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#para we are king
beautifulfaaces · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Jobel Mokonzi
May 29, 1998
Angolan German actress
Fanta [Para - We are King: 2021]
Sam [Druck: 2018-2019]
black hair
brown eyes
playable: young adult
Icons: Druck
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covrtofnightmares · 8 months ago
( GABRIEL ft. the plot drop - a self-para ) ; your silence is my favorite sound
There was something strange about this human--something that didn’t quite add up, the longer Gabriel peered into his bland, unassuming eyes. His brows arched, albeit only slightly, when the shaggy-haired blonde stated he had yet to do his people a true honor. For a long moment, Gabriel considered scanning the crowd for sight of the Summer Court princess--was this a coup, perhaps, and they’d find themselves all under siege of the vengeful Liling Li Liu and her ferocious troops? But no, as Gabriel fixated his gaze on the human who now bore a medal that seemed far too large for his person, something clicked into place. Something rooted--burrowed--deep in his chest, flaring like an old friend. Instinct. Lightning fast, like quicksilver slipping between fingers, the man withdrew a dagger concealed against his thigh, using expert skill and precision to slide the sharpened blade between Gabriel’s rib cage, close to the frantic beating of his heart. It must have been made of iron, because the moment it pierced the sensitive flesh of Gabriel’s chest, he felt a burning sensation spread through his torso, as though someone had dipped him into fire and allowed the inferno to swallow him whole.
I want you to know, it was us. It was the Resistance.
The blade was twisted, sending a riot of pain ricocheting through Gabriel’s spine as the magic that prowled in his veins fought for dominance, attempting to rush to the surface. He reached forward, curling his fingers in the human’s shirt, attempting to find something to hold for purchase, as his fingers snatched on the medal he’d placed on the human’s neck mere moments before. Had it been only moments, or had a lifetime passed between then and the fateful second he’d been stabbed?
“I will kill you,” he breathed, his venomous words a struggle as they fell between gritted teeth. “No matter how far you fly, little bird, I will hunt you down and send you into ruination.” Gabriel gasped, pain lancing through his side as he lost purchase of the creature’s shirt. The High Lord of Night was thrown backwards, tossed to the cold, unforgiving marble floor with little more care than a rag doll as the human sped through the panicked crowd, cries of pain, shock, and anguish rippling through the ball room. Somehow, in all of the chaos, Gabriel had lost sight of both Sophia and Kael; a pang of fear pounded through his heart as he scanned the crowd for them but found that his general and wife were nowhere to be found. Even Jacqueline’s familiar face seemed to be a blur among the terrified faeries now bursting into battle with one another.
Gabriel had been content with the idea of being alone for most of his life, but for the first time, as his glazed eyes scanned the room around him and found no friendly faces, he felt a bottomless void of loneliness. The poison was spreading, and as Gabriel’s trembling hand curled around the hilt of the blade lodged in his chest, he felt the shadows pour from his hands, wrapping around him. His magic had always been a cocoon; a way to protect and shield himself from the rest of the world. People were often terrified of the dark because they didn’t understand it. The dark could be terrifying and unknown, but it could also be the darkness of forgiveness. Of lovers. Of acceptance. His shadows had always been companions, and the nightmares had never bothered him.
Gabriel Beaumont himself was a nightmare made flesh. Once upon a time, he felt invincible. After all, no one could really kill a monster.
I will not die this way, he thought as his fingers pulled on the blade lodged deep in his chest. It took every ounce of effort to extract the iron-tipped weapon, his very blood singing in protest as he withdrew the weapon from where it had been buried in his chest. But still, despite his defiance, a hopeless part of Gabriel wondered if this was the cruel hand Death had dealt him. Even for a High Lord, recovering from a wound as grave as this would be no easy feat. The blade lay extracted and in his trembling hands now, but it was no use attempting to hold onto it for safety. The weapon clattered to the floor next to him, his blood a bright streak of crimson against the polished floor. And his blood--it was everywhere. It covered the front of his clothes and stained his fingers, even as he pressed a hand against the wound in an attempt to staunch the bleeding. Is this what his life amounted to, in the end?
Life was cruel and unkind. Gabriel had been alone his entire childhood, until suddenly he wasn’t. But if these were to be his last moments, he wouldn’t think of the child he’d been. He wouldn’t think of the terror he’d felt growing up, or the isolation, pain, or trauma that had seared itself onto his flesh like a brand. Gabriel Beaumont had always been a stone cold survivor. He had clawed his way out of the depths of his own despair and had emerged triumphant, a king in his own right. But he didn’t wish his last moments, if that’s what they were, to be filled with the pain others had inflicted on him. The blood flowed between his fingers like water and Gabriel realized it was not clotting--not fast enough; he was bleeding too fast, too hard, too quickly. As the King of Nightmares used his free hand, his blood-stained fingers curling against the cold and unforgiving floor and attempting to claw to a point of safety, the shadows that had long been his only friends swirled around him, creating mirages and illusions that combusted straight from the depths of his fractured, long-withered heart. Memories, he realized. Distorted memories.
Jacqueline appeared first, her face pinched with pain and sorrow as she tore free from her brothers, the shadows licking around her skirts like fog as she moved before him. We don’t just survive, Gabriel, we thrive. The sister he’d never had; the companion who had grown up in a kingdom full of monsters and shadows. In response to her words, Gabriel grit his teeth and managed to move forward and inch, his head growing light from his blood loss. He blinked and Jacqueline disappeared, blown away like smoke on a candle, as light surged through the room.
The shadows swirled before him, beckoning their king to safety in the solitary corner the room as two figures emerged from the darkness. Sophia and Kael stepped forward, the silhouettes of their bodies engulfed in shadowy flames, as they moved forward and reached for their High Lord. Sophia’s hand rested against his face, an ice cold touch as Gabriel’s eyes nearly shuttered. I would dive headfirst into any abyss if it meant that I would meet you there, mon roi; but don’t leave just yet. S’il vous plait. Sophia’s voice was a soft caress, like a whisper floating on the wind, and Gabriel swore he felt his heart stutter and tremble beneath the memory of her sweet, open face as it looked to him for approval and...something stronger than friendship. Something more similar to a bond. Something similar to the way lovers looked at each other. His wife was a strong and beautiful woman, but she was also more than that--to him and the Night Court. As Sophia spoke to him, Gabriel felt a part of his heart slip away into the abyss, searching for her in whatever beyond awaited for him. 
Kael was beside her, his face--always so open and torn with emotion--looking at Gabriel with more love than he deserved, as he held out a hand for his High Lord to take. Always the protector. Always his General. His oldest friend, even when Gabriel had not deserved the kindness of his companionship. When Kael spoke, what remained of Gabriel’s heart shattered. The others--they are stardust compared to the devastation of losing you, Gabriel. What does paradise mean if I cannot enjoy it by your side?
They carried him, the fragmented shadows of the two people who held what remained of a broken king’s soul, as Gabriel crawled towards safety. There was something he wanted to say to both of them, these lovers of his, but as Gabriel opened his mouth, he realized that the only sound he could make was one of pain. They seemed to understand and laid down beside him; no more than a mere figment of his magic as tendrils of night swirled around him, protecting their High Lord until the very end.
Sophia and Kael were not here--safe, he hoped, and far away from the roar of battle--but they were still with him. Until the very end.
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lightshielded · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Despite the game’s popularity across Runeterra, no one seems to know where Tellstones originated... However, it is said, King Santon of Demacia avoided civil war with a game of Tellstones, saving thousands of lives from the foreseen bloodshed. In honour of King Santon the Great, Demacians play a variant of Tellstones called “King’s Gambit”. The popularity and enjoyment of King’s Gambit is found right across Demacia, even amongst the ranks of their elite. So much so, that the Dauntless Vanguard are known to play their own version of Tellstones, and use it for both mental training and to settle disputes within the ranks. 
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fmdandy · a year ago
location: hwandy’s apartment
date: may 19th
word count: 462
tldr; andy finishes the tracklist for his album (narcissus coming to u june 23rd) mentions of hwan, weed, and some Intrusive Anxiety Thoughts
music filtered off in decrescendo, bouncing less and less off of the walls, until all that was left was the sound of silence. andy leaned back, chair squeaking with the movement, and clasped his hands behind his head.
some feeling sat in his stomach, uncomfortable, painful. it pulsed up thoughts to his brain, like a feed tube.
this isn’t enough. they’ll think you’re a fraud. why did you ever think you could write?
rather than glide, one side of andy’s lips twitched up, until it formed a smirk. he could see his face in his mind’s eye, proud, smug. it wasn’t inaccurate. this was his call, his flag, his magnum opus. the past four months of work led up to this moment, just so that he could be proud and smug of what he’d accomplished.
andy sat up again, flicked his hands out from behind his head with a dramatic flair to be seen by only the air, and typed out his email.
“i approve.”
his forefinger hovered over the mouse, for a breath, for two, and on the half, it was sent.
andy kuo finalized his first solo album.
the tracklist, anyway. he knew well enough that there’d be little time to rest now, as teams came in. design team, concept team, music video team, choreography team, stylist team. but, that was more or less out of his hands. he’d try, anyway, to get his own ideas out there, though he knew it was more likely bc’d listen to the people they paid way too little to team for him.
andy swallowed. the pain in his stomach still pulsed out.
he turned off his computer before leaving the room, the few steps over to his and hwan’s mostly-shared room. a glance at hwan’s pillow didn’t stop the movement of andy’s feet, though it caused enough ruckus in his head for the need to remind himself hwan would be back there. soon.
rifling through the a dresser drawer for his weed stash felt as natural as it could for a forever recovering drug addict. one spliff was fine. he put it into the airpods case on top of the dresser, and the case into his pocket.
on the way out of that room, he told the dogs to be good while he was gone, a task much easier than usual since they happened to all be in the living room. goodie for him. or whatever. anything to get out as soon as possible.
phone squished between his ear and shoulder, andy put on his jacket and listened to the rhythmic ringing. by the time the voicemail clicked on, the jacket was on and andy stood upright, phone now in hand. “babe, i’m coming over. we’re celebrating. your man’s a fucking genius.”
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ramascreen · a month ago
Key Art And Trailer For International Max Original PARA - WE ARE KING (WIR SIND KING) Debuts October 26
Key Art And Trailer For International Max Original PARA – WE ARE KING (WIR SIND KING) Debuts October 26
HBO Max will be the streaming home to the six-episode international drama series PARA – WE ARE KING (WIR SIND KING), debuting TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26. The series recently won Best Drama Series and Best Directing at the 2021 German TV Awards and is from the executive producers of the popular German Max Original drama series “4 Blocks.”   Logline: Four young women, best friends for life: Jazz (Jeanne…
Tumblr media
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magicalwxtchwriting · a month ago
Don’t boss me around
Summary: Hunting is not easy, especially when one of your companions tries to boss you around.
Characters: Dean Winchester x reader; Sam being sam.
Warnings: Is there a real warning here?, discussion, dean being bossy, mention of porn, and Dean of course thinking about his porn.
Words: 740 words.
A/N: I'm sorry if have mistakes, my mother language is not english, is spanish.
A/N2: Probably do a second part? Will it become a series? who knows.
— — — — — — — — — — — —
Tumblr media
— — — — — — — — — — — —
Dean stormed like a tornado into the motel room, where y'all were staying in separate rooms "You are are a crazy woman"
When you got into this hunt, you expected to work as usual: investigation, interrogations, you found the place, you hunted the creatures and that's it, but you did not expect to meet Dean Winchester and his way of bossing everyone around.
The hunt was going smoothly, until he started bossing you around like you were a rookie hunter, to be honest you have had enough experience to know what to do and what not to do.
