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“prepare for trouble” “and make it double”

some 8th year halloween shenanigans, because pokemon first aired in english in 1998 so obviously it was all the rage at hogwarts
this was originally posted on my ig on oct 28, 2020 for halloween!! also time isn’t real so who cares if i’m uploading this in january

a dumb follow-up below the cut

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*screams because the first song I thought of was drivers license by olivia rodrigo* @ashley-luv this one’s for you 😉


LED strip lights lit up the cluttered, but seemingly organized Ginny Weasley’s bedroom, the room itself was quite small shelves upon shelves littered with precariously stacked books with peculiar names, varying in different sizes from quite thin to oh my how could someone even fathom reading a book that size. Knick-knacks such as snow globes, and old wooden jewelry boxes, strewn about her old scratched up dresser in a somewhat neat fashion if it wasn’t for how much stuff the girl owned her room would be considered spotless.

However if she was being honest she didn’t care about the state of her room, as she stared blankly at the pile of quickly growing dirty clothes by her dresser. Red light casting an almost sinister glow throughout the room.

Flashes of pearly white teeth, a gleaming smile, messy dark hair, and gentle laughter danced through her mind. The empty feeling growing number with every second, she needed to get up and do something before she couldn’t bear it any longer.

Going with her first instinct she got up and grabbed her keys. Getting in her car and heading nowhere, trying to distract herself from her own thoughts. It however wasn’t working.

How could it be over? How could he have moved on so fast? One day they were sitting in her dads beat up Ford Anglia 105E, driving around his neighborhood and the next he’s hanging out with friends, and the day after that he’s busy, and the day after that he doesn’t call back, and one day she wakes up and she knows it’s over. He’s moved on and she’s alone.

Spending her afternoon driving slowly through neighborhood after neighborhood with the music blaring a little to loudly and the windows rolled down and a ache in her chest, wanting to just start screaming.

Tears streaming down her face and suddenly she’s in his suburb, driving past his house, hands shaking, red hair blowing softly, as she wills herself to drive, damn it just keep driving, but she slows down. And why is he with him. His arms around his waist as they lay in the grass staring up at the clouds, blond hair contrasted dark brown, just as fiery red used to, pale skin suiting golden brown. They looked good together just as she imagined she and he did before.

She used to think they were perfect, why didn’t he? And why did it have to be him? Was it because he’s older? Smarter? Better then her?

Why did he have to be the one to teach her to drive? Why did he have to promise forever? Why couldn’t he love her like she still loved him? Why did he have to feel like home? Why are liars poets? Why did he say all those words he didn’t mean? Why why why?

A small sigh left the puffy faced girls soft lips, as she slowly drove past where she so desperately wanted to be, why was he so god damn happy now that she was gone?

Suddenly a thought popped into her head, as she cruised along the asphalt, turning her stereo up louder, gaining the reaction she hoped for. Harry and Draco sat up quickly, tuning into the sudden loud noise in their vacinity. Immediately spotting Ginny as she sat in her car staring at them as she moved by slowly, she kept her eyes trained on Harry’s paying the other boy no attention. It seemed as if none of them knew what to do, Harry had an apologetic look in his eye and Ginny nearly scoffed.

However with the utmost composure, and tear streaks staining her face she lifted her hand giving Harry ‘the finger’ savoring the surprised face that quickly fell in place of the apologetic one. Before the situation could escalate any Ginny sped up, pulling out of the familar suburb a small smile falling onto her face. It seemed as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and she didn’t feel like driving through anymore suburbs anytime soon.

Yeehaw I hope y'all enjoyed this badass Ginny giving a nice “fuck you” to a cheating Harry 😅 idk why this popped into my head but it did! Anyway I love u thank you for the ask!!!! Feel free to send in more 💕 as always all my love!


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hi guys! after a lot of overthinking i decided that it wouldn’t hurt if i start my activity here. honestly, i don’t really know how tumblr works so i guess it’ll take me a while to figure it out. but i hope you’ll be patient with me and maybe help me out if i make any mistakes.

english isn’t my first language so i apologies for my future mistakes, because i know i’ll make a lot of them. 

so, with that being said, i present you the list of the characters that i’ll take requests for my future one-shots or even series:

1. Harry Potter

2. Draco Malfoy

3. Ron Weasley

4. Hermione Granger

5. Fred Weasley

6. George Weasley

7. Oliver Wood

8. Blaise Zabini

9. Luna Lovegood

10. Pansy Parkinson

11. Ginny Weasley

12. Cedric Diggory

and that’s it, for the moment. feel free to ask for any other hp character if you would like anyone else. also, i write fluff, angst, smut, for any house.

i’ll post soon something so it would be easier for you guys to decide if you like my writing or not. 

lot of love <3

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November 28, 2005: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Photo: Sarah Hyland

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and if i drop the hansy fic that’s been in my drafts since 2018 ? what then ?

