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plannedparenthood · 3 years ago
Is there a cure for HPV?
Tumblr media
Someone asked us:
Does HPV have a cure?
HPV is a really common STD that has many different strains. Most strains are harmless and go away on their own. A few strains of HPV cause genital warts — called “low-risk HPV” because it’s not dangerous (though warts can be annoying). Other strains of HPV can lead to cancers of the cervix, mouth, throat, anus, vulva, vagina, or penis — called “high-risk HPV.”
There’s no cure for HPV, but there are ways to help treat and prevent it. For people who have a cervix (most people who were assigned female at birth), Pap tests and HPV tests can help screen for high-risk HPV and cell changes before they lead to cervical cancer. There’s also a similar test for HPV in the anus, but it’s not as common. Right now there’s no test for high-risk HPV or related cell changes in other parts of the body, like the mouth or throat.
Genital warts can be removed by your doctor or a medicated cream that you use at home. Genital warts caused by HPV aren’t dangerous and they don’t lead to cancer, but removing them can help you avoid spreading the virus to others and make you more comfortable if the warts bother you.
There’s also the HPV vaccine, which is a safe way to protect against most types of HPV that can cause cancers and genital warts. The HPV vaccine works best when people get it at a young age — around 11 or 12 — so they can be fully protected years before they have sexual contact. But you can generally get the HPV vaccine up through age 26.
Using condoms and dental dams when you have oral, anal, and vaginal sex can also help prevent HPV. But since HPV is spread by skin-to-skin touching and can live on parts of your genitals that aren’t protected by safer sex barriers, it’s still possible to get HPV even if you always use protection. That’s why it’s important to get the vaccine, and to stay up to date on Pap and HPV tests.
HPV is very, very common — most people will get it at some point in their lives. The good news is the virus usually clears up on its own without doing any damage to your body. Most of the time, people who have HPV don’t even know it and it never affects their lives. So if you or a partner find out that you have HPV, try not to freak out. You’re in good company, along with … well, pretty much the entire human population. Talk with your doctor about ways to keep yourselves healthy, and try to remember that most of the time, HPV doesn’t cause serious health problems.
 -Kendall at Planned Parenthood
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plannedparenthood · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Do you know when it’s time for your next Pap test? A Pap test can find abnormal cells in your cervix before the cells become cancer. Most people need a Pap test every 3 years, starting at age 21. It’s a good time to check in with your doctor or nurse and schedule a cervical cancer screening. Make an appointment at Planned Parenthood >> 
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paurachan · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Birthday gift for my friend @redheaderror​
This painting is inspired by this photos
It was great to spend Saturday with you and our friends :D
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moonphasesims · 2 years ago
This is a PSA for all my vagina having humans out there in regards to its health.
I know its not easy to talk about, I know we all don’t like to think about it but..
Did you know?
1. Cervical cancer has little to no early warning signs! and the warning signs that are there are often mistaken for other things.
2. Even if youve had the HPV vaccine there is a chance yo could still get cervical cancer? Nearly every woman will come into contact with HPV in her lifetime if she is sexually active! Don’t use the ‘I got the vaccine’ as an excuse!
3. Here in the UK it’s free to anyone over the age of 25! (hoping to push it down to 20) So if you've got that letter through the post saying your due your first one do it! In other countries (such as america) your pap test is likely covered already! In Australia you can even get one at 18 (I believe)
4. Now days with scientific advancements in the field you only have to get checked every 5 years! no longer every year. You can also get one done whilst pregnant so theres no excuse! 
As someone whos just had hers done here’s my experience.
Here in the UK you can have either a doctor or a Nurse practitioner.. Remember these people see vaginas multiple times a week, so try not to be to scared! 
It only took 5 minutes, I undressed from the waist down and got comfortable on the bed. Being the slightly awkward person I am I made a few jokes and we had a little laugh. The nurse inserted a plastic tool called a speculum (bless not having to have the cold metal ones anymore!) She told me to tell her if it was to uncomfortable and she showed me the little brush she would be using to collect the cells! 
The actual experience was a little uncomfortable but didn't hurt. I took a few deep breaths and it was over! I was told I could expect some spotting and that was it! I can tell you know the worst part is going to be waiting for the results because I get very anxious about my health.
Look after your vagina my pals. And my trans friends out there, remember, as much as body dis-morphia sucks and your transitioning ftm, you still need to make sure that your looking after it. I lost my nan to cancer last year, there was a lady in the UK called Jade Goody who died at the age of 27 due to cervical cancer and she made sure that her last year was spent campaigning to get more vagina holding humans to get themselves checked. 
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mb-nursblr · 5 months ago
Friendly reminders to all my cis, enby and trans friends who have a cervix:
If you are over 21 and have ever been sexually active, you should have a Pap test done at least every three years
Getting an HPV vaccine such as Gardasil or Cervarix can help reduce your risk of cervical cancer
Cervical cancer is most common in people under 50 years of age
I know that Pap tests can be emotionally and physically distressing for people who have gender dysphoria and for survivors of sexual assault, as well as others who experience discomfort related to pelvic exams. Cervical cancer screening is really important, so if these are issues for you, talk with a healthcare provider you trust about how they can help make the process easier for you.
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Tumblr media
As someone who has had cancerous cells lasered from her cervix just in the nick of time, i cannot stress enough how important getting your smear test is. Cervical cancer is a silent killer and by the time you realise that there might be something wrong, it'll be too late. There is no inbetween, no grey area: you either catch it in time or you die, its that clear cut. Your smear nurse doesn't give a fuck about how untended your bush is, what your flaps look like, or even what gender you are. All they care about is making sure that your vag is healthy, happy and cancer free. They won't judge you, your fanny or how you choose to present to the world so please, i beg you, go get your gash tested.
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fuckyeahmedicalstuff · 8 years ago
Pap smear: Basics.
What is a Pap test?
A Pap test is a test of a sample of cells taken from a woman's cervix or vagina. The test is used to look for changes in the cells of the cervix and vagina that show cancer or conditions that may develop into cancer.
It is the best tool to detect precancerous conditions and hidden, small tumors that may lead to cervical cancer. If detected early, cervical cancer can be cured.
Pap screen testing should begin at age 21, or after a woman becomes sexually active. Routine screening is recommended every three years for women 21-65 years old. For women 30 to 65 years who have a normal Pap test with a negative HPV test, screening can be done every five years.
Why do I need a Pap test?
A Pap smear is used to screen for cervical cancer. The Pap smear is usually done in conjunction with a pelvic exam. In women older than age 30, the Pap smear may be combined with a test for human papillomavirus (HPV) — a common sexually transmitted infection that can cause cervical cancer in some women.
Do all women need Pap tests?
It is important for all women to have Pap tests, along with pelvic exams, as part of their routine health care. You need a Pap test if you are 21 years or older.
Women who have gone through menopause (when a woman's periods stop) still need regular Pap tests. Women ages 65 and older can talk to their doctor about stopping after at least 3 normal Pap tests and no abnormal results in the last 10 years.
How often do I need to get a Pap test?
It depends on your age and health history. Talk with your doctor about what is best for you. Most women can follow these guidelines:
Starting at age 21, have a Pap test every 2 years.
If you are 30 years old and older and have had 3 normal Pap tests for 3 years in a row, talk to your doctor about spacing out Pap tests to every 3 years.
If you are over 65 years old, ask your doctor if you can stop having Pap tests.
Ask your doctor about more frequent testing if:
You have a weakened immune system because of organ transplant, chemotherapy, or steroid use
Your mother was exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES) while pregnant
You are HIV-positive
Women who are living with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, are at a higher risk of cervical cancer and other cervical diseases. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all HIV-positive women get an initial Pap test, and get re-tested 6 months later. If both Pap tests are normal, then these women can get yearly Pap tests in the future.
Who does not need regular Pap tests?
The only women who do not need regular Pap tests are:
Women over age 65 who have had 3 normal Pap tests and in a row and no abnormal test results in the last 10 years, and have been told by their doctors that they don't need to be tested anymore.
Women who do not have a cervix and are at low risk for cervical cancer. These women should speak to their doctor before stopping regular Pap tests.
I had a hysterectomy. Do I still need Pap tests?
It depends on the type of hysterectomy (surgery to remove the uterus) you had and your health history. Women who have had a hysterectomy should talk with their doctor about whether they need routine Pap tests.
Usually during a hysterectomy, the cervix is removed with the uterus. This is called a total hysterectomy. Women who have had a total hysterectomy for reasons other than cancer may not need regular Pap tests. Women who have had a total hysterectomy because of abnormal cells or cancer should be tested yearly for vaginal cancer until they have three normal test results. Women who have had only their uterus removed but still have a cervix need regular Pap tests. Even women who have had hysterectomies should see their doctors yearly for pelvic exams.
