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#p-please god someone appreciate this I out so much work into it
kiridarling · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
— 3.0k words
eijirou kirishima | hard dom + dubcon jic + f!reader + exhibitonism + face-fucking + dumbification + car sex + more! minors dni.
"Made me come all this’d be a pity if I didn't get somethin' out of it."
Tumblr media
"No, no, no, no, no—c'mon," you cry as your car engine spits and sputters to a stop in the road, coughing like an old man with asthma before it's dead for good. Jamming your heel on the gas pedal, you twist your key in the ignition, but there's no use. You're fucking stuck.
You sigh, before slamming your forehead against the steering wheel. It's hard enough to sting, and the blaring horn startles all unsuspecting birds in a five-mile radius, but you could care less. Stuck in the middle of the woods at one in the morning, AAA membership-less with nothing but the clothes on your back and the vehicle you came with. Short cuts are a fucking myth.
Tumblr media
Mina's the only person you can think of calling—because frankly, she's the only one who'd know a mechanic who could help at this time of night if one exists. Which you doubt. Severely.
"[Y/N]?" Mina answers, semi-urgently. You wonder if you startled her out of a good sleep, but knowing the night owl, her evening is just beginning. "What's up?"
"I'm fucking stuck in the middle of nowhere," you groan, banging your head against the back of the seat though you know she can't see you. "Car's not working."
"Oh no," she coos, and her pity is useless. "Do you have AAA?"
"No. Do you have a mechanic?"
"A one am? I don—wait," she interrupts before you hear something akin to rustling sheets. "I might have a friend who could help! But don't get your hopes up girlie, he's a heavy sleeper."
You shrug, shaking your head. "At this point, I'm desperate."
"Alrighty!" Mina confirms, and now all you can do is fucking hope her friend pulls through. "I'll give him a quick buzz and then send his number over, sound good?"
"Sounds perfect," you breathe, relaxing (somewhat) with your chin against the steering wheel. "Thanks, girl."
"Of course!" she cheers, and you wonder how someone could have so much energy at this time of night. "Good luck!"
"Thanks," you snort. "I might need it."
Tumblr media
Riiiing! Riiiing!
Eijirou's had a long day.
A pipe busted at the auto shop today, resulting in an immediate flood—meaning they had to get everything that could possibly rust out as quickly as possible, aka everything in the goddamn shop.
So, yeah. He's had a long day, and when he's finally able to get under the covers and go the fuck to sleep, Mina calls him with this.
"Hey...Eijirou, buddy, best friend—"
"Mina, I love you, but what do you want?" Eijirou grunts into the phone, voice worn and ragged from limited sleep and his terribly long day. One am is never an appropriate time to call anybody, but he figures something has to be up—Mina's not the type to call in the middle of the night.
"Um, well. My homegirl’s kinda stuck in the woods with car troubles—"
"The woods."
It takes Mina a second but she hums in confirmation, and Eijirou can see her head nodding from where he lays. He sighs, rolling on his back to blink up at the ceiling. "Yep!"
"What is she doing in the woods at midnight?"
"I don't know!" Mina exclaims. Eijirou runs a hand over his face. "I just—please, Ei? She doesn't have AAA or anything and it's really, really late. All you have to do is hotwire her car or something, right? It's not like she totaled it or anything."
And dammit. Eijirou hates being a nice person.
"Just give me ten."
Mina practically gasps out a thank you, "You're a lifesaver Ei! Really! I—"
She's interrupted by the buzz of his phone—this time, from an unknown number. Eijirou raises an eyebrow, "That her?"
"Should be!" The pinkette says. Eijirou's feet finally touch the floor and it's painfully cold. His bed has never looked more appealing, and that's counting all those instances in high school. "Thanks again, Ei!"
"Yep," Eijirou says, popping the 'p,' before clearing his voice and switching the line. Customer Service at one am, here he comes.
"Red Riot Auto Repair and Services, how may I help you?"
All he receives is a grunt on the other end of the phone: "My car won't turn on."
Eijirou waits for you to give him a little more to work with, but it's clear that's all you have to say when you ask hello to ensure he's still on the other end of the line. Runs his hands through his hair, he silently prays he won't have to leave the house to get your car to work.
"Did you try jiggling the key?"
"Yes, I'm not stupid," you huff, and Eijirou's eyebrows fold in exasperation. He insists you do it again though, and hears the weak splutter of your engine through the phone with a heavy heart. "'S fucking useless."
"Did you try tapping the battery terminals?"
"The battery whatsitals?" You say, too loud and smart-mouthed for the very thin amount of patience Eijirou harbors. He reaches for his hair tie, satisfied enough with the messy bun he makes on the first try.
"Just send me your location," Eijirou sighs, moving for a jacket before snatching the keys to the shed. He'd rather just get this over with than beat around the bush.
Luckily, you're not far. 
"You drive that thing?" is your first comment, and Eijirou can't even appreciate your beauty before your first words shatter your image completely, and he's slamming the door to his truck with rolling eyes, rusted toolbox heavy in his hand. "It looks like Mater from Lightning McQueen."
Eijirou just stares at you for a second, just to see if you're really serious, and resists the urge to scoff when it seems like you are.
"It's a truck," is all he says, before marching around you and to the task at hand—your car. "Pop the hood."
You huff, but you listen, and Eijirou wastes no time in getting to work. You watch with your elbows balanced on the rim, curious but quiet, and that allows him to get in the zone enough to realize there are countless problems with your car.
"When was the last time you took this thing into the shop?" He probes. You click your tongue, eyes tracing the outlines of the trees as you search for an answer. That's never a good sign.
"And how long have you had it?"
"A few years," you nod, and Eijirou drops his head.
"It's a miracle you made it this far in the first place," he chuckles bitterly, shaking his head. What the hell is he going to do now? There's no way your car is moving anywhere tonight. You frown, jamming your hands on your hips.
"Well? Are you going to fix it or what?"
"I can fix it," Eijirou says with a shrug, closing your hood. "But not tonight."
"What do you mean not tonight?" You badger, breathing down his neck as he hikes back to his truck to set the toolbox down. There's no reason to carry it if he's not going to need it.
"I mean, your car's going to need a solid six months before it can run again, Sweetheart."
When Eijirou turns, you're much too in his face for his liking. He can practically feel your breath against his chest, and it has him rolling his eyes, leaning against his truck with arms crossed.
"Yeah, okay, but I need it to run tonight," you explain, gesticulating so wildly Eijirou fears his own chest may fall in the cross-fire. "Like, I need to get home tonight."
"I can't—" the redhead sighs, running his hand over his face. You're terribly difficult, and if Mina had given him a proper warning he probably wouldn't be here in the fucking first place. "Listen. My shop is out of commission for the next few days 'cause of a flood. I can work on your car or whatever, but it'll take a sec, so the most I can do is drop you at a hotel down the road or somethin'. Sound like a plan?"
"No," you growl, claws and all, and Eijirou wishes for nothing but death. "That doesn't sound like a plan! I don't know you, what makes you think I'll get in a car with you?"
Oh. My. God.
"Then you can spend the night in your car and have Mina come get you in the morning," he huffs, stomping over to the driver's side of his truck. "So it's either you're gettin' in, or I'm leaving ya."
With that, he slams the car door shut, shoves his key in the ignition, and counts to fucking ten, and on nine and a half you're flinging open the passenger door and bouncing in the seat, arms crossed over your chest in indignance. You don't even look him in the eye.
"Seatbelt," he warns. You tut.
"I don't need a fucki—"
"Put on the goddamn seatbelt."
You don't say anything, but he's satisfied by the click that follows. Eijirou shifts into drive and you two take off.
"The seat's so uncomfortable."
Not even twenty feet.
"Suck it up," is all the pity Eijirou has to offer. He's preoccupied with trying to get from this side road to a main road with, you know, actual civilization. The road is unsteady—unsteady enough that a bump sends the both of you flying towards the roof of his car, and naturally, you have something to say about it.
"Y'know, for a mechanic, you're not a very good driver," you say, and it has Eijirou's fists tightening around his steering wheel. His patience wears down until it has the height of a penny, and Eijirou worries for when it shatters because he has no clue what he'll do if it does.
"And it smells a little funky," you continue anyway, eyes wandering around the cabin aimlessly."Kinda like cheese. No offense."
Eijirou pulls over at that, teeth grinding. Is he really going to snap over cheese comment?
“Is this a condom?”
Yes. Yes, the fuck he is.
"Get out."
"Um—excuse me?" You blink, eyebrows raising in offense. "You're kicking me out. Because I found a fucking rubber?”
Eijirou glares your way and he's sure you can feel him radiating fury, and that's enough to convince you to hop out of the car without another word. He follows, slamming the door behind him.
"Okay? Now what?" You growl, and Eijirou loves it—the false display of confidence. Because he knows it won't take much to break you once he gets you under his thumb, and you'll look so pretty once he does. Cocking his head to his side, he tells you to come here without having to open his mouth. You follow.
"Now, on your knees."
You splutter at his request, rolling your eyes as if he wasn't being serious. Though you shut up once you hear the clink of his belt, lips widening in revelation, and Eijirou thinks you'd look much prettier with your mouth full.
"You made me come all this way—it'd be a pity if I didn't get somethin' out of it," Eijirou says, and the way you shiver implies that you like this more than you let on. He coos when you say nothing, "And for the first time today she's got nothin' to say. See? You're improving already."
He gives you a second to move. When you don't, he lifts an eyebrow. "Knees, Princess."
You do and Eijirou groans at the view, palming his hardening cock at the sight of your bambi eyes blinking up at him—and it's a pretty one, at that. Leaning against the door of his truck, he grunts, "Take it out."
Your fingers hook under the waistband of his boxers and Eijirou shivers upon contact with the cool air, but the warmth of your palm makes up for it. You spit on his cock with a curled lip and it's nothing short of crude, before you're swirling your tongue around the head and taking him as far as you can possibly go.
"Uh-uh," Eijirou tuts, grabbing you by the hair to pull your mouth off his cock. "We got at my pace, Sweetheart."
"Why?" You pout with a curled lip. Eijirou scowls.
"Because," he says, before stuffing half of his cock down your throat, "I'm gonna put that big fuckin' mouth to use at my pace."
With that, Eijirou thrusts into your mouth, using the grip he has around your hair as leverage. Your throat is impossibly warm and the way you choke has him keening, and that's enough for his hips to start picking up mindlessly.
"Shit—what a dirty fuckin' girl," he says, smirking when you moan around his cock. "You like this? You like sucking off a guy you just met?"
Your eyes flutter at that, nails digging into his thighs, and it nearly has him cooing. When you swallow around him Eijirou's hips stutter and he grunts, "In public, no less. Anyone could drive by and see you taking my dick down your throat...but you'd like that, wouldn't you? You want the world to know how much of a slut you are."
Your hand falls between your thighs and Eijirou grins like the devil as he watches you touch yourself on the dirty road, desperate just because knows how to push the right buttons. That's enough to have him caving, demanding you rise to your feet and get in the backseat of his car.
"Hands and knees," Eijirou urges, his body towering over yours from behind. It's not long before he's pinning your wrists to the windshield with one hand and using the other to land a harsh slap on your ass; harsh enough to make you jolt forwards from the force.
"Such a pretty ass," he coos before slapping it again, and your teeth dig into your bottom lip to muffle the sound. "And it's all for me, ain't it, Princess?"
You nod, but Eijirou spanks you again—he's looking for an answer.
"Y-Yeah, yes, all yours just—" your hips wiggle in search of his cock. Eijirou chuckles, leveling his lips with your ear.
"Want me to fill you up, Princess?"
You gasp out a yes, nodding vehemently. The redhead finds he likes you like this much better, chest rumbling with arousal. "Yeah? How bad?"
"B-Bad, please, I need t—fuck!"
Eijirou stuffs you full with one thrust, and even he needs a moment, freehand searching to hold onto your hip while his grip tightens around your wrists. You quiver under him, and he swears he can feel your gut contract around his cock, eyelids fluttering when you grind against him.
"Holy shit," Eijirou finds himself wheezing, not expecting you to be so tight. You drop your head against the cool windshield, whimpering like the pretty little thing you are, shuddering as he pulls out before ramming himself in again until he's balls deep. You scream, back arching from the angle.
And fuck. It's impossible for him to stop after that.
"Fuckin' look at you," Eijirou chuckles, body practically caging you against the seat, "Drooling all over my window like a slut. Fuck, you really know how to get a guy goin' huh?"
“Pull—pull my hair,” you request, words from his pistoning hips. Eijirou tuts and rips your hands off the window in favor of pushing your head into the seat, not making a move to yank on your hair once.
“I don’t think you’re in the right place to be making demands, Princess," he growls before his hot palm cracks against your ass, hissing from the way you tighten around him when he does.
You whine at that, pushing into him the best you can. It only spurs his hips on faster, and Eijirou lets go of your hands in favor of grabbing your face instead, groaning at the sight of the tears shining silver from the moonlight. He likes the fact that you can't do much but gasp and rock against him, your hands falling to clit to finally push yourself off the edge.
He looks at you and all he sees is his dumb little thing, who can't do anything, let alone get her car to work, and that's when Eijirou realizes he doesn't want this to be as much of a one-time thing as he initially thought.
"Gonna...gonna cum," you slur, cheek mashed flat against his window. Eijirou fucks you into the door of his truck, pace quick and bruising, as his mind thinks of all the fun you two could have together—all the fun he wants to have with you.
"Cum, Sweetheart. Make a mess of my cock and my leather seats, yeah? Show me how good I make you feel."
You tighten around his cock, tight, and that's enough to send him spiraling into an orgasm of his own, hips stuttering to a stop as he fills you up. Though his hips never stop, not until you're coming around his cock with a broken moan, curled toes digging into his car floor. He watches you catch your breath, splayed across the seat, with a sudden realization that he feels much lighter, but doubts it was the sex that did the trick.
"You fucked your anger out now?" You wheeze, breaking the silence, and Eijirou snorts.
"I—yes," he says before his eyes trail to the scratch marks around your hips and thighs. "Are you...okay?"
"Never been better," you toss your arms in the air like you're on a rollercoaster but lack the energy to scream. It's cute and it had the redhead re-evaluating everything, wondering how the day could start so shitty and yet, end so well. "Are you okay?"
His eyebrows furrow, "Why wouldn't I be?"
"I dunno," you shrug, and Eijirou finds it hard to stay focused when you look like that. "You asked me, so. Everyone needs a post-sex check-in, ya know?"
Fuck, yeah he's definitely keeping you.
Tumblr media
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vocalharry · 6 months ago
SUMMARY: Harry wins his first Grammy so you reward him and this time you didn’t mind cutting the calls.
WARNING: 3k+ of Fluff and Smut [Unprotected sex, don’t be a fool and wrap your tool! Spanking and riding. They get interrupted smh] This is kind of a part two to Cut the calls
PAIRINGS: Grammy Winner Harry Styles x Reader
Please reblog if you enjoyed! I appreciate it loads <3
Tumblr media
The highly anticipated moment had arrived, you were comfortably situated in yours and Harry’s shared bed, a box of tissues beside you whilst you held your duvet close, clenching down tightly as the nerves hit. The lady had walked on to the stage, pulling out the card that would reveal if your darling boyfriend had won a Grammy or not and as soon as the name “Harry Styles” fell past her lips, you couldn’t help but let out a squeal. So immensely proud of how far your boyfriend, a guy who once worked in a bakery, had come.
If it wasn’t for the covid regulations, you would be in the crowd, standing next to Jeff, cheering Harry on as he accepted his first Grammy and gave his heartfelt speech. Showing your love and support for him, in person, but you knew that time would come when he made it back home but for now, you cried into the tissues, reminiscing on the nights Harry spent in the studio working so incredibly hard for this exact moment.
You also couldn’t help but think back to the night Harry had received the Grammy nomination. It was certainly a night to remember, after cutting so many calls from Harry’s team because you two were busy doing something that was definitely classed as NSFW, you had received the news from Mitch, it was a story you and Harry would always remember and laugh back on. It was also something Mitch would always tease the two of you about.
As you calmed down slightly, your phone rings and without even glancing at the contact you already knew who it was and answered pretty much straight away and low and behold your predictions were correct, it was your Grammy award-winning boyfriend; Mr Harry Styles.
“‘Ello love” he greeted, voice hoarse and you could imagine it was because of all the excited screaming that went on behind the scenes between him, Jeff and Mitch after he had received the Grammy making you chuckle breathlessly, your adrenaline still running high from receiving the news.
“Hello Mr Styles, my Grammy-winning man” you squeal, a huge smile plastered on your face as you heard the rumble of laughter through the phone.
“Ah yes, that would be me” Harry answered teasingly, going along with you and without even having to look at him you just knew he had a smug grin plastered on his face as he spoke into the phone.
“In all seriousness, I’m so proud of you Harry. You’ve come so far, I love you so much” a sniffle is heard from your end of the call making Harry pout, his heart expanding with even more love for you. He loved how you always cheered him on and made him feel proud of being The Harry Styles. Although having so many supportive and loving fans and so many different awards which he of course appreciated more than words can comprehend, nothing and no one could boost his ego as much as you could.
“Thank you so much baby, I’ll be home soon. Alright? Don’t get too emotional. I love you” he said lightheartedly making you shake your head and chuckle.
“Can’t wait for you to come back, I have something in store for my Grammy-winning man”
“Oh fuck, I best hurry then” Harry replied with a laugh before quickly saying his goodbyes to you and heading off to congratulate everyone else who had won. Even though his ego was as big as ever, especially after the phone call he had just shared with you, he was still a humble king at heart.
Whilst he was doing that, you quickly got out of bed and started preparing for the celebration you and Harry would share once he got back home. You shaved your legs, smothered your skin with watermelon scented lotion (you thought it was perfect for tonight’s occasion), lit candles around the room and put your, well Harry’s favourite lingerie on underneath his shirt; the red lace fabric fits your body like a glove, emphasising your curves and making you look like a right snack you know Harry would find insatiable.
Within an hour after getting everything set for the night you heard the front door open and a soft “baby, I’m home” came from your lover. It made you jump out of the bed excitedly and run downstairs like an ecstatic child on Christmas morning. You tackled your man into a hug once he came into your view making him chuckle but squeeze back tighter, definitely restricting your breathing for a moment, but you didn’t care at this moment in time all you wanted to do was show Harry the immense pride you had for him.
“Congratulations” you smiled, kissing any part of him you could reach, your lips gracefully travelling all over his face, from his nose to his cheeks to his forehead, not a spot went by where you hadn’t shown your love to. You stopped what you were doing once you saw the Grammy award in his hands and you squealed for what seemed like the hundredth time that night making Harry laugh and hand it over to you.
“This is incredible, oh my!” You exclaimed, holding the award and examining it. It was a lot heavier than you thought it would be and was also a lot shinier and it put the biggest smile on your face, you really were so proud of Harry and it was clearly showing by your actions.
“Thank you my love” he spoke cutting you off from your thoughts, still smiling, his cheeks were starting to hurt from how happy he had been all night but that didn’t stop him from showing his excitement. Harry’s hands came up to cup your face, stopping your actions as he quickly placed his lips onto yours lovingly but not before taking the Grammy from your hand and placing it on the table next to the front door where you had a key bowl kept, he made a mental note to move it somewhere else later but for now, he just wanted to kiss you and show you some love as well. The action making you smile against him as his hands now start to roam across your body, touching and grabbing any part of you he could reach.
Your eyes were closed and you were completely lost in the sensual kissing, you didn’t even realise how Harry’s hand was gripping down tightly onto your arse, squeezing down, until he had you groaning into his mouth making him swallow the sounds but continue with his loving.
You pull back, a victorious smile on your face as you eye the bulge in his trousers. Harry had changed into much more comfortable clothes before he got back, clothes that he knew would be easier to come off because God knows how impatient you two could get when you’re in the mood, and the sweatpants he was wearing showed the bulge off proudly. Your lips were still hovering over his as your hand came down to cup his hardening cock, a hiss leaving his mouth before a profanity also slips out causing a giggle to leave yours.
“Looks like it’s time for some celebration. What do you say? bedroom?” You ask, your lips hovering over his ear now, your breath hot against his neck making goosebumps cover his needy body and he nods desperately, wanting nothing else but to finally have you in all the ways that he wants.
“Let’s go then” you smile sweetly as you grab a hold of Harry’s big calloused hand and guide him upstairs into the dimly lit bedroom that was decorated with candles making Harry hum in approval.
“All this for me?” He asks, knowing full well that it of course was but his narcissistic self still needed to hear it from your mouth.
“All for you babe” you spoke, giving him exactly what he needed to hear and he smirked, pulling you in for another kiss. This kiss was definitely needier and involved fighting for dominance but he let you win, making your tongue explore his mouth as you two grabbed onto each other, touching each other just the way you needed.
You were rubbing up against his bulge and Harry’s hands were clenching down on your arse tightly, his nails digging into the material of his shirt. You yelped into his mouth once you felt a light spank and Harry chuckled. “Fuck do I love you” he mumbled, pulling back to look at how beautiful you looked.
“Love you too” you spoke, having had enough of the foreplay and pulling him over to the bed. You push him down and climb on top, making him lean up and against the headboard. Your legs swing over his body and you straddle his lap as you continue to kiss him, your teeth sinking into his bottom lip and tugging lightly, pulling a groan from Harry’s throat.
“Fuck you’re so hot” you mumble against him, your hands tugging off his shirt and throwing it onto the floor and he’s doing the same with you. After pulling off his oversized shirt from your awaiting body Harrys mouth practically drops open upon the sight of your lingerie cladded body. His hands start to explore your body, touching the red lace and cupping your clothed breasts, the bra really didn’t leave much to his imagination and a moan leaves his mouth just at the thought of what you two would be getting up to.
“And you’re so fuckin beautiful. I’m so lucky” he speaks, eyes still trained on your body whilst he prompted another kiss. This one being more lustful than the ones you two shared before, from teeth smashing together to tongues fighting for dominance, you two just wanted each other. Your hand go to the back of his head, gently tugging his hair and intertwining them into your fingers making him buck his hips up into your clothed core. A shriek leaving your mouth upon the contact.
Your chests were heaving once you pulled back and your eyes were trained on one another, looking at each other with so much love and pride. If you weren’t in the middle of practically eating each other, you would be sat next to Harry, running your hands through his hair and letting him know how proud you were of him. You wanted to let him know just how much your heart swells whenever someone mentioned him. You wanted to let him know that his hard work was paying off, all those sleepless nights because he had a tune in his head or was in the studio was paying off, all those nights away from one another were paying off and you couldn’t be any more grateful.
“I love you” you breathed against him, forehead now resting on his as you slowly moved your hips on his clothed core, grinding down on his hard on. He shudders at the contact, his hands going to rest on your hips and his eyes fall shut.
“I love you too” Harry replies as you continue to tease him, your hips now moving at a faster and harder rate making him buck his own up into you.
“Come on love, don’t tease. Thought you were gonna reward me” he says, his own chest heaving. You could see the drips of sweat gathered up on his chest, his chest hair somewhat matted down and you couldn’t help but let out an audible moan at the sight. You were done with the teasing, now no longer having any more patience left.
“Here, lift your hips up babe” you finally say once you manoeuvred yourself off him and Harry does what he’s told, helping you remove his sweatpants and boxers. A gasp leaves your lips at the sight of his hard cock, the tip bright red and oozing with some precum making you lick your lips. No matter how many times you’ve seen his cock, each time you couldn’t help but be impressed with his size and girth, he was perfect for you. Not too big but definitely not too small.
Your hand goes to grip the base of his cock, slowly pumping him up and down, spreading his precum on his now slick cock before bringing him to your mouth so you could flatten your tongue against his tip. You run your tongue down against the vein that run up his entire length and a groan leaves his lips, his hands clenching down hard on the duvet he was situated on. Your tongue meets with his tip again making you swirl it around the sensitive skin so you could collect the precum that pearled there once again after your previous actions.
As soon as Harry’s hands touched your hair you knew he needed more so you decided to give it to him, wanting to reward him. You finally wrap your lips around him and slide down his entire length until he’s hitting the back of your throat, making you gag.
“You’re so good to me” he speak, as he leans up on his elbows now to look at you continuing to move your lips up and down his hard cock, sucking and kissing every inch of his length. You now bring one of your hands up to play with his balls as you continue your actions making him groan out a profanity.
Harry’s head was thrown back and his hand was gripping your hair harder as he began to squirm underneath you. He bucked his hips up into your mouth repeatedly and his cock twitches inside of you, a telltale sign that he was cumming and once he did so, you took everything he had given you. Swallowing it with pride. You pull your lips off him, giggling as you watch him calm down from the incredible high he had just experienced. Harry motions for you to come up to him and you do, slowly climbing back into his body as he leans back against the headboard. You plant a soft kiss to his lips once youre face to face and then push your panties to the side.
“Ready for the real prize, love?” You ask him, a smile present on your face as you take his hardening cock in your hand, pumping it a few times. Harrys cheeks flush a pink colour as he looks at you with droopy eyes. He was so ready to finally be inside of you, he had honestly been thinking about it all night, having to readjust himself multiple times as he was sat in the crowd and your teasing texts of what you’d do to him once he gets back home, did not help in the slightest.
Harry was watching you gracefully pump his cock and he couldn’t help but buck his hips upwards making you chuckle. “So fuckin ready” he answers, chest heaving as you give him a teasing smile before you lift yourself up and sink down onto his cock. The stretch making your moan and squeeze your walls down on him already. His hands go to your hips as he helps you fully situate yourself on his cock.
“Shit y/n” he cries out once he’s bottomed out inside of you and your hands fall to his shoulders as you begin to steady yourself ontop of him. Your eyes were squeezed shut whilst you adjust yourself to his size, clenching and unclenching, making it incredibly hard for Harry not to start thrusting up into you.
His hands come up from behind you and he unclasps your bra in one swift motion, helping you take it off and then throwing it onto the floor with the rest of your clothes. Harry watched your breasts bounce once the bra came off and his hands came to tug at your nipples, trying to distract himself from the urge he had to thrust into you.
Once you were ready, you steadied yourself on his shoulders and slowly lifted up, already feeling so satisfied. Harry groaned at the feeling of your tight walls engulfing him and just as his lips came down to suck at your nipples, his phone goes off, pulling annoyed grunts from the two of you.
“Don’t answer” you mumble against him and he nods, continuing to suck at your chest and nipples making your arch your back and ride him at a faster pace. Harry moans against your chest as he continues to flatten his tongue against your sensitive nubs, his eyes closed and your hands now go to his hair as you bounce up and down his length, feeling that one vein prominently against your wet walls.
The phone continues to go off, however, making Harry growl as he lifts his face from your chest to look at you. “It could wait. Probably wanna congratulate me or something” he spoke, slowly bucking his hips upwards, meeting your downward thrusts, pulling a moan from your throat as you nodded at what he said.
“W-what’s up with people not giving us pr-privacy?” You groan, your eyes closed as you continued to ride Harry, earning a whimper from him when you clenched down on him particularly hardly, your fingernails digging into his broad shoulders.
“They’re fuckin idiots. Interrupting my time with my girl” he groans, eyes still closed as he lifted himself off the headboard. His arm helps his stay up as he leans on it and the other goes around your waist, helping you ride his hard cock. His hand grabs at your ass and he spanks it lightly making your moan.
You watch as he tries his best to keep his eyes opened despite the immense pleasure he was feeling from your wet walls. “Feels so go-” you moan, but get cut off from Harry’s phone going off again and at this moment in time you just wanted to let out a scream, annoyed that someone decided to call at 1 something in the morning.
“Turn that shit off” Harry pants, and you nod keeping yourself situated on his cock as you reach over to grab his phone off the floor. You quickly put it on silent and do the same for your phone aswell all whilst Harry’s once again resisting the urge to start thrusting up into you. You didn’t want anyone distracting you two this time so hence why you also took your phone off. Most of the times, when people couldn’t reach Harry, they called through your phone and eventhough they meant nothing but good, it was still getting annoying. You knew they could easily congratulate Harry in the morning but for now, he was all yours.
“No more distractions now” you speak once youre face to face with him and he nods, desperately trying to find your lips so that they could meet in a passionate kiss.
“Good” Harry mumbles as he pulls back from you, his hand smacking your ass again as you continue to bounce up and down on his cock, this time much harder, wanting nothing more but to make your lover cum.
“Fuck baby, so good to me” Harry curses, the pleasure overwhelming him. He could feel himself getting closer to the edge, his body getting weaker and your bounces starting to slow. You feel his cock twitch inside of you, a whine of his name falls past your lips as you grab onto him to help you remain somewhat grounded.
Harry digs his teeth into your exposed shoulder, your chests meeting as he helps you ride him and soon your squirming ontop of him as you let go, cumming on his cock. Harry helps you ride it out and not before long he’s also feeling the familiar tingling sensation in his lower stomach and his balls tighten as his white ropes paint your walls, his abs clenching from the pleasure.
Harrys forehead was rested against yours and his breathing was staggered whilst your chest was heaving repeatedly, eyes closed as you two came down from your highes. You open one eye and giggle breathlessly, “I’m glad we actually cut those calls this time” you speak, voice hoarse from your previous activities, pulling a chuckle rumble from Harry’s chest.
“Oh definitely” he replies, a mischievous smile on his face as he lifts his head to slowly press a soft kiss to your sweaty forehead.
“I should win more Grammys if this is how my nights are going to end” he jokes making you smile.
“Maybe you should” you play along, peppering his sweaty chest with kisses, showing him just how proud you were of him.
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kotarotea · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: being known for your bright personality easily gets you a soft spot in the hearts of the many people you’ve come to meet and know as you go through university. you can light up a room with just your smile and when you finally meet the guy that doesn’t react the way everyone else does, your eagerness to receive that reaction from him only grows. they say ‘don’t poke the bear’ but of course, you just can’t help yourself.
pairing: kyoutani kentarou x fem!reader
genre: college!au, tatted!kyo, bubbly/happy!reader, fluff//angst; (his hair is longer and cuter now i promise)
word count: 8.8k
warnings: language and slight mentions of smoke/alcohol
A/N: i don’t even simp for this guy how- anyways, ig i just thought he’d be the perfect fit for this. who’d you like to see next? (header will change bc i don’t like it) sorry this took a little long to post!! :(
taglist: @matsukas @cafemiya @oikcore @crescenttooru @tetsurolls @mirakeul @kimkai-is-my-man @jeannie-beannie @camcam1617 @lvrkuroo @kookie-doughs @mellowknightcolorfarm @waitforitillwritemywayout @toworuu @bbykutos @haajiime @miyalove​ @hikariakaashi​ @kurooru​​
Tumblr media
welcome to the frat house! meet KYOUTANI!
only in the frat because of his buddies from high school (they forced him to join)
v antisocial because he doesn’t like people.
how he got in the frat? a mystery.
he’s got the dark and brooding aura (i.e. all black, leather, tattoos *mwah*)
spends the parties in the back on the outside patio, smoking.
will get girls from time to time trying to tame him but it never works out for them.
Tumblr media
you’ve had a bit too much to drink tonight.
in your friend group, you’re definitely the one who ~loves~ having fun at parties
you’re the one who usually drags your friends to parties and although your friends get into it too (hey, there’s cute guys, girls, and booze), you’re just a bubble of energy at parties.
you tend to be the one tugging at your friend’s (and sometimes stranger’s) arms onto the dance floor with the biggest smile.
but tonight, you went a little too far with the drinking.
“oof, i think i maxed my limit, girls.” you’re swaying now, pushing the red solo cup away from you for one of your friend’s to take. “don’t really wanna black out so can you take this from me?”
since you were an avid party goer at this specific frat, you practically knew the members of the frat beyond being mere acquaintances.
you were there to help kuroo by holding his chem flashcards and test him when he had a final the next day (whatta nerd :P).
you were one of the only valuable players kenma would play video games with in the dark game room.
you were there to console atsumu (platonically) when he was feeling emo (it was the alcohol, he promises) because his twin managed to pull a girl he’d been eying for hours.
yeah, you were practically one of the bros by now.
(not a toxic one !! please, you try to set them up with your friends ALL the time)
akaashi grabs your cup from you.
to be honest, you didn’t even see where he had came from but you’re grateful nevertheless.
“let’s get some fresh air, yeah?” akaashi grabs your elbow and you nod, feeling your head begin to pound from feeling claustrophobic and hot in the crowded room.
akaashi mumbles something to one of the friends you came with before pulling you out of the large group of people.
he brings you to a back porch and you instantly inhale a breath of cool air
the air was freezing when you arrived to the party but with the hot house and alcohol in your system, it felt like just a light breeze to you.
“do you want some water?” akaashi asks but before you could answer, he snaps his fingers. “i’m getting you some water, i’ll be right back.”
you wave lazily to him as he walks back into the house and you turn back around when you lose sight of him in the crowd.
for a few moments you’re looking out at the sky, leaned against the porch railing (you can’t hold yourself up oop) and a slight rustle beside you makes you realize you aren’t alone.
“hey!” you grin, seeing another man leaned against the railing, similar to how you were, smoking a cigarette.
the guy turns to you and in the dim light of the porch lamp, you could see his peeved expression. he scoffs and looks away from you.
hmph, you pout, unhappy with the response.
“it’s kinda rude to just ignore a greeting like that, y’know?” you take a sidestep closer to the guy.
“if i wanted to talk i’d be in there,” the guy juts his thumb in the direction of the back door. “now if you could shut up, i’d really appreciate that.”
“‘shut up?’” you repeat, taking another step toward him. “you’re asking the wrong girl.” you let out an airy laugh at the way he huffs in response.
by then, you were standing right beside the guy and you could finally get a better look at him.
his eyebrows seem to be furrowed, almost in a permanent way and his piercing eyes look like they could probably intimidate someone from a mile away.
with just one look, you’d get the message of ‘go away,’ from him.
too bad you’re y/n, wattpad queen of ‘i’m not like other girls.’
“why d’you look so mad?” you lean froward slightly, hoping to grab his attention.
“what the fuck?” he just notices your close proximity and jumps back, slightly startled. “who’s with you and where are they?”
was it because he just noticed how wasted you were by your slurring words and waddling figure that he cared?
or was it because he wanted to get as far away from you as possible?
the second one, totally the second one.
(*cough* sure *cough*)
“my friend’s are in there having fun. akaashi brought me out ‘n he’s getting me water.”
“i see.” his voice is deep and gruff and a stark contrast to yours. 
he was head to toe in all black the only complementary color being silver from the chains dangling from his neck and jeans, and rings adorning his fingers.
(choke me like you hate me-)
underneath the black leather jacket he was wearing, you notice inks of black going up his neck and down his hand.
his hair is what makes you stare a little closer. the cut was shorter toward the bottom of his head and was more grown out at the top. one distinct feature you never saw on anyone else are the two faded stripes of black around the bottom, near the nape of his neck.
you’re not sober, hence why you’re so shameless checking him out and it’s long enough for him to notice.
before he could call you out or turn away from you, you shout:
“cool tats!”(๑✧∀✧ ๑)
“your tattoos,” you point to his right hand which is grabbed onto the porch’s ledge, gesturing to the tattoo starting from his wrist (that’s the start of what you can see at least) to his middle finger. “i like them.”
“you do,” the guy responds, quirking an eyebrow and instinctively looks down at his hand. what he says starts out as a sentence, simply repeating your words but by the end his voice lightens slightly into a question.
“mhm, can i see?” you take a step toward him, looking up at him with curious eyes.
who the heck is this cute drunk chick, kyoutani thinks to himself with a scoff and brief look to the side.
“i guess since you’re probably not going to leave me alone until akaashi comes back, hm?”
he hold his hand out for you to get a better look and you trace the ink with your fingers absentmindedly, answering softly, “probably not.”
you don’t notice but kyoutani’s cheeks are BURNING.
yes he’s mister bad boy and i don’t care about anybody.
but having you practically hold his hand so innocently.
oh god.
“whatcha drinking?” you ask, leaning over to examine the dark liquid inside kyoutani’s solo cup. “hennessy?”
“no,” kyoutani quips, bringing the cup closer to his chest and away from your prying eyes. “it’s cola. cherry.”
your nose twitches at the revelation.
“not much of an alcohol drinker?”
“i burn my lungs, not destroy my liver.”
so he’s blunt.
at least he’s picked a struggle...
“huh,” you shrug, “can i have some?”
with a dark gaze, the taller man deadpans, “aren’t you waiting for some water?”
“oh,” you mumble dumbly, “yeah, i forgot.”
kyoutani rolls his eyes at you and silently prays akaashi comes back soon.
“why cherry?”
with an irritated huff, he grits, “because i like it.”
before you can make a comment about his aggressiveness, you hear the back door slide open. 
“y/n, i’m back with your water...oh hey, kyoutani” akaashi returns, holding out a water bottle for you to take.
and just like that, your attention on the dark and brooding guy in front of you shifts back to your friend.
(wow y/n, priorities huh?)
you bounce over to your friend with a grin.
“you’re the absolute best, akaashi!” you lunge yourself at him for a hug and he stumbles backward. he regains his balance and pats your back, giving you a pressed smile.
“yeah, yeah, how’s your head?”
“better! the air really did it. i’m going back in now!” you wave at your friend and disappear back into the house
kyoutani had watched the whole thing and he doesn’t notice the ghost of a smile across his own face.
maybe you weren’t totally annoying.
ok, you were annoying... were pretty cute, too.
“sorry about her, she’s kind of a mess when she’s drunk,” akaashi apologizes, rubbing the back of his neck.
it was usually him apologizing to people about your behavior and though you’re not there to witness it, you know he does it.
and that’s why you treat him to lunch often :D
“‘s fine,” kyoutani grumbles, returning to his original composure. “she just wanted to look at my tats.”
“sounds like her. you shoulda seen her when she saw terushima for the first time.”
(akaashi stop exposing y/n aljasd)
when you first met terushima, it was flirty banter between the two of you until you noticed his tongue piercing.
terushima’s ego: skyrocketed
just when he was going to make a move you just:
“can i poke it? or like touch it...”
(y/n, you nasty)
you don’t rlly talk to terushima anymore, to your dismay.
akaashi excuses himself from the conversation and bids kyoutani a good night before walking back into the house
hm, kyoutani thinks to himself, y/n.
the next day is a monday (you maniac what the hell partying on a school night ;P) and you don’t think anyone who went to the party would recognize you...
you’re wearing an oversized hoodie and some plain sweats. the hood is over your head and covering most of your forehead while sunglasses rested on your nose.
coffee in one hand (you need all the coffee you can get) and your bag in the other, you trudge to your first class.
class was utter hell.
not only was your headache not going away after taking three advils but you couldn’t seem to keep your eyes open even with the coffee being the only thing in your veins
never party on a sunday, y/n, haven’t you said that to yourself before?
idiot idiot idiot.
the class finally finishes and the professor dismisses you and you’re one of the last people to leave the room since you’re taking forever to pack up your bag.
you’re tired, ok?
normally, you’d be your smiley self, waving at people you know and even stopping for small talk but after last night,
you just wanted to crawl back into your dark sheets and sleep for the next week.
but alas, you had the responsibilities of a student to manage.
so, you used whatever strength you had to begin walking to the library
gah, why’d i take so long, you think as you face the students walking straight toward you for their classes. now i have to face a herd.
and just when you think you’ve managed to escape the herd of students, you slam into a hard chest and you reach forward, hoping whoever it was would keep you from falling backward.
“woah there,” the voice murmurs, grabbing ahold of your elbow.
“i am SO sorry, i’ve been such a mess today,” you apologize profusely, shaking your head and clasping your hands together hoping the person wouldn’t be rude.
“drank too much last night, huh?”
“uhh...what? did you...”
you look up and OH, IT’S A FAMILIAR FACE! think.
“were you at the party last night? sorry i was pretty wasted...”
he rolls his eyes. “these jog your memory?” and with that he lifts a hand and wiggles his fingers at you.
he doesn’t exactly know why he indulges you since he didn’t even want to speak to you in the first place.
but he does find amusement in the way your eyes light up like a kid’s.