"You said you wanted to work together sweetheart, but those damn vampires almost killed us because of you..." Dean raised his voice, as he tried to remove his bloody jacket.
Sam tried to calm the situation, he knew his brother but before he could say a word, the green-eyed man raised his hand towards Sam.
"No..." you answered with the same tone of his voice "they already had us, i had to kill that asshole at that moment, otherwise Sam and I would be dead right now."
You pointed out to Sam who was sitting on the small table in the room with his laptop, he just looked up and saw them both, without saying a word and trying to bandage a wound on his arm.
Tumblr media
Dean just licked his lips looking at Sam and then to you, he went straight to the bathroom to clean himself up, leaving the bag on the bed, you naively believed that all discussion had ended there.
You sat next to Sam and smiled at him, to be honest he was the real victim of all this, of his brother's behavior, you looked at your clothes, all bloody and you were exhausted, you had blood even on your face.
Dean came out of the bathroom and pointed his finger at you. "Look, the work is done and you and I tomorrow...we will not see each other anymore."
You rolled your eyes, crossed your arms and legs, and let out a long-exhausted sigh, how was it possible for such a handsome man to be so bossy.
"Working with you is like working with the king of hell sweetheart...and we've worked with the king of hell before..." He continued talking while you just watched him silently, you no longer listened to what he was saying, you only watched the movements of his hands and his expressions.
Deep down you liked him, the way he pointed at you, looked at you and even spoke to you, it was hot.
But it was not the time besides you were already getting sick of his complaining, you exploded.
"Mira mi amor, yo no iba a estar esperando tus órdenes, ahí parada como si fuera no sé, una estatua de mármol o algo parecido..." you answered as you got up from the chair walking towards him, leaving few centimeters between you and him "Tú no eres nadie para estarme mangoneando, como si fueras el rey y señor de toda esta tierra, llevo años cazando y conozco mi trabajo, no actúes como si fueses el único que tiene una gran idea, o lo que sea..." after having made the gestures imitating his way of speaking, you returned your hands to your waist, looking at him.
(Translation: "Look my love, I wasn't going to be waiting for your orders, standing there like I don't know a marble statue or something like that ...")
(Translation 2: "You are nobody to be bossing me around, as if you were the king and lord of all this land, I have been hunting for years and I know my work, do not act as if you are the only one who has a great idea, or whatever...")
Tumblr media
You caught him off guard, Dean was silent looking at you trying to understand what you had said, had you insulted him? were you agreeing with him? Those words didn't sound like any of the ones he had learned from watching porn, but for him it the beginning of a porno.
Sam smiled, it was funny to see his brother finally quiet, he had a suspicion that you spoke spanish, one night he accidentally overheard you speaking to someone on the phone.
"Dean, I think she's letting you understand that he's not following your orders..." You looked at Sam in surprise.
"Do you understand?" your gaze was fixed on the tall man while he nodded, giving you a sign that he understood something.
You let out a little laugh, looked back at the eldest of the Winchesters. "When you're in a better mood princess, then we will talk."
Your eyes went up and down, despite the moment you were still a bit angry at the way he had spoken to you, so you turned your back on him to wave goodbye to Sam and leave to your room.
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ayuuria · a month ago
Yashahime Translation: Mantan Web 10/23/21
Please do not repost this translation without my consent! This includes screenshots of any type and amount. If you wish to share this translation, simply link to this post.
For more information regarding the use of my translations, click here.
¡Por favor, no repostees esta traducción sin mi consentimiento! Esto incluye capturas de pantalla de cualquier tipo y cantidad. Si deseas compartir esta traducción, usa simplemente el enlace a este post.
Para más información sobre el uso de mis traducciones, haz click aquí.
Hanyō no Yashahime: The Reason the Yashahimes Fight What it Means to Depict Sesshōmaru as A Father “The Second Chapter” Director Hishida Masakazu Speaks
The continuation of “Hanyō no Yashahime”, “Hanyō no Yashahime, The Second Chapter”, which stars the daughters of Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha from Takahashi Rumiko-sensei’s popular manga “Inuyasha”, began in October. In “The Second Chapter”, Hishida Masakazu, who is known for series like “Pretty Rhythm” and “KING OF PRISM”, serves as the director. Director Hishida has his origins with Sunrise which produced the Inuyasha series and “Hanyō no Yashahime”.  He himself has a lot of emotional attachment to “Inuyasha” as it was the work where he made his production debut. Following the “Inuyasha” world and the previous work “Hanyō no Yashahime, The First Chapter”, we asked what he’s focused on in depicting “The Second Chapter”.
“Hanyō no Yashahime” Has a Fresh Feeling Like Back When He Was a Newbie
“Hanyō no Yashahime” depicts the twin daughters of Sesshōmaru and Rin, Towa and Setsuna, and the daughter of Kagome and Inuyasha, Moroha, crossing over time between the modern and feudal era, running rampant as they please. Takahashi Rumiko-san handled the main character design and Sumisawa Katsuyuki-san oversees the series composition. Just like “Inuyasha” and “Inuyasha, The Final Act”, it is produced by Sunrise. “The First Chapter” was broadcasted from October 2020 to March 2021.
In “The First Chapter”, Satō Teruo, who was the assistant director for “Inuyasha, The Final”, served as the director. Director Hishida became the director starting from “The Second Chapter”. Upon being announced as the new director, he commented that “Inuyasha” was very memorable to him as it was the work he made his production debut on at his origin, Sunrise, and it was also the work that helped him grow as an anime producer. He looks back on his time working on “Inuyasha” as “(I was) Truly overflowing with motivation”.
“Before “Inuyasha”, I took part in “Turn A Gundam” but my debut didn’t happen in “Turn A Gundam”. Just as I was feeling anguished, they let me debut in “Inuyasha”, so I’m truly grateful to the work. For Sunrise back then, I think “Inuyasha” was a type of work they didn’t do much of. There was a lot mecha back then, so having the feudal era as the setting where demons appear, and battles being fought with Japanese swords was probably unusual. It was fun.”
For “Hanyō no Yashahime”, series composition writer Sumisawa-san, character designer Hishinuma Yoshihito-san, music composer Wada Kaoru-san, and the staff of the “Inuyasha” series regathered. Hishida-san says that he’s taking on the work with “the same feeling as when he was a newbie” back when anime “Inuyasha” started in 2000.
“At the work site for “Hanyō no Yashahime”, the main staff of “Inuyasha” who taught me how to work 20 years ago, is still the same as before. All those people are vigorously giving it their all. That’s why when the discussion of being the director was brought up to me, I thought “I want to do this”. I think only this work site can give me that fresh feeling of when I was a newbie, so I’m happy.”
Sesshōmaru Doesn’t Show His Fatherly Side as Much as Possible; Following the “Inuyasha” World
With Director Hishida working on “The Second Chapter”, he places importance on “Continuing the course of the first chapter while still staying in line with the ‘Inuyasha’ world”.
“I feel that the world of ‘Inuyasha’ must not be destroyed. I always check everything with the world setup of Inuyasha, thinking about how something would play out in ‘Inuyasha’, so I get worried every time. I always worry about things like “Would this character say something like this?”, and it’s a struggle. However, the ‘Inuyasha’ know-how is accumulated at the studio and continues to be followed, so I can entrust the storyboard and (everything) after with ease.”
“Hanyō no Yashahime” inherits the world of “Inuyasha”, but it’s a new story where Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha’s daughters are the stars. The characters that appeared in “Inuyasha” have changed. What is symbolic is Sesshōmaru who has become a father. In “The Second Chapter”, there’s a scene that depicts a brief glimpse of Sesshōmaru’s fatherly side.
“Actually, I do my best not to show Sesshōmaru’s fatherly face as much as possible. Because it’s Sesshōmaru. Towa and Setsuna are half demons born between with him and Rin and he’s not the typical father. Even if he does have love for his daughters, Sesshōmaru won’t show it. However, during recording, Narita Ken-san who plays Sesshōmaru would always ooze affection (in his acting), and we would have to do a retake like “Please have more restraint”. I truly feel bad for Narita-san. While I do want to have everyone listen to Sesshōmaru’s affectionate voice, I want to place importance on Sesshōmaru’s way of raising children.”
The Difference Between “Inuyasha” and “Hanyō no Yashahime”; What Is the Reason Why the Yashahimes Fight?
In “The Second Chapter” the reason behind the Yashahimes getting separated from their parents and the meaning behind Sesshōmaru’s actions will gradually be revealed. Director Hishida stated that “Of course, the focus of the story is on the three Yashahimes and it is they who will resolve the issues.” and “I want to make the reason clear as to why the Yashahimes fight.”
““Hanyō no Yashahime” exists because of Takahashi Rumiko-sensei’s original work, “Inuyasha”, and the “Inuyasha” anime. Thus, fundamentally, the aspect of “fighting” must be placed as the main axis. However, the reason Inuyasha, who’s a male, fights, and the reason the Yashahimes, who are female, fight don’t equal each other. How to work that part out while having them fight with emotion is very difficult. I think this is the defining difference between “Inuyasha” and “Hanyō no Yashahime”.”
What is the reason for why the Yashahimes fight?
“To be frank, for Towa and Setsuna, it’s to save their mother, Rin. Regarding Moroha, the reason she fights will become clear to see from here on. The Yashahimes were separated from their parents when they were very young, so they’ve lost the happy time that normally should’ve been had. I bet the girls are doing their best to recover that (time)”
“Hanyō no Yashahime” broadcasts on Saturday evenings and is also an anime geared towards kids. Director Hishida says that he “has to make the reason they fight understandable” for children as well.
“There have been works about girls fighting even before the “Pretty Cure” series but it became mainstream through “Pretty Cure”, so you can probably watch without feeling too out of place. Even so, violence is still a last resort. I think it would be great for children to understand that it’s not just defeat the enemy. Enemies are defeated because there’s proper righteousness and purpose.”
Director Hishida says that a point worth noting is ““The First Chapter” had a lot of mysteries but all of them will be resolved, so don’t worry. Please look forward to it.” You can’t miss the future developments to see if the Yashahimes, who fight “for someone”, will be able to reach a time of happiness.
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hinaypod · a month ago
Hello! Loving Hi Nay but unfortunately I'm better at Ilocano than Tagalog- what did Mari say in Taglog during episode 6?
Hey there Earako! Thanks so much for listening so far.
What Mari says in Episode 6 is one of my favourite, totally unnecessary complexities we put into the episode, because she actually speaks 5 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES at once, all Filipino!
We got in touch with different Filipino friends of ours who could speak other regional languages and put this together.
Here's the breakdown from our script:
Awsan ko ngan ding nunu, kulung do ring mangarok keni. Bi-bie ke ing sarili ku kang Indung Tibuan, king malaut a lugar ayni (Kapampangan).
Ayuda kumigo kunel ditu umil de serbisyo, i ditu bendisyon para pelya kunel kere ase malo kumigo (Chavacano).
Ihatag ko kanimo ang ngaan nako, Mari Datuin. Kila-a ako paagi hong mga kaapo-apohan ko. (Butuanon)
Kilalanin niyo ako sa pamamagitan ng aking dugo, ng aking diwa. Kilalanin niyo ako sa pamamagitan ng aking amo, Lakampati (Tagalog).
Each translated reads as the following:
I call upon all the powers to lock this evil away. I give myself as a vessel to these powers of my homeland, from this place far away.
Help me, your humble servant. Give me your blessings to fight against that which seeks to harm me.
I give you my name, Mari Datuin. Know me by my forebears.
Know me by my blood and my spirit. Know me by my patron, Lakampati.
