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paintfroge · 2 months ago
I am struggling to be patient lately. Can you draw froge being patient about something to inspire me?
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waiting is the worst, but the results taste realy good
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citrineghost · a month ago
If you’re an artist with some amount of skill who chronically gives too much of a fuck about the perfection of your product, I highly recommend drawing in mspaint with a mouse. 
I’m serious. I don’t mean shitty stick figures, I mean play around with it and just see what you can do without layers, without the constant pressure to keep a steady hand, just go wild
I started doing it for shits and giggles on @paintfroge and honestly it accidentally has been really therapeutic. I’ll be 100% honest, I was inspired to create the blog originally because I love what @catcrumb does and I thought it would be fun to do something similar with frogs. 
The thing is, I’m not catcrumb. While their sense of humor is hilarious to me to consume, it’s not what I produce naturally. I ended up accidentally getting sucked into the drawings and putting a lot of effort into them, but in a completely different way than I’m used to. I’m used to putting in backbreaking hours and tinkering with fine details and trying to make something perfect and always end up disappointed. 
The effort I put into these drawings is... joy? Passion?? I get excited to try new things and I put a lot of detail into many of the drawings, but the kind of detail is like, sloppy, and made with love, and the pieces actually end up looking really good a lot of the time. But the best part is that when I look at them, they make me smile, because they’re just for fun, and they were fun to make. 
And frankly, I would rather make a million pieces of silly frog art in mspaint that make me smile when I look at them than make a single piece that would look at home in a fine art museum. 
So if you find yourself chronically frustrated with your own drawing performance and feel like you’re never getting the results you were looking for, I wholeheartedly think you should take some time to just draw in mspaint for a while. 
For me, picking one subject (frogs) has been really useful because I never have to wonder what I’m going to draw, I never feel like I fall into a slump of no-art until I get inspired by a new fandom or something. There are always more frogs to draw. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it too! If you’d asked me a year ago if I can draw a frog, I would have been like, yeah probably, but it won’t look good. Now? Bitch I’ll draw you TEN frogs. They’re gonna be fuckin great too. I love drawing frogs, it’s fun as hell. 
Find yourself something to just fuck around with and see what happens!
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leonapreston · a year ago
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Hello again everyone! This is just a quick update on the sketch commissions: I’m now CLOSED for any further requests.
This is because I’m now preparing for, and about to go away on, a writer’s retreat/research trip to Edinburgh. But! Don’t worry if you wanted one and missed the chance this time around. I will aim to open for a few more in mid-October (since I’ve been absolutely loving what people have been asking me to draw!) I’ll be finishing my original list this weekend and sending those sketches out to their new owners.
Thank you also to the following people who signal-boosted my original post, as well as all the people who gave it a like. You guys really are the best! 💓
@artbelike @eddie-the-wolf @cheesedeity @paintfrogs @thewayofthefox @chaostheparrot @randombakedpotato @fandomsandmore394 @pinkfeiry
- - - -
I’ve absolutely loved getting into sketching again recently, so I’ve decided to open up for commissions for a limited time, in the hopes that people will have a few different subjects for me to tackle (but I won’t complain over an overload of Cats characters!)
It’s a very rare thing. I never quite know when I’ll open for them again… so if you want one, be sure to grab one now! The turnaround time for these is usually quite fast, although I’ll be getting through them on a first come, first served basis (I’ll keep a ‘progress list’ here so that you can see where you are in the queue - Edit: I’ve been keeping in close contact with my commissioners via email. This seems to work better for me!), and giving my hand a rest from time-to-time.
Inked Pen Sketches
The details:
- Fan characters are ok, original characters (animal or human), pets, wildlife, self portraits - any subject that tends to be organic in nature, rather than technological (robots, cars and such). Tasteful nudity but not full on bits, if you know what I mean? No sexy times.
- Portrait/bust/full body - one character (contact me for a price for more than one character/interactions - Edit: Add £5 extra for a second character with or without interaction). Pen inked and simplified details (these are very loose/free-flowing sketches, so not suited to characters with a lot of intricate detail - Edit: These sketches have actually become more detailed as I’ve gone on!)
- Supplied as a clean, high resolution scan.
£25 each - via PayPal only (Please send as British Pounds Sterling).
Please email me at: to reserve a slot and be sure to include a detailed request + character references for what you want sketching. I’ll then confirm your place and send you details of how to pay for your commission.
Thank you! :-)
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ratvault · 3 years ago
we’re snooping on your playlist. set your entire music library on shuffle and repost the first 10 songs that pop up. choose 10 people. tagged by @hoodie-jpg
1.) love drunk // little mix
2.) crzy // kehlani
3.) sun // sleeping at last
4.) woman // dorothy
5.) turn me away // seaway
6.) okay // chase atlantic
7.) do better // traces
8.) come & go // broadside
9.) i swear this time i mean it // mayday parade
10.) this is the first thing // you me at six
i tag: @unicornninjabitch @animenuts @frobbin @gladboyaesthetiq @souleqter @catologist @appledicks-prime @paintfrogs @funkbian @gayrightsryuji and anyone else who wants to do it (also y’all don’t have to do it just bc i tagged you lol)
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paintfroge · a month ago
Froge... with a little apron... that says... "Kiss the Croak"
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obsessed and elated with this request
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paintfroge · 2 months ago
may I request a glass frog doin their little loaf thing
like this:
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Tumblr media
gummy froges
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paintfroge · 2 months ago
can you make a froge on a potato
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its theirs
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paintfroge · 2 months ago
Can I request a frog 3000 x 3000 picture in space ??
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Tumblr media
you heard it here folks
stop fucking limiting yourself
just do the thing
Full version (3000x3000)
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paintfroge · 4 months ago
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when u get home from the store like
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paintfroge · a month ago
hello i’m a new follower and just wanted to say your art has really made me smile today!
what is your favorite kind of froge? 🤔
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they are all near and dear to my heart
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paintfroge · 25 days ago
any chance you could draw the frog from meet the robinsons 🐸
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you bet your ass i'll draw frankie ! iconic
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paintfroge · 6 days ago
Hi, I was wondering if you could draw me a toad in a witch hat! for my pfp because... HexedToad 👍
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How's this? c:
Free to use with credit in bio
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