“tattoo guy! didn’t think i’d ever see you again!” you instantly reach for his hand to get a better look. they definitely look scarier in the daylight but you don’t care.
you’re: fascinated.
cue kyoutani blushing again.
“oi! don’t hold my hand, i was just showing you-”
“what class do you have right now?”
and just like that, you’re in ‘make a friend’ mode.
your headache? disappeared.
your fatigue? gone.
“don’t have one. needed to piss.”
your face contorts to a sour expression as his choice of words but you brush it off and step clear of his way
“well, then. you go on and tinkle and i’ll see you around, buddy!”
you don’t usually say such childish terms, in fact, you find them kind of cringey, but in front of this biker looking dude, it just seemed to fit.
tinkle? kyoutani thinks to himself. oh boy, he’s so close to smiling in amusement but he’ll never admit that. “buddy?” he asks instead.
“bye~” you wave and skip away from him in the direction of the library
“oi! you don’t even know my name!”
his call makes you stop in your tracks and you spin on your heels. “well? ‘ya gonna tell me or what?”
kyoutani feels defeated when he realized he willingly walked into that one. “kyoutani,” he grumbles before turning away and in the direction of the building you came from.
i know, he thinks.
“didn’t ask.”
you grin at his response before walking back into the direction of the library.
before you could even walk a few feet, a hand is pulling you into the library.
“you were not just speaking to kentaro kyoutani,” your friend and classmate whispers seriously, afraid that she was being heard
“yeah?” you trail off, sucking in the side of your cheek in confusion, “so?”
“i think he’s into some shady shit,” she murmurs, linking arms with yours and pulled you with her further into the library.
you shrug in response, “i just met him. he doesn’t seem too scary. he’s just a big guy with tattoos and piercings.”
“there’s a bunch of rumors about him and i don’t wanna feed into them careful.”
you wave her off with a disinterested hand, “yeah, yeah, first sign of gang membership and i dip.”
she rolls her eyes at your words but lets out a relieved sigh, “good.”
“now,” you tightened your linked arms, “are we going to study for bio or what?”
“ah, you again,” kyoutani sighs when you tap his shoulder excitedly and shine a bright smile his way.
the week has passed and as your friday celebration, it isn’t a surprise that you choose to go to another party.
hey, you did well on your exams. you deserve it.
you pout at his lack of happy acknowledgement but continue.
“kyoutani, right?”
“mm,” he hums in confirmation. “and you’re y/n.”
“that’d be right,” you grin, moving to stand beside him and lean against the ledge. “so,” you dramatically start, turning to face him, “what’s your story?”
he coughs. “my story?”
you hum with an innocent nod. “what’re you doing in a frat when you look like you’d rather be anywhere else in the world?”
the question is simple but kyoutani isn’t expecting it.
usually the first question he gets from curious girls are the tattoo stories or the tragic background stories they assume he has because of his aura.
but the frat story?
that was new.
“i have...people i went to high school with and they kind brought me into it.”
“they were able to just force you?” you question, perplexedly. he doesn’t look like the kind of guy who could be simply persuaded to join a fraternity. but hey, you weren’t judging.
“you’d be surprised at how forceful iwaizumi and oikawa could be.”
the familiar names make your eyes light up. “you know oikawa and iwaizumi from high school?”
here it comes, kyoutani thinks with an eye roll. you’re going to fish for your way into their lives and-
“they’re so sweet, d’awh! didn’t know they could be intimidating, though,” you rub your chin in thought. “i knew them back in middle school!”
“ did?”
“mhm,” you muse, “we separated in high school unfortunately. well, maybe not unfortunately, i don’t think i’d be able to handle what i heard from them about girls flocking them wherever they went,” you laugh.
“it was pretty annoying,” he grumbles, “practice always got interrupted because of that.”
“practice?” your eyes light up again, “were you on the volleyball team with them?”
he can only nod.
“that’s so cool! they told me about their games and stuff when we reconnected during our first semester. they never mentioned a kyoutani though...”
“that’s because i had a stupid nickname,” kyoutani huffs, feeling heat rise up his neck at the though of said nickname.
“oh, what was it?”
“...mad dog.”
you snort, “fitting. i’m guessing oikawa came up with that? idiot.”
the nickname was somewhat familiar to you, but there wasn’t enough information given to you spark any interest.
if only they told you more at the time (╥_╥)
you thought he was pretty cute, in a weird gremlin kind of way.
but still cute (~˘▾˘)~
for kyoutani, it’s refreshing hearing someone else mock oikawa instead of praise.
how has he not heard of you before? surely they would’ve talked about you.
then again...he wasn’t exactly close with them in high school.
“so, i answered you,” he crosses his arms, “what about you? your story?”
you shrug, “i used to be a really shy girl in school and after a while, i figured out that it isn’t only because of how shy i was that i didn’t have too many friends, but also the chance that other people were too shy. so i made an effort to break out of my shell and well, now you’re stuck talking to me as a result.”
“but you said you were friends with -”
“that was middle school,” you elaborate with a knowing smile. “i got shy when i reached high school since i didn’t know many people. after growing up with some of the same kids since we were five and then reaching high school where i might’ve known one? it was hard to get used to.”
the conversation continues with you and him exchanging more questions and a part of you is delighted that he isn’t pushing you away yet.
it isn’t until one of your friends pokes her head into the back, telling you it was time to leave and your uber arrived.
“wow, 2 already,” you sigh, looking down at your phone screen, slightly squinting your eyes from the brightness that contrasted from the dark. you turn to kyoutani with a soft smile. “thanks for chatting with me!”
kyoutani gulps, looking down at the screen of his own phone.
did he really manage to talk to you for over two hours?
you leave before he can say bye, not that he was going to pffft, but he has a feeling it isn’t the last he’s seeing you.
and he’s absolutely right.
because every party after that one, you find yourself in the backyard, conversing with him.
he notices as months passes that you’re not bundling up on winter-wear so you’re shivering more with each passing hour.
“you’re going to get sick, y’know,” he grumbles, shoving off his leather jacket.
“no, i’m n-not,” you bite down on your lip in attempt to muffle your chattering teeth.
he only rolls his eyes with a sigh, a white cloud of air escaping his lips when he does, and drapes the jacket over your shoulders. “slide your arms through.”
you do as you’re told but hunch your shoulders in defeat.
the jacket is heavy and nearly swallows you whole, your hands not even able to peek out of the sleeves.
kyoutani didn’t think this through because seeing you in his jacket?
“i was fine...but thanks,” you murmur, lifting the sleeves and furrowing your brows when you notice you can’t see your hands.
“no problem,” he mutters, turning away from you. “i don’t get cold easily anyway.”
you glance over at him and your jaw drops in admiration at what you see.
“what?” he asks when he doesn’t hear a response, averting his eyes to your star-stuck look.
“i can see your sleeve!”
he looks down at his own arm and nods as he shapes his mouth into an ‘o.’
he was only wearing a white tank-top underneath his jacket so his shoulder down to his hand, specifically the tattoos, were on display for you to see.
“cool,” you grin, poking at his bicep.
(big bicep)
“do they have meanings?”
“some of ‘em,” he answers earnestly. “but don’t expect me to go into detail.”
he’s half expecting you to push for answers but you don’t.
“got it,” you raise your hands the jacket sleeves in surrender, “i respect that.”
a beat passes before he says, “thanks.”
the door is pulled open behind you and you’re able to hear the booming music more clearly as it opens. “you need some air,” someone says gruffly.
“iwa-chan~” oikawa whines as he’s dragged out. “i’m fine.”
“you’re drunk,” iwaizumi corrects, crossing his arms.
“hey guys!” you greet with a grin.
“y/n!” oikawa slurs, “‘was won-dring where you go nowadays. ah, kentaro, nice to see you out here.”
he gives them a grunt as a greeting and you only roll your eyes playfully.
“how are you guys?”
“meh,” iwaizumi shrugs, “babysitting him, as usual.”
“of course,” you stifle a laugh, watching oikawa sway and start to dance to the music playing from inside. 
“don’t need a babysitter~” he sings, but his posture says otherwise. he’s swaying, tripping over his own feet.
you’ve never seen him so drunk before.
“what the hell did he have?” kyoutani mutters, nose scrunching and brows furrowing.
“he tried to impress some girl with cup pong...didn’t go so well,” iwaizumi sighs, looking over at his friend. “the girl left with her friends anyway so he did this for no reason.”
“oh shush,” oikawa murmurs, “she gave me her number.”
“which you won’t even use,” iwaizumi finishes.
“iwa,” he whines, “it’s cold. i’m going back inside.”
“oika- ugh, freaking child.” iwaizumi chases after him as the taller man slips from his grasp and runs back inside.
there’s another silence ensued between you and kyoutani.
you’re first to break it with your giggles filling the air.
“they haven’t changed.”
kyoutani can only scoff but nod to himself. his face returns to it’s resting angry-looking one before you can see the hint of a smile.
“so,” you muse, looking back to the frowning boy with innocent eyes. “kentaro, huh?”
you didn’t remember his name when your friend initially warned you about him so you were glad oikawa and iwaizumi came out of nowhere to remind you.
“yeah,” he nods.
“can i call you ‘taro?”
he turns to you and deapans, “no.”
“c’mon~” you pout, “aren’t we friends now? hey, i’m wearing your jacket.”
you gesture to the jacket with a pointed look.
he looks away in slight embarrassment at the fact that he did indeed give you his jacket to wear.
“do whatever you want,” he shrugs simply, “but i don’t like it.”
that wasn’t a no. ¬‿¬
“ok, ‘taro,” you chirp with a cute grin.
“dummy,” he mutters under his breath.
“do you watch the stars, ‘taro?” you ask one night wistfully, looking up at the dark sky, tracing patterns of stars you see with your fingers. “i used to be big on stars when i was little. i could’ve named so many constellations.”
“why does that not surprise me,” kyoutani looks over at you briefly to take in your mesmerized expression toward the stars. “but ah, no, not really.”
“you really should. especially if you need to think. i find it helps me focus,” you muse, nodding to yourself. 
he doesn’t answer you but does look over to where you’re watching.
“y’know,” you begin with a drawl, “i haven’t always been this...sociable.”
“you’ve mentioned it,” kyoutani confirms, glancing back at you. “still find it a little hard to believe.”
“a lot of people do,” you lightly smile in reminiscence of shy little old you. “i used to take a picnic blanket and walk up the tallest hill and i’d just lay it out and watch the stars at night for hours. i was always alone when i did it. so this is kinda nice.”
kyoutani notices your eyes never leave the sky once and for the first time he thinks he can really see you. you’re not all in his face nor bouncing around him, pestering him with pointless questions.
you’re in your element and you’re calm.
“so!” you break out of your trance to clap your hands. “what about you? you got a hobby?”
and moment ended.
“what, you don’t have any hobbies or you just refuse to tell me?”
“no,” he repeats.
you pout but then tilt your head to the side. “at least i know you played volleyball. still like that?”
he shrugs, “yeah, i guess.”
“one of these days i’ll get something else out of you,” you promise, crossing your arms over your chest confidently. “then i won’t be the only blabbermouth between us.”
he’d given you some of the basic information like his major and the classes he took. you managed to figure out his birthday (long guessing game) and yes, of course you looked up his chart for him (sun sign sagittarius, you found that kind of odd). you basically learned what a stranger could learn about a celebrity on famous birthdays.
so it wasn’t exactly as personal as you would’ve preferred. especially when you feel like you’ve told him more about you than you have anyone else...
“hah,” he actually laughs, shoulders shaking as he did – you literally did a double take because a genuine laugh? it was precious – as he also shook his head at you. “yeah, okay.”
“you never know!”
“come join me!” you grin, holding the basket for him to take a look at. “it’s perfect weather.”
you happened to run into kyoutani on your way to your favorite spot on campus, picnic basket in one hand, folded blanket under your free arm.
it was odd seeing him during the day but you seized the opportunity to hang out with him anyway.
had you been literally anyone else, he’d simply scoff at such a childish offer and bluntly reject it.
but it was you...little miss sunshine, always went on picnics alone, you.
“why me?” he asks, slightly exasperated because really? out of everyone you could’ve walked into, it had to be him?
“well, my friends are either busy or in class...” you trail off, “and i brought enough food for at least two people. i wouldn’t want all this food to go to waste, either.”
your tone and usual curious eyes at peeking away from him as if you’re ...shy? 
pfft, can’t be. you’re never shy.
but he has been noticing you acting this way for a few weeks now...
“ better have something good.”
he says it gruffly and quickly looks away from you as your head snaps up to meet his gaze with a bright grin.
“you’re serious?!”
“yeah...i haven’t eaten all day, that’s all. no other reason.”
“right,” you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. it was strange how a month ago, you felt like you could tell this guy anything without a fear of judgement but now under his piercing gaze? 
you were somewhat afraid to say the wrong thing.
not that you should!
pfft, you’ve been blurting out nonsense since the day you first met! you were a drunken mess and hey, if he’s still able to tolerate you after that, you really shouldn’t worry.
but you still do.
“so where’s your hilltop to see the stars?”
your cheeks warm at the fact that he remembers what you had said, recalling when you were younger.
“no stars since it’s still daylight. there is a spot on campus that’s all grass so i usually sit there to study, read or think.”
“lead the way then, sunshine,” he gestures with his arm, currently tucked into his leather jacket’s sleeve, for you to go on ahead.
your nose scrunches at the pet name but you don’t mind it. if anything, the swirl in your stomach says otherwise.
you arrive at the patch of land, only a few students similarly scattered about. some were playing frisbee while others sat under a tree, catching up on some reading.
after settling the thick red and white blanket down on the grass, you plop onto it with a happy smile. you then move onto digging into your basket, ready to take out each plate and tupperware of food you prepared for the day.
it was really the simple things that got you to smile, kyoutani observes.
“your aim sucks,” he deadpans, watching as you attempt to throw a grape in the air and catch it in your mouth, only for it to fall somewhere on your blanket.
“i don’t exactly do this often,” you frown. “besides, you can do better?”
“bet,” he nods. “i bet i can catch one of your shitty throws.”
you choke on a gasp. “is that a challenge? i’m sure it’ll just hit you in the eye.”
raising an eyebrow, he moves around on the blanket so he’s facing you. “shoot.”
with slight hesitance – you’re hesitant because there’s something so domestic about the action – you lift your hand, grape settled in between your thumb and index finger, and throw it in the direction of his face.
the grape goes nowhere near his face and instead goes too far to the left but with little effort, kyoutani moves his body to the side, catching the grape in his mouth.
“see? even with your horrible aim, i still got it.”
huffing, your shoulders slouch. “show off.”
kyoutani grins at your reaction, seconds later catching himself. was he actually smiling at you? at something you did?
what the hell is going on?
lunch was delicious. kyoutani fought every urge to hum in satisfaction each time he took a bite out of what you had made in your basket.
“how’s it?” you ask, looking up for a reaction.
he’s about to shrug you off and say it was okay until he makes eye contact with the hopeful gleam in your eyes.
c’mon, don’t look at me like that...
“it was good. really good.”
a smile forms on your face at his response and you nudge the plate closer to him. “you can finish it if you want, i’m full.”
he looks between you and the plate and begrudgingly (what an actor smh) takes another squid shaped hotdog and pops it into his mouth.
by the time he finishes, the sun had made its way to the horizon, giving the sky blotches of orange, pink and purple. 
“sun’s setting,” you observe, slowly blinking at the beautiful sight. it’d been a while since you were outside and watched the sunset. though, it was getting kind of chilly.
“hm,” kyoutani hums in confirmation, leaning back and brings his arms back behind him to support his body.
you both stay silent as your eyes stay trained on the setting sun, watching as darkness fills the night sky replacing the once light blue one.
“y’think stars’ll come out?” kyoutani mutters, leaning back fully, resting his head on open palms he brought behind him.
“maybe,” you hum with a hopeful smile. “but you should probably get back to the house, right? it’s kind of late...”
“and miss the possible stars show you like to gush about?” kyoutani raises an eyebrow, eyes never leaving your figure. “i’m curious now.”
“mmkay,” you shrug, moving to lay on your back beside him. “but don’t fall asleep while i’m talking about them.”
“no promises,” he hides the smile on his face well, looking away for a second.
the stars take a bit of a while to become visible as the sky is still in transition from its dark blue hue to a black one.
“so, you draw, huh?” you ask.
when the man beside you nods you grin cheekily, “would you draw me?”
“why, afraid you can’t capture all of my beauty?”
kyoutani’s slightly taken back by your remark. a few months ago, you would’ve just pouted and drop the topic.
he was growing on you.
“you wish,” he rolls his eyes. you aren’t exactly wrong, though-
“oh! it’s draco!”
“what’s harry potter gotta do with-”
“no, you dummy. the constellation!” you point up. “do you see it?”
kyoutani focuses his attention to the tiny scattered white dots covering the night sky. with furrowed brows, he says, “no.”
groaning, you shift closer to him in attempt to show him better with your fingers. “see the little cup like shape? and the tail that kinda wraps around?”
“mmm, no.”
“‘taro,” you sigh, sitting up, this time grabbing his face in your hands and pointing it in the right direction. “there.”
he’s far too aware of your hold on him to really search for the stars. as you stare up at the sky, he stares at you. the reflection of the stars is so clear, kyoutani thinks he’s hallucinating at first. he blinks. no, there they all are, in your eyes.
“d’ya see it now?” you ask, not bothering to look over at him.
“...yeah,” he murmurs, gulping.
his face grows cold when you let go to point out the other constellations you see. he never did find draco but he managed to spot the little dipper.
“you should get a constellation tattoo!” you announce, mid search for ursa major. he had no idea what that meant until you clarified, ‘the big dipper.’
“really? how come?”
“c’mon, you see all this and you don’t want a constant remembrance of its beauty?”
“why don’t you get one?” he asks, shrugging. the idea seemed a little girly to him but perfectly suited for you since you were just about enamored with the stars.
your expression grows shy, “i’m...nervous.”
“it’s not that bad,” he mumbles, turning his head to face yours. by now, the two of you are laying beside each other, facing each other, and only mere centimeters apart.
when did you get this close?
physically and emotionally...
“says you,” you laugh, “you have so many!”
“you must be used to the pain by now.”
you aren’t wrong.
“yeah, but it’s not that bad...ok, maybe for you it’ll be bad,” he chuckles, watching as your face grows more fearful, “hey, if you ever wanna go through with it, i could take you.”
“yeah, i know a good guy,” he nods.
“will you hold my hand?”
there your voice goes. all bashful and quiet again.
and god, a few months ago he would’ve scoffed at a reaction like that. but damn, did he want nothing more than to grab your hand right then.
he’s expecting an outburst of happiness from you but instead, you scoot yourself closer to him and lean your head on his shoulder. “thanks.”
he’s grateful you’re not looking at him because his entire face and ears have gone beet red. not to mention, his heart rate is going erratically at the moment.
you’re warm against him (he’s your own personal heater uwu) and you feel yourself falling asleep.
“y/n, let’s get you back to your dorm,” kyoutani murmurs when he hears your breaths grow shallow. 
that’s final straw for him.
cupid might as well have shot an arrow directly into his heart, because the sound of your cute, sleepy voice? his chest aches.
you’re able to walk on your own, though you do drag your feet against the grass and pavement on the way back to your dorm.
of course, you’re shivering so once again, he gives you his jacket. it’s a comfortable weight on your shoulders and you missed the feeling of the way it draped over your body.
he shoves his hands in his pockets, watching as you enter your room. he feels somewhat out of place. the last time he was inside a dorm was when he was a freshman and not yet part of the frat.
“good night, kyou,” you murmur sleepily.
“that’s a new one,” he raises an eyebrow, teasing smile twitching onto his lips.
“my bad, i meant ‘taro,” you wave him off, ready to close the door. “thanks for spending the day with me. i know i probably forced you to but i still appreciate it.”
he frowns at your words, knowing he probably acts like being your friend is a chore more often than he should.
“get some sleep, sunshine,” he reaches over to jab a finger lightly into your forehead. you sway back at the action and smile easily. you like the nickname he had for you.
“wait, your jacket,” you stop him from turning around, shrugging off the jacket. it’s heavy for just one of your arms, and he catches it before you can drop it. “thanks.”
“anytime,” he replies.
it’s around one a.m., a normal time for you and kyoutani to be talking since that’s usually when you see him at parties. but here, alone outside your room, the atmosphere is so different.
maybe it’s the fact that you’re not as energetic as usual.
but a bigger part of him tells him it’s because of the weird feelings swirling around his stomach.
as he turns away from you, bidding you goodnight, he comes to realize what’s really going on with him,
and he doesn’t like it.
so he’ll do what he has to stop it.
“is he outside?” you grin up at akaashi who scratches his temple.
“thanks!” you chirp, skipping away from your friend before his hand catches your wrist. 
“but y/n,” he warns, looking...solemn? disappointed? “you’re not going to like what you find.”
furrowing your eyebrows, you shake your head. “huh?”
but before he can reply, his grasp on you falters and you manage to escape his grip.
there wasn’t much talk between you and kyoutani since your picnic date...? hangout? honestly, you’re not too sure what to label it as.
but you have a hunch that whatever you have stirring within you is what kyoutani has, too.
so you’ll make a move tonight.
whether it be a cheeky flirtation and look for a reaction or a straight up confession, you’ll tell him.
you just don’t know which method you’ll go with.
part of you is worried about his reaction...
what if he’s just warming up to you in a friendly way?
you just managed to become a close friend and nothing more than that!
were you looking too far into things?
you continue your skip to the back door, apologizing at anyone you may have bumped into, and pull the screen door aside.
“hey ‘taro!” you blurt, stepping onto the patio. only, when you turn to spot him where he usually stood leaned against the ledge, he wasn’t there. “wha-” you whirled around and oh...this is what akaashi meant...
pressed against the exterior wall of the house was kyoutani and a girl you’d never seen before.
“oh,” you quickly avert your gaze when they separate from each other. “my bad.”
the girl scoffs, as if mocking you, “um, you’re kind of interrupting?”
“s-sorry!” you profusely apologize, waving your hands in front of your face. you look up to catch his emotionless gaze.
so it did mean more to you than him.
“i’ll uh, just,” you jab your thumb in a direction behind you, “go now.”
kyoutani watches your reaction with a steady stare.
did he effortlessly allure some random girl inside to go outside with him?
and did he attempt to use said girl to erase whatever feelings he might’ve had for you?
only, he didn’t really need you to see that...
there was a part of him which knew you were going to catch him, though.
you always greet him first and you stand outside longer than usual when months earlier you’d be inside for the entirety of the night.
so with that in mind, he mindlessly pushed away the thought of how you’d react and continued with his cruel plan.
but this is what he wanted.
what he needed.
he certainly didn’t need to fall for a dorky bubble of smiles like you.
but if this is what he needed, what he wanted, why the hell did he feel even worse than before.
he wasn’t blind to your feelings either.
he noticed your long gazes at him, the way your hand would brush against his maybe a little too often and the way you’d blush afterward.
yet still, he does this.
he can’t get a word out before you give a final weak smile and scurry back inside, sliding the door shut behind you.
“a friend?” the girl coos in his ear after she watches you leave.
you slide the door closed behind you, and lean against it for a minute, reaching up to cup your cheeks with your cold hands.
you don’t know if your cheeks were flushed from the cold air or from what you had witnessed.
but the strange feeling in your stomach was definitely the effect of the latter.
“y/n!” your other friend, bokuto, greets holding up a red solo cup, “haven’t seen you in forever!”
“i’ve been here. i’ve just been...” you trail off, looking down, “outside.”
from beside him, akaashi elbows bokuto in the stomach to which he whines, “what was that for?”
“i’m sorry, y/n,” akaashi mumbles reaching for you but you retreat quickly. he knows.
“no, no! don’t apologize,” you plead, looking up at them who are looking at you sadly. ugh, you wanted to wipe the frowns off their faces. “it’s not like...we weren’t...i wasn’t.”
of course he noticed.
just by reading your expression, akaashi can tell what you’re feeling and at times, you really hated how you wore your heart on your sleeve.
“do you wanna talk about it?”
“no, no! it’s fine, really. i’m fine.”
you quickly stride around them in hopes of finding one of your roommates.
you spend the next few hours mentally punching yourself for feeling so down when nothing was going on in the first place.
he literally said it himself.
and you thought you could what?
change that?
and how you hated that you were wondering what he was doing at that moment...
you retreat back to the main room, where you would’ve been had you not met kyoutani so many months ago.
it’s crazy how one person completely changed your usual routine.
for one, the obvious one, as soon as you reached the frat’s destination, you went straight to the back porch just to say hi to your friend.
hell, you stopped drinking alcohol at these parties because you’d rather remember your conversations with the guy.
you even starting drinking cherry cola after he let you take a sip from his drink.
you really thought you knew him, or you were at least the closest to knowing him.
but you were wrong.
you were nothing but a plaything for him to tease around.
with a clenched jaw, you head straight for the beer pong table.
you don’t return to the back porch at the next party you attend. or the next one. or the one after that. and so on.
you go like you did before you knew kyoutani: just staying inside, traveling throughout the house playing games, conversing with the people you were familiar with and desperately trying to ignore the empty feeling in your chest.
it’d be a lie if you said you didn’t look over at the back door for a second, nearly walking out purely because of instinct.
you didn’t necessarily want to cut him off but you knew just facing him after confronting your own feelings for him would hurt more for you in the end.
kyoutani stands at the usual ledge, occasionally looking behind him.
anyone could tell he was waiting for someone.
for you.
huffing, he drops his cigarette onto the ground and steps on it, smushing it with the bottom of his shoe.
it’s been weeks and you’ve yet to step outside.
hell, he isn’t even sure if you’ve been inside this whole time.
he shouldn’t have kissed that girl.
he shouldn’t have been so scared of his own feelings and been so stupid.
but now, he has to face the price.
“fuck it,” he grumbles, spinning on his heels. he yanks open the sliding door (it nearly breaks btw) and steps into the warm air.
instinctively, he face twists into a disgusted expression.
but he’s inside for a reason.
“have you seen y/n?” he asked the multiple people he passed to which they’d shrug or shake their heads.
he sighs, rubbing a hand over his face.
were you even here?
with a heavy heart, he brings a hand up to lightly tug his hair in frustration.
he won’t give up yet, though.
he scours through the sweaty crowds and in the process, a bead of sweat forms on his forehead.
it isn’t until he hears your laugh, one that he’s missed, that he knows he’s somewhere close.
“y/n!” he calls out when he finally finds you.
you spin around in surprise and widen your eyes. 
“kyoutani? what’re you doing here?”
“ here-wait, ‘kyoutani?’ really?”
“i mean inside,” you deadpan. “and it’s your name isn’t it?”
does he come clean?
lie and say he was...cold?
“i wanted to see you,” he blurts.
“oh,” you blink, twisting your hands behind you. your friends give you a look and you nod at them as if saying ‘it’s ok, you can go,’ before they slip from your circle to leave the two of you alone.
“’s been a while since we last talked,” he acknowledges, running a hand through his short hair. you recall him talking about how it was buzzed in high school and you joked that he probably looked even scarier then.
ugh, even not talking to him, you still have the audacity to recall happy memories with him.
“yup,” you lift your cup to your lips, taking a sip. 
she’s angry, he thinks with a frown. 
“look, i’m sorry about what you saw a few weeks ago-”
“don’t worry about it,” you say with laugh, ignoring the emerging hurt feeling bubbling in your chest. 
“i feel like i need to explain, though.”
“explain what?” you smile in confusion, furrowing your brows. “you have your life, dude. do whatever you want.”
“i don’t like the way you’re talking,” he murmurs under his breath so you can’t quite catch his words. dude? since when did you call him that?
“hm? what was that?” you turn your cheek so your ear was facing him.
“nothing, nothing,” he shakes his head. “if things are okay, why don’t you come outside anymore?”
“’didn’t wanna interrupt some face-sucking,” you reply bluntly, rolling your eyes.
“y/n, come on,” he groans. “it’s not like that.”
“it isn’t?”
his voice is stern and you’re close to believing him. but you stand your ground!!
“then?” you ask again, lifting your chin and raising your eyebrows in anticipation. you did not enjoy the way your chest was aching at that moment. sighing, you lower from your high and mighty pose, “y’know what, i’m not even sure why i’m so curious. i don’t care.”
your last words stung.
but kyoutani wasn’t giving up so soon either.
“so all those months bugging me at these shitty don’t care then?” 
his question wasn’t a genuine concern at all. in fact, he already knew your answer. because whether he liked to admit it or not, he knew you.
“that’s not what i meant-”
he had turned the tables on you...
lil shit.
he’s wearing a proud smirk, watching down at you stammer over your words in reaction to his question.
you took a step away from him, recollecting your thoughts since he was so damn smug and curious to know.
letting out a breath of air, you snap your head up to look at him straight in the eye.
(lmao he instinctively widened his eyes and his heart skipped a beat bc holy shit, that was kinda a really cute, adorable way)
your glare is short lived though. you are standing in front of someone who puts your glare to shame.
“this may not be your intention at all but you’re hurting my feelings,” you start, looking down at your shoes. “a-and i know to you i’m some ditz who can’t seem to take a hint, but i think i’ve gotten yours now.”
“y/n, that’s not what i intended.”
“but that’s exactly what you portrayed. you’re here accusing me that i did this all for nothing and i don’t care. but if anything, you’re the one who doesn’t.”
he pulls his lower lip between his teeth as he began to chew on it.
he knew you were probably angry at him for leading you on but this?
this wasn’t anger in you.
sure, you made yourself look like you’re pissed off but hearing the words tumble out of your mouth, the only emotion written on your face is sadness.
his stomach sinks.
“i actually thought we were ...friends- but y’know what? now, i don’t even know if you considered us friends. i guess we’re more like those relationships in the ocean where the little fish get leftover nutrients from the bigger fish and only one side has any benefits. what is that, mutualism? no...commensalism? yeah, i think it’s that. i’m the little fish who enjoys being around you and you’re the big fish just tolerating me there -”
“y/n, you sound crazy right now-”
“and friends aren’t just supposed to tolerate each other! yes, friends do tolerate each other, but they care for one another and i’ve been the only one caring this entire time, to be honest -”
“y/n, that’s not -”
“because think about it! whenever i saw you, it’s me who says hi first. hell, i’m not even sure if you’ve ever seen me out in public and just chose to ignore me. not to mention, i’m always the one freezing my ass off outside just so i can talk to you at these damn parties -”
“y/n -”
“do you know how many people warned me about getting close to you? and i ignored them! because i thought i knew you better than they did! stupid me, i guess, for believing that -”
kyoutani, finally understanding that you weren’t going to let him speak while on your rant, quickly cups your face with both his hands and tries the next best thing to shut you up.
he kisses you.
his eyes squeeze shut, hoping you wouldn’t push him away and slap him, and visibly relaxes when you don’t.
in fact, after a moment of you standing shell-shocked, you practically melt into him.
man, how your kiss was so different than ones he’s had in the past.
it was soft, light, delicate. everything that you were.
he was the complete opposite of you and intended on only ever associating with people who were like him or hard enough to tolerate him.
but no, you had to come along.
you and your bright eyes and childish skips.
when the two of you pull away for air, you’re in a slight daze.
“you do know me better,” he murmurs sternly, never taking his hands off of your face. 
you’re still so stunned, you can’t speak. 
pulling away with a sigh, he lets his arms hit his sides and admits, “i did all that shit because i was scared.”
“scared?” you repeat softly.
“feelings. caring... i don’t do that sh-stuff,” he corrects himself this time, knowing you don’t appreciate the excessive swears. “but then you happened.”
you frown. “me?”
“yeah. and i thought you were just going to be another one of those ‘i can change him!’ girls and give up after a while. but you stuck around...and that was weird. you chipped and chipped at my wall, patiently waiting for me and as a result, i got scared were getting somewhere.”
you gnaw at your slightly swollen lip and look down.
“you snuck up on me, y/n. with your obnoxiously overbearing and bubbly personality, you got through to me. you became my friend,” he confesses. “and i’m sorry for what i did, really. i thought i was doing it so i wouldn’t be weak because i realized i was starting to care for you, too. if i’m being honest, i had a hunch you had a thing for me and i think as soon as i admitted to myself that i was developing a thing for you, i just...i did the wrong thing. kissing that random chick in hopes of forgetting about my feelings was the weak choice.”
you don’t think you’ve ever heard him be so vulnerable and open about his feelings before.
it makes your heart swell in your chest.
“well,” you begin in a small voice, interlocking your fingers and slowly looking up at him, “you’re lucky i’m a forgiving person.”
a smile, a genuine smile spreads on his face and his eyebrows lift slightly.
“yeah?” he muses, squeezing your hand. 
“mhm,” you hum, smiling up at him. “but you have a lot to make up for...”
“y/n, you’ll never be alone to count the stars again.”
your heart just about leaps out of your chest at his promise. you nod softly, a shy smile making it’s way on your face.
“so, can you call me ‘taro now?”
“ah, so you do like the nickname!”
“coming from you...” he trails off, smirking at your grin, “maybe.”
a star tattoo wouldn’t be so bad, kyoutani thinks as he watches your face brighten. the only issue is that no tattoo would ever come close to the stars in your eyes that he could get lost in.
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shotorozu · 5 months ago
i feel like im annoying lol but here i am again 🥴
🥴 how do da boys react to a super bimbo mc like shes busty, sweet, innocent, helpful as much as she can be and doesnt really realize when people are hitting on her, she just thinks theyre being extra friendly. (Tamaki, izuku, shoto, denki, bakougo) or any of ur choice
Sorry if I’m being annoying ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)? and tysm
bimbo s/o
character(s) : bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, amajiki tamaki (bnha)
probably (?) part one // ?
legend : [Y/N = your name] female! s/o, quirk not specific
headcanon type : fluff, crack (x reader)
note(s) : sooo 🤩 it’s my birthday tomorrow, not excited about that?? not sure! but im definitely gonna post more tomorrow, just because
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
you didn’t seem like his type tbh. you’re kinda an airhead, and you’re sweet and helpful to everyone
and awfully innocent,,
so, you seemed like the person that bakugou would try and stay away from, but nope!
not in this case. i’m not sure what conspired in this explosive blond’s head, but he had a oddly specific attraction to you
he used to hate being around you, but it’s also quite entertaining being around you but why, you may ask?
not only are you super nice, and helpful, but you’re very likable too! which caused you to get secret admirers, and fanboys
but you also so happen to be clueless as fuck, so katsuki would always stick around— obviously very amused, only to tell you what their true intentions are
“what do they mean, go out? like,, outside?”
“no, dumbo. they wanna date you.”
“ the calendar?”
“hah?? are you dumb?” he actually hated how oblivious you were at first, but he just got used to it
but this clueless airhead trait of yours is what he also hates, because when he developed feelings for you— he’d have to tell you
and,, he’s not the best with being direct with romantic stuff. so— you can see how that went.
he ended up confessing you in the most direct way he could’ve said it, but you still. didn’t. understand.
“fuck sake, i want to be your significant other. your fucking lover, the bitch that’ll be with you until this dumbass brain of yours stops working.”
okay, he was a little too direct, but at least you know his feelings!
when you both finally get together, everyone is shocked. like,, you, the sweetheart that likes helping people— dating thee bakugou katsuki??
everyone thought you were threatened to date him, because you didn’t understand other people’s advances— but in reality, katsuki just told you what he felt
straight from the heart.
also, since you’re also quite busty, katsuki loves sleeping on them— he literally won’t sleep, until he has his head resting on those milkers of yours
“maybe this is all you’re good for, huh? a fuckin’ head rest. there might not be anything up there, but at least it gives me some good fuckin’ sleep.”
he,, doesn’t mean that. you’re useful in so many other ways, but he loves pretending that he thinks that way, because of your replies
“ah, yes! i’m fine with being your head rest, katsuki. rest well, love!”
you’re not hurt, because he makes it a point to tell you multiple times a day that you mean lots to him.
but he gets super mad when people tell you that you’re stupid. because he can only tell you that!!
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
you also didn’t seem like you’d be his type,, everyone thought he would’ve wanted someone that’s smart as momo, or something similar
but he’s very content with being with you, for reasons he can’t seem to figure out.
he has his habit of watching you help people from afar, and he couldn’t help but smile whenever he engages in conversations with you
yeah sure, you might be more of an airhead than most people— but you have a heart of gold! and that’s what gathered his attention
sometimes, he’s quite clueless to some social cues— but even he can connect the dots
which you can’t seem to do. but you’re in luck! shouto’s usually the one that tells you what they mean
it’s something he loves and hates, only because of how popular you are with people in general.
sometimes, shouto debates if he should even tell you what they mean— because well,, he likes you.
usually, shouto would interpret things to you like this
“,, they like you,, romantically.”
“shou, are you sure? they look like they wanna be my friend!” he lets you call him by his first name, just because of how content you look by calling him ‘shouto’
he ends up whispering something into your ear, and your eyes light up in realization. “oh! so how princess bubblegum likes marceline?”
“,, yeah.”
but being shouto todoroki has it’s advantages. he isn’t afraid of being as direct as he could possibly be.
“may i have the honor of being your lifelong partner?”
“oh, romantically. i’d love to be your lover, Y/N.”
“..oh! that’s what you meant.”
the way he sees you stumble with your words, as you pace back in forth— completely flustered by his words
makes him smile
and it all ends well when his friends see that his wallpaper is literally him laying down on your chest
which is something he always wanted to do
“shouto,, did you finally confess?!”
“yes. they said yes.”
they’re not really surprised that you understood, courtesy to shouto’s bluntness.
he is your protector against all of the people that make you seem useless. man literally lashed out when his father asked him to date someone with ‘more intelligence’
“Y/N may not be the definition of being book smart, but Y/N’s not useless!”
in short— he’s the bimbo protector! he’ll always be patient around you, and he would never dare to dumb you down.
Tumblr media
amajiki tamaki
oh lOrd, please help him
you’re so kind, sweet, and helpful. you’d help anyone— regardless of their personality. and that’s what made tamaki interested in you
but you’re also very popular. which he could see why— since you’re attractive in a unique and special way.
tamaki absolutely disliked the idea of your kindness being taken advantaged of. i mean,, the guts of some people!
but he also hated being the one to break the news to you good or bad
he’s not good with the blunt stuff either, and he might’ve been worried about being around you— because well,, you look like you wouldn’t even hurt a fly.
“tamaki, what do they mean by ‘coming home with them for a nice time’ do they.. want to play mario cart with me?”
he looks like he needs to pass out, but he ends up telling you anyway. he’s just lucky that you could hear him.
but he sighs in relief when you end up kindly declining
nejire and mirio are SO amused by this pairing. i mean, it’s an interesting dynamic! how could they not be invested?
yet, they refuse to even explain things to you, especially when tamaki’s around to do said explaining
because apparently, ‘it’ll help you socialize more, especially with Y/N!’
but remember when i said that tamaki wasn’t great with the blunt approach? yeah— he’d have a heart attack, just trying to explain his feelings
“i— uhm how do i say this,, would you like t-to go out for some dinner with m-me?”
“oh sure! i should go tell mirio and nejire” you’d say that with a smile, and it felt like he was going to pass away on the spot.
nejire and mirio were the ones the tell you that ‘no, tamaki doesn’t want to be friendly with you, because he wants to romantically date you.’
and it felt like forever when they were explaining how and why, while tamaki was sitting in the corner.
but thank GOD! because you like him too!
super hesitant on resting on your chest, i mean,, to him, it looked like the nicest pillow for the deepest sleep! but he wasn’t sure if that’d be okay
because no!! to!! taking!! advantage!! of!! Y/N’s!! kindness!!
speaking of that, despite the fact that he’s socially awkward— he will not hesitate on defending you from any haters!
like, when people say that “tamaki and Y/N are such an awkward couple. tamaki’s super awkward, it looks like there’s nothing in Y/N’s brain. maybe she’s brainless”
because how dare they. not everyone is book smart— but that doesn’t give people the right to call you stupid!
