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#ozpin fanart

Late and very messy Halloween doodles with the green team! Obligatory ‘dressing up as each other’ shenanigans ensue

Also just realized that if they were an actual team, their name would be OOP. And that’s the best name a team could ever have.

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In my last post, someone wanted Ozzy to give the kiddos some magic lessons and I think he’s totally the kind of guy to switch randomly between being patient and just throwing people into the deep end.

Also, if you saw this before, no you didnt. (Repost cause I forgot Penny’s magic eyes 😭) maybe I’ll continue this. If I have the energy.

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Sooo yeah this was supposed to be a few warm up doodles but I lowkey escalated :/

Also idk if this even counts as an au lol it’s just me passive aggressively trying to make up for the lack of oskar ozpin content we got

Anyways enjoy my messy garbage.

(sry for any typos btw, english isn’t my first language, also I can’t dialogue to safe my life)

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for @trailofclementines

well, the meaning of art: Oscar (went to the past) is a student of Beacon. While talking with Ozpin, he accidentally meets Ironwood. Oscar suffers from anxiety about being shot by Ironwood

the scene is designed for this fic:

i’m a little tired…


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I reviewed all seven seasons THREE times

Im loving Ozpin, it seems to me wrong that everyone was up against him for hiding his past. he was literally tramled by the fact that everyone saw it. Ozpin hid that he would not be able to defeat Salem (the original says “you can’t, means "you can’t” and not “no way”, as the Russian voiceovers translated), simply because he did not want everyone to lose hope.

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OMG I WAS NOT EXPECTING TO GET THIS TODAY!!! I was going to wait for the next batch of stickers (cuz i waited too long like a dummy >.> <.< >.>) but sneaky sneaky @kiyukitsukino had bought one for me and i hear there was a lil conspiracy with @bravenurse to keep it secret from me lol!! Oh you little rascals you! 💚💜💚💜

Thank you so much to both of you!! To Kiyuki for being such a thoughtful and great friend and to Bravenurse for the wonderful art! I absolutely love this and I’m a big fan! (Even tho I’m shy and don’t really say much @.@) but i squealed like a little fan girl when i got these lol and now I’m trying to decide where i want to put them~ 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

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