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Pansophy, n. /pan’so-fē/ - Universal or cyclopaedic knowledge; a scheme or cyclopaedic work embracing the whole body of human knowledge. The claim or pretension to universal knowledge.

     Source: The Oxford Universal Dictionary, 1955

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There is this hope in me that one day smoking won't be only processed as a purely negative exchange in our minds, that people will be able to smoke not only in privacy but also in public, that we can finally smoke without being paralyzed by the fear of oppression, condemnation accusations, brutality and hatred by the government.
I am tired of being told that psychedelics are illegal because our caring government is concerned about us and our health, because if this was the reason, then they would also need to ban alcohol and cigarettes. It’s twisted that we live in a world where it is acceptable to get drunk with only 15 years.
How can the word freedom fulfill it’s meaning when it doesn’t even include the right to experiment with our own consciousness???
Therefore we have to put aside these fears and extinguish the reactive guilt complexes that flare when we confront this experiment with our own consciousness, because the only reason why it’s illegal, is because it opens you up to the possibility to know more than you can hear, touch, taste, smell or see.

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Pansophism, in older usage often pansophy, is a concept of omniscience, meaning “all-knowing”. Someone who is pansophical is someone who claims to have obtained omniscience.

It also has to do more specifically with pedagogic ideas of universal wisdom (pansophia), as it occurred in the educational system of universal knowledge proposed by John Amos Comenius, a Czech educator.

The pansophic principle is one of the important principles of Comenius: that everything must be taught to everyone, as a guiding basis for education, something like universal education

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