“Y/N’s not brainless! she’s kind, helpful, and the sweetest p-person i have ever met. i suggest you take that back!”
in short— it gives him heart palpitations just having to explain things to you, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it, if he can be with you
»»————- ♡ ————-««
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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straighttohellbuddy · 10 months ago
once you say it out loud it can’t be undone {Corpse Husband/Fem!Reader}
Tumblr media
Summary: Non-Fatal Hanahaki AU. Feelings are fair game for nine months out of the year, but God forbid you develop a crush during Hanahaki Season; three months of coughing up petals just because you’re in love with someone who doesn’t love you back? It’s a damn inconvenience. You haven’t had an active Hanahaki Season in the four years since you started YouTube, and you think that since you’re in quarantine, not going outside, not meeting new people, you’ll be fine this year too! Except that you start playing Among Us with a group of people you’ve never met before, friends of friends, including the elusive Corpse Husband, who’s kind, and funny, and may be flirting with you, but you’re not quite sure. The point is, you make friends with him not expecting much beyond a streaming buddy, but then you get talking more often, chatting and joking at all hours in DMs, and he’s calling you sweet nicknames on stream, and you wake up on the first day of your Season coughing up flower petals and cursing yourself for falling for a man who’s first name you don’t even know! 
{ p l a y l i s t }
A/N: 17,511 words. hello i wrote and ~mildly~ edited this in 24 hours because my adhd said ‘u will write a terrifying amount of words about corpse’ and i said ‘YES SIR, RIGHT AWAY’. anyways, hi, i don’t write a lot for the YouTube fandom anymore because rpf is a trick grey area, but unfortunately i don’t control the hyperfixation and  the boy’s sweet personality + his edgy aesthetic hit all of my buttons. this has GRATUITOUS pop culture references, and if you don’t know what Stardew Valley is, it’s essentially a farm simulator but you also make friends with the NPCs in the nearby village. lots of different youtubers are mentioned, but Ethan (Crankgameplays / Eef) and Sean (Jacksepticeye / Spedicy), and I guess Charlie (Cr1tikal / Greaseball) and Mark (Markiplier) are the other more heavily featured folks. god there’s so many words. You’ll have to excuse me for not knowing the others too well, I’m embarrassed to admit that I only really watch Ze and Corpse often in terms of Among Us streams. ANYWAYS, please let me know what you think, I hope you like it! if this ever gets to corpse himself im going to delete this entire blog, just as a warning. no backups. yeet.
Warnings: SFW, but there is a scene near the end that gets a bit hot and heavy, but only a bit. very light mentions of sexual and kink activity but nothing explicit. Swearing. Mentions of illness, of coughing/throwing up flower petals, and foreign objects in the mouth and windpipe, but there is no risk posed beyond an inconvenience, just thought i should warn you. 
Taglist: @slashersdream @divine-artemis​ @realmejay​ @lovemelikepercy​ @balla-deer​ @miniritzcrackers​ @loraleiix​ @ppopty​ @easygoingtheatre​ @insanedeathwish​ @siriuslystupid @losvertown @janiathecat​ @wineandionysus​ @moonlightsimp​ @allylyew @chokingonflxwers​ @sicnesa @xxniksxx​ @mishisamess​ @preciousskye @yashinosakura​ @meleekabenjamin​ @whatamievendoinghere01​ @lxurxn-02 @liljennyx3 @the-fusionist @benjaminka
Hanahaki Season was different for everyone. No-one’s quite sure what evolutionary advantage there is to coughing up flowers for three months out of the year as the body’s way of dealing with perceived unrequited feelings, but, much to the entire world’s collective irritation, it was what it was. It begins for everyone when their first romantic feelings arise and aren’t reciprocated. That could be as early as kindergarten, wanting to hold hands with one of the kids in your class more than any other person, but watching them share their launchable with someone else, though middle school is most commonly where those feelings become strong enough to actually activate the bloom. Some people on the aromantic spectrum don’t activate it until their late teens, or college, or even later, and even then they may only experience it once or twice, since the situation in which they find themselves developing romantic feelings like that doesn’t occur often, or doesn’t occur during their Season. You’re kind of jealous of aromantic people who have never had to deal with it. 
Hanahaki Season lasts for three months, starting every year on the same date; the date you’d first ever had romantic feelings strong enough to start hacking up flower petals. You’re free to catch feelings for the other nine months without consequences, but watch out if you catch feelings around your Season, because your house tends to look like the opening of Ouran High School Host Club. The amount of flowers really varies depending on your feelings; you’d spent days putting professional florists to shame in the month leading up to your senior prom when you realized you had feelings for your best friend, right up until they asked you to go with them, and the petals had been gone the next day, but your smile hadn’t been.
Your body doesn’t care if they have feelings for you, all it knows is that you think they don’t, despite the feelings you absolutely, definitely have; it needs either a confirmation, or for you to get over it. 
You and your high school best friend had dated for about six months after prom, but decided that you were better off as friends, and thankfully, in the years since you’d started college, your Seasons had been a non-event; no romantic feelings, so nothing to worry about. It’s not that you didn’t go out, or didn’t date, it’s just that there was nothing serious enough to warrant an active Season when it actually came up.
You’ve had your YouTube channel since your Freshman year of college, something to do in your spare time, mainly playing videogames without a face cam. During your first year, you managed to develop a modest following of a few hundred, thousand subscribers, thanks to your long, gentle Stardew Valley videos. Even now, four years later, you’re still posting updates and playthroughs of it, which your long-time fans appreciate. 
After a year, you quickly gained a lot more traction, mostly because you joined Twitch, and finally added a face cam to your setup. Suddenly everyone knew what you looked like, and holy shit, they loved you! Your aesthetic surprised a lot of people; for your streams and videos, you put a lot of effort into your look, but the look itself was surprisingly in line with the pastel goth aesthetic, when people had clearly been expecting your attire to favour cottagecore. Despite it being unexpected, the look was definitely not unwelcome.
A little into your third year of YouTube, you graduated college, and hit a million subscribers, with a majority of your content still being either stream highlights, or long playthroughs with your gentle commentary over the top. Someone once likening you to Sykkuno in terms of wholesomeness, and after checking out his content, you were more than flattered by the comparison. Being called ‘SFW Cr1tikal’ was less flattering, though that was more to do with how calming your delivery was to listen to, and how your commentary sometimes came a little out of left field, or carried off on = unrelated tangents. You’re the YouTube gaming community’s darling, soft spoken with a kind attitude, someone who makes friends easily, finding yourself fitting in with the big dogs on the platform, despite how abrasive their own playthrough styles may be. 
So you hadn’t really thought about playing Among Us, it wasn’t exactly your brand. Oh, you’re well aware of it’s meteoric rise in popularity, and you weren’t against playing it with friends, but it’s not exactly something you’d seek out in your own time. Some of your followers wanted to see you play it, but a surprising majority were hesitant to watch you try it; the game was built on lying and backstabbing, and you, well you weren’t ruthless or cut-throat. You got upset when you gave a villager a gift they didn’t like in Stardew Valley, there’s no way you could kill and lie to your friends! Surely you were far too sweet to be good at Among Us.
The thing is, you’ve worked hard to make your online personality a kind and gentle experience, because for the most part, you are a kind and gentle person. You like to give people the benefit of the doubt, try to see the best in people, and treat others with kindness, because you’re well aware how difficult it is exist in modern society. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have depth; you’re a human being, one who’s been through college and had your fair share of weird and wonderful experiences. You’re neither as innocent nor as fragile as the world seems to expect, and you know you can be as deceitful and cunning as the next person if the need arises.
In the end, it’s Ethan who invites you to play with a few other YouTubers, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and ChilledChaos, to name a few, people you’ve spoken to occasionally and would probably consider acquaintances, though their reach far outstrips your own. Ethan’s one of the first people you reached out to when you were starting to get a following, and since you graduated college, and moved to LA, he’s also been your closest friend. So of course you agree.
Unsurprisingly, as soon as the lineup and streaming time had been announced on Twitter, confusion arose within your own fandom. You tweeted out a reassurance that they shouldn’t be concerned that you’re trying new things, that it’s an adventure, a chance to diversify, and that you’d still be making the content you’re known for. For now the fans seemed placated, and obligingly waited to judge for themselves, trusting your judgement in the meantime.
Before the stream starts, everyone’s joining the voice chat, making sure they’re all at the right levels, all recording, before you all go live. The very first thing Ethan announces for all of you and your collective audiences to hear, is that he can’t wait to see you play Imposter.
“What do you mean?” You played up your innocence in the voice chat, since as far as anyone else was aware, this was your first experience with the game.
“Glad to know I’m not the only one flying blind here,” Mark announces, and you tried not to let the guilt you felt show on your face, to your audience, for having mislead him.
Now, it’s not as if you’ve come into this completely blind; in preparation you’d watched a few Among Us streams by your friends, most notably Chilled’s. At the very least, you knew how the game worked theoretically, which you hoped would translate when you actually played, though you still weren’t certain it would. Ethan’s interest in seeing you in the Imposter role, however, appeared to stem from the fact that your kind persona didn’t seem to betray the conniving streak that you knew ran deep within you; none of the others had ever encountered it, and half even seemed to be convinced you didn’t have it in you. That, at the very least, you knew you could use to your advantage. Showing compassion to single-player horror game monsters was one thing, survival in a multiplayer competition that relied on deceit was something else entirely, and something you were more than capable of, even if the others didn’t realise it just yet.
When the others explain the game in brief, it’s mostly for Mark’s benefit at this point, though you’re glad to get a refresher on the mic-muting system before the game begins.
You’re a crewmate for the first game, doing tasks, keeping quiet during most of the meetings since you’re genuinely not sure of the names of the different areas of the ship. When you can, after spending a full round with him, you vouch for the little red one, Ze, during the second meeting, which only made him murdering you the very next round all the more surprising.
“Betrayal,” you gasp as you unmute your mic. Your chat immediately started blowing up with ‘BETRAYAL’, while Tesh and Wade made noises of agreement. Even as a ghost, you try and finish your tasks, however it’s not long before -
“Who murdered Y/N?” Ethan shouted into chat at the top of his lungs the minute he discovers your body, which is quickly followed by the remaining, living players bursting out laughing, gently ribbing him for making it seem like anyone would just admit to the murder on the basis of it being you. 
Poor Mark, not that he’d even killed anyone, is the next to be voted off after venting in front of Sean, since he was still yet to get a handle on all mechanics of the game. Ze, your murderer and relative veteran of the game, still managed to survive, pulling the Imposters through to a victory.
“J’accuse, Ze?” You ask, when you’re all back in the drop ship lobby, and his answering chuckle is coloured by a hint of guilt, before he’s apologising half-heartedly, though you’re quick to brush it off and put it behind you both.
“She defended you!” Ethan pointed out, and to his credit Ze admitted that’s why he felt bad about killing you only minutes later. You tell him that there’s no hard feelings, all water under the bridge, and the next game begins.
You keep getting crewmate for most of the stream, which lasted several hours, though at least in that time you gotten an understanding of the mechanics and controls, as well as the people you were playing with. After everyone concedes to a final round for the night, that’s when the word Imposter appears above your character’s head, alongside Ethan. 
You chat is going nuts. 
You fake card swipe in Admin, and kill Sean as he’s doing wires, immediately calling a Reactor emergency and venting into Medbay to then run out, alongside Tesh coming from Cafeteria, towards Reactor. After reactor, however, Sean’s body was found, and that’s when you discover Ethan’s killed Wade too.
Discussion follows, where you’d point out you’d come from Medbay and saw Tesh coming from Cafeteria right after the Reactor emergency began, not saying as much as you were implying her guilt. Immediately guided by the sincerity in your voice, the remaining players start grilling Tesh on her movements, not even thinking to question yours. 
When Tesh was voted out, sent careening from the airlock, your chat couldn’t seem to believe how earnestly you’d thrown an innocent under the bus. You give a half-smirk, taking in your audience’s reaction, but you don’t feel the need to comment, just plan your next attack. 
You find yourself meeting up with Ethan on your way out of Storage, as he comes from Communications, and the pair of you find Tyler by Shields. You and Ethan pause by Tyler, who wiggles at you both once he’s finished his task, and you quietly mutter to chatter, asking whether or not Ethan’s going to kill Tyler, or if he’s waiting for you. As if answering your unspoken question, Ethan hits the lights and you go in for the kill. The pair of you take off immediately, heading north to fix lights and flee the crime scene. 
“Holy shit,” Chilled announces when he calls a meeting, only to see that there’s only five of you left, since the lights being off meant no-one had found Tyler, Ethan had presumably killed Ryann in Communications before the two of you had met up.
“I don’t trust Y/N,” Mark said slowly.
“Mark?” You did your best to inject as much betrayal and disappointment into your voice as you could.
“You seem too sweet,” he went on, and okay that was kind of valid, but still, there was no supporting evidence that he could point to for that being valid in the eyes of anyone else.
“Y/N and I were together for most of the last round, we fixed the lights together,” Ethan pointed out; Tyler was probably yelling with his mic off.
“That’s true, I had just jumped on cams and saw Y/N and Eef meet up outside of Comms and go through to Shields just before lights went off,” Chilled confirmed, and Mark hummed, loud and thoughtful.
“Mark, why are you sus on Y/N?” Bob asked, and Mark began to splutter loudly, reaffirming that you just seemed too sweet to be innocent, like you were hiding something. Ethan points out that you had plenty of time to kill him, but didn’t, which only has Mark’s spluttering growing louder as he defends himself.
“Well maybe you’re both imposters!” But it doesn’t land with the sentiment he probably hopes it does, as both Chilled and Bob seem to be convinced that Mark is just throwing out accusations to save himself, and you and Ethan are more than happy to follow their lead and vote him out. 
The minute the screen shows that the imposters won, the voice chat is a riot. Loudest of all, unsurprising, was Mark’s vitriolic yelling about how he was right, and to never trust the nice ones, with Tyler asking how you could both betray him like that. All you could do was laugh and offer apologies as the stream was ending. 
You’d had a good time, enjoyed yourself, and it seems like your subscribers enjoyed it well enough. If you were to be invited back, you knew you’d be more than happy to jump at the opportunity. That opportunity arose sooner than you’d expected, with Sean sending you a Twitter DM asking if you wanted to play with him and a few friends on a stream in a few days time. 
Of course you said yes.
Once news hit of you joining Sean’s usual Among Us crew, a new series of speculation began to occur, most notably people worried about seeing you interact with people like Cr1tikal and Pewds, while others were excited to see more of the Imposter-side of you that they hadn’t realised had been there before you’d played a genuinely competitive game. Until the actual stream, however, you just played your usual Stardew Valley stream, spent another few hours trying to get through more of Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order on it’s Grandmaster difficulty.
You enter the Among Us lobby under the name 2sweet, an idea that had come curtesy of Mark’s speculations and ranting last time you’d played, and it managed to get Sean to laugh as he was introducing you to the others over the voice chat. A lot of them had nicknames like that, Greaseball, Spedicy - Charlie and Sean respectively - and CORPSE, all capitals, though you had no real frame of reference for him beyond that.
Your chat was begging you to say hi to him.
“Chat wants me to say hi to Corpse,” you say tentatively, to which you heard a heavy laugh, Corpse’s microphone image lighting up in the corner of your screen at the same time.
“She hasn’t played with you before, has she?” Pewds was snickering, and you reminded them that this is technically only your second time playing.
“Come on, Sean, this isn’t fair on her, you’ve brought her into a big brain server for her second time, no prep, no lube, that’s just cruel,” Charlie piped up, and while his wording left you a little shocked, Sean was quick to defend your skills from your last game, warning them not to underestimate you.
“Anyways,” you gave a laugh once he’d quietened down, feeling a little abashed at the show of support, “hi Corpse.” You returned to your chat’s original request, and there was that laugh again.
“Hi 2sweet,” came his response, and oh okay, chat’s interest makes total and complete sense. You know the suddenly flustered surprise reads on your face because the chat is suddenly spamming the 😳 emoji and ‘GIRL SAME’.
“That makes sense,” you find your voice quickly, trying to play it cool, “I didn’t understand why they were so adamant when like, there’s more than one person in the lobby, but,” you nod, clicking your tongue, “yeah that makes sense.” And almost everyone is quick to chime in with amused agreement. Sykkuno then greets you with enthusiasm, which you return in kind, excited to be finally playing with him after so many people had drawn similarities between the two of you. 
The game gets underway, and you’re a crewmate first up once more, but this time you don’t have to wait until the final game to play Imposter. 
Maybe it’s because they don’t know you, maybe they’re taking you simply at face value, the kind voice and earnest tone of it all, but you manage to pull through to a victory without anyone seriously suspecting you. The other Imposter is Charlie, who is unfortunately voted off after the third round, however, each time you were asked about your movements, or motivations, or opportunities, or whereabouts, you were able to bullshit your way through an alibi and turn suspicion on someone else without hesitation. 
“I was sus on Pewds since the start,” finally, it was down to you, Corpse, and Pewds, the final three; you’d just killed Sykkuno and self-reported. 
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Pewds hollered while you were trying not to laugh, “2sweet, what the -”
“Pewds, I literally walked past you in Cafeteria like you were coming out of weapons, and then found poor Sykkuno’s body in weapons!” You told him, tone even and sincere, while he screeched in frustration.
“Sykkuno was alive and well and doing the- the pew pew- the laser weapons task when I left! You probably vented in there and killed him and then vented to Admin to run into me leaving Cafeteria,” he accused.
“I don’t even know where Admin is!” You argued back, playing the dumb and innocent card. Even so, the bubble popped up above Pewd’s character saying that he voted, and you knew he’d voted for you before he even announced as such. You voted for him in retaliation, “how could I big-brain like that without even knowing where I am?” You countered, despite the fact that he had guessed your play exactly. 
“Corpse, please man, don’t- don’t kill us all; don’t vote for me, I’m innocent,” Pewds finally was the one to addressing the third remaining player, the deciding vote, and Corpse, who for his part, had been quiet during your argument, hummed thoughtfully.
“I wouldn’t kill Sykkuno over Pewds, if I was the imposter,” you lied, in an attempt to play on the loyalties that a few others had teased him about before the round. At least it got him to snort a laugh.
“That’s a good point,” Corpse mused.
“No it’s not!” Pewds scoffed, and you had to press your hand to your mouth to keep from laughing. 
“Gotta go with my gut here guys, I was in Electrical so I didn’t see any of this shit go down,” and Corpse voted, without actually saying who he’d voted for. The three of you waited with baited breath as the votes were counted. Pewds was out.
“You doomed us all,” Pewds told him flatly as it showed him getting ejected, followed by the Imposter winning screen. 
“Ah, fuck,” Corpse muttered, but he didn’t seem too mad about it as everyone else began unmuting themselves.
“Holy shit, 2sweet, you had me half convinced Pewds was imposter and I was the other imposter, what the fuck?” Charlie snickered, sounding almost proud.
“2sweet’,” Corpse muttered, as if he couldn’t quite believe that he’d fallen for it. You give a soft, sincere apology for lying to him, “too sweet is definitely right.” Your actual name isn’t 2sweet, so why did it send a shiver down your spine every time he addressed you like that?
But you keep that to yourself.
The rest of the stream goes well, several hours and a few more imposter runs, getting to know the other streamers and developing the basis of a few friendships, and getting invited to future streams, much to your delight.
“Bye 2sweet’s chat, bye 2sweet,” Corpse adds as the session is ending, amusement clear in his voice, to which you snort.
“Bye Corpse,” you respond, before adding, “bye Corpse’s chat who didn’t ask about me.” That gets him to laugh, the sound of which fills your ears and warms something in your chest, strangely enough. The rest of the streamers also say goodbye to your’s and Corpse’s audiences after that, before you all go your separate ways. 
You finish editing the footage from your first Among Us stream the following day, and upload it under the title ‘AM I TOO SWEET FOR THIS GAME? | AMONG US WITH FRIENDS’, right around the time that the rest of the people that had been featured in the stream begin uploading their recordings of it also.
Suddenly, you seemed to be gaining an influx of followers, you assumed from several of the other big-name YouTubers that were part of the stream. This, of course, also also meant new Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch followers, which, while lovely, was also concerning. Your followers were generally as chill and kind as the content you produced, and of course there were a few bad apples, but you made it known that bullying and harassments was unacceptable within your fandom, and you tried to personally see to that as best you could. But newcomers, viewers used to Mark and Ethan and Sean, who don’t know your content and your vibe, you weren’t sure how they were going to perceive you. While you were hopeful they’d fit in easily, you couldn’t guarantee anything. So you were waiting to see what happened.
With the release of the videos also came a lot of fellow content creators following you too, other gamers who you hadn’t been aware of until now, including the folks from your second stream, last night. 
An hour after the video has been uploaded, you check your twitter, only to see that @Corpse_Husband has replied to you tweeting out your Among Us video, replying to the title specifically. 
@Corpse_Husband: Yes.
Several people have commented under his tweet, including Pewds, Mark, and Chilled, all in agreement. Sean just comments that Corpse is mad that he didn’t think you were sus when you were the imposter. You respond to the whole thread with a blushing smile and sparkling heart emoji. 
Soon enough, fan art began popping up of your Among Us video, a few of which you retweeted; you really liked the ones that made you and Ethan look like a terrifying murder duo, watching Tyler do his little dance of friendship at Shields, while the two of you were holding knives behind your back. 
Ethan retweets one that you tag him in, adding that he’s never been so happy to be terrified of himself. The two of you then spend some time in DMs making plans to play something with a few other friends in the near future. You check Discord, and see Sean’s messaged you about another stream in a few days with the crew from last night, and Chilled was messaging you too, about a potential session with Ze, and a few folks you hadn’t played with before. It’s easy to agree to it all, to fit it into the schedule you’d developed at the start of quarantine after your job had made you redundant. Now with nothing but free time on your hands, it was streaming daily; Stardew Valley once or twice a week, single-play streams of whatever took your fancy every other day, and now hopefully two Among Us collabs. Seven days a week, editing when you’re not playing, and keeping up your friendships online when you’re not editing. It keeps you busy, it keeps your mind active so you’re not going stir crazy in quarantine. 
“Hey 2sweet, hey 2sweet’s chat,” has become something of a ritualistic greeting from Corpse whenever the two of you played together, which you would return in kind, greeting both him and his chat with a smile in your voice. You’d now played with him in a few streams over the past few weeks, chatting in DMs, and from time to time you found yourself watching his stream highlights, if only to see what had been really happening whenever he had been shady and evasive in the stream. There was something easy about talking to him; for reasons that seemed lost to the rest of the crew, the two of you just seemed to get along. Maybe it’s that he had a growing appreciation for your surprisingly varied set of interests, which he admitted to not suspecting when he’d first spoken to you, given your demeanor. 
You also shared a fondness for Sykkuno, and spent two full games attempting to bodyguard him together, leading Charlie, and subsequently a dedication portion of your fans, to start calling you the Sykkuno Simp Squad. 
And okay, yes, something about Corpse’s voice, the kind way he spoke to you, the way he seemed to be quick to defend you, it set your heart aflutter, but you could keep that to yourself. You hadn’t even realised it would be an actual problem until someone had brought up -
“Yeah, like a year ago I had to wait, like, a full half an hour for a coffee, I wasn’t mad or anything, it’s not like I had anywhere to be, but it turns out the barista had straight up, like, Kill Bill style blood-sprayed petals all over the coffee machine and they had to clean it off,” Charlie had mentioned; you’re not sure how the conversation had gotten to Hanahaki, but suddenly a cold sense of dread was pooling in the pit of your stomach. Suddenly your harmless feelings became far less harmless.
“Aren’t there, like, OH&S issues around that?” Toast asked, and someone else made a vague comment about paid time off varying from company to company, but Pewds cuts in quickly.
“That’s gotta be one of the best things about quarantine; I mean, I haven’t had to deal with that shit since like, high school, and Marzia and I got together before either of our Seasons hit, but like, going outside less means meeting less people, right? That’s gotta mean active Seasons have been low,” you wished that was the case, and according to Sean, you’re not alone.
“Yeah, you’d think,” Sean muses, “but I don’t know if you saw, Ethan was coughing up petals from March, just because he’s got a thing for one of his local baristas and he keeps wondering if they’re okay in the pandemic, even though he’s not seeing them,” it wasn’t that Sean was outing Ethan, since he’d been taking part in Unus Annus he couldn’t exactly hide what was happening. 
Ethan had explained his situation as vaguely as possible, as to not out who this person specifically was, but with enough descriptor that his online friends wouldn’t be harrassed for possibly being the object of his affection. It worked. Mostly. You’d gotten a few weird DMs during those months, but they were easy to ignore.
He and Mark had spent a good few videos actually studying the petals and their properties, as well as Ethan himself. It had even lead to the meme of Mark yelling at the top of his lungs ‘this is what you get for having feelings’ while Ethan made a comically upset face, tongue out with a few petals still sticking to it. 
“My Season hasn’t been active since, like, my senior year of high school,” you heard yourself saying, not quite sure why, “I’m dreading my next one, I think I’ve forgotten how irritating they are,” you laugh but there’s no real humor in it, and the conversation quickly moves on.
Your stream chat, however, did not. When did your Season start, they wanted to know, why had you even brought it up, could it be active this year; what does it all mean - ?!
Imposter, first round, with Toast.
The crew votes you out during the second round, and with good reason. Your mind was elsewhere, still on the earlier Hanahaki conversation; you can’t come up with any sort of convincing alibi, and suddenly you’re watching yourself get thrown into lava. 
“Warm up round,” you’d laughed, hoping your audience would buy it, hoping you could play off your weirdness as first round jitters, sticking with following Toast for the rest of the game, helping him sabotage. Eventually, and unfortunately, he was voted out during the final round, and as everyone’s unmuting themselves in the lobby, he asks you what happened.
“Head wasn’t in the game,” you sighed, “what team? Not Wildcats, apparently,” you sounded so disappointed in yourself, but thankfully the reference and your dramatics got a few people to laugh.
“’s okay, Sweets, you’ll get ‘em next time,” Corpse adds, and you think you can feel your heart skip a beat at the nickname. 
“You’re just being nice because I didn’t kill you,” you responded after a moment, trying, once more, to play it cool.
“Only ‘cos you didn’t get the chance,” he snickers, something in his tone that you can’t quite decipher, but it makes your pulse race, “I know you’d have killed me if you could.” 
“On a good day, 2sweet would kill us all and make a delicious fucking pie, Sweeny Todd style,” Charlie adds, giving you time to calm your erratic and traiterous heart, “and be all cutesy about it, too.” 
“In real life?” Sean asks, clearly amused.
“Of-fucking-course in real life,” Charlie’s adamantly doubling down, completely sincere, “she sounds like she’s all sweet and innocent, but you guys have seen her on Instagram, she looks like she bites; like a colorful poisonous toad, it’s a warning. I know Mark warned you about her and I think he’s damn right; beware the nice ones.”
“It’s so cute you think I’m nice, Charlie!” You couldn’t help yourself, rejoining the conversation with your tone bright and chipper, only to be suddenly met with silence.
“Fuck,” Corpse breathed, tone on the edge of amused and strangely dazed.
“I’d like to go on record to say that I am afraid,” Charlie added, but you could hear he was grinning. 
“You were a little angel before you started playing Among Us,” Sean points out, and now your grin is all teeth, not that any of the other players can see. Chat appreciates it, though.
“Then blame Eef, he’s the one who invited me,” you reminded him, “and for the record, this is the first game I’ve played that’s required lying and backstabbing in order to win; Mario Kart’s not exactly asking people to gaslight their friends,” the comparison, while amusing, does help your point, “just because I never told you I was capable of evil, doesn’t mean I’m not.” 
“I like Evil-Y/N,” Sykkuno says with complete sincerity, breaking the silence that had followed your words.
“I like you too, buddy!” You coo, sitting back in your chair, wearing a grateful little smile, hand pressed to your chest, strangely touched by his words as the conversation picks back up right before the next round starts. 
During the next round, in which you’re a crewmate, you’re doing your download task in Cafeteria when you chance a glance to your chat, only to see people excitedly spamming ‘Sweets!’ or talking about how they ship you and Corpse. It’s weirdly validating, not that you’d give any indication that you’d seen those particular messages, however clearly it appears that your crush hadn’t formed on the basis of absolutely nothing.
But you’re desperately trying not to think about it, especially not with your Season starting in less than a month. 
It’s difficult to not think about when you’re editing footage, listening to him defend you, pay you occasional compliments, joke with you, and it’s like you can already feel the familiar ache of the petals in your chest, your windpipe. There’s no way around it, no way to will these feelings away now that you know they’ve taken root. This Season is going to be Hell.
It’s easy to turn your mind off when you’re streaming Stardew Valley, vibing out to low-fi Spotify playlists. You take care of your farm, give villagers blueberries and jugs of milk, and try and romance Shane, the sad chicken man. Again. This is not your original farm, but you’ve been playing for four years, so it’s understandable that you’ve had a few in that time. 
“He likes chilis,” you’ve been quiet for almost fifteen minutes, working quietly and diligently to water your crops, check your crab traps, and collect the produce from your farm animals. Now, you’re in your greenhouse, plucking chilis from the vines so you can gift them to Shane, “it’s why I have literally hundreds, I never want to run out for my sad chicken man,” and as if anyone was doubting your claim, you open your inventory to reveal, among other things, a stack of four hundred normal-quality chilis, and several hundred gold and silver starred chilis right beside them. Point well proven. 
“I would like to collect four-hundred chilis for a real person,” you’re not even fully aware of what you’re saying, speaking without even registering the words as they come out of your mouth, “but unfortunately we are in a pandemic and I don’t know what I would collect for...” and you trail off, suddenly coming back into your mind, closing your mouth as a frown creased your brow. Catching yourself before you admitted your feelings, you think that perhaps you have to turn your mind off a little less, lest something slip out that you don’t want the whole world to be aware of. As it currently is, your chat is yelling at you, asking who’s name you were about to say, but you change topics quickly, ignoring their invasive questions for the time being.
Tomorrow, ‘four-hundred chilis’ would be the new, hot meme in your fandom, it will mean love, it will mean forbidden romance, it will mean a relationship kept secret, but for now you’re quiet, humming along to your music, watering your crops. 
But still, you can’t deny the fact that it’s gotten you thinking; gift giving was one of your love languages, but you have no idea what you’d get Corpse if -
You’re thinking too far ahead.
You’re starting to think outside of the hypotheticals. 
You try to tell your foolish heart to calm down, but it doesn’t seem to want to listen, and now that the fandom has started to connect the dots - you mentioning your upcoming Hanahaki Season, the fact that you’d heavily implied that there’s someone you’d like to ‘collect four-hundred chilis for’ - they won’t let you forget that they know. Part of the fandom is very vocal about how it’s invasive to try and figure out who you have feelings for, but there’s still a few that try and persist, nosy and desperate for information. 
When someone brings it up in another one of your Stardew Valley streams, you laugh it off, playing coy, telling them that it could very well be a cute mailman for all the fandom knew. While that did dissuade most of them, the few painfully persistent ones kept at it, albeit much quieter than they had been before. It’s a step in the right direction, but not a big one.
Meanwhile, you’re still talking to Corpse almost every day, through Twitter and Instagram DMs and the occasional Discord message, and by now you’re friendship is truly solid. He’s still calling you Sweets, despite knowing your actual name, though it’s more a pet name than anything else at this stage, and it’s not like you want him to stop.
He messages you once, a few months into your friendship, without warning, halfway through a Stardew Valley stream.
[just wanted to see your reaction live]
It takes a few moments. You read it, then read it again. Surprise blooms across your face as you’re looking at your phone, live, in front of your audience, and apparently Corpse. Quickly, you pause the game, and look directly into the camera, schooling your expression into something that at least looks less flustered than you feel.
“That’s how you tell me you’re watching my stream?” You ask out loud, addressing him without saying as much, much to the confusion of chat. Somehow, you know he’s probably laughing. 
[its relaxing as fuck 😂 but i feel like i know too much about a game ive never played]
“Hey, sorry guys,” you say, smiling sweetly into the camera, trying to preserve your composure with you phone held tight in your grip, “a thing has come up, just give me a few minutes and I’ll be back.” And with that, you mute your mic, turning up the low-fi playlist that had been running in the background so you could leave the stream running and move out of frame.
[dude how long have you been watching? and more importantly WHY] [i watch a lot of streams when im editing] [yours are chill as hell tho, like asmr or smth] [good background noise] [why’d you message mid stream??] [idk im taking a break from editing just been watching u fish for eels] [you’re a menace] [i can turn it off if you want, p sure ze and chilled are also live] [they’re rowdy tho. its why im watching u] [i just can’t believe u messaged mid stream 😂😂😂] [sorry sweets 😂🖤]
Part of you really wants to scream in frustration. How is he so oblivious to the effect his words have on you?
[if you wanna chill in my stream, feel free 😘] [if u ever play the game i will happily come to ur farm and water your crops and silently judge your plant choices] [you’re too kind haha. i might consider it]
After taking a deep breath, you feel like you can return to your stream. The moment you’re back he sends into chat ‘hey sweets. hey sweets chat’. Neither your name, nor your channel name, is anything close to Sweets, but something about him sticking by the habit, by the pet name, warms your heart. Not that anyone’s allowed to know that.
“Corpse Husband,” in a tone that implies that you’re addressing him by his full name, yet still somehow as sweet and kind as you’ve ever been, as his name pops up on your screen, along with the little animation for new subscribers, “you are a menace.” You tell him, almost comically deadpan, though right before you sit back, you stop holding back your little smile as the rest of the chat is losing it’s collective mind.
The first fanfic appears on tumblr two days later.
Menace (Corpse_Husband x Y/N)
No matter how intrigued you are, you tell yourself you’re not going to read it. Something about it feels like an invasion of privacy, like someone else has picked up on your feelings and is doing their best to craft a fantasy for you, without them even realising. It feels too... personal, to see how someone interprets your relationship with the person you’re actually harboring secret feelings for.
Except this isn’t the first time you’ve had fics written about yourself and your friends; you and Ethan had been collabing closely in person for about six months, a year ago when you’d first moved to LA. It had been out of necessity, for lack of a better word, since you’d been crashing on his sofa for a chunk of that time while looking for an apartment of your own, and, at least at first, he had been only person you actually knew in LA. So your friendship had been very close, in fact it still is, and it had been the source of a bunch of edit-based Instagram profiles, fanfics, and YouTube edits. You found them endearing more than anything else, even though you and Ethan thought of each other more as siblings rather than anything romantic. Yes, you’d read and watched and consumed the fan content for you and Ethan; there was something enjoyable about seeing how other people interpreted your friendship from the fleeting glimpses of it that they had been given. Both of you were secure enough in your friendship that you would even share your favourites with each other privately.
But with Corpse, it feels.... too real. 
Too much like wish fulfillment that you hadn’t earned.
But you’re still streaming with him, and a rotating cast of others, about once a week, despite your feelings, despite your Season looming ever closer.
The messages pop up halfway through a game where you’d been Imposter, following Corpse as an alibi, marinating him. You try to act like you hadn’t seen it, but the knowledge of him apparently using a somehow more endearing pet name for you, without you even hearing, is already burned into your brain. Suddenly it feels like you’re too close in the game, like you can’t stay there knowing what you know, what you think you know, so you run. The reactor emergency is set off as you enter Medbay, and you swiftly kill Rae on the scanner, then proceeding to vent to security to help out with the emergency before the body is found.
And when a different body is found, you keep your mouth shut about what you’d read in chat, but vouch for Corpse as he vouches for you.
And you keep your mouth shut about it when the round is over, you win, and he asks how you could betray him. Someone else accuses him of having a soft spot for you, so of course you’d trust him to help you with your alibi. Chat is spamming ‘SWEET PEA’. He doesn’t say anything about it either, so you’re not quite sure if it’s true; you keep it to yourself just incase.
And when he uploads his highlights of the stream, you watch the whole thing through, only to see both of you walk into Admin like you so clearly remember, seeing yourself hover by the wiring while he goes to card swipe. Then you hear ‘I think she’s good; if she wanted to kill me, she probably would have, this has been a long round’ followed by a deep breath, and you think it’s over as he fails the card swipe once, that the chat had been teasing you, but then; ‘okay, Sweet Pea, I’m really trusting you here’. The gentle laugh he follows it with as he fails the tasks a few more times, has your mind reeling. His tone had been so trusting, so sincere, the nickname - Sweet Pea! - sounding so natural. You can feel your heart beat in your throat.
And in a few days you wake up gasping and coughing and spluttering, petals blooming in your throat, escaping your lips, vibrant and purple against your bedspread as a strange sense of embarrassment sits heavy in your chest.
You don’t even know his first name.
It’s so stupid. 
“You’ll have to forgive my rough voice and occasional cough, I promise it’s not COVID, I just started my Season yesterday,” you admit at the start of a Super Mario 64 stream the following day, choosing the game for primarily nostalgic, comfort reasons. Chat is spamming chili emojis, dedicated in their quest to never let you forget how you’d almost outed yourself. In return, all you can do is give a faint, pained smile; it feels a little like adding insult to injury, but you know they don’t mean it maliciously.
Now your name’s splattered across blogs that keep track of public figures’ Seasons; it’s like all the requests you’ve made over the past few months about not speculating, about leaving well enough alone, have been forgotten. The comments of your videos, of your streams, of any posts you make, are flooded with questions and speculation, and you’re so tired.
It’s not something you’ve ever wanted to discuss on your channel, it hadn’t ever been relevant before, but you’ve spent years discussing the ethics of confessing during your Season, seeing as you’ve always found it to be a tricky grey area; on the one hand, there’s the lucky ones, whose feelings are returned, and the Season ends early. On the other, however, telling people that they’re in-part responsible for your discomfort, letting them sit with the weight of your confession if they don’t return your feelings, it feels cruel. So you’d long ago, before meeting Corpse, even before your last Season in high school, that you’d rather keep quiet about who it’s about, wait it out until your Season is over, and maybe, maybe, bring it up after. But mostly you just hoped your feelings would fade, to spare yourself the possible embarrassment. Perhaps by next year, you’ll be doing something completely different, with a whole new group of friends, and this will just be a fond memory. Was it cruel to hope that? All you wanted was the least pain and embarrassment for everyone involved. 
Corpse messages you before the next Among Us stream asking if you’re feeling up to it, and you remember too late that he may have witnessed you hacking up little, dark purple flowers on your livestream. The flowers are always different, depending on the person, but this time around they’ve left you confused. Last time had been yellow roses, since you’d been in love with your best friend, but little purple flowers? Beyond a vague association of dark colors with his aesthetic, you’re not sure what relation they have. You try not to think about it. 
You tell him you’re fine, as long as the group doesn’t mind you being muted more than usual, so they don’t hear you coughing. 
Everyone in the stream is sympathetic to you when you explain your situation, and thankfully they don’t ask any questions beyond if you’re okay. You tell them you’re as well as can be expected
Someone in your chat posts the Unus Annus ‘this is what you get for having feelings’ meme right as the round begins and you start laughing so hard you start coughing, and miss the entire first round, doubled over a wastepaper basket.
“2sweet, you doing an AFK-strat?” Charlie asks the minute the body is reported. Reaching over blindly, you unmute yourself while still coughing, and once he makes a noise of comprehension, you mute again, listening to them arguing about the body found in Electrical. 
“Okay, I’m back,” your voice is rough after you take a long drink of water, “who - oh Lily, sorry.” You see that it had been Lily who had been killed, and everyone else had voted to skip, and you follow suit, back in the game at last. 
You’re killed quickly after that, and attempt to do your tasks, but the Imposters end up talking circles around everyone else, getting innocent people voted out with ease, getting a pretty clean win, and then you’re all back in the lobby.
“Can I ask what kind of flowers they are?” Lily asks, voice sweet and earnest, “if that’s too personal that’s okay, I just think it’s interesting, you know?” And you hesitate for a moment, but decide that there isn’t exactly anything you know of that could be a tell for the object of your affection. You’re gonna go out on a limb and assume that the others don’t have the depth of knowledge about flowers that would mean they could identify a flower from a rough, oral description and nothing else. Hopefully. 
