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#pacifica northwest
witch-pacifica-au · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
“A Magical Proposal” by admiralDT8 
Let’s just go ahead and say that this is pretty much how it went. :)
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Pacifica: What time is it? Mabel: I don’t know; pass me that saxophone and we’ll find out Mabel: *Plays sax loudly and extremely out of tune* Dipper: WHO THE FUCK IS PLAYING THE SAXOPHONE AT TWO IN THE MORNING Mabel: It’s 2 am
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fereality-indy · a day ago
Lemon Aid?
Pacifica: When life gives you lemons... Mabel: Say thank you. Wendy: Squeeze them into the enemy's eyes. Dipper: Wait until you're 18 to read them?
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fried-lemons · 2 days ago
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gobblewanker · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@mandaloriandragontrainer suggested drawing the Northwest Mansion Mystery outfits for the Steampunk AU, and I'm definitely up for designing some dapper kids! ^^
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inabsurd · 2 days ago
rating: G | category: Gen | word count: 884 (complete)
relationships: Dipper Pines & Pacifica Northwest
additional tags: Family Issues, Bonding, Growing Up
summary: Dipper realizes that Pacifica might not be the only one with a shameful family legacy.
since Dipper learns the Big Pines Family Secret™ right after The Northwest Mansion Mystery, I figure his outlook on family history and its impacts would be looking, uh, pretty bleak. Naturally, I had to use that as inspiration for week three of dipril!
fic’s under the cut for those who prefer to read it here!
“How do you deal with it?” the words come to Dipper without invitation, and he flushes as Pacifica turns her confused glare on him.
“Deal with what?” she asks, arching a perfectly un-messy eyebrow.
“Nothing, it’s dumb." You and Pacifica, Dipper reminds himself, Aren’t really friends. Just because he helped her with her ghost problem doesn’t mean she wants to talk about that party ever again, let alone either of their personal problems. “Forget about it.” He turns abruptly, intent on getting away from her as soon as possible.
“It probably is,” she interrupts. Dipper stops dead in his tracks, cringing as she continues, “But so is most of the stuff you say, and I listen to that.”
The tension abruptly dissipates, flooding him with relief as it does. Hesitantly, although far more confident than he felt a moment prior, he moves to her side, taking the seat next to Pacifica on the curbside bench. Across the street, her parents shop inside of Gravity Falls’ only tailor-made suit shop. 
Quietly, he clarifies “Being a…link in one of the world’s worst chains.”
From the corner of his eye, he sees Pacifica tense, her gaze flitting between himself and the store across the street. Dipper has no doubt that she’s noticed the new way he worded that statement; she’s perceptive like that.
“What? Did your parents do something?” she asks. She sounds almost dismissive but Dipper thinks he at least knows her well enough to tell she doesn’t really mean it.
Dipper shakes his head. “No…”
She laughs, “What, Stan, then? Sure, he’s a doughy old conman,” Dipper double-takes but Pacifica continues on unimpeded, “But he’s also a town hero. He stopped Gideon from spying on everyone.”
“No, it’s not that. It’s—” he rubs his eyes almost aggressively, like he can force the words to come out the way he wants. “Him and his brother. They’ve been holding a grudge against each other for, like, forty years over something that doesn’t even matter anymore, and now Mabel thinks we’re gonna end up like them—"
A sharp jab to the rib cuts him off. Beside him, Pacifica looks almost as surprised at elbowing him as he feels. She gathers her wits quickly, though, pressing on as though she hadn’t done anything. “Do you think you’re going to end up like them?”
Dipper pauses for a moment, caught off guard. “No? Yes?” he slumps over with a groan. “I mean, I didn’t, but Mabel’s so worried about it, and it’s not like we’re totally different from our grunkles. We fight over dumb stuff all the time; what if one of these times we don’t work it out?”
“Well, that’ll never happen,” Pacifica flicks her hair over her shoulder. “You two are always there for each other, even when you don’t agree. You two couldn’t not work together if you tried.”
Dipper goes quiet for a minute. He wants to believe that that’s true, but...“Stan and Ford were like that as kids.”
Pacifica goes quiet too, and Dipper’s mind races. It was stupid to bring this up, he knows that, but he thought if anyone would have an answer, it’d be her. But she’s just a kid too, much as Dipper hates to admit it, and it’s not like Pacifica has known her family history for much longer than he’s known his own. Maybe, he thinks traitorously, Family mistakes aren’t something you can avoid.
“Yeah,” she says, a terrible echo of his thoughts for half a second before going on,  “But they didn’t know what you do. They’re, like, a cautionary tale, right? They have to live it, but you and Mable get to see it. You know what to look out for now when you start fighting; they had no idea there was anything to look for in the first place.”