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HarryPotter Characters As People I found on Pinterest

Harry Potter :


Ron Weasley :


Hermione Granger :


Draco Malfoy :


Pansy Parkinson :


Blaise Zabini :


Seamus Finnigan :


Dean Thomas :


Ginny Weasley :


Luna Lovegood :

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Soooooo if anyone’s interested, feel free to check it out. It’s a HP (golden era) fic in progress, currently at 31+ words (I have a feeling this is going to be fucking long hah). Anyway it’s Slytherin orientated but I promise there’s content for other houses as well. Starts with the Sectumsempra scene and carries on from there.

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pansy parkinson x dark weather moodboard for @myfairverona 🌌✨

feel free to save but please reblog if you do! ♡

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This happened at one point in eighth year, I know it:

Draco: Hey Potter!

Harry, rolling his eyes: What Malfoy?

Draco: Line

Harry: …

Pansy, whispering in Draco’s ear: Are you seriously saying ‘line’ to me right now! We practiced this until midnight! 

Draco, whispering back: I’m nervous ok!

Pansy: All you have to do is ask him out!

Draco: ok ok *looks at Harry* hey Potter!


Draco: um I was wondering if *bell rings* oh gotta go that’s the bell bye! *runs off*

Harry: Pansy?

Pansy: He’s trying, ok?

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Pansy cursed as the harsh wend bit as her skin despite the fur coat that sat on her shoulders pulling it tighter she ducked into Twilfitt and Tattings. Puffing out a sigh as embraced the warmer air and let her coat hang around her shoulders.

She smirked at the maze of fabulous dressing gowns all made by the best designers and sold to the wealthiest witches and wizards. She loved the place and its attentive staff that always strived to make each guest feel welcomed and comfortable and ready to give every gallion they owned or more. But the staff wasn’t being as attentive as usual. Madame Trance hasn’t even come to greet her. In fact she didn’t seem to be in the front at all. Waltzing further in with a strut that told any other customers she wasn’t to be messed with she set off to find the rode maker.

She was really just looking for herself and find a dress on her own but she preferred being tailed. To be pampered and complemented with each dress she tried on. To be served fine wine and coddled with cucumber sandwiches. She pouted to herself as she wandered the store for five minutes with not even a word of recognition. Moving along she thought about causing a scene reminding the old bat that she was one of the few pureblood families able to buy from the overpriced shop. Had she forgotten most of her precious pure blood customers were serving time damn it.

Whilst in her inner temper tantrum a voice cut through her thoughts like a knife completely drawing her attention and her furry.

“The Nargles infestation is absolutely terrible in here. With all this mistletoe I’m surprised she has a robe left to sell.” The voice was so blunt and dreamy almost as if she had been picked up and thrown unceremoniously into the past.

She could picture it plain as day, see it in her mind so clearly it was rage inducing. She could see the dotty girl round the corner with her oversized sweater and robes her necklace with the ugly butter beer corks. Her wand would be resting behind her ear as she stared up at the missile toe with wide eyes. Could the girl even afford to step through these doors? The thought gave her such satisfaction till she remembered rather bitterly that yes she could.

“I wish mum would let us put it up round the burrow. We could get so many people this Christmas. Perhaps even rig it up pop fireworks when two people step under it” The second voice was male but still dreamy and assured. It was laced with mischief.

“Aboslutly brillant idea Ries. Think Uncle Gorgie might even put that into his holiday collection. Perhaps even help us set them up?” The voice seemed the same but so laced with that of a naughty scheming child that it was almost appalling. She didn’t even think she could sound so innocent while being so vile.

She wanted to turn the corner. She wanted to turn and see them and sneer and immediate them but now she wasn’t so sure she could. They seemed in a class of their own. Then a much older yet still familiar voice spoke.

“Scheming again are we?” He asked and the two seemed to meet his challenge.

“Oh yes very much” the boy answered bluntly. “Having fun is the point of the holidays, after all” he sounded so dreamy and so blunt so much like their mother. The thought made her sneer.

“Is it having fun or forcing me another step towards my grave?” He asked his tone more playful then she had ever heard it.

“Just a step?” The girl interjected. “I thought we’d at least have your foot in the grave by now.”

The man gave a sarcastic laugh then told them just as bluntly to go help their sister.

“Draco” she mocked stepping from around the corner only to be thoroughly disappointed she had thought that the combination of her presence and saying his name would upset him but he stayed relaxed, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Then again he had changed over the past few years for the worst that is.

“Didn’t think I’d see you here. Isn’t this place a little high class for people like yourself?” His features didn’t change; he simply acknowledged her existence by turning his gaze towards her.

“Is there a point you want to make Parkinson?” He asked in a bored tone but was different than the one she knew. It was just bored not arrogant and pompous it was if he was bored with her existence. It infuriated her.