How can I reduce my chances of getting cervical cancer?
Aside from getting Pap tests, the best way to avoid cervical cancer is by steering clear of the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a major cause of cervical cancer. HPV infection is also one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STI). So, a woman boosts her chances of getting cervical cancer if she:
Starts having sex before age 18
Has many sex partners
Has sex partners who have other sex partners
Has or has had a STI
What should I know about human papillomaviruses (HPV)?
Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are a group of more than 100 different viruses.
About 40 types of HPV are spread during sex.
Some types of HPVs can cause cervical cancer when not treated.
HPV infection is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STI).
About 75 percent of sexually active people will get HPV sometime in their life.
Most women with untreated HPV do not get cervical cancer.
Some HPVs cause genital warts but these HPVs do not cause cervical cancer.
Since HPV rarely causes symptoms, most people don't know they have the infection.
How would I know if I had human papillomavirus (HPV)?
Most women never know they have HPV. It usually stays hidden and doesn't cause symptoms like warts. When HPV doesn't go away on its own, it can cause changes in the cells of the cervix. Pap tests usually find these changes.
How do I prepare for a Pap test?
Many things can cause wrong test results by washing away or hiding abnormal cells of the cervix. So, doctors suggest that for 2 days before the test you avoid:
Using tampons
Using vaginal creams, suppositories, and medicines
Using vaginal deodorant sprays or powders
Having sex
Should I get a Pap test when I have my period?
No. Doctors suggest you schedule a Pap test when you do not have your period. The best time to be tested is 10 to 20 days after the first day of your last period.
How is a Pap test done?
Your doctor can do a Pap test during a pelvic exam. It is a simple and quick test. While you lie on an exam table, the doctor puts an instrument called a speculum into your vagina, opening it to see the cervix. She will then use a special stick or brush to take a few cells from inside and around the cervix. The cells are placed on a glass slide and sent to a lab for examination. While usually painless, a Pap test is uncomfortable for some women.
When will I get the results of my Pap test?
Usually it takes 3 weeks to get Pap test results. Most of the time, test results are normal. If the test shows that something might be wrong, your doctor will contact you to schedule more tests. There are many reasons for abnormal Pap test results. It usually does not mean you have cancer.
What do abnormal Pap test results mean?
It is scary to hear that your Pap test results are "abnormal." But abnormal Pap test results usually do not mean you have cancer. Most often there is a small problem with the cervix.
Some abnormal cells will turn into cancer. But most of the time, these unhealthy cells will go away on their own. By treating these unhealthy cells, almost all cases of cervical cancer can be prevented. If you have abnormal results, to talk with your doctor about what they mean.
My Pap test was "abnormal," what happens now?
There are many reasons for "abnormal" Pap test results. If results of the Pap test are unclear or show a small change in the cells of the cervix, your doctor will probably repeat the Pap test.
If the test finds more serious changes in the cells of the cervix, the doctor will suggest more powerful tests. Results of these tests will help your doctor decide on the best treatment. These include:
Colposcopy: The doctor uses a tool called a colposcope to see the cells of the vagina and cervix in detail.
Endocervical curettage: The doctor takes a sample of cells from the endocervical canal with a small spoon-shaped tool called a curette.
Biopsy: The doctor removes a small sample of cervical tissue. The sample is sent to a lab to be studied under a microscope.
The FDA recently approved the LUMA Cervical Imaging System. The doctor uses this device right after a colposcopy. This system can help doctors see areas on the cervix that are likely to contain precancerous cells. The doctor uses this device right after a colposcopy. This system shines a light on the cervix and looks at how different areas of the cervix respond to this light. It gives a score to tiny areas of the cervix. It then makes a color map that helps the doctor decide where to further test the tissue with a biopsy. The colors and patterns on the map help the doctor tell between healthy tissue and tissue that might be diseased.
My Pap test result was a "false positive." What does this mean?
Pap tests are not always 100 percent correct. False positive and false negative results can happen. This can be upsetting and confusing. A false positive Pap test is when a woman is told she has abnormal cervical cells, but the cells are really normal. If your doctor says your Pap results were a false positive, there is no problem.
A false negative Pap test is when a woman is told her cells are normal, but in fact, there is a problem with the cervical cells that was missed. False negatives delay the discovery and treatment of unhealthy cells of the cervix. But, having regular Pap tests boosts your chances of finding any problems. If abnormal cells are missed at one time, they will probably be found on your next Pap test.
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plannedparenthood · 2 years ago
What’s the difference between a bacterial STD and a viral STD?
Tumblr media
There are a bunch of different sexually transmitted infections, and most of them can be separated into two categories: STDs caused by bacteria, and STDs caused by viruses. The main difference between them is that bacterial STDs are curable, and viral STDs are not curable. But it gets a little more complicated than that.
Bacterial STDs include gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and trichomoniasis (trich). STDs caused by bacteria can be cured with medicine. This means that once the medicine has finished working, the infection is totally gone and you don’t have the STD anymore. But if you don’t get treated, they can lead to health problems (like infertility) in the future. And it’s possible to get a bacterial STD again — that’s why it’s important to get tested for STDs regularly.
Viral STDs include herpes, HPV, and HIV. STDs that are caused by viruses can live in your body forever. That may sound scary, but viral STDs don’t always cause serious health problems. And there are treatments that can help manage your symptoms and prevent the virus from spreading to other people. Some viral STDs can even go away on their own.
Herpes is a super common skin condition that can cause outbreaks of blisters, but it’s not dangerous. Most of the time there are no symptoms, or the symptoms aren’t noticeable, so lots of people don’t even know they have herpes. Herpes outbreaks are no fun, but the first one is the worst. Repeat outbreaks are usually shorter and less painful. Most people with herpes get fewer outbreaks as time goes on, and some stop having them altogether.  People who have herpes can take medicine to help prevent outbreaks and avoid spreading the virus to their partners.
HPV is a common virus that has lots of different types, or “strains.” Some strains cause genital warts, which can be annoying but aren’t dangerous. Other strains can lead to certain genital and oral cancers, especially cervical cancer. But regular Pap tests can spot any problems on your cervix before they become cancer, and HPV tests can find the types of HPV that can lead to cancer. The HPV vaccine is also a good way to prevent HPV. Most of the time, HPV goes away on its own and doesn’t cause any health problems.
HIV is a virus that hurts your immune system (your body’s defense against getting sick). When HIV damages your immune system, it’s easier to get really sick from things that normally wouldn’t affect you. Without treatment, HIV can lead to AIDS, which is when other illnesses can easily attack your body. There are medicines that people living with HIV can take to stay healthy, and lots of ways to avoid giving HIV to other people. There’s also a medicine you can take to help prevent HIV, called PrEP.
STDs don’t discriminate. Anybody who has sexual contact with another person can get an STD. That’s why getting tested for STDs regularly if you have sex is important — the sooner you know you have an infection, the sooner you can get treated. The good news is, most STDs are easy to cure or treat. And having safer sex can help prevent STDs.
-Kendall at Planned Parenthood
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bastadomande · 2 years ago
Non ho ancora bevuto il caffè e mi è già stato infilato uno speculum nella vagina.. meglio di niente dai..
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gubler-me-up · 2 months ago
The Sun Also Rises
Tumblr media
Request(s): I was thinking maybe a request with Spencer having a girlfriend who is a virgin and she's insecure about it because she's in her early 30s. She's never really been interested in having sex so Spencer is one of her first boyfriends. But now that she's with him, she starts feeling a certain type of way, and maybe write who their first time would go. But she's like adorably shy about it because she's never felt that way before. Maybe Spencer can also explain to her what being demi-sexual means?
hi!! could you pls do one where the reader (den) does it with either mgg/Spencer for the first time. Just a lot of making sure she’s okay and fluffy aftercare<333
can you do one when it’s the readers first time?
Hi:)) idk if I’ve already requested but could I ask for a smit of Spencer x fem reader where she’s a virgin but he isn’t and she’s scared and he’s just super careful and making sure she’s okay? Thank you !!
A/N: Thank you for the request, @creativewoman88 and the two anons! I’m so so sorry for the long wait but I hope it’s worth the wait! I decided to put all four requests together to make a fully fleshed out fic plus no one has to wait a long time for their request to be written so it’s a win win for everyone 🥳
Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!reader
Category: Fluffy smut
Content warning: Protected sex, fingering, swearing, oral sex (female receiving), clit stimulation, breast/nipple foreplay, penetrative sex, mention of a pap test
Word count: 5.6k
“Dr. Miller can see you now.”
