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#pansexual positivity
butch-apple-piea year ago
Friendly reminder to all wlw: u don't have to be butch OR femme. You can be both, neither, 55% butch and 45%, whatever, but you don't have to be one or the other if you don't want to. Those aren't the only options of expression for wlw
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juno-reblogs6 months ago
Shoutout to my Pansexual, Panromantic, Panplatonic, Panaesthetic and the rest of my Pan siblings!!
You're all amazing, and I hope you have an incredible day 鉂わ笍
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sapphic-lovebug2 months ago
hijabi sapphics, y鈥檃ll deserve the world. sending you guys love today and always.
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genderqueerpositivity6 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pan Day!
(Image description: a background with a pink and yellow gradient in the colors from the pansexual pride flag, at the bottom of the image is blue clouds and across the top are yellow and white stars, text in the center of the image says "Pansexual and Panromantic Visibility Day" with smaller text above that that reads "Acceptance. Inclusion. Respect." and the date "May 24th" below.)
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ace-cream-in-a-cone6 months ago
Tumblr media
Heard ist Pansexual Visibility Day today, so here's a cute snake holding a pan flag. Snake hopes your are all well and happy!
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miraculouslumination6 months ago
Let鈥檚 take this pan visibility day to celebrate the diversity in the pan community;
Happy pan visibility day to panromantic asexuals, aromantic pansexuals, pan-oriented aroaces, panaesthetic people, panalterous people, pansensual people, and panplatonic people!
Happy pan visibility day to pan people with a gender preference, in opposite gender relationships, and who call their relationship gay and/or straight!
Happy pan visibility day to pan lesbians, pan gays, and pan bis!
Happy pan visibility day to pan people who are still in the closet!
Happy pan visibility day to Biracial, Indigenous, Black, POC, Asian, Muslim, and Jewish pan people!
Happy pan visibility day to fat pan people!
Happy pan visibility day to buff pan people!
Happy pan visibility day to disabled pan people!
Happy pan visibility day to trans, non-binary, genderfluid, agender pan people!
Happy pan visibility day to pan people who use neopronouns, nounpronouns, xenopronouns, and MOGAI genders!
Y鈥檃ll are absolutely incredible, wonderful, and I wish you all a superb pan visibility day.
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noblevicartstudio086 months ago
Friendly reminder to modern men on this site, cis/trans/nonbinary/genderqueer/etc, IT'S OKAY IF YOU'RE BISEXUAL/ASEXUAL/PANSEXUAL/AROMANTIC! It's not solely a woman thing. You can like everything or nothing at all. You're no less of a man, you're not a man manwhore, you're not "secretly gay," you're not an "incel" (god far from it), your not broken, Your attraction is valid, your lack of attraction is valid, you belong in this community.
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wildshadowtamer7 months ago
and one more time:
you dont need dysphoria to be trans
neopronouns are valid
it/its pronouns are valid
xenogenders & mogai are valid
we are not hurting the trans community
you are, you transmedicalist聽
non-binary doesnt mean androgyny
asexual people are lgbtq+
aromantic people are lgbtq+
he/him lesbians exist and are so valid
she/her men exist and are so valid
pronouns do not equal gender
queer has been reclaimed by much of the lgbtq+ community (for instance, i am queer)
fat &聽BIPOC queer people are so goddamn valid
pansexuals are not biphobic, nor transphobic
bisexuals are not panphobic, nor transphobic
m-spec identities are not -phobic and are completely valid
pedophiles are not lgbtq+
anyone who disagrees can catch these hands
transmeds dont interact 鉂
(god, how many times do we have to repeat ourselves?)
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So you ID-ed as bisexual for a long time, and now use the term pansexual? That's awesome, I'm glad you found and accepted a term that you prefer!
So you ID-ed as pansexual for a long time, and now use the term bisexual? That's fantastic, I'm glad you were able to discover and use a term that suits you better!
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martinlomax12 days ago
i dont see many positivity posts for you guys so...
pan mlm, whether you're panromantic, pansexual, or something else, youre so cool and amazing! your love is just as beautiful as anyone else's. dont let ppl getcha down!
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bi-coded4 months ago
I love pan people so much it鈥檚 unreal!!!
