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Yang: seriously jaune. Your dad is hot.

Jaune: stop.

Yang: no! Im serious. I’d totally be down to have him as my sugar daddy


Yang: come on. Its a compliment

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It all started when they were waiting for the man Alexander called for Weiss, Max, to arrive shortly. Nicholas was also explaining to Weiss exactly who he was. He was indeed an older faunus gentle man. He was also a lawyer that had been a friend of Alexander and the Arc family as a whole for over a decade. Nicholas then explained about how he was excellent at his job and mainly did cases for wronged families, faunus especially. Then Nicholas made a small comment about how he did a lot of work for faunus back when they used to support the White Fang

Weiss’ reaction to that was… explosive.

“YOU SUPPORT THE WHITE FANG!?!” Weiss was not proud of how loud she screeched that, but it was a fair indicator of how she felt after hearing Jaune’s father say that. “They’re terrorists! Murders! How could you condone those criminals!?”

Nicholas Arc was still recovering from her screech, so Jaune answered. “Well we don’t support them.”

“But your father just said that your family-!”

“Okay okay okay!” Nicholas was able to answer now, though he was still digging a finger into his ear a little to make sure it was okay, until Juniper slapped the arm he was using to get him to stop. Nicholas coughed, then continued. “Let me explain Weiss. I said we ‘used to’ support the White Fang. Back when they were just simple protesters and rights activists. What they became though… no, we don’t support what the fang became.” Nicholas sighed, remembering when he told Sienna that they wouldn’t be supporting what they were doing. Sienna had simply snarled at him, calling him a traitor and saying he ‘was just like every other human they were fighting against. Never willing to actually help faunus when needed.’ He knew she would be frustrated from losing the funds their family provided, but hearing her say that still aggravated him.

Juniper joined in next. “Hopefully with Ghira coming back as their leader again instead of Sienna, things might actually change for the better. I understand that violence is sometimes necessary, but they went too far. Bringing in innocents and people who never deserved it, all because they lumped them in with the I wonder how he’s doing. We haven’t heard from him since him and Kali’s wedding.”

Weiss calmed down a little bit, now that she understood a bit more. “Ah. I see. I apologize for yelling. I am actually teammates with Ghira and Kali Belladonna’s daughter, Blake. I know the White Fang didn’t always use to be like that, but my family was the focus of most of their anger and animosity. It was… difficult to grow up in my household with it. It made my father angry, made my siblings and I scared… and I don’t believe it exactly helped with my mother’s drinking.” 

Jaune gently reached over to her chair and took her hand in his while Juniper smiled weakly at her. “I can’t imagine it was. It’s reasonable to feel the way you do. Just don’t make the same mistake as them, lumping people together just because of a few similarities between them.”

Weiss nodded at Jaune’s mother, a small smile on her lips. She would take advice that to heart.

‘Ding dingding ding’

The chime of a doorbell got everyone’s attention, and Nicholas stood up. “Ah, maybe that’s dad back with Max. I’ll go check.” With that, he left to answer the door.

Not a minute later, he came back with Alexander and a tall man with slightly graying hair and short beard. He had a pair of floppy dog ears on his head too. He gestured to the man and said, “Weiss, this is Max.”

The older gentleman nodded his head in greeting. “Hello Ms. Schnee. It’s a pleasure. Alex has filled me in on what you told him. It will be a pleasure to take this case with you.”

Weiss looked slightly embarrassed. “Hello, it is nice to meet you. Please call me Weiss though. I don’t want you to think that I’m your boss in this. I just want my  father to stop tarnishing the Schnee name. Can you do that?”

Max raised his head back up, revealing an excited and determined glint in his eyes. “Oh, believe me Wiess, I will make sure to do my best to. Now, how about we get to work?”

Alexander hugged Max with one arm from the side and cut in. “Nope! Dinner first! Then tearing down a tyrant. Elizabeth is making her chicken sandwiches tonight, and they’re already in the oven!”

Max was caught off guard by his old friend’s declaration. “Oh… okay Alex… Diiiid she make extras?”

Alex let out a loud guffaw and lightly shook the man in his arms. “She always does. Let’s just chat, then eat before we get all serious.”

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Jaune: dad mom this is my girlfriend may and my other girlfriend fiona

Papa arc: oh

Mama arc: oh how lovley

Fiona: nice to meet you

May: sup

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Jaune usually sucked at playing guitar, every time he tried to woo Weiss, his skills are either were ignored or were criticized. He tries his best to become better, as he was searching for more songs, he remembered one song his father sang to him when he was a kid.

-Twelve years ago-

A young blond boy and his father were camping outside in the woods as it was just the two of them, the young boy looked at what appeared to be his father’s guitar. 

“Just got off the phone with your mother, Olive’s still isn’t talking with me.” His father explained, apparently for what the boy could remember his older sister and father were arguing about not letting her go to a school or something. 

“Why can’t Olive go?” 

“Because it’s too dangerous for her to go.”

“Did the man said something bad?” The boy asked as a older man came to their home earlier that week asking about Olive

“He…let’s not talk about him now Jaune.” His father told him as he grabbed his guitar “I’m guessing you wanted to listen some music?” The boy shook his head up and down with a smile 

“Alright, just sit down and listen.” He began to move his hand on a couple of the chords as he played out the tunes. 

-Song play: Let me go - Martin Purvis- 


As the boy listen, he wasn’t paying attention to what the song meant as he liked to listen his father played instead

-Present time-

“Oh shit…” Jaune now knew what his father meant with the lyrics as he looked down to the guitar ‘All this time…Olive…Grandpa….shit..I’m sorry dad.’ 

