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sashi-ya · 4 months ago
{+18} – Cherry Blossom & Tangerines – Trafalgar Law x Y/n – Part 6 -FINAL
Modern AU. Trip to Jeju Island, SK. No spoilers.
Female reader. No physical descriptions. Everybody is +18, canon ages. Chopper is human.
Tw: NSFW, soft sub/dom, unprotected sex (this is just fiction, pls wear protection). Spanking. Airplane sex. Car sex. Semipublic sex. Fluff!.
A/N: This is the final chapter. I included a one-year time skip after they came back from the trip, it is extremely romantic and fluffy, so you can choose either read it or not. I hope you like it! Thank you so much for reading and to all of my new followers. We are still less than 100 but I love you all!
Word Count: 5.9 K
» List of parts: {P1} {P2} {P3} {P4} {P5} {P6}«
Final part:
Tumblr media
Suddenly I felt a cold shiver run through my spine. The way he said it, his expression… I was expecting the worst.
He then grabbed my hands and faced me. He began to sweat, subtly, but I could see some beads falling from his hair into his neck. “Y/n-ya, I- I know you maybe … you may think this is fast…”, “BROTHER!!!” Penguin hugged Law from behind, scaring the hell out of him and cutting his words.
“Oh, dear Lord, stop interrupting Law when he is about to speak!” I thought, but instantly greeted Lami, as she came closer. She looked so pretty with a red and white hanbok decorated with little embroidered sakura flowers on silver and gold threads all over the skirt.
I glimpsed Law who was clearly trying to kill his friend for interrupting him, while Lami and I kept admiring each other's dresses.
We went ahead to have some delicious food from some stalls next to a little lake the park has, everything was shining, and for some minutes I forgot about what Law wanted to tell me. Yet, the fear of hearing something similar to a “goodbye” was installed in me, and wouldn’t let me enjoy the night as I wished I could.
We reunited with our friends to witness the main parade. Everybody took his place around the main street that crossed the park, as the presenters announced it via the loudspeakers. Loud music began to play, people with typical dresses marching, a big dragon fully lit with green, blue, red, yellow lights, stole the show, dancing to the sound of the representative music.
Law was next to me; he hadn’t looked at me since the moment we got interrupted. He would only peek at me when he thought I didn’t see him. “What’s going on, Law?…” I thought, trying to stop the urge to cry I was feeling.
The mc of the event announced that it was time for the main tradition of the festival, inviting the happy couples to lit the lanterns on the shore of the lake. “Y/N, you have to make a wish when both of you light the candle of the paper lantern and let it fly!”, Lami told me as she was being pulled by Penguin to the lake direction. I giggled, that couple was so cute…
I gazed at Law, smiling, warmly. He was still looking at the remaining people dancing on the parade, he seemed uncomfortable. I didn’t say a word and softly held his hand.
I saw how Vivi and Nami, Robin and Franky, and even Zoro and Sanji went to the lake to ignite the little lanterns, but Law didn’t even move. “Well, I guess that’s for couples, after all.”, I mumbled.
Torao held my hand tightly and finally spoke, “Y/n-ya, I’m sorry, would you like to light one of those with me?”. Of course, Law… How come he could be so dominating in bed, and yet this had taken him so long?”, I thought. Yet I answered “yes” politely but excitedly.
We walked to the stall that was giving away the lanterns. “Oi, young man, you arrived just in time, this is the last one!”, said the old guy and gave him the kraft paper sky lantern. “Thanks”, said Law coldly.
We found a little free spot over a cute wooden bridge that crossed the lake and as hundreds of lights full of dreams and wishes began to fly around us and to the sky, Law helped me light ours.
“Make a wish, Law…” I said fixing my eyes on his. “Uhum…”, he said and smiled. We both closed our eyes. I wished with all of my heart “I don’t want this to end, I want to be with you forever”, and I released the lantern from my hands. “I don’t want it either, I want to be with you forever”, I heard him say. “What?”, I asked confused. “You… said your wish out loud, Y/n-ya”, Law told me, smiling.
