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#paprika gang
Terrine: Cera! Cera! *hugs her foster big sister*
Lewis: awwwww
Paprika hug Lewis
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moonsickgang · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Paprika! Fold XIV: Form and Discipline, Newspaper for Yale School of Architecture
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sukunasbabymama · 4 months ago
⌗ Summary: Their s/o is a homebody.
⌗ Pairing: Nahoya Kawata “Smiley”, Chifuyu Matsuno, Yasuhiro Muto “Mucho”, Inui Seishu “Inupi”, Ken Ryuguji “Draken”.
⌗ Warnings: None.
⌗ A/N: The fact that I haven’t see my best friend in the whole pandemic bc I don’t go out of my house.🧍🏾‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nahoya Kawata Smiley.
He loves it.
If you’re not at school, you are home. All the time.
He’s the one taking you to do the groceries shopping and would call it a date.
“We need paprika, and—,”
“This date is so good,” He says putting his arm around your shoulders, you look at him confused.
“Baby, we are just buying the ingredients for tonight’s dinner,” His smile gets bigger.
“So a date, right?” You chuckle.
Would go to your house every time he’s free. He’s a happy boy just laying on your bed resting while you are watching movies.
Cooks for you when he’s at your house and if your mom happens to be there too he will make bigger portions for everybody. She loves him.
Is still a menace so please don’t try to take a nap with him. You would wake up to your dog dressed up in your clothes or something.
Chifuyu Matsuno.
I think it would become his comfort zone.
He doesn’t mind at all.
If he’s starting a new manga he will go to your house.
Does this so much that your mom just lets him inside, he then goes and slides under your blankets and starts reading.
You get out of the bathroom and you’re like 🧍🏾‍♀️
“Fuyu’, what the fuck?”
“Hi baby, I just bought this new manga, come get in position so I can read it,” You look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Please and thank you.”
That's how you ended up with him resting his head between your legs reading his manga while you are using your phone or watching TV.
Would fight you if you don’t massage his hair.
Massage. His. Damn. Hair.
Yasuhiro Muto Mucho.
The best thing for him.
Because of the nature of his unit he has a lot of free time. He doesn’t have to attack large groups like the first or third unit. As long as there’s no infighting or some suspicious members he’s free.
Which means, you see him more than you see some of your friends.
It’s the fact that he’s so okay with spending HOURS in a comfortable silence in your room.
He would wait for you outside of school and take you directly home, he even has some comfy clothes on your closet.
It’s so common that when there’s a meeting or something gang-related, Sanzu just goes to your house to find him.
He doesn’t do anything with you though.
Like, he isn’t the kind to be the whole day on his phone, or overwhelming you with all his talking.
He just gets comfy under your blankets and lets you do your thing. Sometimes you do your homework while telling him useless stuff about your day, other times you make him give you opinions on different outfits you try.
He’s just at peace in your presence and happy to have let you enter his life.
Inui Seishu.
Is so in love with the environment.
But also, if he doesn’t go to see you he’s probably not gonna see you at all since you don’t go out.
Probably starts working on his bike in your garage or at the front of your house, with you sitting on a chair reading a book.
On other occasions y’all would be in the kitchen, with him sitting on the counter reading the recipe and you doing it absolutely wrong.
“Babe, babe, get the hell out of my kitchen,” He says standing up and going to you.
“This is my house th—,”
“Your mom says I’m in charge of the kitchen, so sit down,” You roll your eyes, letting him cook the recipe.
Ken Ryuguji Draken.
I believe he’d be obsessed with a homebody s/o.
He’s desensitized by the noises of the brothel and stuff but when he goes to your house and actually experiences silence he is gone.
Would go before and after every fight just to hang out.
Those naps that we see Mikey taking at all times? In your house is Draken taking them anywhere he could. That’s how comfortable he is with everything.
Would take you without problem to do the groceries shopping and would love to learn everything about why you took this vegetable and not that one for tonight’s dinner.
You give him a sense of peace and you don’t even know that.
Tumblr media
🔖: @saturnmitsuya @melaninnntae @milliumizoomi @izvana @haitanigigi @keimisan @welkinmoongrab @yunho-leeknow @dai-tsukki-desu
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bookishdream · 6 months ago
Kaz the Crow
this is a request for @coffeehousedragoness thank you for a message! enjoy xx
kaz brekker x reader
Your hand was full of cookie crumbs, you had a slight smile glowing up your face. Every evening, when the only job you had to do, was making sure everything in the Crow Club worked, you sat in your window and fed the crows. One crow in particular. The bird was black like a pitch, you had problem with distinguishing its eyes and its feathers. That crow was the only one who looked after you, literally.
Once, when you’d been walking around the Ketterdam, buying stuff for Kaz’s new job, two guys from rival gangs had wanted to ambush you. And you’d been oblivious to what had been happening. But you’d heard your crow squawking rapidly, you’d turned around and you’d seen two guys with hands on their pistols. You had been really lucky that you’d made friends with this one, little, black crow. Since then, it was your friend, you fed the bird and the crow was keeping you safe from its distance.
You weren’t even surprised, when you named it Kaz. The crow even looked like him, all angles and sharp edges making it looked dangerous, but in the inside, the bird was trying to keep you safe.
Leaving your thoughts, you reached out to those few crows who were on your roof, Kaz the Crow was sitting on the edge, you thought about making it a small walking stick and a hat, but your crow would probably get upset with you had you done that. You made a little chip chip sound to make this little bastard come closer in order to feed him.
When your hand got empty, you took the next cookie from the box that was laying beside you on the windowsill. You crumbled the cookie and you looked after your crow. You looked down and you noticed how it was right under your nose, waiting for its food. You reached out and placed your hand carefully under its beak. Kaz the Crow looked at you and after that it started eating the crumbs. You gently put your finger onto its feathers, stroking them. The bird was still eating, when the rest of them flew away from your roof. Crumbs on your palm were gone and after that, the crow walked to the edge of the roof.
“Goodnight, Kaz.” You said, smiling. In return, Kaz the Crow squawked loud and clear and flew away as well. You closed your window and got into your bed, you had work the next day.
When you woke up, on your nightstand was a tray, with a plate full of sandwiches and two cups of hot cocoa. Your sleepy eyes didn’t register Inej, sitting where you were the night before, her long, brown hair braided and her brown skin was glowing in the early sun light. You lifted yourself on your elbows and looked at her, puzzled expression on your face.
“What are you doing here?” you asked, reaching out to the cups of cocoa. You took one for yourself and the other one for the Wraith. “Not that I’m complaining.”
Inej chuckled and took the cup from your hands. “Jesper said that Kaz wanted you in his office as soon as you wake up, thought you’d like to have a nice morning before meeting with him.”
You laughed, taking one of the sandwiches. It had a cucumber and paprika on it. You took a bite and chewed while thinking about what Kaz might’ve wanted from you. You looked at Inej and then at the plate, offering her one but she shook her head no and left, sending you a smile. You sighed, weren’t sure if you were ready to start with the day.
As you thought, Kaz’s jobs weren’t easy. Rob the Emerald Palace here, kill a Black Tip there. No boredom and a lot of fun. Your limbs were tired, you’d prepared yourself only for a few hours of some petty thefts and lying, but when Kaz had said he had one more job for his Crows, you groaned.
“I’m in pain, Kaz,” you commented, placing your knife in your thigh belt. “We’ve been here for a whole day.”
“Stop with this bad mood, y/n,” Jesper fell into step with you, he placed his arm around your shoulders. “We’re alive, we’re together. What would one want more?”
“Peace and silence of my own room,” You said, rubbing your sore arm. It got hit while running from one of the clubs you robbed. You hadn’t registered when you hit it, but it hurt as hell. “Kaz will be furious if I don’t feed it.”
You didn’t know why you said that. Perhaps because of your tiredness and numb feel of pain radiating from every inch of your body. But your tongue wasn’t cooperating with your brain that night. You looked up and saw four faces, gazing at you. You felt your face heat up.
“My crow,” you whispered, embarrassed. “Not Kaz Kaz, Kaz the Crow.”
“You have a pet crow?” Nina asked.
“You named a pet crow after me?” Kaz questioned, with a smirk.
“I will not say anything more.”
You remained silent for the rest of the day, you still felt a little bit embarrassed, but you brushed it off. You were too tired to actually think about being ashamed. When eventually, you came back to your own room, you promptly went to your windowsill and sat there, opening your window as wide as you could. The cold breeze got into your nose. Scent of pollution and screams of drunk men came into your senses. You removed hair from your forehead and took one cookie from the box beside you. You crumbled it and threw it out, so the crows could feed. You didn’t notice your favourite crow.
