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Ok so, treid doing some grown up juniors and I gotta say: 

OYZZ is 1000% based off the TU’s OYZZ bc I love how he looks like a hopeless idiot, the manhua OYZZ doesn’t look like that at all so LKSDJLK 

He probably got dumber by spending too much time with the oher juniors HAHA

Also, I don’t really have specific statues for them but I just want Sizhui to be the tallest? You can call it on the Wen blood or idk aND Jingyi being the smallest one bc ever since I discovered has 4 cm less than the rest of the juniors I can only perceive him as TINY

And it’s not that noticeable but I gave Jin Ling a red eyeline bc slight makeup is my power move for design and I would have given makeup to everyone but I felt like Jins are the only ones pretentious?? enough to fit with that HAHA

Other than that idk, abt clothes: I used big refs with OYZZ’s bc I saw pictures of sect leader Ouyang to guide me and I also used refs for the Lan’s outer robes from the manhua  And I think I also used a illust of Jin Ling, like, from the AD I think? Not sure anymore SOBS

Now, will I fishish this drawing properly someday?  Maybe,,,,,,,

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jingyi has definitely called his hanguang-jun dad at least once, you cannot change my mind

Characters in order of speaking: lan jingyi, xue yang, lan wangji, ouyang zizhen, lan sizhui, wei wuxian, jin ling

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(This isn’t really poly junior quartet, but it’s poly junior quartet in my mind cos it makes it funnier XD but can be gen or implied zhuiling too)

AO3 Link

“Wait, why are you running away?” Lan Sizhui turned to Lan Jingyi. “Why is he running away?”

Lan Jingyi was covering his mouth to try and muffle his laughter as he watched Jin Ling’s retreating back, and a flicker of suspicion woke in Lan Sizhui’s mind.

“Jingyi, what did you say to him?” he asked, gently but firmly as he carefully put down the tray of tea things.

Lan Jingyi gave up muffling his laughter, clutching at his stomach through loud guffaws while Ouyang Zizhen merely rolled his eyes from beside him.

“He may have implied that by accepting your offer of tea, Jin Ling would be making a statement he’s not entirely ready to make,” he said, lips still twitching in a smile that only grew when Lan Sizhui rounded on Lan Jingyi.


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Pairing: Lan Sizhui/Ouyang Zizhen (focus), Jin Ling/Lan Jingyi/Lan Sizhui/Ouyang Zizhen (background)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2.6k
Summary: After getting caught spying on Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi, Ouyang Zizhen drags Lan Sizhui on a mad dash through the Cloud Recesses until they wind up alone in the back mountain.

(Poly Junior Quartet, but with this fic focusing on Lan Sizhui/Ouyang Zizhen specifically)

Tags: Polyamory, Poly Junior Quartet (Sizhui/Zizhen focus), Communication, Forehead Kisses, Kissing

Part 3 of ‘Of Forehead Ribbons and Vermilion Marks’

AO3 Link


Lan Sizhui and Zizhen were reprimanded by no less than three senior disciples and one elder as they ran through the Cloud Recesses. Zizhen was deaf to them all, still laughing and tugging Lan Sizhui along as if A-Ling was chasing them for revenge. The lack of cursing and shrieking behind them told Lan Sizhui that Jingyi had managed to hold him back with something more tempting than soothing his pride with revenge, but he let Zizhen pull him along, even knowing he would face a stern lecture and punishment for it later.

He had long since deemed any punishment worth it in pursuit of enjoying to the fullest every moment they visited the Cloud Recesses.

When Zizhen finally came to a stop, he’d led them to the back mountain, to one of the tucked away meditation spots that had fallen from use. It was one of Lan Sizhui’s favourite places, an overgrown clearing well off the main paths, frequented by Hanguang-Jun’s rabbits, but not Hanguang-Jun, and one of the many places he had often hidden away in when he was younger and wanted to be alone. It was one of his favourite places to take Zizhen and listen to him compose poetry to the backdrop of the woods.

“Did you see the way he got up and fell back down?” Zizhen gasped, throwing himself into a sprawl on the ground and clutching his belly as he laughed. “Such grace from Sect Leader Jin!”

“Zizhen,” Lan Sizhui reproached, sitting beside him and shaking his head. “We should not have spied on their intimate moment.”