Protect me and mine against this stranger. May my power overcome his, in your names!
It was so fun to ask our friends to take part in the creation of this episode, especially the Butuanon side of my family. Pretty sure my Nanay still wants me to learn Butuanon ;)
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anderwater · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“My friend always says that I bottle things up and need to let off steam now and then and think of myself. But I can’t do that.”
Jobel Mokonzi as Fanta in PARA - Wir sind King (2021)
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thesolotomyhan · 8 months ago
dating pacho herrera would include (nsfw edition)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: mm It was not my intention to bring you guys this desmadre bc i was planning something else but here we are,, but again, i tried being as gender neutral as possible for my respectful king while at the same time feeding you amores,, i hope its not bad haha-
taglist: @fandomnerd16 @visintaes @sheeshgivemeabreak @artemiseamoon @umvirgo​ @redhairedace ​
let me know if you want to be tagged!
warnings: its all nsfw!
alright so we’ve already gone over some of pachos s e x u a l points,, but in this essay i will be going in further with some more thots- 
i just want to start off by saying, is anyone interested in m i r r o r sex?? 
because the simple idea of him fucking you in front of a mirror is a motherfucking DREAM with this man and im embarrassed to have imagined this way too many times- 
like the first thing that popped into mind was the idea of you two fucking in front of bathroom mirror in one of his planes when he takes you on vacation,
because good lord,, you have him grabbed by the balls de enamorado,, he wouldnt give 2 shits where he can bend you over-
like just the thought of him having your hair balled up in his fist,, picking your head up,, forcing you to look in the mirror every time you try to look away 
just him wanting you to watch the way he fucks you,, drunk on his cock-
his other hand running down the front of your body as he thrusts into you-
his low grunts near your ear mixing in with your loud moans of his name
woW- him moving to prop one of your legs up on the sink counter when he feels your legs start to give out-
smiling into the mirror when he looks at the way you scrunch up your face,
your moans becoming louder as one of your hands come to hold the back of his head behind you-
i- him pulling your head to the side,, his lips kissing the inside of your neck, “mira que hermosa/o te vez,, todo esto solo para mi, verdad?”
 him moving to grab your jaw when he feels you nod your head,, his eyes locking with yours in the mirror,,
his hips continuously thrusting into you,, his arm coming to hold your body up, repeating his words again, just wanting to hear you say it as he pounds into you- 
his hand wandering down in between your legs,, making your eyes roll back as you grip his wrist,, his name leaving your mouth in a loud whine as he moves your head back to him to silence your moans- i cant ok
but you know what? hot tub sex is a fucking thing you cannot sit there and tell me it isnt-
like- nothing beats the feeling for him than having your legs wrapped around his waist,, his hands gripping your ass to hold you up,,
the two of you sharing this messy and desperate kiss as he pushes you back onto the walls of the hot tub
wow,, your hands coming up to push his hair back, gripping the ends of them and bringing his head forward when he pushes into you-
the both of your low breaths mixing in with each other,,
one of his hands moving to hold your lower back,, pushing your hips into his as he gradually picks up the momentum of his thrusts
dios mio,,, just him getting lost watching the way your eyebrows scrunch together, throwing your head back and not holding back on the chants of his name,,
your body cant help but bounce with his harsh thrusts,, neither of you noticing the water beginning to splash out of the tub from both of your movements-
i just- him bringing your head forward,, his hand resting on your neck, concentrating on the way your face reacts to his cock being buried inside of you- 
wow no offense to anyone but him moving to bring one of your legs up onto his shoulder,, gripping it with his other hand
your whimpers of his name making him drive his hips into you ruthlessly,,
him looking down,, watching how your hips involuntarily rise to meet his,, your hole still eagerly taking his cock in- wow i am screaming ill stop
ok so i know ive kind of gone over it but no one and i mean no one can take the idea away from me about him having you wearing just his shirts or get this,, perhaps his leather jacket???
like i just know he loves the sight of you always only wearing something of his,, 
sitting you on his lap,, wanting to see how desperate you can get before you beg him  to fuck you senseless- wow
just something about his shirts being the only thing covering your glowing body,, your pleading face looking down at him,, your hips faltering on top of his thigh-   i
im just fixed on the idea of him sitting back,, glass in hand a smug ass look on his face when he places his hands on your thighs,
not helping you or anything,, just placing them there,, 
his thumb rubbing circles into your skin as he looks up and watches you with a smile on his face all amused when he hears your desperate murmurs of his name leave your lips,, the only thing youve been able to say-
“eso, asi se hace mi amor, ensename cuanto me necessitas adentro de ti”- i cant,,
just probaby making you beg for him to let you cum until youre literally trembing for him to fuck you sideways- i
ok listen,, becasue i cannot handle the thought of him fucking you into submission-
like either him doing it because youve been bratty and wanting his attention or him doing it because he just needs to see you fall apart beneath him,, one of his favorite views
but wow- he for sure holds your hands above your head,, sucking on your neck as he fucks you into the bed
my god- him holding you in place when you start to writhe under him,, seeing you start to lose yourself when he reaches in between the two of you-
him whispering in your ear about how good you are for him,,
his chest leaning against yours as he lifts your leg up a little, getting a better angle inside of you,, and all you can focus on is the feeling of his cock being so deep inside of you,,
i cant- your teary eyes meeting his as he pounds into you,, making you look at him and tell him who you belong to-
his thrusts never losing momentum even after youve cum,, watching the struggle of your hands and body become helpless as he holds you down -i
um?? but i would also imagine him having you suck his cock when youve been bratty with him-
just him forcing you to get on your knees for him,
his fingers tangling  in your hair,, tugging you into him to blow him off,
his low groans filling the air as he steadily thrusts into your pretty mouth- 
just... hearing you gag on him would be his favorite sound from you when he looks down at you- your watery eyes meeting his-
“que obediente, aver si asi te portas bien” i am not sorry for that visual
ahAH jealousy sex?? sorry ill just stop here
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thief-anon · a year ago
It’s been quite the year.
This year has been one of the hardest but also mebbe the happiest year of my life. And i think it’s almost entirely because of the UA community. So i wanted to say thank you to the people who made that possible -
Thank you to @lady-raziel for bringing me into this fandom on accident with sour patch cream cheese. Who woulda thought, ey? when I do the dance of Italy in a denny’s parking lot and get arrested for war crimes, know it’s your fault fdjsf
Thank you to @wilfcrd for being my introduction to the fandom and for your community of anons. Without you i would never have met some truly amazing people. Even though you can be disturbingly cursed at times, i’m happy to call myself your anon.
Thank you to @fischyplier for being an inspiration for me. I would not have gotten into making gifs had it not been for your encouragement on the first few I made. The first gif I made was supposed to be a one off, but after you reblogged it with a nice comment in the tags I wanted to do more. I look up to you a whole lot, pal.
Thank you to @ambrosiadreamer, @wall-anon, @chicasiplier, @astralnexus, @theoneandonlyyeti, @cpblasterdsrk, @cavemanmark, @happy15crazy and many more for being terrific mutuals and friends. It has been a pleasure knowing you all. nate, i still use your photoshop tips to this day. para, your content is some of the greatest stuff i have seen in this fandom. and wallis you are an excellent co-conspirator and not as much of a meanie as you think. 
Thank you to @cake-anony for always being there for me and being my partner in clowning. You are one of the strongest, kindest and most beautiful people i know and i am sure you are going to do some great things in the coming years, darling.
Thank you to @mineanon, @the-brillo-pad (citrus anon), reporter anon, hug friend anon, fey anon, imposter anon, tj anon, and all of the rest of my anons for sticking around. You are all clowns and I am the Clown King. But also to every unnamed anon that has sent in encouraging asks, thank you. I’ve gone through some pretty hard stuff this year and I have had lows where I didn’t think I would get out, but every kind ask gave me a little more to hold onto.
Thank you to everyone who interacted with my projects. Thank you for everyone who encouraged me. Without you, I would not have done so many of the things I'm most proud of. To every person who reblogged my work, every person who left a nice tag, every person who showed up to a stream, thank you.
Last but not least, thank you to @markiplier and @crankgameplays for making all of this possible. You clowns have changed my life forever.
And it's not over. the clock is still ticking, whether you remember it or not. Even though the channel has reached its end, your life, your story, is just beginning.
We're still here. and we will always be tied together because of the memories of Unus Annus that we share. We were all a part of it, and we always will be.
It’s been a great year. I love you all.
Signing off,
-thief anon
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darlcng · a month ago
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤamerica’s  very  own  𝗽𝘂𝗺𝗽𝗸𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗼𝘄𝗻  !
[  CLOSED  !  ]  𝑷𝑼𝑴𝑷𝑲𝑰𝑵𝑻𝑶𝑾𝑵𝑯𝑸  is  a  mature  semi-appless  discord  roleplay  revolving  around  the  fictional  town  of  sinclair  ,  virginia  and  its  local residents  and  visitors/tourists  .  the  town  is  especially  known  for  being  one  of  the  largest  pumpkin  producers  in  the  country  &  for  its  one-week  long  halloween  festival  ,  which  is  coming  soon  ! 
sinclair  is  a  small  town  of  about  15,000  habitants  located  in  virginia  ,  where  you  can  see  pumpkins  everywhere  .  the town’s  most  important  product  is  pumpkins  and  for  this  reason  it  grew  around  the  theme  of  halloween  -  you  can  see  spooky  antique  shops ,  black  cats  and  even  so-called  “  haunted  ”  houses  around  sinclair  .  the local  university’s  mascot  is  a  black  cat  (  students  say  it’s  an  intimidating  one  ,  not  a  cute  kitten  !  )  and  its  main  sport  is  fencing  .  if  you  wanna  take  mortuary  studies  ,  this  is  the  university  for  you  !  but  we  promise  there  are  other  great  courses  .  the  most  important  event  of  the  year  for  sinclair  residents  is  the  halloween  festival  ,  where  tourists  and  locals  enjoy  a  full  week  o f festivities  that  go  from  carving  pumpkins  to  learning  about  witch  craft  .  whether  you  love  it  or  hate  it  ,  one  thing  is  for  sure  in  sinclair  -  they  do  serve  pumpkin  spice  lattes  the  whole  year  !
if  you  have  any  questions  ,  concerns  or  suggestions  ,  my  inbox  is  open  !  if  you  want  to  send  your  app  ,  please  use  my  submit  box  .  thank  you  !
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲  :  a  mature  semi-appless  ,  small   discord  roleplay  with  chill  activity  ,  focused  on  the  lives  of  the  local residents  and  visitors/tourists  of  sinclair  ,  virginia  .  it  is  a  safe  environment  &  diversity  is  highly  encouraged  .  mature  and  dark  themes  may  come  up  as  the  plot  goes  on  .