My whole face became red, how am I so stupid?... “Wait, you don’t want this to end once we come back home?”, I almost shouted at him, giving little jumps in place, “I- I thought you… you wanted to tell me that..”.
“What I wanted to say was…”, Law stopped and took a breath of air so he could continue, “I wanted to say that I love you. I know this might be quick, but the truth is that I’ve been in love with you from the -shadows- from a long, long time”.
He left me perplexed, I was trying to articulate my words, I loved him too, I was so happy I heard those words from him but… a long time?.
“Let me explain it to you”, he said and I nodded. “Well, I’m sure you think that the first time we met was actually on the bus, right?”. “Uhum'', I answered. “As you may know, I live with Rosinante and Doflamingo. Truth is, every time you went to buy either coffee - I know you prefer bobba tea on wednesdays, but, when your classes are heavier you often buy a cold brew- or flowers - mainly sunflowers and daisies- I looked from behind the counter. You probably didn’t see me, because I tend to be in the kitchen, but whenever you entered and I heard your voice I peeked through the door to watch your pretty face. Plus, we ride the same bus every morning, I always sit behind you, and I usually use a face mask so… yeah”.
I was dumbfounded, and still couldn’t say a word, so he continued. “Please, I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of stalker or something like that. Destiny seemed to always put you on my way, so I couldn’t help but look. When I realized Luffy, Zoro and the guys were your friends I just had to ask about you, they told me you were an amazing person, and that I wasn’t wrong, you were a very sweet girl.”.
“L-Law…” I gasped, and jumped to his arms and buried my head on his chest. “I love you too, I’ve been trying to stop myself from doing it. But… I don’t need any reasons to, I just feel it, I love you… Why didn't you speak to me before?!” I said while he petted my head. “I am sorry, I could be dominating only in some situations, but this scares me to death. I was frightened you could reject me”, he said a little embarrassed. “Don’t be sorry, fool, kiss me”, I said and kissed him softly but full of love. We enjoyed the spectacle the little lanterns gave to us while dancing with the soft breeze, garnishing the night sky like stars.
Some minutes after, Law caressed my cheek with a sexy side smirk and said, “what if… you know… get lost, one more time…”. “Heh, lead the way, Sir”, I said to him, biting my lower lip. He snatched my arm and pulled from me. We ran through the bridge, wind blowing into our faces, little sakura buds falling around us. Law running facing me, not even looking at his front, smiling, both laughing.
He unlocked the car and we got inside fast; we didn’t want anybody to interrupt us for at least a few hours. That was our moment, for us only. Law stepped on the gas pedal and we headed off home as quickly as possible. Because our Airbnb was a little far from the city center, we had to drive through subtly remote routes for a few kilometers in the countryside.
My lover was driving fast but safe, and besides us being all hyped and happy, he wouldn’t take his eyes from the road. Law was a really responsible driver. Yet, not everybody that night was being reliable because suddenly, a brilliant light came towards us on the road. Law turned the wheel as fast as he could to avoid a crash, making the car sidetrack to the left of the road. Luckily the road shoulder had a good size and it was in good condition so he could handle the situation perfectly.
He stopped the vehicle, and laid his head on his hands. “Ugh…”, Law sighed. I did the same, too. I was scared as hell; I couldn’t even speak.
I noticed how my boyfriend’s hands were subtly shaking, as well as his right leg. I tried to caress at least his back but he shouted at me “STOP!”.
I got scared but rapidly realized he had started to breathe more and more fast and uncontrollably. I had one year of med school yet to go, but I was able to recognize a patient having a panic attack. And Law was certainly beginning to suffer one.
I remembered the water bottle from the beach last night, so I looked for it and gave it to him. “Drink a little, and then breathe in, and breathe out. I’m here with you. We are alright. You did it perfectly”. He looked at me, in distress and grabbed the bottle. “That’s right, drink it slowly…”, I said almost whispering to calm Law, grabbing his hand softly.
Suddenly the memories of Lami telling me his story came to my mind. Law had lost his parents in a car accident… “that must be the reason this affected him so much…”, I thought.
