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My Miraculous OCs, Lena and Claude, the Ox and Rat.

Claude and Lena were taking a walk, and since no one was around, Chee and Bullu slipped out to enjoy the weather. And Chee, being the troublemaker he is, snagged some mistletoe. 

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So I watched this new anime called Zodiac War and was pretty fucking butt hurt about the results of the God Hunger Games

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Chinese Ox Zodiac Hoodie

Chinese Ox Zodiac Hoodie
by mmemp_com

Enjoy the comfort of this warm and toasty pullover hoodie. Made from a 10oz. cotton-poly blend with a 100% cotton face. It has set-in sleeves and double needle-stitched armholes and bottom band for durability. Personalize to make it your own!

Size & Fit

Model is 6’2” and wearing a large
Standard fit
Runs true to size

Fabric & Care

10oz. cotton-poly blend with a 100% cotton face
Roomy front pouch pocket and hood
Machine wash cold Tumble dry Low

Shop at the link below

Chinese Ox Zodiac Clothing Accessories and Gifts

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くとぅしぇー  うしどぅし やいびーん!
 Kutushee ushidushi yaibiin!
This year is the year of the ox/cow!

うんじゅ ぬ えとー ぬー やいびーが?
Unju nu etoo nuu yaibiiga?
What is your zodiac animal?

わん えとー みー やいびーん。
Wan etoo mii yaibiin.
My zodiac animal is the snake.

子年(ねずみどし)  →  にー    Nii (rat)
丑年(うしどし)  →  うし        Ushi (cow/ox)
寅年(とらどし)  →  とぅら    Tura (tiger)
卯年(うさぎどし)  →  うー    Uu (rabbit)
辰年(たつどし)  →  たち        Tachi (dragon)
巳年(へびどし)  →  みー        Mii (snake)
午年(うまどし)  →  んま        Nma (horse)
未年(ひつじどし)  →  ふぃちじ   Fichiji (sheep)
申年(さるどし)  →  さーるー      Saaruu (monkey)
酉年(とりどし)  →  とぅい    Tui (rooster)
戌年(いぬどし)  →  いん        In (dog)
亥年(いのししどし)  →  いー    Ii (boar)


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Kashii Eiji (Ushii) - “Jūni Taisen”. [Graphinica - 2017].

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I said I did another piece for the Chinese zodiac and I like this one better. I wanted to do more of a sticker design for this too.

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It’s my boy Hatsuharu’s year, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon for a lot of “year of the ox” drawings I’ve been seeing going around. Click for better quality  💕

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Year of the Ox, serene yet powerful illustration by Nurikabe. I love how the mountains rocks become the spots and markings, it’s a wonderful idea.

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In honor of the Year of the Ox, I decided to make a Pikachu / Miltank fusion adopt! Buyer will receive an unwatermarked version of the file with the color palette.

$15 USD | Paypal only | DM if interested

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RIP year of the rat and enter year of the ox…. but it’s looking like things will get worse before anything can hope to get better. I hope this year we see moves towards anti-corruption as opposed to the continued sedition/terrorism/despotism that we’ve seen so far. 

I don’t intend to trivialize what’s going on around the country by using this image. Just thought it was fitting that the zodiac years line up with two characters who represent political corruption and trying to root out corruption, respectively. 

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