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Just Nanako Things #1

Each of the investigation team members have somethig unique they do with Nanako. It originally started after Yu left as a way to make sure she wasn’t lonely, but it soon grew from there.

  • Yukiko helps her study
  • Chie teaches her self defence
  • Kanji does crafts with her
  • Rise practices dancing and singing with her
  • Teddie comes just to spend time together
  • Naoto will come and bake with Nanako when she has time off work
  • Yosuke makes sure he gets off work early so he can eat dinner with Nanako each night.

Out of everyone on the team, Yosuke feels the most dedicated to spending time with Nanako and protecting her since her Big Bro is his partner.

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honestly i would probably like Akechi but i have a really stupid grudge against him because before i even played p5 my friend told me he’s called the second ‘detective prince’ and since then i’ve called him the naoto knockoff/ wanna-be-naoto and that just made me dislike his character a lot

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Yasmine hadn’t really had any intentions on bumping into anyone she knew at the bar, she really just wanted to sit by herself and enjoy a glass of wine or two. As she plopped herself down on one of the stools, though, she noticed the woman next to her drinking out of a pitcher before chuckling. “You okay there?” She asked with a raise of her brows. @thevioletquinn

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aaaa thank you!! it was actually fun to answer and like i said, i think other people should try it!! but as for the investigation team…i’ll do my best to remember them well, since i only played p4 once and they’re not as cemented into my brain as p5′s cast lol i feel like with yosuke, at the start, we’d get into a lot of arguments sdkfsdf i have some things i’m very opinionated about and it’s the only time i’m not afraid to speak up, so i think some of comments and the way he acts would rub me the wrong way at first. BUT i also think he’s empathetic and he has a lot of insight, with a lot of what he says more because he doesn’t think first or he’s putting on a facade, so we could learn to get along!! i just might get into a couple arguments with him first lol that kind of leads into how i would get along with chie - she’s not afraid to back down for what she believes in, and i really like that about her!! she’s definitely a lot more extroverted than i am and is super fit, so i might be kind of intimidated by her at first, but she’s so sweet, i think i would really like hanging out with her (plus like…just going and eating a TON with her would be the best) i think yukiko and i have some things in common, like being more introverted, having a weird sense of humor, and just. loving all things horror. like i would love to have a scary movie marathon with her!! she was honestly one of my favorites during my playthrough and i actually think we could get along well. now kanji i would SO be afraid of - he is going out of his way to be intimidating and he can be pretty loud BUT getting past that, i would love to hang out with him 🥺 i would so badly want to learn how to sew from him along with how to make plushes, plus he’s just a genuinely sweet person!! he’s quick to anger (tbf i can be too sdkfjsdf) but he really is so polite a lot of the time and he cares so deeply for his friends, i think he’s such a good guy ToT and rise well u guessed it i would be scared of her at first sdfksdf she’s so outgoing and so unafraid to be outrageous, plus she definitely has plenty of outbursts that all of it would make me kind of terrified of her skdfsdhf but again, rise is so sweet and she’s just super bubbly, and so i think being scared of her would wear off quickly since i realize she does a lot of what she does for fun, because she was trained to be over the top, and honestly to just hide some things about herself, and i understand that. and u know what. i’ll eat her spicy food. i love that spice IT’S GOOD. I KNOW EVERYONE IS SENSING A THEME HERE but naoto tbf is actually kind of scary. she’s so super serious and so smart, i think i might be scared to say the wrong things with her hhhghghhh but also, i really admire naoto and seriously how diligent and observant she is, plus she does have a shier side to her that i can relate too. and!! we’re both afab but have questioned our gender (i think i’m nb, and i could see naoto settling on the same - also!! i’m using she/her for her here because that’s what the game ultimately settles on, but trans naoto is super valid), so i sort of feel a connection to her that way in a sense…and it would be so cool to talk to someone about that experience and how it feels. and now. teddie. my arch nemesis. i’m so sorry to everyone who likes him but i….really….hate the pervy mascot character archetype, and i don’t like how he treats the girls a lot :( honestly, morgana was a lot more bearable (pun intended???????) to me than teddie, and i just don’t know how well i would get along with him because i feel….super uncomfy with someone that would flirt with me like that (as i’m often female-presenting, u kno?) BUT i will also say he can be one of the sweetest members of the group, and i know he’s trying really hard to fit in and be like the humans around him - basically what i’m saying is that if teddie learns boundaries, i would get along with him!! he cares a lot for his friends and he’s pretty funny too, i just…felt a lot of disrespect from the way he acts with the girls way too often. finally, the protag!! like with akira, souji is a silent protag, but i think i would get along with my interpretation of him! i think of him as being really neurotic, like i tend to be, and so we could totally relate over our constant anxieties. but also, i imagine he knows how to stay calm and collected, plus he loves looking out for others (big dad energy), so i think he would help me sort through my problems a lot more and help me cope a lot better than i do now. this one was fun too!! maybe once i play p3 i can think about this with that cast 🤔

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Well, I’ve done SEES, so I may as well do this for their immediate successors, as well. It’s certainly fun to put together!


Souji/Yu: Masurao from EOV. This is one of the katana-wielding classes, similar to the Ronin of the original game, with less focus on moving between specific stances in a convoluted system, and more on summoning enemies, controlling the battlefield, and applying a few very specific buffs.

The main reason I picked Masurao over Ronin is because, by default, this is a Therian class, and one of the skills Therians can pick up is the All-Out Attack. Discounting that, the flowing style changes of the Ronin are an excellent representation of the changing nature of the Wild Card- and it exists in Nexus, too!

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i think one of the funniest parts abt woobifying adachi is that he’s like, not even remotely attractive. like, i’m pretty sure in canon, he’s supposed to be avg at best and kinda uggo at worst. 

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as much as ai ebihara is one of my fav non IT Social Links, shes of the land owning class and im not sure if i can ever get over that :(

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