#  𝐑𝐔𝐋𝐄𝐒  .
one  .  basic  roleplaying  etiquette  .  muns  ,  muses  and  faceclaims  must  be  over  the  age  of  twenty  .  no  godmodding  ,  bubble  rping  ,  ooc  drama  or  discrimination  will  be  tolerated  here  .  since  this  is  a  small  group  ,  everyone  should  be  welcoming  and  treat  members  respectfully  .  should  you  have  any  problems  with  a  particular  mun  ,  please  message  me  privately  .
two  .  this  is  a  group  focused  on  character  development  with  lots  of  plots  drops  so  some  sort  of  literacy  is  a  basic  requirement  .  while  you  don’t  have  to  write long  paragraphs  or  use  gifs  ,  paras  are  encouraged  !  
three  .  interest  checks  will  be  held  weekly  to  make  sure  everyone  is  still  interested  in  the  group  .  you  have  twenty- four  hours  to  react  ,  otherwise  you’ll  be  removed  .  if  you  need  a  hiatus  ,  please  let  me  know  and  we  won’t  remove  you  from  the  group  !
four  .  banned  faceclaims  are  those  deceased  ,  who  do  not  wish  to  be  roleplayed  ,  anyone  below  the  age  of  twenty  ,  and  it  includes  :  the  vlog  squad  ,  kardashians  /  jenners  ,  biebers  ,  kj  apa  ,  cole  sprouse  ,  camila  cabello  ,  ariana  grande  ,  ansel  elgort  ,  ester  exposito  ,  nicola  peltz  ,  gavin  leatherwood  ,  pete  davidson  ,  jack gillinsky  ,  madison  beer  ,  machine  gun  kelly  ,  nina dobrev  ,  phoebe  tonkin  ,  cindy  kimberly  ,  timothee  chalamet  ,  matthew  noszka  ,  helena  howard  ,  joey  king  ,  danielle  campbell  ,  charles melton  ,  dove  cameron  ,  sabrina  carpenter .  as  a  general  rule  :  if  you  suspect  they  might  be  problematic  ,  don’t  use  them  or  ask  us  first  .
five  .  two  muses  will  be  allowed  per  mun  right  off  the  bat  and  another  one  will  be  allowed  after  one  week  of  activity  .  the  admins  will  be  carefully  selecting  the  muses  that  vibe  more  with  the  group  .  there  will  be  nine  spots  as  we  have  three  admin  spots  ,  but  we  may  add  more  spots  depending  on  the  number  of  apps  we  get  .  elements  like  diversity  of  all  kinds  and  character  originality  will  be  taken  into  consideration  .
please  note  that  we  have  an  app  form  for  local  residents  of  sinclair  and  another  one  for  visitors/tourists  .  please  fill  out  the  one  that  best  fits  your  muse  .  you  must  fill  out  at  least  one  of  the  questions  in  character  .
local  residents  are  those  who’ve  been  living  in  sinclair  for  more  than  a  year  and/or  feel  like  the  town  is  their  “  home  ”  .  tourists  /  visitors  are  those  who  are  visiting  sinclair  ,  are  going  to  be  there  temporarily  or  have  just  moved  to  town  .
local  residents  app  :
(  faceclaim  ,  gender  identity  ,  pronouns  ,  age  )  is  that  FACECLAIM  ?  no  ,  i  think  that’s  just  MUSE  NAME  ,  a  AGE  year  old  OCCUPATION  .  they’ve  been  living  in  the  pumpkin  capital  for  NUMBER  of  years  ,  and  have  garnered  the  reputation  of  being  POSITIVE  TRAIT  &  POSITIVE  TRAIT  ,  but  also  NEGATIVE  TRAIT  &   NEGATIVE  TRAIT  .  halloween  isn’t  the  only  thing  they’re  passionate  about  ,  as  they  remind  everyone  of  THREE  AESTHETICS  .  you  surely  won’t  miss  them  at  the  annual  halloween  festival  !  [  ooc  alias  ,  age  ,  timezone  ,  pronouns  ,  triggers  ]
tourists  /  visitors  app  :
(  faceclaim  ,  gender  identity  ,  pronouns  ,  age  )  is  that  FACECLAIM  ?  no  ,  i  think  that’s  just  MUSE  NAME  ,  a  AGE  year  old  OCCUPATION  .   they  are  visiting  the  pumpkin  capital  because  REASON  FOR  VISITING  .  in  the  #  OF   WEEKS  /  YEARS  /  MONTHS  they’ve  been  here  ,  they  have  garnered  the  reputation  of  being  POSITIVE  TRAIT  &  POSITIVE  TRAIT  ,  but  also  NEGATIVE  TRAIT  &  NEGATIVE  TRAIT  .   they  remind  everyone  of  THREE  AESTHETICS  .  you  surely  won’t  miss  them  at  the  annual  halloween  festival  !  [  ooc  alias  ,  age  ,  timezone  ,  pronouns  ,  triggers  ]
PART  TWO  OF  THE  APP  :  please  answer  at  least  one  of  these  questions  in  character  :
[  for  local  residents  ]  what  do  you  like  the  most  and  the  least  about  sinclair  and  why ?
[  for  visitors  ]  why  did  you  decide  to  come  to  sinclair  ?
[  for  anyone  ]  do  you  like  halloween  ?  why  do  you  like  it  or  dislike  it  ?
PART  THREE  OF  THE  APP  [  optional  ]  :  you  can  send  us  any  additional  information  about  the  muse  so  we  can  have  a  better  idea  about  them  ,  such  as  a  bio  ,  a  pinterest  board  ,  a  playlist ,  etc  .  
#  𝐓𝐀𝐊𝐄𝐍  (  03  /  12  MUN  SPOTS  )  .
faceclaims  :   keeahwah  ,  manny  jacinto  ,  brianne  tju  .
#  𝐀𝐏𝐏  𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓  (  3 )  .
logan  browning  ,  sean  berdy  ,  froy  gutierrez  .    
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tinybatss · 4 months ago
Corruption Phase One
‘If you go anywhere near them, you’ll have to deal with me.’ Janus lets out an angry hiss as he summons his hook staff, holding it in front of himself in a defensive way. ‘Oh you silly serpent. What do you think a little hook is going to do to me?’ The once hidden orange side snickers, not threatened at all by the deceptive side. ‘Go back to the depths of which you came from Helion.’ Janus growls, ignoring the comment from the other. ‘Oh Jan Jan. what happened to you? We are friends after all.’ Helion smirks as his eyes begin to glow a soft orange.
‘Not anymore Jealousy. You were trying to corrupt Thomas. You started to corrupt me! You’re the reason Para- Anxiety left.’ Janus curses himself in his head at the slip up. 'Oh Deceit. You think I was the reason little Paranoia left?' Hellion chuckles darkly before moving closer to the deceptive side, using a clawed hand to grab at Janus' chin. Janus growls before he shoves Hellion away with his hook staff, whacking him in the face. 'Oh you shouldn't have done that.' Hellion smirks as he pulls out a cloth to wipe away the blood from his nose. Hellion whistles sharply, a high pitched tone that hurt Janus' ears. Out of the depths of the darkest shadows, outcomes the grey side, one who was the original red side, that is until the King split, forcing him to become a grey side, being forced out of the mind. Wrath comes to a stop beside Jealousy, an amused look on his face. 'Deceit.' 'Wrath.' Janus hisses, not happy that he was now out numbered.
‘Bo peep called and she wants her staff back.’ Wrath grins before he pulls Janus’ staff out of his hands and snaps it in half with his bare hands. Janus goes to lash out at Wrath from anger but instead a sudden feeling of tiredness overcame him. As Janus teeters on his feet, on the edge of passing out he watches as Jealousy prowls closer, before pulling another to his side, arm draped over their shoulder. ‘Nice one Sloth. You made the right choice in following me.’ Sloth, who had been staring at the ground, looks up and catches Janus’ gaze before the deceptive side falls over. ‘M sorry Jan.’ Is the last words Janus hears before he blacks out, the teal side’s influence taking over completely, forcing him into an unwanted sleep.
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still-a-morosexual-help · 2 months ago
*I wrote this days after the lesson was first posted and never bothered to go back and edit it so meaning there will be me theorizing about the next lesson as well
*I write a small para for each chapter and I write it immediately after finishing that chapter so there’ll be theorizing about the next chapter too
*I swear more than usual here
*Some of the dialogue is heavily plagiarized and a few is lifted directly from the story, the game is to figure which is which.
*Summaries and Discussions/theories for all the other lessons can be found on this blog under #obey me spoilers or #my theories or #my headcanons
This has one locked lesson cause of course it does
Belphie’s upset that their names got called on the loudspeaker as if they were the lost children and not Diavolo. MC says the others won’t let them ever live this down if they found out and Belphie says he’ll be teased for centuries. Belphie tells a story about how he once got lost in the Celestial Realm and spent hours in a tree crying, MC asks why he was on a tree, and he says cause he thought he’s be able to see the direction of the celestial palace from there. It had eventually been Raphael who found him and he ended up taking a liking to the tree so he would climb it and nap up there whenever he wanted to avoid work. MC asks whether he like Raphael. Belphie says he never thought about it either way but that Raphael always looked like he had it rough (course he did – he had to try to get Belphie and his brothers under control cause Lucifer was much more lenient those days. I’ve mentioned this before but I’m certain that Lucifer blames his leniency as what got Lilith killed and that’s why he’s unreasonably strict with the brothers now) MC asks what Raphael was like – he says he worked hard for little reward and his job was looking after Michael’s needs no matter how unreasonable (and they really are the Lucifer and Diavolo of the Celestial Realm aren’t they!?). He was meticulous and methodical and he always had a sullen, irritated look making him always seem like he was in a bad mood. And his evil eye looked so evil you could almost mistake him for a demon. Belphie says he hasn’t seen him in a ling time and wonders how he’s doing. Belphie says all this with a smile on his face and this is the first time we’ve heard someone talk about Raphael in a positive light and this supports my theory that Belphie sees the Celestial Realm in a more positive light than the others probably do (which is why he irrationally directed all his anger at the humans). I’m also 10% certain the person Simeon was meeting with was Raphael not Michael cause I don’t think we’ve heard Belphie mention Michael once so it makes sense that they would have him recognise the angel he would later talk about. They get to the desk and Belphie goes to give their names but MC cuts in with ‘snoozy’ before he can say his. The employee comments on the name and Belphie blushes and says it’s embarrassing and asks MC to stop laughing about it. The employee gives them the note which happens to be a ransom note. Lol this guy is fucked.
Belphie complains about Barbatos failing to teach Diavolo not to walk off with strangers (in my very first theory/headcanon posts I compared Barbatos and Diavolo’s relationship to the one between Alfred and Bruce Wayne and I completely stand by that. I think Barbatos is significantly older than Diavolo the same way Lucifer’s significantly older than his brothers and similar to Lucifer and his brothers I think Barbatos had a hand in raising Diavolo. Given that we now know that Barbatos might have powers that rivalled the demon king it’s possible that he may be as old as him, or just slightly younger, than him as well. Tldr; Barbatos gives off heavy Alfred Pennyworth vibes). Belphie doesn’t want to deal with this and MC says they can’t just ignore it (also they will be murdered twice over if they do) and Belphie says he knew they’d say that and agrees to humour this stupid fucking human. He says he doesn’t wanna get tortured by Lucifer and Barbatos but the idea of going and rescuing Diavolo like one of his good little pawns makes him sick too. They head to the circus tent and are greeted by a happy and beaming Diavolo sitting on a chair with a man holding a gun to his head and demanding money (what a fucking amateur ass kidnapper at least give ‘em time to go and get the money! What you think people just walk around with wads of cash in their pockets!?) Belphie ignores him and scolds Diavolo for just waiting around for them to come get him and for leaving them in the first place. The man panics and tells them to stop moving closer unless they want him to shoot Diavolo. Diavolo also ignores the man , apologising and saying with a bright smile after the ride he was feeling sick and this man stopped and checked he was alright. Diavolo calls the man considerate cause he promised to help diavolo find the two of them and look! He kept his promise! Bsdjfjibvdmck this poor fucking kidnapper… Belphie groans and asks Diavolo if he even realises what’s going on rn and says even after being from a royal family he can’t be this sheltered and oblivious. The man’s just getting more stressed at how no one here seems to care about him as he keeps screaming about being serious and blowing Diavolo’s head off his shoulders (This poor guy – even MC who’s lived the most normal life from the three of them has faced more threatening life or death situations to give a shit). Belphie just tells the man to shut up with the most bored expression on his face. He then transforms into his demon form resulting in the man screaming his head off. Belphie just tells the man he talks too much, casually asking if he should make it so that no one has to ever listen to the man run his mouth again. The man stutters, calls Belphie a monster and tells him to stay back and panicking points his gun at Belphie. MC either using their very on magic creates a wind (called ‘wind of protection’) strong enough that it stops the bullet when he shoots or a raging fire (called ‘fire of judgment’) that takes over the bottom of the screen that’s powerful enough that it actually melts the bullet mid-flight and then rushes to the man making him scream and making the whole screen flash red (I had a moment of ‘HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT DID MC JUST BURN A MAN ALIVE!? DID ALL THIS LEAD UP TO MC COMMITING MURDER!? WHY AM I LOWKEY EXCITED!?’) but no the guy’s still alive, I think the fire just made him move back from all of them. (but can we talk about how powerful MC’s own magic is and how it seems to be at its most powerful when they’re protecting the people they love? (like when they unconsciously counteracted all the curses in the reaper’s cave that should have killed the brothers, or when they saw Satan use a healing spell once and were later able to effectively use it on Mammon later despite the fact that the were having trouble picking up the spells Satan was actually trying to teach them). The man screams asking what the two of them are (ajfkjfcijzh didn’t Solomon say just last lesson that they were supposed to keep this all secret!!!!???) Belphie says bullets can’t actually harm him but he still smiles and thanks them. Diavolo seemingly in shock says that the man fired his gun at Belphie and that he was trying to hurt Belphie (despite the fact that Diavolo knows a gun wouldn’t hurt Belphie it’s the fact that the man didn’t know that and had the intention to hurt Belphie that sticks with him and I think that means a lot), A pale purple aura starts swirling around him and he instantly transforms into his demon form, looking furious and screaming “HOW DARE YOU…!” The man screams.