You looked up from your phone and saw the secretary peaking her head from the doorway. You smiled, grabbed your purse from the empty seat next to you, and got up from your seat to follow her into the small hallway. She led you to an open door and gestured you to go inside. You obliged and entered to go take your seat on the table.
The secretary plopped your files into the file folder outside the room you were in. You turned your attention back to your phone to bide your time as you waited for the doctor to come. As soon as you unlocked your screen, you saw Spencer had texted you back asking what you wanted for dinner. You texted him back to surprise you with something. He knew you so well so you had no doubt he would choose something you’d like.
Dating Spencer for a year and a half made you realize things about yourself you never experienced before. For one, you felt as if you could be open and trust someone so deeply outside of your immediate family. Another thing you had never felt before was an electrifying feeling every time you were around him. It felt stronger when you touched him with your hand or whenever you two kissed. It made you feel as if you were coming alive inside for the first time.
“Hey, Y/N. How have you been?” You heard your doctor greet.
You turned your attention to the door to see her smiling at you as she pushed the door closed behind her. You smiled politely at her as you watched her take her seat on her stool.
“I’ve been good. I realized it was time for my pap smear, so I wanted to get it out of the way before it slipped my mind,” you said.
“Of course, pap smears are incredibly important. Before we proceed, I just have a few questions to ask. Is that okay with you?” She asked.
“Of course,” you said.
“Great. Are you sexually active?” She asked.
“No,” you said.
Even though she was looking down at her papers, you could see the little wrinkle in her forehead as she furrowed her eyebrows. She flipped through your chart to probably see your last few answers over the last nine years. Her face softened and you assumed she just let it go. You had gotten many looks of confusion before whenever you said you weren’t sexually active, so you didn’t mind.
“Okay, good. On any new medication?” She asked.
“No,” you said.
“No birth control either right?” She asked.
“Nope,” you said.
“Okay, great. Warning as always, this might feel uncomfortable for you,” she said.
“I’ll be fine,” you said.
“Okay, good. I’m just going to step out for a second to give you some privacy as you take off your pants and underwear. Put this over you once you lay down,” she said.
She then got up and plopped your file on her desk. She opened the cupboard above her and took down a blue paper sheet. She closed the cupboard before handing over the sheet to you. She then picked up your file and made her way to the door to step out.
As she closed the door behind her, you got up and started stripping yourself from the waist down. You couldn’t help but wonder how Spencer would react if he was in the room, watching you strip your clothes off for him. You never had such an intense thought about anyone like that before but something about him made you feel different.
He had never seen you naked but the way he stared at you fully clothed made you think he would love to see what was underneath. You too would like to know what was underneath his clothes. How it felt to rub your hands against his bare chest and how his hands would feel on your bare back as you two fondled each other.
You picked up your pants and underwear from the floor and folded them before placing them on a vacant chair. You moved your purse from the exam table onto the same chair where your clothes were. You hopped onto the exam table and got yourself into position. You laid there with your knees bent. You took the blue paper sheet your doctor had given you and laid it across your abdomen.
You heard two knocks. “Ready?”
“Yes,” you called out.
She came back in and closed the door behind her. She walked over to her table to prepare herself for your pap smear. You took your eyes off of her and looked up at the ceiling to think of anything but a pap smear. You closed your eyes for a second to relax. You took a deep breath as you tried to find your happy place in your mind.
Then an image of Spencer’s bare body on top of yours came to mind. The way he looked at you made you feel desirable. It made you feel cared for. Above all, it made you feel lustful. It was strange for you to think of these things but it was exciting to you. You always felt as if you could never connect to someone to the point of thinking about them making love to you.
He knew you’d never had sex before and never shamed you into having it. He always respectfully touched you to make you feel his love but never overdid it. You’d think after a year and a half of no sex, he would have given up on you to see the greener side of a different pasture but he stayed. The way he looked at you reassured you how much he loved you intensely and his actions never let you forget it.
“Okay, take a deep breath for me,” your doctor said.
You squeezed your eyes tight and took a deep breath. You thought of your happy place again. You could imagine Spencer taking his time with you to make sure you were as comfortable as possible. He’d kiss you throughout the whole ordeal to calm you down and forget about any pain you might feel your first time.
The more you thought about it, the more excited you were to see him later on. You wanted to be in his arms and feel his lips against yours. His hands against your waist. His bare body against your bare body. You didn’t know if your thoughts would come true tonight or at a later time but it was something that crossed your mind over and over again. Sex was now something you were actively curious about for once in your life which both thrilled and terrified you.
You stared at your plate as you twirled the few remaining pasta noodles on it as you listened to Spencer talking about the latest astrophysics convention he was thrilled about going to. You smiled as you listened to him but you weren’t exactly listening. Your mind was distracted by the way his lips moved while he talked.
Whenever he had to catch his breath or thought hard, he would lick his lips to moisten them. You hadn’t noticed how desirable he looked when he did that. The more you started at him, the harder it was to think of anything else but him. It was weird to think of him in such a way considering how new these thoughts were to you.
You wanted to tell him about your visit to your doctor and how you sexually fantasized about him. You enjoyed the thought of him sexualizing you too. All that said, you were unsure how he would take it.
You knew he wouldn’t judge you for your sexual thoughts but for over a year you had kept things distant. You worried he would think you were confused about what you really wanted or your thoughts wouldn’t turn into actions. Sometimes you felt as if you were wasting his time and didn’t want to add onto that by giving him false hope over fantasies you weren’t sure about yourself.
What made you even more insecure was the fact he had been in other relationships where engaged in sex. Did he ever miss it? Did he expect you to be as good as his past lovers? If so, what if you didn’t perform to the standard he was used to? Would he leave you or help you improve?
“Y/N,” he said.
“Yeah,” you responded.
“Are you gonna eat your pasta? You’ve been twirling it around a bit,” he said.
“Oh, yeah. I guess I should stop playing with my food,” you said.
You set your fork down on your plate before getting up from your seat to go over to the kitchen counter. You placed your plate onto the counter and covered it with the microwave cover to save it for later. You stood there looking at the cover for a long minute as you contemplated telling him what was on your mind. You felt as if he would ask you eventually anyway.
You turned around to face him. You braced your hands behind you on the kitchen counter as you still debated in your mind whether he would understand where you were coming from. He looked at you with a growing concern in his eyes. You took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before asking the question you wanted to be answered.
“Do you think I’m weird for being a 30-year-old virgin?” You asked.
“Of course not, Y/N. Everyone goes at their own pace and you should only engage in sexual intercourse if you’re comfortable,” he said.
“But we’ve been together for a while now. You don’t feel as if you’re missing out on something?” You asked.
“No, not at all. I feel complete with you just as you are. You naturally make me happy, so I don’t need anything extra to get the same feeling,” he explained.
You smiled. “You make me naturally happy too. It’s just that…I feel weird saying this.”
He furrowed his eyebrows. “Weird saying what?”
“Well, I don’t know, I’ve never had these thoughts cross my mind before and I don’t exactly know how you’re bringing them out of me but you are and-”
“Whoa, Y/N, slow down. What am I making you feel? What thoughts are you having?” He asked.
“Well, I’ve never thought of anyone in a sexual way but I find myself recently having thoughts about it. I’m just confused because I’ve only felt this way with you but it wasn’t right away like it gradually got there but why now? Why haven’t I ever felt this way before with someone else? I don’t know if-”
“Y/N,” he interrupted.
You stopped rambling on about your confusion when he said your name. He got up from his seat with his empty plate in hand and walked over to the sink. He smiled as you as he placed his plate in the sink.
“Have you ever heard of demisexual?” He asked.
“I don’t think so. Why?” You asked.
“What you’re describing is that you’re only attracted to me based on an emotional bond we have. Is that safe to assume?” He asked.
“Yes,” you responded.
“And now that we’re deeper into our relationship we’ve created a stronger emotional bond, so these sexual thoughts you’re having are because you’re sexually attracted to me more now due to this bond. You just haven’t been sexually attracted to anyone else because you don’t have that emotional bond,” he explained.
You looked at him with awe in your eyes as you realized everything he told you was factual. You never considered the possibility of being demisexual and only assumed you were asexual by the way you never desired sex from anyone. When you started to have these thoughts is where the doubt started to come in.
“Well, that makes a lot more sense. I didn’t know whether I would make any sense telling you this because I made it seem as if we would never be sexually intimate and gradually I started fantasizing about you,” you admitted.
“I’m glad you have a deep emotional connection with me. I’m happy you trust me so much and you’ve become the closest person to me over this past year and a half,” he said.
You smiled. “I’m glad too.”