You heard silent knocking, but before you could answer, the person behind them let themselves in. Kaz had taken of his coat and hat, and had left only his black trousers and white button up. His palms without gloves, and he wasn’t holding his cane. Your eyes got wide.
“What are you doing here?” you asked. “And without your gloves?”
“My hands needed some rest,” he answered, smirking. “I came here to meet the crow that is named after me.”
“Don’t be so cocky, Brekker,” you made some room for him on the windowsill, so he could sit. He walked and sat beside you. Both of you were sitting silent and just looking. “He’s not here.”
“Perhaps he knows I’m here and feels intimidated,” he joked, placing his palm on a window frame. His fingers were slim and his hand was pale. “He doesn’t want to make a fool out of himself, when I’m here.”
“You’re not funny.”
“I’m hilarious.”
When you wanted to say something, you heard loud squawking, and you saw Kaz the Crow. His deep black wings were moving fast and steady. When it landed, it ran straight to you. The bird looked at Kaz, curious. His black, hardly noticeable eyes were looking alert, judging if Brekker was dangerous.
“Do you want to feed it?” you offered, reaching out the cookie to Kaz. He nodded his head and carefully crumbled the biscuit. He was cautiously looking at the bird like it was going to do something to him. “It won’t bite you.”
“Are you sure?” he doubted, reaching out his hand.
When you saw Kaz the Crow eating from real Kaz’s palm, gloveless, palm you got up from the windowsill and made your way to your closet. When you were changing your pants, you heard a small, surprised yell.
“You said it wouldn’t bite me!”
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twstwithatwst · 3 months ago
I forgot this blog existed. Anyways. Have some Swap!AU headcanons! but with the first years. -First year gang in this AU always gets in trouble since they know that Yuu could fix their mishaps with a tap of their shiny magical pen!
Ace grinned, "Prefect. You might wanna use magic to get rid of this mess!" "That you caused!" Yuu retorts. "Escalated. I escalated it." -Sometimes they would ask Yuu to cast a spell on them to increase their knowledge on an upcoming test or physical strength in P.E "Prefect.. Are you really sure you can't give me a potion to increase my intelligence? O-or atleast memorization one! We have a really big test tomorrow!" Deuce pleaded. "Even if I wanted to I don't have the ingredients.." Yuu explained. Deuce failed the test. -Some of them wanted to know what Yuu's world was like, from lands and countries to species and a back alley flip to food. All of their reactions were priceless. "Wow... hearing about fae and merfolk people I-" "Can't believe it?" "-I wonder what their workout exercise regime is! Surely the tails of merfolk are beefy with how much swimming they do! Also the fae! Stealing children must be quite the task!" If Jack had a tail it would've been waving right now. "Jack. that's not why I told you very emotional stories-" Yuu frowned.
-And others would like to learn about magic for.. purposes.. "EPEL! FOR THE LAST TIME- I WON'T TEACH YOU HOW TO TURN VIL INTO A FROG OR PARALYZE HIM!" Yuu yelled, running away from a determined purple headed idiot. "PLEASE IT'S TECHNICALLY NOT MURDER IF MAGIC WAS USED! IT'S JUST GONNA BE SORCERY-" Epel was basically chasing down Yuu at this point. "WHAT MORAL COMPASS DO YOU HAVE-" -Also there would be people who detest it. "Wizard! Seize this dark craft at once!" Sebek yelled holding out garlic and seasonings. "I would appreciate it if you didn't try to cook me Sebek but no I would not stop the 'DARK CRAFT." Yuu sighed. "And your paprika won't stop me from cursing you either." They added, flashing Sebek a smile. Sebek was growing mushrooms from his head that week. Overall the first years are still first years! It's just that they're much more modern and sad.
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Imagine: You and the other Avengers go to Coney Island and you go on the ferris wheel with Nat,’re afraid of heights.
Tumblr media
*Not my GIF
On a nice summer day, you and the rest of the Avengers decide to hang out at Coney Island, and throughout the day you discover a few things:
-Wanda loves the games. She loves winning the teddy bears and plushies and Vision (who is alive because screw the canon) loves helping her when she needs it. Sometimes he’ll even win one for her. It’s so adorable seeing her face light up when they win a plushie.
-Peter and Thor are basically kids. They want to ride all the rides, eat all the foods, play all the games; they just go wild.
-Bucky and Sam are really good at laser tag. Like SCARY GOOD.
-They’re only outmatched by Clint, for pretty obvious reasons. Who also dominates games like the balloon pop and knife throw, also for pretty obvious reasons.
-Much to his sister’s complete and utter disappointment in him, Pietro (who is also alive because screw the canon) tries to steal a prize or some tickets or some food every now and then; who’s gonna stop him?
-Steve and Tony try to play parents, but it isn’t exactly working out-aaaand Pietro just stole another plushie for Wanda.
Finally it’s near the end of the day and the gang’s discussing what to do before leaving. 
“The ferris wheel’s always a nice way to end the day,” Sam suggests.
That makes you go pale. See, you've only told your girlfriend Nat’re terrified of heights. And a ferris wheel is one of the last places you wanna be on. So while the group heads that way happily, hearing this is enough to elevate your heart rate and squeeze onto Nat’s hand, especially when you see that it’s one of those two-person benches and not a closed-off gondola and you’d tried to convince yourself it would be.
“It’s okay, (y/n),” Nat assures you. “You and I can sit together and you can hold onto me.”
You feel your throat close up regardless. And after you see how high it goes, she gently squeezes your hand as she leads you over to your seat.
“I promise if anything happens, I’ll make sure you’re safe.”
The two of you get secured in and the ferris wheel begins to rise. The entire time, your hand is clamped to Nat’s like a crab’s claw. You don’t even dare to open your eyes. You just sit there and pray that it’s over soon.
All of a sudden, something happens and the ferris wheel comes to a halt. 
“Wha....what happened?!” you gasp.
“Probably just a small mishap with the machinery,” Nat tries to assure you. “I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.”
You spend what feels like hours waiting. From behind and below you, you can kind of hear Wanda and Vision talking and Wanda giggling and something about paprika. But even this doesn’t make things better. Your heart palpitates, and you make the mistake of opening your eyes.
You’re at the very top.
Sensing your panic emerging, Nat brings you in close and hugs you.
“I’ve got you, sunshine,” she soothes. “I’ve got you. You’re in good hands.”
You bury your face in her, crying when you feel the need to, as she hugs you and rubs your back, humming softly. Your heart begins to calm down, and you look up at Nat, smiling. She looks down at you, also smiling.
“You feelin’ a little better?” she asks.
You nod, and the two of you lean in and kiss. At that moment, you hear fireworks.
“Wow! They’re so colorful, Mr. Stark!” Peter calls from below you.
Despite being scared of heights, you wish you could stay in this moment, forever being safe in Nat’s warm embrace. But soon the ferris wheel returns to life and you head back down. As they undo the restraints at the loading dock you wipe away your tear tracks.
“Hey, you good?” 
You look up to see Sam.
“Looks like you were crying. You scared?”
“M-me?” you gulp. “N-No, I’m no-I’m not scared.”
“Everyone’s scared of something,” Bucky shrugs. “Just because you’re a hero like us doesn’t mean you have to be fearless.”
“And a fear of heights isn’t all that uncommon,” Wanda assures you.
This makes you stop.
“Wait, how did you know that--?”
Then you remember.
“Ah. Telepathy.”
“Bucky’s right,” Steve assures you. “Being a hero isn’t about being fearless. It’s about facing fear despite being afraid.”
“Exactly,” Wanda nods as Steve pats your back.
“You did good up there.”
“You’re sounding awfully professional for a guy wearing bermuda shorts,” Nat chuckles.
“Don’t you start, Romanoff,” he groans as you all head out.
