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#palaye royale

Thank you for @anotherdayadifferentdream​ for providing me with this excellent picture of wine mom Seb. I love it!

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First digital portrait in a while. Let me know what you think! Had to be @remingtonleith as I missed drawing him a lot & have been listening to @palayeroyale a LOT

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hi what are y'alls fav palaye royale songs? i can only get into dying in a hot tub before it loops into the top 5 again

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Emerson Barrett has my HEART this man is so.. how do i say.. revolutionary? idk he is so philosophical and its so intriguing to me. he gives me such joy and inspiration to do things that don’t really even exist. he gives me an inspiration for something that i can’t really place my finger on and i LOVE HIM FOR IT! Emerson is my Emer-son. 

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окей, моей прошлой гиперфиксацией были музыканты(ну то есть все еще, но я не слушаю музыку)


а сейчас 2d мальчик из отомэ игры



/не отписывайтесь от меня, я постараюсь больше не постить об этом так много

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