“They’re uh, they’re purple,” you say finally, “they’re not lilies,” you add as a joking aside, and she plays at being disheartened, but laughs after a beat, “but they’re like, little and purple, dark as hell, but with white near the base of the petal? I don’t know what type, I should look into it,” you muse, before continuing, “last time I had these big, irritating, yellow rose petals, because I had feelings for my best friend; these are much more manageable.” Despite your laugh, you couldn’t help the self conscious feeling from suddenly settling in your chest, like you’d already said too much. 
When your turn as Imposter comes around, you try to hold in your coughing as much as possible during the round itself, keeping your mouth closed and eyes focused as you moved around the map and tactically killed your friends alongside Sykkuno, only bending over to spit out the petal buildup once a body had been found or a meeting had been called. It’s taking a lot of effort for you to keep your mind focused on the game, but something about it must work, since the two of you end up winning, despite Sykkuno being tossed out into the sky on the second last round.
“Can I just say,” Sean begins when you’re all back in the lobby, “and I mean with with the utmost kindness and affection, and Y/N, you know I love you like a friend, like a sister, like a -”
“This is a lot of buildup, why do I feel like I’m about to get roasted?” You smirk, to which a few others laugh.
“All I’m saying, is that you play this game with us, and with- with Ze and his crew, right? So twice a week?” And you confirm as much, confused, “I play, and I know several others of us here play, what some might consider ‘too much’,” but his tone is joking and kind, “and yet you waltz in here, with only, what - let me do a little math here -” he muttered, before announcing loudly, “with about twenty four streams, and you’re literally hacking up lungfuls of flowers as we speak, and yet you’re still a little whiz at this.”
“It’s called talent, Sean,” Corpse comes to your defense without missing a beat, and Sean’s right back in after him.
“It’s called witchcraft, you bloody simp!”
Yet again, you find yourself laughing so hard you’re coughing up another set of petals for everyone to hear - this is the worst it’s been all Season, you find yourself musing. When you come back to reality, to the stream Sean is apologising, while almost everyone else is reprimanding him for setting you off coughing again, though Corpse himself is thankfully laughing too.
“My chat keeps sending me the Mark and Ethan meme, the ‘this is what you get for having feelings’,” you tell them, voice rough but amused, and that’s enough to get everyone off of Sean’s back, knowing, at least, that you could laugh about the situation, rather than be pained by it. You don’t think you need to mention the sporadic chili emojis that also populated your chat, most of them wouldn’t understand.
After the stream ends, you’re surprised, however, to get a message on Discord from Corpse.
[you said if i downloaded the farm game you’d help] [and also judge me but im ignoring that part for now] [but my farm looks like shit and my tools are garbage. can’t even break a big log] [how long have you been playing?] [not long? im in the first week i think?] [how does yours look so nice?] [ive been playing for five years, and this farm specifically has over a hundred hours put into it] [yeah that would be the difference 😂] [you doing anything tomorrow? care to help me out?] [if youre not up for it thats totally cool] [i always love spending time w you so i think i should be up for it 😊]
Your fingers fly across the keyboard, writing the words that had formed in your mind before you’d actually had time to think about them, only realising what you’ve said once you’ve sent it , once you’ve seen he’s read it. Panic builds in your chest for all of the two minutes it takes him to respond with several smiling emojis. All you want is to not draw attention to it, for him to think you’re too invested in this friendship, which you think you are, but you don’t want him to know that. So you ask what time works for him.
The following day, you find yourself in front of your computer, setting up your impromptu stream, tweeting out about it, mentioning Corpse would be attending as a special guest, as the two of you had discussed. In comfortable pajamas, blanket wrapped around your shoulders like a cape, and no makeup, it’s far from your usual efforts for stream, but you were going through some stuff right now, so you didn’t care about being dressed down. Greeting early birds, you’re doing a little routine maintenance on your own farm before Corpse joins.
The two of you sit in the game’s menu to discuss how to go about it, before Corpse announces that he holds no love for his shitty, little seven day farm, and is more than happy to just start a completely new co-op world. He hosts, and you’re quick to join, excited at the prospect; it’s been a while since you’d started a new farm. 
It’s nice, to have his voice in your ear as you work through the familiar routine of cleaning up the farm, so comforting and relaxing to be able to just talk with him that you almost forget that you’re live while you’re chattering away, talking through the tasks, accidentally going on tangents, before remembering to tell him about what the game has to offer. He seems more than happy to just listen to you ramble, and tells you there’s no need to apologise, that if he had something to say, he’d say it, when you mutter about how you think you’ve been talking for too long. There’s a smile in his voice as he reassures you, and you spit out a few petals, hoping that you look like you’re focusing on the game, and not that you’re thinking about how kind he is to you.
“We don’t have that whole sprinkler situation you had set up in your other game, what do we -” he asks at one point, presumably looking through all his different menus for something that may resemble the high-level iridium sprinklers you had everywhere on your main farm.
“We have to level up in farming to build sprinklers, for now we just water the crops ourselves every morning -”
“Every morning? Weren’t you talking about three hundred things of wheat? You don’t water three hundred things of wheat yourself, do you?” He seems baffled at the prospect, which has you lightly coughing where you had meant to laugh, and you inform him that yes in fact you had watered three hundred things of wheat each morning in several of your playthroughs.
“Do you think that’s maybe too many things of wheat?” He asked, tone trying to be skeptical but just sounding more amusement, and you snort a laugh, petal going up your nose in the process.
“I think it’s the perfect amount of wheat,” you countered, “excuse me a minute,” and you mute your microphone, ducking out of frame to grossly blow the petal into the bin.
“You okay, Sweets?” 
“Petal up my nose,” you responded flatly when you’re back, “I’d rather have a bad cold for three months.” And he goes strangely quiet in response, before softly, albeit a little awkwardly, apologising for your discomfort, despite him not needing to at all. Of course your instinctual response is to brush it off with a ‘it’s not your fault’ except that kind of feels like lying, so instead, you go with, “it is what it is,” and quickly move on to telling him that you’re more than happy to water the wheat if he doesn’t want to.
“This farm isn’t a dictatorship, I’ll help water the wheat,” he offers, keeping up as the mood shifts back to something light, a smile in his words.
About a week later, you post about how you’d like help finally identifying your flowers, but that you’d rather do it in DMs. Most people were more than understanding; identifying Hanahaki flowers can be very personal, and you found yourself with an influx of messages, overwhelmed, until you spotted one from an actual florist offering to help. You send a photo, and it takes less than five minutes to get a response.
[listen, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you’re coughing up Sweet Peas. colouring that dark isn’t super common, but yeah.]
Immediately, you’re googling, hoping that that isn’t true, that it’s been mis-identified, but no, the abundance of images on Google of Sweet Peas all seem to look like the petals in your waste paper basket. 
You feel like you’re going to lose your mind. Also you officially realise that the rest of the world is never allowed to know; you’re coughing up a dead giveaway. For the moment, you’re allowing yourself to be petty, wishing the universe could have given you a more subtle flower this time around.
Right after that, however, you post on Twitter that you’re taking a few days off from streaming for personal reasons, and immediately follow it up by texting Ethan.
[eef im having feelings and im sad abt them] [having an active season in quarantine fuckin sucks] [wanna come over and hang out?] [ur too good to me]
Though you and Ethan don’t hang out in person as much as you once did, that’s more due to how busy his schedule had gotten, rather than the two of you growing apart, for in reality, you still considered him one of your best friends. You’d always be grateful to him for letting you crash on his sofa for a those few months, and despite how your content has branched out from one another’s in parts, there was no-one who understood what you were going through quite as well. 
So you drive to his apartment, still in your pajamas with a blanket wrapped around you. When he greets you at the door, he he wraps you up in a hug without question. He’s assuring you that you’re going to be okay, and asks you if you want any food or drink; you decline, just glad to be here, glad to flop on the sofa, glad for his company.
“Did anything happen between you and that cute barista?” You asked, face half-mashed into a cushion where you’d curled up on the sofa, mentioning the woman who had been the reason for Ethan’s own active Hanahaki Season earlier in the year. In response, he heaved a sigh, moving your legs so he could sit by you on the sofa, but moving them back across his lap once he’d settled in his seat, brow furrowed.
“I haven’t been to that Starbucks since lockdown, it’s like an hour away and I don’t wanna risk anything just to get a glimpse of a girl I barely know, you know?” He pointed out, picking up the TV remote from where it had been wedged between you and the sofa, “but what about you; you wanna tell me what this is all about?” He asked. As you start coughing, he reaching down beside the sofa with his free hand to pick up and offer you a little bin. He puts on The Good Place while you’re still coughing, curled on your side, head hanging over the edge of the sofa; he’s not rushing you for an answer. 
“It’s stupid,” you mutter finally, face still in the bin, though he can hear your pout without needing to see it.
“Stupider than a cute barista I only saw once a week for three months whose name is escaping me right now?”
“Much,” you told him, dejected, though it seemed to intrigue him, “at least you know what she looks like, at least you knew her actual name at one point.” At this, he shifts how he’s sitting, turning to face you fully with one foot tucked beneath his thigh. Finally you look to him, twisting awkwardly so he could see your full, dejected expression, legs still in his lap. Judging by his expression, he seems to have already figured most of it out, but you can’t help putting the final nail in the coffin; “I’m coughing up fucking Sweet Peas, Eef.”
That’s all the confirmation he needs, wiggling so he can wrap you in the least awkward hug possible, without you needing to sit up that is. If he finds your dramatics a touch amusing, you don’t mind, he’s put up with you long enough that he’s earned that right. 
“I don’t blame you, dude,” he mutters from where his face is pressed against your shoulder, “Corpse’s voice is out of this world; if he was as nice to me as he is to you, I would be in love with him too,” he assures, and you groan in frustration, but appreciate the comfort nonetheless. The two of you binge through half a season of The Good Place before switching to Disney+ to watch Ant-Man with the pizza you get delivered for dinner. 
You take a photo of Ethan with a mouthful of pizza, smiling so wide it’s unflattering but full of joy, and you show it to him, asking if you can post it on your Instagram story, to which he agrees. It’s captioned ‘get u a bes fren whose house doubles as a hanahaki recovery center’. It’s followed by a video you take immediately after, of Ethan looking directly into the camera that is slowly zooming in on him as he whispers ‘this is what you get for having feelings’.
Then, an unflattering selfie of yourself, captioned ‘the flowers are a pain but its the yearning that’s messing me up tbh’. 
Then, an even closer selfie, ‘am i allowed to talk abt this??’, immediately followed by a blurry selfie of you pulling a face like you’re shouting; ‘its not eef!! thas my bes fren boi!! no romo!! stop askin me!!’. 
Then, a black screen; ‘im in my feelings tonight sorry lmfao. coughing up flowers as a constant reminder will do that to you. feelings are gross. like i don’t regret them, but i just dont want to be a pain to the person who they’re directed at, you know? im in my feelings :/ ‘.
The final video is taken by Ethan, and is of you holding his phone and facetiming Mark, who hollers ‘this is what you get for having feelings’ across the line, as both you and Ethan cackle with laughter. 
At his insistence, you spend the night on Ethan’s sofa, which you’re quietly glad about; you hadn’t realised how much you’d needed this familiar comfort until you’re lying in the dark living room and it feels like your second home. The following morning, the two of you swing past your apartment to pick up a change of clothes after you’re invited you to hang out at Mark and Amy’s while they’re filming a few Unus Annus videos for the next few days. 
Last night, you had put your phone on airplane mode after posting to your Instagram story, and the moment you take it off, sitting at Mark and Amy’s kitchen island, your phone starts buzzing for what feels like a full minute, going off with responses and messages on every and any social media platform you were a part of.
But there only one you really cared about. He’d liked your Tweet. He’d seen your full Instagram story. He’d messaged you on Discord.
[you okay?] [sweets] [seriously] [you alright?]
You message Corpse back, telling him that you’re fine, and it only takes him a few moments to message back a thumbs up. 
[sorry to worry you] [thought for a moment that you’d fucked off to live as a hermit in some european mountains] [then i remembered they wouldn’t let you in over there] [once again my plans are foiled by covid] [you okay otherwise?]
It says that he’s typing for a very long time before he responds with a very short sentence.
[woke up with a cold] [if there’s a low register that human ears can’t hear, i think my voice is gonna get there]
“Are you messaging him?” Ethan calls out from the backyard, startling you out of your texts, your thoughts. Looking up, through the open kitchen windows, only to see Ethan squinting rather dramatically at you, and Mark standing a few feet behind him, head cocked to the side in confusion. Honestly, you’re a little confused too, but to how he knew, “we can see you spitting up petals and grinning,” Ethan, however, seemed to anticipate what you’d been wondering, and Mark makes a sudden noise of understanding, going back to whatever they’d been fucking with before Ethan had decided to call you out. When you look down at the counter you see a small pile of delicate, purple petals that you hadn’t even realised had been fluttering from your lips out with each breath. Damn. 
“Go back to carpe-ing the diem!” You call back, to which Mark beams, giving an enthusiastic thumbs up, and Ethan shakes his head with fond exasperation. 
When filming is done for the day, you help out with cooking dinner for the four of you, and Ethan drives you both back to his place.
“Listen, you’re more than welcome to go home if you like, and you know we’ve loved having you at the Ethan Hanahaki Recovery Facility, but,” he paused, “if you wanna stay, you’re also more than welcome to do that too. I’ve missed the hell out of you, and you know my sofa is always open.” He paused for a moment, giving you a slight frown, which you mirror, confused at his sudden concern, “and dude, you know I love you and your dedication to your work, but I also think you’ve been in self-imposed isolation for possibly too long.” 
He wasn’t wrong; thinking back, you realise that this might be the first time you’d left your house in the past month. At this point you were getting all your groceries delivered and focusing on your stream and upload routine, mainly getting your steps up around your apartment while you waited for videos to render.
“One more night,” you agreed softly, taking his words to heart, thankful for his company. Once back inside, he does mention that he had been planning to stream for a few hours, but is quick to assure that you’re more than welcome to join, or just hang out on the sofa and watch TV if you’d rather just relax. Instead, you ask if, you could not play, but still provide commentary from beside him. It’s doable, it means you don’t have to focus on actually playing while trying to hold in your coughs, and it means you’ll get to spend time together, which is always a bonus. 
You’re half-draped on Ethan to fit into the face cam box, even though he widened it as much as possible. With your chin on on his shoulder, you find yourself leaning heavily against the left arm of his chair, eyes trained on the screen, watching intently. Since you’re not playing, you’re able to keep track of everyone’s movements as they pass, feeling as though you’ve got several players’ voices in the back of your mind, Charlie and Ze and Chilled, all chiming in with theories to consider as you watch other players dart around while Ethan works on tasks. 
“Ross is sus,” you mutter quietly to Ethan as the game is still going, “he was still doing card swipe when we left from Admin, through to Storage on the way to Lower Engine, but then he comes out of Electrical ahead of us? He had to have vented in there. Check for a body,” you direct, expression uncharacteristically serious and alert, and Ethan, unused to, but respecting your laser-focus, follows your instruction, doubling back to look in Electrical, sure enough, finding a body. 
As soon as Ethan relays everything you’d pointed out to him, Ross huffs a defeated sigh.
“I don’t like that you’ve got a second pair of eyes on your team,” but it’s clear he’s not truly upset, more upset that he was caught out so clearly.
“Not even gonna defend yourself?” Dan snickers.
“He’s got a fuckin’ one-thousand IQ lobby regular actually watching what’s happening for him, and I’m a little pea-brained idiot, used to playing with other pea-brained idiots;” he laughed, and more than a few of the others snorted in self deprecating agreement. Clearly Ross wasn’t actually taking issue with the situation, “I did it, okay? And she definitely caught me, without even seeing me slit Arin’s throat.” And he proceeded to vote for himself.
“That’s my girl,” Sean sounded like he was beaming with pride, “Charlie would be so proud.”
“Just watch; next time we play I’ll be in Security reading the logs better than Charlie, and he’ll either try and fight me for superiority, or bust a nut right there on stream,” you snorted, to which Ethan’s eyes widened, unused to such directly vulgar implications coming from you, a blush rising on his cheeks.
“Can I ban you from ever playing with them again?” Ethan’s tone is scandalised, much to Sean’s amusement.
“Not a fan of hearing about Greaseball nuts?” You smirked in response, and Ethan choked out a laugh, asking Sean who was responsible.
“Blame Charlie,” Sean offered without missing a beat, before conceding, backpedaling a little, “and probably me and Corpse,” he says with a self-deprecating laugh, and Ethan’s eyebrows raise somehow even higher at that, right as you move away to cough up a few petals.
“I fully intend to! Y/N in my ear talking about Greaseball nuts, never thought I’d see the day -” he’s muttering over Sean’s pleased cackling, even as Ross is ejected into space. You sit back, half out of shot and catching your breath, holding the little bin in your lap, frowning at Ethan.
“You waxed Marks pubes and have drunk your own piss, what is so bad about-?”
“I know, I know, it’s just... it’s you, Y/N,” is Ethan’s only defense, focusing back on the game as he heads to Lower Engine to refuel the ship, “you’re like a soft bunny rabbit -”
“I crashed on your sofa for too long last year for you to say that like you genuinely believe that,” that gets him to shut up, turning pink around the ears. Nothing scandalous had happened between you in the time you’d lived together, but living with someone did tend to expose their less personable traits. In the silence that followed, you relax back against him after making sure he was okay with it, that he wasn’t weirded out, and he gives you a fond glance, assure you that it was fine.
“All I’m saying is that I’m not used to you, like, publicly saying risky stuff. Like I know you, but hearing you talk all banter-y about- about Charlie’s nuts,” he stumbles over his words, like he was surprised he was even saying them, “was like seeing a woman’s ankle back in, like, Victorian times; felt like I should be clutching pearls or something,” he laughs, and you hum in understanding, resting your head against his as best you could while you were both wearing bulky headphones. 
An hour into the stream, you take off your headphones, simply resting your head against his shoulder, writing down your thoughts on the game instead of saying them out loud, since you couldn’t hear anyone’s response, but your eyes are growing heavier as the each moment passes. You’re not sure when you fall asleep against him, but when he gently jostles you awake and tells you it’s time for you to go to bed, the team in-game is waiting patiently, running around the lobby. He helps you up, walks you out to the sofa, and petting your head gently as you curled up with the blanket you’d brought from home before he goes back to the remainder of the stream. 
By the following afternoon, you’re home. The morning had consisted of making a pretty solid breakfast for Ethan as a thank you before the two of you parted ways, Ethan heading off to Mark’s to keep filming, and you heading back to your apartment. The drive home is short, you do a face mask and have a shower, and graze on some snacks in favour of an actual lunch before you decide to message Corpse. No matter how much time you spend questioning what in the world had possessed you to reach out, you can never quite figure out the answer beyond some indescribable, masochistic yearning.
[how’s your cold] [persistent and irritating] [you up for playing something?] [im not up for streaming anything, kinda just wanna lay low for a few more days] [yeah understandable] [still, you wanna hang out and play something?] [noone else has to know]
It comes of far sketchier than you’d intended, but unfortunately the message is sent by the time you realise this. At least he’s quick to answer, to agree, with no comments about your final message, thank God.
When the call connects, he’s yawning down the line, giving a quick apology after he clears his throat, voice lower and rougher and sleepier than you think you’ve ever heard it. 
“Farm work?” He sounds tired, and you shrug before realising he can’t see it, quickly filling in that you don’t mind, happy to play whatever. Honestly if he’d just rather watch something and have company you’d be cool with that too. You hadn’t considered how much you’d missed hearing his voice until he’s humming with consideration, though even the thought is enough to trigger a coughing fit in you, muting your mic so he doesn’t hear most of it. 
“Sweets, you okay?” He asks, all kinds of concern in his voice, and you mutter to yourself about how he’s probably going to be the death of you before unmuting. 
“I’m about as okay as can be expected,” you say, far more candid than he’s probably used to you being, but he takes it in stride.
“Yeah, I feel that,” and it’s his turn to mute himself and cough for a few minutes. In the meantime, you open up a new browser tab to look through what shows and movies seem interesting on Netflix.
“Hey, actually, I’m kinda working on this song and I’m just in the middle of editing it -” he comes back, sounding actually a little sheepish.
“Oh,” your stomach sinks but you hope he can’t hear it in your voice, “if you wanna go and do that instead -”
“No, I mean, it’s just the minutiae at this stage, little edits, I can do them while you’re on the line that’s not an issue, just if you wanted to do something else, but keep hanging out, honestly I could use the company,” he admits, and you can feel your heart swell in your chest as you agree, asking if he’d be okay with you cleaning up the farm and starting to set things up without him, “you’re the expert,” you can hear his smile - and you’re coughing up petals again. It’s relentless. If he could stop making your heart race from the simplest kind words, that would be great. 
He’s humming as he works, the same few seconds over and over again you’re pretty sure, concentrating, and it’s nice background noise for you to be planting crops too. You’re not quite sure how long the call’s been going on for, but it’s not a short amount of time, when you finally work up the courage to ask what it’s about. He is very hesitant to answer. 
“I’ve been working on it for a while now with a friend of mine, Savage Gasp, but like, the s in Gasp is like a dollar sign,” he’s explaining as a way to put off actually telling you about the song. You keep quiet, giving him time to work up to telling you about the song itself, “I can send some through to you to listen to if you want, just a bit, it’s not done yet.”
“I’d love to hear it!” You’re quick to answer, and he goes quiet again, though you can hear him frantically typing. 
“I feel like I’m about to show, like a nun or something,” he mutters with a surprising touch of self consciousness, followed by a small cough. Unfortunately, however, you’re more than a little tired of everyone thinking you’re a prude, or a nun. 
“I’m not going to be offended,” you tell him, trying to keep the sudden irritation out of your voice, “I’m not some pearl-clutching Victorian woman,” you mutter, Ethan’s words fresh in your mind too. Corpse does try to backtrack, tries to say that’s not what he meant, that he’s just got this idea of you stuck in his head from when he first met you and that it’s hard to shake that -
“I went to college,” you tell him flatly, “had the full college experience too, and all the less than sweet things that implies,” He’s very quiet at that, “is it because you’ve never heard me swear? That’s a choice, I can swear, I used to swear a lot; fuck, Corpse;” you give a breathless laugh, not quite believing the words tumbling from your mouth, “fuck; is that better?” You tone is final, but for the barest moment you’re terrified that you’ve scared him off, which is baffling considering who he is, but the fear lingers, that he prefers the idea of you that he’d had in his mind, and with each word you’re straying from her. Instead, he mutters something under his breath that sounds amused, but that you don’t catch, right before he mutes himself, you assume to cough.
“I don’t think you’re a prude, Sweets,” despite the roughness of his voice, you can hear the notes of fondness in it. You slowly, quietly, let out a breath that you hadn’t realised you’d been holding, “but I think why I’m, like, hesitant and shit, when you hear it, okay? I don’t know what you’re tastes are like, but just...” He trails off, not quite sure how to finish that sentence, and you the thought hits you, ‘oh, he’s nervous’; it’s more endearing than you had thought it would be. Moments later, you get an audio file sent over Discord.
You click play.
Nothing in the world could have prepared your for the visceral, unholy feelings that passed through your body as the song, his voice, those lyrics, filled your ears. You let out an audible gasp, only to smack your hand to your mouth. When the clip he’d sent ends, you press play again immediately, heartbeat embarrassingly erratic in your chest.
“You okay there?” He finally asks, voice almost lost amongst the music. You give a muffled noise of affirmation from behind your hand, nervous as to what noise would come out if you took your hand away. The clip ends, and you resist the urge to play it again.
“Sorry, just had to listen to it twice,” you say with a breathless little laugh, surprised and dazed and how in the fuck were you meant to deal with this. You’re pretty sure you should tell him it’s good and hang up, to save yourself from potential embarrassment, “it’s... fuck dude,” the words fall gracefully from your lips as you rest your chin in in your hand, still trying to process, “that’s cool as hell.” And you’re far too aware that you probably sound all dazed and dreamy, barely registering the faint coughs that had been steadily covering your keyboard with rich, purple flowers. What reaction he could be hoping for with that? From you? You hope the one you’re currently providing will suffice. Pressing play again, you ignore the voice in the back of your mind urging you to end the conversation, instead letting your eyes glaze over.
“Sorry, I’m listening to it again,” you explain your silence midway through listening to the clip, and you hear his faint laugh just beneath the music. When you resurface, the words in your strangely awe-fogged mind tumble from your lips before you can even think about stopping them; “I think I’m jealous of the girls who get to know you IRL - e-girls -” you correct yourself quickly with a snort, “after hearing that.”
“Fucking hell, Sweets,” there’s something in his tone that you can’t quite place, something raw and strangely familiar, amid the amusement and pride, “you can’t just say shit like that!” 
“And you can’t just send me something like that with no warning!” You’ve given up all pretense of hanging up, grinning from ear to ear, “how was I meant to react?”
“I don’t know!” He’s laughing now, surprisingly sounding a little flustered, like he wasn’t the one who had just sent you a song about incredibly rough and kinky sex, “I didn’t- I didn’t expect you to fucking relate,” he splutters, and you rolls your eyes, you can’t help yourself.
“Dude, I wish I related, believe me, no-one in college knows how to choke half as well as that song implies,” you dismissed with a smirk; perhaps part of you was trying to disprove his earlier nun comment, but he didn’t seem to be particularly unhappy about learning these things about you. He does, however, mutter that you’re killing him, while sounding both like he was wearing the biggest grin in the world, and like he’s covering his face with his hands. 
And then he’s muted himself, and you take the moment to do the same, sweeping up the considerable pile of petals that had managed to make it’s way from your mouth without you really realising. Putting the petals in the bin, you take a good few moments to cough, trying to dislodge a few that had been stuck and irritating the back of your throat. 
“Wait, this might- like, this might be a weird question, but I have to ask, you know?” He’s back in your ears, and there’s a sudden nervousness in your stomach, “were you being forreal when you said you were jealous?” He’s laughing a little, like he’s ready to play it off as a joke at any minute; you hesitate.
“Not if it’s weird,” you hear yourself say, and something’s starting to make sense in the back of your mind, but you’re not quite sure what. He does not seem deterred by your answer, which kind of surprised you.
“Okay, another super weird question, but bare with me, your flowers, the little purple ones, could you send me a photo?” 
Before you even pick up your phone to take a photo, you act on instinct, on a hunch that had formed only moments ago, finally starting to make sense of the dots connecting in your mind.
“Counter weird question, and if I’m reading this right, you’ll know what I mean,” you prefaced, stomach twisting into knots are you psyched yourself up, “did you call me Sweet Pea on a stream a while ago?” And when you ask, he’s dead silent. You swallow your pride, fully ready to be told you’re reading this wrong, to be let down, but still choosing to go all in on this hunch, letting the words spill from you unrehearsed; “because those little purple flowers I’ve been coughing up for the past month are Sweet Peas, if you get what I’m trying to say here.” 
The moments that follow feel like the longest of your life, convinced that you’ve completely misread the situation -
“Sweets, I’ve been into you for months,” he confirms frankly, though you’re pretty sure you can hear him smirking. Internally, you are screaming. 
“Oh fuck,” the words come out breathless and hopeful and disbelieving, “for real?” Voice soft, you can’t quite believe this is happening, that this is real; he confirms with one word, laughing faintly, “this is not how I thought this conversation would be going,” you admit, dazed and pleased and elated all at once, “where do we go from here?”
The high that that conversation, that confirmation, gave you is something you’ll be riding for at least a full week, you think, waking up the next morning with a grin as you recall the previous day’s events, not a hint of a petal in sight. The smile doesn’t leave your face while you’re editing through the morning, or when you start streaming Borderlands 3, fully intending on trying to get through the Shatterdome on Mayhem Difficulty 2 in one sitting. 
Someone asks how you’re feeling, noting how happy you seem, and you can’t quite answer, all that leaves you is a little giggle, an actual giggle, and you tell them you’ve never been better.
Someone else posted that in the chat. You ducked your head, if only to hide your embarrassed, elated smile, which served as confirmation enough in your current state. In the next moment, a Discord notification to pop up;
[youre gonna melt my fuckin heart you know that] [you can’t send me things like that mid stream] [not my fault youre being cute as shit] [it LITERALLY is]
They’re calling your mystery person ‘chili boy’, and there’s a strange sense of contentment that settles in your chest as you read through the supportive comments, holding your phone to your chest.
“Yes, I spoke to...” you hesitate for a moment, “chili boy,” you chose to go with, before opening your mouth wide and sticking out your tongue, “and see, no more petals!” And the chat is flooded with congratulations, and people demanding to know who it is, to which you respond coyly, “who it is is my business; could be a foxy mailman for all you guys know.”
The chat is a wellspring of kindness and positivity, and you’re pretty sure it’s personally one of your favourite streams of all time, despite the few people still demanding to know who it is; you didn’t owe them shit. 
And the next day, you message the Among Us Discord in the morning and tell them you’re back and ready to jump into a game whenever they’re up for it. More than a few suggest an impromptu gave, feeding off of your enthusiasm and with nothing better to do. 
“Hey Sweets, hey Sweets’ chat,” you can hear Corpse’s damn smile the minute he joins the voice chat.
“Hi Corpse, hi Corpse’s chat that didn’t ask about me,” you manage your usual response through a grin of your own.
“They ask about you,” Corpse says, playing at being a little defensive. If you smile any brighter you’re gonna give yourself away to your audience.
“About time,” you responded loftily, nose in the air, and then muted yourself to say hi to a few folks in your chat, people who were donating or subscribing. 
Just to be able to hear his voice, knowing that all the kindness he’s shown you, all the offhanded flirty remarks and messages, they were all leading here. On purpose. All the flowers you coughed up had not gone to waste, the feelings you’d been embarrassed to harbor had not been in vain. There’s something different now about how he calls you Sweets, something knowing, something... more. Your heart sings to be able to call him yours, even in some small way, even if it can’t be loud. 
Thankfully, no-one else in the stream catches on.
But after the stream ends, he messages you privately, asking if you want to come over, and suddenly it’s like your nerves are alight with nervous anticipation. Of course he prefaces it by saying he would have preferred to take you on a real date first, but the world’s kind of shut down, so he’s working with what he has.
[you’re not gonna murder me are you?] [what??] [i still dont know you from a bar of soap; if u murder me, noone will ever find me, noone knows what you look like] [ah] [yeah i see what youre saying] [no im not going to murder you] [whats you’re number]
As soon as you send him your number, your phone buzzes with a text. It’s a photo. An actual photo. Of Corpse. Followed by his actual name.
[send those to someone you really trust] [if they dont hear from you in a few days they can call the cops] [legit tho im serious abt the trust thing] [like 3 people in the world know who i am so im putting a lot of trust in u and whoever you pick] [you invited me to your house dude. i have your address.] [......] [my statement still stands] [i appreciate that] [im sending it to eef, is that okay?] [you trust him to keep it to himself unless i murder you?] [i trust him with my life]
Ethan swears solemnly that he will guard this secret with his life, and that he’ll message you every so often to make sure you’re okay. But then he also gets all fond and sappy when he tells you he’s glad everything worked out. 
It’s early evening when you leave your apartment, sky turning from gold to lilac, to something as dark as the petals that had filled your throat, the last rays of sunshine like fingers of light reaching out to turn the clouds a glowing pink as you get into your car. 
You’ve showered, dressed nicely, your heart’s in your throat. You’re doing this. You’re really, truly doing this.
His place is about half an hour away, closer than you’d been expecting, even though you were vaguely aware that he was in Southern California too. You’re fidgeting with your fingers once you ring the buzzer on his building, nerves building in the elevator ride to his floor, hesitating before you knock on his door. A few moments pass, and the door opens, and - you smile as relief floods through you. Corpse, bright eyed and seemingly effortlessly handsome, is standing before you.
“Hi,” you breathe, and his whole expression brightens at your voice.
“Hi,” he grins, and steps aside, welcoming you in. The butterflies in your chest seem to calm at the sound of his familiar voice, and you step through. You don’t want to move to fast, or touch anything, for fear that this is all an illusion, that one wrong move could shatter at any moment.
It’s awkward at first, of course, finally seeing each other in person after knowing each other online for months, developing far more serious feelings than either of you had anticipated, and then actually admitting to those feelings. It’s awkward as hell, but there’s no pretense set for tonight, no expectations, and the awkwardness fades thankfully fast. 
It’s lowkey, watching movies and eating take out; he’s so warm, so nice to be close to, his arm around you, curled up against him on the plush sofa. You’re trying to pay attention to the show, but there’s a thought in the back of your mind that just won’t leave you alone. To be in such close proximity, but not - Wanting so desperately to -
You act on impulse, pressing a kiss to his jaw. His lips twitch, as if he’s suppressing a smile, but he doesn’t look away from the TV. The hand that had been resting on your shoulder begins tracing patterns on your upper arm, but that’s the most of a reaction that he gives. Undeterred, you trail kisses down his throat before pressing your nose to his shoulder, before the reality of it all overwhelms you and it’s all you can do to grin against the fabric of his shirt, simply basking in the moment, in the fact that you’re actually, really here with him. 
When you look up, he’s looking back at you, faintly amused, but with something gentle and affectionate in his eyes as he studies your face. He takes careful hold of your jaw, leaning in slowly to kiss you, giving you time enough to push him away if it’s not what you want, but you meet him halfway instead, kissing him. You wonder if he can taste how much you’ve wanted this, wanted to just be close to him, how even now it doesn’t feel close enough, though you’re terrified to push too hard, too fast, terrified of wanting too much - But he seems to know, seems to understand, because he’s nudging you, gentle but insistent, and you follow his guiding, suddenly in his lap, sitting back for a moment to check in, to make sure this is okay. His hands are on your thighs and he’s smiling so fucking wide at you, before, without even saying a word, he beckons you back to him, and you wrap your arms around his neck, kissing him hard.
Something had been unlocked in your chest, want and need so insistent you think you can feel it in your blood. You’re far too aware of the fact that you’ve known him in person for all of a few hours, but it’s hard to tone down your feelings, to pull them back, when you’ve got his voice in your head ‘I’ve been into you for months’. You don’t want him to think you’re just using him for his body, but these feelings have been with you for months too, and knowing now that you’ve both been wasting time, too scared to be rejected, you can feel those months like an ache. But his hands are on your hips, fingertips just beneath the hem of your shirt, barely scandalous until he’s digging his nails into your waist and you gasp against him.
“Too much?” He asks carefully, so close, so intimate, your forehead pressed together, your nose nudging his - all you can do to answer is to kiss him again, to tangle your fingers in his hair and give and experimental tug as a noise of appreciation escapes him. 
You both decide that it’s probably for the best if it doesn’t go too much further, seeing as how it’s technically only the first date. When you sit back, heart fluttering and lips tingling, you curl up beside him like you had been before, but a little closer, his arm around you a little tighter; you bring your hand up to rest against his chest, and you can feel his pulse racing too. 
He sounds pleased when he admits that he’d underestimated you. 
How are you already so gone for him? 
It’s about one in the morning when you decide to head home, quietly disappointed to leave. He reminds you that you’re always welcome over, and you extend the same invitation to him, writing out your address. 
“This was fun,” you grin, far more comfortable now that when you’d arrived, and he agrees easily, wrapping his arms around you as you step into his space to kiss him goodbye. 
You feel lighter than air on the entire drive home, and when you flop into bed, you’re so giddy you can barely get to sleep, before texting Ethan to reassure him you were fine.
[definitely not murdered]
Things fall back into a routine after that, albeit with a few new elements. You’re still streaming almost every day, editing and uploading as much as you can, but sometimes you take a night off to hang with Corpse, either at his place, or at yours, depending on the night. You try not to hint at anything when you stream together, but sometimes you can’t quite help yourself, though thankfully any playful banter between the two of you can be played off with an eyeroll and a mention of ‘this is how we’ve always talked to each other’. The rest of the world has thankfully taken that at face value, and so they still have no idea that now you get to wake up some mornings to the sight of him, sleepy and gorgeous, next to you. They don’t hear the love in his voice, or see the warmth in his eyes, none of them know how content you feel in his arms. It’s ridiculously sappy, but you’ve never been happier. 
One night, a month in, he’s playing a game with Sykkuno and a few others while you’re editing some footage on your laptop next to him, when you stand and whisper so his mic won’t pick it up, that you’re getting yourself a tea, asking if he’d like one.
“Thanks babe, would love one,” he says, apparently forgetting he was still live. Whatever was being said in his headphones, however, must have reminded him, because he swears quietly. You gesture awkwardly, as if asking if there was anything you could do to help, but he looks to you with an expression that was equal parts amused and hopeless, shrugging; there was nothing that could be done now.
“My girlfriend offered to get me tea,” he says by way of explanation, refusing to elaborate further. It’s still early days, neither of you want to confirm anything to the public just yet. If something goes wrong, not that you hope it will, there’s so much more at stake. The weight of the world’s expectations and assumptions is a heavy thing to bare; with someone by your side to help bare the load, somehow it becomes both easier and harder simultaneously.
Later that night, curled up in bed, you’re scrolling through your Twitter mentions when you come across ‘is it weird that im kind of disappointed that @Corpse_Husband and @Y/N aren’t together? glad theyre happy but they would have been cute’ and you know you can’t like it because that would absolutely give too much away, but you desperately want to. You’ve got a quiet appreciation for the dramatic irony of the whole situation. 
Some time later, almost three months in, you’re streaming Among Us with Ethan and his friends when there’s a knock at your door. It doesn’t surprise you when you come back from letting him in, to find that you’ve been killed and a meeting had been called, but you jump on to say you had been AFK before you mute yourself, and move out of the frame to properly greet your boyfriend. 
“Sorry guys, Chili Boy arrived,” you said, the settling back into your chair as you were all in the lobby waiting for the next round. The nickname had initially been used by fans to refer to you ‘mystery partner’ but soon it became the widely used nickname among your friends.
“Keep your disgusting feelings away from me!” Ethan responded dramatically, to which you stuck your nose in the air, matching his energy.
“Absolutely not; I’m in love and I’m making it everyone else’s problem,” as your words settle in, as Ethan’s retching into his microphone, you hear Corpse’s laughter, followed by him telling you that you’re cute as shit. 
He doesn’t whisper it.
“I know that voice, who was that?” Sean’s voice is the first to break the silence. Meanwhile, you’re chewing your lip, suddenly nervous, before you turn your gaze on your boyfriend. He’s sitting a few feet away, carefully casual in your spare gaming chair, looking right back at you, seemingly nonplussed about the whole situation. You mute yourself, both on Discord, and on the stream itself, much to your audience’s surprise as you’re addressing someone off-camera.
“They heard you,” your words don’t seem to phase him, “Sean wants to know who that was.”
“Do you wanna tell them?” He asks, voice heavy with the implication of what that would mean for you both. You blink quickly, processing what he’s asking. 
“Are you sure?” 
In your ear, the others are asking questions, though Ethan is thankfully being very quiet. Finally, you beckon him over. Now or never.
Corpse joins you, taking his place right by your chair, tall enough while standing that his face is out of frame for your stream, but he’s resting a hand on your shoulder, half his torso visible before he’s out of frame. He gestures for you to unmute your mic with the hand the audience can’t see. You plug in a second pair of headphones so he can hear what’s happening before you unmute youself on both the stream, and on Discord, and lean your head against him for some sort of support, nerves suddenly spiking.
“Hi Sweet, hi Sweet’s chat,” at the sound of Corpse’s well known greeting to you, everyone on the voice chat was dead silent, “hi Sean,” he added pointedly, smirking, “I’m Chili Boy, if you couldn’t guess.”
In the silence that follows, you’re holding your breath. His hand move to the back of your neck, thumb rubbing a gentle, comforting rhythm there that goes a ways to calming your nervous heartbeat. Then;
“Oh shit!” Sean announces at the top of his lungs, and you hear a crash, and then Sean yells again, “Corpse, my boy!” Though that sounds much fainter, like he’d stood up fast enough to send his chair cascading back and onto the floor, now pacing around like he couldn’t quite process this sitting down, “good for you guys but I was not expecting that,” he laughed, loud and bright and fond. You turned to press your forehead to Corpse’s hip in an attempt to hide your smile, and to finally breathe again after the anticipation has passed.