He leaned over and pecked you on the lips but you grabbed him by the neck to bring him in again to linger longer on your lips. When you let him free of your lips, you felt an urge to go back in for another kiss. He smiled at you as he placed his hand on your face.
You felt the same electrifying feeling run through you as you felt his palm against your warm face. You grabbed his hand and gently held it to keep it against your face longer. It was hard to put into words the way he made you felt at any given moment.
“Thank you for opening up to me,” he said.
“I’d like to open up to you more but I don’t even know how,” you admitted.
“There’s no need to rush and overthink it. Take as much time as you need to think your thoughts through,” he said.
“I’m kinda tired of being in my head. I kinda want to feel something but I don’t even know where to start,” you said.
“Would you like to discuss this further in the bedroom?” He asked.
“I think that would be a good start,” you chuckled.
He smiled as he moved his hand away from your face with your hand still in his grip. He led the way out of the kitchen towards the bedroom. You two had been sharing your space for about six months now and it was the first time you felt as if you were entering undiscovered territory in a place you knew so well. He opened the bedroom door and walked you in, escorting you over to the bed.
Your thighs touched the edge of the bed, leaving Spencer to stand in front of you just inches away from pressing his body against yours. You couldn't help feel yourself melt on the inside from the way he looked at you with such care and comfort. You felt your insides become hot as he stroked your cheek.
“Does this excite you?” He asked.
You nodded. “Yes.”
He leaned in and kissed you with a passionate force on your lips. You were nearly left breathless by the way he kissed you. Without much thought, you placed your hands on his neck to deepen the kiss. You never wanted him so close to you before. He made you feel as if something finally turned on inside of you.
He pulled away and looked you in your eyes as he licked his lips. You let out a gentle sigh as you caught your breath from your kiss. You slid your hands down from his neck onto his chest with your eyes following your hand’s direction. You had ever only seen him naked when you peeped on him while he was in the bathroom.
You never wanted to have a naked body on top of your naked body so bad. You weren’t one for touching bare skin or even worse, sweaty skin but you would make an exception for him. To have him as close to you as possible was one thing you couldn’t hold back from needing any longer.
“How do you feel?” He asked.
“On cloud nine,” you said.
He smiled. “I’m glad. Are you comfortable going a bit further and having me on top of you?”
You nodded. “I’d love that.”
You sat on the bed and scooted back to make room for him to crawl on top of you. With every inch you moved back, he crawled towards you until you stopped. You stared at him with a burning desire in your eyes which seemed to excite him. His eyes looked as if they got bigger from the excitement you were showing him.
He leaned into you and kissed you again. He gently pushed you back onto the bed to lay down without breaking the kiss. You held his face in the palm of your hands as you two continued the lust-filled kiss from before.
You could feel your palms sweating. You had no clue if it was because of nerves or if it was due to the heat of the moment. It was most likely a mixture of both. A part of you knew he would understand and lead the way for you but another part of you still felt unsure of how sex would go.
It was as if he read your mind because he eased up from the kiss to look at you. He gently smiled as he leaned his nose against yours. You smiled at how cute he was even building up to sex.
“Are you okay with going any further than this?” He asked.
“Uh, yeah,” you said.
He eased up to look at you with concern written all over his face. He took his hand and stroked a piece of hair away from your forehead before caressing it down your face. You softly smiled at his kind gesture which caused him to break into a faint smile.
“I don’t want to go any further if there’s any hesitation from you. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable,” he said.
“I’m not uncomfortable it’s just that…I don’t think I’ll be good,” you said.
“What is exactly “good” categorized as?” He asked.
“I don’t know, making you cum? Doing crazy sex positions? Moaning loud and proud?” You said.
He chuckled. “Y/N, you don’t have to worry about any of that. I’m no expert and I certainly don’t care about the outcome as long as you’re happy.”
“I don’t know like I’m so excited to have this feeling of desire for you yet I’m psyching myself out,” you said.
“You don’t have to overthink it. Besides, sex should be about satisfying your needs too, so I feel pressure as well but we’ll get through it. If you want to continue, of course,” he said.
“You don’t have to satisfy me,” you said.
“But I want to,” he said.
He leaned down and kissed you on your lip before kissing down to your neck. You softly moaned as his kisses trailed up and down your neck while his hands glided up your thighs to your hips. His hands soon found their way to the side of your breasts but didn’t touch them. You found yourself aching for him to touch your bare breasts for the first time.
“Did you want to continue?” He whispered.
“Yes,” you said.
He entertained your senses by brushing his soft lips against your neck and peppered you with kisses again. His hands caressed their way down to the bottom of your shirt and peaked their way under it to move up to your breasts. He trailed his lips back up to your neck, to your jawline until they reached your lips again.
He gently kissed you as his hands fondled your breasts. You softly moaned in his mouth as his hands worked their magic on you. The bra you were wearing didn’t help much with feeling his hands on your bare breasts and rubbing against your nipples.
You took the initiative to pull off your shirt. You gripped the bottom of it and started pulling it up. Spencer noticed the amount of activity you were doing and stopped kissing you to see what you were up to. He smirked as you leaned up to take off your shirt. He assisted you by taking hold of your shirt from your hands and taking it off you completely.
You bit your lips as you could see the desire for you growing in his eyes. It was thrilling to see him look as if he wanted to indulge deep into you. You felt yourself becoming more loose and open to him doing just that. You reached behind you to unhook your bra but he removed your hands from your bra hook.
“Let me do that for you,” he said.
He leaned into you to give you a few gentle pecks on your lips as he unhooked your bra. You felt your bra straps slide off of your shoulders and eventually he took it off of you to expose your breasts. He leaned you back without breaking the kiss and didn’t waste any time going back to massaging your breasts.
You broke away from his kiss to let out desperate moans. The feeling of his bare hands on your breasts felt better than you imagined it to be. He looked at you with exhilaration in the way he smiled and thrill in his eyes.
“Do you enjoy that?” He asked.
“Yes,” you moaned.
He kissed you on your neck and trailed his kisses down your chest. You felt yourself become more excited with each kiss he trailed towards your breasts. When he reached your right breast, he gently licked your nipple. You moaned at the touch of his warm tongue gliding over your nipple.
He then flicked his tongue against your nipple with a steadier pace which caused you to arch your back. You didn’t know how much stimulation you could feel from him simply using his tongue against your nipple. You soon felt him going to work on your other nipple by gently rubbing it with his thumb.
You felt yourself becoming wet in-between your legs. You couldn’t believe he hadn’t even touched your down there yet and he was already stimulating you more than you could have imagined. He then scooped your nipple into his mouth to suck on it.
“Oh my God,” you moaned.
You felt his tongue going to work on your nipple from inside his mouth. He held your nipple tight on his mouth as his tongue circled it. Even with his interest in your nipple in his mouth. his thumb didn’t tire of stimulating your other nipple. You could barely breathe properly from the amount of sensation he was giving you.
You could feel his other hand on the front of your pants, fumbling to undo your button and your zipper. You were going to help him but the way your hands were trembling from the stimulation geared you to not even bother. It didn’t take long for him to undo your pants. He took his mouth off of your breast to look at you.
You looked at him trying your best to steady your breathing. He took his hand off your other breast to stroke your face. He was also hot to the touch which excited you. The excitement of the moment was mutual.
“Are you okay if we go further?” He asked.
“Yes. I need you,” you said.
He leaned down to kiss you. “I need you too.”
He once again trailed his kisses back down your neck to your chest until he reached your left breast this time. He scooped it into his mouth to play with your nipple. You moaned intensely as your hands grabbed the sheets. What he did next took you to another universe though.
He slid his hand into your underwear and circled your clit gently with two of his fingers. You gasped as you arched your back at the intense stimulation you got from him rubbing your clit. He did it so effortlessly but with such care you didn’t know was possible to achieve.
“Do you like that?” He asked.
“Yes,” you moaned.
He then stroked you up and down gently in-between your folds. Your breathing became even more erratic. You didn’t think you could answer any more of his questions. The way he touched you was a sensation you craved deeper than you ever imagined you could. It almost felt unreal how well he could navigate your body the first time touching it so intimately.
“You’re wet already. That’s a good thing,” he said.
“Mhm,” you moaned.
“I’m going to insert a finger in you. Is that okay?” He asked.
You nodded in response as you lost yourself in his touch. He went back to sucking on your breasts to give you what you wanted again. You soon felt him carefully insert one of his fingers in you. You closed your eyes tightly as you took in his finger and gasped softly when he started to slowly move it in and out of you. You gripped the sheets tighter. It didn’t take you too long to get used to the feeling of his one finger pumping in and out of you. It felt good and simple enough.
“Another one,” you moaned.