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criticalrolo · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some doodles from our recent session with the Mystery Gang!! We’ve got Allegra and her three eyed fox named Paprika, Ethros meeting another cleric of Onthys and his giant white wolf Laika, and a little set up of Sam’s Magic Lab the Mint Boys are investigating right now :)
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retroanime · 11 months ago
animated movies watchlist!
hi i watch so many movies in my free time so here’s my top recommendations for you all. the movies listed vary from genre to genre btw
i will provide warnings for the movies i list (if it needs it), but in case if you want to double check some of them, doesthedogdie is a good website that i use for finding warnings before i watch certain content. also tell me if i missed any specific warnings and i will be sure to add them!
this list may be updated as it goes on which is why it’ll be put under a read-more (and so it won’t clog up dashes):
Tumblr media
Angel’s Egg, directed by Mamoru Oshii, is a melodramatic film about nihilism and religion. it features a girl who serves as a scavenger in searching a mysterious world for food to eat and other miscellaneous items, all the while caring an egg that is important to her and would hatch soon. it’s a slow and mosaic movie, if you want something to watch to pass the time then this would be for you! warnings for religious imagery and sudden and loud noises
Tumblr media
Ghost in the Shell, directed by Mamoru Oshii, is a sci-fi film starring a cyborg federal agent that questions her own identity and makeup as a terrorizing hacker infiltrates the minds of innocents and creates new identities for them. this probably sounds action-packed to you but there aren’t many fight scenes as you would think. the movie pictured above is the 1995 adaption of the movie, there are many other adaptions of this series that i have not yet watched other than the 1995 one. warnings for nudity, violence, blood, body horror (it’s cybernetic technology at most), gore, and car crashes
Tumblr media
Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat In Space, directed by T.O.L, is a surreal film about a cat leaving her original home to explore a city run by a corrupt government where cats and dogs are at odds of one another (and with confusing layers of capitalist propaganda dealing with space aliens... i said it was confusing). I KNOW, from the cute style pictured above you would think it’s a pleasant movie, but it is very mind-boggling and a piece of media that involves a lot of analysis to truly understand. warnings for alcohol, smoking, violence, blood, animal harm + death (they’re furries)
Tumblr media
Metropolis, directed by Rintaro, is a sci-fi film that takes place in a futuristic world where robots and humanity co-exist, except that robots are treated unfairly by humanity and seen as lower-class. the movie focuses on a pair of detectives who seek out a rebellious mad scientist and his creation, a young girl that was designed and created for a powerful man to replace his deceased daughter, but the pair encounter trouble along the way. this is by far one of my favorite movies i have ever watched because of its stunning animation and soundtrack along with its compelling story, and i greatly recommend watching it as osamu tezuka’s works are very good. warnings for body horror (it’s robotic), violence (towards mainly robots), explosions, and suicide
Tumblr media
Ringing Bell, directed by Masami Hata, is dramatic film about a young lamb named chirin who loses his mother by a wolf. chirin later confronts this wolf out of hopes of becoming as strong as he is, as chirin does not want to be a frail and scared lamb anymore. the picture above makes it look like a nice movie to watch but it’s a very tragic film and has a depressing ending, it made me tear up honestly. this is no disney movie! warnings for animal harm + death, blood, violence, and near drowning
Tumblr media
Bakemono no Ko, directed by Mamoru Hosoda, is a fantasy film about a young boy named kyuta running away from his family and finding himself in another world full of mammals that walk on two legs and speak fluent japanese. in this world, kyuta is adopted and trained by a bear-man named kumatetsu into becoming his disciple. another favorite movie of mine that will get you super emotionally invested because it is just that good T__T you will certainly love the dynamic between kyuta and kumatetsu. warnings for animal harm + death (they’re beasts/furries), violence, and father death
Tumblr media
Wolf Children, directed by Mamoru Hosoda, is a fantasy film about a woman marrying a wolf-man hybrid and conceiving his children, only for the father to die early in the story. the widow, hana, is then left alone to raise her children in the country-side and get them adjusted to normal life although they are wolf hybrids like their father. mamoru hosoda’s films are always so sweet and real tearjerkers so this is another one i’d recommend a lot! warnings for animal harm + death and emetophobia
Tumblr media
Paprika, directed by Satoshi Kon, is a sci-fi film about a group of scientists that created a device that allowed them to see into and interfere with peoples’ dreams as a form of psychotherapy. the device ends up being stolen by a terrorist though, whom uses it to project dreams into peoples’ subconscious and cause them to believe its real, therefore destroying reality. this movie is filled with beautiful animation that feels alive and tells the story perfectly, along with a wonderful soundtrack to go with it. warnings for suicide (including attempts), sexual assault, nudity, and unreality
Tumblr media
Akira, directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, is a cyberpunk film about the events that take place in neo-tokyo, a city built to replace the original tokyo after it was destroyed by a strange atomic explosion. the story focuses on shotaro kaneda, the leader of a biker gang, and his attempts at rescuing his friend, tetsuo shima, from the clutches of a secret government project that plans on experimenting on him and his psychic powers, all the while the threat of an even greater force awakening prevails. this instantly became one of my favorite action-packed series i’ve gotten into because of its interesting plot and astounding film production. you may have to watch this twice if you want to develop an understanding as to what is going on at times. warnings for car crashes, sexual assault, violence, gore, body horror, unreality, drug abuse and animal harm+death
Tumblr media
Ocean Waves, directed by Tomomi Mochizuki, is an early film created by studio ghibli about a love triangle that revolves around a pair of best friends and a transfer student from tokyo. i originally didn’t plan on including a ghibli movie as they are quite popular already, but i included this one because it differs from the worlds of fantasy most ghibli films take place in and it is one that originally premiered on television, making it less known than say my neighbor totoro! warning for alcohol (towards the end of the movie)
Tumblr media
I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, directed by Shin'ichirô Ushijima, is a romantic drama film about a boy who falls in love with his popular classmate through the finding of her diary, which reveals that she suffers from a pancreatic disease and she could pass away from it at any moment. this movie is such a tearjerker and has a very bittersweet ending, i originally discovered it after watching kimi no na wa (which has a similar premise of a meant-to-be love story). warnings for cancer/diseases, assault, child death, and needles/syringes/medical (used for medicinial purposes)
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mcgeez9040 · 5 months ago
Here it IS the cookie u been waiting
Mummy cookie🥳
Tumblr media
Pretty simple
Final project!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shy baby
shy but he bites (as self defense)
99% of time is hiding behind licorice(or hiding somewhere else)
Clumsy with his bandages
Sneak behind to snap your dingling neck or burn you...
Calm music (make him calm even fall asleep sometimes)
Poison mushroom (tasty)
Shiny things (or glowing things but doesn't steal)
Bugs (try to eat his bandages)
Loud noises (bother him alot)
Crowd places (same reason for loud noises)
With his tendrils he can spill spicy sauce! (lead to give them burn status)
Plus able to take high temperatures (duh his from desert..)
(Plus able to dig)
Cold temperatures (highly not used to cold temperatures)
Water (ruin his bandages)
💖Bonds 💖
Spooky gang?...
Werewolf cookie
Vampire cookie
Mummy cookie
At the Sparkling bar. Celebrating a spooky festival and other cookies thought they were wearing customs
Mummy felt accepted with other cookies for once (besides the enchatress gang)
👑Master and servant👑
Licorice cookie
Mummy cookie
Much more detailed how licorice awaken him
And the events after licorice awaken mummy
🌶️Who's is the spiciest?!🌶️
Chilli cookie
Mummy cookie
Chilli wants to know who IS the SPICIEST among the two!
And in the end was mummy
🌨️You are too much...🌨️
Snow sugar cookie
Mummy cookie
Snow sugar introduce to him what is snow and didn't liked in the end
Scrap ideas of bonds
"shy too?" (Strawberry cookie and mummy bond over they shyness)
"have i seen you before?" (Adventurer cookie thinks he meet mummy before... But mummy doesn't recognize him...)
"can rest at peace" (clover calms mummy with his melodies... Oh he even fall asleep)
If u have a question be free to ask
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eeemarvel · 22 days ago
Which character asks, number 5 with Dick Cartier, Red Spectre, Paprika and Yurio (I am so sorry but I cannot find/remember his villain name!) And when the ask says "to others", can I specify 'to other VILLAINS'?
I'm just kinda curious how the villain community as a whole sees these guys! Sorry if this is unclear!
5.) Least likable character to others (VILLAINS)?
I'll rank it from most liked (it's indifference really) to least liked!
Paprika/Mila is next on the list because she's not really trying to hurt anybody. I think it's only alluded to once in the fic when Victor is thinking about her but Mila can't control her powers. She got her villain name from Russian news outlets who don't know the truth about her condition. She's not getting in the way of any villains at present, so she's kinda a non factor.
Yurio (The Russian Punk, taken straight from the show lol. I never used it much in the story so no worries) isn't quite on the villain radar. He joined a gang of car thieves so he could make enough money to get a plane ticket to Russia and some supplies so that he could go look for Mila himself. He wasn't concerned about rank or gaining respect, just money. So he kinda of stayed low on the ranking list in his gang which is why he didn't realize that it was actually involved in human trafficking until he did a little more digging. He stole cars then sprayed copious amounts of graffiti on the places he stole them from. He's just a common criminal tbh. Yurio learned more about hero life than criminal life bc of his upbringing.