“I- I’m sorry Y/n-ya, it’s… it’s just because… my parents…”, Law tried to say to me with tears in his eyes. “Don’t apologize for it, I know about your parents, Lami told me. I’m here with you, I love you, ok?. We are ok, we are safe and sound, thanks to you.” I told him, and hugged him tightly because he showed he was open to more invasive physical contact.
He nestled his head on my shoulder, “I wouldn’t forgive myself if something bad happened to you, I want to protect you, I love you”. “Nothing bad is going to happen to me as long as you are with me. I love you too”, I said while brushing his hair with my fingers. We remained like that for a few minutes more, parked on the side of the road, until Law stopped sobbing.
I saw through the car window a vast sunflower field ahead of us. The sound of crickets singing and the soft breeze compensated for the solitude of the countryside, and a big moon in the sky bathed the flowers with its shine. “I got an idea… let’s explore the field, I love sunf…”, I said, and Law finished my sentence, “Sunflowers, you love sunflowers”. He smiled at me, and we got out of the car.
We ran through the sunflowers, Law a little more careful than me, trying to keep up the pace from behind.
“Auch!”, I shouted and grabbed my left forearm, apparently some branches had scratched my skin. My personal doctor came closer to me with concern “What? what happened? are you ok?”, he said, grasping my arm. “It’s just a scratch, doc. I’m ok!”, I said downplaying the situation. “I don’t think so, let me see”, he said and started kissing the little wound, softly, inviting, provocatively. “We are in the middle of a field, are you going to fuck me here? what's next, huh?” I said, irreverently with a smirking face. Law pulled me closer by my arm, and grabbed my chin saying, “I think you might have forgotten who gives the orders in here. If I want to fuck you right here, right now I’ll”. He made a pause, and continued “Unless you don’t want to, you just have to tell me, ok?”. “It’s ok, I always want you to fuck me, you will know otherwise, don’t worry”, I said, happy he knew exactly the rules of consent. “Let’s take care of that wound you have first”, he said almost laughing at my face when he walked away. I thought he was going to take me there, or at least kiss me… I followed him to the car, a little upset.
Law opened the trunk and looked for the first-aid kit. He used an alcohol wipe over the little scratch and placed a band aid over it, “I’m sorry I don’t have some fancy Hello Kitty ones, but this will do”, he said, smirking. “Can I have a lollipop, doctor? I behaved properly like the good girl I am”, I said, pouting my mouth. “Oh, so the good girl wants a pop? On your knees. Now.”, he ordered me with piercing eyes.
“Yes, doctor”, I said and knelt down on the dirt. Of course, I didn’t care about the rental dress at that moment, but damn it, next morning we had to pay a large amount of money for ruining them…
He untied the cords of the <bagi> trousers, and let them fall to the ground, revealing his member. “Suck it, doll”. “Yes, sir”, I said and grabbed his dick with one of my hands. Slowly tasting it, sweet kissing the tip of it, leaving little smooches on and around it, while jacking him off. Finally, I put it all in my mouth, making it touch my throat.
Law arched his back and grunted, and then hit his back against the car door. “Fuck - mmh - baby…”. I kept sucking, until he couldn’t resist it anymore. “Come here”, he said in between pleasure hums. He grabbed my wrist, pulled me up and in a unique fast and violent movement, I ended up over the bonnet with my cheek pressed against the yellow Sonata.
Law was behind me, reaching my throat from the back and grinded against the skirt of my hanbok. “I’m gonna fuck you right here, and if some cars pass I wish they see your face enjoying my dick”, he whispered into my ear, with a perverse tone.
“Yes, Sir. Fuck me, please”, I begged him, I was a whimpering mess, so needy, so aroused. He then untied the bow that was keeping my skirt on and let it slowly slip to the ground. “Oh...I love your little panties”, Law said and brutally ripped them off.
Inked fingers played around the inside of my thighs, up and down. I was almost dripping from how wet I was. His hands caressed my ass cheeks for a moment, until the first spank came. “hmm”, the tingling sensation over my skin after Law’s strong palm hit my ass. “HMMM”, after the second spank. Another one, followed by his dick, penetrating me, with hard thrusts. “Damn, Law”, I cried. “Excuse me?, how did you call me?”, Law said and spanked me one more time. “I’m sorry, Sir”, I mumbled.
