There's a new tradition."
Aang laughed. "That's generous."
"I have a meeting with Zhang Wei tomorrow. You should join us," Zuko said.
The question rose unbidden to Aang's tongue. "Are you doing this because Ursa asked you to?"
Alarm spread over Zuko's face before a flush of embarrassment rose to join it. "Has she been talking to you too?"
"No, I just… heard some things."
"Suki," Zuko said matter-of-factly and didn't wait for confirmation before pushing on. "No, it's not just because of my mother. It's the right thing to do. I was angry, maybe I still am, but…" He sighed and glanced up at Aang, as if for help.
"It's a step in the right direction," Aang said.
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algariussummoner · 5 hours ago
And, here's an other random character
Her name shall be... Onidys!
Tumblr media
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carebird · 5 hours ago
I am still alive, but my internship and correcting my thesis is eating all my time. Today I used up my evening to draw one of my own characters from a story I am planning. She's my main characters mom Harmonia and a singer.
Tumblr media
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grahaem · 5 hours ago
I hope my formatting isn’t too hard for people to read ? if it is , do not hesitate to tell me and i’ll format at your own format . 
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