Ever since he remembered the song, Jaune stopped playing the guitar as he knew he might learn the pain his father had by being a huntsman

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Ruby: *claps anf laugh*

Weiss: *amused chuckles*

Blake: *rolls her eyes*

Yang: *tries to copy

Pyrrha: *just smiles*

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Going to open some QnAs from the Arc parents if anyone’s interested in my interpretation of Jaune’s family

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Like Father Like Son

Prologue Part 1: A Mother’s Love, Loss and Appearance (Summer)

So yeah this is inspired by a post by @naughtyweiss (This) but fair warning, if you’re expecting smut it won’t show this post or the next two at least. Instead, this might be a tear-jerker or annoying, so fair warning you’ve been warned.

He was 6 when his mother died, it was a Grimm attack.

He remembered crying, begging her to leave as fires consumed the village. Her sister where just as in tears as him. Well not the older ones like Saphron they were smarter than that. Regardless the Grimm were drawn by them. So Juniper did the only thing she could to save them…

She hid them away before running outside and drawing the soulless beast her way, away from her children. His father came several minutes later. Had he only been faster.

Jaune: Mommy!

He cried as they lowered the casket. His sister’s holding him back from trying to grab at it.

Jaune: Stop it! Don’t put mommy down there! MOMMY!!!

His sisters held him tight not a one without tears, not a one without guilt…

Jaune: No! Mommy has has to read me a story! She promised!

Julius stood silent, his fist shaking as his son cried, as his daughters held him.

Jaune: Mommy!

Saphron: Jaune stop!

Jaune: NO!!! Dad! Tell them to stop!

He pleaded, he begged but all his father could do was look at Juniper’s casket, seeing as it was lowered down. His eyes dulling at the sight.


The pain of a innocent heart overwhelmed him, the guilt of not being a brave knight like the promised his parent. He screamed, his emotions in turmoil, his heart in agony and his souls dreadfully distressed. He cried out for her name, wanting his mother to come to him. To hold him and tell him it would all be okay. But she wouldn’t and for the first real time he truly understood the extent of death.

The burden was too much, the honest desire to have his mother back too strong and his souls single desire to help him mom, to save one who could not be saved. With a final shout that broke his voice it all came to a head as light burst from his small form.

Saphron and the sisters were stunned, blinded by the sudden radiance, his father looking to his son as he fell to his knees, tears falling unto the grass beneath. The blades of grass he rested upon seeming healthier as small specs of his light sunk into them…

Jaune Arc’s aura woke the day of his mother’s funeral…

-Several Years Later-

Father had changed after his mother died, he loved them, of course. They were all he had, but he still had a job, a demanding on but nobody to share his burden with… So his father begun bringing women home. Some where nice, others not so much but they didn’t last long. But none he saw more then a few times.  He didn’t like it, but at least he never took them to his room, to mom’s room. And so life went on. Saphron had moved out alongside several others of his sisters.  His once close family slowly spreading, separating until finally the twins and youngest wen to live with Saphron and her wife Terra in Argus.

But not him, never him, the reason was all to simple.

Jaune: I want to be a Huntsman.

His father’s answer was all too fast and no less predictable.

Julius: No.

Jaune: Why!

His father shook his head turning, not having this talk again but he was stubborn, always had been since his mother death.

Jaune: I’ve been training in the woods!

Julius paused turning, eyes on his son wide and shocked as he continued showing his aura, he wasn’t good with it, barely able to make it manifest. But it was all that was needed, to show he could. His father’s response had been quick and severe, his training sword broken, the doors locked and his curfew reduced.

The nine-year-old cried out, throwing a fit, screaming in anger but his father ignored him… He always ignored him when he needed to be heard most. And so he cried in his room, staring at the window and acting. Running, from his home, from his father who refused to believe in him, from his mother’s room, from the memories that house held.

Until he heard something, the rustle of a bush and no sooner did a Grimm leap out, fangs sharp, eyes filled with hateful fire. He didn’t have time to think when it leaped, only raising his arms in a guard as it swung down hitting him launching the boy away. He groaned hitting the floor opening eyes in time to see it pounce him.

He rose his aura again and it landed unto him, claws sparking against auric light as it shielded him, Mouth opening as it went for a bite only to receive nothing but its teeth grinding against his barrier.

He teared up at the sight helpless to do anything with his frail little form but to shield himself as the Beowulf lunged for him again and again. Intent clear on tearing open his little throat and feasting on his entrails.

His aura might’ve been vast but his control was anything but, even this simple act expended far too much given his lack of focus merely pushing as much aura as he could in his barrier.

The light begun to crack and give, the Grimm seeming to grow more frantic with his ever-rising terror, he wanted to scream. To call for his dad but…

Before his thought could finish his soul’s light gave in, the beast fell upon him only for him to roll out of the way. The child rose into a sprint scared out of his wit he darted in a random direction. Running using all the power his tiny legs could muster to take another step, ignoring the burning in his lungs as he did.

Finally he broke into a clearing relief flooding him until he found that no village was in sight, only expanding fields. Terror struck him until he spotted it, a single figure in the moon’s pale glow. A white hood, the figure thin and shorter like a woman than his father.

The Beowulf roared and the figure turned, it was a lady, with silver eyes, he ran to her panic.

Jaune: You need to run!

He turned to see it closing in before looking to the lady, she was pretty, like his mom… Who died. To something like the monster chasing him. So he turned his little legs shaking, snot running down his nose as he teared up.