“That’s better, baby girl. By the way, good choice, this braid comes in handy”, he said and grabbed my braided hair and pulled from it. My stomach hitting the cold metal from the car, my head pulled back, strong thrusts, his cook stretching my walls, hard.
A few cars passed, and Law laughed saying “They probably saw us, ups…”. I was so focused on the pleasure his pounding was producing on me, I really didn’t care about others watching us, what’s more I think it contributed to the arousal even more.
I tightened more and more around his cock, moving my body against him, perfectly synchronized with his movements. His dick was deep inside of me, hitting my G spot perfectly. Yet this wasn’t enough for Law, so he reached with his hand my clit, and while keeping a brutal pace, his thumb played over it.
Law settled over me, pressing his stomach upon my back, I felt his accelerated breathing on my ear mixed with “” with every thrust. Sniveling, whimpering, I said “I love you too”, repeatedly. I was reaching my peak.
I came a few minutes after, as well as Law, who once again filled my insides with his warm release.
Second round came and this time Law managed to flip me over. I was facing him, sat over the bonnet, legs spread. Law fucking me while choking me, teary eyes, my makeup was a mess. All my body muscles tightened, ambrosial sensation that my inked sex God was giving to me. Finally, cuming with Law pinning my back against the yellow car in the middle of nowhere. Two young lovers, thirsty for the other, we felt the need of letting our bodies command and succumb to the most primal fleshly lusts ignoring the whole world around us, until…
“Hi, hello, Y/n?? where are you???”, Nami shouted through the speaker of my cell phone. “Nams, we… uhm… Law and I, we are just driving around”, I poorly excused myself. “Yeah, of course. Driving... Listen, you have the car keys, where are you?”. I had completely forgotten I was the one who drove one of the cars, and that I had run away without any warning… “I’m sorry, you are still at the festival? I’m going there right now”.
I heard Law sending an audio, so I guess it was probably to Penguin or his sister. I reached his gaze when I hung up and both brayed out loud.
We drove back to the park, trying to fix our dirty hanboks, my makeup and my braid, that I finally ended up untying. Of course, everybody laughed at us, because it was too obvious we weren’t “driving around”.
The laughing stopped when Lami decided to communicate that we were now an official couple. Everyone congratulated us, and while I was happy I saw the death stare Law gave to Penguin. I couldn’t help but giggle, Law was so damn embarrassed…
The night came to the end, as well as our holidays. Time to come back home and get ready for going back to med school. It was the last semester for Law before graduation, and I had another one to go until I could became a doctor.
“My sweet sister-in-law, I hope to see you soon, take care please”, said Lami while hugging me and pointed to Law, “You, brother, take care of her, ok?”. “I will, little monster”, Law said to her with a loving gaze.
We said our goodbyes and parted. It was pretty late, and our flight was in the evening so we went straight to sleep. “Goodnight, boyfriend…”, I said to Law while snuggling onto his chest. “Heh, goodnight girlfriend…”, he whispered and kissed my head.
Next morning after breakfast, everyone packed their last things and prepared to leave our temporary home, where the best memories of my life from then on were made. We spent our last day enjoying the view of the beach from our patio and playing board games.
“I don’t want to go baaaack”, Vivi cried and hugged Chopper at the airport. “I don’t want to either”, I said a little sad, because whenever we arrived in Seoul our life would come back to normal and the fun would be over… Plus, I wouldn't get the chance to be with Law as much as in Jeju...
“Oi, babe, let me make the check in for us. Do you like the first row next to the bathroom?” Law said, approaching from behind me and almost whispering. I turned my face to him with a suspicious gaze, wondering why he was being so specific about the seats. “Yeah, it’s ok for me”, I said, still confused.
Chopper asked me if I could help him choose a gift for a nurse he liked. I let Law do the check in and followed my friend to the gift shop.
