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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I feel like people who say the new story in Royal (Takuto's stuff, idk enough about Sumi to say stuff) doesn't fit in at all with the rest of the game look at the game too... directly? The original game was about fighting corruption and helping those affected by said corruption. Epic! Awesome! But I feel like the og game neglected to talk more about the people affected by the corruption;their struggles, their trauma, etc, and I feel like Royal goes into that more
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Bruh the world will always need more Goro playlists b/c anything Goro is good...

👀👀👀 ok well. let the record show……….. someone did ask………..

^ this is my current playlist as it stands. it has a distinct sort of progression in it, and i am not. Kidding when i say i have a five paragraph essay for basically every single one of these songs kdfhsdjk 

i also think there’s some overlap here: feed the machine, the first song on the list, is also an akira song, which is why it’s first on both of their lists. despite my interpretations for the song being vastly different based on which character the song is for, it’s still the same core 

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“You’re late.”

“Sorry,” Akira says, stepping onto the rooftop. The rain chills him, even with his blazer. “You started without me?”

He sits on the ground beside Makoto, a cigarette already lit on her lips. “You took too long,” she says, inhaling deeply before passing it to Akira. 

He hums gratefully and takes a drag, feeling the heat seeping into his bones. “Ryuji wanted to chat, and you know I can’t say no.”

“Yes, you could’ve.”

“Got me there.”

Passing it back to Makoto’s outstretched hand, he watches her smoke from the corner of his eye before looking away. 

They’ve got a system going on because he wouldn’t have expected less from a Niijima: only once a week, never tell anyone, and they’ve got to do it together; it’s the only way they’d uphold their end of the bargain. Any more than that, it affects their performance in the metaverse, and that’s something neither of them are willing to accept. 

It was a complete accident that they became some kind of fucked-up smoking buddies. It’s ironic - the student council president and the brilliant leader of the Phantom Thieves, hopped up on nicotine once a week. 

In a way, it doesn’t surprise him. Both of them have responsibilities heavy enough to rival Atlas’, and sometimes, just sometimes, they wish they didn’t need to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

So they try and bear it together. 

Makoto passes it back. 

They should stop. He knows it, and he knows that Makoto knows it too. 

He takes it, and breathing in deeply, finishes it off. Letting it slip from his fingers, he crushes the butt of it under his shoe. 

But for now, they’ll take whatever they can get to let go of their crushing anxieties, even if it’s just for a few minutes on a school rooftop. 

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I only have rlly bad printer paper and this is just a plan but I’m proud of it lol /:

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