He looked at you. “Are you sure?”
You nodded. “Yes.”
“It might feel a little uncomfortable, so don’t be afraid to tell me to stop,” he said.
You just nodded in response. You two interlocked your gazes as he inserted another finger gently into you. You squeezed your eyes tightly again and bit your lip as you got used to the feeling of his two fingers inside of you. Once he started to pump in and out of you slowly, it wasn’t bad and you felt yourself go back to your cloud nine feelings.
He then pushed his fingers deep in you which immediately earned him a deep moan. He then started to stroke your g-spot which was a next-level feeling you wished you had experienced before. It felt as if he was touching your soul.
“Yes, yes,” you moaned.
“You like that?” He asked.
“I do,” you moaned.
He started to stroke it with a bit more intention. You sunk yourself into the bedsheets as your hands latched onto your breasts. You felt unbelievably good. His touch nearly brought you to tears. You always heard that having your g-spot touched was the best feeling in the world. It was definitely one of the best sensations you had ever felt.
He then slid out his two fingers from inside of you. You watched anxiously as to what his next move was. He gripped onto your pants and dragged them off. He threw them to the ground and then went to work on unbuttoning his shirt. You bit your lip as each button he undid exposed his bare chest. He then threw his shirt on the ground.
He reached over to the night table to open the dresser. He rummaged around until he found what he was looking for. You saw him pull out a condom and your heart immediately started to race. He was actually going to have full-on sex with you. You had never felt so exhilarated and anxious in your life.
You watched as he undid his pants and took them off along with his underwear. You stared with wide eyes at his hard dick and wondered if you were even going to be able to take all of him. He ripped the condom wrapper and threw it on the ground before carefully rolling on the condom. You gulped down the extra amount of saliva that had pooled in your mouth just by watching him.
He looked at you to see your face full of an array of emotions. He gave you a reassuring smile as he shifted back and grabbed your legs to spread them open further. You could feel your heart almost pound out of your chest as you watched him between your legs.
“I’m ready,” you blurted out.
He chuckled. “Glad to know but I’m not quite down with you just yet.”
You furrowed your eyebrows. “What do you mean?”
“I need to know if you like one last thing,” he said.
You watched with a puzzled expression as he leaned his face down in-between your legs. It soon clicked, however, what he wanted to know. As soon as he ran his tongue in-between your folds you knew he was talking about oral sex.
You moaned uncontrollably as his tongue worked its magical ways on you. He sucked on and licked your clit which earned the loudest response from you the whole foreplay engagement. You moaned so loud you wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbours banged on the wall.
You closed your eyes and got lost in his tongue. You could only imagine how he would treat you with his dick inside of you. He was so gentle yet commanded your attention with every move he made. You couldn’t be happier with anyone else being your first time. You knew you would want him more and more after this. You even wanted him more now.
“Let’s fuck,” you moaned.
He popped his head up to look at you with fire in his eyes. He gave you one last lick from the bottom of your folds to the top of your clit. It sent shivers down your spine.
“You want that?” He asked.
“Yes,” you moaned.
He smirked as he crawled his way up to you. You immediately grabbed onto his face and brought him down to embrace you in a kiss. He passionately kissed you back with no hesitation. He kept it short though as he moved his kisses to the side of your face, close to your ear.
“If it hurts too much, don’t be afraid to tell me to stop,” he whispered.
“Mhm,” you responded.
He then went back to kiss your lips. You felt his dick right outside the entrance of your hole. You knew you had to relax your body if everything was going to run smoothly. You let yourself relax as you focused on kissing Spencer to relieve the anxiety you still felt about not knowing how things would go after this point.
He gently eased himself into you slowly. You moaned as you felt every inch of him go into you at a steady pace. You let go of his face to grab onto his back as he still eased himself into you. It felt intense at first but the more he went in, the more you got used to it.
When he was completely in you, he leaned up from your lips to look at you. You were breathing intensely but you felt fine overall. More than fine actually, you felt amazing. He kept his eyes locked on yours as he started to gently stroke himself in and out of you.
You dug your nails into his back as you let out a few more loud moans, still maintaining heavy eye contact with him. The lust in his eyes was reason enough to keep you enjoying the moment. The anxiety and doubt dissipated with each stroke he gave you.
“How does that feel?” He moaned.
“Amazing,” you moaned.
“I’m glad,” he moaned.
He leaned down and embraced you in another kiss as he picked up his pace. You broke away from his kiss to freely moan because you couldn’t contain them. It felt incredible to you. His bare body under your fingertips excited you. The feeling of finally having him inside you was the icing on the cake.
He settled with kissing your neck as he continued to stroke you and listen to your moans fill the air. You honestly felt as if you would be asking for a round two sooner than later. The way he led you throughout the process made you trust him with your entire body and soul.
He stimulated senses you didn’t know you had in you. The best part about that was he actually cared to figure out what turned you on the most. It felt like an out-of-body experience. You couldn’t even fantasize of anything better than what you had experienced with him.
You felt his strokes slow and heard little groans escape his mouth. You then felt him cum in the condom. It was such a weird, specific feeling that brought joy to your face. You were happy you could make him cum even though you hadn’t done much throughout the process.
“Sorry,” he said as he looked at you.
“Sorry for what?” You asked.
“For finishing so quick,” he said.
“No need to apologize. This was so great,” you said.
He smiled as he leaned up. He pulled out of you and you saw the amount of cum he had ejaculated. You had never seen it in real life so it fascinated you just how much was in the condom. He tied it up before hopping off the bed to throw it in the trash.
He then walked back over to you in the bed. He grabbed your face gently to embrace you in a kiss. You smiled against his soft lips as your hand trailed down his chest.
“You were amazing. Now I know exactly what turns you on for next time,” he said.
“I think you just turn me on,” you giggled.
“Well, do you know what else can be turned on?” He asked.
You shook your head. “No.”
He leaned down to kiss you. “The bathtub that I’m going to fill with your favourite bubble bath and while you relax I’m going to make some hot chocolate for you. How does that sound?”
“Like heaven on earth,” you said.
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notllorstel · 2 years ago
Dad: Recite the copyright laws for art right this moment.
Me: pls dad i'm eating cheese
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aphroditee-xx · a year ago
Tumblr media
Planned Parenthood is the #1 reproductive healthcare provider in the country:
Planned Parenthood clinics provide healthcare to 2.5 millions patients every year. This includes emergency contraception, birth control, cancer screenings, STD testing and general care that these individuals otherwise would not have access to.
STI Testing & Treatment: 4,712,985
-STI tests, women & men: 3,926,575
-HIV tests, women & men: 741,352
-HIV treatments: 23,148
-Other STI prevention and treatment: 21,910
Individuals can obtain care more quickly from Planned Parenthood than other facilities:
62% of Planned Parenthood centers offer same day appointments similar to the 58% of FQHC appointments but higher then 42% of health department appointments. Also, wait time for a contraceptive appointment at a Planned Parenthood clinic is 1.2 days while FQHCs is 2.5 days and health departments which are 4.1 days.
Contraception: 2,620,867
-Reversible contraception patients: 1,870,664
-Emergency contraception kits: 631,510
-Female sterilization procedures: 248
-Vasectomy clients: 3,421
-Other contraceptive services: 115,024
Planned Parenthood offers a very wide range of contraceptive methods:
Planned Parenthood clinics offer the full range of FDA approved reversible contraceptive methods while health departments and FQHCs offer only about two-thirds. They also make it easier for patients to receive long acting reversible contraception that are all highly effective.
Almost all Planned Parenthood clinics offer insertion of IUDs and implants on the same day as a patients initial appointment.
Cancer Screening & Prevention: 614,361
-Breast care: 296,310
-Pap tests: 274,145
-HPV prevention: 19,705
-Colposcopy procedures: 16,570
-LEEP procedures: 1,454
-Cryotherapy procedures: 214
-Other diagnostic procedures: 5,963
Other Women’s Health Services: 1,302,460
-Well-woman exams: 216,722
-Pregnancy tests: 1,074,952
-Prenatal services: 9,055
-Miscarriage care: 1,731
Abortion Services: 332,757
-Abortion procedures: 332,757
Other Services: 103,640
-Family practice services, women & men: 37,714
-Adoption referrals: 2,831
-UTI treatments: 49,892
But Planned Parenthood is just totally unnecessary, right?
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plannedparenthood · a year ago
How can I prepare for a gynecologist appointment as a trans man?
Tumblr media
Someone asked us: 
How can I prepare for a gynaecologist appointment as a trans man?
Wellness exams are an important part of staying on top of your health, but accessing health care can be challenging for transgender people. Not all nurses and doctors are sensitive to trans issues or informed about the health care needs of transgender people. So it’s great you’re taking steps to make sure you have the best experience possible.