“This was the biggest secret I’ve ever kept in my life!” Ethan yells, somewhere between proud and exasperated.
“You knew?!” Sean’s gasp of betrayal is loud enough for the whole voice chat to hear, right as Corpse himself offers Ethan a sincere thanks for his discretion.
“She’s my best friend! What was I meant to do?” Ethan cries, and Sean concedes on that, before he huffed a disbelieving laugh.
“Sweet, eight-bit-farm-simulator fuckin’ wunderkind Y/N, and ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE’ Corpse,” Sean mused, still turning over the information in his mind, “just unexpected, is all.”
“It’s cute that you still think she’s sweet -” Corpse was grinning mischievously, not that anyone else could see, to which you leaned back, leveling a warning look at him.
“You keep your dirty little mouth shut,” you ordered. He just laughed, while both Ethan and Sean made loud, horrified noises at the implications. The others in the stream were voicing their own disbelieving reactions amid the other two, but you mute yourself for the moment, expression softening as you looked up to him, to see his faint, contemplative smile.
“I guess it’s out there now,” he mused as he considered what this will mean for you both. The future is terrifying, but something about letting the world finally know who had been making you happy, it feels right. You hum, pleased, nerves melting away to contentment, to a strange sense of serenity. You don’t have to hide how much you love him anymore. 
Standing, you step into his space, wrapping your arms around him with nothing but pride and adoration in your gaze; he was actually blushing.
“Stop looking at me like that,” but even in saying it, he couldn’t stop smiling, voice going all quiet and uncharacteristically bashful, “you’re such a fuckin’ sap.”
“Yeah, but you love me,” you teased in return. When he looks at you this time, his expression is almost painfully unguarded, searching for any hint of insincerity in your voice, your face, your words. He finds none, you can see it in his eyes, can see the realisation him him in real time, the slight smile -
“God fuckin’ help me, I do,” he leans in to kiss you, even as the next game starts, even as Ethan murders you right by the emergency button; you don’t notice and you don’t care. 
In about an hour, after the stream finally ends, your respective corners of the internet were going to be losing their collective minds as word will be starting to spread. For now, to see his smile, to be the cause of it, to be able to make him laugh, and fall asleep next to him, that’s all that matters in the world.
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sandbees · 5 months ago
Hewwo I enjoy your writing! Keep up the amazing work! I really liked the House Of Mouse where Yuu meets the Great Seven. I was wondering what would happen if the Great Seven randomly visits NRC and requested Yuu as their tour guide or something and like all the students and staff are shocked to see them in the flesh but also seeing Yuu with them or something along the lines.
It’s just been on my mind seeing everyone’s reaction of Yuu being friends with Jafar, Queen Of Hearts, Evil queen, Ursula, Hades, Scar and Maleficent.
Also have a wonderland day! :D
Thanks! And yes, Yuu has to expect random visits from the Great Seven after they’ve grown to like them. BUT- IMAGINE IF THEY SHOW UP IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS
Crewel: Now, turn to page 154 and start mixing your-
Queen of Hearts: *Walks in* YUU! AS QUEEN, I DEMAND YOU TAKE ME ON A TOUR AROUND YOUR SCHOOL- Oh hello, Trappola, Spade.
Crewel: What-
Students: :00 ????
Ace: Oh my god... *Sinks down into the ground*
Deuce: Ah! H-Hello Queen of Hearts! *Bows*
Yuu: ....But I have cla-
Queen of Hearts: TOUR! NOW! And Spade, turn your toes correctly when speaking to royalty!
Deuce: Y-Yes!
The whole class is dumbfounded as THE Queen of Hearts drags Yuu for a tour of the school. Everyone who passes by stares in shock as Yuu casually gives the Queen of Hearts a tour of the school.
And when they do visit? Yuu makes sure to show them the dorms based on them and introduce them to the Dorm Leaders and Vice Dorm Leaders. It goes as expected.
Riddle faints as soon as he sees Yuu and the Queen of Hearts enter Heartslybul. Well, not really, but he does freak out when he sees her. Trey is much more calm, but he’s very careful of what he says. Wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea of him, right?
The Queen of Hearts approves of both of them! She’s impressed that Riddle knows all 810 rules by memory. Trey also makes the best tarts, and he’s polite so he’s good. (“You have good tastes in choosing your Vice Leader.” - Queen of Hearts, to Riddle)
Yuu ends up talking about Leona as they take Scar to the Savannaclaw dormitory. When he asks about the Vice Dorm Leader, Yuu replies with, “Ah- I’m not exactly sure but Jack told me that there isn’t any Vice Dorm Leader. Apparently someone has to defeat the current Dorm Leader to become Dorm Leader. Then the former Dorm Leader becomes the Vice. Since no one has defeated Leona...well, there’s no Vice.”
Yuu then adds that Ruggie is like a Vice, with how much work he does for Leona.
Scar is pretty impressed, actually. Leona must be very powerful to keep his position as Dorm Leader.
He’s not at all shocked when he sees the two mentioned (+Jack and other Savannaclaw members) practicing Magishift. When they finish, they’re s h o o k to hear clapping, and the one clapping is- IS THE KING OF BEASTS?!
Leona is going to be pretty smug for the next week, since he’s been praised by one of the Great Seven (take THAT, Farena!)
Scar approves, 10/10 (Ruggie is ok, he has his own smarts that Scar is impressed by)
Ursula is very impressed with Mostro Lounge when Yuu showed her. Undersea diner with a good atmosphere, completely fits her vibe. And the cuisine 👌
Azul is dying when Floyd drags him out of his office to show him the Sea Witch and Yuu casually talking as they wait for their food. He actually dies when Yuu spots him and Floyd and calls them over.
Jade shows up moments later with their food. He then proceeds to sit down to talk. The talk goes well, Ursula praises Azul when he talks about all the contracts he’s collected over the years.
Ursula could not be more proud of her dorm - Azul is cunning and intelligent (and an octopus merman; wonderful!) with the Vice being charming and dangerous. And Floyd is amusing, and also intimidating which she thinks is perfect. Ursula could not be more happy with who runs her dorm.
Jafar is pleased with how his dorm looks aesthetically. It reminds him of the palace back at Agrabah. He also appreciates the look of the flag(?) (is it a flag? Or is it a banner?)
“It’s really pretty at night - all the lights illuminate the area nicely!” “Oh? Well, then I might request to stay the night.”
Kalim is vibrating in excitement. The Sorcerer of the Desert? Here at NRC? They have to celebrate!! Jamil sighs, but he also admits that a celebration for one of the Great Seven isn’t going overboard.
Jafar...well, he approves of Jamil. He sees himself in Jamil (a servant to a bumbling fool-) Kalim...while a bumbling fool, Jafar notices how more self aware he is than that foolish Sultan, and much more independent he is. He also appreciates Kalim’s gesture of throwing a grand party in the name of him. So, he approves of both Kalim and Jamil and show them respect.
The Evil Queen...well, she appreciates how lovely her dorm looks. Fits her aesthetic. She also adores how the dorm clothes are inspired by her usual attire - a nice touch. All the dorm members; approved. Compliment her more, p e a s a n t s.
When she talks to Vil and learns of his beliefs, she approves 10/10. Go for your goals and do everything in your power to do so! (Doesn’t mention to poison people, again everyone here literally thinks they are amazing, don’t want that image ruined). And a skin routine to keep yourself as healthy looking as can be? She may as well give it a go!
Rook...well, he’s constantly singing praises about her, so he’s alright. (The stalking when she and Yuu are going around the garden is...kind of creepy, ngl) Though she admires how dedicated he is to Vil, unlike a certain huntsman she once knew (never mention the VDC incident to her. EVER)
Well, the Dorm could be worse, Hades says, Though the aesthetic is on point.
He loves Ortho (even though he isn’t a Vice Dorm Leader). Adopted him, basically.
Poor Idia though, Hades and Ortho drag him out of his room so he can give Hades a proper tour of the dorm.
So Idia and Hades do not have a good start, but Ortho is there as the bridge. If it wasn’t for Ortho I don’t think Idia would have the courage to even try to speak to the Lord of the Underworld.
The conversation steers towards Idia’s likes. Hades doesn’t really get it, but he’s willing to learn.
Hades jokes about Idia and Ortho being his descendants or something. Idia looks at Ortho and Hades, goes back and forth. Idia.EXE has crashed, please try again later.
Well...Hades enjoys Idia and Ortho’s company. He approves of his Dorm Leader, as much as a recluse he is (secretly asks Ortho if Idia is getting enough sunlight or going out. If not, that’s fine! He’ll personally invite him out to visit the Underworld or something if that helps)
Maleficent already knows who Malleus and Lilia are, and she approves. Malleus is her grandson after all, and becoming Dorm Leader to her own dorm is a big accomplishment she is proud of.
Comes over with Yuu and asks for tea. They gladly accept. They chat and have fun times. Malleus is happy he’s invited for once.
Maleficent is pretty annoyed that Malleus isn’t invited as often as she hoped. She sympathizes with Malleus, for not being invited to things hurts.
And Lilia? Ha, Maleficent has long chats about the olden days with him. (Even a few inside jokes that only make sense if you lived through them.) She’s also proud how Lilia took care of Malleus, look how Malleus is grown, Lilia, you raised him well.
Enjoys her time at Diasomnia. She’s planning to visit more often.
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holylulusworld · 6 months ago
Her Obsession
Tumblr media
Summary: He’s your alpha, he just doesn’t know yet.
Pairing: Alpha(Mobster) Steve Rogers x Omega!Reader
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, OFC
Warnings: angst, language, mobster business, threats, possessive reader/obsession, a/b/o, a/b/o dynamics, scared reader, scenting, smut (p in v), hair pulling, dub-con (not really), implied knotting, nonconsensual claiming (not really – you’ll see), written in different PoVs, Steve has a breeding kink
A/N: *lyrics taken from Lily Allen’s song ‘fuck you’
Words: 4k
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
Reader’s PoV
You might ask how I ended up here, looking in the barrel of a gun. It’s an interesting and long story, really.
“Y/N, tell me again why you threatened my latest conquest,” the man holding the gun, my boss purrs and despite the fear, I feel my panties dampen. He always had this influence on me, made me lose my mind with a single line or his scent.
“Answer him, doll,” Bucky grunts, poking my side. “Boss doesn’t like it when you remain silent.”
“I-I,” I choke on my words, wondering if the alpha I wanted to win over will kill me now that I acted out for the first time. Well, it's not the first time but it’s the first time Steve caught me red-handed. “She ran around town, telling anyone you want to claim her, Sir.”
“That so-?” Steve cocks a brow, eyes drifting toward the bitch ratting me out. “Did you run around telling anyone I want to claim your slutty ass?” the girl flinches at Steve’s harsh tone. Well, girls like her, delicate little omegas are not used to the raw and dark side of my Steve.
“’m sorry,” the omega whines, looking at me pleadingly as if I’m the one deciding what will happen to her. “You secretary-“ I scoff at the wrong description of my job but remain silent.
“She’s my assistant but keep on talking,” Steve dips his head to watch the omega he banged a few days ago. 
That night I believed he will finally see more in me than a Jack of all trades. 
Sadly, wearing a curve-hugging black dress and heels didn’t get my boss’s attention. All I got was a good look at his ass when I stumbled on him railing that bitch at his office.
“I met her at the café where she gets your coffee and asked her to hand me your number,” the girl continues, leaving out she grabbed my arm harshly, nails digging into my arm. “She refused and slapped me.”
“Anything to add, doll?” now his blue eyes focus on me. He crosses his arms over his chest, waiting for me to answer his question, one brow raised.
“She didn’t ask, Sir. Your latest conquest grabbed my arm, scratched my skin with her nails on her way, demanding your number. I told her that none of your one-night stands gets your number, Mr. Rogers,” I quip, glaring at the omega. “I did as you told me years ago, Sir.”
“What happened after you declined her demands?” Bucky pokes my shoulder, clearing his throat to make sure I know this is not a friendly conversation.
“She said that you want to claim her and that she’s not a random one-night stand to you, Mr. Rogers. I made sure she understands that we have an agreement. That you assured me you’ll tell me when you are ready to claim someone to make sure I can look for a new position if another omega comes to my territory.”
“Your territory?” Steve scoffs.
“I live at your house, Sir. I’m the only omega around and this means it’s my territory. It doesn’t matter I’m not your omega,” I purr when Steve steps closer to remove the rope around my wrists. “That woman dared to say you told her that I’m only the girl folding your clothes and fix your papers when she asked you about me, Sir.”
“And then she slapped me,” the omega blurs out, interrupting my conversation with Steve again.
“Yes, as she dared to lie about you, Mr. Rogers. How dare her to tell people lies about you,” I smile sweetly, hoping the alpha belonging to me will see I only defended his honor.
“It wasn’t a lie, Y/N,” a weaker omega would be hurt now. But I’m not a weak nor a vulnerable omega so I shrug the hurtful words off, still holding Steve’s gaze. “I told her that you are my secretary fixing my things. I’m sorry but as you hurt her without my allowance I need to let you go.”
“Let me go?” dumbfounded I gape at Steve. “You fire me? But-but I devoted my whole life to you, Sir. You asked me to do so! I refused any offer from Tony Stark to work for him. No alpha had the chance to claim me as I built my life around you to make sure your life is as comfortable as possible.”
“Doll,” Bucky whispers in my ear, “be thankful you didn’t end up dead, okay.”
“Where shall I go now? How can you fire me for some random pussy?” I realize that I devoted myself to an alpha who’ll never appreciate me. I had this fantasy in which he admits his feelings one day but now – my whole world exploded.
“I called your former landlord. You can have your apartment back and you’ll get three more wages. Clint and Sam already packed your things so you can go straight to your new old home,” Steve says coolly, looking at me, waiting for the tears to leave my eyes.
The hell, I won’t cry in front of anyone. Especially not the alpha choosing a random fuck over me. 
“Fine,” I slowly get up, straighten my skirt before I turn my back toward Steve Rogers for the first time since we met six years ago. “Here, my phone and keys.” I try not to choke on my words. “If you could show me out, Mr. Barnes.”
“Sure thing, doll,” Bucky takes the phone and keys out of my hands, giving me an apologetic look. “Follow me.”
“Finally,” the omega quips, smirking at me, victoriously. “Bet you didn’t expect him to kick your ugly ass out.”
“Clint, would you bring the trash out for me while Bucky helps Y/N find the exit?” Steve dips his head, glaring at the omega he fucked a week ago. “NOW!”
“You kick me out, Stevie?” the girl whines now, sniffling as I smirk at her before I follow Bucky.
“I told you he won’t keep you around, bitch,” I can’t help it and spat the words before leaving Steve Rogers behind.
Tumblr media
“Good morning, what can I do for you?” looking up at Bucky I roll my eyes. “Seriously? Is this some kind of lame joke, Barnes?”
“Steve got an appointment with Stark,” Bucky looks at me behind my desk. “New job – huh?”
“A girl got to eat,” I mutter under my breath. “Mr. Stark was pleased to hear I finally stopped doting for Mr. Rogers. Now, what can I do for you?”
“Girl gotta eat,” humming Bucky sits on your desk, giving you a once over. “More cleavage, short skirt. Do you want to impress the new boss, doll?”
“It’s the dress code if you want to work for Mr. Stark. Not my choice of clothing but I got no other choice. Rumors say people know I got fired,” I growl now, eyes narrowing when my former boss waltzes into the office, eyes immediately drifting toward Bucky on my desk.
“Buck, we got no time. Stop flirting with the-“ stopping in his tracks Steve dips his head to look at me and I suddenly feel like I betrayed him but then I remember – he fired me for a random chick.
“Good morning, Mr. Rogers. I’m afraid you’ve got no appointment with Mr. Stark,” I love that I got the power to make Steve Rogers stop in his routine. He huffs, straightens his tie before he ushers toward my desk to glare at his best buddy.
“What are you doing here?” he suddenly growls. “Didn’t I tell you Stark is off-limits? That you must stay away from his greedy hands.”
“I’ll tell you the same thing I told Mr. Barnes,” now I smile sweetly, hiding I get off on the dark look Steve throws me. “A girl got to eat. I recently lost my long-term position, so I had to find a new job. Thanks to your newest conquest I’m a persona non grada in the business world. Mr. Stark was kind enough to offer me a position.”
“Stark,” Steve grits out, watching my new boss walk toward my desk, who grins like he finally won against my former boss.
“Steve, great you found the time to meet up with me. I see you already met my new best girl,” I feel Stark’s hands on my shoulder. Normally I would growl at him, tell him to keep his hands to himself but the look on Steve’s face lets me remain silent. I enjoy the struggle too much.
Alphas brains are so easy to manipulate. Take something one of them doesn’t wants anymore and give it to another dickhead and you can bet your cute ass that he wants it back.
“She’s my best girl, my Jack of all trades,” stepping closer to my desk Steve growls the words, sniffs in my direction before he lunges forward to swat Tony’s hands off my shoulder.
“As much as I’m flattered, gentlemen, I’m neither yours nor his,” I make sure both alphas get the message to leave me alone. “If you would excuse me now, I’m going to have my lunch break now.”
“I need you during the meeting, Y/N. You can have lunch later,” I’d like to kiss Tony as he makes it look like he forces me to join the meeting. – Of course, I’ll never tell him so.
Tumblr media
“Sit here, darling,” Tony pats his desk, smirking as Steve glares at him. “You can take some notes for me and later we can discuss your promotion.”
“That’s sexual harassment, Stark,” Steve growls, glaring at his business partner. “Y/N is not that kind of girl!”
“Yeah, I’m the kind of girl folding clothes and fixing papers, Mr. Stark. God forbid someone wants me to let him dick me down to get what I want,” I huff.
“You’re not the kind of girl selling your pussy to any needy alpha,” Tony growls low in his throat when Steve dares to get closer to his desk and me. “Get off his desk, Y/N.”
“It’s my job to follow Mr. Stark’s orders, Sir,” ignoring Steve’s closeness I try to play the obedient employee. “If you’ll excuse me now, Mr. Stark. I will have my lunch break before Mr. Rogers attacks you.”
Tumblr media
Normal PoV
“Stop,” Steve growls, grasping for your arm to drag you toward his car. “I forbid you to work for Tony Stark. Only as you got fired for your awful behavior you can’t break my rules.”
“Awful behavior?” ludicrously you stare at Steve when he opens the door to the backseat to push you inside. “I believed that chick lied and defended your honor.”
“We will talk about your attitude at my office. Now sit, shut your mouth and be a good girl,” Steve barks orders at his driver, not missing you glared at him for a moment.
Tumblr media
“I need to get back to work,” you mutter under your breath, always aware you can’t go too far, or Steve will get rid of you. “You fired me, what else do you want to do to me after I refused to let anyone claim me.”
“You got fired as you rubbed your scent into my cushions and wore my clothes,” Steve growls, hand shooting toward your throat to slam your body into the nearby wall. He’s holding you there, huffing as you claw at his hand.
“I-I,” coughing you struggle to breathe right. “I rubbed my scent into the cushions as you were in rut and refused to let anyone help you. It helped to calm you.” You lie, not batting an eyelash when Steve leans closer to search your face. “And I wore one of your boxers as you refused to let me leave the office that day. I was in heat and you insisted I must stay in a room full of alphas. I used a scent blocker and pain meds, but my panties were soaked. I bought new underwear for you and replaced it.”
“I found it in the dirty laundry, Y/N,” he growls. “Did you believe I’ll fall for you if you rub your scent into my bed and wear my clothes? You are so far from what I imagine will be my omega.” okay, that hurt this time.
“No, of course not,” you try to not choke on your words. It’s the first time your chosen alpha rejected you verbally and you realize, your dreams and wishes will never come true. 
“Do not lie to me,” Steve pants in your face, tries to intimidate you. “Now tell me, did you think I would make you mine?”
“Why would I believe you want to claim someone who cares for you? A woman who always was by your side and fulfilled all of your wishes. I knew you would never want me,” angrily snarling at Steve you ignore his scent got stronger. 
“Fulfilled all of my wishes?” nuzzling you Steve can hear you whimper in fear. “You only tried to sneak your way into my bed. All omegas are like you; pathetic and needy.”
“Can I go now? Mr. Stark wants me to check on the numbers,” you quip, ignoring Steve rubs his thumb over your scenting gland to remove your scent blocker. “Sir, I’m not your employee any longer. You are right, I shouldn’t have tried to help you with your rut, Mr. Rogers.”
“Working for Stark, you hit the bottom,” he sneers, finally letting go of you. “Go ahead and work for my enemy, Y/N.”
“It’s not as if I had a choice. As I said before,” straightening your blouse you hold Steve’s gaze, unlike any other omega, “a girl got to eat.”
Tumblr media
“Wonderful,” Tony snickers, watching you close another file. “You took care of the mess my last assistant left and riled Steve Rogers up.”
“I guess,” shrugging you concentrate on the last file. “He doesn’t like you much. Is this an alpha thing or-?”
“An alpha thing,” nodding Tony smirks, sitting on your desk. “Steve Rogers likes to control everything in his life. Money. Power. Sex. And, he always won. I never stood a chance but now,” he leans closer to tap your nose with his index finger, “I got something he wants.”
“Steve Rogers doesn’t want me. He’s used to having control over my life too. When he fired me, he lost it and now, he just tries to fuck me over even more. I’m done with Steve Rogers for good,” you let out a snort. “Imagine, I tried anything to get his attention and he thinks so low of me I’m a mere ant to him he can just squish with his thumb.”
“At least you ended up here,” smirking Tony lets his eyes wander. “I’m not against having some fun at work.”
“Sorry, but I don’t bang the boss,” you quip, getting up to straighten your skirt. “You’ve got more than enough girls being all over you.”
Tumblr media
“Took you long enough to come home,” long legs stretched out, feet propped onto your table he impatiently tapping his fingers on the armrest of your couch. “Did you do more than your job at Stark’s office?” Steve growls.
“This is none of your concern,” angrily glaring at Steve, you push against his feet. “Take your shoes off my table. How did you get in here?”
“I let myself in,” Steve shrugs, eyes roaming your new work outfit. “You dress like a cheap whore since you work for Stark. Take this off,” motioning toward the very short skirt and the shirt revealing too much cleavage the alpha grits his teeth. “I can smell him on you.”
“What you can smell or not is none of my concern,” shrugging your jacket off you toss it at Steve. “You find the way – right?”
“Careful, omega,” he snarls, jumping off the couch to tower over you. “I don’t like it when you smell like Stark’s whore.”
“Can you stop acting as if I owe you an explanation for doing my job?” pushing Steve’s buttons you look up at him. “You fired me, Mr. Rogers. If you would excuse me now. I’d like to have a shower and order food.”
“You won’t just-“ watching you walk past him Steve growls your name. “Wait. Don’t disrespect me even more, Y/N.”
“It’s not my job to stroke your alpha ego, Sir,” you smile to yourself when an animalistic snarl leaves Steve’s throat. “I can only handle one misogynic and self-centered alpha per day. Please, take a number and get in line.” with that you walk toward your bedroom, holding back a chuckle as Steve throws something against the wall next to your bedroom door.
Tumblr media
“Fuck you (Fuck you), fuck you very, very much*,” singing one of your favorite songs to let out anger and tension you run your hands over your breasts, gently caressing your skin to wash the day off your body.
“If you insist,” shrieking you feel someone’s presence behind you. Startled you press one hand to your heart and the other to the tile wall to not slip on the floor. “You’re already naked, good.” his hands grip your arms to force you backward. “I hope you are wet too, cause I’ll not be gentle.”
“What are you doing in here?” you whimper feeling the full length of Steve’s naked body pressed against yours. “Mr. Rogers, I must ask you to leave.” god, you can already feel the slick run down your thighs, but the alpha doesn’t need to know you are more than ready to give in to him. “Now.”
“And let you offer your cunt to Stark,” he moves his left hand to your chest, groping one breast roughly. “Always wondering what you are hiding underneath your little skirt suit,” he dips his head to breathe in your neck. “I’m gonna fuck you into obedience. You’ll quit your job first thing in the morning.”
“No-“ a scream escapes your lungs when his teeth sink in your neck to pierce your mating gland. He won’t let up, keeps his teeth inside your flesh while he runs his erection through your folds, making you whimper in anticipation.
He growls when the tip presses against your clit. “S-Steve-“ he finally let go of your neck to line himself up only to sink his teeth back into the mark he left when he hits your cervix. “What did you do?”
“Marked you to show everyone you’re my little slut from now on,” he pants in your ear, hips pressed in your ass. “Now be good and just take it as an obedient omega should. Hands against the wall and don’t you dare to cum.”
“Mr. Rogers—Sir—ah Steve,” the first few thrusts are meant to break you. Setting a pace taking your breath away, Steve starts to move inside of you. Every thrust makes you both, moan in pleasure and whimper in pain, and you are sure, he’ll not let you cum if you don’t give in. “Please.”
“You can be such a good girl if you want to-“ he purrs, hands clawing at your breasts, painfully kneading the sensitive flesh. “After I knotted you for the first time, you’ll be so full of me.”
“Full of you?” you whimper, pushing back onto Steve’s thick length. “I-I’m not on anything, Steve. I can’t — you can’t.”
“I can and will breed you, omega,” he groans, giving you a hard thrust, followed by a gentle grind. “You’ll be full of my baby soon and everyone will know, I snatched you out of Tony’s hands.”
“Th-this is about winning again?” his hand suddenly in your hair Steve presses your face against the cool tile wall, speeding up to hammer into you. “Ah-oh-fuck-“
“That’s a good girl for me,” he mocks, lips pressed softly against your cheek while he abuses your cunt. Your core blooms and to your shame, you start to urge him on, try anything to get more of him. “Say you are mine and that only I can fuck you this good.”
“O-only-“ breathlessly you blindly grasp for the back of his head, to fist his hair, “you. You fuck me so good, alpha.”
“Yeah?” he growls in your ear, moving faster to push you over the edge as he can already feel his knot threaten to pop open. “Can you cum on my cock, doll?” his voice smooth, he whispers the words. “I want to feel this cunt squeeze me tightly and take all I have to give.”
“Y-yes, please. I wanna feel you fill me up,” one hand moves toward your sex to toy with your clit. “A-Ah- Steve,” squeaking his name ungracefully you clamp down hard onto his expanding cock. “Oh-god-you-went-in-bare!”
“I’ll always go in bare in your tight little pussy from now on and you’ll thank me like my good little slut…”
Tumblr media
If someone calls you possessive, Steve beats you without any effort. 
He holds you close to his chest, face buried in your neck while you struggle to get used to his huge knot in your cunt.
“You’ll keep it inside,” he purrs, licking your neck. “Can you feel how deep I’m inside your tight little pussy? I bet I stretched you out so good.”
“So good-“ every time Steve shifts he can feel you clench hard around him. “But you just claimed me, the omega you never wanted.”
“You’re mine, now be good, and enjoy my knot inside of you,” smirking Steve nips at your neck. “I wanted you to see what happens if you are a bad girl. I know you will never be bad again. Not with my mark on your neck.”
“Your mark,” fighting the urge to just blur out that you planned to make Steve jealous you pat his chest, “means I’m yours.”
“Yes, you are mine and this means you’ll quit your job tomorrow morning and move back into my house and my bedroom. I will get you full of my pups soon enough.”
Tumblr media
“Stark,” circling Tony like prey Steve snarls while you try to pack your things. 
“Rogers,” Tony doesn’t like the mark on your neck or that you come to work Steve in tow. “You had to claim her to make sure she quits – huh? Offering a better job was not an option?”
“Two birds with one stone. I got her back, you lost, and I have her tight little cunt for the rest of my life,” Steve smirks, gripping your ass roughly to make his claim on you known. 
“Vulture,” you mutter, swatting his hand away when Steve tries to touch your tit. “This won’t happen again!” poking your finger in his chest you narrow your eyes. “You are my alpha, not a random douche groping me like a whore in front of your buddies. Now get my shit and follow me if you ever want to knot me again.”
“Omega?” watching you walk out of the office, swaying your hips Steve grunts at Tony before he follows you like a lost puppy.
“Poor bastard,” Tony laughs, giving Bucky a wink. “He was so blinded by jealousy and rage he claimed a possessive and manipulative omega. I wish him luck, cause he’ll need it – lots of it.”
“Fuck—Stevie. What did you do?” Bucky shakes his head, laughing as Tony tells him that you never agreed to work for him. You only helped out as Pepper asked you to find a new assistant for him. “She’s a beast.”
“A beast with a vagina and strong will. A deadly combination, Barnes. Deadly and hot…”
Tumblr media
“Not there,” snatching a shirt out of Steve’s hands you growl. “The nest must be perfect. If you would know more about omegas, you could be a better alpha.”
“Omega,” Steve grits his teeth, hands grasping for you to push you onto the bed. “You’re mine and from now on, you’ll be good.”
“Oh-“ batting your eyelashes you look up at Steve, slowly letting your legs fall open. “I think the one having the vagina makes the rules here. You want to fill me up – be a good alpha. No straying. No other girls. No business after 10 pm.”
“What?” cocking his head Steve huffs. “Fine no girls or affairs but I must do business past 10 pm.”
“Stevie,” you purr, running your hands over your spread thighs, “I will allow you to work past 10 pm if you are good now…”
“Lemme just get out of my pants,” all too eager Steve shoves his pants down his legs, missing the triumphal smirk on your lips…
Tumblr media
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hanazou · 6 months ago
*slides you $40* can i perhaps get some jealous fyodor hc's
𝙛𝙮𝙤𝙙𝙤𝙧'𝙨 𝙟𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙤𝙪𝙨𝙮
Genre : romance
Shelf : Leather-bound
Word Count : 1.8K
Caution : nsfw and light manipulation
Note : Theo baby, stop, pls take your money back 😭 this is on the house for u 💯💗 (I'm flattered you think my work amounts to $40 hehe) anything you want here, you get!💕 love u muach xx
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you manage to make the Fyodor Dostoevsky, the anaemia man with God complex jealous, I have two things to say. Congratulations and brace yourself.
Congratulations because now you've set his mind on establishing more of his influence over you thanks to you reminding him that he does want you all for himself. You will get all the love he can muster all for yourself and his affectionate ways will intensify by a lot.
No, this isn't greed, there's no way he'd fall into one of the seven sins this easily just because of you, right?
Also, brace yourself because he’s going to be extra crafty and most definitely, possessive. You won’t realize it but after he’s set on strengthening his love for you, your activities will be centred around him, following his tempo.
Tumblr media
First and foremost, how did you get him jealous? You see, Fyodor is unexpectedly p-e-t-t-y.
His high confidence in both himself and you makes him believe that you’d never betray him—what does he lack aside from iron?—but that doesn’t mean he’s not easily… bothered.
Meaning that making him jealous isn’t as hard as you think. Yes, he has god-tier intelligence, but emotional intelligence? That part is untouched. He’s good at keeping his cool though.
Maybe Nikolai has his arm around you for one second too long, maybe you taught Sigma how to operate the database a little too close, or maybe it's just the way that one man glanced at you last week in the library.
“Gogol-san, as your colleague, I advise you to retract your hand. It’s unethical to be that close.”
“Oops, sorry, Dos-kun! Did that irk you?”
His grudges aren't against you but to those who forget that you're his, and the most effective way to remind them who you belong to is to establish an understanding in your mindset that you love only him.
What do you mean those people didn’t even intend to flirt with you? Have you heard what they said to you? You conversed with them for one minute too many and touched their hands when shaking hands.
He spoils you rotten.
He knows that mere objects are nothing compared to actions of love. Jewels do nothing, they’re just pebbles, but before he starts to sweet talk you, he thinks that some gifts will do good as a warming up before he gets more intense in hoarding your attention all to himself.
Did some stranger compliment your shoes? You’ll wake up with three new pairs by your bedside, all from designer brands in the styles and colours Fyodor knows you like. He wants you to hug and kiss him on the cheek in return.
And truthfully, what reason is there to deny him that? He may be a criminal genius, but that doesn’t mean the trouble he went through just to please you is nonexistent. Your hugs are also his source of heat.
Don’t try to find out where he got them though, he cleared all his criminal records.
One day, out of the ordinary, he takes you on a date to see a local orchestra, already reserving the tickets for the best seats, which is rare because he doesn’t go out unless it’s to murder someone or to survey a location.
His hand stays around yours for the whole date, starting from the walk there, during the performance itself, and the way back. By the time he lets you go, your hand is hot and moist from the sweat.
You're in for some delicious mind games. Jealous Fyodor, albeit very crafty, is still an attention seeker at the core. And what do attention seekers do? They pay extra attention to their lover, which in this case, you, and hope for you to reciprocate the gesture.
The sweet prize of his long term game is your verbal and physical confession that you don’t love anyone else aside from him.
Fyodor drives you into doing what he wants and although very subtle with it, it's effectively done.
You feel like you're being proactive in showing your love for him. And you are, but you're following his tempo. You're doing the things you think is completely under your free will when it's actually all according to his plan.
Remember what he said to Ace, something about "people are easier to predict when they think what they do is under their decision"? That's what he's doing.
Fyodor will make you so drunk in love with him and will have the impertinence to tease you as if he's not the one being territorial and petty.
Are you an artist of some sort? You’re in luck because Fyodor somehow makes you want to want to perform/create something with him as your muse.
You’re a writer or a poet? You’ll scribe while daydreaming of him. Are you a musician? You’ll compose or rearrange a song while thinking of him. Do you draw/paint/carve? You’ll form new art while being intoxicated by him.
He goes through extra lengths just to get your attention even if it means worsening his physical condition it's almost crazy, yet he still makes himself think that it's rational of him. He knows his own body’s limits and makes sure he doesn’t cross the line to actually endanger his life. He’ll use any cards he has to secure you.
He'll use his anaemia.
Fyodor deliberately breaks all the heaters by making it seem like rats chew on the internal wires (yes, rats) to make his lips pale or even blue so you can offer to wrap him with your blankets (that smells of you) or giving him a cuddle session.
He wants you to sit in front of him, your head under his chin, as he types and clicks and you fastening the blanket around both of you.
When you apply your flavoured lip balm on his chapped pale lips, he smiles at how close your face is.
"Aren't you affectionate today?" He brushes your face, tasting the cherry flavoured lip balm on his lips. It tastes like you.
Do you think he’s already hard to convince to drink his tablets? This is worse. He goes on a strike for at least four days without drinking them at all just so you can catch him in your arms before he falls after standing up.
After that, he leaves his medicines in places hidden yet noticeable makes you think they got there by accident so you can pamper him by telling him how important they are for his health.
He places his cello in a position near him so you can notice how much it stands out in the background whenever you watch him work, steering you to realize how long it has been since he last played Antonin Dvorak’s pieces for you, to increase your craving, multiplying your longing.
When you ask him to perform for you, he can't hide that slick smile, and he'll deny it for a while just so you ask him more frequently
Someone humble this man his god complex is popping OUT at this rate.
He actually chips off the tips of his fingernails for you to notice how messy and jaggy they've gotten so you'd sit down across him and clip his nails shorter AND so you can feel how cold his hands are. Two birds with one stone. He’s thought it all through it’s concerning.
When you offer to hold his other hand to keep him warm (basically being his heater) while he uses his other to work, he brushes your bangs upwards and kisses your forehead (with his cold lips, of course).
"I appreciate your kindness, love."
If he hasn’t motivated you enough to always stay by his side, that line sealed the magic.
He skips sleep for two days just so his dark circles get even darker so you'd apply an eye roll on his skin. He slightly opens his eyes when you do so he can get an intimate look at your concerned face, the fold between your eyebrows, and the way your lips curl inside under your teeth from worry.
Time for physical affections. Fyodor, as long as in private, can be a handsy man. Normally he’s very subtle with how he shows his love for you, but when jealous, his neediness is basically triggered. He won’t admit it, but you can notice that he’s more clingy.
Touches are an important aspect in dating Fyodor. First reason is because he's a man who values privacy including his body autonomy, so doing skinship isn't a daily occurrence. Second reason is because it confirms your trust and faith in him, considering what his ability does to people.
So as mentioned above, when Fyodor gets clingy, it says a lot about your relationship with him which he touches you anytime, anywhere, and anywhen he pleases.
Are you cooking up something warm for him? Fyodor’s suddenly wrapped to you from behind. You didn’t hear him coming, he was as quiet as a rat to surprise you. He basically absorbs all your body heat to reach a state of equilibrium, just like how well your personalities mix together
Fyodor touches your face more often. He brushes the littlest things off your face, like that one tiny speck of dust under your eye.
“You look much more enticing up close, my dear.” He coos, face leaning on his hand.
His sudden nibbling on your ear gets more frequent and unpredictable. It can happen when you’re sitting on his lap when he’s working, it can happen when you’re cuddling, or even outside.
Protesting won’t work because he’s so smooth with his words that you’re convinced that maybe it’s okay to let people stare when his mouth is on your ear.
If you ask him why he’s suddenly clingy and touchy, he’ll stop doing it completely altogether so that you’d feel empty without his body pressing against yours. Now you’re the one asking for more skinship.
“My little mouse wants me all of a sudden? Cute, but I thought you didn’t like getting touched.”
[Start of NSFW mentions] He purposefully arouses your ‘certain’ needs and leaves you basically begging and crying for him to give you what you want using his sweet sly tricks, he knows your body more than you do.
The deed will be so sloppy and wet. He'll spend extra time with his mouth on your mouth.
When he finishes the business of "claiming" you back, he will... leave permanent ‘marks’ of his "ownership" over you and even the most expensive concealer can’t hide half of those unless you dab forcefully over them, just like what territorial men do to their lovers.
He has high patience and uses it against you. When you’re crying and begging for him, he’ll just stare at you first, taking in your pretty whining face, before giving you what you want, painfully slowly, so that your need for him is drilled into your subconcious. [End of NSFW mentions]
Tumblr media
At the end of all of this, you’re already twice more madly in love with him than you were that you can’t go through a day without hugging him from behind, rest your chin on his shoulder, and chirping sweet “I love you”s.
Of course, he’s so proud of you for realizing he’s the only one you need. He’ll take your warm hands, fasten them around his body, and kiss your cheek.
“I’m the only one you love, right?” He asks.
If you’re sharp, you’ll catch the light corrosive sound in his voice that reminds you of the sourness jealousy has. Fyodor doesn’t mind if you notice it, in fact, that’s even better, because now you can confirm your feelings for him.
“Of course.” You tilt your head to fit into his neck. “What about you? Am I the only one you love?”
"без сомнения возлюбленный,"
(Without a doubt, darling.)
Tumblr media
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syven-siren · 8 months ago
Original Sin
Tumblr media
Summary: Michael can taste the innocence that seeps off the reader’s soul and it’s just too tempting to not take a bite. (Hawthorne!Michael x Innocent!F!Reader) 
Warnings: 18+ / Smut / Corruption Kink / “Virginity” Themes
Requested by Anon: “Could you maybe do something smutty where hawthorne!Michael Langdon falls in love with a super innocent reader, and takes her virginity? And he has a corruption kink...”
Wandering through the halls of Hawthorne, Michael finds himself walking with an unknown purpose. There’s a call that his body and mind need to answer. It’s an urge he has no control over and with each step his resolve to fight it weakens. Breaching the open doorway, all his questions are answered.
It’s you calling for him, unknowingly forcing him to seek you out. Since you arrived at Hawthorne, Michael’s attention has solely been focused on figuring you out. At first, he thought your aloofness was caused by your loyalty to your Supreme but he has come to realize that you are naturally a non-confrontational and extremely modest person. It became apparent fairly quickly. Each time someone, even those you know, speak with you, your voice is soft and your cheeks flush.
You reek of purity and Michael loves it. He craves to taste it on your skin and to see you fall apart by the working of his tainted hands. He wants to re-mark your soul with sin. He desires to stain you so heavily that even God could not wash it away.
