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#p5 fanart

”It’s so hard keeping up appearances, I suppose one has to cut them down to size…”


“Welcome to Octavinelle’s Monstro Lounge, I am Haru Okumura, how many for tonight?”

Pomefiore🍎or Octavinelle🐙?

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Persona 5: Yusuke’s Emperor

No kidding, I really like how this one came out.
It’s too bad that anywhere I tried to put his tail in, it ended up looking weird. So just note, I didn’t forget it. It was a choice so imagine it tucked into the chair.
I hope the Japanese style clouds do the effect of alluding the pipe smoke in his tarot & filling that empty space.

In Tarot, one of the meaning of clouds are:
- Clouds are veils. Clouds hide objects in their depths, and clouds hide objects behind and beyond their scope.

Yusuke’s eyes were clouded for quite a long time.

Ryuji the Chariot
Mishima the Moon
Hifumi the Stars
Akechi the Justice
Yusuke The Emperor
Futaba the Hermit
Yoshida the Sun
Iwai the Hanged Man
Ohya the Devil

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