Jaune: You need to run miss! Or it’ll catch you! I’ll, I’ll distract it!

He didn’t look back, sure she was running scared, to her children like his mommy would’ve if she could’ve… That’s why it was alright, he scared but… But he finally saved someone’s mom, even if it wasn’t his.

He wondered if his mom would be happy to see him, regardless the Grimm broke into the clearing seeing him, charging with its maw opened and drooling,  tearing up grass as it rushed him. He shook and trembled but focused his aura, what little remained, another bite maybe, that was all he could endure before it’d break though. But it’d be enough. All he’d need to give her time to escape.

And so it pounced eager, and before his eyes a figure appeared seeming to blink into reality several rose petals as white as snow with her as she did. A whistle of wind filling the air as a pure white blade stabbed forward running through the Grimm’s chest. Her gripe shifted on the double handle and parted the thick sword into two tearing the beast in half.

He watched as it faded to ash, vaporizing into nothing, the woman turned then towards him arms wrapping around his tiny form and holding him tight into her chest. He didn’t know why he cried, only that he did. Feeling a warmth from her embrace so much like his mother’s.  

He fell asleep at some point, only knowing because when he woke it was to his father’s shouts. Eyes opened to find him upon her shoulders as she varied him piggyback. Him standing before his door his father red-faced and teary-eyed at the sight of him.

Reaching for him only for the lady to step back, a fight begun, the man making claims and threats and her response one he’d never forget.


A crisp sound vibrated through the air as she glared daggers at his father. Shouting about how he couldn’t notice he’d run away? How he was still in his house while his son had been chased by Grimm. A lady came out then, Sandy he thinks was her name… His savour’s answer was another slap to his dad.

After all he’d been too enthused with last nights activities to notice his absence… And too drained to realize he was gone till a few minutes before Summer had answered waking him. He received a punch for that from the lady.

-Several Hours Later-

It was official, grown-ups were weird… After all last he checked people who hit and called you bad words were bad and mom taught him to stay away from those dumb old bullies. Yet here dad was doing the opposite as him and the awesome sword lady talked. Him thanking her, his head lowered and true shame in his figure. He’d never looked more uncool than that moment. And yet the lady smiled to him hugging him real close.

They shared something in that moment, a similar pain, a loss of a loved one, she’d apparently lost her husband a few years ago. Him having taken a mission she was supposed to… He never came back. His father hand her hand and they talked. And for the first time Jaune liked one of the ladies who came into their house. But let it be said he’s the one who brought her here not his dumb dad.

Turned out her name was Summer, his mom’s favorite season… He liked her name, it was pretty. Summer apparently had two daughters. He giggled, when she said they were a handful. His mommy definitely had her beat in that department. But she was a super awesome huntress so he’d call them even.

Summer spent the night that day, she slept on the couch or should’ve. Instead she stepped into him room that night and talked to him. She read him a story and petted his head. He didn’t know when he started laying on her lap but he had. And eventually he feel asleep. He had a dream with mommy in it. She smiled to him and hugged him tight before she chopped his head and scalded him.

Juniper: My little knight, I have to go now… But know I always love you… all of you. And please don’t be so hard on your dad, he can be pretty stubborn sometimes but he loves you.

He clung to her shaking his head, he didn’t want her to go… But she smiled kissing his head.

Juniper: I can’t stay, I want to Oum knows I do, but I can’t, but don’t worry, I we’ll see each other again. And when we do you’ll be a fine man, whose lived a good life… And I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Jaune: I don’t want you to leave! I’ll miss you…

She smiled sadly.

Juniper: I know, but you need to be strong, for your dad.

Jaune: Can’t I come with you?

Juniper: No, not for a long log time…

She cupped his cheek then looking into his eyes.

Juniper: I love you, more then all the stars in the sky and lien in the world, you eight are my pride and joy… So please, make your mom proud and live a long life, a good life. And go easy on daddy okay.

Jaune: ‘sniff’ Okay… I-I promise mom…

She leaned in, kissing his head on last time and slowly his eyes opened, his head in summer’s lap, her fingers running through his golden locks. She smiled down on him. And for a moment just a moment he confused them.


They stayed like that for a long time, until he fell back to sleep. Summer stayed a few more days. She needed to beat up some mean Grimm in the next village over, dad went with her. They came back to days later Saphron in a huff at first at being called over to watch him so suddenly but calming when she met Summer.

He didn’t get what’d happened but something was weird when they came back, dad was smiling more. And not in the icky way he did at the ladies who came over but the same way he did with Mommy. Maybe he should’ve been angry but mommy said to be nice right…

Maybe she knew something he didn’t she always did.

And so he smiled and ran up hugging them both not knowing what the small action had meant to them. Summer spent that night there too but for the first time she didn’t sleep on the couch… Or at least not alone. After all nobody would ever take mommies room.

She left the next day, her touch lingering on his father a tad more, the two seeming weirdly happy. She winked showing her Scroll exchanging numbers with him. The two leaving with her promising to visit again.

-Half a Year Later-

Jaune held unto his father’s hand as they stepped up to the house before them. Patch was weird, or more precisely island were weird. But it was also cool, and he was super excited, after all he was having his first sleep over. And with Ruby and Yang too!

He loved his two best friends, and yes he had to best friends cause picking favorites was wrong and both were awesome! Summer stepped out the house then waving making him smile and wave back to his hero.

His dad though was a bit quicker walking up to her and capturing her in a hug. He would’ve complained having wanted to get a hug to but as a swirl of red and yellow rushed him those thoughts were cut short. Petals broke apart to reveal Rub y and Yang on top him, both sister’s smiling widely his way.