Dick Cartier is at least charismatic, you know? He's the foremost known jewel thief in the world (Yuuri's exposure to the media shed light on some worthy competition) so that means he's got plenty of enemies, right? He's got a lot of competition, a lot of people who want what he wants, a lot of people who tried to fight him for it and lost. But some of those villains/thieves kinda like Chris! Chris actually interacts with the less violent side of the villain community from time to time so he's got a few people out there that don't hate his guts
Red Specter showed up on the scene seemingly out of nowhere with apparently hundreds of logic defying thefts under his belt. He became competition that the rest of the thief community didn't even know they had until The Daily Eagle exposed him and gave him a name. Thieves don't really like what they can't pin down or understand and Red is literally a ghost who's been operating for years, stealing from right under their noses. The people who employ him like him because he makes money for them but beyond that, the silence is unnerving to them. They take comfort only in the fact that he's effective.
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ftmfandomfics · 9 months ago
What I think the male characters of mha smell like
Izuku: Greenery and that smell just before it starts raining. Like when you’re walking through the woods and you get a deep breathe of fresh air.
Bakugou: Nitroglycerin smells like burnt sugar (not caramel), and I think he would wear way too much expensive cologne in an attempt to cover it. It doesn’t work now he just smells like if a candy store and Aeropostale joined forces.
Kirishima: I think he smells like sweat and axe. It’s not that he doesn’t shower after working out, he just smells like sweat. You can decide if that’s a good or a bad thing.
Todoroki: I think hes worn the same expensive cologne since middle school. Probably something called ice lake or glacier. He also smells like ✨daddy issues✨
Kaminari: He smells like a Spencer’s. I can’t pin down what smell it is but specifically the body jewelry area. All of them smell the same. There must be like an air freshener they all use or something idk.
Tenya: Beef stew. I fully head cannon that he’s autistic and that beef stew is his safe food. This bitch smells like beef stew and control issues.
Shoji: Shoji is a minimalist so I don’t think he would use cologne or anything, but I think he would have an essential oil diffuser in his room so he smells like a mixture of herbs and citrus fruits.
Oijiro: I’ve seen other people say he smells like vanilla and I agree, but I also think he would have an earthy smell too. Like pine and vanilla, very unique but it smells amazing.
Tokoyami: Black pepper and papyrus, you can’t tell if he naturally smells that way or if it’s from the old books he reads. When dark shadow comes out the papyrus smell dissipates and is replaced by the smell of damp earth.
Sero: Dragons blood incense, Apollo axe body spray, and just a wiff of marijuana
Aoyama: He smells like setting powder, body glitter, and a VERY sweet perfume. Is almost hurts your nose.
Koda: He smells like his bunny, and bunnies smell similar to cats. I don’t mean their poop or anything, their fur. When he’s in his room he’s always holding or playing with his rabbit so he ends up smelling like it.
Sato: He smells like pastries which isn’t really surprising. But somehow he always smells like fresh baked bread and cherry pie. He even seems to radiate the warmth too.
Mineta: piss, desperation, and grape cough syrup.
Shinsou: Coffee and lavender, he also has an earthy musk that smells almost spicy.
Tetsutetsu: I know he uses old spice wolf thorn. Or like KrackenGaurrd or whatever. Something with a name that makes him feel manly 😭🥺
Inasa: He smells like old leather, parchment, and paprika. When he uses his quirk the paprika smells gets stronger. A very mild but spicy smell.
Mirio: He smells citrusy and warm, like fresh baked lemon bars. He also wears the bourbon body spray from bath and body works.
Tamaki: Tamaki doesn’t like drawing attention to himself so I don’t think he would purposely have a distinct smell, and you can’t really place his natural one. He smells like how it feels to take a deep breathe of cold air, it’s almost addictive.
All might: Clean linen and oak wood. I just think he would smell very fresh and warm. Like when you wake up before your alarm so you get to roll back over and go back to sleep.
Endeavor 🤢: Expensive cologne and ass. I don’t believe that this man wipes his ass, that’s gay. Also you can’t convince me that he showers purely because I don’t think he would fit. He thinks no one notices, they’re just too afraid to say anything.
Gang Orca: Orcas have really sensitive skin so I don’t think he could use any scented products, including cologne. But I feel like he might have a very faint smell of saltwater.
Aizawa: He wears a cologne that’s very spicy and musky but he won’t tell anyone what it is. He naturally has a very earthy smell that the cologne enhances.
Present Mic: Stay with me on this, I think he would wear a very sweet sugary perfume. I feel like Hizashi naturally smells very tangy and spicy, so adding that sugary smell makes him ever more irresistible.
Hound dog: I think he smells like a clean dog. He’s a person, just with a dog quirk, so he’s fully aware that dogs smell. He’s pretty self conscious honestly, he doesn’t smell he’s just really really worried he will.
Rock Lock: I think he smells like a cave. If you’ve ever been in one you know what I mean. That damp earthy smell with just a tiny hint of metallic or salt in the air. I’m not picking this just because of his name idk he gives me really strong but calm vibes.
Tiger: I can’t decide if he would wear cologne or not. If he did I think it’d be fruity or cinnamon. Maybe like spiced apple cider.
Keigo: Fried chicken. Not because of his quirk he just eats a lot of fried chicken. Also the type of guy to wear old spice with a really “epic” name.
Fatgum: He smells like the food court part of a carnival, and I don’t mean that as a bad thing. He smells really good, like a mixture of sweets, spices, and fried foods.
Tensei: I think he smells clean with a tiny bit of musk cologne as well. Doesn’t seem like the type of guy to wear really strong cologne.
Natsuo: He would also wear a cologne with a name like glacier because something like that would piss Enji off.
Overhaul: He smells like a doctors office. It’s not pleasant. Does he spray himself with disinfectant or does he just use so much that he smells like it?
Kendo: He smells like sweat but not body odor. He works for overhaul so I don’t think Kai would let him get away with smelling bad.
Tomura: The shiggy stans are gonna come for me, but he smells like a rotting fucking corpse. When’s the last time he showered? Also not to mention he’s an incel so he probably also smells like piss and cum. You know it’s the truth.
Touya: He also smells like rotting flesh but it’s not as bad. Fire kills bacteria. He can’t wear cologne because so much of his body is skin graphs, but maybe if he took care of them properly he at least wouldn’t smell like a morgue.
Twice: Ciggarettes and borderline pedophelia gin.
Spinner: Honestly I think he’s the only member of the league (other than Magne)that would actually have some type of self care. He doesn’t smell like anything, which in comparison to his partners is amazing.
I think I got everyone that people would want. I’ll do the girls later and I’m thinking of doing the atla and lok characters too. If I forgot someone you want just tell me and I’ll add them :).
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novelistservant · 11 months ago
SNEAK PEEK At the Upcoming Multi-Chapter MSA Fanfic, Back To Life.
Before the cave, before one of their friends had their life stolen by a green envious monster, before Japanese Audrey 2 tracked down our favorite glasses-wearing dog, they were just your average nerdy young-adults. See how the gang Mystery Skulls came together and what led to the events in the cave in Back To Life.
Below is a sneak peek at the first chapter! I have no idea when I will post the full first chapter, but you can believe that each chapter will be filled with references and even codes for readers to crack. I hope you all will enjoy this and I’m so excited to dive into my newest big project!
If you want to read other works from me, you can find my AO3 account here! Without another word, the preview!
What if I could bring you back to life? What if I could be your guiding light? I would be your pathway, I won't let your spirit die, It’s forever, you and I...
Vivi walked a little closer to the dead grass and a little farther from the passing truck playing a loud radio, just in case the side mirror were to graze her blue sweater or the truck would swerve. A bit unnecessary, but it was huge and could squash a woman who was hardly five foot. Her dog’s collar jingled as he picked up the pace and walked closer to her, ensuring Vivi was safe, and that earned him a scratch behind the ear.
Looking down the street in the tiny town she called home, the blue nerd smiled at the brightly-painted building with a hot pepper on top, with English, Spanish, and Latin translations of the restaurant title. It was three o’clock, so most people were done with lunch, promising a quiet place to eat and read a new book.
With no No Dogs Allowed sign to be seen, Vivi took her chances that she and her pet would be welcomed and she walked in, greeted by a happy bell and childish bickering. Vivi turned her head to a far booth to find two girls fighting over a box of crayons, sisters guessing on how similar they looked. Vivi smiled and allowed the slightly jealous feeling to leave her; she had always wanted a sibling to fight with and help make life exciting.
A sign written in chalk by the door read “Please Seat Yourself,” “Tome Asiento, Por Favor,” and “Placet Discumbere,” so Vivi picked a small booth on the opposite side of the room to enjoy a bright window, placing her purse by her side and pulling a chair close for Mystery to sit in. He hopped on quietly and smiled as Vivi pulled out her new comic book and happily opened it, breathing in that crisp smell of new paper and untouched ink.
