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By all means, there are no stupid questions! I spent my last ask ranting about Robozpin petting a dog, please 😂 Send all the plot-irrelevant asks you want!

As for your question, yes, the Long Memory still exists in this AU! It gets a bit of a redesign and it’s not an heirloom anymore. Oscar designed it when he built Roboz to help with the “protection” function he put so much emphasis on. Because Roboz doesn’t have magic like real Oz, the Long Memory uses dust to emulate the powers of magic.

Thank you for the ask! If you have anymore (plot related or not 😆) I’m here to answer them! 🤗


Help Me Brainstorm for Robot Dadpin!

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Salem’s group: Character development! Character development!

Salem: Who cares?

Cinder: We do! You have your background story animated!I want mine!

Hazel: Dont you already have a episode about you? It is my turn!

Cinder: I want more!!

Salem( Turning to Oscar): This is your doing isnt it?

Oscar: Nailed it.

Ozpin: Indeed Oscar. Perfectly Nailed.

Salem: Gods, give me Patience.

Oscar: You did betrayed them right?

Salem: I will torture you!

Oscar: It didnot worked well, did it?

Salem: I need to take a rest or my brain will be fried.

Oscar: Take your time.

Salem’s group: Character development!

Salem( face palms): Curses.

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For my “Weiss and Whitley leave Atlas and Ozpin takes them in” AU with tiny lil Weiss.


Oz knitted her the scarf after hearing her talk so fondly and happily about Nicholas Schnee. So he made her a scarf that mirrored his, and to keep her warm.

And she’s wearing a lot of colours because Weiss fell in love with all the colours of Vale. All her life she’d been surrounded by variations of white, grey and blue and while she still liked them she adored the rest.

So Weiss wears a mixture of different colours, the green dress was chosen by her so she could match Ozpin. His response was to stare at her for 10 seconds… Than promptly fall to his knees all teary eyed and sob with Weiss in his arms for 30 minutes.

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Ruby: Wait, so you lied to us this whole time?

Ozpin, inside Oscar: I didn’t lie, I just didn’t tell the truth.

Yang: That’s lying.

Ozpin: No. I just hid the truth with other words.

Qrow: And that’s lyin-

Ozpin: I am simply an illusionist with my words.

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Some people need to understand that snowpines/rosegarden shippers dont ship ozpin with whitley or ruby, WE👏SHIP👏THEM👏WITH👏OSCAR.

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sorry Oz but I don’t think that’s your roll to fill

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How an Angel Gets Its Wings

Chapter 2: Change is Gonna Come

Story Summary: Aaliyah Branwen-Cael has a lot to live up to. Both of her fathers are renowned huntsmen- fighters of unbelievable skill. Her brother is nothing short of a prodigy, making fighting and leadership look easy. One of her cousins is the youngest student to ever graduate from Beacon Academy, and her other relatives aren’t exactly pushovers. So where does that leave Ali? After all, she’s just a scared little girl in comparison. And the kicker? She’s getting ready to enter Beacon with her semblance still marked as “unknown.”

Chapter Summary: In which Oz teaches Oscar a lesson the hard way and Ali gets a great idea from her new friend.

Relationship(s): Cloqwork Family, Parent-Child, Adopted Siblings, Childhood Friends

Categories: Found Family, Childhood, Next Gen

Chapter(s): 2/16

Author’s Note: Chapter 2! If CRWBY won’t give us Dadpin and his son Oscar then I will do it myself 😆 hope anyone who reads enjoys the shenanigans 😜

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Bowl, you are so big brained oh my god.

ROBOZ MEETING A DOMESTIC DOG FOR THE FIRST TIME????? Oh my god he would lose it. Oscar’s like “go on, you can pet him you know.” When he scratches the dog behind the ear he panics because it’s foot starts to do the little shaky thing and he think he hurt it. Penny’s like: “No, that’s good! It means he likes it!” And Oz just pets the dog for hours.

A god tier concept, thank you for this boost of seratonin, HCPIC.