Ruby: Hi! 🤗

Yang: Sup! 👋😁

Jaune: Heavy! >///<

Summer giggled towards the three of them his dad’s hand slowly wrapping around her waist as he pulled her in slightly. She rose a brow at him but allowed it all the same before speaking up.

Summer: Ruby, Yang, don’t be too rough with your brothe- I mean Jaune -///-

Ruby & Yang: Kay 😄

With little problem they pulled him to his feet, smiles wide as Ruby bounced excitedly.

Ruby: What do you wanna do first!? We can play Hide & Seek, or Tag or The Hunter, Damsel and Grimm! Oh oh or we can-

Yang: Whoa, whoa sis, calm down. Give Vomit boy a break.

Jaune groaned.

Jaune: Yang! Your mean!

Yang: and you threw up on the dress mom bought me, so we’re even.

He sighed, why couldn’t he ever be write… Stupid girls and they’re tricky words and logic…

Ruby: Stop Ignoring Me! 😭

Glomping unto him Ruby whined making Jaune apologize and obey the smallest member of their trios will. Of course they played Hunters, Damsels and Grimm… ‘sigh’ Guess which he was…

Jaune: Oh help me… I’m sooo, in distress…. 😒

Yang: Um… Growl… 🤨

Jaune: ‘Sigh’ Yang you’re not suppose to say growl, your supposed to growl.

The little blonde firecracker shrugged.

Yang: Same difference.

It really wasn’t but the third of the trio didn’t seem to care much for details.

Ruby: Have no fear Prince Jaune! Your hero ‘The Huntress’ has arrived! 😆

Waving a stick she found in the shape of a scythe she jumped into action hitting Yang over the head snapping it. Had they not had aura a hospital would’ve been involved but thankfully they all did.

Yang: Ow! Son of a-! I mean… ‘Cough’ Oh no, I am the dead… Ugh.

Falling down Yang played her role admirably while Ruby did the same rushing up to him. Cutting apart the unbreakable chains of tap bounding his arms.

Ruby: There you are free! Now then off we go! Ugh! UGH!!!

Jaune: Um Ruby… -///-

Ruby: Quiet Prince Jaune! I’m rescuing you!

Jaune: But I don’t think you can lift me Ruby…

Ruby: Ruby can’t but the Huntress can! Now shut it and make yourself lighter! UGH!!!

Jaune: Like how?

Ruby: I don’t know take of your shoes or something! UGHHH!!!

Yang: Oh sister, so bold, asking Vomitboy to strip ‘Snicker’

Ruby: shut up Yang! Stop being icky! UGGHHH!!!! Jaune what did I say turn lighter! 😫

Jaune: I have a idea.

Ruby: You do 😃

Jaune: Yep 😁

No sooner did he act scooping the lil Rose in his arm and carrying her like a princess.

Ruby: Wait! What are you doing? O///O

Jaune: Carrying you.

Ruby: What? But that’s the Heroes job!

Jaune: Nah-uh, nights carry princesses, the story book says so, heroes beat up the bad guys and kiss ladies upside down and junk.

Ruby: B-but I’m not a princess! >///<

Yang: I think your Vomit Boy’s princess

Ruby: YANG SHUT UP!!! >///<

Summer: Kids, where are you.

Yang: We’re over here mom!

Stepping they’re way Summer smiled to the three blinking when she saw her blushing girl in Jaune’s arms.

Summer: Oh, and what’s happening here!

Jaune didn’t know why, but he didn’t like the sparkle in Summer’s eyes.

Yang: Well, we were playing Hunters, Damsels and Grimm.

Summer: Oh, so you were the Grimm and does that make my little flower the Princess.


Yang: An adorable warrior 😋

Ruby: MOM, Yang’s Picking On Me! >///<

Summer giggled before she spoke up again.

Summer: anyways you three come inside, dinners ready. Jaune be a good boy and carry your Princess 😉

Jaune: Oh, okay.

Ruby: MOM! >///<


-Later That Day-

The five sat at the kitchen table, Yang going on and on about School while Ruby gave similar tales of her daycare exploits. Jaune more reserved listened not wanting to talk about being bullied back home.

Summer: Ruby, Yang.

Julius: Jaune.

Both turned then to their parents finding them look weird, a little uncomfortable.

Summer: I… Have something to tell you two.

Julius: Me to… Jaune, do you… Like it here?

He blinked at the question before thinking about it.

Jaune: Yeah, I mean Yang and Ruby are here so its way funner and there are no bullies to pick on me.

He nodded before Summer spoke up.

Summer: My little Dragon, Rosebud, what about you, do you like having Jaune here?

Ruby: Yeah, it’s the best!

Yang: Well Yeah, I mean… Vomit Boys not bad to have around… -///-

Summer and Julius looked to one another before nodding.

Summer: Well… Sweeties I have some news for you.

Julius: You too Jaune… We’ve been talking and… ‘Sigh’

Julius looked to the pair of sisters then.

Julius: Yang, Ruby. I, I love your mother.

Summer: And Jaune sweetie, I love you dad.

All three kids stared at the pair who struggled to put they’re feeling into words, readying for the incoming denials, the pleads for them to not steal each other’s parents… Instead.

Jaune: Oh… Neat you finally said it.

Yang: ‘Phew’ So we’re not in trouble.

Summer: Wait, your… okay with this?\

Julius: You too Jaune?