“I’m just saying that perhaps Madame Trance doesn’t know just how much mud your lot is tracking in.” She had wanted a reaction; she wanted to see anger flare in his eyes and him to snap just as easily as he used to.

“It’s just business. Buying and selling and all that. As long as I can pay the price I don’t think she minds” He answered as if he were brushing her off.

“You’re paying the price alright. My mum says that your family’s status is in the mud. Ive heard you shacked up with a blood traitor then you pulled a Weasley.” Crossing her arms she searched his face looking for something, a clench of the jaw, the balling of his fist but still she was given nothing.

“Oh how the Malfoy name has fallen! Even your parents couldn’t even keep their heads straight. Letting that Blood traitor into their home was shameful and the little half breed. Did they lose their brains in the war along with their nerve letting the child of a werewolf into their home. There about as daft as your wife” She finally got something a twitch in his eyebrow must have hit a nerve. Oh how she loved hitting nerves it like gold really.

“Where is she anyway? Hunting those invisible creatures? Heard those two talking about them twins aren’t they perhaps they were born with halves of the same brain believing in that rubbish.” His grey eyes turned quickly to hard iron and she knew she was getting somewhere then suddenly they softened back to stormy grey. Then she was confused, completely and utterly confused.

“Daddy do you think Grandma will like the blue or the green. I think blue.” A girl came into sight, Madame Trance trailing behind eagerly her elegent dresses drapped over her arms.

“Though I suppose the Lavender would match her skin tone but the grey has the most subtle hints of violet. I suppose we’ll have to get them all” Upon hearing this the woman stared down at the little customers with glee nodding her head vigorously. “Then the turquoise one for Mrs. Weasley?” The shopkeeper suddenly stopped nodding a small frown crossing her features.

Pansy couldn’t help but smirk ready to watch the show.

“Is there a problem with whom we will be buying for?” The girl asked noticing the sudden hesitation, rounding on the women her straight silvery blond hair swishing as she turned. “Surely we won’t have to take our business elsewhere as I had a few dresses I was looking at myself. But if you have a problem with where your products will be going after bought I won’t hesitate to drop all Malfoy business with this shop” her words were cold, calm and calculated. Each word held venom and air of high importance.

It was as if she was looking at a young Narcisa in her prime. She watched as the shopkeeper gapped like a fish for a moment fumbling over words shaking her head vigorously.

“No no of course not! Course not!” Her voice rang shrilly, her eyes going wide.

“Right what I thought” she responded brushing the women off then turning to her father.

“I suppose you should throw in the powder blue one then” He added and she nodded as if thinking the same thing.

“Come along we need to go find Mrs. Weasleys new robes” The women followed like a puppy wanting a treat.

She was gobsmacked completely gobsmacked the young girl played the woman like any pure blood brat and she did it with complete confidence. Didn’t she know her family wasn’t seen as anything more then cowards. That their name was ruined well before her time. Yet she played Madame Trance like it was a mere pawn on a chess board.

“Dad why do I have to be here?” A boy asked, coming into sight. His hair as silvery blond as his sisters falling around his grey eyes. He looked bored and aggravated.

“You’re the one who said you wanted to come Christmas shopping” his father told his simply.

“I was planning on meeting James at Quality Quidditch. Or before him so I could get the lighting bolt before him” the boy stressed gaining no sympathy from his father. “Well now you two can get it together.”

“Why does Scorp not have to hear here but I do?”

“Scorpius went with Luna to the tea shop and from what I remembered you picked ‘the lesser of two evils’ the boy groaned but walked off mumbling under his breath.

"Are you dad’s friend?” She nearly jumped out of her skin she hadn’t even heard them approached yet now she had two children on both sides of her.

They looked up with big eyes of powdery blue eyes that held mischief beyond her imagination. Their dirty blond hair curled round their eyes as it hung in waves down the girls back.

“No, I don’t think she is,” the boy answered.

“Why do you think that?”

“We’ve never seen her before. Think we’d remember her face. Don’t you?”

“Yeah we would.”

They exchanged glances then suddenly shrugged uninterestedly with her leaving her like she was rubbish on the ground.

She felt flustered, embarrassed , angry , oh so angry. She nearly started venting when the mother of them all came floating in. Her long red and green robe flowing round her shoulders and an assortment of holly in her hair. It made her almost sick to look at. Beside her was a little boy who stayed close clinging to her hand.

He was exactly what Draco once looked like. Straight pointed features pushed back platinum blond hair and grey eyes. There was no difference really other then that wide curious expression.

“Hello Pansy it’s been quite a while” the woman greeted in the same fashion of calm as she did in her younger years.

“Your children are brats did you know that” the words shot from her lips like bullets.

She didn’t feel like she was lying though. So far one had bullied a shopkeeper into submission the other had complained about being there and the two creepy ones had already started talking about pranks and were very rude to her.