The whole “crew” boarded the plane. Finally, I sat on my seat, realizing that effectively was on the first row and next to the bathroom. Law was at my side, and helped me with the seat belt. “Remember when we went to that roller coaster? haha”, he said while fastening it and then caressing my thighs softly.
A few minutes passed since the plane began to move, and this time Law wasn’t even scared. He felt secure, he wasn’t anxious about the departure. I guess he felt assured next to me. I was happy about it, proud of my lover.
We were already flying on cruise level, the orange shades of the sun hiding in the clouds and setting, invaded the plane, and slowly the sky became darker. We had 50 minutes of flying time ahead.
I was looking at the photos on my phone gallery, smiling like an idiot in love, when Law asked me almost whispering into my ear, “babe, can you help me unfast my belt? I need to go to the bathroom”. I looked at him narrowing my eyes and approached my hands either way to help him. “Why do you need me to untie your…”, I stopped my speech when I felt how hard he was. “Thank God I can hide it under this long sweater, you know? that skirt you are using, your thighs…. I need treatment, do I have to ask if there is a doctor on the plane?... oh wait, you…” He said, smirking at me. Law stood up and told me, “I’ll be in the bathroom”.
I closed my eyes, taking my hand to my forehead. “I should have known, you damn horny little shit…”, I thought. Yet, I wasn’t willing to lose such a tempting invitation, so I waited a few minutes until I stood up and headed to the bathroom. I was aware that if we got caught it would bring us a lot of bad consequences, but, who could resist Trafalgar Law, right?.
“Law, it’s me, open, hurry up”, I said knocking on the bathroom door, while scanning if someone was watching. My boyfriend opened the little door and pulled me inside.
Of course, plane lavatories aren’t big enough for two people but the proximity in between our bodies made it easier for us to start making out, erotically, lustfully.
Law turned me over, pressing my body against the wash basin, cupped his hand over my mouth and sticked his hand up my skirt. He then moved aside my panties and brushed my entrance with his member. “Look at you, baby girl”, he said, making us watch our reflection on the little mirror on the wall.
We interlocked eyes, I reveled in Law’s grey piercing eyes full of desire. A simple look and Law would definitely understand what I wanted. He penetrated me, softly moving in and out, in order not to make so much noise that could make anyone suspect about what was going on inside the toilet.
But then, he changed the pace. One, two, three hard thrusts. “Mmmh, Law”, I tried to mumble in between his fingers over my mouth, burying into my cheeks. “Shh, darling…” he stabbed me even harder. “people on the plane will hear us..” another strong plunge and his perverted look in the mirror.
“Come here”, he said and without taking his hand over my mouth, he let himself fall over the toilet. I landed over his lap, still being penetrated. “mmh f-uck…” I maffled.
He passed his arm around my waist, holding me tight as I started jumping and fidgeting over him. The exquisite motion resulting from our movements mixed with a little bit of turbulence, made us quickly reach climax. If it wasn’t for Law closing my mouth I would had moaned so loud when I came, everybody would had heard me. Law followed, filling me up. I remained still, even enjoying how little drops of his love juice dripped from me. “I love you, do you know that?”, he said brushing his fingers on my hair, while we recovered from ecstasy. “I love you too, Law”, I said resting the back of my head over his chest.
We rapidly arranged and planned on leaving the bathroom in turns. Law got out first, and I did the same two minutes after.
“I’m never getting bored with you, huh?” I said once I sat in my place. “I hope you don’t”, he said. We looked at each other with complicity and giggled.
Our laughs were interrupted by the voice of the captain through the speakers announcing our imminent arrival at Incheon airport. I placed my head over Law’s shoulder while he caressed my cheek. I knew he was thinking the same as me, once we got to Seoul we will have to part to our respective houses.
Outside the airport, Rosinante was waiting for us. He came running to us, tripping and falling in the middle of the street. “Oi, Cora-saaan”, shouted Law while rushing to help him. “I’m ok, Law. It was just an act to make your girlfriend laugh, you know”, he said brushing his clothes. “It wasn’t an act…”, Law replied. I approached them, “Mr. Rosinante are you ok?”, I asked the blond clumsy guy. “Of course, darling!, I’m so happy for you two!, Law! you’ve finally got the girl!!”, he said. Law was about to hide under his sweater, and I laughed, happy.