Jaune: I mean… Miss summer is super nice and, and Mommy would want you to be happy dad…

Yang: Yeah… I mean, Dad remarried when he found you, so why shouldn’t you be able to do the same.

Both parents just stared before Summer looked to her youngest Ruby looking to her a tinge of fear in her eyes.

Summer: Rosebud, what’s wrong?

She looked down and sniffed.

Ruby: Does, does this mean you’ll forget about daddy…

Summer: What n-

Before she could speak Julius rose walking over to the little Rose and kneeling down before her. His eyes clear upon hers as he spoke.

Julius: Ruby: I love my wife, even now, I’ll never forget her. After all she gave me my daughters and son, even if I marry your mom. I will never stop loving her.

Ruby: Really?

He nodded.

Julius: And for your mother it’s the same, no matter what she’ll always love your dad, nobody will ever replace him. But that doesn’t mean she can’t find someone’s else who she can love just as much one day. And that’s who I want to be.

Ruby stared before looking to her mother.

Ruby: You promise?

Summer nodded.

Summer: I’ll love your dad till the day I die.

Julius: And I my Juniper.

Summer: But…

Her hand reached out taking his.

Summer: That doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to love again.  So sweetie, would t be okay if Jaune and his dad lived her.

Ruby looked down thinking before she looked back to them.

Ruby: You have to promise to tell Daddy. And to let him know to. ‘Sniff’ Daddy loved mommy more than the whole world so, so I know he’d be happy…

Summer nodded.

Summer: Of course, Julius has visited your Daddy plenty of times, just like I’ve visited Jaune’s mom.

He nodded, remembering those days, where’d they’d gone to Argus where she’d been born and visited her grave. Summer has been left alone there, he wondered what she said. Its something he liked to do with her, she’d hug him if he ever got too sad.

Ruby: Then…

She looked to Julius her little silver eyes on the older man.

Ruby: You better make mommy happy or Daddy will kick you butt when you go to heaven.

Julius nodded.

Julius: My Juniper would slap me to the bad place before your dad could even reach me.

Yang nodded looking to the man.

Yang: Well… Pops, you better not hurt mom -///-

Julius stared at Yang who blushed at his gaze embarrassed and leaning into Jaune’

Yang: Hey, you too Vomit Boy.

He nodded before looking to Summer and opening his mom.

Jaune: Daddies kinda dumb, and dense, and stubborn-

Julius: that I am.

Jaune: And he stinky, and sometimes forgets to flush the toilet.

Julius: Hey…

Jaune: And he doesn’t know how to cook to save his life and he’s really really pervy! >///<

Julius: Jaune that’s enough!

Summer: Oh I know 😊

I’m banking on it 😈

Why is my son putting me on blast!

Jaune: Like super dirty! He likes to hold hands and everything!

 Ruby & Yang: ‘Gasp!’ 😱

Summer: Oh… that’s what you meant 😔

Dammit, I though he was a natural sub… Oh well, I can ease him into the collar… Pegging on the other hand…

Jaune: But… He’s loyal and strong and he’ll always try to make you happy, so… Please ignore his many many faults.

Oh, come on!

A soft giggle escaped Summer then.

Summer: I’ll try.

Jaune: And if he does mess up I’ll kick him square in the nuts just like mommy told me!

Julius: Wait what!?

Summer: I’ll hold you to that sweetie.

Jaune: Okay… Mom.

Summer paused as she looked to Jaune who looked down fiddling with his hands nervously. It was all to natural when she pulled him into a hug, her face in a pure smile of delight as she did.

Summer: Thankyou… Son.

I promise, just like I have every time I visited you Mrs. Juniper, I’ll give him all the love you can’t anymore…


The fives lives changed that day and a year later Julius and Summer would marry…

In a place where time mattered little two watched below, both upon the same spot but to different people. A mother who’d made the ultimate sacrifice for her children and a father who’d taken the place of his wife and didn’t feel a shred of regret for the act that let her remain by his daughter’s side.

They watched and would continue to watch them grow and one day far from now they’d meet again, and when they did they’d embrace they’re first Soul Mates while introducing them to the ones they found on the other side. They’re hands held and smiles wide as they talked of their darling children and lovely husband and wife…

Okay so this obviously isn’t smut nor will it be for two more chapters, I wanted to explain the way this family was made. How Jaune got seven new sisters and four new moms. And well Hopefully before I get any of you lovable perverts off maybe just maybe I can get a feel or two out of you.

So next should cover two families joining both whose daughters are rather significant to Jaune in Canon, one he chased and the other who chased him. I think you might like this one @bssaz97 The next part shouldn’t be as sad as this one though. So here are the mothers and sisters he’ll have


1. Summer Rose

2. Athena Nikos

3. Willow Schnee

4. Kali Belladonna


1. Ruby Rose

2. Yang Xiao-Long

3. Pyrrha Nikos

4. Weiss Schnee

5. Bleiss Schnee

6. Winter Schnee

7. Blake Belladonna


1. Whitley

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“Woooow that’s a lot of questions. Hmmmm okay where to start…” Jaune scratched under his chin as he thought of the best way to address all of these questions. “Okay I guess I’ll start with my family. I think it’s safe say that I have a pretty good relationship with my family.” Jaune smiled as he started to think about his childhood home and all the family members he had there. “I used to be kind of angry my dad wouldn’t train me as a huntsman, so I’d started to train myself after I got fed up with him turning me down every time. He caught me one night sneaking out to train and forbid me from continuing. Aaaaaaand I ignored him and continued to train.” Jaune blushed a little and rubbed his neck at admitting that. 