The man drops his gun and runs away. Diavolo says, serious for once, that they can’t let him run away and that he’ll contact Barbatos to get the royal army and – (bro you’re gonna start a war bro chill), Belphie says he can’t bring the army here he might accidently bring about the destruction of the humans (funny how a couple yrs ago Belphie would have been all for this plan) and Diavolo looks sad saying he can’t just let this go. MC and Belphie both get Diavolo to try and calm down, with Belphie telling Diavolo he wasn’t hurt and transforming back to his human form, before saying that Diavolo didn’t need to transform as well & that if Lucifer and Barbatos find out Belphie’ll get in trouble. Diavolo transforms back and says the man tried to harm a dear friend and he couldn’t help but get angry. Belphie blushes and can’t come up with words. MC teases Belphie asking if he’s blushing and he denies it while still blushing. Diavolo also notes that he’s flushed and is worried that it’s a sign that he’s been hurt somehow. Still blushing Belphie says he’s not hurt and to stop worrying about him and that they should leave. Diavolo says since they’re here at the circus tent they should watch the circus perform since Belphie likes human world circuses.  Belphie’s surprised and asks Diavolo how he knows that, Diavolo says Lucifer told him a long time ago, Belphie asks why and Diavolo says when they’re alone Lucifer talks a lot about his brothers, specially Belphie (Lucifer also has random pictures of his brothers that he takes without them knowing as they go about their daily life… This man is such a proud dad. He pulls out his wallet and a whole roll of pictures unfold all the way to the floor and across the room and he’ll tell the story behind each picture to anyone who listens.) He’s also told Diavolo about Belphie’s favourite tree in the Celestial Realm and the story of how he found that tree. Back then Lucifer always thought whenever Belphie wasn’t with his siblings he’d be up in the tree napping or down in the human world watching the circus and that’d made diavolo determined to see the circus too. Diavolo then asks if they can see the circus together. Belphie’s still shocked but then he blushes again and agrees. Inside Belphie and Diavolo are both clinging to MC as they cheer, scream and argue about the safety of the trapeze artist. MC can ask Diavolo if he wants them to cover his eyes cause he’s scared for her safety despite Belphie telling him there’s a net, ask Belphie if he wants to hold their hand cause he’s just as nervous or excited or comment to no one how they’ve got a demon attached to both their arms.
It’s night out and as a reward for coming to get Diavolo Belphie was allowed to pick all the rides they went on, Diavolo looks like he’s gone through hell, stuttering and asking if that was all. Diavolo asks how MC’s doing they say they threw up in a bin and are feeling better now (or they can say they had fun) Diavolo says he threw up in so many bins he lost count. He asks if they should head home and Belphie says there’s one last thing he wants to ride, Diavolo starts stuttering again. Belphie says it’s the ferris wheel, Diavolo’s shocked and asks if it’s cause Belphie remembered him saying he wanted to ride it, Belphie tries to deny it but Diavolo doesn’t buy it – instead he smiles brightly and gushes about how nice and sweet Belphie is which makes Belphie blush and demand him to stop. Diavolo marvels at the lights from up in the ferris wheel and how they look like stars, Belphie says he’s getting too excited. Diavolo ignores this and points out his hotel and the brothers’ manor. Belphie says he sounds like a child and Diavolo laughs and says that Lucifer says the same. Diavolo, while still smiling, says that in a way he is a child, a child who spends his time alone and never gets to do anything interesting (and holy shit that’s sad – he really did grow up alone in that huge castle…) Belphie doesn’t know what to say to this and Diavolo asks what’s wrong. Belphie says he’s surprised cause he never knew Diavolo saw himself that way. Diavolo laughs and says he never expected Belphie to treat him with kindness and Belphie asks what kind of heartless monster did Diavolo imagine him as (look despite all the shit I give Belphie I do really love him but also I mean…. He does kinda make it known how much he dislikes diavolo…) Diavolo laughs it off, he says today he learnt things about Belphie that even Lucifer hadn’t told him and that there’s probably a lot about Diavolo that Belphie doesn’t know about either. Diavolo says he knows they’ve had there differences, specially cause Diavolo had his position to consider and that he had been very strict with Belphie in the past and that he still doesn’t consider that a mistake (YES!! FINALLY!!) and that despite all that they were still able to get along well today, he thanks MC for their help in bringing them to this point. They say they didn’t even do anything special, Belphie says that he agrees with Diavolo and that they did help. Diavolo says he wants to talk more with Belphie and if Belphie agrees nothing would make him happier. Belphie’s silent for a bit before he slowly agrees. Diavolo thanks him and says there’s one more place he wants to drop by.
They end up at the brothers’ place. Asmo welcomes them back, Diavolo says “I’m home!...just kidding pardon the intrusion” AND you just KNOW this man wishes he wasn’t kidding and that he could really live with all of them. Asmo asks how his day went & Diavolo says he had fun. When beel asks Belphie says he’s really tired. Asmo invites Diavolo to stay for dinner, saying Lucifer & Barbatos are cooking. Diavolo says he’ll go and help them but Belphie makes him sit down and tells him to relax after the day they had. Diavolo beams and thanks Belphie for worrying about him and Belphie blushes and tries to deny it, saying that since him & MC aren’t helping if Diavolo goes to help it’ll just make them look bad. Diavolo says he actually wants to help and that the other two can wait here (hey Lucifer and Barbatos are Diavolo’s closest friends right? And you tend to tell your closest friends everything that happens… MC & Belphie are so fucked). (this next interaction has such strong sibling vibes? Like I’m telling you I’ve had this exact same conversation before) Levi & Mammon seem to find the whole interaction between the two of them interesting and make noises about it, when Belphie asks them what, Levi says it’s nothing and Mammon asks how it went. Belphie says they went to a park and now they’re back. Satan says the others meant how it went with Diavolo. Belphie says like he said before there was nothing to it. Asmo says the interaction between the two of them says different and Satan agrees. Beel congratulates him and Belphie blushes and says he has no idea what they’re talking about. Mammon then asks MC if there were any problems, if they wondered off and got lost. MC either denies it so harshly it’s immediately unbelievable or says no…not really. Levi asks what ‘not really’ means. Belphie asks Mammon why he asked that and if he remembered the time he got lost in a park. Beel also then remembers that. Mammon says he’s not the one that got lost and that it was the twins. The three of them then argue about who really got lost. Asmo tells them to each say their side of the story. Mammon had been playing darts when the twins disappeared and he’d ended up searching all over for them and he’s been really freaked out. The twins say they went to buy soft serve and when they came back Mammon wasn’t there and they ended up going around finding him. MC, Satan and Asmo says it sounds like all 3 of them fucked up. Diavolo then calls them for dinner. (This whole arcs gives me ‘taking your new partner’s kid who hates you on a day out so that you can bond’ vibes with MC there solely to act as the buffer)
During dinner they talk about their day at the park, apparently they rode the freefall of death thrice in a row and Belphie happily tells Diavolo that next time they go they should ride it again. Diavolo very obviously reluctantly agrees to, which Mammon points out. Diavolo said he did enjoy it but next time he wants a break between riding it over and over again. Belphie says it wouldn’t be a marathon if they took breaks. Diavolo says next time they should all go together and maybe even try out a different theme park. Levi suggests a space themed park with another insane ride that tries to kill you, Mammon reads the description of the ride and immediately nopes out. Satan teases Mammon for being scared which he protests to, Beel asks for a place with good food, Levi says he was waiting for Beel to say that and Diavolo happily laughs and after being alone for so long a lively dinner like this full of people he cares about who care about him in turn was probably something he always wanted. After dinner in the warmly lit music room Barbatos brings Lucifer coffee, Diavolo and Satan are playing chess, Levi is rambling to Asmo about the game he and Diavolo were playing and Asmo happily tells him he has no idea what he’s talking about, and Belphie asks to talk with MC. He tells them despite how much he initially complained he had fun and he thanks them, they say they’re happy things turned out well. He says he never thought he would end up feeling like this. Lucifer then calls the both of them to him. He says they did well today and seeing the relaxed way Diavolo’s getting along with the others like there’s no tension between them is a relief. He thanks them. Belphie smiles as he says that Diavolo looks like he’s having fun with the others. “By the way…” Lucifer says with a smile ‘Diavolo told me about what happened today you little fucks’ (told you he’d snitch to Lucifer) Belphie’s shocked and speechless. A purple aura starts rising off Lucifer as he smiles sweetly at them, “Perhaps you’d like to explain to me exactly what happened?” “DD! …Why’d you have to tell him!?” screams Belphie before he accepts his fate and the screen goes black.
