#pain. agony even.
archirenaux · 3 days ago
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Jamie Blackley as Robert Dudley and Alicia von Rittberg as Elizabeth Tudor
BECOMING ELIZABETH (2022-) | “To Death We Must Stoop” 1x08
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hermitcrimes · a month ago
*gives you a noise muffling pillow* you're gonna need it for Doc's episode
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innit-inc · 8 months ago
Anyone who pointed out that c!Phil is now closer to c!tommy suspiciously right after c!Ranboo died owes me a free therapy session
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totallylegitlion · 3 months ago
Taweret said in episode 5 that it had been some time since a soul had passed through her boat.
In episode 6 she tells Layla she guided her father to the Field of Reeds.
Do yall think he was her last passenger before Marc/Steven/Jake('s sarcophagus)?
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blackbeardskneebrace · a month ago
Tumblr media
POV you have been listening to Sour Breath by Julien Baker on repeat for the entire day, singing “the harder I swim, the faster I sink” over and over as tears fill your eyes, while you put incredibly unnecessary amounts of detail into your very sad painting
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kabutoraiger · 3 months ago
i’d been looking forward to this new kdrama called “monstrous” bc it’s supernatural horror my beloved. hard to find in dramas. and not only that but based on synopsis seemed like more complicated horror than just plain old ghosts or zombies.
love me some ghosts & exorcisms of course but sometimes you crave smth a little more involved. and i can’t fuckign stand zombies. but this has like an evil statue that curses you if you shalt happen to meet its horrid thousand yard stare! love that. great stuff.
... and then by the end of ep 2 it basically just turns into zombies.
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outlanderalien · 3 months ago
Jimmy's going to play Kim isn't he?
The childhood flashback where Kim refused to get in the car with her drunk-driving mother. Her self-preservation and sensible nature now seemingly gone as she metaphorically gets in the car with drunk driver Jimmy... she's given up trying to drive the relationship, she knows Jimmy won't change, so the only way they stay together is if he's at the wheel... The story Kim tells him about a good, hardworking, and smart kid having his life ruined because he got in a car with a shitty friend who is now pinning all these criminal accusations on him... The foreshadowing.
The way Saul looks sad everytime Kim gets involved in this huge con, is he aware that he's planning to throw her under the bus? Is he feeling pre-emptive remourse? Regret? Wolves and Sheep?
Kim sacrifices everything moral and good about herself to stay with Jimmy, even if that means loving Saul as well, but Jimmy died with Chuck in that fire, it's just Saul now. And Saul won't think twice about betraying her, he may even twist it into a positive, that he thinks he's bad for her, and the only way to create that distance to protect her from himself is to completely burn that bridge to the ground. Scorched Earth. Make her hate him. The self-fulfilling prophecy that Chuck bestowed, Jimmy ruins everything he touches, he hurts everyone around him, Jimmy believes it...
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teen-heart-throb-mr-hyde · a year ago
generally distraught over the fact since banquo and macbeth were are so close, fleance probably saw mac as like. an uncle or an older brother even.
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t4tlambert · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
mfw i'm looking for trans headcanon content and the first thing that shows up is omegaverse shit
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transjohnnycash · a month ago
CRYING SCREAMING ETC stop w the fireworks my ears hurt!!!! I'm trying to sleep!!
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druidgroves · 4 months ago
learning that ur blog can get deleted if u have too many sideblogs after spending all that time getting all my old urls from my old blog--
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grapegardxn · a year ago
if the ears fit, wear them!
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lochrenmonster · 9 months ago
full of unbridled rage but otherwise fine
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goldendiie · 4 months ago
drafting this wedding scene for filing jointly has me bashing my head against the wall and screaming WHEN IS IT MY TURN TO BE HAPPY
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thefoulbeast · 11 months ago
u ever post smth specific hoping a mutual will see it but then realise theres a time difference and you've overshot and they probably won't see it bc they're asleep or like idk doing life stuff or whatever
and you don't feel like ur close enough to them to like. message the post directly and reposting/reblogging it feels weird.
maybe i am an awkward individual. maybe i am overthinking it.
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blackbeardskneebrace · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
going ✈️ insane bonkers crazy nuts off the plot
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transboydororo · 10 months ago
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