His face brightened up with a smile next though. “I don’t know why, but then suddenly one day HE actually offered to start training me! I almost jumped through our roof I was so happy. I still don’t know what changed his mind, but we trained together everyday after that. He didn’t pull any punches I think. When we were training, he was my teacher first and my Dad second.” Jaune wished he still had the bruises to show for it.

“Then a few years later, Joan wanted to start joining us, saying she wanted to be a huntress too. Dad rejected her at first too, then caved when I started teaching her a little bit myself. I basically just showed her things Dad had shown me when I started. After that, the three of us would train together. I still remember we’d make almost everything a competition to help drive us forward more.”

“It was pretty obvious Dad didn’t want Joan and me to be Hunters. My mom and other sisters also weren’t too happy about it, but they did support us, and I can’t thank them enough for that.”

Jaune’s nostalgic trip  ended when he started to address another question. “And no I didn’t cheat my way into Beacon! What kind of idiot would do that?! I mean, I didn’t go to combat school, but not everyone has too. I had my Dad fill out the entrance forms with me and I was listed as his apprentice. He did the same thing for Joan.”

Jaune huffed and crossed his arms, still baffled by the last question, but moved on. “And finally my first year at Beacon? It was….pretty amazing! I loved my team, even though I was nervous about being its leader. All three of my teammates were so incredible. I really hope I don’t sound arrogant or anything for saying this, but I think we were the best first year team that year. I mean, we almost won the 39th Vytal Festival in Mistral that year!” Jaune laughed happily when he remembered the immensely warm welcome they got. Even Professor Goodwitch had complimented their efforts!

Jaune calmed himself down enough to finish speaking, though was still chuckling. “I hope that answers all your questions.”

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how i imagine jaune’s dad

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jaune’s dad’s dick is so good mama arc had 8 kids with him. think about that.

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An Arc Father’s Day

-Ansel; Arc Residence-

*Ring-Ring! …Ring-Ring! …Ring-Ring! …Ring-Ring!*

Voicemail: “I’m sorry but the person you’re trying to ring cannot answer your call right now. Please leave your message for–.”

Arc Family: “The Arcs!”

Voicemail: “-after the tone.”


Jaune: “Hey Mom, girls, it’s me. I know I have called in…well awhile. Probably worried about me or maybe not but I wanted to call in and to tell Dad, well, Happy Father’s Day!…..


Look I know you all probably don’t wanna hear from me right now…and I know the last time we all were together…things could’ve gone a little better but I just want to call in and tell Dad that….Oh gosh. I know we kinda got off on bad terms when I left and things were pretty heated last time we spoke. I didn’t call to apologize about those things I just…wanted to let him know that I still think about him. That I still love him. And that despite everything…he’s a hell of a good dad….Ok I should probably end the call before you the message stops on me. Again, Happy Father’s Day….ok bye.”


Voicemail: “This call has ended, would you like to call back?”

Mr. Arc reaches towards the home scroll connector and almost pressed the callback button but hesitated when he’s barely touching the screen. He releases a heavy sigh and sits back onto the couch.

Mrs. Arc: “You’ll need to face him at some point.” *leaning on a wall*

Mr. Arc: “I know. What if…he doesn’t want to hear what I want to say? He didn’t seem too keen on what I said last time we spoke.”

Mrs. Arc: “Nick. He is your son. And he’s calling to you on Father’s Day! What better time is there for a son and his father to talk than today?”

Nicholas: “Come on June. You know I’ve never been good with words.”

Juniper: *sits down on the couch with her husband* “While that may be, you still should at least try to talk with him. Even if it’s just a few words. Come on please Nicky? It will make both of you feel better.”

Nicholas: “….ok.” *presses the callback button*

*Bruuu! ….Bruuu! ….Bruuu!*

Jaune: “Hello?”

Nicholas: “Hey son…I just wanted to say….thanks for calling today.”

Jaune: “…yeah sure Dad. You’re welcome.”

Juniper: *gives a ‘go on’ gesture*

Nicholas: “…..Hope you do good in Beacon son. Alright.”

Juniper: *facepalms*

Jaune: “Yeah. I’ll do that.”

Nicholas: “Son!”

Jaune: “Yes dad?”

Nicholas: “…..just wanted to tell you that….I love you too son.”

Jaune: “….Thanks Dad. Love you too.”

Nicholas: “Ok bye.”

Jaune: “Bye.”


Nicholas: *sighs*

Juniper: “Now was that hard?” *nuzzles into his arm*

Nicholas: “Still not good with words.”

Juniper: “But I bet that meant the world to him.”

-Vale; Beacon Academy-

Ruby: “Hey Jaune! How’s it-…hey are you ok?”

Jaune: *red eyed* “Huh? Oh! It’s nothing just talking with my old man.”

Ruby: “Oh that’s cool! Telling him Happy Father’s Day?”

Jaune: “Yeah. I think it went well.”

Ruby: “Great! You send him a gift too?”

Jaune: “…..shit.”


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I wouldn’t put that out of the realm of possibility! Papa Arc originally working for Salem would definitely put a dark twist on the Arc bloodline.

As for him killing Summer? I haven’t even considered the possibility, holy fuck…I wouldn’t be ready for this twist despite thinking of it just now!

And Salem actually being Jaune’s mother…that’d be a little funky considering that she’s like EONS old and she would have a fling with some rando.

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(I decided to focus on keeping this more as an origin post. I can answer the “meeting in Argus” part in another ask though.)

