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#pansy division

2pm the perfect time to get emotional abt pansy division album covers for Deflowered + Wish Id Taken Pictures + Quite Contrary. The amount of love and playfulness within them… The development of the albums subjects/style themselves are also reflected in the design and… I mean just look at them okay

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Average Men by Pansy Division + Jello Biafra is a very good song but now not a day goes by when my brain doesn’t scream NASCAR BAD BOYS BUD LIGHT HOOTERS at me

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title:  November 2nd, 1994

rating: t (for language)
word count: 5,525

But it’s not just about that, Alex wants to scream. Their parents don’t understand them, sure, but it’s not in the same way Alex’s parents will never understand him. It’s not just typical teenage angst. It’s gay teenage angst. It’s Alex’s teenage angst.

On Alex, growing up gay in the 90s, representation, and coming clean.

read over at ao3

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