Soon our friends joined us and after chatting a little we all headed to our houses. Rosinante took Vivi and I home, I kissed Law goodbye before getting out of the car.
“You look sad, baby”, said Vivi while unpacking our stuff. “I am, I got used to being together all day…”, I said with almost teary eyes. “Oh darling, I know that feeling, I’m missing Nams too already. But you’ll get used to it. You all need a little bit of space sometimes”, My best friend comforted me. “Yeah, you are right”, I sighed.
An hour later, Nami came to pick Vivi up, they were going to sleep at Nami’s place that night, they needed to finish something for work or so, I didn’t even know. But I was left alone.
I had a shower, and went to the kitchen.
I was making dinner when a notification popped up on my screen. “@DrHeartSteeler> What’s for dinner, babe?”. “@DrSunflower> I’m making pasta, what about you?”, I texted him back, innocently thinking he just wanted to chat. “@DrHeartSteeler> Good, I think pasta goes well with red wine”. “@DrSunflower> Law…?” @DrHeartSteeler> I’m outside, dumbass. Open the door”.
I ran to the hall and saw from the window that Law was standing outside, with some bags in his hands. I opened quickly and as he entered I hugged him and kissed him everywhere.
“I missed you, I know it’s been a couple of hours, but I can’t be without you…”, he said. “I missed you too”, I said with a pouty face…
One year after…
“Congratulations Doctors from class 2022!” announced the Rector of our university on the microphone. Chopper and I had finally graduated. Our friends were greeting us, proud to have more doctors on the group. Vivi ran to me and hugged me, “I’m so proud of my best friend! Congrats doc!!”. “Thank you, baby!!”.
Law waited for Vivi to let go of me, with a bouquet full of daisies and sunflowers, similar to the one I bought when we met. “Dr Trafalgar”, I said, smiling at him. “Dr. Y/n. Congratulations baby, I love you.”, he said and hugged me by my waist. “I love you too, darling. Thanks!”.
Both of our families and friends went for dinner and celebrated our degrees. After dinner, Law and I drove home. We had moved in together to a flat near the hospital. He turned out to be an amazing surgeon, so he is part of the permanent staff of doctors of Dr. Marco. He chose cardiac surgery as main specialty, so he is in training in that area.
Nami and Vivi got married six months after we came back from the trip. Sanji and Zoro finally made their relationship public. They still fight, but they love each other. Luckily everybody was happy, slowly making their dreams come true.
“Oh my god I’m so tired, I hate using high heels”, I said as I entered our apartment and threw my shoes in the middle of the living room. Law laughed at me, while both of us collapsed on the couch.
Suddenly, my phone rang. I saw “Lami” on the screen, it was a video call so I picked up as fast as I could. “Congratulation doctor!!!”, she screamed on the other side of the screen as fast as I said hello. “Thank you Lami!!”, I said while Law and I waved our hands. “Congrats!!” said Penguin who appeared behind Lami in their home. “We have something to tell you!...” She raised her hand and showed a brilliant engagement ring, and continued “I’m getting married!!! Y/n I want you to be one of my bridesmaids. Penguin has sent the invitation to Law!”. “Oh my God, Lami!!! congraaats!! Of course, I’m going to be your bridesmaid!!” I say excited, Law congratulated them too with some tears in his eyes. Knowing his little sister was going to get married, probably had him moved to tears.
The weeks passed by pretty fast, and we were ready once again to board our flight to Jeju where the wedding was taking place. Law booked the same seats we had a year ago on that life changing trip. “Do you remember?”, he said. “I do, I’ll always remember it…”, I said, gave a kiss on his cheek, and placed my head over his shoulder, like I always do.
Law and I arrived at Jeju a few days prior to the ceremony and rented a pretty apartment, in front of the beach, near Lami’s house, so that we could help her with the last preparations of the wedding. They chose to celebrate an intimate party at the Grand Hyatt Hotel of the island, on a private beach the hotel had.