(Angst and dark themes ahead. You have been warned)

Nicholas looked down at the bundled up blanket in his arms as he stood in a somewhat crowded hospital room. His wonderful wife was resting after she finally finished giving birth their eighth child, who was also their first son! 

When Nicholas and Juniper found they were expecting a boy, they nearly fainted from both joy and relief. Raising eight girls would have been an even bigger nightmare.

But after a long night, as the clock just ticked past 11:00 P.M., Juniper had finally given birth to their newest child Jaune.

Sadly, it wasn’t a picture perfect moment. Their poor boy….he had been born without his left arm. In the place where the limp was supposed to be was only a fleshy lump.

But that didn’t mean a damn thing to Nicholas, Juniper, any of his daughters, or Jaune’s grandparents. He was their family, no matter what he looked like, be it deformity or disability, they loved him and they would always love him. They all looked on with love as Nicholas held his child.

He looked down at the small face of the newborn in his arms. His first son…he finally had a son. He loved his daughters and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but he’d always dreamed of having a boy of his own. He knew Juniper did as well. When they got the news that this time their child was gonna be a boy, they felt over the moon!

Now, it was bittersweet. Their son had a hard life ahead of him with only one arm…. but maybe when he was older they could get him a prosthetic. Sure they were really expensive, but he could just take a few extra mission every now and then to save up for it! Though, Juniper might not like it. She was suppose to be retired, and she had been begging him since their first child to only take small, easy missions close to their home town if they needed any help to cover any unforeseen expenses. They had investments around their hometown for regular income.

A hand being placed on his shoulder drew Nicholas out of his overthinking mentality. Nicholas looked away from his son to trace the arm back to his older brother, David. They had the same build, both being broad shouldered and well muscled upper body overall. Though where Nicholas had a short, rough beard that was well trimmed, David had no facial hair whatsoever. His hair was also buzzed to contrast Nicholas’s shoulder length golden locks.

David spoke before Nicholas could ask anything. “Can I hold him?”

Nicholas smiled warmly as he nodded lightly. “Sure thing brother. Hold out your arms.”

David did just that and Nicholas carefully transferred Jaune’s sleeping form over into his brother’s arms. David looked like he was holding a glass bomb that was ready to blow at any second, but Nicholas only found that funny because that’s how he always looked whenever he held any of their children as babies. Somethings just never change. 

David didn’t have much time to look uncomfortable with Jaune though before the Arc family was interrupted by a nurse opening the door and stepping inside. “Excuse me, but we need to have your newborn moved to the maternity ward to be monitored for the night. I can take him there if you’d wish.”

“No need.” David was the one who answered. “I’ll take him there.”

Nicholas tried to intervene, thinking it was his duty to take his son. “Dav, you don’t-” 

“Stay with your wife Nick. She’s had a long night and needs her rest, and you need a break. I’ll get him where he needs to go.”

Nicholas looked his brother in the eyes before looking back at his disheveled wife in her hospital bed. She had two of their daughters laying down with her as they slumbered, but her full attention was on Nicholas and David. She gave her husband a slight, reassuring nod to show her agreement. Nicholas looked back to his brother and passed on the nod. “Okay.”

David turned around and offered a somewhat distracted, “I’ll be back.” and moved towards the nurse.

“Okay then, follow me sir.” Together, the two of them left the room, the door quietly clicking shut behind them.

Little did they know the nightmare that was about to happen.

After about 30 minutes of either silence or quiet small talk, the door opened again. The nurse from before came in. After she did a quick survey of the room, she started to become frantic. “T-that man. The one that followed me out of the room. Have you seen him?” 

Nicholas brow furrowed in confusion. “My brother David? Not since he left with you. Why?”

“O-oh dear.” Without another word, the nurse hurriedly walked out of the room once again.

Silence permeated the room. No one spoke a word as they all tried to understand what just happened. Before anyone came to a conclusion, the nurse returned through the open door, this time being accompanied by a handful of doctors and security staff. 

A man stepped forward. He was wearing a uniform and a utility belt so Nicholas knew this was a security guard. His graying hair showed that he was much older than the other guards. In a very serious voice, he asked, “Everyone, are you all absolutely certain that none of you have not seen the man that left with your child?”

Juniper’s tired voice spoke up from her bed. “Wha-? What’s going on?”

“The man that left with your newborn. Have you certainly not seen him since he left this room?”

“Are you talking about David?”

The nurse from before spoke up, “Yes, your brother, the one you gave your son to to follow me to the maternity ward.”

“N-no… we haven’t seen him since he left with you.”

The nurse rounded to face an older looking doctor. “Just like I said!”

“Michelle, calm down.”

Nicholas’s father, Alexander Arc, seemed have had enough being in the dark. “Will anyone please explain what the dust is going on?!” 

The guard was silent for a minute. Then he spoke in a flat tone, “We believe that your brother possibly le-”

Before the man could finish, another person walked into the room. It was David. He walked through the open door of the hospital room and paid no mind to all the sets of eyes that turned to look at him as he sat down in one of the cushioned chairs. Things weren’t silent for long as the same guard that had been speaking started giving out orders. “Michelle, go check the maternity ward again, Rick, go with her, radio me what you find.” The nurse and a security guard ran out of the room. “Vicky, go check the security cameras. If you see him leaving on any of them, radio in where.” A female security guard nodded and took off herself. The older man, now only accompanied by one other security guard, turned towards David. “Alright sir, where is he?”

David didn’t say a word. He just kept looking down at the floor. 

So instead, Nicholas spoke up. “Okay, for the last time. What is going on!?”