MC leaves the house to walk Diavolo and Barbatos to the street to drop them off, for which Diavolo apologises for troubling them. Barbatos says he could have ordered a car to come right up to the door of the house (Barbatos pls read the room!) and Diavolo says he doesn’t mind catching a taxi from the street. Barbatos is silent and contemplative for a moment before he says he forgot to tell Lucifer something and heads back inside (he read the room!). When they get to the street Diavolo worries cause Belphie had seemed really pissed when they left, he says when Belphie told him to keep it a secret he’d genuinely thought Belphie meant the picture they took together. He assumes Belphie told him not to tell about the ransom right after he told him not to tell about the picture but Diavolo had been so thrilled by the picture he hadn’t processed most of what Belphie said. He worries he messed up all the progress he made during the day. MC says though Belphie’s mad now he’ll get over it in time. He’s still worried that next time Belphie won’t be as willing to talk to him like he did today (he was still calling him DD though even when he was pissed so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I hope they keep up the nickname Lucifer will hate it and that at least should be incentive for Belphie to keep using it). Diavolo says he had a lot of fun today and that he’ll never forget it. He goes on to say that growing up he lived a very sheltered life and that he’s never felt more free than he did today, though the ride was too much for him. He says even thinking about it makes his hands shake and he shows them to MC. MC can either take his hands or do nothing. If they take his hand he blushes and says it’s strange but that made him calm down. He says he wants to spend more time together and asks if they can go for a walk. MC agrees and he’s delighted by it. He says he’ll message Barbatos to let him know but that it’ll probably not be necessary since Barbatos went back to give them space anyway (You know Lucifer saw Barbatos come back alone, figured out what is happening and is now pacing a hole through the floor
They go to a park with a lake from where they can even see a ferris wheel in the distance. Diavolo asks if they think it’s the ferris wheel they rode today or a different one. He then laughs and says the human world’s really beautiful from the trees in daylight to the buildings at night. He asks if he can hold their hand and they can do that or put their arm through his. If they hold hands he says they almost look like a couple. If they do the second one he’s shocked but smiles and says they saw through him and realised what he actually wanted to do even though he wasn’t smooth enough to ask. He says his mother dies during childbirth and his father was always very strict with him, and he doesn’t know if that’s cause he was training him to be the next demon king or because he resented Diavolo’s birth for taking away the love of his life (I also HC Diavolo looking a lot like his mom. ALSO this confirms what I said earlier in one of the other lesson summaries about demons being born through biological reproduction like humans and unlike angels). He says growing up he never got a chance to talk to anyone outside the castle until he met Barbatos who told him stories of the outside world that fascinated him (this really does give the vibe that Diavolo was a child while Barbatos was an adult at the time). He liked Barbatos so much he begged him to stay with him. Barbatos had kept saying no but Diavolo had refused to give up. He’d thrown a tantrum then and said he’d refuse to be the next demon king unless Barbatos stayed with him and Barbatos had given in. Then he gets sad saying that what Belphie said today hit him, and how he always used his royal status to get others to do what he wanted. He asks if it’s possible that he’s forcing Barbatos to stay against his will. (and I get that what diavolo did was shitty but the fear he must have had for the rest of the day since Belphie said that cause he thought Barbatos will leave too and he’ll once again be truly alone in that castle is heartbreaking). MC who spent the last two lessons with Barbatos more or less talking about Diavolo (or Solomon) reassures Diavolo that Barbatos is staying cause he wants to. Diavolo’s happy for a bit before he becomes sad and doubtful again. He then says MC reminds him of Lucifer cause Lucifer is also constantly saying similar things to him (AND THE IMPLICATIONS!!? FIRST IT WAS THE OTHERS COMPARING LUCIFER’S FONDNESS FOR MC TO HIS FONDNESS TO DIAVOLO AND NOW IT’S THIS!!? Can I just say again: remember how the twins wanted to share MC if they ever got together with one of them? I think Lucifer x MC and Diavolo x MC make a lot more sense if it’s all three of them together. And in any case where MC doesn’t choose one of them, they get together like the LIs in The Arcana do). He asks if it’s possible that Lucifer and MC flatter him too much. He then says it can’t be fun listening to his childhood stories but that he wanted them to know about him and that he wants to know more about them too. He asks what kinda food they like. The options are sweet, spicy and sour. He likes sweet too. He asks if they like animals. Options are they love them, don’t or it depends on the animal. Look after all the time in the devildom, after two paws events, after bathing Cerberus and after the brothers all having their own vastly different animal representatives MC can’t not love all animals. Diavolo says imagining them playing with different animals is really sweet. He says he’s known them for quite some time now but there’s still so much he doesn’t know. He blushes and asks if they can do things like this more often, where they just spend time together. He then confesses and asks how they feel about him. If they say sorry he smiles and asks them not to apologize, saying that he didn’t say it to make them feel bad but that he understands. He asks if they’re in love with one of the brothers an they can say yes, no or stay silent. He smiles sadly and says he guessed. He says that even though they don’t have feelings for him it doesn’t change the fact that he still loves them. He says he still wants to get to know them more and asks if they can still meet up. He thanks them for being a part of his life. (While I still don’t think the side characters liking MC makes much sense and I still much prefer them as very close friends I like how all their confessions are very one and done. The brothers romantic plotlines with MC are still going on and there’s never a “I love you, do you love me? No? okay I still love you but I’ll back away too” moment. MC never gets the chance to reject them. But with the side characters MC rejects them, they understand that MC loves someone else, they accept the rejection really well and they go back to being friends and I really like that. It feels like it probably won’t be explored again after you reject them.)
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omgrachwrites · 10 months ago
The Princess and The Duke - Chapter Six
Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader
Summary: As the   Princess of  Spain, you were always supposed to marry King James of   England to make  an alliance between Spain and England. When he marries a  woman at his  court for love, you are married off to his best friend, Sirius Black the  Duke of Bedford to keep the alliance. However, the   court is riddled  with secrets and a rebel in the North starts to rise   against the Throne.  Royal AU.
Warnings: fluff, fluff and more fluff! Mentions of sex, little bit of angst
Words: 2458
Disclaimer: This gif does not belong to me and I’m so sorry if this Spanish is wrong!
Translation: espero vivir para ver tu hermoso rostro una vez mas - I hope to live to see your beautiful face once more.
A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this part, please let me know what you think and let me know if you would like to be tagged! I love you all! xxx
Tumblr media
Chapter Six - Onwards to England
The first day of summer heralded with a clear blue sky and an almost sweltering heat, it arrived a couple of days before Sirius and his wife had to leave for England. Sirius wanted to make the most of the hot summer’s day before it was too late. The weather in England was temperamental, though it was now summer, the weather in England couldn’t always be guaranteed. That was why he was taking some time away from his work to spend time with Y/N.
Sirius grinned as he put the finishing touches together before he left the garden in search of Y/N. He found her in the grand ballroom speaking with some of the staff about the ball they were throwing on the night before they left for England. When Y/N spotted him she bid goodbye to the servants and wandered up to him with a bright smile on her face.
“Good afternoon,” she cupped his neck and greeted him with a sweet kiss, “I haven’t seen you much today, what have you been doing?”
“Well,” Sirius started, pulling his beautiful wife close, “if you come with me, I’ll show you,” he grinned as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.
Y/N laughed as she raised an eyebrow, “I’ll go with you, only if it won’t sacrifice my honour,” she teased as she took his arm and they walked from the ballroom.
Sirius smirked as he held in a snorting laugh, “oh Princess, your honour was sacrificed on our wedding night, over and over again.”
“Sirius,” Y/N gasped and giggled as she slapped his arm lightly, a flush forming on her cheeks. Sirius chuckled and kissed her perfumed cheek.
Sirius led her over the beautiful sun kissed grounds, through the water gardens and through the small thicket of trees that were on the edge of his estate. Y/N gave him a quizzical look as he got an old rusty key out of his pocket, lifted the curtain of ivy and unlocked the heavy door.
Y/N gasped as she ventured inside and gazed at the garden and the flowers that were growing all around her, “I didn’t even know that this was here, it’s so beautiful.”
Sirius smiled and wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his head on her shoulder, “I didn’t find it until a couple of years ago, I found the key in one of the cabinets in the chateau. I tend to it but I’ve never brought anyone else here,” he chuckled, suddenly feeling nervous.
Y/N let out a little laugh as she turned to face him and he saw the tears that were sparkling in her eyes, “I love it Sirius, thank you for bringing me here,” Sirius smiled as he pressed a lingering kiss to her lips.
“Come on,” he led her down the stone steps and through the flowers that grew around their feet to the spot beneath the tree where he’d set up the picnic, “I wanted us to make the most of the remaining time we have left here. I made sure to get all of your favourite things together.
Y/N smiled, “you are simply the best husband in the world,” she giggled as she popped one of the ripe strawberries into her mouth as Sirius uncorked the wine.
There weren’t many things that were sweeter than ripe strawberries and summer wine but Y/N’s lips were definitely one of them. Their stomachs were full and they had resorted to kissing in the shade of the tree. When Sirius’ hand dipped beneath Y/N’s skirts she giggled against his lips and placed a hand on his chest, pushing him away gently.
“Where did you find all the time to do this? What about your work for the King?”
Sirius sighed, biting his lip, he wasn’t sure how Y/N would take the news, “I’ve got it all sorted, Regulus is going to Cumbria as a spy. He offered.”
“What?” Y/N sighed, sitting up, “why didn’t you tell me? I’ve sent some of Spain’s best men to investigate the threat,” she narrowed her eyes.
“Look Y/N, if it is rebels then Regulus will be in a much better position to deal with them. Our family were awful; they would have done anything to overthrow the Potters. James and I were tutored together as children and we became best friends. I hated my parents and their ideals. James’ parents took me in as their second son. If it is rebels in Cumbria then they’ll think that Regulus is one of them. He’ll be taking passage to England with us before he rides to Cumbria.”
Y/N sighed as she fiddled with her fingers, “it seems like you’ve got it all figured out, I just wish that you had both spoken to me about it,” she looked so hurt, “we were supposed to be in this together.”
Sirius nodded as he cupped her cheeks, pressing a kiss to her mouth, “we are in this together, I’m sorry Y/N.”
Y/N smiled as she combed her fingers through his hair, “I forgive you, it’s hard not to with that pretty face,” she giggled, tracing his lips with her thumb, “I want another try at making a baby, we may have made one already but if we haven’t then I want another try.”
In that moment where she was lying against the tree she had never looked more beautiful and he had never wanted her more. He was glad that his new wife liked to be intimate with him, “as my Princess wishes,” he hesitated, looking down at her. He wanted to tell her, he needed to tell her, even if she didn’t feel the same, “I love you Y/N.”
Y/N smiled as she gazed up at him, tears sparkling in her eyes again, “I love you too Sirius, truly,” she beamed, leaning up to kiss him.
After their picnic – and their love making – they came across Remus in the corridor and he was looking unusually grim. Before Sirius could ask him about it, he had blurted it all out, “Do you remember that Lord who wanted me to meet his daughter, Mary? Well, I’ve invited him to the ball,” he took a deep breath, “you’re right; sometimes we have to do our duty to the King. Sometimes we have to choose duty over love.”
Sirius was rendered silent. What was Remus doing? Why was he giving up everything?
“What about Sophia? Have you thought about her, My Lord?” Remus just gulped before shaking his head and striding down the corridor without another word.
Y/N heaved a huge sigh as she gave Sirius a worried look, biting her lip, “Sophia will be heartbroken.”
Sirius nodded as he clenched his jaw, “I know my love, I’ll try and talk to him.”
The ball quickly came around the following evening and Y/N looked beautifully ethereal in a dress of golden satin and a crown of bronze leaves in her hair. She looked stunning and it seemed that many of the guests thought so too. Many Lords and noblemen were vying for her attention and Sirius felt an itch of jealousy as he watched stranger’s eyes roam over his wife. Though as soon as Y/N kissed him passionately in the middle of the ballroom his jealousy melted away and all he could focus on was Y/N.
The ball was going splendidly so far, there had been no drunken brawls to speak of and it seemed that everyone was getting along fine; Sirius didn’t want a fight to break out in his home. However, Y/N had been right, Sophia seemed completely heartbroken; she ended up spending most of her time outside in the balmy summer air beneath the setting sun. When she came inside in short intervals to get another drink her eyes were red and bloodshot. It was painfully obvious that she’d been crying her eyes out and she ended up retiring from the party early. What was worse was the fact that Remus had refused to look her way all evening. The Lady Mary was charming and beautiful but it was clear that Remus’ heart just wasn’t in the right place.
Sirius smiled as he danced with his wife while she gazed up at the beautiful artwork of the angels that had been painted on the ceiling, “are you looking forward to going to England Y/N?”