“Lost Legends.” Vivi sighed. “Can’t believe Alex practically hired fan artists to put this together, and it’s canon! Bet it’s filled with new codes.” And without another word she happily dove into the book and began reading, able to comfortably tone out the sisters fighting.
Mystery yawned and sat more comfortably in his chair, circling and sitting on all four legs with his front paws crossed, observing the near-empty restaurant curiously. He also took some delight in watching the sisters bicker over the wax art supplies; he may not have missed Vivi pulling on his ears, but he did miss having children around to play with. Mystery’s ears perked up and he watched with amusement as a young man in a damp black apron and white chef’s coat with tints of pinkurple emerged from the back and quickly shed the damp apron and hung it up to better hurry to the girls.
“Paprika, Cayenne, stop it!” And he quickly swiped up the box of crayons and ignored the girls’ whines to address the issue. “What happened?”
The slightly smaller of the two, who wore a yellow dress and had her pink and blonde hair in a high-ponytail, pointed to the slightly bigger sister with her red hair hiding her eyes, and said, “Cayenne stole my crayons!”
“Sharing is caring!”
“What if I don’t care?”
The young man snorted with bottled-up laughter and pinched his nose. “Cayenne, you’re not supposed to be coloring, you’re supposed to do your homework.”
Cayenne pouted with her arms crossed over her red-shirt-covered chest and lowered her head. “It’s stupid. It’s too hard.”
“Tell you what, let me greet this table, and I’ll help you.” The young man ruffled her red hair affectionately.
“Can I least do it in crayon?”
“I don’t see why not. Work is work, no matter what color. So Paprika, let your sister use your crayons.”
Now it was Paprika’s turn to pout, but she muttered, “Sí, hermano,” and quickly snatched up the yellow so she could finish her sun before her sister could steal what she needed.
The young man shook his head and chuckled, then went to the hostess’ booth to grab a menu, napkins, and a roll of silverware. Mystery looked at Vivi to find her eyes had averted from her comic book to the scene at some point and she closed it to give her waiter her full attention.
“Hi, sorry for the wait, señora.” He greeted and handed her the menu and placed her eating utensil on the table. “I’m Lewis, what can I get you to drink?”
Vivi swallowed as he smiled down at her genuinely and she couldn’t help but return the smile. “Hi, two waters, please.”
“Sure,” Lewis averted his eyes to the dog sitting like a good boy in a chair and asked, “Should I put one in a bowl?”
“Not necessary, thanks.” Mystery answered plainly, used to the assumption and appreciating it but he could use a straw just fine.
Lewis stared, a bit taken back to have an animal talking back, but he had watched enough anime to accept it easy enough, so he smiled and dipped his head. “Got it. Un momento, por favor.”
“Why does that always freak people out?” Mystery asked rhetorically with a roll of his eyes, enjoying the warm sunlight bathing him in the chair.
“You are of few words.” Vivi teased. “It’s always scary to hear you talk.”
Mystery snorted with a smile and looked over the menu with Vivi, both who had not eaten since breakfast so they were starving. Vivi giggled and pointed to one picture of a dish on the tacos page. “Spaghetti tacos?”
“Oh yeah,” Lewis chuckled as he walked back with the two waters, unable to help but notice the customer’s grabbed attention. “Papi invented them. Every time he makes them he sings this little song.”
“Yeah?” Vivi chuckled back.
“Yeah it goes…” Lewis took a minute to remember the words and muster up the courage to sing it, then quietly sang, “I’m cooking, I’m cooking things, cooking things that people will eat. I’m cooking, I’m cooking things…”
“Things that people will chew!” Cayenne and Paprika sang along with their brother loudly, making his cheeks turn pink.
Vivi and Mystery both laughed and the woman said, “I’ll try them, then, please!”
“And I’ll have a bowl of pozole, please.” Mystery requested.
“Spaghetti tacos and pozole, good choices.” Lewis commented as he wrote the order down on a notepad and took the menu. “Gracias, un momento, por favor.”
“Gracias.” Vivi replied and watched him put the menu in the hostess’ booth and disappear into the back to place the order.
Mystery noticed the closed book and smiled cheekily at Vivi, who was too busy in La La Land to notice.
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lokiluafeyson · 3 months ago
i was tagged by @please-dont-say-you-love-me
favourite colour: green currently reading: the king of scars by leigh bardugo last song: achilles come down by gang of yuths last movie: harry potter and the philosopher’s stone last series: what if...? currently craving: coconut wafers tea or coffe: tea currently working on: loki gifset favorite food: carpathian mountain cream cake, chicken burgers, fish least favorite food: paprika favorite quote: “i will not say do not weep, for not all tears are evil” - j. r. r. tolkien me in five words: photography, sticky notes, posters, books, peach favorite time of the day: sunset favorite weather: sunny tagging: eveyrone who wants to do this
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hecallsmehischild · a year ago
MSA Fanfic - Explain It Like I’m Tree - 8
Click here for chapter 7
End of the line.
A hand the size of his whole face grabs the front of his shirt and lifts him off his feet. He dangles over the edge of a cliff, suspended by a fist and a flimsy knot of cloth. His one good hand grips the ghost's arm. It won't be enough to save him.
He doesn't want to die. He hasn't tried hard enough to find Lewis yet. Is this ghost trying to keep him from finding Lewis? Did this ghost do something to Lewis, too?
Adrenaline shrieks through his body as he kicks his legs, struggling to get the words out.
I want to live.
I have to find him.
Where's Vivi?
I'm scared.
He can't unlock his jaw. His prosthetic spasms, twitching around to clamp onto the ghost's arm. In that moment, the wrathful skull shifts into a familiar face. Purple hair. Thick eyebrows. An expression more suited to warm smiles than this bitter fury.
Everything shatters.
"Lewis?" Recognition loosens his lips an instant before Lewis drops him over the edge.
Seconds later, his body is torn apart by the jagged rocks.
The pain is momentary, a brief flash of cognizance before his brain shuts down, his body too broken to proceed.
But he is still there. He sees himself now, as if standing back and watching as a strange figure crawls out of the ruin of bone and flesh among the rocks. The new figure looks just like him, except it is only half. One eye, one arm, one leg. His eye is a black hollow with a glowing, orange iris set in it. A soft orange light spills off the edges of his form. Half an Arthur.
The newly formed ghost of Arthur hovers there for a moment, dazed. Slowly lifts a half-face to stare up at the skeleton that peers over the edge at him.
"Maybe… maybe now," the half-Arthur croaks, "we can talk this through?"
Arthur twisted around and flailed as he rolled off the edge of his bed and hit the garage floor shoulder-stump first. Light danced at the edges of his vision as the pain forked across his neck and upper spine. He gasped, writhing to get free of the tangle of sheets with just one arm.
Half. There's just half of me left!
Out of habit, he took a mouthful of sheets between his teeth and counted seconds, focusing on his breath. He pressed his forehead against the concrete. Hard. Cold. Frigid, really, against the sweat beading his forehead. It snapped his thoughts in line. Out of the nightmare. Into reality.
This was reality. In reality, he only had one arm and everything else was fine.
In reality Lewis had called up a memory plane of the cave he himself had died in and dropped Arthur over the cliff. Just before impact, Lewis had dispersed that memory plane. By the time Arthur had hit the ground, the stalagmite-riddled cave floor was just the back of a semi-truck with a bunch of boxed Chicky-Licky supplies. In reality, Lewis hadn't carried through with his revenge. Arthur was plenty alive.
Lewis, however, was not. That also was reality.
Arthur lay there a little longer, allowing more bits of reality to trickle in. Lewis was dead, but not murderous. They were all together again. Trying to work through it. No imminent danger. No threat of—bacon? Arthur sniffed the air.
Definitely bacon. Lewis was at it in the kitchen. If he hurried, he might catch Lewis before he hid himself away. Arthur wriggled again, trying to get free of his cotton cocoon. After a couple minutes of futile effort, straining and grunting all the while, he was forced to conclude that it was not going very well. Huffing, he lifted his head, ready to yell for help. He caught himself as a different idea crossed his mind. A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth.
A few minutes later, Arthur had managed to wriggle his way out of the garage and into the hallway. He squirmed and wormed his way to the kitchen where Lewis hovered in front of the stove.
"Hey, Lew. Smells good," he remarked.
Lewis turned, nearly dropping the frying pan when he saw Arthur. Arthur kept wiggling toward the kitchen island, panting from the exertion. "Smelled it all the way from the garage. Nice day. How are things?"
Lewis stared down at him. Arthur couldn't read the expression on the skull, so he threw in the sure fire groaner. "Mind giving me a hand up? I misplaced mine."
Lewis set the pan down on the stove and darted out of the room. A door slammed around the corner. Arthur deflated, letting his cheek rest on the kitchen floor. "But… I thought it would be funny."
