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All my fancasts for Poison Ivy

1. Tessa Thompson


Originally posted by dailytessa

I think Tessa just has the perfect voice for Ivy. Plus she’s one of my favourite actresses, and I’d love to see her in a DC film at some point, playing anyone really. She’s so versatile that I think she could play so many people, but I think she’d be especially amazing as Ivy.

2. Natalie Dormer


Originally posted by winter-is-coming-valar-morghulis

She played my favourite character in Game of Thrones, who was rather Ivy-esque herself, so it’s easy to see her doing a similar thing in the DC universe if they introduce Ivy at some point.

3. Rihanna


Originally posted by withriri

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rihanna act in anything? I’ve heard mixed reviews but she’s such a popular fancast that I had to put her in here. Plus when she had red hair she seriously reminded me of Ivy.

4. Evan Rachel Wood


Originally posted by coredrive

I’ll be honest, she’s actually my (only) Batwoman fancast, but failing that, I think she’d also be an awesome Ivy. I mean, in True Blood she played a character who was very similar to Ivy, and I think her take would be very interesting.

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Spa Day!

I installed a spa locally for my sims and since Harley is the only one with no work at the moment she got to go visit.


First up, the changing room and obligatory mirror shot.


She then went to practise some yoga, gaining the wellness skill.

She seemed to take to it quite well so I enrolled her in the class that was starting.


Although I am admittedly biased, I thought she was the best of the students.


She even managed a handstand pose although did collapse shortly after with a thump.


She was rightfully proud of herself at the session end. I then took her over to do some weight training.


This was more of an effort and she soon gave up with the leg weights.


The arm exercises suited her much better however. A quick bath and then home. I had thought the whole thing would tire her out but I was apparently wrong.


She was feeling good after all that spa activity and showed Ivy her flexibility in the hot tub.


Did I mention before that Harley’s aspirations are family focused?

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Could you pretty please make a yan!Poison Ivy x reader with "When I picture myself happy, it's with you" & "you're mine, all mine" ? P. S. You're the best😘😘

Warnings: toxic relationship, manipulation, kidnapping

Notes: None


When you heard about the breakout at Arkham, you knew you should’ve ran, just packed your things and left Gotham for a while, but a small part of you didn’t want to leave. It wanted nothing more than to see Ivy again.

Over the past few years since you met her, Ivy always came to get you whenever she got out of Arkham. She would use her pheromones on you and keep you for months until she was inevitably arrested again.

At first you really didn’t like it, but over time, her roots just dug themselves deeper and deeper inside of you. You couldn’t imagine a life without Pamela Isley somewhere in it anymore.

You waited and waited until she finally walked into your apartment like she owned the place. You supposed she did in a way, since she owned you.

“My sweet flower, I missed you.” She wrapped her arms around you, vines already winding their way over your clothes. “When I picture myself happy, it’s with you, so these months without you have been hell. Did you miss me?”

Your body relaxed into her embrace and you could already feel your mind clouding up. “Yes. Yes, Ive. I missed you so much.”

When her lips touched yours, sensation took over completely. It was no longer a tiny part of you under control, it was all of you.

You’re mine, all mine, and I’ll never let you go again.”

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*harley, squishing Stephanie’s face*: babey Selina and Ivy: she’s literally not a baby and also she’s kicked your ass multiple times Harley, *continuing to squish Stephanie’s face*: did I fucking stutter?

What do mean this isn’t canon

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There was this one brilliant “Texts from Superheroes” where I don’t remember who it was were talking about how Gotham villains are all doctors and scientists and that “for a crime ridden city we are very well educated”. But all those villains are also mentally ill, as we know. All except one - Selina Kyle. Not only is she the only one who never goes to Arkham, but she is also the only one who doesn’t have any degrees (I think? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I couldn’t find any indication that she does). So… is it the student loans debts? Is that why everyone who goes to college in Gotham loses their mind? Because I can understand that.

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I think the reason why Harley (and to less of an extent, Ivy) is seen as an aunt of sorts to the batfam has a lot to do with Selina becoming a mom to the kids, so its like a convergence of the families

“Hey Bruce, my family’s coming over for the weekend.”


*proceeds to send everyone to Kent Farm*

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Why do people consider Harley (and Ivy? Idk I'm new to the fandom) part of the bat family (like a aunt)?

I’m not totally sure what others think. It might be because they’re technically more antiheroes than villains, plus Injustice!Harley was on Team Batman. Ivy kinda comes hand-in-hand since they’re girlfriends

I personally think they’re there to take some of the weight off Kate’s shoulders. Being a single lesbian aunt is hard

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