Finally, the big day came, I left the flat earlier that morning, kissed Law goodbye and drove to pick the bride to be. We headed to the hotel where an army of hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists awaited us.
We had a delightful breakfast, full of pancakes, fruits, specially the sweet delicious Jeju tangerines, bacon, juices.
After the amazing breakfast Lami gave me a little box with a special pendant for me to wear with my flowy yellow dress. “I’m so happy I have a sister like you, Y/n. You are one of my best friends, for sure. I mean you are like family, but I hope Law will soon make it official…”. A million butterflies flew on my stomach, and I just giggled. Of course, I had thought about us getting married someday, but never made my mind of it being a possibility sooner.
After having a few mimosas, and our nails, hair and makeup fully done, I helped my sister-in-law to dress. She looked like a princess with that white beautiful wedding dress. I was so happy for her, and wonder if I’d look good wearing one.
Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. “Little princess, are you ready?”. I heard Law’s voice from outside the room. I went and opened the door. He was wearing a black suit, with a red tie. He looked so formal, so much like a groom… “Hi babe, Lami is ready, come inside”. “Thank you darling, you look stunning. Love you”. Said Law, caressing my cheek.
I let them have their brother and sister moment and I went straight to the party, where Rosinante and Doflamingo were already at the reception, so I met with them. Corasan was wearing a dark blue suit, and Doffy a pink one. They were always true to their favourite colors, for sure.
The time of the ceremony came and everybody took their designated places. Penguin was waiting on the altar. Next to him, Bepo and Shachi, Law and Penguin best friends, were standing there as his best men. I was Lami’s bridesmaid, so I joined them.
Lami had chosen a different music for her entrance, she didn’t want the typical “wedding march”. Instead, “Peach” from IU started playing. Law guided Lami to the altar to that sweet melody. I tried not to cry, but I failed. She looked so pretty, so magical. Her brother, my Law, my baby… he looked magical, too, almost like a prince.
After they exchanged their vows, and legally became Mr. and Mrs., the party started. Even Law was so happy he danced the whole afternoon. We took pictures, ate a gourmet fine selection of dishes and had fun.
The moment of the bouquet tossing arrived. All of the single young ladies, including me, got ready to catch it. Lami threw it, and the cute pink and white sakura flower bouquet landed flawlessly and without me even trying to catch it, over me.
I widened my eyes, as my sister-in-Law approached me celebrating the catch. “Oh, hell yeah!!, bro you know what this means, right??” Lami said, pointing to Law who was smiling. I thought he wouldn’t be happy, but he was, and that warmed my soul.
The party was coming to its end. The sun was setting over the sea and the newlyweds had already left the party in order to board the plane for their honeymoon.
“Babe, I have a surprise for you. Let’s go”, said Law, brushing my hair off my shoulders. “You do??”, I said excited.
We left the party after saying goodbye to everybody, and Law began to drive. “Funny that they gave us the same car as last year, huh?”, I told Law, giggling. “Heh, It wasn’t a coincidence. I chose it”, he said, winking an eye at me.
We finally arrived somewhere I knew well, the lighthouse where we let our most lustful desires run free for the very first time. This time, even the wooden path over the sand had a trail of little candles on each side. “Law, oh God, this is so pretty!! thank you!”, I said jumping next to him. “Just wait, there is even more”, he said, a little embarrassed.
We got to the door of the beacon. I saw how Law had lost the smile on his face, and now he seemed nervous, anxious. I thought it was because he thought I wouldn’t like the surprise.
When he opened the door, the decoration was even more beautiful than the first time. This time the place had been remodeled so that there was a cute bathroom, and even a bed. I entered first, excited, contemplating the new image the place had. “Law!, I love it!!!”, I said and turned around to hug him.
I had to lower my sight, because Law was kneeling down, showing me a ring. “WHAT? ARE YOU FOR REAL?”, I screamed. “Uhum… Y/n-ya, would you like to be my wife?” he asked, all shy. “Of course, I want to be Mrs. Trafalgar!”. I accepted, he put the ring on my finger and hugged for a long, long time ♥
The End ♥
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