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#pamela isley
comicscgallery · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Harley Quinn (2021) #4
textless Pride variant by Kris Anka
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marvel-dc-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Batman #112 (2021) pencil & ink by Jorge Jiménez color by Tomeu Morey
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dailydccomics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harley & Jarro are truly having the time of their lives and that’s all you really can do in the face of total annihilation  
Dark Nights: Death Metal #6
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poweravalance · a day ago
Just wanna share my other obsession....
Crdts to the owner of the photo😉
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wwprice1 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Stunning Poison Ivy by Mikel Janin!
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supervisorkenadams · a day ago
Ahahhaa,,, you’re SUCH a #girlboss lol,, hey uhhhh,,, how would you feel about becoming my #wifeboss?? Ahahahhaha jk jk,,,,,, unless??,?
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gothamcitytrash · 2 days ago
Bane - Dr isley
Poison Ivy - Bane
Bane - Dr Quinn
Harley Quinn - Hiya Drax
Bane - Dr Crane
Scarecrow - Evening Muscles
Bane - Dr Fries
Mr Freeze - Dr Torres
Bane - MR … Nygma
Riddler spluttering - now hold on a sec
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meanpersonaart · 2 days ago
I am on the roll with these, but If there's gonna be a Gotham City Sirens movie I hope they involve Eddie Nygma in some small way. He's in the GCS comics and he's an ex-criminal and "cured" of his problems in it so the Sirens wouldn't want him to help with crimes themselves, but would still ask him to do favours for them.
They would be like: "Here, we saved a cat. Give it to Eddie for safekeeping."
And Eddie is like "I am stressed out and depressed, GIVE ME THE FUCKING CAT"
It also works with saving other animals, children and safekeeping the stolen goods. The scenes would be short and quick, but that would be funny imo.
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gothamsworst · a day ago
How would the Dork Squad and Poison Ivy react to Pokémon?
Jonathan Crane:
I'm torn between "Jonathan Crane has never touched a Pokémon game in his entire life" and "Jonathan Crane is a Genwunner Change My Mind." Pick your poison; it could go either way and both are equally hilarious concepts to me.
Edward Nygma:
Eddie has always prided himself on being too "mature" for a dumb kid's game, even when he was growing up, but honestly he's just never actually played it. If he did, he'd probably end up loving it. He'd probably be a really competitive player, too--the kind that sucks the fun out of it for everyone else.
Jervis Tetch:
He has no idea what that is. Well, that's not entirely true. He's heard of it, but aside from the occasional toy or Pokémon-related thing he'd see in stores, he's not familiar with the series at all. He might like it, if he played it, but he wouldn't be obsessed with it or anything. It'd be a "once in a blue moon" thing.
Pamela Isley:
Pam thinks a lot of the grass-type Pokémon are cute, but other than admiring some of the designs, she's mostly apathetic. She much prefers to watch Harley play it, even if she doesn't really know what's going on. ("Are ya winnin Harl")
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poisonousquinzel · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by Babs Tarr
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kudzushadow · 18 hours ago
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batfamincorrect · 7 hours ago
pamela isley: you're not alone if there are trees!
selina kyle: I can't tell if that is supposed to be encouraging, or an ominous warning.
pamela isley: That is entirely up to the trees.
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cowboyharley · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
the way harley looks at pam brb i’m crying
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blanddcheadcanons · 5 hours ago
Poison Ivy talks to plants and if anyone makes fun of her for it she says it's the only way she can have an intelligent conversation.
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risereigncorp · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gothamcitycentral · 2 days ago
Please tell me about you ideas for Poison Ivy episodes in as much detail as physically possible. I want to hear about the traumatised teenager.
I’d be delighted to.
Her debut goes through virtually the same motions as her 2004 counterpart. Her and Barbara mess with some polluting corporations, she gets mutated, starts causing trouble as Poison Ivy, gets busted by Batman and his new self described sidekick, Batgirl, and is shipped off to Arkham. She’s surprisingly calm about everything, mainly because she’s still in awe of how her powers could help the environment.
