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celesse · 7 months ago
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There's a lot of hard work to do in this new year but I believe in us!
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chibird · 5 months ago
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Happy Lunar New Year everyone! 🐂🌙 I hope your new year is good even if nothing miraculous happens! Because I believe you can make it a good one regardless. ♥ Chibird store | Patreon | Webtoon
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crimson-chains · 5 months ago
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Art challenge Thursday!!! :D This time @sheilkuroi challenged us to draw a cow/ox piece because of Lunar New Year!!! OwO This guy’s name is Dan (Short for Dandelion)! He’s a florist and a very good buddy <3
Check out the other participants!! @chikao-art @sheilkuroi @kaizuart
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iahfuyu · a year ago
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Were gunna be headed into a jungle very soon So I gave Ox a fitting outfit
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ziseviolet · 5 months ago
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美人画 (6/?)
Paintings of beauties in traditional Chinese hanfu, Part 6 (Part 1/2/3/4/5) by Chinese artist 伊吹鸡腿子. The first one is a painting for this lunar new year’s year of the ox. See more of her work here.
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omelette-du-collage · a year ago
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A small series I've been working on to celebrate the Lunar year! Inspired of course by the animals of the Eastern Zodiac, in this case the Chinese ones! 
Part 1/2
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nemfrog · 2 years ago
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“Illustrated study of vertebrates.” First course in biology. 1910. Internet Archive
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blownit · a year ago
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nemfrog · 5 months ago
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Ox. The kingdom of the Barotsi. 1899.
Internet Archive
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tanuki-kimono · 6 months ago
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Year of the Ox, serene yet powerful illustration by Nurikabe. I love how the mountains rocks become the spots and markings, it’s a wonderful idea.
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evanlovejoy · 2 years ago
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Study of a Musk Ox - detail. Oil on canvas.
Here's a better view of this boo's face(s). 🐮🐮
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shinsousenpai · 3 years ago
The One Wish That Must Be Granted, And The Ninety Nine That Can Be Done Without
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1. Die all of you: Just kidding
2. Flip her skirt up
3. Let everyone be happy
4. Bring the most righteous person in the world back to life: Should a person come back to life because they’re righteous?
5. Bring back everyone who died: Should I be making decisions about life and death?
6. I want eternal life and youth: But wouldn’t immortality kind of suck?
7. Confidence
8. I want to stop being a warrior
9. Talent: Wouldn’t I be sent into more dangerous fights?
10. Harem: I would be too embarrassed.
11. Disappear, all of you: Just kidding
12. Expand my power to one thousand paths.
13. Money! Money!
14. I want to be friends with everyone in the world
15. Rule the world: But the ruling itself is the hard part.
16. I want a girlfriend: But would that really be love?
17. I want wisdom: But foolishness makes you what you are.
18. I want to know the future: But what fun would living be then?
19. I want to be a pro baseball player!: But you’d have to work out every day.
20. Telekinesis: Then why have hands?
21. I want to fly: Then why have feet?
22. I want to speak all languages: You don’t like talking anyway.
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23. I wish for an end to war: But it wouldn’t end exploitation.
24. I want X-ray vision: But it would lead to misunderstandings.
25. I want to climb Mt. Everest: But you’d only have yourself to rely on.
26. I want a smartphone that can’t run out of battery: But it would only last a few years.
27. I want to pilote a giant robot!: What would you be fighting?
28. I wish every day could be sunday: Go to work.
29. I want a cool supercar: It won’t feel the same if you don’t buy it yourself.
30. I want to be a bird: But being human is way better.
31. To never stub my toe again: Why not just watch where you walk.
32. I want to read people’s minds: But you start to distrust people.
33. The ability to wake up early: But you’d just go back to sleep.
34. I want to enter a manga: But what if you couldn’t get out?
35. I want to be invisible: But you’re basically invisible in class already.
36. I want to not feel pain: But that seems dangerous.
37. I want that rare book: But it’s only rare because no one has it.
38. I want that limited-edition product: But than it wouldn’t be limited anymore, would it ?
39. I want a best friend: What if they knew you were only friends because of a wish?
40. I want to be a great man: But the greatness wouldn’t last.
41. I want to be able to talk to animals: But they probably don’t have much to say.
42. I want to travel the world: But it would be harder than it sounds.
43. I want to live in a mansion: All by your self?
44. I want a fighter plane: But where would you park it?
45. I want to play all instruments: But buying them would get expensive.
46. I want to see ghosts: Like hell you do!
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47. I want to meet great people from history: But they’d have a lot of lectures for a modern person.
48. I want my dormant power awakened: But what if you don’t have any?
49. Missing
50. I want the power to stop time!: That’s like saying you want the power to commit crimes.
51. I want better panmanship: But you live in the digital age.
52. I want to meet an elf: In this day and age?
53. I want youth: what do you think you have now?
54. Missing
55. I want an eye that can see long distances: What, you mean like a third eye?
56. Missing
57. I want to hire a maid: Just go to a café.
58. I want to be a manga artist: Answer one of Young Jump’s newcomer recruiting postings.
59. Missing
60. I want to live on a desrted island: But you’d probably want to leave right away.
61. I want a time machine: Do you have a plan to get the energy to power it?
62. I want to be free of stress: But you need stress in order to grow.
63. World peace: But would you still exist in a peaceful world?
64. I want a loving family life: An artificial one?
65. I want to eat the world’s most delicious food: But you want to eat cup ramen, too.
66. I want to go to an amusement park: What are you, a girl raised to be a living weapon?
67. I want to be on the front page of the newspaper: Are you planning to commit a crime?
68,69. Missing 70. I want to own a penguin. Thanks to @wompwawomp 71,72. Missing
Tumblr media
73. Missing but I think: I want to be an idol!
74,75. Missing
76. Missing but I think: No matter how much you eat.
77. I want to be a cyborg: But who would repair you if you broke?
78. I want an art collection: You don’t like that stuff. Don’t pretend to be an intellectual.
79. I want to buy a pinguin: But can you even take care of an animal?
80. I want to talk to famous people: About what? Do you have a subject in mind?
81. Missing
82. A world free of evil people: Would anyone be left?
83. I want to be taller: But you’d just want to be shorter again.
84. I want courage: What are you, a lion?
85. Missing
86. I want prestige: But do you want unearned prestige?
87. I want to never miss a bus again: But then the buses would be late.
88. I want to be the strongest man in the world: Why, so you can bully the weak?
89. I want to invent something amazing: But all inventions ultimately become weapons.
90. I want to film a movie: But you’d bring down any set you were on.
91. I want to be someone who will never lose again: The moment you wish for that, you become an eternal loser.
92. I want to become a master swordsman: Dishonestly?
93,94,95. Missing
96. I want to learn the truth of the world: No, you really don’t.
97. I want to wish misfortune on people I hate: But wishing misfortune on others is a shitty thing to do.
98. To grant your wish instead: Cancel that immediately.
99. I want to turn my one wish into a hundred: Even a hundred wishes aren’t enough to satisfy a person’s ambition.
100. I want to forget, I don’t have any wish I want to have granted!
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Unfortunately some are missing, if someone knows them, please contact me!
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historystudies · a year ago
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November 10th - not a particularly interesting day today, but I am *slowly but surely* getting through my readings.
🕰 instagram @ashley_birrell
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nemfrog · 3 years ago
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Plate II. “The skeleton of the ox.” The artistic anatomy of cattle and sheep. 1868. 
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