Zizhen snorted loudly and rolled onto his side, then propped himself up on one elbow to smirk over at him. “You could have stopped me if you really wanted too.”

Heat rushed to Lan Sizhui’s cheeks. Indeed, he could have. They had spent some time determining who was the stronger and more skilled among them, and he had triumphed. He didn’t expect to maintain the position for long. Once A-Ling overcame his impetuousness, Lan Sizhui was sure his unpredictable blend of the Lanling Jin and Yunmeng Jiang styles of fighting would beat them all.

“You wanted to watch them resolve that just as much as I did,” Zizhen added, plucking at the grass and sighing. “They are so interesting with each other. I really never expected them to work alone.”

Lan Sizhui hummed his agreement. He too had feared that Jingyi and A-Ling would not be able to reconcile their differences despite a mutual attraction, but he’d been pleasantly surprised. 

“We each have our own way with each other,” he said diplomatically. And watching A-Ling and Jingyi find that honest intimacy with each other was as breathtaking as their constant bickering was amusing. He could happily watch them together all day and not feel the need to be included.

“Why is Jingyi so sensitive about his forehead ribbon anyway?” Zizhen asked, reaching up to tug on the ends of Lan Sizhui’s. “He took forever to let me touch it too, even after more intimate things. You let us touch yours when we were still only friends.”

“Hm…” Lan Sizhui reached up and unfastened his ribbon, holding the other end in his hand and thinking.

Jingyi often wondered the same thing, that they could both be raised with the Lan Sect rules and yet treat the forehead ribbon so differently. 

Maybe it had been the many lessons on regret that Hanguang-Jun had instilled in Lan Sizhui over the years. He’d always told him to live honestly, not only with others but with himself. That, if there were people he cared for, to not let fear be an impediment to closeness. To know what was right and good and let that shape his actions more than tradition and discipline. 

He’d not really understood much of it until Senior Wei had returned, along with his memories from before he’d come to Gusu. Then it had been abundantly obvious that Hanguang-Jun had been trying to avoid the same fate of loss and regret befalling him.

“The rules may mean for only direct blood family and cultivation partners to touch it, but if I love a person, then they are family to me, in whatever form,” he said, rubbing the end of the ribbon between his fingers. “Why shouldn’t they touch it? Why shouldn’t I want them to touch it? It brings me joy, it brings them joy. That can only be a good thing. There shouldn’t need to be the physical intimacy of cultivation partners to share in this gesture of trust and love. Why should I only feel safe relaxing my self-restraint around one person, and one person only, anyway?”

Zizhen observed him for a moment, then moved, getting a knee either side of his hips until he settled on his lap. Lan Sizhui leaned back reflexively, planting his hands behind him, but when Zizhen’s lips brushed his naked forehead, he froze.

“You should have told me you like this,” Zizhen whispered against his forehead.

Heat flooded Lan Sizhui’s face again, so hot that Zizhen’s hands felt cold when they cupped his cheeks as his lips brushed Lan Sizhui’s forehead again, and again, slow and gentle. 

Even though A-Ling had now kissed his naked forehead many times since the first time, he still could not stop his reaction to it. 

“Your selfless love is so beautiful, Sizhui,” Zizhen whispered, kissing Lan Sizhui’s lips once before pressing their foreheads together and sighing. “You would have been forever content to remain merely friends with the three of us, even desiring more. Even now, you never ask for anything, not even this simple thing.”

Lan Sizhui held his breath. He didn’t think it was selfless at all. As long as he kept them happy, they remained in his life. It was a selfish thing, trying to keep them close. That was all he needed, really. Everything else was just an endless gift.

(Read the rest on AO3)

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Zizhen is the softest junior, 11 out of 10 soft, and here’s why:

  • Canon-wise, he doesn’t have a sad/tragic backstory. (Not that you can’t be soft w/ a sad backstory, but u get the point. Even if u consider his backstory to be sad he’s still soft)
  • the most emotionally mature of the juniors. The emotional support they do deserve, but also the one that they need.
  • Plants & flower crowns are his fav, pastels are his aesthetic. Subdued colors & pretty greens are his favs
  • Dandelions & lilies are his favorite flowers
  • I hc him as a pacifist, bc fighting & war is unnecessary death.
  • A little naive when it comes to certain things but also super observant and pretty damn smart.
  • Can accidentally manipulate ppl into trusting him by just being a innocent pure cinnamon roll, he’s so very easy to trust.
  • But if he wanted to he could be v. powerful in politics. Sorta like in a jyl way. Ppl underestimate him but he notices shit and refuses to let anything morally corrpt exist. V. strong morals.

