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This 8-year-old is holding a bake sale to raise money for British Gas

This 8-year-old is holding a bake sale to raise money for British Gas

Girl, 8, organises bake sale for struggling multi-million pound energy company

8-year-old girl holds bake sale for British Gas

Here at I Knead The Truth we’re always on the lookout for feelgood stories showing the best in human nature, and this is just another example of how awesome humans can be. Most 8-year-olds would have reacted with little more than a shrug on hearing that British Gas’s…


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Current vaccination plan in MN. Not sure if it is based on planned vaccine production levels or current levels.

I’m somewhere between late spring and early summer. Seems about right.

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Covid-19 related advertisement, South Greenford Station, Leaver Gardens, A40, Greenford, London Borough of Ealing, London, UK, February 2021. #advertising #Covid #Covid19 #pandemic #health #sign #signage #lettering #bridge #rail #A40 #Greenford #LondonBoroughofEaling #London #UK #February2021 #suburbs #suburban #suburbia #lockdown #lockdownwalks #photography 

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Some of the poor people might have to skip the vaccine

Some of the poor people might have to skip the vaccine

In Denmark like many other countries, the distribution of the vaccines are centralized to maximize the use of the few vaccines, the European Union’s deal with the medical companies allowed us go get. Only a few percent of the Danish population has gotten their vaccine yet and the mutations might come in and kill many off before they have a chance to avoid the decease.

But there is also another…

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This necklace is really meaningful to me. I only bought it a week ago but it’s special. It’s from the same brand as the bracelet my husband got me for Christmas (Recognised). The bracelet he got me has a dove charm on which represents support for Mental Health and the profits go to charity.

The pebble on this necklace carries the message that we are Better Together and to celebrate that we are all different and unique. It represents that whilst our stories are all different, we are strongest during difficult times when we support each other. I got most of these words off the website as I wanted to try and explain it right but tried to write it in my own way a bit too.

The pebble shows support for the fight against Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement. Two things that are incredibly important right now and things that I feel strongly about. The profits from this go to charities that support these too. I like my jewellery to be meaningful and when I wear it I will think of these things as well as everything over the past year, it’ll always remind me of these times in a special and important way. 

I realise that me purchasing a necklace probably isn’t doing much to help these issues around the world but I wanted to try and do something in my own way. Perhaps this is weird and maybe won’t make sense to some but it feels important to me. I do feel strongly about the things I see on the news and issues around the world but I often don’t say a lot because I feel nervous and I fear saying the wrong thing or offending anyone because I genuinely would never want to but I care a lot inside and try to do something that makes me feel I might be helping even on a small scale or by simply raising some awareness and keeping these conversations relevant and going.

This is what this necklace will mean to me.

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On Pandemic Exhaustion

The Safety Message from today’s ECC all-staff briefing by Joel Michels, the City of Portland’s Occupational Health and Well-being Program Manager. He again happily agreed to let me reproduce it here:

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#DenzelWashington #TheStewartofNY #Sony #A9 #Paparazzi #StreetStlyle #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #Pandemic #StaySafe #StayHome #StayHealthy
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Pandemic-Land can swallow you up and never bat an eye; if you let it. Focus on your mental health and do not be afraid to tell people if you need a ‘Me’ break. Just don’t allow yourself too much and become isolated. There’s a balance to everything. Find that sweet spot and flourish there. You got this.

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I’m looking for the words to describe it,
but maybe you had to be standing next to me,
to bear witness—to testify.

There was an angel who renounced his wings,
a thousand thousands of statues without faces,
a room where your breath came out like smoke,
a thing that looked like a human,
but with a gun where its mouth should have been.

If you had been there, you would have seen the marsh
with shifting sands and glittering gold,
a heron whose beak could cut through skulls,
a trickster who promised deliverance
if I cut out my eyes with my own fingernails.

I saw the Earth crash into the edge of the universe,
a white-hot fungus breathing down my neck,
a breakneck train charging track-tied hostages,
and I reached my hands into the fault lines
and deep inside felt the world convulse.

No one tells me how to to spend my money,
and they get to decide how I die.
This is freedom.

meg pendergast

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“Instead of enacting a universal Medicare for All health care system that would save the United States and its citizens hundreds of billions of dollars annually, temporarily expanding Medicare, or championing a promised “public option,” Democrats are rallying behind a health care proposal that will funnel tens of billions of dollars to corporate health insurance companies, even as they are already experiencing record profits and jacking up premiums, while continuing to deny claims.