Minutes tick by slowly as he watches you teeter on a small step stool and gather several large books and grimoires. He takes notice of their titles, ‘Demons and The Underworld’, ‘Conjuring and Demonic Elements’, and other books with similar origins.
Is his little angel interested in the nature of beasts like him?
“Let me help you get these back to your room.”
Like a spooked animal, you jump at the sound of his voice piercing the quietness. You nearly lose your footing but Michael’s hands hold your waist steady. He doesn’t remove them even after you are safely standing on solid ground.
“Oh, that’s okay! I wouldn’t want you to waste your time.”
He tuts at you, explaining that helping you would be his honor. Hoping to hide your cheeks which burn in embarrassment, your head remains downcast. Even so, you can feel his smoldering gaze as he waits for you to hand over the items you still carry.
“Thank you.”
The hallways seem to grow longer and more winding as you both travel towards your assigned guest room. They seem to mock you, making your uncomfortableness about the situation all the more unbearable.
“You’re interested in demonology?”
“Yes. The library here is so expensive. We don’t have as many books back at home. Especially not these. I’ve always been fascinated by...” Your sentence drops off as you realize you are rambling.
“Oh, it’s not important.” Thankfully, your door comes into sight, saving you from further embarrassment. “Thank you, Michael.”
A frown weighs heavily on his lips. He needs more. The walk and simple conversation weren’t enough to satisfy him. He needs you.
Opening the door, you turn to takes the items from him but he doesn’t relinquish them, “Here, I’ll put them on your desk.”
It’s not a question. It’s not an offer but he allows you to consider it. And when you move aside to let him step into the room, he knows he has you. You’ve unwittingly invited him in. You let in the darkness and now he will smother you in it.
“Um, you’re staring.”
“Do you hate it?”
He watches as you fidget nervously. Your fingers instinctively play with your necklace.
“N-No, I don’t.” You finally meet his gaze, all the control he’s kept perfectly maintained over his inner desire snaps.
When he steps closer, the beautiful eyes he’s staring back at widen. His hand caresses your cheek tentatively and his mouth ghosts over yours, “would you hate it if I kissed you?”
Your lips are more perfect than he ever imagined. The sensual slowness of his kiss is overtaken by need. The power of it nearly sends you stumbling back but Michael is there, again, to steady you. It’s his turn to moan when your fingers thread through his hair.
You can feel him toying with the buttons of your blouse and when the first one pops open you grab at his hands.
“I’ve never...”
There you go looking away again. Michael listens to you but his eyes are focused on the area of new skin exposed to him.
“Do you want to stop?”
“N-No, I just don’t know what t-to do.”
“Then let me do all the work, hm? Let me show you?”
It’s a mere whisper but it’s all Michael needs to continue. If he’s going to bathe your darkness, he wants you to willingly sacrifice yourself. To know a being such as yourself is openly offering him this opportunity sends electricity coursing through his body.
His kiss is fierce this time, stealing your breath away completely. It sends your mind spiraling and all you can focus on is him, the way he feels, and the touch of his fingers against your body. He takes his time underdressing you, wanting to savor and worship each new area of exposed skin.
Maintaining the kiss, Michael walks you both back to the bed. You let out a surprised gasp when the back of your knees hit the edge and you fall back onto it. Like prey, you have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide as he calculates his next steps. You’re a sight to behold. And although bare before him, your shyness does not waver. One arm moves to cover your chest while your free hand attempts to hide your womanhood from him.
Michael growls, not appreciating your act of modesty. With a simple swipe of his hand, an invisible power forces your arms above your head and parts your thighs just enough for him to see how wet you are.
“You’re so perfect, (Y/N).”
When he feels your struggling end, and he’s sure you won’t curl into yourself again, he releases you. You stay as he has positioned you, waiting obediently for him.
You inquisitively stare up at him, too enthralled to look away as he removes his own clothing. When his cock springs free, you squirm on the bed, your thighs rub together.
“Will it fit?”
He fists his length, groaning at the innocence of your question, “Don’t worry. You were made for me.”
As he steps closer, your eyes follow, never leaving his figure. His knee sinks into the mattress between your legs and you unconsciously spread your thighs to accommodate him. He smiles, realizing your body and mind are giving into him. His thumb collects the dribble that has leaked from his excitement, using it as a lubricant to pump himself faster.
Your fingers tangle in the sheets as you watch him. His thumb moves to swipe across your lips. He traces them, smearing himself on you, and tainting your mouth. ‘That won’t be the only hole of yours tainted, tonight.’ He thinks, observing the way your tongue shyly peeks out to lick at his digit.
When he’s done giving you a taste, he pulls away, and much to your disappointment, his weight moves from atop you as well.
“Touch yourself for me.”
You hesitate, your fingers twitching to follow his instruction but your mind tells you to slow down. You want this. You want him.
Whatever the hesitancy, you overcome it. Wanting to please his every wish and whim, your hand slides down your body, running along the valley and curves as it makes its way to its final destination. When the pads of your finger meet the wetness of your core, you whimper and peer up at Michael, gaging his reaction. He’s completely enamored by your display. His cock jumps at the sight of your fingers slipping through your folds.
“Open yourself up. Let me see you.”
Face flushing with heat, you do as he commands. Your legs fall open further and your shaky fingers pull your petals apart so he can see all of you. You’re so exposed, even more so when his eyes intently examine the sight of your pussy on display.
“Michael, p-please do something.”
Heart thundering in your chest, you don’t hear his response but do see him stalk forward in rushed steps. His fingers brush against your own as he settles between your legs. Michael grins devilishly when his digit dips into you and a yelp escapes you. The weight of the experiences bears down upon you and no longer can you hold yourself upright. Falling back onto the bed, you allow yourself to be overcome by the pleasure he is so graciously providing.
Michael’s words of encouragement sear into your mind and his fingers stretch you in ways you never thought possible. Everything he does is overwhelming you and your senses can not keep up.
Soft pants fanning over your core bring you back to reality. You jerk, surprised by how close his mouth is to your center. So close yet so far. “I won’t do this just yet. We’ll take our time tonight but just know I can’t wait to taste you.” Michael chuckles before lightly kissing your clit.
Moaning, you peer up at him through long lashes. You look completely wrecked already but you need more.
““Such a good girl for me. You want me to fuck you, don’t you? I need you to use your words. Tell me what you want or I can’t give it to you.”
“P-Please, I...I want you to...” You huff, finding it difficult to maintain eye contact with him. Your face warms considerably, not used to having to be so forward, “I want your cock! P-Please, Michael.”
It’s not the request that spurs him. No, it’s the drawl of his name rolling off your tongue. It’s the way you say it breathlessly, full of innocence and neediness, that has him pouncing on you. The tip of his cock sneaks between the folds of your pussy. The prodding of it at your entrance leaves you writhing in anticipation. Michael steals a kiss from you, distracting you as he begins to enter. The feel of his lips can only do so much before the painful stretch takes over.
“Relax, my angel.”
It takes several more minutes before he fully bottoms out but when he does you both moan in unison. Your velvety walls flutter around him. It takes so much of Michael’s restraint not to move. For you, he’ll control himself this time. Your hips rock back onto his and he takes that as his cue to move. His thrusts are slow and steady.
You moan beneath him, requesting and demanding more of him. Never wanting to disappoint, Micahel gives in. Tilting your pelvis for a better angle, he increases the speed of his thrusts. The head of his cock kisses the deepest part of your pussy. Your nails dig into the skin of his shoulder, breaking the skin and drawing blood. Michael whines are the feeling of your clawing at him.
The squelch that follows each of his thrusts signifies just how aroused you. The sound is accompanied by the slapping of skins and your moans.
“Michael. I feel so good. I’m going to...”
“I know. I know you are. You’re going to show the pretty face you make when you cum around my cock.”
The way your breasts bounce every time he thrusts into you has his mouth-watering. But before he can wrap his tongue around one of your perky nipples, his eyes catch the glittering silver cross hanging around your neck. It moves in time with him and acts as a reminder that there’s still one spot of purity in you that he has yet to blot out.
He seethes at its presence upon your body. He wants to ruin you so it would be sacrilege to place any other holy object on your body. He wants to rip the cross off your neck and he does. As the chain snaps, your back arches off the bed, and your orgasm washes over you. You wail in his name and chant it like a prayer. Michael follows behind you, pounding into you once, twice, and then cums deep within you.
Throwing the necklace across the room, he is satisfied when he hears it clatter to the floor, “You’re all mine now. Your body, your mind, your heart are all mine.”
“Yes, I’m yours forever.”
Tagging the Lovelies: @moth3atspussy @brithedemonspawn​ @annikathebananana
Gif Credit: To Original Creator | Not Mine
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Side Effects | Bruce Banner x reader
summary: you never know what might be in the beakers at another chemist's station. you never know which of your colleagues might come along just in the knick of time to become the only antidote to your affliction.
word count: 3.6k
warnings: smut! (dub con due to sex pollen), semi-public sex (because technically someone could have walked by but unlikely), guilt/hesitance, kinda pining??, fingering, creampie,
a/n: yes, this is an accurate depiction of emergency shower protocol in a chemical lab and yes it is every lab technician's worst nightmare. thankfully the other stuff is not an accurate depiction of any known chemical, lol.
Tumblr media
You wiped your forehead with a tired sigh, staring down at the calculations in front of you before using your pen to scribble over them before tearing out the page and throwing it away.
“You still do that by hand?” Bruce interjected, making you look up at where he was leaning in the doorway to the lab, watching you work.
“Oh, Dr. Banner!” you greeted with a smile, wondering if it was too ecstatic. You weren’t so good at the ‘playing it cool’ thing like he seemed to be.
“We have all those fancy screens and digital whiteboards, you know,” he explained as he stepped in and looked around at your work. “Not to mention the computer can do that stuff for you.”
“I know,” you scoffed, “but I always feel better doing it myself, on real paper. Not that I’m having any luck at the moment…”
"Here, I'll give them a quick look while you take a break," he offered, glancing at the numbers from over your shoulder. "You just get up and stretch your legs for a minute, doc."
You always thought it was sort of silly for him to call you that when he was a doctor as well, but you didn't complain.
Regardless, you were about to tell him that it was fine and you didn't need a break, but he was leaning in closer to take your seat and the proximity was so intimidating that you hopped up and went along with it anyways. He sat down and pondered your calculations while you circled the lab, taking a moment to appreciate how nice it felt to stand up and move around after sitting for so long.
"Your handwriting is…" Bruce trailed off, adjusting his glasses.
"Feminine and graceful?" you finished sarcastically.
"Sure," he chuckled.
"Yeah, just like me—" you started to quip, but mid-sentence you (ironically) stumbled and tripped, using a nearby table to catch yourself— but you accidentally grabbed onto a beaker, which tipped over and smashed onto the ground. The liquid inside spilled onto the floor just before you did, and you winced as you fell into the puddle of the unknown substance.
“Shit!” you hissed as you scrambled to get up, looking down at your clothes and seeing they were covered in the fluid, which was beginning to evaporate, or steam, or something. Remembering lab safety protocols, you instantly began to strip, closing your eyes and wishing Bruce hadn’t come in just before this. As you shirked your lab coat, shirt, and skirt, you walked to the emergency shower, pulling the lever and gasping when the chilly stream of water poured down on you. Bruce looked at you with wide eyes before being kind enough to turn around as you shivered and removed your bra and underwear, now completely naked and weakly scrubbing yourself with your hands in hopes that none of the chemical had gotten onto your skin.
“What is it?” he asked nervously, turning his head back enough that you could hear him over the flow of water, but hopefully not so much that he could see anything important.
“I don’t know,” you answered, “it’s not mine. It’s something Dr. Sutherland was working on…”
“Is it… are you in pain at all?” he asked, even more concerned, and you tried to decide if you could feel any effects.
“N-no…” you answered hesitantly. You felt hot, and strange, and you were covered in rolling chills, but you figured that was just the situation you were in— naked in a tepid shower in front of your coworker who just so happened to be incredibly sexy.
“I should call poison control,” Bruce offered as he reached for his cell phone.
“No, I’m fine,” you denied as the water flow slowed down and you wiped your face, confident that you looked like a complete mess— but at least you saved yourself from whatever was in that beaker, right?
“Here,” Bruce offered an emergency blanket to you after pulling it off a nearby shelf, and it was not at all absorbent but it helped with the draft as you stepped away from the shower which was still leaking the last few drops of water onto the drain on the floor.
“Thank you,” you nodded nervously, shivering and dripping and looking back at him with no idea what to say at all.
“Do you feel alright? I should check you for burns,” he suggested. “I— I won’t look…”
“Please,” you sighed, pulling the blanket a bit to expose your chest and stomach. He brushed his hand over the skin there, making you instantly whine as heat burned just under your skin, clouding your mind and making you crave even more.
"Did that hurt?" he asked anxiously, pulling away, but you stepped closer.
"No it's… it's good, it's so good."
He furrowed his brow as he looked down at you, putting the back of his hand to your forehead. "You're burning up, doc, you must be running a fever of 105."
"Touch me more, please," you whimpered. It was like you were in a dream, everything foggy and distant, and the only time that anything made sense was when he touched you. Or maybe it was that his touch sent you further into delirium; you couldn't be sure.
He gasped when he looked at your quivering legs only to find slick arousal running down the inside of them, threatening to drip onto the floor.
"Oh," he sighed.
"Please," you begged mindlessly, "Dr. Banner, I n-need you…"
"No, you need medical attention."
You whined and grabbed as his shirt, humming at the feeling of his warm skin just beneath. If the forearms that he often left exposed in rolled-up sleeves were anything to go buy, his chest was probably toned and tanned, lightly dusted with dark hair… you were all but drooling at the thought. "Please, Bruce… just help me," you pleaded, looking up into his eyes which were swirling with conflict.
"I can't," he shook his head. "I'd be taking advantage."
He must have seen the heartbreak of rejection make you wince, because he tried to soothe you with his hands resting on your arms— even just that contact making you suppress a moan.
"I've wanted this for so long," he explained, "and you— you haven't. You're unwell, you need to go to a hospital."
You sobbed a little at the idea of being taken away from him and examined by strangers, when you knew the solution was right in front of you. "No, no Bruce they'll touch me! Nobody can touch me but you, I only want you."
He scoffed, but you heard the weakness in it and you needed him to give in soon before you melted from your own hear. "You're deranged— delirious," he reiterated.
"It'll feel so good, please Bruce, I'll be so good for you— anything you want, I'll do it, I'm yours."
"Stop talking like that," he winced. "I can't… I can't."
"I need to feel you inside me, Dr. Banner, I need it more than anything. It's just gonna get worse… please, help me. I want you. I trust you."
"You'll hate me in the morning," he asserted. "God, this is so wrong…"
But much to your relief, he reached down and hesitantly slid his thick middle finger through your folds, gasping gently as he felt how wet you were. "I should t-take you somewhere private."
"No, need you now— right here," you pleaded, trying to chase his touch with your hips.
"But if someone came by—" he began to fret, glancing at the door; but his attention was turned back to you by your hands weaving into his hair.
"Nobody else stays this late, god, Bruce please I just need you so bad—"
He cut you off with a sudden kiss, which was enough on its own to make warmth bloom in your gut, but then he started to move his finger again and you shuddered with a moan that was muffled by his lips.
"Maybe I can make you come like this," he offered as he pulled back just enough to whisper to you, "would that help you? It'll take the edge off."
You bucked and moaned against his fingers, just those subtle touches driving you wild. "N-no, it has to be inside! You have to fuck me, I need your cock."
He breathed through his teeth, like he was almost considering it, but then looked away. "I can't," he shook his head.
"Can't or won't?"
He frowned. "Won't. I'll get you off with my fingers, otherwise it would be… too selfish."
"Bruce, I'm literally begging you for it," you sighed, the irritated tone that you'd intended lost in the moans he elicited by rubbing your swollen clit.
"I know," he winced, "I know and it's killing me that I can't give you what you're asking for… I swear if it wasn't like this…" he trailed off as you looked up at him with your bottom lip between your teeth.
"What would it be like?" you asked lowly. "Tell me how you would fuck me."
For all his shyness before, there was a brief switch in his demeanor as he leaned in, breath hot against your neck as he whispered, two fingers sliding into your channel at the exact moment that he spoke.
"So fucking hard."
You whimpered, knees wobbling a bit as you tried to ride his fingers— but he wasn't pushing back, wasn't giving you enough force to balance against when you sought more friction. "P-please, Bruce— I know you want to, please, please baby I need it so bad…"
"I know," he breathed, free hand cradling your face as his thumb stroked your cheek, and it was so needlessly compassionate, so effortlessly soothing that your heart had no choice but to clench at his tenderness. Other parts of you clenched as well, in much more literal ways, but the heart thing was more important.
You gingerly reached forward and palmed his cock through his pants, moaning when you felt how hard it was. "You're desperate, too," you informed him with a little smile. "It hurts, doesn't it? It aches."
"Yes," he answered tensely.
"I'm hurting too. I'm aching, for you. Please, Bruce, help me."
As he pulled back and examined your face, he chewed his lip and contemplated. He couldn't stand to see you in pain, but he couldn't comprehend what he had to do to help you. Well, okay, that's not totally accurate because he had actually "comprehended" the idea of making love to you plenty of times. But that was just a fantasy, a very misguided one that he only indulged in in his weakest moments. And in those fantasies, shockingly enough, you were always completed lucid and of sound mind and body. He sadly could not say that for you at the moment, and of course he couldn't because of course when you were sober and healthy, you didn't see him that way.
Bruce prided himself on his logic, his integrity, his patience. Suddenly, those qualities were falling prey to a much deeper, carnal instinct that saw this not as a predicament but as an opportunity. Logic states, after all, that it would be wasteful to have everything he wanted thrown into his lap and to let it go to waste.
"Fuck," he groaned as he kissed you again, fucking you faster with his fingers. You moaned and went for his belt, barely managing to open it with your hands shaking so much; part of you had considered just trying to rip the leather off of him, and with the force of your need it seemed almost plausible.
Finally getting his trousers opened just enough to reach inside, you purred as you reached in and navigated past his boxers to wrap your fingers around his hard cock. It was so thick and smooth and hot and you almost wanted to drop to your knees and take it in your throat right then, but you had better plans.
He pulled his fingers out of you slowly, grinning against you at the way you whined, before wrapping his arms around you and quickly instructing you to jump.
It was infuriating, how easily he caught you when you wrapped your body around him. Infuriating and so painfully sexy.
He never broke the kiss as he walked the two of you to your lab table, sliding the papers aside and onto the floor to set you on it. You started on his aggravatingly-small shirt buttons while he pushed his trousers and boxers down the rest of the way, and god his cock was right there between your legs, so close but very much too far away for your liking.
You didn't have the time or energy to get his shirt off, settling for just running your hands over the exposed skin instead. He grinned and watched the path your hands made, hissing slightly when they wrapped around his shaft— for a second you swore you could feel it throb.
"Don't make me wait anymore," you whispered your plea, sighing a little when he nodded.
"Okay baby," he agreed.
"Been waiting so long," you whined.
"Me too," he nodded, and with a little push, his cock slid all the way into you and filles you to the brim. Even when you were completely drenched, the girth of him was so wide that it stung, that it tore you open, but you loved it. Your head fell back and just from him being inside you, you came. The substance had you so needy and sensitive that that was all it took. It wasn't enough yet, of course. You knew you needed more. But God, he felt so good you could hardly breathe.
"Baby," you heard Bruce gasp, his fingers digging into your hips. Your chest twisted when he laughed a little, breathless and just teetering on the line between complimentary and mocking. "Did you just come?"
You considered playing dumb, but nodded instead.
His smile was apparent when he pressed his lips just below your ear to suck on the delicate skin there, his teeth trailing up to nibble your earlobe lightly. You hoped he would leave a mark, you hoped he would leave lots of marks that you could remember this by for weeks to come.
"Couldn't help yourself, huh?" he asked breathlessly, whispering so quietly you could barely hear it over the beating of your own pulse which echoed in your ears.
"You feel so good," you justified, "so fucking good, Bruce."
"You too," he sighed as he finally pulled back and slid into you again, the friction making your back arch instantly. "Even better than I imagined."
You smiled and wrapped your legs around his hips, forcing him to push deeper with each thrust. When he pushed you to your limits it felt like you might just fall apart right there, but it was so worth it.
As if that wasn't enough, he reached down and circled a thumb over your overstimulated clit, grinning down at you at the sight of you writhing and bucking wildly in his arms.
"Fuck!" you cried as you tightened your hands on his shoulders into fists hard enough to risk tearing through his shirt.
"Too much?"
"More," you pleaded instead, crying out when he gave you exactly what you wanted with fast, rough thrusts into your drenched walls. "Yes," you sobbed, "yes, fuck— m'gonna come, Bruce, gonna come again."
"Go ahead," he encouraged, voice so much rougher than normal, "show me how good it feels, baby."
It felt like his words were the thin that pushed you over the edge, as if your body somehow both understood and obeyed his command. You could feel a renewed wave of slick leak out from you, enough that you could hear the wetness in each slap of his hips against yours. His name was somewhere in the litany of curses and praises that spilled from your lips, your mind too clouded with hazy pleasure to keep track of what you were actually saying.
"Just like that," he groaned, "doing so good, fuck, say my name just like that every time I make you come."
An easy enough stricture to follow, especially when it seemed like he was all you could think about. He looked so different with his clothes half-shorn and his eyes dark with lust. He hadn't taken his glasses or labcoat off and you weren't sure which of those you were happier about.
His lips and hands were all over you; you couldn't even keep track of everywhere he was touching you, that's how overwhelming it was. "God, you're so fucking perfect," he groaned against your skin, finding a hardened nipple as his tongue explored you and wrapping his lips around it. "You are so goddamn sexy, you know that? I love seeing you with your legs spread for me like a needy little whore. I love hearing you moan and knowing I'm the one making you feel this good."
He took a moment to look at you and soak in your shocked reaction to his words before leaning in to continue.
"I love feeling you come for me," he purred in your ear.
"Then you're gonna really like what I'm about to do," you shivered.
"Yeah? You can gimme another one already?" he smiled. "Such a good girl…"
You really couldn't help it, it felt like everything he did only enhanced your pleasure— his words, his hands all over you, not to even mention his cock inside you. As much as the hedonistic corner of your brain was happy to let this go on forever, the ramifications of constant orgasms were finally catching up with you as you wondered how much more of this you could take.
"F-fuck, are you close?" you asked weakly. "Want you to come for me, Bruce, please."
"I-I'll pull out," he suggested, although the way he looked down at his length sinking into you and pulling back out, covered in your abundant arousal, didn't exactly indicate that he was willing and able to actually make good on his offer.
"No!" you yelped, pulling him closer by his unbuttoned shirt. "It needs to be inside, Bruce, please come inside me."
"Fuck," he hissed through his teeth.
"Please, Bruce, please, promise you'll come inside."
"I will," he sighed, "fuck, I will baby, I promise I'm gonna fill you up so good, you're gonna have my come so fucking deep inside you…"
"Yes!" you moaned, completely unabashed as the unknown substance had apparently absolved you of any shame whatsoever. "Yes, I want it, Bruce, I want your come."
The moment you felt his seed start to paint your walls, you felt relief begin to wash over you. Your mind and body relaxed, the overwhelming heat under your skin subsiding into a comforting warmth, the desperation that had burned in your gut satiated at last.
And that left you staring up at him in realization of what you had done, just as he looked back at you with the same.
"God, I'm so sorry—" he shuddered, moving to pull away. Instinctively your legs wrapped around his hips again, holding him close.
"N-no, wait," you groaned, "it's okay. Don't go."
"You don't hate me," he said, the exhaustion in his tone making it hard to tell if it was a question or a statement.
"Never," you sighed with a weak smile, sitting up to clutch his face and kiss him again. "God, Bruce, now I'm just wondering what took us so long."
"Our lab safety is just too good, clearly," he smiled as he kissed you again, pulling back a little too soon to examine your face where he held it in his hands. "Are you okay? You should still probably go to a doctor…"
"I'm already with a doctor," you smirked, "and his treatment was very effective."
"Yeah, that was…" he trailed off, wide eyes as if he were reminiscing about what had only just transpired.
"Sorry for being so… desperate," you cringed. "I didn't mean to… um… impose…"
He just laughed and kissed your forehead, making you feel your cheeks warm a bit; ironic that with everything that had just happened, this was what made you blush. "A beautiful, amazing woman that I've been dreaming about for months begs me to take her in the laboratory… really inconvenient."
"I mean, cleaning up these papers and the broken glass is gonna be pretty tedious, along with the incident report," you frowned.
"I'll help you with it," he offered.
"Tomorrow," you decided. "Right now, I'm taking you to my place."
"Is that so?" he asked with a bemused smirk.
"Yep. We both are in serious need of a shower, and then I wanna go again," you grinned wickedly.
"I thought you said you weren't feeling the effects of the chemical anymore," he recalled, voice tinted with concern.
"I'm not," you reassured, "I'm just feeling the effects of you."
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dating fred weasley would include
author’s note: for personal reasons, canon is the only thing that’s dead to me and the big sleep never happened, m’kay?😌 just a cute headcanon list I decided to come up with because I have so many ideas for our Freddie boy. as always, reblogs and likes are appreciated, just please do not repost my work and claim as your own! -xo, morgan💜
warnings: none really, it’s mostly just super cute and fluffy, mentions of food, suggestive joke from Fred and a suggestive situation, but that’s about it
had to put everything under the cut cause it got a little longer than I thought it would lmao
Tumblr media
okay so Fred is wild. man has almost no impulse control and constantly wants to impress you
we all know that, but anyway, I digress
lots of improvised dates. planning? nah, Fred doesn’t know it
he would sometimes plan dates though, it’s a rare occasion, but if it’s a particularly special date, he’s going all out on his planning
always surprising you with cute little gifts
“Y/N, look at this little kangaroo plushie! I know you don’t need it, but it was cute and I thought you’d like it”
and he’s right, you absolutely love the little kangaroo plushie
this man is an absolute sucker if you play with his hair. like he’ll just lay his head in your lap and just expect it like the spoiled boyfriend he is and it never fails to get your attention
hyper hyper h y p e r. Fred gets really hyper and giddy when he’s talking about anything he loves (especially you) to someone else. he can’t help it, he’s 100%, totally balls to the wall in love with you
he can also fall asleep on you at pretty much any given time if he’s comfy enough, because there’s no doubt he’s up at the most unholy hours of the night coming up with new Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes products
Fred has a sweet tooth. he’s like a little sugar fiend and he absolutely loves it whenever you bake anything for him
will brag about you and every little thing you’ve done and accomplished to anyone and everyone who will listen
random students and all of your friends get an earful from Fred about you, and it’s honestly adorable
“hey, have you tried one of the cupcakes that Y/N made for me? they’re so good! did you know they’re a really talented baker?” as he proceeds to shove a cupcake in their direction
tickle fights. the minute Fred finds out where you’re ticklish and you start giggling like a hyena, he instigates almost every tickle fight and wins almost every one, he can’t help it, he just finds your giggle to be the most adorable thing
he’ll prank you, but not to the extreme. mostly harmless and playful stuff like opening a container of glitter and just spilling it everywhere so you never truly get rid of all of it, or the good old bucket of water on top of the door trick. he’s always careful to make up for it though by helping clean up his mess and getting you anything you want for the rest of the day
have I mentioned that Fred is an absolute king? well, he is. also a consent king™️. he will not do anything unless he knows for sure that you’re 100% okay with it and he’ll ask ten times only for you to say it’s okay every single time
prouder than a damn peacock whenever you successfully prank someone because he’s taught you so well
so cocky. but that’s classic Fred though and it’s cute
oh god, the dirty jokes and innuendos that Fred could come up with—
“darling, c’mere for a minute please.” and he’s motioning with one finger and then proceeds to say “if I can make you come with one finger, imagine what I could do with two.” and it just gets him a pained groan and an eye roll in response, but a definite laugh as well
super protective boyfriend, because protective Freddie is the best Freddie
always showing out during quidditch practices and matches, and sometimes gets himself hurt and in the hospital wing
“Freddie, you can’t keep doing this, one of these days you’re going to get seriously hurt!” “I’m sorry love, just wanna look good for you is all.”
if you call him Fred instead of babe, baby, or any other cute nickname or pet name, he instantly starts panicking and trying to figure out what he did wrong, even if he’s done nothing wrong
or you’ll get the “Fred? who’s Fred? I don’t know a Fred. I’m baby.” but you do the same thing to him when he calls you by your name
definitely set off fireworks on the training grounds dedicated to you on more than one occasion
will kiss you literally any time, anywhere and doesn’t care about possibly getting detention for it
most wouldn’t guess it, but Fred is a bit more on the clingy side. if you’re cuddling, he’ll keep asking for five more minutes until that five minutes becomes the whole day
adventurous as all get out, he’s always wanting to explore the castle and find out all the secrets about Hogwarts with you
he’s been known to set up a few elaborate scavenger hunts for you for birthdays and Valentine’s Day
lots of goofy inside jokes between you and Fred, and sometimes people just don’t even wanna know
so supportive. it’s honestly baffling how supportive he is because anything you want to do, he’s 100% on your side for it
yeah so basically I just want a Fred, anyone know where can I get a Fred?🥺
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ddarker-dreams · 6 months ago
Eye for an Eye. Yan Feitan x Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Torture of a minor character, blood, just pretty icky bc it’s Feitan, minor character death, mild not SFW implications.  Word count: 2.3k.
Tumblr media
“Do you remember the rules?” 
You thought that you had adequately prepared your mental state for this. Feitan was generous enough to give a full day’s preparation, something he made a point of saying you should feel grateful for, which you were inclined to agree with.
“I do, yes,” you hardly recognize your own voice through the persistent, high pitched ringing in your ears. You’ve yet to enter the hellish landscape that’s just before you, and debilitating anxiety has already begun to take over. Feitan’s menacing aura doesn’t help alleviate your dread; he’s made no attempt to suppress his sick excitement. It curls and wraps around him like shadowy tendrils. So tangible is the negative energy that radiates from him that even without your ability, you’re certain you could sense it from miles away. 
He doesn’t seem content with your answer. “Repeat them.” 
“I can only use enough aura to power my Hatsu. If I start using more than necessary, you will stop the session, and I will be punished accordingly.” You repeat back the words Feitan directed towards you yesterday in a trancelike state.
“So you are capable of retaining basic information,” he hums and opens the door to the basement. “Most impressive.” 
The sarcasm isn’t enough to bother you. You’ve learned (though against your will), how to navigate the minefield that is a regular conversation with your captor. Anyone without knowledge of his inner workings would presume he is displeased, from how his body language betrays his real thoughts. His mouth is set in a straight line and eyes duller than a weathered coin. You can tell from the slight lilt at the end of his sentence that he isn’t upset, far from it, he’s thrilled. 
For some reason, that frightens you more. 
“Your legs aren’t broken, are they? Walk.” Feitan steps into the dimly lit basement, stopping just shy of the stairs to glower at you. You don’t bother responding, knowing it’d upset him the more this was delayed. It was no exaggeration to say you were entering into the underworld, but unlike the Greek fantasies you grew up with, this was no epic of overcoming odds and triumphing. There was no winning here, there was only survival. 
Your legs already feel shaky, that’s a bad sign. You can’t have your knees buckle this early in, it hasn’t even started yet. There’d be a world of pain in store should you keep him waiting. Something tells you that if you were to suffer a heart attack from the sheer stress you’re currently under, he’d drag your soul back to your body if not only to admonish you for daring to inconvenience him. The dark humor gives momentary relief that doesn’t last anywhere near long enough. 
It’s the smell that hits you first. 
Bile claws up your throat, an automatic reaction to the putrid stench, your hand rushing to cover your nose. It does little to offset the pungent odor. The primal part of your brain has long since gone into fight or flight mode, pumping enough adrenaline into you that you’re certain you’ll be able to sleep like the dead tonight once it wears off. That’s something to look forward to, you tell yourself, as you descend deeper into a waking nightmare. At least you’ll get a good night’s rest. Yes, give yourself something to work towards, a light at the end of the tunnel is most helpful. 
It’s a miracle you manage to get down without falling over and hurting yourself. Your breathing is erratic enough to almost be labeled hyperventilating, which is further exacerbated by the ungodly sight haunting your vision. From your bedroom upstairs, you knew it would be bad, the soundproof concrete not enough to entrap this poor man’s screams of sheer terror. Feitan stops to appreciate his work while you gape in uncontrolled horror. 
Look away, look away, look away, look away— 
“You could’ve been in that chair, you know,” Feitan picks up a bloody instrument that was sitting on a nearby table and inspects it. “Lucky you. Count your blessings.” 
How can a human being do this to another? The clinical term for a lack of empathy was something you’ve read before in passing, but it never hit you as hard until now. This was the stuff reserved for late-night binge-watching excursions, not reality, not being just a few feet away from you. Feitan’s words echo in the chamber that is your broken mind, more threatening than he likely intended them to be. If he had wanted you dead, or worse, it would’ve happened by now. That’s what you’d cram into your brain on a better day and force yourself to believe. 
He says you should be grateful to him for letting you live, but could this be labeled as living? 
The man, who Feitan never bothered recounting the name of to you, is closer to death than he is life. His head hangs from weariness, too weak to lift it. You note the bloody rope that’s been used to secure his wrists and ankles to the wooden chair, tied so tightly that the slightest struggle would irritate the skin. It hits you then and there how intentional and methodical every detail is. From the way Feitan avoided vital organs by just a hair, to how he knew which serious wounds to cauterize and which could fester without killing the target early. Everything was optimized to inflict the most suffering humanly possible. 
Maybe he had been justified in saying your treatment was a blessing in comparison to this. 
“Well?” Feitan’s impatient snapping rips you from your reverie, a callous reminder that you have work to do here. That’s right, this is for a reason, no matter how immoral it may be. You hate to admit it, but there’s only enough room in your heart to worry about yourself. Later that night, you’ll pray for forgiveness to any god that hasn’t turned away from you. 
“H-he needs to be conscious,” your teeth are chattering, whether from the poor insulation down here or the fear, you can’t be certain. “Otherwise, it won’t work.” 
Feitan clicks his tongue and walks over to a grimy sink. “Should’ve said that sooner.” 
He turns the faucet on, filling a nearby bucket up with icy cold water. You barely get the opportunity to comprehend what it is he’s hoping to do before he’s in action, dumping the arctic concoction over the slumbering man’s head. The stranger gasps to consciousness, shrieking, his body shivering and eyes bloodshot. 
Through his delirium, he catches you, likely sensing your lack of bloodlust. “P-please, help me, I need—” 
The man doesn’t get to finish his cry for assistance. Feitan is instantly by his side, dislodging a finger on his hand in a way that’ll for sure give you nightmares, accentuated by a sickening crack. You recognize the scowl etched on Feitan’s face immediately, it’s a sight that you wish you could gauge from your brain. That’s how he looked when you were spoken to or, god forbid, touched by anyone other than him. For someone that treated you as little more than a nuisance, he sure hated it when anyone dared to do the same. 
Now that the man’s awake, you’re determined to get this over with. While he shrieks in newfound agony over his broken finger, you activate your Hatsu, mindful to not use more than necessary. Feitan’s warning is not one to be taken lightly. Your ability is immensely useful when it comes to dealing with other people, yes, but not when it comes to actual combat. That’s what landed you in this purgatory after all, your physical weakness couldn’t make up your mental strengths. 
Curator of Oracles, (Reveal That Which Is Yet Unknown). 
Your eyes glow with a faint light, illuminating the otherwise dim room. It’s been so long since you’ve used your Hatsu. Feitan stressed that should you ever try it on him, you’d get to be a guinea pig for some new techniques he had thought up. Whether or not he would actually follow through on that threat didn’t matter to you. It was enough to strike the fear of god onto your soul, having heard the suffering that takes place down here enough nights to not trifle with him. 
Similar to the tip of a blade, your concentrated aura penetrates deep into the man’s mind, revealing and putting everything on full display for you. 
His name is Marshall Adams. He is thirty-two, once divorced, with his ex wife having sole custody of his two sons. He works part-time at a convenience store just down the road from where he grew up and lives with his sick mother. While browsing around the web one night, he happened upon an ad that promised a great reward for information on The Phantom Troupe. He wanted to turn his life around with the sum he would get with the money. He wanted to prove those who thought he’d turn out like his abusive father wrong, to provide for his dying mother, to reconnect with his sons who he loved more than life itself, to—
“Ngh,” you fall to your knees, the information influx fraying your nerves and setting your emotions on fire. Another shortfall from not being able to freely use your ability meant that when you did, it was more draining than it used to be. You were out of practice, thanks to Feitan, who is observing your every movement like a hawk. He’s making sure you’re behaving as you promised you would. 
You pant, your heart racing, and every inch of your body perspiring. You’ll need a long, hot shower after this. 
“How much does he know?” Feitan doesn’t allow you to regain yourself, impatiently expecting your report.
It hurts, god, does it hurt. Why couldn’t this guy have been some disgusting criminal, like a human trafficker or some other scum you couldn’t empathize with? Maybe then, it would’ve been easier to sentence him to a fate of unimaginable suffering and terror, but that’s not who he is. You saw it all. His rare victories and many defeats, the love in his heart for his family, how this was meant to be the start of a new chapter in his life. His last phone call before he was captured was with a social worker, where he confidently said that he would soon have the financial backing to make a case for seeing his sons. 
“Are you certain about this, Mr. Adams?” She had asked. 
“I’ve never been more certain in my life,” he replied. “Just you wait. I’m gonna see my boys real soon.” 
Why did he have to get involved in all this? 
Why did you have to get involved?
Why, why, why? 
Feitan crouches down by your side to inspect you, his hand on your shoulder as a silent warning. “I’ve waited long enough.” 
Marshall Adams struggles against his restraints again, none the wiser to what just happened to him, or what is about to happen. You swallow thickly. He had managed to hold out on telling Feitan what he knew, his resolve and pride are most commendable. Some selfish part of you condemns him for this. Had he just given up like all of Feitan’s other victims and spilled everything he knew, Feitan wouldn’t have been forced to ask for your assistance, and you wouldn’t be down here. You’d be in your room, wearing your fuzzy pajamas, snacking on some candies that Feitan had seen fit to reward you with for your recent good behavior.
You don’t think you’ll have an appetite for days after this. 
“He took and posted pictures of Uvogin online.” 
“Clear ones?” 
Please, forgive me, you think, knowing you don’t deserve it. “Crystal.” 
Feitan mutters under his breath at this but finally relents. You wrap your shaky arms around your torso, silently mourning what would soon happen to this man, knowing full well it was unjust. He was smart to know telling Feitan this was a bad idea. Your ability single-handedly ruined Marshall’s perseverance and you couldn’t be more disappointed in yourself. It doesn’t help that Feitan’s mood is soured, now knowing his fellow Spider’s safety has been compromised. There will be hell to pay for this. 
Exercising surprising tenderness, Feitan helps you to your feet, not complaining when you lean against him for support as you expected him to. He carries you upstairs after assessing your weakened, trembling state. You hate yourself for letting him do this, for letting him touch you, for every injustice you’ve been subjected to against your will since meeting him. That’s what you tell yourself, all the while leaning into his touch for some sort of relief. 
He sets you down on a couch and pats your head. It was intended as a rare, affectionate gesture, but you view it as anything but. You find it to be degrading. Worse of all, he would’ve loved to know you saw it like that, so you’re extra careful to not give yourself away. The last thing you need to deal with is getting him off when you’re in deep mourning. 
“You’re so good for me,” Feitan praises in a raspy voice, and you almost wretch. “So submissive. My obedient little [First].” 
“Expect a reward later. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” 
Numb to anything other than fear, you nod, not risking upsetting him when he’s so content with you right now. With that, he retracts his hand and walks back to the basement. You wish you didn’t notice the bloodlust oozing from his pores as soon as you were out of his sight, for it was a foreboding sign. 
You grab the closet pillow and cover your ears to the blood-curdling screams that come seconds later. 
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hardcore-realms · 7 months ago
Hi!! May I request a platonic, mother-figure insert? With Techno?