Y/N tore her eyes away from the ceiling and smiled at him beautifully, “well, it will certainly be an adventure,” she grimaced, “onward to England I say.”
Sirius pulled her close, “I’ll be right by your side, I promise, I’m not going to leave you Y/N.”
Y/N beamed at him as she nudged her nose against his and she kissed him long and deep, “I love you Sirius.”
The voyage to England was just as rough and unpleasant as you remembered from when you travelled from Spain. You spent most of the trip with your head in a bucket as Sirius stroked your hair. When you weren’t ill you were reading stories such as the Arthurian legends and tales of pirates and mermaids that dwelled in unknown corners of the world.
Finally, after what felt like forever, the ship docked in Portsmouth and England welcomed you with a blue sky and just the hint of a sea breeze. You smiled as you watched the sun shine on the surface of the sea, making it shimmer like diamonds. It was a beautiful sight to see.
When Regulus parted ways with you to leave for Cumbria you hugged your brother in law, “good luck Regulus and be careful.”
He smiled as he kissed your hand, “espero vivir para ver tu hermoso rostro una vez mas.”
Sirius scoffed at his brother’s words and you fought back a giggle, you were especially glad that Sirius couldn’t understand Regulus; otherwise you doubted that Regulus would be leaving here alive. As you rode through the pretty English countryside you gazed over the rolling hills, spying little chapels and cottages that were nestled among the trees. Sirius told you tales of his childhood with James, how they stole the piping hot bread from the kitchens and they tried to smuggle a peacock out of the menagerie.
You giggled and looked over at Sophia, she was smiling but you could see the sadness in her eyes and you couldn’t blame her, it seemed like Remus would be getting married before the year was out, “it’ll be alright Sophia,” you promised.
“Thank you, Your Highness,” she sniffled, “I just wanted him to love me,” you wished that you could take away her pain but words could only do so much.
As you and Sirius were lead into the throne room there were many chatters and murmurs as you and Sirius approached the King and Queen. You ignored the many jealous filled looks that the ladies of the court awarded you. Queen Lily had a hand resting on her stomach and you hoped it was because she was pregnant.
“Duke and Duchess, welcome. Thank you for coming back to court, it’s an honour,” King James began.
You curtseyed while Sirius sank into a low bow, “the honour is all ours, Your Majesty,” Sirius smiled.
“The two of you must be exhausted after your long trip. Why don’t you get settled in your chambers and we’ll have a feast this evening to welcome you,” Queen Lily radiantly smiled at the two of you.
The chambers that you and Sirius were going to be staying in were very comfortable and spacious, there was a grand fireplace in the middle of the room but hopefully you wouldn’t be getting use out of it this summer. There was a portrait of two beautiful little boys hanging over the fireplace and you frowned as you looked at it, wondering who it was. It was then that you recognised those grey smiling eyes.
“Is this you and James?” you smiled at your husband as he flopped down on the huge bed.
“Yes, these were my chambers when I leaved at court, before I moved to my estate in France. I’ve missed these rooms very much.
You smiled as you wandered over to him and sat next to him on the bed, running your fingers through his long hair as he rested his head in your lap. You leaned down and kissed his forehead, “well, you were a very beautiful child,” you giggled as he flushed and kissed your hand, “I want a portrait like that of our children,” you admitted with a smile.
Sirius gasped and sat up, looking at you with wide eyes, “are you saying that you’re pregnant?” there was so much hope in his eyes and you hated to disappoint him but you didn’t know yet, you hoped that you were. Nothing would make you happier than being the mother of his children.
You shrugged as you cupped his cheek, almost wincing as you saw the disappointment in his eyes, “I can’t be sure, we haven’t been intimate long enough for me to tell. But, as soon as I know, you’ll be the first one I tell,” you promised him with a kiss.
Sirius nodded, pulling you into his arms, “and I’ll anxiously be awaiting the day.”
A few weeks later you and Sophia joined Queen Lily and Lady Mary – the woman that Remus seemed to be courting – for breakfast. It was a warm summer’s morning as you sat on the balcony, the day was so clear that you could see the hills that loomed and blanketed the villages. Sophia had been very quiet all morning, it seemed like she had been shocked into silence, because Queen Lily had announced that Lady Mary would be coming to court as one of her ladies. Mary was very charming and kind but you just couldn’t find it in your heart to like her, not when your best friend’s heart had been shattered.
Lily sighed as she popped a raspberry into her mouth, “do you think it makes me less of a woman, the fact that I can’t conceive a child?”
You sighed as you reached across the table and took her hand, “it will happen Your Majesty, I promise.”
Lily smiled at you prettily as she offered around a plate of strawberry tarts, “I know they’re your favourite Y/N.”
You smiled weakly as you took a tart off the plate and took a little bite; you almost grimaced as the sweet flavours filled your mouth. They usually were your favourite, the strawberries were impossibly sweet and the pastry was wonderfully flaky. However, you had lost your liking for them and you thought you knew why. It was something that you could not tell the Queen. Not yet.
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Tumblr media
                  𝒔𝒊𝒑 𝒃𝒂𝒏𝒌𝒆𝒓𝒔 𝒄𝒍𝒖𝒃 && 𝖉𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖐 𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖗 𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖊
a new discord rp centered around a group of eighteen muses that are apart of the greek life at 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭 𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲 ! 
                                              ———— 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐀𝐂𝐂𝐄𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐒 !     WILL BE ACCEPTING ON MONDAY , MARCH 29TH AT 10PM EST !
FIRST AND FOR MOST , graphic template credit goes to : @lghtyagami
beaumont univerisity , founded in 1808 in cambridge , massachusetts , has a reputation as one of the most prestigious schools in the united states . people travel from all over the world to attend beaumont since they know that having this school on their future resume will give them the upper hand when pursuing their careers after college . but no one goes to college just to study , right ? it’s to make friends as well … and maybe attend a few parties along the way . luckily , the school has three fraternities and three sororities on campus that have definitely made their mark around campus … whether it be good or bad . and lucky for you , rush week is just around the corner and now is your chance to see if those rumored parties that delta psi beta throws are just as legendary as they claim they are . but don’t worry , if that isn’t your scene , the people in sigma epsilon chi are there to give you a glimpse of what the lavish life is really like .
i . no godmodding , no ooc drama , no facechasing or shipchasing ( idk if that’s the word for it but you know what i mean . don’t join just for a ship and then ignore everyone else . and don’t join just because someone is using a fc you like . also , you must be over the age of nineteen to apply ! 
ii . each mun is allowed two muses starting off ! you may apply for both at the same time . if you do plan on taking up a second muse though , we are going to ask that you make at least one of these muses a person of color . also , interest checks will be done every sunday . if you don’t react to the post made in the discord channel within forty-eight hours , you will be kicked from the discord . if you need a hiatus or anything though , please just let me know ! 
iii . faceclaims must be within four years of the fcs actual age . banned fcs : anyone under the age of nineteen , anyone deceased , anyone highly problematic , anyone who has asked not to be used in rp , and the cast of riverdale .
iv . if you have any questions , please feel free to send an ask !
❛ ✶ ( faceclaim , gender , pronouns ) — did you see character name walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the age in letters year old class standing . from what i know , they are studying major ( and minor if applicable ) and are a part of fraternity / sorority name . they come across as + positive but also - negative , which makes sense because on their instagram ( instagram handle ) it says they are a zodiac sign . if they were in a movie , song by artist would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . name . age . tmz . pronouns . url .  ALSO , please just include like five head canons for your muse so i can get a little bit of a feel for them ! you can include more things if you would like , but the only thing required are the head canons . anything extra ( ie . pinterest boards , spotify playlists , short bio , self-para , edits , etc ) will just help me get an even better idea though of how they will fit within the mix of muses .
you may submit your applications HERE !
click the name of the fraternity / sorority to be redirected to the pinterest board !
𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒎𝒂 𝒕𝒂𝒖 ( 2 / 4 )
❛ ✶ ( aròn piper , cis man , he/him )  —  did you see silas kingston walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-one year old sophomore . from what i know , they are studying business and are a part of sigma tau . they come across as + sanguine but also - boisterous , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @kingslick) it says they are an aries . if they were in a movie , obsessed by maggie lindemann would play whenever they walk into the room  ooc info . abby . 24 . est . she/her . niieve .
❛ ✶ ( xavier serrano , cis man , he/him ) — did you see perseus bishop-sanders walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-three year old senior . from what i know , they are studying political science and are a part of sigma tau . they come across as + charming but also - unhinged , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @perseus ) it says they are a leo . if they were in a movie , ego ( remix ) by beyonce ft kayne west would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . anna . 26 . cst . she/her . cielomorao .
𝒑𝒉𝒊 𝒌𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒂 𝒅𝒆𝒍𝒕𝒂 ( 1 / 4 )
❛ ✶ ( maxence danet-fauvel , cis man , he/him ) — did you see remy alarie walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty four year old senior . from what i know , they are studying history and are a part of phi kappa delta . they come across as + diplomatic but also - indecisive , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @remy01 ) it says they are a libra . if they were in a movie ,destroyer by lala lala would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . bean . 22 . est . she/her . mocnbeams . 
𝒅𝒆𝒍𝒕𝒂 𝒑𝒔𝒊 𝒃𝒆𝒕𝒂 ( 4 / 4 )
❛ ✶ ( charlie gillespie , cis man , he/him ) — did you see harley morelli walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-two year old sophmore . from what i know , they are studying music & minoring in songwriting and are a part of delta psi beta . they come across as + passionate but also - fanatical , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @harleynodavidson ) it says they are a arues . if they were in a movie , amber by 311 would play whenever they walk into the room . drew . drew . 20 . est . she/they . applcjuice . ❛ ✶ ( désiré quadjo mia , cis man , he/him ) — did you see kai kimathi walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-one year old sophomore . from what i know , they are studying music technology and are a part of delta psi beta . they come across as + outgoing but also - reckless , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @ohkai ) it says they are an aries . if they were in a movie , fuck up the friendship by leah kate would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . amanda . 20 . est . she/her . grlhorrors . ❛ ✶ ( felix mallard , cis man , he/him ) — did you see hudson mcallister walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-one year old class junior . from what i know , they are studying political science and are a part of delta psi beta . they come across as + audacious but also - cataclysmic , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @huddy ) it says they are an aries . if they were in a movie , king of everything by dominic fike would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . sage . 20 . est . she/her .  ❛ ✶ ( zethphan smith gneist , cis man , he/him ) — did you see zachariah vodden walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the nineteen year old sophomore . from what i know , they are studying media arts production and are a part of delta psi beta . they come across as + gregarious but also - flippant , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @zachthagod ) it says they are a gemini . if they were in a movie , smartest man by homeschool would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . court . 25 . est. she/her .
𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒎𝒂 𝒆𝒑𝒔𝒊𝒍𝒐𝒏 𝒄𝒉𝒊 ( 3 / 4 )
❛ ✶ ( _delizzle , cis female , she/her) — did you see layla witney walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty four year oldjunior . from what i know , they are studying business administration ( minoring in spa management ) and are a part of sigma epsilon chi . they come across as + esthetic but also - cosmopolitan , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @pinkwitney ) it says they are a virgo . if they were in a movie , break up with your girlfriend , i’m bored by ariana grande would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . han . twenty one . est . she/her . lovties . ❛ ✶ ( scarlett leithold , cis woman , she/her ) — did you see halston vanderbilt walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty one year old junior . from what i know , they are studying fashion design and are a part of sigma epsilon chi . they come across as gregarious but also capricious , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @halston ) it says they are a scorpio . if they were in a movie , valley of the doll by marina and the diamonds would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . ley . 19 . est . she/her . achingblvsh . ❛ ✶ ( sahar luna , cis woman , she/her ) — did you see dillon brooks walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty year old sophomore . from what i know , they are studying fine arts and are a part of sigma epsilon chi . they come across as + astute but also - selfish , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @dillpickles ) it says they are a sagittarius . if they were in a movie , queen of broken hearts by blackbear would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . anna . 26 . cst . she/her . cielomorao .