It was then he heard a string of rather choked gekkering. He lifted his head and caught sight of Mystery on the other side of the kitchen, his snout between his paws. The pup quivered, his tail twitching as he made little explosions of strange noises. After a minute or so, he managed to raise his head, grinning all the way up his snout. "I think… Lewis just… didn't want to spoil the moment. With his laughter. You see."
Arthur took that in for a moment. "Ah." Lewis laughing might turn the room into a real serious Hell's kitchen. "I didn't think that through."
"No. But it was well intended." Mystery trotted over, grabbed a section of sheet between his teeth, and tugged hard. Between his yanking and Arthur's struggles, the sheet finally came off.
Arthur wound the sheet up in a ball and tossed it back down the hall. "I'll put it away later. Too bad Vivi wasn't here."
"She left for work early."
Arthur blinked. "Why didn't she take you—" More bits of reality filtered in. "Right. I have a follow-up with Dr. Noble today." He sighed, sitting at the kitchen island. "Thanks for agreeing to come with me."
"You owe me a romp in the park," Mystery warned, trotting back to his water bowl.
He did indeed owe that to Mystery. He also probably owed Vivi an apology and a calmer conversation, too. He was Right with a capital R, but she also had a lot of very valid points. Even if she was Wrong about the big picture. Capital W. He ground the heel of his palm into his eye. Why did everything have to be so complicated?
A warm hand settled on his shoulder. Arthur flinched before his brain caught up with the input. He glanced up over his shoulder to see Lewis there, the corners of his eyesockets crinkled upward. Lewis flashed a thumbs up and traced a smiley face over the front of his skull with his fingers. Arthur managed a grin back. "Your fault for making breakfast smell so good. I just couldn't wait."
Lewis rolled his eyes and hovered over to the stove, returning with a plate of bacon and fried eggs. Arthur lit up, forking an egg into his mouth before Lewis could set the plate down. "How do you do that?" he groaned, savoring the flavor. He knew this particular trick was as simple as cooking the eggs in leftover bacon grease, but STILL.
Lewis bent down and portioned out a serving into Mystery's bowl. Ever since the move, Mystery had been getting actual food instead of kibble. No one, least of all Lewis, saw the sense in feeding him like a dog now that the Kitsune was out of the bag.
Other members of the gang were still "in the bag" so to speak. Arthur slowed down after slurping up his third egg and turned over a question that had been sitting in the back of his mind for a while, now. "Hey. Lew. I'm just wondering. Do you think… you'll ever tell your… or try to see your family? Let them know you're not just… gone?"
Lewis turned from the dishes in the sink and gestured at himself from head to toe with one hand, tapped where his mouth should be, then hung his head.
Arthur frowned. "Yeah. But. What if you at least got the speech thing under control?"
Again, Lewis gestured at himself from head to toe, then turned his hand parallel to the ground and held it at knee height.
"I know you don't want to scare your sisters, but if we prepped them before you came out…" he sighed. Belle would probably try to body tackle Lewis, and Cayenne wouldn't be far behind, but it was hard to know how little Paprika would take it. Arthur really needed Vivi helping him figure out what was wrong with Lewis, but that would require talking through their argument and coming to some sort of workable resolution first.
Lewis shook his head and waved a hand, turning back to the sink. Glumly, Arthur finished his food, thanked Lewis, and returned to his room to don his prosthetic and dress for the day.
Mulling through the argument with Vivi kept most of Arthur's brain occupied as he drove himself and Mystery over to Tempo First Medical Center. The trick was not to let himself notice the balancing act between autopiloting through the front doors and the detail-intensive instant replay of the conversation he had playing in his head. He managed to get all the way to the reception desk before his nervous system kicked into high gear, stabbing his lungs with the icy compulsion to GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT. He managed to sign in, holding his breath the whole time, then walked himself over to the waiting room chairs. He sprawled across two of them, gasping like a set of bellows in the hands of a frantic blacksmith.
Immediately, Mystery hopped up into his lap and leaned against his chest, licking his chin. Shivering, Arthur wrapped his arms around Mystery, burying his face in the fur. "I hate this place," he mumbled. "Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Why. I'm such a child. Why can't I handle this myself like a damn adult."
"Arthur Kingsmen?"
His head snapped up. Dr. Noble stood at the door, clip-board in hand, watching him. Before he could stand, she crossed the room. "I'm so sorry, the office should have notified you. I need to cancel the appointment. Do you think you could call in later and reschedule?"
Reprieve. All internal processes dialed back down to a normal, comfortable pace. Relief manifested as a desperately glad smile on his face. "Yeah… sure. Not a problem. Absolutely."
"Perfect. Though I would like to ask you something on the way out, if you don't mind?"
"Not at all." Arthur nudged Mystery, who hopped back down to the ground. Arthur grabbed the end of the leash and stood, following Dr. Noble out of the office. He could swear the air pressure was different the moment he stepped out. "What do you want to know?"
Dr. Noble waited until the door closed behind them. "I want to know if you'll forgive me for a bit of subterfuge. There's no need to reschedule, I'd like to have our follow-up now, but I propose a less stressful environment. I'd also like to ask you a few things off the record. We have a pond out back with nice fountains and a few benches. Plenty of open space and nobody to overhear. Is this acceptable?"
Tension flooded back, but it returned at manageable levels. Swallowing, Arthur nodded shortly. "A-after you."
She paused. "How is Mystery with squirrels?"
Arthur clutched the leash. "No trouble, Doctor. He's well trained."
"Alright, alright. It's okay, Arthur. I'm not sending him off. Just making sure he doesn't bolt and leave you when you need him. Come this way."
She led him down a few hallways, then waved open a set of automatic glass doors. A cement walkway snaked down a grassy slope, splitting off a few times before one branch reached a small pond. It was ringed with slabs of slate and had small trees, bushes, and flowers growing around the edges in orderly intervals. A large marble bench stood on one side of the pond. In the center of the pond, a fountain sprayed water in large, lovely arcs three times Arthur's height. Arthur sat at one end of the bench, scrunched up against the arm-rest. Dr. Noble sat at the other end. Mystery climbed up between them, resting his head in Arthur's lap.
Dr. Noble flipped a couple pages on her clipboard. "Thank you for coming. Let's start with the new medication. It's been a couple weeks since the new prescription, so talk to me about how it's managing your pain and any side effects you've noticed."
The sound of the fountain spray hitting the pond was soothing. The air smelled like cut grass. Arthur hadn't realized how high he'd hunched his shoulders until they started to relax. He pulled out his little notebook, detailing daily doses and his physical and mental response to the changes. Nightmares, he noted, had increased, but that was probably just normal processing, not the result of his medication. He passed the notebook over and waited as she scanned the pages.
He wondered if it was possible to have all his sessions outside, but dismissed it as unlikely. One couldn't have blood drawn or other samples taken like this. No point asking. Still, if he could just have his follow-up sessions this way...
Dr. Noble pursed her lips. "Alright. All this all looks good. Thank you." She shut the book and passed it back to him. "Now. Here's the part where I go off the record."
Arthur eyed her, wary.
"I'll swear strict confidentiality, but whatever information you can give me will be helpful." She traced a finger down a readout on her clipboard. "We found a foreign agent in your bloodstream. It emerged in trace amounts in the blood draw during prep for your second surgery, but we couldn't match it to anything. Not drugs, not basic diseases, and strangest of all is that your immune system isn't attacking it."
Arthur stared at her.
"Now, there's no issue with your immune system, as you've been fighting off normal infections. The healing around the prosthetic implant is a good sign of that. But we can't identify this foreign agent, and it seems to be increasing its presence gradually. We've traced an increase through the last several blood draws, and like I said, your body still isn't treating it like an invasion."
Blank. Everything in his head went blank. "What. What does it. What."
Mystery barked. Arthur sucked in the breath he'd been holding as Mystery pawed at his thigh. He tried again. "What does that mean, Doctor? For me?"
"I don't know. I was hoping you could shed more light on it."
Arthur tried not to think about the chasmic unknown this cleaved into his future, focusing on the time frame Dr. Noble had given him. "So. Right before the rest of the stump was removed." It was long before the third surgery that had given him the prosthetic implant, so it couldn't have anything to do with the prosthetic.
"Is there anything that happened, then? Or anything you may have taken?" she asked.
Arthur blinked. "I didn't… are you asking me if I shot up? Or-or pills? No! Of course not!"
She held his gaze, leaning forward a little. "Arthur, this is why this conversation is off the record and in strict confidence. If you did, even once, it's important that I know. This isn't about judging you or putting a mark on your record. This is about figuring out what this foreign agent is so we can get ahead of it, and there's always a concern about contaminants when dealing with unregulated drugs."