Your wellness exam (some people call it a gynecological exam) is a time for you to get the health care and information you deserve.  So it’s very important to find a doctor or nurse you trust and can be open with. If you don’t feel comfortable with your current nurse or doctor or don’t feel like you can be 100% honest with them, think about switching to someone else if you can. 
You don’t need to do much to get ready for a wellness visit. What happens during your wellness visit depends on a few things, like how old you are, your sexual history, and your medical history. 
Here’s what to expect: 
Your doctor or nurse will check your height, weight, and blood pressure.
You might talk about your period if you have one.
If you’re under 18, you may get shots, like the HPV vaccine.
Around age 21, you’ll start needing regular pelvic exams, Pap tests, and breast examinations. 
If you’re sexually active (meaning you’ve had vaginal, anal, or oral sex), you may talk about birth control or STD testing.
If you have abnormal bleeding, vaginal itching, strong odors, or any kind of pain or swelling, you may need additional tests.
Your nurse or doctor may also ask you about alcohol or other drug use, allergies, illnesses, infections, smoking, and any surgeries you might have had. All these things can affect your sexual and reproductive health, so it’s important to be honest.
Wellness visits are a key part of preventive care, and thanks to the Affordable Care Act, (AKA Obamacare), as long as you have health insurance, all of your preventive care should be covered at no cost to you. If you don’t have insurance, the costs can vary. We’re here to help! The staff at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center can talk with you about your payment options — many people qualify for free or low-cost wellness exams at Planned Parenthood health centers. 
Planned Parenthood health centers are open to people of all gender identities. Whoever you are, you can visit your local Planned Parenthood health center for STD testing, birth control, physical exams, and other sexual and reproductive health services and referrals. You can also find LGBTQ+ friendly community centers across the country through CenterLink.
-Attia @ Planned Parenthood
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tmitransitioning · a year ago
At which point in my transition do I no longer need a gyno appointment?
this is a discussion for you and your gyno.  you definitely don’t need one if you’ve had complete and total removal of all organs (ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus including cervix, vagina, inner labia).  Your doc might want you to keep seeing them based on your personal risk profile even after you’ve had a full hysterectomy after you’ve had ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus with cervix removed, as long as you still have a vagina. this will be a discussion to have with your doctor.  
you Definitely need to keep seeing them if you have had anything less than that: including a partial hysterectomy with one or both ovaries or one or both fallopian tubes and your uterus removed but your cervix remains behind.  Pap tests are what’s done on a regular basis on your cervix to detect pre-cancer cells  (it’s the type of cancer that the Gardasil vaccine helps to prevent).  When detected early, they can remove the cells completely and you don’t have to have any other treatment (besides monitoring)- no chemo, no radiation, nothing.   If it’s not detected until there are symptoms- by that time, there is active cancer that’s spread and it’s a much less pleasant outcome.  BUT- you should know that many primary care providers (the person you see when you have a sniffle or a rash) also can do a pap test, if that’s all you’re needing done.  if you like your primary care provider and you’re wanting to one-stop-shop it doesn’t hurt to ask. 
mod mayhem
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mcatmemoranda · 3 months ago
There's a lecture today about cervical cancer screening and the HPV vaccine. I recall when they lectured on it in school that they changed the guidelines to include people up to age 45. But by then most people would have been exposed. This is what the CDC says:
Vaccine Recommendations
HPV vaccine is recommended for routine vaccination at age 11 or 12 years. (Vaccination can be started at age 9.)
ACIP also recommends vaccination for everyone through age 26 years if not adequately vaccinated previously. HPV vaccination is given as a series of either two or three doses, depending on age at initial vaccination.
Vaccination is not recommended for everyone older than age 26 years. However, some adults ages 27 through 45 years may decide to get the HPV vaccine based on discussion with their clinician, if they did not get adequately vaccinated when they were younger. HPV vaccination of people in this age range provides less benefit, for several reasons, including that more people in this age range have already been exposed to HPV.
For adults ages 27 through 45 years, clinicians can consider discussing HPV vaccination with people who are most likely to benefit. HPV vaccination does not need to be discussed with most  adults over age 26 years. See ACIP’s shared clinical decision-making FAQs.
Keep in mind that HPV vaccination prevents new HPV infections but does not treat existing HPV infections or diseases. HPV vaccine works best when given before any exposure to HPV.
Most sexually active adults have already been exposed to HPV, although not necessarily all of the HPV types targeted by vaccination. At any age, having a new sex partner is a risk factor for getting a new HPV infection. People who are in a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship are not likely to get a new HPV infection.
Also, I remember learning that you don't start screening until age 21, regardless of first sexual encounter. So even if you have a 14 year old who is sexually active, you don't start pap tests until she's 21 and that's because most young people clear the virus. The pap test is just cytology--looking at the cervical cells. At age 30, you also start checking for the virus. You can do pap every 3 years, pap & HPV testing every 5 years, or HPV testing (co-testing) every 5 years. I have to check that again to make sure I got it right. But anyway you can stop screening at age 65 depending on the pt. Also, pts who are high risk like men who have sex with men should get an anal pap test because HPV can also cause anal cancer.
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sparklingxsoda · 2 months ago
Worst case scenario:
I get an abnormal Pap, I come back into the doctor’s office and get the issue solved. Thankfully almost all abnormal Paps are treatable.
Best case scenario:
I get a normal Pap. I get my HPV shot in the fall.
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plannedparenthood · a year ago
“As a Moroccan-Cameroonian DACA recipient, I know firsthand the barriers immigrants face in accessing health care.”
Tumblr media
As of 2017, there were an estimated 44.4 million immigrants living in the United States. This includes documented and undocumented immigrants, people covered under Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. 
As a Moroccan-Cameroonian DACA recipient, I know firsthand the barriers immigrants face in accessing health care. 
Federal law blocks undocumented immigrants from accessing Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) entirely, and bans them from purchasing affordable health insurance on the ACA Marketplace, even with their own funds. Legal, permanent residents can buy health insurance on the ACA Marketplace, but they have to wait up to 5 years before they can access Medicaid.
Increased fears of deportation, harassment, and discrimination mean immigrants may be reluctant to get the health care they need. These barriers often translate to poorer health outcomes for immigrants. They are less likely to receive preventive care, such as Pap tests, STD screenings, and birth control, and often lack necessary maternal care. 
Planned Parenthood is committed to helping immigrants get the care they need — no matter what. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Everyone deserves access to quality health care. Learn more about your rights.
Be an ally — here are some organizations doing the groundwork to fight for immigrant rights: 
UndocuBlack Network: a multigenerational network that advocates for and supports undocumented Black people.
Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI): an organization that helps Black immigrant communities advocate for racial and social justice.
The National Immigration Law Center (NILC): an advocacy group for immigrants and their family members.
The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC): a grassroots organization that works to organize Korean and Asian Americans to achieve social, economic, and racial justice.
United We Dream: the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation.
Informed Immigrant: site with resources for individuals, educators, and providers to support undocumented families.   
Lauryn is the State Policy Media Intern at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. As a political science major at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, she uses her proximity to Washington, D.C. to stay engaged in politics and activism year-round. Lauryn is passionate about using communications to advocate for intersectionality in progressive policies. 
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mostlycompetentwriter · 10 months ago
My Side
F/M Pairing: Y/N x Bang Chan (SKZ)
Warnings: language, lots of smut, prostate massage, fluff, some mentions of angst (but it’s very minimal)
Genre: Marriage AU
Word Count: 4K
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N has had her entire future planned out ever since she could remember: step one- graduate college (done), step two- find a good-paying job (done), step three- marry someone she adores (done), and step four- have kids (???). She understands that life is full of obstacles, but is it too much to ask for your husband to finally knock you up?
A/N: Big apology to this anon user who requested this and had to wait like 8 billion years for me to finish it.
Tumblr media
The fertility clinic was unusually cold, and I found myself shivering in direct contradiction with the sweltering summer heat collecting outside of the office building. Maybe that was the point: the doctors wanted to keep you totally alert while you waited for what seemed like hours for a standard routine visit. Because I could’ve already fallen asleep at this point - taking advantage of my day off from work to do something other than fret over the working condition of my reproductive system.
Of course, there was also the issue of my grumpy husband who had been thoroughly displeased when he found out exactly what a pap smear test implied. “He was totally checking you out when we came in,” Chan said. “Then, he insisted on sticking that thing up your vagina?”
“Oh, give it a rest, Chan,” I said. “I knew they would do that before I even came here.”