Help Me Brainstorm for Robot Dadpin!

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This is a really good question and a super pivotal moment in the story. The first emotion Oz really feels is worry/concern when Oscar gets sick one day (as explained in this lovely reblog by @mj-honeytreat). At first, Oz doesn’t really understand what’s going on, but then Penny explains what sickness is to humans and how they lost Pietro to illness. The threat of actually losing Oscar freaks Oz out. Why? Because he cares about him.

The sickness is mild and Oscar is fine after a couple days, but Oz will never forget the anxious buzzing in his chest that started when he thought he might have lost Oscar for good.


Thank you for the excellent question, anon! 🤗

Help Me Brainstorm for Robot Dadpin!

(I am still doing this if you guys have more questions 😆)

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Us: Give Oz and Oscar a family! That’s all we ask!

CRWBY: no ❤️

Us, with our 1001 Ozcar AUs: Fine then we’ll fucking do it ourselves.

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The Daily Oz for 1/20/21



It’s like waiting with baited breath…

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SB!Ozpin: *taking control of Oscar and sitting down* I’m sure you have a lot of questions-

SB!Ruby: Actually, there is something we need to talk about.

SB!Ozpin: What about?

SB!Ruby: Its something Raven told Yang and me. About what you did to her and Qrow.

SB!Ozpin: *sighing* That… wasnt something I figure she’d tell you.

SB!Ruby: I need you to tell us everything that’s going on.

SB!Ozpin: I cant… at least, not yet.

SB!Ruby: And why not?

SB!Ozpin: Things are… complicated.

SB!Ruby: Right… complicated. It’s always complicated…

SB!Ozpin: I promise to explain more-

SB!Ruby: At least explain who Salem is. Or why Beacon was attacked.

SB!Ozpin: Everything will be explained. I promise.

SB!Ruby: *frowning* Then what can you tell us?

SB!Ozpin: Gather everyone else. I… should at least explain why being here at Haven is important to us.

SB!Ruby: *walking off to gather her friends*

SB!Oscar: *taking control again* You know Ozpin, if you dont explain things now, they’ll leave you.

SB!Ozpin: *inside Oscar’s head* I know. But… there are some things I cant explain yet.

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Wait, what if the “Such Arrogance” leitmotif is the Dies Irae equivalent in the RWBY OST?

Such Arrogance has played prior to any battles, but has been featured prominently in Cinder versus Ozpin, and Blake and Yang versus Adam. To a quieter degree, Yang losing her arm and consciousness against Adam Volume 3. Each preceded someone’s demise, more or less.

So what next? What if we hear it again? (GESTURES AT WINTER AND TO-WHALE CO. AT THE DRIVE-THRU) HELP

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I updated my evil dadpin au! And there’s a huge authors note at the end, so please read it. It’s regarding the ships in it and I think it’s important. 

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something I’ve realized when I rewatched the wizard of oz

So in the original story, everyone in the Emerald City was ordered by the Wizard of Oz to have these green glasses. Like, it was locked behind their head. As discovered by Dorothy when she left the city, everything in the Emerald City was actually white, but people thought it was green because of the glasses.

And my copy of The Wizard of Oz is currently missing, so I can’t show you the illustration that made me think of this but-

the design of Ozpin’s glasses might be based off of the glasses everyone in the Emerald City had to wear.

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Small things we’ve all weirdly agreed on in the Ozpin Fandom

-he’s either a workaholic and works until he nearly passes out or never gets any fucking work done, there’s no in-between

-bitch can’t cook for shit. Either that or he just doesn’t cook for himself and eats actual garbage

-on that note, he has an absolutely insane sweet tooth

-he drives Glynda crazy for one reason or another

-he probably wears weird-ass socks

-he can’t sit in a damn chair 

-tax evasion

-has likely been to jail

-those glasses are just a fashion choice, they don’t actually do shit

-we all want him to bitch-slap Ironwood with Long Memory

-HEAD EMPTY. Oscar holds their singular braincell at all times

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