There were no walls to close in on him, but the smell of grass and chlorinated water began to choke him. "Nothing. I s-swear. I ran off to-to the woods one time right after they sewed me u-up. I don't remember much about that time, but no drugs. I couldn't have." He stared down at Mystery. "I c-couldn't have...?"
Mystery gave the tiniest shake of his head.
"No. Nothing, Doc-doctor." It didn't ease the pressure in his chest. There was something in his body and it was probably killing him slowly, and Dr. Noble didn't know what it was. "Do you know how long I-I have?"
Mystery squirmed in his lap, but Arthur was beyond sensory anchoring. Every pulse beat felt like he was drifting further away from his body.
"How long you… I never said it was killing you. We don't know what it's doing, if anything. Right now, everything seems to be functioning well. Actually, your cholesterol results have gone down a bit. But because it's unknown, we have to keep an eye on it. Try to figure it out. Arthur? Arthur, breathe!"
Arthur nodded. The leash slipped out of his hand. He couldn't feel his pulse anymore. He couldn't feel Mystery, either. Dr. Noble's voice pitched as the scenery tilted around him, but he couldn't hear her very well either. He was dying. Definitely dying. It was just going to be very slow. Lots of hospital visits. Lengthy stays. Probably he'd waste away in some sterile white room. Probably—
Water sprayed him in the face. Dr. Noble shrieked. Arthur spluttered as his clothes went from dry to drenched in a second. He scrubbed his face on an arm too wet to help much and quickly located Mystery, who continued shaking pondwater out of his coat as Arthur scrunched up against the bench. As soon as he'd shaken himself off, Mystery turned around and plunged back into the pond, wallowing around and eyeing Arthur with a glint in his eye.
"Are you kidding?!" Arthur yelled, vaulting over the back of the bench and making a break for it. Putting the bench between them bought him precious seconds, but it was no contest. Ten strides later, four legs overtook two and Mystery propelled himself into the back of Arthur's legs. Arthur buckled to the ground where he endured a second thorough wettening from Mystery's coat.
"I reek of soggy dog!" Arthur groaned.
Mystery snorted, stepping up to Arthur's head and barking straight into his ear. Arthur recoiled. "Rude!"
Dr. Noble hurried over. "Are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine." He lay there a moment longer, then pushed himself up. "I'm sorry you got wet too. I really needed that. I think I was pretty far gone for a moment, there."
She stared down at Mystery for a long moment, then slipped a hand in her pocket and produced a dog cookie. "I have a friend who bakes gourmet canine treats. They're a bit pricey, but…" she trailed off, then dropped the treat for Mystery, who caught it before it hit the ground. "You have a top quality animal, there. He seems to know exactly what you need, even if that means a soaking."
Arthur shrugged. "He's on loan, but he's the smartest dog I've ever known." He grinned weakly. "Call me cliche, but it's almost like he understands everything I say."
Mystery snorted again, but wagged his tail and stood still while Arthur grabbed the end of his leash. He ran a hand through his hair, sending another sluice of water down the back of his shirt. "Did you like the cookie, Mystery?"
Mystery was practically dancing on his paws as he yapped an affirmative. Arthur held a hand out to Dr. Noble. "Got a card for that friend of yours?"
Dr. Noble nodded, producing a business card and proffering it. She held onto her end as Arthur grabbed the other. "Arthur, you're sure there's nothing you can think of?"
Deep breath. Arthur looked her square in the eyes. "No, Doctor. Not that I know of. If I remember anything relevant, I'll call you up and make an appointment right then." He eased the card out of her grip. "I promise."
Notes: Sometimes I feel guilty about not writing enough "plot" in this fic, and then I scold myself, "That's literally what I made this fic to be. A place where I didn't have to deal with big huge intricate plot arcs." And then I stop feeling guilty and enjoy writing at potentially the slowest pace I've ever gone in my entire fic writing career. Does this fic qualify as a "slow burn"? I guess I have to ask because I don't think I've ever read a slow burn fic. I probably should rectify that. It sounds like the sort of thing I might enjoy at this stage in my life. By the way, there is no romantic pairing that involves Dr. Noble. She is just a good-hearted doctor working slightly out of bounds to accommodate a patient she's extra worried about.
Thoughts now that The Future is out: I've only the faintest clue how Shiro Mori may crop up in this story, and NO ideas for Murder Mystery. This story will probably diverge from canon in regards to the smackdown Shiro Mori got and the transition from Mystery to Murder Mystery. But we'll see. For now, assume this fic's setup is aligned with everything up through Arthur getting dropped but not dying. Beyond that point, I'll see what the characters in this version of the universe are telling me happened. Also, I'm going for canonical sister portrayal in this story, so the Cayenne in this story has NOTHING to do with the Cayenne in the Just Legends series.
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themenof--freeridge · a year ago
What Once Was
Pairing: Oscar Diaz x Reader  
Requested?: Yes- jeyramarie - Oscar and reader being high school lovers (never stopped loving each other) and the reader comes back home and she sees Oscar again just to find that he has someone and is gonna be a dad.
Warnings: Angst (sort of)  
It had been years since you’d last been to your family’s home in Freeridge. You finally managed to get the approval for your vacation from your company in the city and you were eagerly awaiting stepping into your childhood home.
Your younger brother kept you updated on all the town’s happenings. He let you know when the Prophets were dismantled, when a new gang arose from nowhere and when the Santos took charge to improve the safety of the streets. You always looked out for his updates on Oscar Diaz. Every time Oscar was brought up by your brother, you kept waiting to see how his life was developing.  
The last thing your brother told you about the Diaz brothers was that Oscar had departed from the Santos and Cesar had taken up his throne.  
When you taxi stopped in front of your house, your mother and brother were waiting in the foyer, ecstatic smiles spread across their faces.  
The reunion was quick as your brother was dragged into the kitchen with your mother to finish up making a lunch spread of all of your homemade favorites. When you mother refused your help in the kitchen, she shooed you off to the living room.
Rather than lay around doing nothing, you decided to head off to the nearby 24-hour convenience store. You were suddenly craving their low-quality chicken paste sandwiches.
Once you announced your departure, your brother rattled off a list of snacks to get until you were out the door.
The walk to the store felt all-too familiar, except now the streets were busier with children and teenagers enjoying their lives and not caring about who was watching them. There definitely was a decrease in the number of Santos and questionable characters on the streets.
When you opened the door to the store, the lingering smell of cigarette smoke and fresh bread engulfed you. You strutted in and immediately headed to the refrigerated food section, eager to complete your quest for that sandwich.
You were leaning over the shelf inspecting the products as you heard a voice that only lived in your mind for the past few years away from home.  
“Make sure we get paprika and garlic powder,” his voice boomed through the aisle.
You straightened up slowly, turning to face the direction of his voice. When you found him, you gasped quietly; he looked so different from when you last saw him.
Your teenage love, arguable the love of your life, Oscar Diaz, was standing a mere few feet in front of you. His hair had grown out, so long for the shaved head. He wore a proper shirt instead of the wife-beaters that once decorated his closet.  
Your feet moved on their own, taking you closer to him. As you stood at the entrance of one aisle, he stood on the opposite end with his back to you. In front of him, too close to be a friend, stood an attractive woman with soft, curly auburn hair. When she shifted to the side, you noticed a prominent baby bump. You watched as Oscar moved to place a hand around her center, cradling the bump. In that moment, you realized how differently your lives turned out. While you were away working on making a name for yourself, Oscar had freed himself from the Santos and managed to settle down with someone who was soon to make a father out of him.
What hit you was that he was settled down with someone that wasn’t you.
Suddenly, the couple turned, heading towards you. The moment Oscar met your eyes, he came to a halt. The girl with him didn’t seem to notice; she moved around you, heading to the next aisle.  
Slowly, Oscar moved to stand in front of you. “Hey, Y/N.”
Just hearing your name in his voice was enough to take you back to your younger days. “Hey, Oscar.”
“When did you get back?” he asked, glancing at his baby mama.
“A couple of hours ago.”
He nodded and smiled shyly. He was just as awkward as you felt. You couldn’t deny it, he still made you feel like a teenage girl.
You needed to ease the tension a little. You gestured to where his girl was and asked, “So, you’re gonna be a dad, huh?”
His smile grew proudly as he nodded in confirmation.
“Congrats. You’ll make a great dad to any kid.”
He nodded again and replied, “Thanks. I’m planning on it.”
You pointed to his hair and asked, “You left the Santos?”
“Oh, yeah. A lot has happened since you left.”
“Papi?” his girl swiveled around the aisle to spot the two of you chatting. She offered you a kind smile as she waited for him to respond.  