“I think he just wanted to look at your pussy,” Chan insisted. “And he did it right in front of me like I didn’t even exist!”
“You weren’t forced to stay in the room,” I pointed out, which I would’ve preferred but Chan insisted on standing over me like some kind of jealous observer who actually wanted to watch such an intimate procedure. 
“Yeah, he would’ve preferred that,” Chan said, leaning further back in his chair. “How the hell is this even supposed to help us? We’ve only been trying for a few months.”
“Well, I want to make sure everything is working properly,” I said, and (just to spite him) I glanced down at his crotch. “What if you’re having performance issues, honey?”
“My dick works just fine,” Chan insisted. “But you know what? I think it’s partially your fault that we can’t pregnant. You’re putting too much pressure on him and it’s hard for me to focus.”
“Him?” I questioned with a grin. "Do you really want to personify your penis?”
“That’s not the point!” Chan exclaimed. “Did you even hear me, Y/N?”
“But what is the point, Chan? What exactly are you having trouble focusing on?” I asked. “We’re talking about fucking, not a tax audit. Keep the office out of our bedroom.”
“You don’t think I know the difference?”
“Apparently not since it requires more effort than necessary for you to orgasm,” I screeched, barely getting the words out before the doctor’s return.
Immediately, Chan and I were both forced smiles, pretending like we weren’t just having a pointless argument. “Well,” the doctor said. “Everything is fine on your end, Mrs. Bang. I guess that means we can perform some tests on your husband.”
“Oh, that would be great,” I said, even as Chan shifted restlessly from next to me. “Is there anything you need?”
“We’d like to ask you for a sperm sample,” the doctor replied while handing Chan a clear, transparent plastic cup that he accepted with obvious hesitation. “I’ll give you some time.”
“Thank you,” I said, looking over at Chan who was glaring at the cup as if personally offended by its presence.
But at least he waited until the doctor was gone before looking at me with wide eyes. “What do I do?” Chan asked, holding up the plastic cup while appearing thoroughly taken aback.
“It’s just masturbating,” I hissed at him.
“They want me to jerk off into this cup?” Chan gasped like the idea was so totally perplexing to him.
“How else will they get a sperm sample?” I asked him, rolling my eyes because I was growing impatient.
But Chan still hesitated, using one hand to hold the cup while his other traveled down to the front of his jeans. “Do I just...”
“Yes!” I shouted while standing up from my chair. “It’s nothing hard, Chan, you’ve been masturbating since 9th grade!” 
“Yeah, but it’s embarrassing to do it here,” Chan argued, and I sighed for what had to be the thousandth time that day.
“There’s a curtain for privacy,” I said, reaching for my bag from the floor. “I’ll be waiting outside until you’re done.”
“Y/N!” Chan whined, but I left without another word, hoping that Chan could get his shit together because I was exhausted and the prospect of the bed waiting for me at home was suddenly everything that I wanted.
Tumblr media
It turned out that Chan and I were both perfectly healthy, and there should be nothing impeding my ability to finally get pregnant. Chan even managed to smile after our doctor complimented his sperm because they were powerful swimmers or whatever the hell that meant. But that had also been hours ago, and after a well-deserved nap, I was feeling exceptionally horny. Thankfully, Chan was never the type to turn down sex, and a few innocent kisses had turned into a full-blown pornography session within moments of me circling my hips against the front of his jeans.
“Fuck me, Chan,” I said, and he nodded eagerly as we both helped each other escape the obstacle of our clothes.
“You should apologize to my dick first,” Chan said teasingly when he had me spread open in front of him, fisting his cock as he started jerking himself off.
“What? Why?”
“You questioned my performance earlier,” Chan said with a shit-eating grin. “Maybe my cock isn’t good enough for you.”
“It’s fine,” I said, whining when I tried to wrap my hand around the base of his erection, only to have Chan knock it away with a sharp growl. "Alright!” I groaned. “I’m sorry I questioned your all-powerful shaft, okay? So, can you please just fuck me already?”
Chan chuckled at my easy compliance, and he ran his thumb across the slit of his cock before positioning himself at my wet entrance. “Remember that next time, Y/N,” he said, exhaling shakily when he started to push inside.
“Shit!” I cried, reaching out for his broad shoulders as I held on as tight as possible for the ride waiting ahead of me.
“Such a tight cunt,” Chan remarked, pausing a moment to grind himself against my insides just to feel the pressure around his cock.
“Go faster,” I requested, throwing my head back when he complied, smacking his hips into mine as he searched for the perfect angle to leave me seeing stars.
“Yeah?” Chan purred, and he started thrusting faster than before, dragging his cock against the pulsating walls of my cunt, forcing more arousal to leak out around him. “Look at how good you always take my cock, baby.”
I reveled in the praise, craning my neck to the side just so that I could watch him disappear inside of me over and over again to match the sensation of his thick cock filling me up so well that it was almost mind-numbingly good. The best part was the pleasing sound of Chan’s moans, and I admired the way that he held himself up over me so that his muscles were practically bulging as he rolled his hips with seductive grinds. Meanwhile, I was drooling over the visual of his bulging biceps, whining underneath him because Chan was being unusually rough. Not that I would ever complain since every thrust managed to brush the tip of his cock perfectly against my cervix.
But it was only after Chan reached down to add a finger to the already tight fit of his cock inside my pussy that I remembered something that I had read on the internet as part of my endless pregnancy research. My eyes flew open at the reminder, and the lustful haze surrounding my sex-addled brain quickly vanished. “Hold on, Chan,” I said, pushing against his chest and disrupting the steady rhythm he had been maintaining.
“W-what?” Chan stuttered, pulling out while watching me roll over onto my stomach. 
“This is a better position,” I said, raising my ass high into the air before giving him a teasing wiggle. 
“Whatever,” Chan grunted, still too gone in his pleasure to care that much about my shenanigans. He immediately caged me in with his thighs, fumbling with his erect cock before aligning the tip with my aching cunt. I was relieved when he started jostling his cock back where it belonged, meandering in elegant strokes that resulted in the best friction.
“Make sure you come,” I told him while decorating the pale skin of his shoulders with nail marks as I reached behind me. 
“You first,” Chan insisted, and my heart warmed at his selflessness even while it felt like all the blood inside of me was rushing south, moving through my veins and spilling over with a rapid descent that left me seeing white while Chan moved even quicker, thrusting like a man deprived. 
I felt him come only moments later with the familiar heat that I had grown to appreciate more and more over the last few months. Thereafter, I immediately reached for a pillow from behind me, wincing at the sensitivity that lingered between my legs. “What are you doing?” Chan asked when he collapsed on the bed next to me.
“It’s supposed to help,” I said, raising my hips to place the pillow directly underneath me. “This article said that raising your legs after sex can improve your chances.”
“That seems ridiculous, Y/N,” Chan said. 
“Hey! Blame your sperm,” I countered. “It’s not my fault they need an extra boost.”
“My sperm are just fine,” Chan grunted. “You heard the doctor. They’re excellent swimmers.”
“This is just a precaution,” I told him, sighing in relief when I reached down to cup my heat, ensuring that all of Chan’s cum stayed inside where it belonged.
Tumblr media
For the past several weeks, work had become something of a chore that I was forced to endure on a regular basis. It was often a struggle to force my way through piles of paperwork or tedious emails that always said much of the same thing. After a while, I would find myself glaring at the clock because I was quite certain that time was moving slow for the sole purpose of annoying me.
There was also the issue of dealing with my colleagues, especially the ones who liked to gossip and had effectively made a whole thing out of my failed attempts at pregnancy. “Oh, Y/N,” they would tell me. “It’s been three months, hasn’t it?”
Like they didn’t have anything better to do with their lives besides meddle in mine. But the worst of them all were the ones who decided that they were some kind of authority figures and tried to give me helpful “advice.” Everything from the shit that I had already heard from my doctor and the articles online, to bizarre practices that left me wondering where they found their information.
My manager’s personal assistant was a frequent advocate. She was far more insistent than the rest of them because she already had two kids at home who she described as future Mozarts in the making. And because she had already been successful (twice, I might add), she always sat next to me at lunch with a new suggestion that supposedly guaranteed fertilization.
“It could be that he’s under too much pressure,” she told me before biting into her salad.
“I’m asking him to have sex with me, not invent a new computer,” I grumbled.
“Yeah, but I’m sure you’ve both been having a lot of sex, which might seem like a good idea,” she continued. “But it might actually turn out to be far worse.”
“What do you suggest then? Should I kick him out of the bedroom for a week or two?” I snarked, but she was hardly bothered by my sarcastic attitude.
“My husband and I tried stimulating him more directly,” she explained. “Maybe you could try it out.”
“How so?”