Anyways ty for coming to my Ted Talk, stan oyzz or your kneecaps will perish.

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So we all know that Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi are parallels for Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian, just…less extreme. A bit closer to each other even than Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are in Wei Wuxian’s second life. And we know that Jin Ling is a gentler, more open version of Jiang Cheng, although he tries to hide it.

….does that make Ouyang Zizhen the less morally-complicated analog to Nie Huisang?? Think about it. Artsy guy? Check. Kinda romantic? Definitely check. Really enjoys just hanging out with his friends. Absolutely! So does that mean Ouyang Zizhen has hidden depths of sneakiness, intelligence, and perceptiveness that we don’t get to see on screen? I’m going to go with HELL YEAH, because Ouyang Zizhen is fucking awesome and this parallel gives me a reason to HC him as even more awesome.

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Both Sects announced that they’d be holding funerals. That is, separate funerals. Ouyang Zizhen wasn’t impulsive; he put a great deal of thought into his next actions. The Lan Sect was such a mess that sneaking into the Cloud Recesses was concerningly easy. Koi Tower had been a bit harder, but Ouyang Zizhen wasn’t the third-ranked cultivator for nothing.

He placed their bodies right next to each other, and he smiled at them both. “Soon,” he promised, “you can rest. Just hang in there for a bit, alright?”

Neither of them answered.

Or: After the deaths of his two best friends whose only crime was daring to love each other, Ouyang Zizhen takes their bodies and goes in search of a proper resting place. He meets a little ghost boy and a somewhat insane Sect Leader, and nothing seems to get better.

Read it below or on AO3.


Ouyang Zizhen’s first memory is of his father calling him a disgrace. “Unholy child!” the Sect Leader of the BalingOuyang spat. “Smearing our honor! Look at what you’ve done!” Ouyang Zizhen looked to his mother, begging her to speak up for him, but she ignored him. At least she wasn’t yelling, too.

The doctor, however, didn’t have any reservations about speaking against the Sect Leader. “He has no control over it,” the woman insisted. “He didn’t choose to be allergic to spiritual grass.”

“I’m no idiot—but we’re cultivators! If he can’t handle spiritual grass, what does that mean for us? He’s my only offspring!”

“He can cultivate,” the doctor assured. “Just have him stay away from spiritual grass.” She paused before repeating, “It won’t affect his cultivation.” She said it insistently. Sect Leader Ouyang finally stood down, leaving the room in a flourish of robes after throwing a quick glare at his son.

Ouyang Zizhen was four. “No spiritual grass?” he asked the doctor quietly.

She nodded. “Don’t go near them, Young Master Ouyang. They’ll hurt you very badly.”

Later, he learns that contact with them is deadly for him. Later, he remembers his father taking him to a garden after that conversation. He doesn’t remember what happened in that garden, but he remembers his mother’s barely-hidden devastation when he woke up in the infirmary, and the silent rage on the doctor’s face.

He thinks he knows what happened in the garden, and he realizes that his so-called “elders” are all too set in their ways to be kind and compassionate—to be decent human beings. He isn’t shocked when someone else suffers from their narrow-mindedness. Instead, he bows his head and cries. 

Keep reading

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yes!! ouyang zizhen. i didn’t really care about him much in the yi city arc but i was so endeared by him post BM when he stood up to his father and the other sect leaders. specially because their sect is one of those that just hates wwx. they didn’t know him in his teenage years and aren’t related to him in any way whatsoever so to still see someone like thats son stand up for wwx was so sweet.

also he’s just such a nice edition to the junior squad. he’ll help jingyi clown jin ling whenever necessary but at the same is willing to use his braincells with sizhui. and with how close baling is to yunmeng, at least geographically he probably spent his chilhood swimming with jin ling in the lakes of lotus pier. also these pictures just show how he’s probably the mom friend to jin ling like sizhui is for jingyi.



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I can’t wait for my ouyang zizhen commission to be completed!!!

I love that boy so much but he didn’t get nearly as much attention in ANY adaptation

a blink and you’ll miss him

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