Before he could leave, you hurried up by saying, “I should get going anyway. Maybe I'll see you around?”
“Yeah, of course. Hey, we’re having a barbecue at the house later if you wanna stop by with your brother.”
“The Santos house?”
His girl piped in again, “No, we moved out of that house a while ago. Maybe Oscar can text you the address.”
“Y-Yeah, sure,” you managed. You smiled at them one last time before turning away and returning to the refrigerated section.  
You thought about what she said. “‘We’ moved out”? That meant that she and Oscar were already living together while he was a Santo. You closed your eyes, trying to take in all the information. The boy you watched turn into a man found happiness with another woman. She was beautiful and the pregnancy glow worked in her favor. She was giving him all he ever wanted: stability, love and a future.
You stayed in the store, staring blankly at the sandwiches; you stayed until you heard them leave.  
When you snapped back to reality, you felt a tear slide down your cheek. You quickly wiped it away and took a deep breath. You told yourself that this is how things go. People grow when apart and even though your feelings for him remained, you had no right to act on them. He was settled now with a baby on the way. Whatever residual feelings you two had for each other needed to be locked away.
Reality was coming down on you and you were trying to adapt as quickly as possible. When you left for the big city, you were saying goodbye to everyone you once knew. Being away from a certain lifestyle forced you to make a life of your own.
Just because you were back home didn’t mean that everything fell back into place as you wanted.  
For the foreseeable future, Oscar was off-limits. Despite how naturally your body moved towards him, like magnets stuck for life, you needed to stay away from him and give him space to build his own future.  
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thefobchef · a year ago
Joe’s moons over my hammy (mondo trasho 3042)
Good morning/afternoon/Evening to y’all, todays recipe will be from the cartoon that joe created a few months back, Mondo Trasho 3024!!! Its from episode 3, where the gang goes to a denny’s after a show. (Sorry for the minimum photos)
Tumblr media
What you need:
-2 slices deil honey ham
-2 eggs
-white bread (I used Italian white bread)
-sharp cheddar
-(optional) any type of condiment(s) for the sandwich
Tumblr media
1.) in a pan, on medium low heat, spray non-stick spray into the pan. Add in the the ham, I cooked mine until I saw crispy and golden brown bits show up on the ham, roughly 2-3 minutes. Then cut the heat from the stove and take out of pan onto a plate lined with paper towel to drain any excess oil. Set aside
2.) In a small bowl, crack the two eggs. I seasoned mine with salt, paprika and some chives, but u can season them how u like. scramble the eggs. In the same pan, put a tiny bit of butter into the warm pan and spread around evenly. Then add in the eggs and turn to a low heat and using a rubber spatula, start to slowly start to drag across the pan to make curds of egg. If its still runny, then turn the heat up to a medium low heat.
3.) scrambling the eggs should take about 3-4 minutes, once its a soft scrambled but not all the way firm, take it off the heat and onto a plate.
4.)assembling the sandwich, I had to make it accurate to the show. It would be the sharp cheddar cheese, the fried ham, then the scrambled eggs. ( I put sauce on the top of my eggs but thats optional)
5.) Put the sandwich into the pan, and since the pan is warm still, it’ll only take a 1-2 minute on each side. Wait till the cheese starts the melt and then flip onto the other side for another 1-2 minutes
6.) take off pan onto a plate, cut diagonally and enjoy :D
Tumblr media
Super easy to make any time of day, can be for breakfast or even a midnight snack. Please tag me if you re-create this!!!
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loverdotpng · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Headcanons yes yes
[Image set IDs:
Image one: Lucien -
Really enjoys horror, never mentions it though
Probably reads Junji Ito's work (Black Paradox and Uzumaki may be two of his favorites)
Has seen Alien Nine, Madoka Magica, and maybe Neon Genesis Evangelion (I've never seen it but I heard it is fucked up)
Enjoys Satoshi Kon's work (Perfect Blue, Paprika, Serial Experiments Lain)
Watches the occasional interesting history or true crime documentary or video essay
Would play with or Watch S/I play Ace Attorney
Image two: Kiro -
Has seen the Animal Crossing movie and almost cried
Canonically a bit of a coward, hates horror
..He would only do anything involving horror if S/I is with him (This is also canon)
Probably watches stuff like MHA, JJBA, Mob Psycho 100, and Little Witch Academia
Also might watch "idol" anime like Love Live! and Zombieland Saga.
Tries to avoid things that are too sad
Plays rhythm games, gacha games, and minecraft, probably.
While he collects superhero-related cards he would help S/I with pokemon card collecting
Actually, he may watch/play pokemon
Can't really read full books (ADHD gang rise up)
Image 3: Victor -
Pretty neutral on horror, enjoys very few horror media (It has to be really interesting to him)
Would read Junji Ito in passing but would not watch anything based on the manga(s)
Probably mostly watches cooking shows and whatever
He can canonically play video games so he probably likes side scrollers and puzzle games
Doesn't pay much attention to movies and TV, doesn't really care
/end of all IDs]
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vera-the-witchynerd · a year ago
Mystery Skulls AU fanfic
Setting: Before the cave. Mostly told from the view point of my OC K-Lena. K-Lena is friends with Vivi, Arther and Mystery in high school. She suddenly left in the middle of there juror year. 5 years later she re-meets the gang. Vivi, Mystery, Arthur and for the first time Lewis. They all become close friends and maybe some closer then friends. As the gang grows closer to K-Lena they can tell she is hiding something from then. They are determined to find out what it is but once they find out her secret will they expect her. Secrets and all.
Characters: Vivi, Lewis, Arthur, Mystery, Mr. and Mrs.Pepper, Paprika, Cayenne, Belle, Mr. and Mrs.Yukino, Grandma Yukino, Lance, my OC K-Lena.
Chapter one: The Meet up
Coming back felt weird but good at the same time. It has been 5 years since I was in my home town. I’m currently waiting in a nice little cafe for some old friends to show up. I haven’t seen or talked to them since I left on that night 5 years ago. I wonder how much they have changed. I know I have changed a great deal, at least on the inside... and my eyes, but they don’t need to ever know about that.
I readjust my sunglasses to make sure no one can see my eyes. I’m so glad I got these Alucard style sunglasses from the Hellsing anime. They hide my eyes perfectly and they go with my gothic look. My hair is a nice red that reaches mid back. Goes well with my pale skin. I’m also on the short and skinny side. People say I look like a doll, it gets annoying, no one ever takes me seriously.
I look up to my name being called. A girl a little taller then me with blue hair and an all blue outfit with magenta sunglasses is standing before me.
“Vivi! It’s so good to see you again!” I say excitedly, giving the blue dresses Vivi a hug. She hasn’t changed at all since high school.
“Don’t forget about me.” I look up to see who Spoke.
“Oh my Gosh! Arther you’ve gotten so tall since I last say you. You were barely an inch taller then Vivi” I say.
“Ya, well I think you have gotten shorter since the last time I say you” Arther pulls me into a tight hug lifting me off the ground as he does. Besides getting taller Arther has stayed the same. Even down to his love of a yellow orange color. Wearing a yellow orange vest and matching pants. As Arther sets me down I feel something nudge my leg. I look down to be greeted by Mystery.
“Hey Mystery! It’s so good to see you again Boy. Who’s my good boy?” I squat down giving Mystery a good scratch behind his ear. He leans into my hand. As I stand up I’m facing a mountain of a guy, tall with broad shoulders. I quickly step back so he can’t see my eyes over the top of my sunglasses. From his height he might be able too.
“K, this is our friend Lewis. I wanted you to meet him so I asked him to come. Sorry I forgot to mention it” Vivi says as she sits down at the table.
“No that’s fine. It’s nice to meet you Lewis” I look up giving him a smile and offer my hand to shake. Looking up at his face he has purple hair which covered his eyes. He smiles shyly at me as he shakes my hand.
“It’s a nice pleasure to meet you K-Lena”
“Please call me K”
Authors note: I hope you enjoy your read. This is my first real fanfic. I’ve never written down the worlds or different scenarios I imagine for my favorite shows and such. If it’s something you really enjoy I’ll make sure to keep it up and post the next chapter. (;-;)
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mcgeez9040 · 5 months ago
People of the cookie run fandom...
Should i make a mummy cookie?....
Basically its lore is:
Tumblr media
Lived a sweet paprika desert
Licorice; Schwarzwalder; bat-cat find his tomb/dungeon
fighting against (pepper/spicy enemies)
Licorice trys to summon his servants but didn't work
The tomb starts to shake
Licorice awakes the mummy cookie
obviously licorice takes advantage of his awakening and make him as his "servant"
Join the dark enchatress gang
That It
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