Dipper blinks, cogs clicking into place in slow motion. “That's...surprisingly helpful."
She glares, turning to face him for the first time the entire conversation. “I’m extremely helpful. You should listen to me more often.”
“Maybe I should,” the words are out of his mouth before he can stop them and he flushes.
Pacifica turns back towards the street, cheeks about as red as Dipper's own. “Well, at least it’s not my parents mistake,” she mutters.
“What isn’t?” he feels as though he’s missed something.
A small, smug grin pulls at her lips. "Talking to you."
He laughs, “Yeah, and talking to you is mine.” Privately, he thinks that, as far as mistakes go, he can probably live with this.
Across the street, the tailor's door opens and a little bell at its top rings through the whole street. Pacifica visibly flinches at the sound, but she shakes it off a moment later, standing from the bench as calm as anything. “We can’t really stop our family from impacting us,” she tells him with a shrug, “We just have to...outmaneuver them. Or something.”
She crosses the street. Dipper stays on the bench for a few long moments afterwards, watching Pacifica and her parents argue over something. He can’t quite hear what they’re saying, but the self-satisfied look on Pacifica’s face and the little wave she gives him before stepping into the limo leaves him grinning.
Outmaneuver. That sounds like something he might be good at.
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gobblewanker · 2 days ago
I don’t know if you’ve made one already, but I would love to see Pacifica’s design in the steampunk au!
Tumblr media
Heck yeah, more steampunk!
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fereality-indy · 3 days ago
That Was Her Plan Anyways
Mabel: Don't flirt with my brother. Pacifica: Okay. Pacifica: *flirts with Mabel instead*
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mkthedingus · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Started out as a quick warmup but then took my day away
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fereality-indy · 3 days ago
And Stan Is Running Book In Town Over It
Wendy: Mabel... Wendy: *exhaling* I'm in love with your brother. Mabel: 😔 Mabel: You thought I didn't know that? Wendy: You knew??? Mabel: Well, duh. Paz and I have a bet with Candy to see when you and Dipper get together. Wendy: 😮 Mabel: You better confess before Christmas.
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l-egionaire · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Why I ship them: They seemed like they'd make a good couple. They'd help each other balance the other out.
When I started shipping them: Probably after my first time seeing Northwest Mansion Mysteries and then looking at some of the fanworks for them.
Unpopular Opinion about them: Pacifica might care more about Dippers crush on Wendy than she'd want to. She knows she's his best friend but it makes her....uncomfortable.
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mystieris · 3 days ago
Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff
Inspiration: The song Hot Stuff by Donna Summer (
What it's about: The story starts out with Candy, Grenda, and Pacifica "kidnapping" Mabel for her bachelorette party the day before her wedding to Gideon. Dipper tags along as the designated driver and to make sure the group of rowdy drunk young women don’t get arrested or mugged or anything, and as per is tradition with your stereotypical bachelorette party, they go to a strip club. This is the most boring and agonizing part of the evening for Dipper, that is until he starts hearing Hot Stuff by Donna Summer play. He’s relieved that at least one of these naked men has some decent taste in music and takes a glance over at the stage.
He’s floored when a tall and handsome blonde steps on the stage and begins his routine. During the man’s performance, the two match gazes briefly, which makes Dipper’s face flush. Minutes after the man’s performance, a drink is slid in front of Dipper, along with a napkin with a phone number and email address scrawled on it. Without looking up, Dipper pushes the drink away, flashing the waiter his designated driver bracelet. He hears a chuckle above him as the napkin is slid back in front of him, now without the drink.
Dipper looks up and now realizes why his sister and her friends had been giggling; the blonde from the stage is now standing over him with a serving tray and now dressed in the waiter uniform. The man introduces his real name as “Bill” and tells Dipper that he’s off in 20 minutes. Dipper, completely oblivious, responds with an awkward, “Um… okay.” As soon as Bill leaves, Mabel laughs and smacks her brother crying out, “Dipdop, you goose! That guy was totally hitting on you!”
Dipper doesn’t believe it and dazes out, watching the direction Bill had taken off to. His daze soo turns to panic as he realizes the girls have taken the napkin and his phone and are collectively and drunkenly attempting to text the phone number Bill had provided. When Dipper gets the phone back, he’s horrified to find a message saying he’ll meet the man in the parking lot when he’s done with his shift has just been sent. He goes white as a sheet when he receives an immediate response of “See you then, sweetie ;)”.
Let me know if you're interested in this AU! ^_^
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