The security guard glared at David before turning to look at Nicholas. “Michelle, the nurse from before, told us that when these two reached the maternity ward, she’d just finished putting the ankle tag on your boy when she turned around for moment. She claims that when she turned, he was gone and the baby was nowhere to be found.”

“So what? Your saving my brother abducted my son?” That’s stupid, he’s right here. Tell him Dav.”

David once again said nothing. 

The radio on the guard’s shoulder ‘chhrk’d to life and a voice called through it. “Sir. The child in nowhere in the maternity ward.”

The guard leaned in towards his radio and pressed a button. “Roger.” The guard sent a David once again. “Tell us where the kid is. Now.”

Nicholas had enough of this. He stepped between his brother and the guard, holding up his hands towards both of them. “Okay, look. I’m sure this is all just a mistake. My brother wouldn’t do a thing to hurt my children. Tell him Dav.” Nicholas got no response. That prompted him to turn his head to face his silent brother. “David?”

David looked up finally, meeting his younger brother’s gaze. Then his lips parted and he finally spoke up. 

What he said horrified everyone in the room. “I did what I had to.”

Screams of surprise came from the people in the hospital hallway and lobby area as a wall exploded in a shower dust and drywall. Two bodies came sailing through the cloud of dust, one was tackling the other to the ground. Several dull ‘thuds’ were heard from the settling cloud. As the dust thinned, they saw exactly what was happening.

Nicholas was kneeling on top of David, his fists were raining down into his older brother’s face. Blood sprayed as his nose shattered. Aura be damned, Nicholas’s punched harder than a Ursa Major. 

David tried to fight back, throwing is own punch up at Nicholas. Nicholas caught the punch by David’s wrist. Without a second though, Nicholas hammered his free hand as a fist into his elbow, bending it inward and breaking it with an unforgivable ‘CRACK’.

David screamed in pain as his arm fell limply to his side. Nicholas slammed his hand down on the shattered elbow, getting another scream from his ‘brother’. With a look of absolute rage, he roared in the bleeding man’s bloodied face. “WHERE IS MY SON YOU BASTARD!?! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HIM!?!”

Through what was probably a broken jaw, a concussion, and pool of blood forming in his mouth, David sputtered out, “B-ba-ac…g-ga-targ.”


David had to swallow the blood pooling in mouth to speak again. “G-g-ta-age.”

Garage. Nicholas didn’t waste anytime jumping to his feet, accidentally knocking down the few people that had been trying to pull him off the man. Nicholas bolted off down the hallway.

As Nicholas’s thunderous footsteps grew quieter and quieter. Another sound was heard by the crowd that had gathered to see what all the commotion was. 

Juniper Arc sobbed openly into her hands. Her mother-in-law quickly stepped over and hugged the distraught mother into her shoulder. She wailed on as everyone watched.

Everyone except Alexander Arc. The old man walked forward towards his one….son. The man was now sitting up, but being detained by the security guards that had been in their room. The blood was no longer in his mouth and was instead running down his chin onto his shirt. “What have you done David…”

David looked up at his father. The cold stare that was staring him down was something he’d feared since he was a child. With his Aura finally kicking in to repair the damage Nicholas had done, he was able to speak a bit more clearly. “W-what needed to be done. That disfigured thing would only have been a disgrace to the Arc family.”

Alexander’s glare didn’t change. “No….the only disgrace to the family here is you. And you better pray Nicholas finds his son.”

The door into the hospital’s parking garage blew open as Nicholas slammed through it. “JAAAAAUNE!” He new his son couldn’t answer him, but he hoped for something. A cry, a gurgle, a cough, a sneeze. Anything that could help him find his son. 

Nicholas sprinted through the entire garage, looking around every corner and under everything. He kept calling out his name and asked everyone he saw, but no one had seen a child missing his left arm. Nicholas reached the last floor of the garage, and he hoped and prayed his boy would be here.

But he wasn’t. His son wasn’t here.

Nicholas fell to one knee on the concrete. Tears had started flowing sometime during his search, and they only flowed harder now. His son was gone. Somewhere out in this cold world all by himself.

Nicholas let out one last “JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUNE!!” before his voice cracked and he broke down, weeping into his hands. 

Jaune Arc, his son who he’d only had the chance to hold for a few measly minutes, was gone…

(This is probably the darkest thing I’ve ever written, but it was a nice change of pace.)

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“We meet at Beacon during our first semester, when I saw both the Winchester and Xiao Long twats were bullying Julius, I decided to train him to beat the shit out of those two. A couple of years later and one bottle of whiskey we got married and bought some land where he was raised.” Juniper said as she looks at a old photo of Julius punching Tai in the face so hard teeth were coming out

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“Face me, father. It is time to end this.”

(I’m probably going to go back and redo the entire thing later on.)

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Fatherly Advice

Papa Arc: “My boy, never be the class clown.”

Jaune: “Yes Sir.”

Papa Arc: “Instead, be the class comedian.”

Jaune: “What’s the difference?”

Papa Arc: “The clown is the guy who runs stark naked out on the Amity Arena. The class comedian is the one who convinced him that would be a good idea.”

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Little boy Jaune: “I don’t believe in magic.”

Papa Arc, smiling: “You will when you see her.”

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Arc siblings when they were babies

One of the twins: (in baby language) have you said dada yet?

Jaune: (in baby language) nah, that’s so stupid

The other twin: (in baby language) say it! They’ll go nuts!!

Jaune: (crawls up to papa arc and mama arc)

Papa arc: hmm?

Jaune: dada!

Papa and mama arc: (le gasp) (exclaims in excitement)

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