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Makeup can make or break your overall look. Never lose points at a pageant because of any makeup mistakes! Click to read our Ultimate Guide to Pageant Makeup- we have tips on applying your lipstick, eyeshadow, contour, foundation, brows, and much more! #pageant #makeup #prom #pageantmakeup #prommakeup #eyeshadow #contour #blush #lipstick #mascara #brows #bronzer #concealer #eyeliner #highlight

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stans’ priorities are honestly crooked. commenting on peoples posts demanding them to delete for his safety and not for the civilians who didnt ask to get blasted on a massive scale because they happened to walk side by side with the harry styles

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i wish i killed myself a few years ago, i’m just full of pain

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date a dork who calls you randomly because they need to tell you about their day immediately

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any company that sends me a corporate ad saying “spring has sprung” is officially sexting me

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i hate my legs more than anything

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I just feel like I’m scared to completely open up to anyone. The only person I told ALL of my trauma to was my ex and it took me like 3 days to actually spill it out and everytime I tried I started crying hysterically and changed my mind. Im thankful that he understood, was patient and comforted me like I wanted but man… I don’t want to open up to anyone else about myself. I need to work on that. I really find people who open up about their trauma EXTREMELY brave.

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