Where the reader had adopted Techno when he was young and raised him. She had taken care of him most of his life and just was generally a good mother.
(Kind of in-game AU?) They both live together and she still helps out, just helping make food or potions.
Until, one day she catches a fever and still tries to help. She doesn’t stop until she ends up passing out and Techno just p a n i c s . He ends up having to take care of her though, and it ends up okay in the end!
Can I just say- I love this Idea so so much, like,,adopting Techno???Being his Parent??Caring for him??🥺
Y e s please qldbbs
But I hope this is okay :,> I‘ve been trying to work on this as best as possible aaa
Also- there‘s a swear word- I think it‘s only 1 but ya know, just a heads up xD
Take a Break | Technoblade & Mother!Reader
Requested? Indeed 😌
Pronouns? She / Her leaning ( being called Mother pretty much )
Summary - Sickness comes to all at some Point, but even then, you surely stood strong. Once the Symptoms actually sink in though, Techno can’t help but get increasingly worried about you..He definitely knows now from who he got the Stubborness from though.
Humming quietly, you flipped through the Pages of one of the Books that had always fascinated you.
The only noise was the brewing stand bubbling and the rustling of the Pages being turned, other than that you couldn‘t exactly hear much in this calming Moment.
No matter how much you tried though, nothing could help to take off your Mind from the chilly feeling or ease the aching of your Body. You kept telling yourself that it was just a little flu and it would pass in the coming Days- it was normal that you‘d get sick when spending so much Time in such freezing temperatures after all.
Over Time though, it hadn‘t actually gotten better. In fact, today was probably one of the Days your Fever was worse, so you had set on making something simpler today that would still help your Son for the upcoming Days- being, brewing Potions. It was a good but easy Thing to start the early morning with.
„Y/N?“, Techno‘s Voice pulled you out of your Thoughts, having you look up from the Book you were trying to read. You didn‘t even notice that he already came back in from gathering some Wood. Maybe it was just because of being too invested into the Book you had..even if you weren‘t actually able to focus on it despite trying.
You still gave him a smile, putting the Bookmark on the current Pages and closing it afterwards. The all too familiar Sound of the Potions finishing had your Attention quickly pull back to the brewing stand and adding the last Ingredient so it‘d become a splash Potion instead.
„Are..Are you okay?“, he asked as he unclipped and shrugged off his Cape, hanging it on the Spot where he usually kept it before doing the same with taking off his Armor. Meanwhile, you hummed as a Response and taking the finished Potions away, replacing them with waterfilled Glassbottles.
As soon as you got up though, it didn‘t take much for you to stumble and you for sure would‘ve accidentally dropped the 3 Potions you just made, if it wasn‘t for Techno being quick enough to catch you.
Once you regained your balance, you quickly apologized and went on to put the Bottles away, leaving Techno no Time to even say anything.
And didn‘t get better later in the Day either.
You kept either making Excuses or didn‘t even listen to him trying to reason with you taking a Break- sure, Techno had always appreciated when you helped him out. Especially with everything else going on lately, even the smallest of help was much.
And that‘s really why you continued with trying to help him around.
Ever since you first found him as a small Child, you were dedicated to be there and help as much as possible. From being a general Parent-Figure, teaching him different Things to seeing him grow even remembered the first Time that Techno had actually called you ‚Mom‘.
But it drove Techno to a bit of frustration, more so contiunesly worrying about you. Yet, he didn‘t confront you ( again ) because of it, rather only trying to keep an eye on you, as it was apparently the only Thing he could do.
He felt unsure on how to help.
Once it was near Evening, Techno was looking for you once more. He spent most of the Time before either planning his next Move or trying to figure out how to stop you from being too set on continuing the daily Routine.
Techno got out of his Room, strictly set on his Plan even if he had to physically force you to stop- just because you were pretty much his Mother, it didn‘t change anything.
He’d just as calmly and reasonably as possible talk to you and then convince you, or just drag you away from whatever you were doing at a
Oh god, wait-
What were you doing?
It took him a Moment to think as he blanked out for a second before rushing into the Basement, looking around to see if you were where he thought you would be, considering usually, the Routine of yours was to sort the Chests.
Sorting the Items was never really his Thing, so you took it upon yourself to at the End of every Day to sort them again so he‘d have an easier time getting some Things. And today was no excuse either- at least you thoughty
Considering as soon as he had made his Way down and saw you, it didn‘t even take a second until you stumbled a bit to the side as sudden dizziness took over, before actually collapsing onto the Ground.
Eyes widening, Techno rushed to you, kneeling down: „Mom?!“
He started to panic when he shook you by the Shoulder a bit, but yet didn‘t receive any kind of Response to it. Putting a Hand on your Forehead for a quick Moment, he realized you were practically burning up for quite a while probably. He should‘ve taken action sooner instead of trying to think everything through first, oh god-
Before his thoughts took more focus on how the voices suddenly became increasingly louder with worry, he carefully picked you up and went back upstairs to bring you into the Room that you usually slept in. All while cursing quietly under his breath.
While walking up, he already was making a mental list of what he needed and as soon as he put you on your Bed, he instantly started to gather the few Things to help. First of it being something cool to put on your Forehead.
Luckily, the Voices too were there to help him get a good List of Things together for as many ‚just in case‘ situations as he could possibly think about.
Once you actually woke up again and opened your Eyes, you still felt like completely shit.
Your Head felt weird and the Room felt like it was still spinning from before you even passed out under the aching Pain. You didn‘t bother opening your Eyes again once squeezing them back shut because of the blinding light ( even though it was the natural daylight pretty much ).
Somewhere else, just barely, you could hear some kind of mumbling, part of an conversation most likely. The Voice sounded..familiar, but your Mind felt too clouded to actually focus on whoever was talking.
Well, until the Door of what you guessed was your Room opened, stepping closer. Only when a Hand started softly shaking your Shoulder did you open your Eyes again.
„How are you feeling?“, Techno asked as he put the bowl of Soup on the bedside table, grabbing the now rather warm piece of cloth that was on your Forehead.
After he helped you sit up somewhat, you finally were able to form an actual Sentence: „A bit dizzy still..and my Body hurts, a lot..“
With a sigh, he gave a nod and made sure the Soup he had made for you wasn‘t too hot to eat right now. It was early Night by now, a few Hours had passed since you actually passed out. Considering it was barely around an Hour, a bit less, since he made it though, it seemed to be a good temperature.
And of course he helped you with a few different Things, whatever you asked for.
Anything, except letting you get up.
Techno made sure that you always had Water near you since it was important that you stayed hydrated. The following Time, he also took over the duties you’d usually do- he started cooking meals for himself and you, while trying his best to keep his Chests as sorted as possible ( even if that part didn‘t work out as much ) and stop his sneaking into L’manberg for the meanwhile.
He couldn‘t risk someone following him back here.
When you tried and offered to help, he‘d always immediately deny.
„You‘re already busy enough, Tec-“, but as soon as you tried to always reason with him, there was no excuse. He continually interrupted you, a small smile on his Face this Time now: „I said No. You‘re my Mother and sick, you‘ll stay here and I‘ll take care of everything for now.
You too deserve a Break.“
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animextears · 5 months ago
DRIP DRIP :|: Akaashi Keiji
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
akaashi keiji x reader : * :
warnings: 18+ only, smut, moody reader, oral, teasing
wc: 1.6k premise: does he have what it takes to make you feel better?
author notes: ty for your patience & waiting out the weekend for this, akaashi luvers!
Tumblr media
You were definitely having a bad day and Akaashi Keiji knew it. He could tell by the way you walked into the room and how your lips do that thing whenever you're deep in thought. That thing which he secretly finds too cute, especially because it gives him an opportunity to try and kiss it right off of you.
He approaches you with care midway through your huff across the kitchen, "Hey. —Baby." stopping you by the waist, stern hands finding their way to a bit of bare skin under your shirt and lightly gripping around them, that somehow, even through your current headspace of disturbances has a way of slipping through the crack of your mood just enough to shoot a tiny amount of electricity straight to the clit. Even so, you brush it off with determination, you’re feeling too pissed off for that.
He tilts his head curiously and dips his knees a bit in order to get closer to your face. His sparkling oceanic eyes are greeting you with concern, passion, questioning and calm all at the same. God, you think, you don't know how he does that, but it's one of the things you adore so much about him. He can say a multitude of things through those profound peepers without saying much.
Akaashi points a finger to run it up the middle of your furrowed brow, pushing upward on the forehead, so as to lift up the expression and unfurrow it for you, "Aww, you ok?" he consoles.
Your exhale is an appreciative one, and you are very grateful that he cares, but you just can't seem to shake this feeling.
An equally sparkling smirk to match his eyes comes forth, "I think I could...make you feel...better?..."
You attempt a small smile, but from being so in your head with the irritating day you've had, you just don't believe anything would help right now.
"No, Keiji baby, thanks, it's fine. I think I just need to think for a bit maybe..." you turn around to the kitchen counter, reaching for a glass from the cabinet and fill it to the brim with water.
“I see.”
He doesn’t really.
And it becomes evident by the way he is moving in on your back with playful lust and a sigh, “Hmm, you sure?"
His arms wrap around you to the front, one hand delicately leafing at the hem of your shirt, when suddenly it traces up your bare rib cage underneath the fabric. He follows through by groping one of your soft tits, lacing your nipple between two of his long fingers, then pressing the space between them to squeeze in on the sensitive bud. Akaashi knows how to expertly massage at the buoyant heft within his handful, like he’s gone pro in the athletic field of tiddie-tossing.
When he sees a trickle of your pleasure break through, he entices you, "Oh...? How about if I add another...?"
As you take a sip of water, his other hand moves in on your other breast and when your mouth separates from the lip of the glass, you release a louder pant. "Mmm, I dunno, baby, you maybe don't seem so sure..."
Enclosing itself behind your body now is the feeling of very stiff, very large excitement pressing in between the line of your clothed bottom. Your eyes shut trying to keep composure because you aren't fully convinced yet that you'll be able to let go of your glowering attitude. But, once his hands are both artfully rubbing on you within your blouse while making an indentation of himself on your lower half, he's right about your uncertainty. Ten sweet fingertips sink deeper into the flesh on your chest as you puff out harder.
"Hm, babe? What was that? Can't hear you." A clink of a full glass taps the counter. Your grip on it tightens.
When your head drops forward, he knows you're done for now.
Fast as he can, Akaashi plunges a hand down into the wet depth of your pants, his chin now resting on your inner shoulder so that his lips are effervescent on your ear. He slides his middle finger up inside you and it's already so soaked he can barely contain his low and prompt reply, "Ohh fuck, precious..." expelling his gratification as he drives it deeper, getting you to finally whimper pitifully because you're still so goddamn upset, but smooth-talking, blue-eyes here has gotten your moody fortresses to fall. "Let me ask you again, angel, how would you like it if I add another-?" Your spine bends forward to respond before your brain can even catch up to formulate words of agreement and— He adds two, twisting in the index and ring fingers up to join the middle like it's a grinding dance party in your pussy. The inexplicable feeling of his fullness leaves you capsized. Suddenly, all your frustration about the day has completely escaped you now. -Wait- what was I even moping about?- His fingers curl in on that hypersensitive spot within and you are fully sopping.
When you start hitting your hips against the counter to get his fingers to dip in further, he slows for a second.
"Turn your head some and let me look at that cute little flustered face..." You look hazily into his alluring eyes, "...mmn, now that's better isn't it, my pretty pouty girl?"
"Mhmn, Keiji...-'t feels better..."
Even ASMR doesn't do justice to the way he whisperingly croons out, "So, does someone want a peck on the lips to feel better?"
When your head leans in to him give one, he quickly diverts his away and declares calmly,
"Not those ones."
You watch his eyes narrow, and with these words, he feels your body reflexively tense in anticipation and it's all the confirmation he needs.
Without waiting for a response he readily unhands himself from within you, so that in a blink of an eye, he's already undone the top button of your pants and the other has swiftly followed to unzip them. With a hard tug, he exposes your ass, releasing your drenched garments, so that the clothes and his knees both hit the floor simultaneously.
He is fierce, yet tender as he bites into the ripeness of your plump cheek. A groan erupts out of you.
Akaashi turns you around, hands sliding along the swivel of your hips. He leans in to hover his mouth just over your little, bare hump, breathing warmth over it as he looks up at you, you down at him.
"I asked you a question," hot, moist words deliberately hit only your clit. He seeks to edge you longer and its something you can hardly handle well. Concentrated heat beats at it again,
“Want me to kiss it? Make it all better?”
You are devastated, “P-please, Keiji,” casting him a sensual nod.
His eyes don’t leave yours as he reveals his tongue and solely places it flat and still on your bundle of nerves, building your arousal. Only after you reactively hitched your third rapid mini breath in a row that has your belly contracting from desire, does he finally close his eyes leaning into his own pleasure of your inviting flavor.
With his tongue, he creates a space in between your soft crease soaking it further with your juices. He motions keenly from the back to the front, then again, slowly to the hole, then quickly back to the tip. When you quiver, he snatches a thigh and hitches it over his shoulder burrowing his face more intensely onto you, shoving your pelvis into a half-way sit position on the chilly counter.
You cry out with soft squeals and your head falls back while clenching through his raven strands.
The sound of lush, compact, oral smacks hitting your eardrums are like a rush of music you didn't know you needed today. All of your skin is resounding in relaxation and applause. His face is so pretty as you watch him enjoy taking all of your troubles away with just the cushion of his drenched muscle. Akaashi is a true giver. A truly giving lover and a super giving man.
He forcefully sinks his tongue up your creamy slit, masterfully jerking it inward while also working his lips upward in a way that now makes your eyesight obscured to the room. You didn't even realize you still had a glass in your hand until your increased thrusts onto his mouth begins to spill water all over, slightly showering you and the crown of Akaashi's head. He barely notices, and you see him humorously smile from behind your cunt because he knows you're about to peak. You don't even want to take a second to stop and put it down because if you do, you might lose your rise to climax right now.
Your voice is a small stirring mewl, "Oh Keiji, oh god, baby- I’m- I’m gonna...gonna come—" He sucks deeply onto that frontal sweet spot, focusing in on it and rocking his lips forward and knows not to stop not stop not stop until after...
—Your body becomes lighting, bursting outward, high-pitched tones vocalize themselves out from your chest. The water from your lazy grasp is splashing everywhere and you can tell he is just loving all of it.
As you descend, he hugs around both of your thighs and gives the swollen lump between them one final faint kiss.
Now that you are both partially bathed, he takes a stand, and flicks an attractive hand through his damp hair to fix it.
He liberates the glass from your hand and takes a sip of the water that's barely there anymore and finishes it, then lightly slaps at your bare ass. He warmly winks, granting you a quick kiss with an armed grin behind it. Before coyly turning on his heel out the room to just leave you standing there gaping with your half-naked frame hanging off the counter, Akaashi proclaims,
"Well, love, that's certainly one way to wash away the pain."
Tumblr media
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danniburgh · 4 months ago
As the trees miss the Autumn (Javier Peña x f!reader x OFC)
Pairing: Javier Peña x f!reader x ofc
Summary: It was almost meant to be; Lia and you had spent six months together before meeting Javier and never felt like something was missing until he smirked towards you; The three of you really didn’t know exactly how it started, but you knew how it had ended.
Word count: +9.2k
Warnings: mild angst, OT3 SMUT, unprotected sex, p in v, fingering, oral, cum play. I made it gay, pregnancy. I think that’s it.
A/N: guys this is terribly self indulgent, i just wanna say that i loved writing this bc im super bi and i want a relationship like this. This one is dedicated to @mouthymandalorian​ just because i love her and i might wanna kiss her deeply
Masterlist // Read on ao3 // ko-fi
comments and reblogs are eternally appreciated 💓
Tumblr media
gif: @javier-pena​ 
None of you really knew exactly how it started;
For Lia it was when she met you, in a tiny, dirty bar, hiding away from the men that wanted to take you out to dance, begging someone to save you from the claws of a crowded dance floor. She bought you a beer after the one you’d been nursing was gone as you enjoyed the attention of a not-so-older, gorgeous woman and after that she took your hand, got inside a cab with you, spent the ten-minute ride caressing your thigh over your skirt, welcomed you into her apartment and kissed you like a woman starving as soon as she closed the door
For you it was at the end of that whole long weekend you spent at her place, she had taught you to cook that potato omelet you liked so much the first time she cooked it for you, only wrapped in a bathrobe with her arms wrapped around your waist and her lips nibbling at your neck, you ate the almost burnt omelet sitting on her kitchen counter while she stood between your legs and right after you finished she ate you as a dessert.
For Javier it was when he met you at an empty bar that served the best chicken wings you or Lia could’ve ever had; he saw you laughing and holding hands from his seat on the bar while the bartender poured him the third whiskey of that night, he liked Lia’s hair and your laugh, the way she gripped your forearm with her lean fingers made him feel something he swore he wouldn’t be able to feel again; the way you leaned onto her to brush her cheek made him lick his lips in craving for that kind of intimacy, and when you and Lia both turned to see him at the same time, he knew he was screwed.
For the three of you it was when Lia had all but forced you to walk up to the handsome man with the mustache that sat on the bar, she had told him if he enjoyed the view and you asked him if he was alone: he answered yes to both questions. Two hours later, several chicken wings orders and a never ending chat, the three of you were in Javier's car and driving to his place while discussing the terms of what the three of you wanted to be a possible permanent agreement.
It was almost meant to be; Lia and you had spent six months together before meeting Javier and never felt like something was missing until he smirked towards you.
What the three of you started to build wasn’t always honey over pancakes; there’s was jealousy and possessiveness; Javier was a blunt man with a difficult job, several hours away from home and feeling like he should keep everything to himself; Lia was moody and controlling on her bad days, she knew what she wanted and how she wanted it and she knew how to get things, she and Javier clasped and crashed almost every day; you were more passive than them, quiet on your good days and loud on the bad ones, you had your own rituals and your own quirks, but there was this role that was implicitly assigned to you when that relationship started; you were to bring the three of you together.
But with the pass of time the only complicated thing left was sex; almost always between the three of you; counted times you had one of them only for you or they had themselves. You did it all together.
The three of you really didn’t know exactly how it started, but you knew how it had ended.
Two years into your relationship; after life had thrown at you some heavy rocks, after part of your families accepted the uncommon root of the love you shared, after sharing a living space and building a life together; Javier got transferred to Colombia.
The night he brought the news to you and Lia he was a different man, he looked ten years aged, tired and bewildered; it wasn’t like he didn’t ask for it, he did but out of commitment to his office; he really didn’t want to go to a foreign country to fight a war you and Lia had convinced him was not his to fight; but the wars are never fair to the desires of the people and he received the transfer papers and a work visa. When he found out he had a week to pack his life in two suitcases and say goodbye to his family; his dad, Lia and you.
And even though he had never really said he loved either of you out loud; as he preferred to show you, the day Lia and you went to drop him at the airport he hugged each one tightly, he whispered against your ears how much he loved you and how grateful he was that you had made space for him in your lives, he kissed you both like a man starved; not caring about the few glances you three got as you said your goodbyes and after the second call on the airport speakers for the passengers with destination to Bogotá, Colombia, Lia and you saw him disappear through the boarding gate.
So you returned to a home that felt empty without his broad body present; his cologne still lingered in the space and the smell of the man you slept wrapped around for two years made you break as Lia held you; the night he left, neither of you slept.
At first he called two or three times a week; he really tried to be there for both, asking about your days, trying to tell you both about his; but life has a way to show you who really is in charge. Life has its own plans and so his workload was heavier and your lives got busier, so his calls eventually stopped making the phone ring.
You missed him; missed him like the stars missed the bright light of the moon when it was new; Lia missed him like the trees missed the leaves they lost during fall; Javier missed you like the fire missed the oxygen it needed to survive; it was a miserable feeling that he tried to drown in his own ways, always trying to get his ways to be shaped as Lia or you: but it was never enough.
Javier got to a point where he felt pure and green envy towards the both of you because you still had each other: in the years you had shared together he got to feel like and addition and not a part of something whole only a few times and only in the beginning; neither you nor Lia ever made him feel like he didn’t fit or he wasn’t as much yours as you were his. But he was alone in a country he never knew and he only knew a variant of the language of, he was tired and some nights he felt cold and scared like when he was a child and he could only think of the warmness of your bodies that he should’ve never left behind.
And so a year passed, and then another one did; if it wasn’t because of the few phone calls you two gave him, on christmas, on his birthday, on yours, on the times you two felt like it was too much and you just needed to hear his voice and you forced him to stay on the phone until he was practically falling asleep while talking; he could’ve sworn he would’ve already forgotten the sweet and sour sound of your voices. 
If it wasn’t because of the pictures you sent him with the few letters you wrote him, some of you together, some of you smiling into the camera; some of you kissing so he wouldn’t forget he was still yours even if he was thousands of miles away; he could’ve sworn he would’ve forgotten your faces, or the color of your hair and Lia’s green eyes, or the shape or your bodies, or the color or your pretty pussies as one of you spread it open with your fingers and snapped a polaroid of it all wet and leaky for you and him.
He was actually grateful for the obscene amount of nude pics you two had sent him; your naked bodies were the last thing he wanted to forget about you.
Neither you nor Lia ever expected him to send something back; you still had the comfort of each other’s bodies, and you never forbid Javier from finding comfort in another person; you wanted him to be as happy as he could be in a place that seemed even god had forsaken, but that didn’t mean you didn’t miss him.
You missed him until you couldn’t anymore.
“Babe.” Lia whispered in your ear one night; the room still smelled like sex and you and her and the absence of Javier’s essence.
“Yeah?” you answered, shifting on your side to face her, both of you sleeping in the middle of the bed, right where Javier used to sleep.
“What if we go see Javi?” she whispered again, you frowned.
“Baby,” you scoffed softly, you could see in the darkness and by the very few moonlight that entered the room the way she rolled her eyes, “he told us we shouldn’t.”
“Yeah, I know,” she let out, frustrated, you reached to her and pressed her against you, leaving a kiss on her cheek, she sighed “I miss him.”
You said nothing, nodding a few times so she could be sure you agreed. Lia knew you missed him too, missed him like crazy.
Lia’s hand brushed softly through the skin of your naked hip and she left a feathery kiss on your lips.
“I wanna see him,” she whispered out, pouting, through the darkness you saw her eyes begging you for it, you shook your head softly; Lia let out another sigh and leaned towards you to lick at your lower lip, her hand sliding to the apex of your thighs and her lean fingers found immediately your clit, you gasped “let’s go see him,” she cooed on your mouth as her fingers brushed your slick folds “let’s go see our boy.”
“Not fair,” you let out on a moan when her fingers slid inside your cunt and she pressed into you softly “you’re playing dirty, Li.” she smiled against the skin of your chin and scissored her fingers inside you, you gasped again.
“Please, baby, he misses us.” she whispered as her thumb circled your clit, she pumped her fingers inside you and she left soft kisses on your jaw just like Javier used to do.
The coil that she had built inside your belly broke and you only could whisper his name.
Lia huffed a smile and brought her fingers to her mouth as you recovered from the orgasm she made you feel.
“Call Chucho in the morning,” you panted out, “ask him if he wants us to take something with us.”
Lia smiled at you and cupped your face to kiss you deeply.
“He’s gonna be so mad.” Lia said with a smile as you walked into Houston Intercontinental Airport with one suitcase each and holding hands. You scoffed and rolled your eyes at her.
“First, he's gonna fuck us and then he will send us back, just you wait.” you let out on a low voice and Lia cackled.
“A’right baby, turn on your lying, please.” Lia said as you walked out of the plane into the gate’s doors, you gripped her hand tightly and then let her go as you walked towards the immigration booths; the almost three-hour flight was spent with you trying to come up with something to tell the immigration agents besides we are here to visit our boyfriend, who is a fed; that was the first thing Chucho told you not to do.
After talking to one agent each you got the free pass into the country and Lia didn’t wait to be far away from them to gasp in relief.
“I’m so happy Javi forced spanish onto us,” she let out, grabbing your hand again, heading towards the doors, you chuckled. “I don’t wanna know how much harder it would be without at least being able to say Hola and Vine a conocer Colombia.”
The afternoon air in Bogotá was considerably colder than it was in Houston, which made Lia shiver, and you reached for the piece of paper you had scribbled Javier’s address onto and had shoved inside your pants as Lia called for a taxi with her not so lady-like whistle.
A cab parked in front of you and Lia turned on her mean face; the one she used when she knew certain situations could turn sideways quickly, and the one she started using when Javier was no longer walking next to either of you; the driver helped with your suitcases and you got inside the car, you reached for Lia’s hand and rested the entanglement of fingers on your lap.
“I’m nervous.” you muttered, Lia chuckled in agreement.
Javier ran out of the office with Steve tailing him almost at the same speed.
“Jav, what the fuck is going on?” Steve asked again, louder than when he saw him stamping the phone back on its cradle and let out a chain of curses in both english and spanish.
Javier didn’t answer, he didn't even acknowledge Steve as his partner’s heavy steps echoed his own while he sprinted out of the embassy building and towards his truck.
Javier stopped hearing Steve’s steps when he reached for his keys in his pocket and jumped inside his Bronco.
“Fuck!” Javier let out as he maneuvered the steering wheel, backed up the truck and eyed Steve standing on the embassy steps, completely flabbergasted out of the corner of his eye.
Steve saw the truck racing out of the parking lot with an angry Javier driving like crazy, as he frowned, wondering what Javier's dad told his partner that made him run out like there was a fire.
“Are you sure is this one?” Lia asked once the cab drove away, you nodded and walked towards the building steps.
“What I’m not sure of is if he’s even here.” you muttered out, chuckling, Lia shook her head with a smile and walked next to you, she opened the building door and you walked in; it smelled somewhat dampy and enclosed, nothing unbearable but it was certainly different, there was no elevator and according to the address you and Lia wrote on the envelopes when you sent him stuff, his apartment was on the third floor.
Lia sighed behind you when you took in the building's silence and you nodded your head towards the stairs.
“Let’s go.” you winked at her and stretched your hand so she could take it.
Going up the stairs with a semi-heavy suitcase in one hand and your girlfriend in the other wasn't easy, but when you reached the third floor all the discomfort left your body and the feeling that settled inside you was a mix between nervousness and excitement.
Lia pulled you forward to walk towards one of the two doors on that floor and you raised your hand to knock.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” you heard behind you the recognizable and unmistakable hard, deep, very angry voice of Javier.
Lia frowned next to you, and you let your mouth curl into a smile.
Javier felt his chest throb and his heart stop when he saw you turn around to face him at the same time.
“Javi!” you gasped out and let go of Lia’s hand and your suitcase, running up to where he was standing and throwing yourself to him.
Javier’s hands landed on your waist and your arms curled around his neck, he shivered slightly when he felt you inhaling him; he smelled as he always did, cigarette, that cologne you never learned the name of, musk and his sweet, sweaty body essence.
Lia glared at him, Javier felt it deep inside him, she was waiting for him to do something to you, anything.
“What are you doing here?” he asked again, Lia dropped her shoulders in half-relief, half-exhaustion.
“We came to see you,” you replied, your voice muffled by the fabric of his jacket, your face still buried on his shoulder, he gripped your body closer to him “aren’t you happy to see us?” you whispered.
“Yes, Javi, aren’t you?” Lia let out, leaving her own suitcase, walking up to him and reaching to cup his face, Javier relaxed slightly and leaned onto her soft touch, leaning down so she could leave a kiss on his jaw.
“Why did you come?” he whispered as he looked into her green gaze, Lia narrowed her eyes.
“Because you didn't bother to visit, Javier,” Lia admonished, her hardened voice caused you to wake up from the day slumber that breathing in Javier’s smell gave you and you turned on his shoulder to see her, “we missed you like crazy.” 
“Lia,” he let go of you to cup her face, she frowned when you let out a soft yelp and slapped his arms away, “baby.” Javier let out.
“Don’t you dare.” she tightened her jaw, you bit your lip and sensed the unaddressed tension between them.
“Javi.” you called him, knowing that if you didn’t try to stop him Lia would snap at him.
“Amelia.” Javier called out again, and Lia let out a soft growl.
“Javi.” you called again, your voice growing desperate.
“I told you not to come.” he told her, Lia pushed him back, he didn’t move.
“Yet you didn’t visit.” she let out, you closed your eyes and breathed in, Javier crossed his arms on his chest.
“I couldn’t, you know it,” he said, “I needed to stay here, have you forgotten?” you noticed how Lia’s face grew red and, as if it happened in slow motion, she raised her hand and clasped her palm across his face.
Javier didn’t move, but he rubbed his cheek with his own hand and glared at her.
“Lia!” you walked towards them and planted your feet so your body acted as a barrier between them both.
“That’s why you came?” Javier muttered out behind you “to slap me?”
“No, asshole!” she let out, deflating in front of you, you wanted nothing more but to reach to her, knowing how hard it was for her sometimes to just let go and let herself feel things “we love you, we missed you!”
“Lia, stop.” you begged, getting in her line of view, she dropped her shoulders and nodded at you.
“Fine.” she mouthed to you and crossed her arms on her chest, the same gesture she had acquired from Javier.
“And you,” you turned around to face Javier, whose hand had dropped back to his side, “don’t be so hard on us, it’s been two years.” you whispered to him, Javier put his hands on his hips and leaned to the side, you saw him chew the inside of his cheek and his eyes fell to the floor.
“Baby,” he muttered without looking at you, stretching his hand so you could take it, you did, his hand wrapped yours almost entirely and you felt a bolt of energy going through your spine “it’s so dangerous down here…” he let out in a sigh, you felt Lia’s presence behind you.
“It’s been two years.” you repeated, gripping the hold on his hand, he nodded and looked at you and then at Lia.
“Say you missed us, idiot.” Lia let out, wrapping her arms around your waist and resting her chin on your shoulder, Javier smirked and shook his head.
Before he could open his mouth to say a thing, a heavy set of rushed steps was heard behind Javier.
“Jav?” he dropped your hand and turned around, you narrowed your eyes as you looked at the tall, blonde man standing at the edge of the stairs.
“Who is this?” Lia asked lowly in your ear and you shrugged.
“Isn’t his partner blonde?” you recalled from your calls with Javier. Lia shrugged back.
“Hey,” Javier let out, not moving from his position in the middle of the hallway, the man looked at both of you and eyed thoughtfully the grip Lia had on your body “you followed me?” Javier asked.
“No, but what the hell, man?” he spat in a southern accent that made you smile, “you just rushed out like a crazy person.”
“Murph, please…” Javier sighed towards him.
“It is his partner.” you murmured to Lia, remembering the name Javier had told you once he talked to you about the new man that was being sent to work with him.
“You Murphy?” Lia asked, you bit your lips to hide your smile and elbowed her softly.
“Yeah…” he replied hesitantly. Javier turned to look at the both of you and closed his eyes, you let your lips curl in a smile, “I’m sorry, do I know you?” he narrowed his blue eyes at you and Lia.
“No.” Javier spat, you feigned a gasp and Lia released you from her hold.
“Javier didn’t tell you about us?” Lia asked and you looked at the way Javier hid his eyes from the man. Murphy tilted his head.
“Oh…” he let out softly “this’ your girls?” the man pointed at you both with two fingers and Javier sighed.
“Yes, yes we are,” Lia let out, walking towards him, she raised her hand, he shook it and she introduced you to him with your full name “and I’m Amelia.”
“Well, nice to meet you’both.” he let out with a soft, tight-lipped smile as he walked to shake your hand.
“Shut the fuck up, Steve,” Javier let out, making you chuckle “how did you know?” he growled out.
“Jav, you may not mention them,” he said, walking towards Javier “but when you speak to’em you light up, man, you’re not the only man that notices stuff,” Steve slapped Javier’s arm a few times and turned to the both of you, “welcome to Colombia, I guess.” he shrugged with a charming smile and walked to the opposite direction, pulled out a set of keys and opened the door right in front of Javier’s apartment, disappearing behind it with a nod towards you and Lia.
“I like him.” you said, Lia snorted.
“Shut up.” Javier muttered, mimicking Steve’s actions and opening his door, he walked in with yours and Lia’s suitcases and left the door open for you.
“I told you he’d be mad.” Lia said, walking inside the apartment, you let out a soft chuckle.
“I think we can make him feel better in no time.” you responded, walking behind her and closing the door.
You and Lia inspectioned the apartment carefully, looking at what he had done with an embassy issued place in the last two years he had been living there, you liked just how him it was.
Javier had left the suitcases near a door that you figured lead to the room, Lia grunted at the cheesy dog portrait in one of the walls but smiled softly at the full bar that had its place near the window in the living room.
“Can you please explain to me now why you came?” Javier sat on the leather loveseat, holding his head in his hands, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his palms.
“We told you, Javi…” Lia said, walking to sit next to him, you did the same, sitting on his other side, the couch was comfortable but you liked the one you had in Houston better. “we missed you.”
“God,” Javier sighed out, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and reached to him to kiss his cheek “I missed you too,” he looked at both of you and Lia let out the first smile towards him of the evening “both of you.”
“We know, dummy,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder as he moved his arms to hug you both, “don’t be angry, please.” you all but pleaded, your soft voice made him huff.
“How could I?” he said, kissing the crown of your head and turning to kiss Lia on the cheek “you’re both insane,” he muttered, you chuckled, “whose idea was it?”
“Lia’s” you whispered, shivering at the way his hand was drawing shapeless forms on your covered skin.
“Of course,” he chuckled softly and tightened the grip on your bodies, “of course it was.” he murmured against Lia’s cheek.
“Sorry for the slap.” she said, moving her head to kiss his lips, he smiled against her mouth.
“I liked it.” he murmured.
“Should I do it again?” Lia whispered back, you smiled broadly at their flirting. Two years had passed without him, and they were still the same teasing, flirty fuckers you fell in love with.
“No, no hitting,” you whispered out, Lia smiled at you and you moved to kiss Javier’s neck “we are making love tonight,” your words against the skin of his neck made him sigh and Lia looked at him with a mischievous smile, mimicking your movements and licking a stripe of skin on the other side “we can fuck tomorrow.”
“Shit,” he moaned out softly when Lia nibbled at his earlobe “you came here to kill me.” you huffed and the hot air that came out of your mouth hitting the wet skin of his neck made him shiver again.
“Maybe.” you whispered roughly in his ear and he smirked at the low, growly, hungry tone of your voice.
“My dirty girl,” he whispered, turning to face you and looking for your lips, you caved in and licked his lower lip, he let out a low groan and devoured your mouth for the first time in two years; immediately, warmness leaked out of you and a never-really extinguished coil with his name embroidered on lit up inside your belly, “I missed your lips so much,” he whispered against your lips, only to you, you smiled softly and nibbled at his lip, feeling Lia’s hand reaching to you and making you press your chest to Javi’s side, he left a soft kiss on your lips and turned to her, she cupped his jaw with her other hand and kissed him deeply, Javier loved the difference between you and her; your lips kissed him softly but hungrily, there was always a willing to give him something of you in each of your kisses, he liked to think he stole some of your youth directly from your mouth every time you kissed him; Lia’s lips kissed him deeply and patiently, always heavy with a deep emotion she could never put into words, but she spilled as her tongue touched his. He loved the difference, and he loved that he could taste your kisses once again.
“Javi,” you whispered in his ear, he hummed in response and you smiled against his cheek, your hand sliding to palm his crotch over his jeans “take us to your room.” Javier let out a chuckle, remembering that was the same thing you said to him four years before on the first night the three of you spent together.
He stood up from the couch and stretched his hands so each of you could take one and he walked up to the small staircase and towards his room; as soon as you entered his bedroom, he gripped both of you towards his chest, you let out a chuckle at the strength and you put your hand on his chest.
“Can you kiss for me?” he asked, his hands on one side of your waists, you reached to cup a side of Lia’s face and brought her to you, her lips tasted like her and like Javi, you heard him sigh and the hand that rested on his chest slide to his pants once again, you palmed him over the denim of his jeans as Lia’s tongue snuck inside your mouth, Javier let out a moan when Lia slid a hand towards his ass and he tightened the grip over the both of you “I need you both naked.” he muttered, Lia broke the kiss and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Who told you you were in charge?” she murmured to him, making you huff.
“Shut up, Li,” you stepped back and leaned down to untie your boots, Javier walked to sit on the edge of the bed to take off his as Lia glared at you both, once your boots were off you looked at her. 
You smirked at Lia and stood straight, taking off your shirt and your jeans while fixating your eyes on her, she rolled her eyes and smiled at you, Javier stood up from the bed, shirtless and walked to you, his hands landed on your shoulders and his fingers played with the straps of your bra, you turned to him and he kissed the naked skin of your shoulder, his hands sliding to unhook your bra and help you out of it, you turned to Lia and she bit her lip, stopping unbuttoning her own jeans as Javier’s warm hands snaked towards your tits and covered them almost entirely, making you throw your head back to rest on his naked shoulders.
Lia took off her jeans and walked towards the both of you, Javier was playing with your nipples and nibbling at your neck slowly, making you gasp and sigh at that sensation you had missed so much, his fingers were so much bigger than Lia’s and he played with you like you were a delicate thing, careful to not break you.
“Javi,” you gasped his name, Lia’s hand gripped your waist and reached for Javier, who hummed in reply “touch my pussy.” you half-begged, half-demanded, one of his hands left your breast and went to cup at your sex over the fabric of your panties and his fingers glided softly across your covered lips, he leaned to kiss Lea over your body and you raised your hands to go around Lia’s body and unhook her own bra, she took it off.
Lia’s hands slid over your waist and she helped Javier to get you off your panties, she crouched to hold them as you stepped out of them and she left a soft kiss on your mound, looking straight into Javier’s brown, lust-dark eyes, you gasped and her hands glided over your thighs in a feathery touch she knew you loved.
She stood up and kissed you softly, Javier wrapped an arm around your middle and his other hand helped you hook a leg around Lia’s hips, she held it in place, his long fingers found your clit immediately and he circled it softly a few times, you let out a curse and Lia kissed the soft flesh of your breast, you raised a hand to play with one of her nipples, Javier grazed his fingers across your slit and found you wet and ready for them, he nibbled at your jaw and slid his fingers inside, you gasped his name out, closing your eyes and throwing your head to his shoulder again.
“I missed this so much,” you let out, turning your head to him and licking at his mouth, Lia’s tongue started playing with your nipple and you smiled, lost already in the pleasure they were giving you “I need you deeper.” you whispered in his mouth and his fingers pumped deeper inside your cunt, Lia’s tongue glided across your chest to your other breast and he bit softly at your nipple to get it to harden in her mouth.
“Tell him how close you are.” Lia demanded and you whined when she sucked harder at your nipple.
“I’m so close, fuck, there.” you whispered, kneading at her breast as Javier’s fingers kept pumping and pressing and pushing inside your cunt, your pussy leaked around his hand and Lia’s hand went to your sex to guide Javier and play with your clit, your nipple still in her mouth. You bucked your hips and Javier held you tighter and closer, you felt his erection on your ass, the friction of his denim-covered hardness on your naked asscheeks made you whimper.
“You’re gonna cum?” Javier asked in your ear, his warm tongue licking your earlobe, you hummed in affirmation, your eyes rolling back behind your lids, your body flushing at the sensations both their mouths and their hands were making you feel, you couldn’t formulate any words as Javier’s fingers pressed on that spongy place inside you that made your toes curl and your thighs tremble and Lia’s fingers circled your clit at the same fucking time, it was a sweet torture you had missed like the sand missed the sea on low tide days.
“Javi,” you gasped, your hand leaving Lia’s breast and gripping the wrist of the arm that held you steady, “please,” you sighed out, holding your breath, not knowing exactly what you were begging for; but they knew, they always did, so Lia’s mouth searched yours and she kissed you, her tongue warm and wet and tasting faintly like you, Javier’s mouth returned to your neck and they synchronized their movements, making you whine and moan as they raised their speed.
