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#padfoot x moony
marauder-queen · a day ago
James, drunk off his ass: Everyone! I'd like to make an announcement!!
Sirius, Remus, Lily, Peter:
James: My bestie here, Sirius The Black, is Bilingual.
Sirius, Remus, Lily, Peter:
James: It means that he likes girls AND boys.
Sirius: James sit down, that's not what it means.
James: Sshh, I get it, I still love you...
James: Not like that though..
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mystical-marauder · a month ago
Sirius: so um... we're dating
James: Oh we know
Remus: you know?
Peter: yeah you didn't really hide it
*flashback to a week before*
James: truth or dare?
Remus: truth
Sirius: i dare you to kiss me on the lips
Remus: if you insist
Peter: he didn't even pick dare?!
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jilywolfstar03 · 7 months ago
Sirius: Can we cuddle?
Remus [reading]: No.
*A few minutes later*
Remus: Why is it so cold?
Sirius: I turned down the thermostat so we can cuddle
Remus: I love you.
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artemiiiiss · a month ago
So I saw both posts under each other on twitter right...and like? I just had to you know. The drawings, just like Remus and Sirius, were made for each other. It makes total sense. just saying.
Cr: @lunopal (drawing above)
@pestoprongs (drawing below)
Tumblr media
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mystical-marauder · a month ago
Sirius: Let's make a deal
Sirius: If we're both still single in an hour, we get married
Remus: Our wedding is in 10 minutes
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fuckboyregulus · 5 months ago
Hey! So, I’ve read all the wolfstar fics that you’ve recommended so far and we have the same taste. :) I’m wondering if you have any more? Thanks!
i definitely have more fic recs for you. :)
1) good old fashioned lover boy
@evermoreremus is a fucking genius. professor r j lupin returns. sirius becomes professor black. wolfstar raising teenage harry. i'm over simplifying because i don't want to ruin it for you. I LOVE THIS FIC, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. lots of wolfstar fluff and some angsssst?
(rating: T - status: complete)
2) more than three words
another @lumosinlove piece! sirius cheats on remus. this is honestly just pain and if you're a masochist like me, you'll love it.
(rating: not rated - status: complete)
3) a taste of honey
@biremus combined two of my favorite things: the marauders and the great british bake off (the great british baking show for my fellow americans who are confused). this was so fucking cute and fluffy. there's some angst but its fairly minor(read the tws). i feel like this is a really good one to read if you've just read something that broke you (see fic rec 2) and you need happy back in your life.
(rating: M - status: complete)
4) we were infinite
from @wewereinfinitelywolfstar. this was the first wolfstar fic i ever read. I LOVE IT. its a long ass fic(currently at 107 chapters) slow burn. ANGST, SMUT, and some fluff. its better than atyd (don't fucking come after me okay its my opinion). i've reread this about 50 times now thats how much i love it.
(rating: M - status: incomplete)
5) relic keel
@lumosinlove back at it again with her stellar writing. this is an island au. it kind of has an outer banks feel? but not? i have no idea how to explain this but its fucking good and totally different from any other wolfstar content i've seen so far. lots of angst, you also get some jily, dorlene, and o'kuntzy (which are haz's ocs and I LOVE THEM)
(rating: M - status: incomplete)
6) waves of magic
this is from @xivz. only 3 chapters so a quick read, modern/non-magical au, partial texting fic. reg asks sirius to come home for christmas and remus doesn't let him go alone. agh this is sad and cute and there's smut so there you go.
(rating: E - status: complete)
7) no mum, he really is my boyfriend
fake relationship fic. smut smut smut angst angst angst. also lily is a terrifying pregnant lady and i love that for her.
(rating: E - status: complete)
8) solntse
guess i'm in the mood to hype hazel(@lumosinlove) today, huh? sirius is a russian billionaire. remus is a part time call boy. there is angst and pain and some fluff and smutttttttt. i mean what did you expect when i said remus is a call boy?
(rating: E - status: complete)
9) clandestine
SPY AU?!?! soooo this is not strictly wolfstar... in fact wolfstar is more in the background here however ITS SO GOOD. it's mostly o'kuntzy, i don't feel like you have to have read sweater weather/coast to coast to understand this, and wolfstar is still there i promise okay i'm not totally hijacing this post for this fic, okay maybe i am but just go read it, okay? i binged all 14 chapters in 4 hours today. @heyitssmiller is amazing!
(rating: not rated - status: complete)
(also, if you don’t know, @wolfstarlibrarian has basically a million fic recs for wolfstar. it’s actually a legit operation… unlike me where i just say things like ‘this is fucking good i cried’ and then spam you with random other shit 😅)
bonus round: look, not to suck my own dick or anything, but if you enjoy long fics and slow burns, check out it doesn't change anything. it will cover the marauders time through hogwarts, and the first & second wars with voldemort. (rating: M - status: incomplete)
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carolinesalvawhore · a month ago
Wolfstar texting
Sirius: When I first saw you, I was taking a bath
Remus: Huh??
Sirius: I was taking a bath. when I first saw you. I was stunned by your beauty
Remus: Do you mean. . . taken aback?
Sirius: yeah
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padfootprank · 9 months ago
*In a group chat*
James: lol I’m dying help
Remus: oof same
Sirius: mood
Regulus: rip, what’s up?
James: no like I’m legit dying
James: some guy stabbed me in the McDonald’s parking lot
James: *sends a blurred picture of himself dabbing in the ambulance*
6 people are typing...
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