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dear-yellow-legal-pada month ago
I saw bi positivity post and it had the anti pansexual tag on it and I鈥檇 like to say, as a bi person, if you鈥檙e pan, omni, poly, or anywhere on the multisexual spectrum, you are awesome and you deserve all the love from all the genders you are attracted to! And if you think multisexual identities are biphobic, you suck and don鈥檛 talk to me ever
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throwhandsforthepans5 months ago
all pan people this pride month need respect and support.
how this month is starting in regards to us is terrible.
pan people of color, especially black pan people, deserve love
pan lesbians/gays deserve love
pan people who use more than one mspec label deserve love
indigenous pan people deserve love
fat pan people deserve love
disabled pan people deserve love
neurodivergent pan people deserve love
pan aces deserve love
pan aros deserve love
pan acearos deserve love
trans and/or nonbinary pan people deserve love
masculine pan people deserve love
feminine pan people deserve love
androgynous pan people deserve love
pan people of all cultures, races, ethnicity, and religions deserve love
non-religious pan people deserve love
pan women deserve love
pan men deserve love (don鈥檛 seen you guys shown often. You are here and you exist just as bi men exist too)
pan people who do not describe themselves as 鈥榓ttraction regardless of gender鈥 deserve love
pan people who describe themselves as 鈥榓ttraction regardless of gender鈥 deserve love
pan people who use neopronouns deserve love
pan people who use multiple pronouns deserve love
pan people who use all pronouns deserve love
pan people who use she/her, he/him, they/them, she/they, he/they, and she/he/they pronouns deserve love
All pan people are deserving of love 馃挅馃挍馃挋
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genderqueerpositivity4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Post description: six images designed to resemble the pansexual pride flag, every image has three different pictures in the colors pink, yellow, and blue and every image has a different theme, there are photos of glitter, flowers, fruit, trees, and skies.)
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wildshadowtamer4 months ago
haven鈥檛 done one of these in a while so:
Being pan is not biphobic
Being bi is not panphobic
Being omni is not biphobic or panphobic
Being ply is not biphobic or panphobic
Being an mspec lesbian is not lesbophobic or mspec-phobic
Don鈥檛 let other people police your聽identity, you know your own identity better than anyone else, don鈥檛 let them say otherwise.
(DNI from this post: Biphobes, panphobes, omniphobes, plyphobes, anti-mspec lesbians, exclusionists, terfs, transmeds/truscum,聽鈥榤ogai hell鈥, people that tag posts with聽鈥榪 slur鈥, gold star lesbians, battleaxe bisexuals)
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lunarprincx7 months ago
just saw I lost a follow for posting pan inclusion.... okay bye 馃枻 this blog supports all queers, whatever label they feel fits.
I've seen this cycle of discourse enough to know this sudden surge of "the pan label is biphobic" after literal decades of peaceful coexistence is bullshit. Both labels are fine and good and can continue to exist peacefully, like they have for 50+ years. Both labels are inclusive of trans people (even if not all the users of said label are). there is nothing wrong with wanting a word that better describes your identity, even if there might be another word that's close but not quite there.
Not to mention the pan label was created by trans people, for trans people to feel safe in a time they were even less safe than they were now, when NO label was inherently inclusive and most people (yes even queer people) refused to accept trans people into their spaces (problems that STILL EXIST, transphobia is still a rampant problem in the LGBT+ community). So why, pray tell, do you think there's suddenly an organized attack to divide the mspec community specifically targeting a label ment to inarguably include (and denote the existence of) trans, especially nonbinary trans, people?
have we not learned from every other time people suddenly attack "outlier" labels? how its always a way to try and turn away the community from trans inclusion? this is even why pan became a major label in the first fucking place, because of rampant transphobia in the mspec community! This has happened before, even just on Tumblr, to nonbinary communities, to "micro" gender identities, to using gender neutral pronouns, to neo-pronouns, to asexual and aromantic communities, to just the label "queer" despite its having been used for decades without issue... the list goes on and fucking on. And it needs to stop.
There isn't a single identity in the queer spectrum that is inherently harmful to any fucking other identity, and the sooner people learn that the sooner we will stop letting TERFS/exlusionists/transphobes succeed in dividing our community and pushing out anyone they want.
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