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why is everything so heavy

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Happy Sunday! My neato comic The Hunted Plane has updated!

That’s… not a happy face…

Read the update right here!:

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Team of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Kesuan Holaferas (NPC, city sergeant and bloodhunter)
Avishaan @staurolith (Bladesinger wizard)
Salem @rtjgsketch (paladin)

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Alexei the Ampharos and Dante he Flygon will always protect their ladies, Persephone the Celebi and Belle the Bellossom, with all theirpower, and give them all the love uwu

I hope you like this x3

Alexei and Dante belong to me
Persephone and Belle belogn to my beloved @fragilebeauties

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Oath of the Cook

Paladin Subclass

  • Cook with passion
  • Take time to eat
  • Honor the food
  • Everyone has the right to eat

At level 3, you gain proficiency with cooking utils.

Oath spells:

3. Burning Hands, Purify Food and Drink

5. Locate Animals or Plants, Protection from Poison

9. Create Food and Water, Plant Growth

13. Fabricate, Locate Creature

17. Creation, Mass Cure Wounds

Level 3:

Channel Divinity “Bountiful Meal”: You can use your Channel Divinity to cook a bountiful meal. You cook for 10 minutes. After that, up to six creatures can eat and drink for one hour. When the hour has passed, the creatures are cured of one poison or disease affecting them and they gain Temporary Hit Points equal to your Paladin Level.

Channel Divinity “Boil ‘em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!”: As an action, you show your holy symbol and for the following three rounds, these effects apply one for each round until the end of your next turn:

1. Round: All enemies that start their turn in a 30 feet radius and touch a body of water, must succeed on a Constitution Saving Throw, taking 4d6 fire damage or half as much on a success.

2. Round: All enemies in a 30 feet radius are vulnerable to bludgeoning damage until the end of your next turn.

3. Round: All enemies in a 30 feet radius must succeed on a Dexterity Saving Throw or are restrained until the end of you next turn.

Level 7:

Aura of Lusciousness: All friendly creatures in a 10 feet radius around you regain your Paladin Level plus your Proficiency Bonus as Temporary Hit Points after a short rest, provided that they ate a good meal. As long as they stay in this radius with full Hit Points, they add your Charisma Modifier to their attack rolls. At level 18, the radius increases to 30 feet.

Level 15:

You always gain the maximum possible Hit Points from your Hit Dice after a short rest, provided that you ate a good meal.

Level 20:

Once between each long rest, you can use your action to take the form of the ultimate cook for one minute:

  • You can cast “Burning Hands” as a 1. Level Spell as a bonus action each round without using a spell slot and without components.
  • Your Divine Smite attacks deal fire damage instead of radiant.
  • You and each friendly creature in a 10 feet radius regain 2d4+2 Hit Points at the start of your turn.

My wife is kinda the food paladin, so I came up with this subclass for her. Might be OP, let me know 🤪

Edit: Balanced the Channel Divinity.

Edit: Added a second Channel Divinity.

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I sketched this up in like.. two seconds so yeah.

Armour is hard.

P.S. This is a character called Dalion from me and a couple of my friends’ D&D group called Dungeons and Dumbasses.

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Birta (she/her), blue dragonborn and oathbreaker paladin, and Fenraiir, her f®iendly wolf steed.
Stats: 18str, 11dex, 13con, 10int, 14wis, 18cha.
Fighting Style: great weapon fighting - and never anything else!
Signature Spell: Find Steed.
Favourite song: Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

Wielding the anime-sized lightning greatsword Susano’o, Birta is the mum-friend of the party. She is the adoptive mother of Kitt the tielfing druid and Journey, her neice and tiefling sorcerer. Married to Geoff the shifter cleric. She has many siblings, but most notably the evil red dragonborn Torinn (Journey’s biological father.)
During a fight with the vampire Carvell, Birta lost her right eye and horn, and was inflicted with a curse of hatred, twisting her magic and forcefully breaking her oath of devotion.
Her family is mostly silver and blue dragonborn, with red and black uncommon.
Raised in the peaks of Kysrod, she became a refugee after a cataclysmic attack on the city, finding home in Muhizi.
Her steed Fenraiir, previously a celestial horse called Artax, now takes the form of a fiendish black wolf with a purple gossamer/static charge. He loves pets, especially Kitt’s ocelot Jellybean, although Jellybean is suspicious of the magical wolf.

She was previously designed as a paladin of Bahamut, but after the campaign switched DMs, settings and vastly different styles, she was resheeted. Her previous weapon, a cold greataxe called Tsukuyomi, no longer recognises her, treating her as a foe, leading to Birta carrying it around in thick bandages so as to not damage herself.

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Amber Daskil (she/they), mountain dwarf and LN paladin of Limhwei; LE goddess of the sea.
Background: noble.
Stats: 19str, 8dex, 12con, 12int, 8wis, 17cha.
Fighting Style: Duelling.
Preferred dance: smitten battleaxe and shield.
Signature Spell: Thunderous Smite.

Sworn to an oath of protection over the coastal cliffs of Iridyal to the far-north-east. Daughter of Flint Daskil, the arcane blacksmith and cleric.

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It’s been a long time since I last bothered to share art but have my dnd character, the technically-alive paladin Desma “Cain instinct” Podsnapper.

If Desma doesn’t look like they’re constantly about to cause trouble, I’m not drawing them right,

[Image description: two nearly identical digital paintings of a halfling paladin with red hair, black chain mail and a red tunic. In their hands is a bright sword. They appear to be smirking. The background is of the night sky with the moon forming a halo behind them, and the clasps on their tunic are the symbol for the dnd god Lathander. The second image has their eyes crossed out and an x over their heart.]

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ice paladin man, healing power is stored in the tiddies


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SHE LIVES! This is Vow, my new paladin cuz i must create more ocs always

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