Then she gets a late night visit from Barbara. Eventually Barb asks if she’s going to hurt people. Pam says she’d only ever hurt someone she had to.
Barbara asks if she’d hurt her.
Pam could hardly take the question seriously.
Barbara lets put a choked, “Yeah”, wipes her eyes, and leaves Arkham.
That was the last visit Pam had. From anybody.
In her next appearance, Ivy’s isolation was getting to her. Her only interaction in the Asylum being which guard was delivering meals. They were never all that charming. The only break from routine being random nonsense from another Arkham patient. The separation from either plant life, the sun, or both seeming at have drained from her physical health. Not that there was anyone to notice. She keeps on replaying her conversation with Barbara over and over again in her head, trying to figure what she said wrong.
Then there’s a mass breakout seemingly caused by the Joker. Then some crocodile man is making sure she gets out.
In some weird, probably unhealthy, attempt to feel better, she’s starts tearing up another corrupt corporation. Which would be fine if it didn’t mean a lot of innocent workers and civilians being hurt. But with so many villains just having escaped, Bruce misses the info on Poison Ivy.
However, Batgirl doesn’t, and since her and Bruce are having communication issues at the moment, she handles it herself.
One fight scene later and Batgirl is held by Ivy’s vines, she realizes there’s only one way she isn’t dead.
She takes of her cowl.
Pam can’t even respond beyond a confused, “Barbara…” before she drops her. Then, she starts realize what she almost did.
She was trying to kill her best friend.
Neither of them can stumble out a reply before they realize Batman had showed up on the scene. Pam gives a last look to Barbara before escaping.
Barbara doesn’t try to stop her.
Her next episode starts with Killer Croc, just, casually picking out items from a small grocery/convenience store. Then he just leaves with them, stopping supervillains isn’t in the single cashier’s job description. He then takes them to a seemingly abandoned green house, where Poison Ivy is staying. The only sign of her habitation being a plant based hammock and a charcoal grill Croc dragged in.
Waylon is trying to be some what comforting, but he can’t do much with Pam refusing to talk to him, so they kinda just sit in silence. Which is easily better than her being alone.
Eventually Pam does start talking, leading to her having a breakdown, cursing her powers that she would have once dreamed of having. Her mutation made her parents abandon her, land her in Arkham, and made her almost kill her best friend. She says she wishes this never happened, that didn’t have wear leaves for clothes. She starts tearing them off, but they just keep regrowing.
Killer Croc stops her by throwing a green hoodie in her face and saying, “Then don’t.”
Pam pulls away the jacket, it has “Legalize It” in bold letters.
It’s oddly calming to wear.
Then she shows up in the Red hood arc. Since Waylon started keeping on eye on Jason he’d been visiting the green house with him. She and Jason get along surprisingly well, and it’s satisfying to have someone to just rant about their anger to someone other than Croc. They’re by all means grateful for his comfort, but sometimes they just want to be mad with someone.
Her next main focus in S3E8, where Batgirl finds Poison Ivy trying to mess with another corporation. She tries to take her in but Pam explains that she isn’t trying to hurt anyone, only stop a toxic dump directly into the rivers outside Gotham. She asks for Barbara’s help, “For old time’s sake.”
She can’t bring herself to refuse.
It’s awkward, admittedly, at first. But by the end of it, Pam asks if Barbara hates her.
She says of course she doesn’t.
Pam asks if they’re still friends.
Barbara says she doesn’t know, but she holds Pam’s hand and says, “But I want to try to be.”
Of course that isn’t her last appearance, but from then on she isn’t the main focus, and she acts as an ally of the Bats.
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msbarbiel · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been meaning to draw something like this forever. I finally had some free time!
Joker wasn’t meant to come along and Ivy is distressed
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