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My newest video is up on YouTube! This video was so fun to film in the snow! The song is very close to my heart, as I have #borderlinepersonalitydisorder and so does the artist who wrote this song. I felt every word of the song and tried to embody them in the video. Please enjoy! 💜

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As P!nk fan and an asexual who struggles with her mental health but doesn’t show it, and in honor of ace awareness week, that starts for me in 52 minutes, here’s drawing of a ace (trying to be me) next to lyrics from one of my favorite songs ever, F*cking Perfect or as a clean version, Perfect. Also I’m dreaming of getting a tattoo on my left arm that says Fucking Perfect in honor of the song but enough about my dreams😁

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I don’t know which Millennial or Gen Z needs to hear this but it’s perfectly okay to keep dressing like it’s the early 2000s, playing video games that take you back and listen to the music from that era if it keeps you feeling alive every day. Don’t let anything stop you <3

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🎶 Favorite musician in alphabet order : 🎶

A - vril Lavigne

B - en Platt

C - ayley Spivey

D - emi Lovato

E - van Ross

F -letcher

G - reen Day

H - ayley Reinhart

I - ngrid Andress

J - anet Devlin

K - ehlani

L - ucy Spraggan

M -xmtoon


O - ne Republic

P - !nk

Q - ueen

R - uss

S - imple Plan

T - wenty One Pilots

U - s The Duo

V - inyl Theatre

W - (The) allflowers

X - Ambassadors

Y - ou vs Yesterday

Z - endaya

I tag: @ anyone who wants to do this, but I guess if I have to tag umm @coldbrewqueer @positive-growing-pains @acetrainerjen @ban-fanaiochta @aribeexx @forestwitchhh @girlswithguns22magnum @indigeum @questionsbecameourthoughts @naivivhenderson @mik-aylaa @erikaraez 🎶




I kept changing I have so much music I love!! But I’m posting this now before I change my mind again.. and again…

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