“It’s something like a prostate massage,” she revealed in a hushed tone as if it was top-secret information. “There’s all kinds of information about it on the internet.”
“Yeah, I’m sure,” I said, wanting nothing more than to brush aside her words, but maybe I was too desperate because I found myself skimming through countless articles after lunch, soaking in the vast amounts of information that I uncovered.
And I left the office that day with a new strategy in mind to surprise my husband.
Tumblr media
The moment I first walked through the door, I was yanking off my jacket and calling for Chan who ducked his head out of our bedroom. “Why the hell are you yelling?”
“Because I have a wonderful idea,” I said, practically skipping over to him and offering him a deep kiss.
“Y/N,” Chan murmured against my touch, grabbing my shoulders to pull me back. “What are you going on about?”
“Just take your stupid clothes off,” I said, skirting past him into the bedroom. “I want you naked on the bed.”
“You’re already horny?” Chan chuckled, but he made no protest of yanking his shirt over his head.
“I want to try something,” I told him, opening the door to our closet to search for something that we hadn’t used together in a long time.
“Should I be afraid?” Chan asked, taking a seat on the edge of the bed as he fisted his half-hard erection.
“Not if you have an open mind,” I said, turning around to hold up the bottle of lube, and Chan’s smile instantly vanished.
“What’s that for?”
“Well, tonight I’m using it on you,” I said, laughing at the way his forehead creased in confusion. “My co-worker actually made a pretty useful recommendation today.”
“Okay?...” Chan trailed off with an expression of perfect concentration - like he was doing his absolute best to understand.
“The internet called it prostate milking,” I explained, biting my lower lip to keep myself from laughing at the horrified expression on Chan’s face. “I want to stimulate your prostate.”
“Why the hell would you do that?” Chan asked.
“Look, it has a lot of medical benefits,” I said. “Plus, I read that it can feel really good.”
Chan squired anxiously on the bed when I sat down next to him, and I could see that his cock was perfectly flaccid between his legs. “I don’t know, Y/N-”
“Don’t worry,” I interrupted him. “This is perfectly normal. Now, be a good boy for me and get on your hands and knees.”
Chan frowned. “Good boy?” he grumbled before obeyed my command, crawling his way up the bed to position himself in the way I had suggested.
“There we go,” I said, softly running a hand down his spine. 
“So far, I’m not impressed,” Chan muttered.
“Oh, don’t be like that,” I said, situating myself behind him before palming his ass. “This looks better than I remember, Channie.”
“Yeah, I guess the squats helped,” Chan said, and he flinched when I snapped a glove in place over my right hand. “What’s that for?”
“You think I’m gonna mess around your ass without a glove?” I snorted. “That’s not very hygienic.”
“Hygienic, yeah, okay,” Chan huffed, and he let out a noise somewhere between a whine and a grunt when I opened the bottle of lube and drizzled some on my fingertips. 
“Hold still,” I said, trying to get him to relax when my finger started circling his asshole, pushing against the tight muscle which wasn’t so easy to penetrate. However, with enough perseverance, I forced one finger inside and heard Chan release a rather unattractive sound.
“How does it feel?” I asked him, trying to move my finger around like I had read online.
“It just feels like you’ve shoved your finger up my ass,” Chan snapped, and I knew not to take it personally since he wasn’t so willing to go along with my crazy scheme in the first place.
“Don’t be so tense,” I said, rubbing my hand along his lower back. “Should I use more lube?”
“Fuck, I don’t know, Y/N,” Chan groaned, and I could tell that he was growing frustrated.
I was also losing confidence - wondering if this had been a bad idea because it definitely wasn’t as easy as my co-worker promised. Plus, I could tell that Chan was uncomfortable, squirming around under me while his cock hung limply between his legs. Clearly, he wasn’t finding any pleasure from this, and maybe it was entirely my fault for jumping into this without more preparation. 
“Shit, Chan,” I said, removing my finger while releasing a sigh. “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have done this.”
I cleared my throat, feeling increasingly anxious when Chan refused to respond to my apology. He was still supporting himself on his hands in front of me, chest heaving up and down with each breath. I could see that the bright red tint to his ears betrayed his embarrassment and that only made me feel worse because the last thing I wanted to do was make this bad for him.
Eventually, Chan rolled off to the side of the bed, collecting his sweatpants from the floor before walking into the bathroom. I closed my eyes when the door slammed behind him, and I quietly left the bedroom to give Chan some privacy because it was obvious that he wasn’t pleased with the situation. 
So much for my co-worker’s stupid suggestion.
Tumblr media
However, in the grand scheme of things, I was always the first to recognize when my actions warranted reprimand. 
After sleeping on the couch in the living room, I woke-up with a sore lower back and a guilty conscious. Chan had already left for work that morning, and he probably hadn’t paid me a single glance. But I probably deserved his wrath, which meant I would do everything that I could to make it up to him.
Consequently, I found myself flashing a bright smile at Chan’s office secretary who greeted me politely before calling Chan’s phone to see if he had some time to see me. There was a small part of me which worried that Chan might send me away because of last night’s events. Thankfully, his secretary waved me inside and I took a deep breath before opening the door while carrying the packed lunch I prepared for him.
Once inside, Chan offered me a cursory glance that only lasted a brief moment until his attention was once again focused on the file in front of him. “Channie,” I said, wincing at my shrill tone. “I brought you some lunch.”
I hesitated when Chan didn’t respond - walking over to his desk to carefully deposit the bag on his desk. I waited for a brief moment, but Chan refused to acknowledge me, which meant I needed to approach him more directly.  “I’m sorry about last night, Channie,” I said, coming around his desk to perch myself on the edge. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’m also sorry about the past few months because I’ve been so desperate to finally have my positive pregnancy test that I started to really neglect you.”
The pen Chan had been writing with stopped in the middle of whatever sentence he had been writing, and my husband finally allowed me the privilege of looking into his dark brown eyes. “It’s hard for me to stay mad at you, Y/N,” Chan said, and I nearly burst into tears at the simple declaration.
“You deserve to be mad at me,” I said. “I can’t believe you let me get away with acting like this. You should get the husband of the year award or whatever.”
Chan chuckled, tossing his pencil aside. “Sweetheart, I know how much this means to you, and I want it just as much, but maybe it would be nice if we could be intimate sometimes without worrying about whether or not we’re following all those advice columns you read.”
“You’re right,” I agreed, and I pushed myself away from the edge of the desk and fell onto my knees in front of him - reaching out to grab his thighs between my hands. “What if I blew you right here in the office?”
Chan’s answering moan was enough to solidify my resolve, and I easily worked apart the belt fastening around his suit pants. My fingers worked with an experienced touch because this wasn’t the first time we had done something like this in his big executive office and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. “Fuck, Y/N,” Chan said, grabbing large handfuls of my hair while directing my lips closer to his exposed cock-head. 
“Let me take care of you, darling,” I said, offering a tentative lick to his pulsating tip. Chan was already hard, and I gave him a few strokes with my hand before allowing my mouth to take care of the rest - opening wide to take him as deep as I could without gagging. 
“Look at you,” Chan snarled, and his fingers traced the seam of my lips stretched obscenely around his cock. 
I moaned around his erection, and Chan closed his eyes as he fingers tightened their hold - hips moving every so often to force his cock even further down my throat. But I’m sure it made for one hell of a visual, and I hollowed my cheeks as I ran my tongue across the distinct vein trailing along the underside. 
“Keep going,” Chan said, and I could tell that he was close. And I started bobbing my head up and down, mimicking the same effect of his cock fucking my pussy, relaxing my throat and encouraging Chan to do whatever he needed to push himself over the edge.
He eventually came with an exaggerated groan, and I wrinkled my nose at the taste of him. Yet, I knew better than to let anything go to waste, and I struggled around the rawness of my throat as I swallowed - swiping my tongue around the head of his spent cock to clean up the excess.
“Was it good?” I asked him with a hoarse voice.
“Of course it was,” Chan replied, encouraging me off the floor and into his lap. His arms wrapped around me, holding me close as I listened to his heart slow back down to normal. “Thank you, Y/N,” he said, teasing his lips across mine. “You’re not gonna freak out over the fact that we just wasted my perfectly good semen?”
I rolled my eyes before playfully hitting his shoulder. “It’s never a waste if it makes you come like that.”
He smiled, bringing out the fullness of his dimples, and we sat together while Chan ate his lunch and I mindlessly talked about the latest office gossip. It was moments like these that I loved more than anything about my marriage to Chan - pregnancy be damned. Ironically, it was only a few weeks later that I found myself looking down at a thin white strip with a blue cross displayed across the surface: positive.
Tumblr media
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