Democrats’ current plan will lower people’s premiums, but only on a temporary basis. It will also not stop insurers from passing on huge out-of-pocket costs to enrollees if they need medical care, nor does it improve the quality of people’s health insurance. Indeed, it will push people onto state exchanges, where one in six in-network medical claims were denied in 2019.

The proposal would be a boon for the health insurance industry, which has specifically lobbied for the new subsidies. Health insurers have already seen their profits skyrocket during the COVID-19 pandemic, since people have avoided going to the doctor, which means insurance companies are paying less to providers while collecting the same amount of premiums.”

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leaving your camera on in class feels like it requires so much more energy than just leaving it off, and I really wish professors understood that, cuz sometimes I don’t have that energy, and it has nothing to do with the professor, it’s just that the world feels like it’s ending and I have 3 classes with only 15 minutes in between, and I was up til 2am trying to finish assignments, so let it go

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(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr.  Find out more at my newsletter.)

As my regular readers are aware, I’ve speculated on how the Pandemic has slowed down my projects and my life.  That got me asking something - is there a way to calculate how much time is lost due to the pandemic?  Of course I had to try.  

Let’s go through my thought processes - it might help you as well.

So first, I decided to calculate time lost in hours.  Because I’m that over-organized and like fine detail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The calculations below already account for how different needs interfere with each other.  In other words, this is real loss due to stress/time/etc. not just available time shifting around.

First, I went to my projects.  I track my projects pretty closely, and I found I’ve functioned at 80-90% efficiency for about a year.  A few quick calculations and I found that my overall projects - from writing to home improvement - got delayed or took extra time.  That was about 5 hours a week, to my surprise - disconnected from everything else.

Secondly, I went to regular chores such as shopping and so on.  No longer could I or my GF randomly run to the store.  We also had to preplan a lot of work, engage in other safety procedures, and so on.  This one was shocking as we found this added another two hours of time a week.

(Sometimes online shopping takes longer as you just can’t grab stuff you realize you need or do it on the way home from work).

Finally, seeing now and then I notice we’d just crash more than usual.  That was intermittent, but usually turned out to be about four hours a week.

Note this also didn’t worry about saving time due to not commuting.  That was not as big as I thought - only about three hours a week.  Car pooling saved me more time than realized because I could just sit and work on stuff.

So all together I realized I’m losing eight hours a week in the pandemic from stress, from things taking longer, from not being able to double-up on chores.  In one year I’ll have lost over 400 hours - this is due to things taking longer, extra unexpected tasks, stress, and schedule changes.

It really does feel like I  need a two month vacation.

So anyway there’s an invite to you - how much time have you lost?

Steven Savage

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Czechs fear pandemic inactivity swells child obesity

Czechs fear pandemic inactivity swells child obesity

Dana Gavrinevova, a sports teacher at a Prague secondary school, has watched in horror as her students have piled on weight after coronavirus restrictions required them to adopt distance learning.

Experts in the Czech Republic as in many other countries are on alert over growing evidence that the practice may turn childhood obesity into a norm.
Czech schools have been closed since last autumn,…

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Finland STM & TFL Statement: COVID Infections/Hospitalizations Rising Significantly

Finland STM & TFL Statement: COVID Infections/Hospitalizations Rising Significantly

After peaking in early-to-mid December, COVID cases in Finland dropped nearly 50% in early January, only to begin a steady rise over the past 6 weeks.
In the week ending February 15th, Finland reported its largest weekly (n=3278) case total since the pandemic began. A jump of nearly 20% over the previous week.
Finland remains one of the least affected European nations, but the recent trends are…


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“Air Vaccines”: Brazilians Denounce the Application of Empty Injections to the Elderly

“Air Vaccines”: Brazilians Denounce the Application of Empty Injections to the Elderly

February 22, 2021 – In Brazil, cases of elderly individuals vaccinated with air have caused an outrage. Recent videos emerged shared by relatives of the elderly who underwent simulated vaccinations with empty or fake syringes.
The images went viral on social media networks and were broadcast by Brazilian media. The videos show the moment in which the health personnel insert the needles, but don’t…


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