“Have they been acting out?” She asked her husband.

“No there, about as normal as always” he offered and she nodded.

“Do you have children?” She asked, tilting her head. “Surely you understand that very hard to handle.”

Pansy gritted her teeth. “No I don’t have children. Though if I did they would more well mannered”

“Perhaps but I like my children the way they are.”

“Ginny will be round soon. Had Gemini finished her Christmas shopping?” And now she was being ignored; it was as if she wasn’t standing in between the two!

“More Weasleys, how far has your family sunk Malfoy?” She shot at the man behind her not bothering to turn.

“I like to think my family has grown. Whatever we’ve lost wasn’t that important to begin with” Luna smiled as the boy next to her beamed at his father’s words. They looked as if he had said something extremely pleasant. She herself had heard rubbish and pure nonsense.

“Whatever you lost wasn’t that important!?” She nearly bellowed whipping around to look at him.

“You and your parents have made themselves blood traitors. Publicly!” She felt anger pouring out of her words. “Your mum and dad were once highly respected and now they’re going out for tea with that Mudblood lover as if it were nothing. There was a chance Draco! A chance for your parents to have even the slightest bit of redemption and look at what they have done. You could have been there saving grace married respectively and reminded them what pureblood supremacy is. You could at least have some sort of shame in what you and your family have lowered themselves to be!” She was breathing heavily taking in a large breath.

“The woman that you’re speaking of is my aunt.” She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

“You mean the werewolf supporter. My mums told me all about that half breed. Honestly those things are dangerous and you’ve had one in your house!” There was a flash in his eye but he kept a straight face. He seemed to get ready to speak when his voice cut him off.

“Did you just call my cousin a thing?” The voice seethed as she saw the boy who had complained before his eyes filled with malice.

“He is a thing” she knew instantly that she had said the wrong thing. The boy’s laid back posture straightened his jaw set.

“A woman with the features of a pug animagious gone horribly wrong has any right to judge others?” He asked though it was obviously rhetorical.

“You are talking to a superior little boy. I suggest” he cut her off with a laugh, his eyes narrowing.

“We’re both pure blood. The only difference is that you lack a moral compass and I lack your narrow minded views.” His arms crossed, staring at her like she was filthy, his gaze was searing.

“Is there a problem?” The girl asked Madame Trance trailing behind her currently holding multiple robes she looked absolutely terrified looking between the two.

“No no my dear no problem” Trance started in attempting to cover the situation. “You’ve gathered everything you wanted so we should have Lord Malfoy check out yes yes that’s what we should do.” The girl’s eyes shot over to look at the seamstress, her gaze piercing.

“Puggy over there called Teddy a thing.” The boy seethed crossing his arms.

“If this” she paused scanning the dark haired women as if she wasnt sure how to address her. “Women has something she would like to say. I suggest she say it then promptly leave” she was taken aback by her declaration she had never been treated with such disrespect by a child.

“Leave?” Both the seamstress and heiress found themselves saying.

“Yes leave I don’t want her in here while I’m doing business” she crossed her arms then looked up at the women who looked uncertain at the request. “Mrs.Parkinson’s is a very loyal customer at my shop” Trance’s voice quivered as she tried to reason with the younger girl.

“Well then if she is so loyal she’ll be able to come back when we leave which will be very soon if she’s not gone sooner rather than later” Trance looked past her to her father then to her mother both seemed to be telling her they had no control of this situation.

“Ms. Parkinson, you have made my customer’s very uncomfortable. Would you leave them be and stop disturbing them.” The girl looked unsatisfied by the sudden alternative but before she could voice it her mother moved to place her hand on her shoulder.

“Them? Their mere presence has disturbed me. This is supposed to be a filth free establishment. Yet all I see is tainted blood!”

“Just leave them be Ms. Parkinson or I will have to ask you to leave” she told her in a broken tone.

She felt defeated looking around at the family with a sneer curling on her lip. But holding her head high she strutted away giving a look of burning hatred at the man she once knew. There was a snicker from behind one of the shelfs the two wide eyed children walked past her, the boy telling his sister that he was completely right. She huffed and resisted the urge to strangle children.

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when i tell you i would sell my soul for a fictional character, i do not mean it lightly

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Drarry : *does something cute*

Ron : Did they literally- oh my fuck, you guys are so in love

Harry : We are not in love!

Ron : Hmm? Pansy, you hear something? Cause I can’t hear anything over how iN LOVE THEY ARE

Pansy : Oh Merlin, you guys are goals


Ron & Pansy, simultaneously: Yes, you are.

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Harry : Hey let’s get up at 5 am sharp tomorrow

Ron : why?

Harry intensely staring :

Ron : …

Harry stares Harder :

Ron creeped out : …

Harry still Staring : no reason

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