“Cum for us, baby.” he whispered softly in your ear and you let out a long moan when the coil inside your belly stretched and stretched at the rhythm of their movements and when he pushed in deeper and she angled her fingers to the sides it broke. Your legs stiffened and you let out the air that you didn’t know you were holding in a silent scream as they helped you ride your climax with soft, loud kisses on your neck and around your face.
“Holy fuck,” you let out lowly, opening your eyes to look at them kissing while still holding you, “can someone let me lie down, please,” you asked softly. They broke the kiss, smiled at each other and turned to you. Lia let down your leg gently and Javier walked backwards with you still wrapped tightly inside his arms. He helped you sit on the bed and you let yourself fall on the mattress. “who’s gonna sit on my face?” you let out, making them both chuckle.
Javier kneeled on the bed next to you, he supported his weight on one arm and used the other to wander around your still-shivering body, leaving soft kisses around your chest and shoulders. You smiled at him and he smiled back, your eyes took in his features and your hand went to cup his face.
“I love you.” you whispered, his smile grew wider and he leaned to take your lips in his, you felt the bed shift next to you and Lia’s hand landed on your sternum.
“Are you ready?” she whispered in your ear, Javier broke the kiss and looked at her with a confused gaze, you nodded and bit your lip in mischief.
You put your hands on Javier’s chest and Lia put hers on his shoulder, both of you pushed him to the side so he could lie on his back, Javier let out a soft oof at the sudden movement, before he could sit up you shifted on the bed and straddled his abdomen.
“Hi.” you let out with a smile, taking his hands and putting them on your naked thighs.
“Hey.” he whispered, Lia stood up from the bed, took off her own panties and walked towards his legs, Javi shivered under you at the soft touch of Lia’s hands gliding up his thighs and at the feeling of your wet pussy making full contact with the naked skin of his belly. Lia pulled his jeans off and you looked over your shoulder at her, she was devouring his erection with her deep-darkened green gaze. Her eyes met yours and you raised your eyebrows, Javier lifted his head to look at her behind you and saw her nodding to you.
You moved up on Javier’s torso until your pussy was directly leaking over his sternum, Javier could smell your arousal and he felt his cock throb at how sweet it was; he then felt Lia straddling his lap, and he closed his eyes, throwing his head on the mattress.
“Fuck.” he let out when Lia’s soft hands gripped his dick and pumped a few times, you were looking down at him, one of your hands moved to his face and your knuckles caressed the skin of his cheek and cheekbones as he felt Lia playing the tip of his cock on her wet, warm slit, covering him with her slick.
“Baby,” you whispered to him when Lia put a hand on your shoulder for support, you knew she was sitting on his cock, Javier opened his eyes half-way and gave you with a silent pleading look, he moaned gutturally and Lia behind you gasped, you turned to look at her and bit your lip when you saw her sitting fully on Javier’s cock, her head thrown back, neck stretched, her hand was still resting on your shoulder, her knees over your feet, you turned back to Javier, whose eyes were still traveling from your face to your tits and to your slick, swollen pussy in front of him and back, “you wanna eat me?” you asked him, he nodded and you smiled at him; his body started moving slowly and his eyes closed, one of his hands left your thigh and moved towards Lia’s and your smile grew.
Lia’s hand gripped your shoulder and you felt her leaning towards you, you felt her warm breath on your back and your cunt leaked more over Javier’s chest, you took her hand and circled your hips gently to gain some friction on your core; making a mess out of Javier’s skin.
“Let him eat you.” Lia whispered on the skin of your back and left a wet kiss on it, you nodded and moved carefully off Javier, kneeling next to them. Once you weren’t putting that much pressure on his body, Lia started bouncing on him.
Javier opened his eyes and grunted, one of his hands reaching for you.
“C’mere baby girl,” he muttered towards you, “sit.” he nodded his chin and you chuckled, you moved to kneel above his head and before you could sit on his mouth he blew softly into your core, making you moan. One of his hands rested on your thigh, bringing you down to him, the other on Lia’s hip, helping her move on him.
Javier flattened his tongue on your core and ran it through your folds a couple of times before sucking on your clit, you closed your eyes and reached to Lia, she took your hands and leaned to kiss you, slowing down her movements on Javier’s cock, making him grunt against your cunt.
Javier folded his legs and planted his feet on the bed, beginning a near-torturing pounding into Lia’s cunt, feeling the way her warm walls clutched his cock. Lia whined against your lips and you started circling your hips over his open mouth.
“Fu–fuck,” she gasped out, you moaned when Javier’s tongue hit your clit at a specific angle that made your breath hitch. “Ja–Javier, more.” Lia demanded, licking your lips, you grabbed her by the nape and ate her mouth, your other hand sliding to her clit, you circled it with two fingers, she whined out again and you let her rest her head on your shoulder, Javier nibbled at your pussy, sucking at the juices that were leaking because of Lia’s moans and whimpers and the wet noises of his cock thrusting in and out of her.
You pinched Lia’s clit and she bit the skin of your shoulder as she came, Javier grunted as her cunt strangled his cock but kept going, he fucked her and you played with her clit through her high and prolonged her orgasm until she screamed against your neck.
“Oh god.” she fell on your arms and you moved off Javier’s head and helped Lia to lie down next to him, Javier’s hand was on your thigh as you whispered into Lia’s ear how good she did. You felt him shift on the bed until he was resting against your back.
“Let me fuck you too.” he whispered against your hair, you nodded, Lia snuggled against your chest as Javier grabbed your leg and rested it over his hips, he wrapped himself around you and eased himself into your wet cunt, setting immediately a murdering pace, Lia hid her face into your breasts as they bounced at the rhythm of Javier’s thrusts and her hand went around the both of you to grip at his ass.
“Javi,” you whined out, your hand resting on the small of Lia’s back, she started licking at the flesh of your tits lazily “make me cum.” you begged and he grunted against your hair, his thrust becoming deeper and harder, Lia moved her head and bit your nipple, Javier started nibbling at your jaw and his fingers went to play with your clit once again, you came around him and Javier grinned against your skin when he felt you soaking his cock with your cum.
“Let me cum on your pretty faces.” he let out, still thrusting into you gently as you rode out your orgasm.
“Yes.” you and Lia replied at the same time.
Javier let out a tired chuckle, he slid out of you, both of you whimpering at the loss of connection, and he kneeled on the bed, you and Lia shifted as he pumped himself with the help of your combined arousals covering his erection, Lia reached for you and kissed you before you could crawl on the bed to wait for Javier to finish, he grunted above you.
“C’mon,” he growled, pumping himself faster, you broke the kiss, smiled at Lia and crawled to him, looking at his face with pleading eyes, “you’re so pretty, baby,” he whispered to you, his free hand caressing your hair, Lia did the same and put her face right next to yours, your cheeks pressed against each other, he looked at Lia, “and you? fuck you’re both so fucking beautiful”; Javier came when Lia dared to stick her tongue out for him, rope after rope of his cum covered your face, Javier was making sure he got both your faces equally coated as he praised you both, “you two look so fucking good covered with me.” he was grunting, milking himself; his load was big, he didn’t dare to tell you how much he had been going without having sex because for a long time no other women did the trick for him; you felt the last drop of his cum falling on your chin and you smiled at him.
“Can I eat it now?” you asked, looking up at him, Javier let out a heavy, spent sigh and smiled softly at you, throwing his head forward and you felt Lia grabbing your face and kissing your sticky cheek.
“I’ll do it for you.” she said.
“Please, don’t get me hard again.” he pleaded, letting himself fall on the mattress next to you.
“Don’t leave,” you pleaded, trying to put on your extra puppy eyes, Javier sighed at you “please.”
“Baby, I need to go to work.” he said, softening his tone.
“Can’t you stay a little longer?” Lia asked him behind you; you were kneeling on the bed, naked and half-ready for him just by looking at him getting ready, Lia was resting on her arm, watching him trying to come up with something else to tell you so you wouldn’t ask him again.
“I can’t.” your shoulders dropped and you sat down on your feet, Javier walked towards you as Lia sat up and shifted to sit behind you; you felt her breasts pressing against your back as Javier sat in front of you on the edge of the bed, Lia’s hands wrapped your waist and Javier narrowed his eyes at her.
“You sure?” she said, sticking her tongue out and licking a stripe of skin on your neck, you sighed, you raised a hand to cup his face.
“Stay.” you pouted slightly and gasped softly when one of Lia’s hands cupped your breast and played your nipple between two fingers.
“Fuck.” Javier let out, standing up to unbutton his shirt, making you smile.
You and Lia stayed in Colombia for a week; a week in which Javier felt the most relaxed he had felt in years, a week in which Javier had smiled and laughed the most in what it felt like a lifetime; he had eaten all the delicious food you had made for him, and then he had eaten you both on his bed a few hours later; he felt as if he was getting a vacation from the deep, heavy pressure of his work and his life in that country. He felt like a tiny bit of normalcy was back in his life.
But the fun, the tasty dinners with you, sometimes with you and the Murphy’s, the loving nights wrapped around your warm bodies, the long mornings of lazy sex with each or both of you, as everything in life, had to end.
“I want you to come home with us.” you whispered against his shoulder as he held you tight against his body, the noise of the airport almost made him not hear you.
“I know, baby, I wanna come home with you too,” he muttered in your ear, you let out a shaky breath and he stepped back a bit to look at you, cup your face and kiss your forehead “soon, okay?” he tried to reassure you, you smiled at him and nodded softly, he brought your face towards his and left a deep, gentle kiss on your lips “take care of Lia.”
“Okay.” you replied in his mouth and stepped back from him.
Javier stepped towards Lia and she wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Please, take care of yourself.” she whispered against his cheek, he nodded softly.
“Don’t leave me alone too long,” he whispered only to her, Lia closed her eyes and took a deep breath “please.”
“We’ll come back, okay?” she reassured him and turned her head to kiss him.
That time, Javier got to feel the same thing you both felt two years before when he saw your bodies walking hand in hand, disappearing behind the boarding gate.
Javier was sent home almost three years later after the events that went down with Los Pepes; he was sent first to Miami and then he flew straight to Laredo, to where you had driven to meet him at his dad’s ranch.
The first thing that Javier saw when he got home was Lia’s huge pregnant belly.
He had jumped off his dad’s truck before Chucho could even turn off the engine; you were sitting on the porch, Lia was complaining about her back and you were sitting next to her with your hand on her belly; Javier ran towards the both of you and before you could react he kneeled in front of Lia, already forgetting everything about himself.
“God, you look huge.” he let out with wide eyes and a surprised quirk. You drowned a chuckle.
“Well, hi, asshole.” Lia let out, Javier let out a chuckle and put his big hands on Lia’s belly, marveled at how soft yet how hard it was, he looked at you with a soft smile.
“Hi, baby.” he muttered, Lia smirked, covering one of his hands with her own.
“Hi, love,” you replied, leaning to kiss his forehead, he moved his head to reach your lips “we have a baby in there.” you smiled at him.
“No, I have a baby in me.” Lia corrected, Javier turned at her and rolled his eyes, incorporating to kiss her.
“Well, is it a boy?” Javier asked, turning his brown, wide, shiny eyes to the baby bump, feeling a gentle kick right below his hand.
“No,” you smiled, “it’s a girl.”
“Thank fucking god.” he sighed out, leaning down to press his cheek to Lia’s belly, you put a hand on his shoulder and he smiled at you.
Javier never thought he would be a father, but in between visits to Colombia, you and Lia had talked about having a baby, there was something inside both of you that made you want to have a mini person running around both your legs, someone that looked like either of you and Javier, someone that could be the embodiment of the huge love you had shared.
So, one day, while talking to Javier over the phone, you mentioned to him that you were thinking about having a baby. At first Javier thought both of you wanted to get pregnant at the same time, and you had laughed it off; you hadn’t decided who was to carry it, but you knew you wanted it.
Javier asked to think about it for a while, ponder it and sleep on it; he knew, by looking at Steve and Connie with Olivia, that being a parent wasn’t easy, and although he always thought kids were something he could only see from afar, he didn’t hate the idea of a little person calling him dad; so he called you both and told you he was in, you offered yourself to do it but Lia immediately said no. Javier had laughed at the response but agreed with her; you didn’t fight it, they had a fierce, almost overprotective grip over you, and Lia didn’t want to see you lose your mind and drown in hormones, so she was the one that had her implant removed and on the next visit to Colombia, she was the one getting almost all of Javier’s cum.
The pregnancy announcement came several weeks later, once you were back in Houston, Javier lost his words over the phone and you and Lia had waited for him to say anything for almost three minutes. But he was happy, happier than he had ever felt.
You and Lia had dealt with the pregnancy on your own, Javier’s work grew heavier and more dangerous than before so he cut the visits and didn’t let you travel down anymore. You understood, but you were dealing with a pregnant, grumpy, horny woman by yourself, and you would’ve been lying if you said you didn’t need him by your side.
But, even when his suspension came out of nowhere for you, it was also sort of a blessing; because you both thought he wouldn’t be there with you when the baby was born, but he was, he was back home and about to become a father.
Literally at any time.
You had driven with him back to Houston after a few days with Chucho to get ready for when Lia gave birth and the convivence fell down as always, domestic bliss wasn’t the goal but it was there.
Javier was sitting on the coffee table, rubbing Lia’s feet one night after dinner while you took care of things around the kitchen and threw names to the air; choosing the name for the baby was exhausting, hard work, with three parents looking for something meaningful and fighting over pronunciations and spellings.
“What about Jenna?” you let out, Lia growled.
“My highschool bully was named Jenna.” she said, you chuckled, Javier narrowed his eyes and threw his gaze to the floor as he rubbed Lia’s toes.
“And Lisa?”
“Too short.” she replied. You hummed in thinking.
Javier had received a call that morning; he was offered a new job in Colombia, a new assignment to catch another cartel; a new job and a promotion.
“Lily!” your voice sounded afar.
“Uhm, nah.” Lia’s voice did too.
Javier glanced at the baby bump and he knew the job would do a lot for his daughter, he knew, somehow, that that time the work wouldn’t take long, he knew he could do it, he knew he had it in him; but he didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want to leave you and Lia and his baby alone again, not after spending almost six years away from his home, with a long distance relationship that although worked, wasn’t enough, surviving out of one week trips every six months, he didn’t know if he had that in him.
“Luisa!” you said, falling next to Lia on the couch, Lia gasped.
“I like it.” she replied and you clapped a few times.
“Javi, do you like it?” you asked him, bringing him back to reality.
“Huh?” he blinked a few times, Lia narrowed his eyes at him.
“The name.”
“Oh, yeah, sure.” he let out lowly, nodding a couple of times.
“What’s going on?” Lia asked, having felt his insecurity.
“Nothing.” he replied, taking her foot off his lap and taking the other one on.
“You’re lying.” you let out, searching for his eyes.
“Yeah,” he sighed out, “they offered me a job.” he let out.
“That’s good, right?” you asked, looking at Lia, she shrugged.
“It’s in Colombia.” he muttered.
“No.” Lia let out. You frowned at Javier, Lia took her foot off his lap as quickly as she could.
“You’re going back?” you asked him, already feeling a knot in your throat that was making it hard for you to breathe.
“Wait.” he rubbed his forehead with his hand.
“Javier Peña if you go back to that place,” Lia said with her hardened voice, trying to stand up from the couch, “I swear to God you will not meet your daughter.” Javier closed his eyes and damned the time he just let it out before explaining the whole thing.
“Are you gonna leave us again?”
“Let me explain.” Javier stood up from the coffee table.
“You can’t leave!” you yelled out, standing up as well and helping Lia off the couch.
“Listen to me,” Lia admonished “we waited for you, Javier!”
“Let. Me. Explain.” Javier pointed out.
“Explain what?” you asked him, hiding behind Lia as she waddled towards him.
“You are not leaving us alone again,” she shoved her finger on his chest “I’m about to explode, idiot!”
“Listen to me, silly woman!” he raised his voice to Lia and then looked at you “listen,” Lia was about to reply to him, but you saw his eyes shiny with unshed tears, so you put a hand on her shoulder and she took a deep breath, “I want you to come with me.” he let out.
“What?” you let out, frowning, confused.
“After Luisa is born, come with me,” he looked at the both of you, you turned to Lia and then back to him “I don’t wanna miss you anymore,” he dropped his eyes to Lia’s belly “I don’t wanna miss her.”
“Fuck you, Javier.” Lia let out, her lip pouty. She rolled her eyes and stepped slowly towards him.
“Please.” he whispered, inches away from her, she nodded, Javier kissed her and raised his hand for you; you took it and he pulled you to him.
“We better work on our spanish, then.” you whispered to them, Javier leaned to kiss you with a smile on his lips.
let me know if you wanna be removed :)
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eletronicmonkey · 8 months ago
Aizawa shouta x reader
cw/tw: mommy kink, slightly degradation, sub aizawa, edging, hand job, vaginal sex, slightly bondage, swearing (please, tell me if I forget something)
words: 1011
a/n: soo... this is my first smut and my first time writing in english🙇🏻‍♀️. sorry if you find some mistakes grammar. and if you find the mistakes please tell me and I hope you enjoy!
also in ao3
pleaasee reblog! I would appreciate 😊
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That sight, the God's sight.
Who'd say that Eraserhead would submit to someone like that? The way he allows me to control his body, his orgasm. That he'd get on his knees for someone like he did for me. Begging for my hands, my mouth, my cunt, begging me for some friction, for some touch. Begging for me, his mommy
"P-Please, it hurts. I need you, please, please, *mommy~"*
I click my tongue, smiling at the view. I think I can cum on the spot only hearing him beg for me. He's tied up on the headbed with the ribbons of his hero costume. His cock twitching, his balls squeezing and burning with the cock ring vibrating in the lowest setting, the pleasure is too much but not enough that he'd cum on his stomach. It's the third time that I hinder him to come. He was all day with his horny ass asking me for some pleasure, even if I've already said "no" 'cause I was busy. But of course, he can't control himself like the big cunt-slut he is.
"Please what, baby? I need to know what are you begging for." I can't hold my grin as he's twitching on the bed searching for some relief
"I'm begging for you mommy, please, I need your mouth on my cock, p-pleas- *oh fuck - fuck"* he cut himself in the middle with a groan when I rub the angry-red tip of his cock. "Yes, yes, fuck. More, please!" he's pathetic, a moaning mess only with a touch. God, I love when he's that way.
He tries to raise his hip for more friction, instead, I lose my grip, and his cock lying on his belly, twitching. The sweat in his skin makes him look like some sex painting.
"No!! pleas-" I grab his cock tightening the base, twisting my hand, and move to the head with slow strokes and come back to base. His whimpers turn to moans while he's staring at my eyes with his glossy ones. I'm stroking him faster and tighter, hearing his sly moans become louder and louder.
"YES! Oh my god, oh my - fuck, fuck - yes, m-mommy! Pleas-se don-n't stop. I- OH FUCK!" then I stop. "NOO! OH MY GOD, I WAS SO CLOSE!!"
"This your punishment for being a whore whilst I was working. Really?! Touching yourself beside me? You know how much takes me to not fuck you on the table?" I said as I grab the lube, backing to the bed and taking my clothes, crawling on to his lap, take the cock ring off, and pouring the liquid all over his cock. Stroking him slightly and positioning his cock with my hole. He lets out a sigh "yes" watching the scene."Do you think you deserve that?"
"Yes, mommy, ye-" I sunk my body onto his lap, pulling out a loud moan from him "SHIT*, YES!"* and a heavy sigh from me.
"Is It what you asking for, hoe?" I sad between teeth, trying to suppress my whimpers.
And I continue in that, up and down rougher, until my legs got tired and I stayed rolling my hips and clenching my pussy's walls. Shouta, at this point, is a moaning mess, saying my name, worshipping me, while he grabs the ribbons pretending that are my waist
"Enjoying baby?" with the rough trust of my hips I incline forward to his neck and collarbone, using his chest as support and twitching his puffy buttons between my fingers, leaving light kisses and bites, sucking the skin until getting red, marking him as mine. All he can do is moan, groan, and leave whimpers of my name and sigh "mommy's". Grabbing his black hair strands "Yes, that's it, baby, you're doing so good for mommy. Are you getting close? Will you cum for me soon baby boy?"
"M-mommy! feels so good-so good-, I'M CLOSE!" I hurry my pace. Feeling his cock twitching inside of me, while his breathing getting heavier than before, his eyes leaking tears, his legs shaking, his moans getting louder, he throws his head back, arching his back, shooting his eyes close tight, opening his mouth forming an "0" and his tongue killed out "YES*, YES, YES! FUCK- COMING, MOMMY CUMM*- *AAH*" before he can finish his phrase the coil developing in his stomach jolted thought his body, an electrical-like surge running through his lower parts as ropes of white painting my insides, warming me up. With a loud whimper of his name, I came too, feeling the ecstasy of orgasm.
Panting, reaching for some air for my lungs, I lean forward him and lay in his chest. Trying to recover me after I slipped through into the afterlife with my boyfriend. Always is incredible with him, every single thing is. Even one lunch is because is with him.
"Baby?" I lift my head off his chest and look at him. "Did you like it? Was I too rough? How're you feeling?"
"Did I like it?? I was moaning like a bitch didn't enough for you?" We chuckle slightly looking at each other eyes with so much passion. I reached for the ribbons untie his hands "I loved, sweetheart, as always. Thank you." He says as he around me with his arms and lifts me to his side, wrapping me in a tight hug and hide his head in my shoulders.
"Good, love ya. Do you wanna take a shower? Or a cup of water or something else?" I ask, patting his head and leaving sweet kisses all over his shoulder and neck.
"No, now I just wanna stay that way." He comes closer to my ear and whispers "love you too", leaving a small kiss on my neck and returning to his previous position. I smile at it, he's always so sweet and affectionate.
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supernaturalgirl20 · 20 days ago
All tied up!
Pairings: Marcus Pike x reader
Warnings: Smut 18+, explicit, p in v sex, unprotected sex, Sub/Dom relationship, dirty talk, cursing, Marcus being a love sick puppy.
Summary: Marcus is giving relationships a break and decides to give in to his deepest darkest fantasies. Can he completely submit to you while keeping his heart out of it?
A/N: don’t know where this came from, just me here fantasising about dominating our sorry baby Markus pike.
{comments and reblogs really appreciated}
Tumblr media
Marcus was nervous as he approached the black door, his heart beating wildly in his chest. He’d never done this before, so he didn’t know what to expect. Walking towards the receptionist, he awkwardly clears his throat.
“Hi I’m here for….eh to be…”
She smiles brightly at him, “first time?”
“Is it that obvious?”
“Just a little. We’ll start off simple, what’s the name?”
“Marcus Pike.”
“Perfect, and what are your preferences?”
Marcus looks confused.
“Do you wish to be a dominant or submissive?”
“Great ok so your with Y/N tonight hun, just head down the hall, room 8. Have fun.”
Tumblr media
Marcus stands outside room 8 before knocking. Two minutes later the door opens and you greet him with a gorgeous smile. Moving aside you beckon him inside and ask him to sit on the bed.
“Your Marcus Pike?”
“Yeah that’s me. I eh… I’ve never done this before I don’t really..”
You gently place your finger over his lips, quietening him.
“Let me just talk you through how this works ok.” You slowly start loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt and you see he’s nervous from the sweat starting to drip down his forehead.
“You decided to be my submissive, you will do anything and everything I want while your here with me. Disobey and you will be punished. I also need you to have a safe word, if you feel like things are getting too much or there is something your not comfortable with you say it and I’ll stop immediately. Understood?”
He gulps, “Yes.”
“What will your safe word be?”
“Eh…..pancakes.” You let out a small laugh.
“First time I heard that one. I like it.”
Running your fingers up and down his chest, you notice his face is flushed. You also notice the bulge in this trousers. You run your hand over it and Marcus lets out a groan.
“Well, someone’s a big boy.”
Tumblr media
The minute you saw him you knew he was different, he had an innocent look about him. The way he was nervous had you feeling somewhat soft. The way he groaned sent a spark of electricity straight to your core. This man was putty in your hands.
“I normally have my submissive call me master, but I think I’ll allow you to call me by name. We need to draw up a contract, one that sets out what exactly will happen within our relationship. Set out rules and hard limits. Do you have any?”
He has that lost puppy dog look again. God this man will be the death of you.
“I….um…I don’t really know. I’ve eh…I’ve never done anything adventurous in the bedroom.”
“Ok well we can come back to that later. Is there any particular lingerie you would like me to wear?”
“I like lace, white lace.”
“Ok, perfect next time I’ll wear white.Now I want you to strip naked and kneel on the floor.”
Marcus stares at you but is startled when you you shout. “Now, Marcus.” He rushes into action and strips out of his suit and boxers. He kneels before you. You grab your whip and run it along his naked skin.
“Such a perfect little boy, are you going to be good for your master.”
“Good. Do you want me to fuck you Marcus?”
“Yes…yes please Y/N.”
“Stand up.”
Marcus rises to his feet and moves toward the bed as you instructed. He lays back and spreads his arms and legs. You tie his hands and feet to the bed posts.
“I’m going to go easy on you this time, since your basically a virgin.”
Marcus is rock hard and you’ve never seen a man so well endowed. You settle between his thighs and wrap your hand around his hard cock and give him a few tight pumps. You lick the underside of his cock and he whimpers at the sensation. You gently massage his sac with your hand before taking him complete into your mouth. Your mouth moves up and down his length and he tries to thrust up into you. You hollow your cheeks and he’s struggling against his restraints. You let go of him with a pop.
Tumblr media
“Your doing so well Marcus. I’m going to fuck your now. Would you like that?”
He nods his head. You grab his cock and squeeze it slightly. “I asked you a question, I expect you to answer.”
“Yes please…fuck me. I’m begging you.”
You straddle his hips and line him up to your core before slowly sinking down onto him. He lets out a low groan and he bites his lower lip as he closes his eyes. You are slightly concerned given that he’s never done this before.
“Are you ok? Is it too much.”
“No! No, please…I just…don’t move..I’m trying to control myself…I don’t want to come yet.”
“Ok, tell me when you want me to move.”
He takes a few deep breaths before he opens his eyes to look up at you. There blown wide with lust.
“I’m ok now.”
You feel full with him inside you and you begin to move slowly at first before moving your hips faster. Marcus is starting to struggle against the restraints again, eager to touch you. Touching you while you fuck is hard limit for you. Fearing it could lead to feelings within a sub/dom relationship.
“I want to touch you Y/N…please let me touch you.”
“Please….I need to feel you…kiss me.”
You can feel your own orgasm building and you don’t know why you do it but you brace your hands either side of his head and you slowly lower your head towards him. When your lips meet his he lets out a moan and it sends a spark straight to your core. You pull back and cry out as fierce waves of pleasure course through you, your body trembling with the force of it.
“I’m close, so close Y/N.”
You move off of him and put him back into your mouth, he comes hard spilling into your mouth. You swallow him down and lick your lips as you pull away.
“Are you ok?”
“That was amazing.”
You untie him and wrap yourself in a silk robe. Your hand him his clothes and tell him to dress.
“We do need to do up that contract, and next time you will call me master.”
“Yes ok. Thank you Y/N, for tonight.”
“Your fine. I need you to remember, this is a business transaction, this is not a relationship, I am not your girlfriend. Do you understand?”
“I do.”
“Good. I can’t have you falling in love with me.”
Marcus doesn’t say a word. Not falling in love with you will be the hardest thing he’s ever done.
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lady-of-death · 6 months ago
Husband And Dad Things with Osamu
Pairing: timeskip!osamu x fem!reader (very self-indulgent) feat. your possible children and a scared 15 year-old boy
Warnings: swearing, that’s all
A/N: Part Two
Definitely feeds you and I mean, he’s literally making you taste test his new onigiri recipes at midnight. Honestly, don’t think that as his partner, you’d be surprised since I’m 99% sure he would do the taste-my-new-recipe thing when you guys were courting each other
Oh this definitely applies to you guys’ kids, if you decide to have any, that is, I imagine that everyone cribs about the weird flavours he makes sometimes, I think it would be a weekly check in as well:
You: “So, what’s this week’s report?”
Child#1: “Disgusting.”
Child#2: “Amazing.”
Child#1: “He fed me peanut butter and salmon onigiris!!!”
Child#2: “I got salmon onigiris but with lemon zest and some other herbs...”
Child#1: 0^O “NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR!”
You: sips tea while remembering the coffee-chicken onigiris you had 3 hours ago, “...”
can u tell your kids are just variants of tsumu and samu? yeh me too
Gentle but frequent reminders for your children (and you) to eat fruits, drink water and have some food
If you’re a workaholic like me or just someone who forgets to eat and stuff, WHOOOOOOOOO BOIIIIII. He would basically just pull up in your study room/office, cutely shoving his head through the door (after knocking, of course), asking you if you had food. Andddd he’d bring you some, too. Just pulls up anytime, with food (PLEASE I LOVE HIM, HE’S DEFINITELY HUSBAND MATERIAL)
In a meeting? Here, have a fruit salad
Taking a break? Here, eat some stir-fried rice he made for you
Just woke up? OMELETTES. Beautiful omelettes, please, they look as magnificent as him.
B R E A K F A S T   I N   B E D 
Waking up to delicious meals being served up to you by your dorito shaped hunk of a husband? mmm yes, sign me up
He’s even looking at you with adoration and he’s doing this because he truly appreciates everything you do for him but it’s seven a.m. so you just go “thanks, hottie.”
And he’s just like “you’re welcome, hottie.”
The absolute disgust that your son shows at having heard that conversation reminds you of Atsumu being snarky and you get whiplash
Speaking of Atsumu, random Uncle Tsumu appearances!
Samu just goes “Oh lawd he comin” but he’s still happy ok he loves his brother and your children are like “ATSUMU-SAN!!!!! SHOW US VOLLEYBALL”
Tsumu just takes them to the backyard and does his evil, goose bump-giving jump serve and your children just roar with astonishment like: “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HE DID THE SERVE WOAHHHFFSHHHHHHHH”
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, Osamu:
Tumblr media
he likes seeing his kids love volleyball too <3
Okay so, you know all those stories where the lead is the child of a restaurant owner and their entire hangout area is the restaurant?
Your children coming home from school and Samu is just like, here, lunch
Your children:
Tumblr media
Your children inviting their friends over: absolute chaos, but does he care? NOPE. HE’S LIVED AND IS STILL LIVING IN CHAOS.
He just wants to see his kids happy, yano?
Okay but like Dad Osamu being all straight-faced when your kid invited their boyfriend over, he would be the Dad who says “Hurt ma child and I’ll kill ya.” and then he goes to bring out dessert
Like sir
Please be nice to this 15 year-old boy, he’s shaking
You’d definitely scold him for that and even apologise profusely to the kid, and out of kindness, you gave him more dessert, also he was just a chill kid, so yeah, more dessert
Your children would whine though, like, “I WANT MORE DESSERT.”
God, your kids are chaotic
It would just be wonderful, you know? A kind of stable environment with a lot of mischief and joking around
Speaking of.... Osamu would most definitely make your entire family watch Masterchef together, and this goes for like, any and all Masterchef programmes, I do think Masterchef Junior would be everyone’s favourite, because damn, these kids can cook and sometimes, not
Watching Kitchen Nightmares...
It definitely comes back to bite him in the ass when his kids are like:
“This salmon is pinker than my fucking lipstick.”
He’s totally not trying to get them into the family business of cooking by making them love food, especially from a young age
“What family business? You’re the first person who started this shop—”
“This. Is. A. Family. Business. Onigiri Miya.”
“... Okay.”
Don’t worry, he’s a good father who will love and support all his children no matter what career they choose for themselves
But if one of them does go into a food related industry? Biggest grin ever. Will hug them and you and everyone else. If they want to learn and work with him at Onigiri Miya? BIGGEST FUCKING GRIN EVER :D
More husband things?
I’m glad you asked.
Dinner dates to avoid your chaotic children and their Atsumu-like faces of disgust. You love them but alone time with husband!osamu? hnnghh
Even better? Your kids shoving you two out of the house to “go and have some fun” on every anniversary, birthday, international women’s day, international men’s day, and valentine’s
Your children may be shitheads, but they’re considerate shitheads
ALSO if you decide to not have kids, your lives would still be epic
Like, imagine coming home to dance to old timey songs playing and dancing with him in blissful silence
p l e a s e
Imagine travelling the world together as husband and wife during your honeymoon
Going to events and get-togethers and hearing him say “my wife” instead of “my girlfriend” !!!
You freaking out hearing him say “my wife” and audibly cooing at Samu because oh my God, you’re his wife???
Him freaking out hearing you say “my husband” and subtly putting a hand on his heart, face twisting with a flustered, fluffy expression
Your friends Atsumu being tired of your cutesy shit since y’all are couple goals and they have had enough
And your friends Bokuto and Hinata who have not had enough and dramatically grasp their chest and coo at your cute behaviour
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succkles · 4 months ago
hey there !! can you please write some swagger x reader anything fluffy, whatever your brain comes up with! thank you ! <3 - 🪐🕷️
hey! i actually don’t write for swagger anymore after what happened with the jackbox video, but i’ll happily upload one of my older works for him! - - a is for affection, where the tin can man is so sweetly attached to your hip. it's precious, really, seeing such a "tough" guy be so sweet. since he's wearing his mask or helmet most of the time, he shows his affection with hugs, high fives, and an occasional gentle forehead bump (which is always followed by him immediately going "bonk").
b is for best friend, where swagger would be the absolute greatest best friend there is. easy to tell secrets to, somehow so wise for acting so dumb, not to mention a barrel of fun whenever you're out to party! even if he's such a loudmouth, he still knows when to shut himself up so others can be heard, and that shows in his friendship with you.
c is for cuddles, where sober swags has a certain degree of pda he'll allow himself to partake in, but high/drunk swagger? you're balancing two people in one, ma'am. if you're walking around to do things, his heads on your shoulder and he's pulled in close to your body. if you're laid down, you're pulled to his side and he's holding you tight enough to squeeze you. just a bit.
d is for domestic, where he's loving the life of being young and dumb, but is definitely down to settle with such a perfect partner such as you. he does a lot of cleaning which is surprising, but isn't the best at cooking, so that's mostly your department. just let him have some free reign in the kitchen to bake edibles every now and again and you'll do great in a shared space.
e is for ending, where if he ever had to break up with you it'd probably be him drunkenly shouting it in an unrelated fit of anger, and he'd never forgive himself for it. as much as you want to believe his pleas of "i didn't mean it", you still know deep down that a drunk mans actions are a sober mans thoughts.
f is for fiance, where he's got some hesitation when it comes to commitment and thus prefers taking things nice and slow. that doesn't mean he's opposed to ever marrying you, of course, because how else would you become mrs. matthews? for now, he prefers just getting to call you babe and have you be his pretty gal. but someday he'll be ready.
g is for gentle, where like all people swagger has his rough patches but he's more often than not an angel with you. being both soft with his actions and words, he treats you like a true gentleman would. thus meaning anytime he's being a douche no one believes you. the right balance of sour and sweet, it makes the man complete.
h is for hugs, where this tiny italian is such a touchy-feely kind of guy that everybody gets hugs. the hugs are always soft and sweet with you with a certain feeling of belonging lingering afterwords, but according to people like cam and matt the hugs are tight and squishy, since his  overwhelming appreciation just flows out sometimes. you could go without smelling like weed and whiskey after a hug, though, but that's to be expected.
i is for i love you, where his distrust of commitment doesn't stop his intoxicated mind from blurting out his true feelings not too deep into the relationship. he knew from the beginning you were meant to be his and his alone, and so that easily showed when the man fell into tears because he didn't have the sober confidence to tell you he loves you.
j is for jealous, where it's so difficult to make such a care-free guy jealous but when it happens?... well, just read the adult alphabet, and you'll quickly know how he reacts :) (but when it's not a sexual jealousy, he's got his arm tight around your waist and he'll even threaten whoever's making him so damn jealous to "back off or he'll bust someone's teeth in").
k is for kisses, where due to his naturally hidden self the kisses are much more reserved for non-filming times, but when the camera's aren't on the kisses are flowing freely and really placed wherever (provided you're not in public). he likes the most when he gets the gentle forehead kisses, it can calm any stressed mans nerves to just hear an "aww, baby" and get a little smooch on the head. he most enjoys how flushed you get when he kisses right under your ear, since it always remind you of all the times his lips have wandered farther.
l is for little ones, where he's nervous and apprehensive about kids. he's not too good with ones he's not related directly to, such as cousins, nieces, and nephews, so unless you're planning on popping one out real soon, there's some work to be done.
m is for morning, where swagger and you both enjoy staying up late and sleeping in, so most "mornings" are started at about eleven-thirty, one of you finally being tired of sleeping and so you try to wake the other up for a long, long time. but it always fails, and results in staying in bed for another hour cuddling.
n is for night, where you two spend most nights together watching some random show and lounging around like lazy bastards. unless he's working, of course, in which case you're off doing other things. when it's an editing night, you're sat in his lap comfortably while he works until either you're passed out and he has to carry you to bed or he's finished, so you two move on to something else or just go to bed.
o is for open, where this secretive bastard takes a solid four months to even just show you his face. so you can already expect him to take a while to open up. i mean, it's swagger, what else would you expect?
p is for patience, where your man is so patient whenever his girl is struggling or even just being aggravating. you've said some harsh things before, and he just stays calm through it all. he mostly lashes out at himself or at his work for stressing him out, so you come to be his comfort aide.
q is for quizzes, where he seems to always be off and spaced out, but he remembers every single detail of what you're saying. memory of an elephant, poker face of an emotionally detached veteran. it's concerning sometimes, but you mostly brush it off.
r is for remember, where his favorite moment of your relationship was the first time you kissed him. it was late in the evening, you two had just gotten back from a night at the arcade and he spent way too much money to make sure you had a good time and getting you the best prize (a 1.5 feet tall alien plushie that you named 'lmao', pronounced le-mau). at your door, he was expecting to just get a little hug like usual, but when you pecked his lips and thanked him for such a perfect date before inviting him in, that night of teasing and (eventually) your first time practicing sexual entanglement together is forever etched into his mind. until your wedding happens, of course. which he's oh-so secretly excited for.
s is for security, where during insecurity episodes he'll not let you out alone, but most of the time you're free to do whatever. he's usually incredibly chill, since he knows you're his. someone slaps your ass, however, that's a different story. it's an unexpected event, so there's an unexpected reaction.
t is for try, where he gets overwhelmed from how hard he tries to make you happy, and you always meet his overwhelmed cries for recognition with a smothering of love and positivity, and this always fills the tiny mans heart over the brim.
u is for ugly, where he still acts like a young college kid who focuses more on partying and fun than actually being serious. during these times of binge drinking and keeping him away from the harder stuff, he's a much more aggressive and bitchy guy, so watching what you say isn't an option.
v is for vanity, where he worries way too much about how he looks. even if you coo words of praise and call him handsome every day, he still tries to make himself look better just to make his girl happy. this was the reason he started keto, and it confused you for months until he got off of it.
w is for whole, where the stubborn little man can no longer go on without you in his life. you're his girl, his world, his everything, and he can't even think about losing you without needing a drink ... or twelve.
x is for xtra, where you found out you were pregnant as he was in boston with the misfits and the lunch club boys. you told him later that same night during your usual call, and you'd never seen him so excited before that night. you can still remember how quickly he wiped the forming tears of joy from his face to call out "HEY BOYS, GUESS WHO'S A DAD?" and watching each member of both groups rush in to say their congratulations. nine months later, you two brought a little girl named rayna into the world.
y is for yuck, where he might act like a slob, but swagger's actually a huge neat-freak. a partner who doesn't know how to clean up for themselves is definitely a deal-breaker in his eyes. he also can't deal with people who find reasons to complain, such as pineapple on pizza little bitch babies. "if you don't like, just take it off. god, i wanna just grab 'em by the collar and slap the shit outta them."
z is for zzz, where he sleeps best with his gal at his side. he snores, not too loud but loud enough to disturb gentle sleepers. if you need noise to sleep, then hallelujah, you've got yourself a deal! he's incredibly cuddly while he sleeps, and so most nights you fall asleep just under his arm but wake up to him spooning you and with his face buried into your neck. you wouldn't have it any other way.
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