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littlehlearning: A fruitful meeting with Anita Russell and Genevieve Nelson from @ktf_ngo about the future of our projects and our wonderful partnership! We would like to thank everyone for their support over the last few days. We are excited for what’s to come and even more so to have you all on this journey with us. Thank you. 🧡

#LittleHeartsLearning #KokodaTrackFoundation

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If you ever feel like you appear weird if you approach someone to befriend them, remember that i confidently started a debate with someone on why there isn’t cat food with mouse flavoring. I bet they did not see this one coming.

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I would like to share with you some views that i have adopted this year which changed me a bit.

  • I have enough time. I think people get stressed when they think they don’t have time so I started to tell myself i have enough time. One friend of mine was apologizing for not having time to talk to me and talk only once per week but really, this dude will probably be in my life for many years so i have enough time to talk to him. I also have enough time to learn whatever languages i study and i have time to do anything.
  • Adapt to others instead of expecting to find a middle ground, sometimes it works better. I befriended this sort of introvert guy, now, you’d expect us to talk a lot because that’s how you get to know someone. Wrong. We keep having the same conversation since September because he says 5 things per week and i ask weekly how he’s been so there goes like 2-3 things of the things he says. Still, he seems happy not to be pressured in any way.
  • Silence is better than complaining. A thing i have realized this year is that when you complain, sometimes, unintentionally you can attack/belittle others. It’s easier to ignore stuff. Even if saying your opinion is free speech, i don’t want to hurt someone just because I complain/state my opinion.
  • You’re not bothered when people gossip about you, you’re bothered that they formed an opinion of you without ever interacting in any way with you. However, it’s important to remember which people matter to you. I like to think of the people who like talking to me instead of focusing on those who are mean to me.
  • You’ll never receive the same amount of kindness back but who cares about that. You don’t do things to receive something in return.
  • Society has weird standards and expectations even for nice things. Break them. What are people going to do? Complain that you randomly complimented their voice, perfume, nails etc? Throw you in jail for extra kindness?
  • Sometimes you have to think from another perspective. I was surprised how one of my friends sees questions. They focus on the quality of the question (if it’s basic, personal etc), while i focus on the emotions of the other person because damn that question, I’m going to die in a few decades, who cares if i say my favorite ice cream flavor in 3sec. So i learned something new and so did my friend.
  • Things will work out. I don’t know what’s up with humans and feeling helpless but for some creatures who pretend they don’t care much, the end of the world comes quite quickly with every single difficulty we encounter. The thing is, unless you die instantly, things have the potential and in most cases will become better.
  • Humans should use that pretty mouth of theirs and actually say what they want/need every once in a while. I have the habit of asking for hugs but apparently this is unusual? Asking for attention like literally asking, with words, seems to be considered inappropriate? I mean, what’s worse, me asking and getting a hug or me developing depression which can lead to a bunch of other bad stuff? Yes, humans need to feel a bit more chill with being direct about stuff like asking for compliments, encouragements, attention etc. The worst outcome is a no but seriously, this entire race is touch starved and the other person needs a hug just as much as you do most probably.
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To labor eighty years in a notch of eternity is nothing too tiresome,

Enormous repose after, enormous repose before, the flash of activity.”

                                                      —-Robinson Jeffers

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Panda’s progress (yes, i’m bringing my to-do list’s updates back)

Along with the challenge for intermediate languages posted earlier, i plan to follow a weekly game based challenge which i made for myself.

Background info: long story short, i had a conversation with someone from an online game i play and i have decided to try and get more things done since i feel like i lost my will to improve in any aspect. 

I know it’s Thursday, the middle of the week, but i want to use the days i have to get the will to achieve more and the way to achieve that, is to become productive. 

I said game based, basically every category is like a quest and i have to do something for each category/quest in order to achieve my goal/reward. I thought this will be an interesting approach to a to-do list.

  • Work out, 4000 exercises. I have 4 days and i really enjoyed the challenge where i tried to do 1000 core exercises (failed a bit, did only 700) but this time i don’t have a category for the exercises and i don’t plan to do all 1000 of them at once so it should be manageable. 
  • Literature, read something, anything, the only condition is to be something i enjoy and it’s not for school.
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • German
  • French
  • Swedish
  • School
  • Cleaning
  • BA Thesis

Since this is the first week, i don’t want to add more conditions than the one for working out with the amount of exercises. In the future i most probably will. 

As for my reward for doing all these, i want to get back my will to achieve more. I’m the kind of person who needs to get into the right mindset to keep going so this seems like the best choice for my first goal.

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This is for my Korean so it works on intermediate languages. If this approach is a success, i will make more such posts for beginner and advanced languages.

Note that these are mostly based on my preferences so feel free to replace writing to speaking or reading to listening etc. I also didn’t mention how to approach each tasks, that’s up to your preferences and resources+skills. Make whatever adjustments you desire. 

I will follow these steps starting with 4th December and they last until 31st December.

  1. Revise the writing system or vocabulary if your language doesn’t have a writing system. 
  2. Learn 15 new words.
  3. Revise grammar.
  4. Read 10min.
  5. Revise vocab.
  6. Learn up to 5 idioms.
  7. Revise vocab.
  8. Write about your hobbies. 200-300 words
  9. Solve some exercises from a workbook/printables.
  10. Read 15 min.
  11. Revise vocab.
  12. Learn 15 words. 
  13. Write about a week in your life. 200-300 words
  14. Sing/read along with a song.
  15. Read for 20min.
  16. Learn 15 words.
  17. Revise grammar.
  18. Revise vocabulary.
  19. Write about your favourite fictional characters. 200-300 words
  20. Read 15min.
  21. Learn 15 words.
  22. Learn up to 5 idioms.
  23. Learn 15 words.
  24. Revise vocab.
  25. Revise grammar.
  26. Revise vocab.
  27. Write about your goals. 
  28. Learn 15 words.
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Got an idea.

I want to revise and improve my Korean until the end of December.

How about i make it some revision+improvement challenge for an intermediate language so anyone could do it and revise with me at the same time? We could be study buddies. 🐼

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Sorry for not making new posts. It’s just, i don’t know what to say. 🐼

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