𝒐𝒎𝒆𝒈𝒂 𝒂𝒍𝒑𝒉𝒂 𝒑𝒊 ( 4 / 4 )
❛ ✶ ( cierra ramirez , cis woman , she/her ) — did you see athena morillo walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-two year old senior . from what i know , they are studying mathematics and are a part of omega alpha pi . they come across as + outgoing but also - absent-minded , which makes sense because on their instagram ( thee.namorilla ) it says they are a gemini . if they were in a movie , girl anachronism by the dresden dolls would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . alys . twenty-three . est . she/her . bravadofm . 
❛ ✶ ( cindy kimberly , cis woman , she/her ) — did you see bianca rhodes walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-two year old junior . from what i know , they are studying art history and are a part of omega alpha pi . they come across as + loyal but also - blunt , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @bianca ) it says they are a scorpio . if they were in a movie , that girl by all time low would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . eb . 22 . aest . she/her . amorousrps .
❛ ✶ ( hillary trinh , cis woman , she/her ) — did you see grace nguyenwalking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-one year old junior . from what i know , they are studying creative writing and are a part of omega alpha pi . they come across as + quick-witted but also - unmotivated , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @fulllofgrace ) it says they are a sagittarius . if they were in a movie , remember my name by mistkiwould play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . liz . 23 . est . she/they .
❛ ✶ ( kennedy walsh , cisfemale , she/her ) — did you see kristin vaughn walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty year old junior . from what i know , they are studying chemical engineering ( computer science minor ) and are a part of omega alpha pi . they come across as clever but also  closed off , which makes sense because on their instagram ( comevaughn ) it says they are a scorpio . if they were in a movie , heat waves by glass animals would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . alyssa . twenty-two . est . she/her . alvssawrites .
𝒌𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒂 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒕𝒂 ( 4 / 4 )
❛ ✶ ( jennie kim , cis woman , she / her ) — did you see eloise choi walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-two year old senior. from what i know , they are studying political sciences and are a part of kappa theta . they come across as + gentle but also - opinionated, which makes sense because on their instagram ( @notyourkoreangirl) it says they are a gemini . if they were in a movie , b.s. by jhené aiko and h.e.r would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . vivi . 23 . gmt -3 . she / her . @amouresque . ❛ ✶ ( maia cotton , cis woman , she/her ) — did you see eileen wolfe walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty-one year old junior . from what i know , they are studying philosophy and are a part of kappa theta . they come across as + magnetic but also - aloof , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @eileen.morgan ) it says they are a scorpio . if they were in a movie , liability by lorde would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . court . 25 . est. she/her .
❛ ✶ ( nailea devora , cis woman , she/her ) — did you see natasha leon walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty year old sophomore . from what i know , they are studying film production and are a part of kappa theta . they come across as + allocentric but also - erratic , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @tashie ) it says they are a gemini . if they were in a movie , late night feelings by mark ronson would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . jamie . 23 . est. she/they . stargczing . ❛ ✶ ( perrie edwards , cis female , she / her ) — did you see aspen davis walking around campus earlier ? i hear a lot of people talking about the twenty two year old junior . from what i know , they are studying psych and are a part of kappa theta . they come across as + tender but also - indulgent , which makes sense because on their instagram ( @aspen_ ) it says they are a libra . if they were in a movie , young, dumb & broke by khalid would play whenever they walk into the room . ooc info . skye . 25 . est . she/her . svgarlands .
accepting for any open spots !
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pinkcasedialover · a year ago
Diabolik Lovers Chaos Lineage - Carla’s heaven. [Translation - Traducción]
Tumblr media
(La traducción en español está debajo de la traducción en inglés.)
Location: School hallway - Night.
Yui: Carla, do you have any plans for today after school?
Tumblr media
Carla: No, I don't. Yui: (... ... Is this my chance? He could reject me but I'll dare to ask him... ...) Yui: So, would you like to come with me to the shopping center? Carla: Shopping center... ...? Yui: It might be a place that you don't have much interest in, Carla... ... Carla: ーーNo, it is fine. I will go out with you.
Place: Shopping Center - Night.
Yui: Fufu, this is very unexpected. Carla: What is it? Yui: I can't believe I'm on a shopping date with you, Carla... ... Yui: I thought the shopping center would be just a noisy place for you. Carla: I won't deny that the mall is a very noisy place, I don't like this place either. Yui: ... ...Even so, you came with me to walk around the city, it makes me very happy. Carla: Hey, don't pull my arm. Why are you so excited? Yui: Ah, sorry. I'm so happy, I didn't realize it.
*... ...*
Yui: (... ...Ah, there's a store that sells sausages and ham.) Yui: (It's handmade food... ... there are a lot of customers, maybe it's a very popular store?) Yui: (Carla likes raw ham.) Yui: (I want to thank him for joining me today... ...) Yui: Hey, Carla. Do you want us to stop by this store? Yui: ... ...Wait, oh? Where is Carla... ... Yui: (Huh, don't tell me. I don't see Carla anywhere!) Yui: ... ...Impossible, Carla got lost... ...? (Pink: Pffff LOL) Yui: (No, it's not impossible. On the contrary, it's actually possible... ...) Yui: (It's just that Carla isn't used to the shopping center.) Yui: (Besides, it's unsual that he walks in places where there are so many people.) Yui: (Right now he might be in trouble... ...) Yui: (What should I do... ...!? The Service Information... ...? No, I can't.) Yui: (I can't get called by the broadcast of lost childs... ...) Yui: Carla! Where are youー?! Yui: (No answer... ... Maybe he's not close.) Yui: (Even though it's our date, we ended up strayed.) Vulgar man A: Hey, hey, do you have free time now? Yui: Um... ...? Vulgar man B: We also have free time. Don't wanna have fun with us? Yui: (Who are these people?) Vulgar man A: People around us would be a problem here~, let's go to that corner?
(The men push Yui)
Yui: Kya... ... Yui: U-um, please stop. Let me go... ...!
(Yui resists)
Vulgar men A: Don't worry~, everything's 'kay~. Yui: (What should I do? They're grabbing on my arm tightly... ...) Yui: (At this rate, they'll take me somewhere... ...!) Yui: (People around us are looking at us... ... but it doesn't look like they would to help me, huh.) Yui: (... ...I have to do something on my own.) Yui: Please stop! Let go of me!! Vulgar men B: You're noisy! Shut up and come! Yui: ... ...! Yui: N-no... ...! Yui: Carla, save me... ...!
???: Don't touch that woman. Yui: (This voice... ...) Carla: Do you want me to say it a second time? That woman is not someone you can touch. Yui: Carla... ...! Yui: (He came!) Carla: Right nowー get out. Vulgar men A: ... ... *scared* Yui: (Carla's presence is very powerful... ...the air around us changed right away.) Vulgar man B: ... ...Who is th-this guy... ... Vulgar man A: ... ...H-how boring. I have no business with men. L-let's go back!
(The men leave)
Carla: ... ...Such a low-class scums. Yui: Thank you very much Carla, you saved me. Yui: Even though I told them to release me, they didn't listen to me, I... ... Carla: Honestly... ... what are you doing? Stay close to me. Yui: I-I'm sorry. Yui: (Uhh, but the one who got lost was Carla, right.. ...?) Yui: (I'm really glad Carla found me though.) Carla: ... ... ... ... *stares* Yui: U-um, Carla, are you angry... ...? Carla: Come here.
(Carla grabs Yui's arm)
Yui: HUH, where... ...!? Carla: You should just shut up and follow me. Yui: W-wait please... ...! You don't need to push me, I'll follow you properly, Carla. Carla: Hpmh, I won't know where you could go if I take my eyes off you. Yui: That's not true, justーー Carla: ... ...I must catch you tight. Yui: Carla... ...? Yui: (Are we going to an alley?) (? !!?!?!)
Place: Alley - Night.
Yui: O-ow... ...! Yui: U-um, what are you doing... ...? Carla: Be quiet. ーー hpmh... ... Yui: Ah... ... Yui: (No way, he's drinking my blood so suddenly... ...) Carla: Mm... ... mnnm... ... Yui: Mm... ... ah... ...! Yui: No... ... someone could see us in this place... ... Carla: I said be quiet, right? Carla: Letting those low-class people touch you, you don't seem to understand what your position is. Carla: It is more effective to punish you in the moment. ... ...Learn who you are and who you belong to. Carla: ... ... Nnm... ... Mmm... ... Yui: Ahhh... ... Mn... ... I-I'm sorry... ... Yui: (It looks like he's very angry.) Yui: (Is it because I got strayed? No, it's not that.) Carla: You are the woman who is my partner. Do not forget that you are the future wife of the founding king. Yui: Y-yes. Yui: (... ...Could it be that the reason why Carla is angry-) (Pink: HE'S JALEOUS) Yui: (ーーI might be conceited. I have the feeling that it'd be impossible for Carla. But... ...) Carla: ... ...What is wrong? Yui: U-um... ... Carla, could it be that you're jealous? Carla: ... ...What? Yui: Because other men called me and almost took me with them. Yui: I was wondering if you're jealous, that's why you're being a bit emotional... ... Carla: Do I look like a man who is narrow-minded? Yui: You don't look like that, that's why I'm happy. Yui: *blushes* Um... ... I thought you might want to monopolize me, Carla. Carla: ... ...It's a very selfish interpretation of you. Yui: (... ...Ah, as I thought, I was conceited... ...) Carla: However, I see. So I was jealous, huh. ... ... *laughs* As usual, you're not wrong. Yui: (Oh... ...? Did he laugh for a moment?) Carla: Don't ever go with some low-class scums. In case of emergency call me. Carla: I will drive away such a people right away. Yui: ... ...Yes! Carla: Although, I also have the responsibility for having walked away for a moment. ... ...I will give you this. Yui: It's a cute wrapping. What is it? Carla: Open it. Yui: Okay!
(Yui opens the gift.)
Yui: ...! This ribbon is so pretty... ... !! Carla: Did you like it? Yui: Yes, a lot! Is it okay for me to keep it? Carla: I got that hair ribbon for you. Carla: If you don't need it then throw it away. Yui: No, such a thing like that... ...! It's definitely not unnecessary. Yui: Thank you very much, I'll treasure it. Yui: But why are you giving me a gift so suddenly... ...? Carla: There is no specific reason. I found it on my way and I just thought it would fit you. Yui: So it was like that. Fufu, I'm very happy. Thank you. Yui: Ah, but... ... did you get lost because you went to buy thisーー Carla: Lost? Yui: * blushes * Oh, no! I didn't say anything! Yui: (He might get angry if I say that he got lost.) Yui: (But he went to buy me a present. Fufu, I'm happy.) Carla: ... ...What are you laughing at? Yui: Ah, sorry, it's nothing. I'll treasure this ribbon. Carla: Do whatever you want. Carla: But, don't ever get away from me again. Give me your hand. Yui: Huh... ...? Carla: Don't waste time. Yui: *blushes* ... ...! Yui: (I'm holding hands with Carla while walking together, I can't believe it... ...) Carla: ... ...Doing this is the most reasonable thing in order for you not to get lost. Carla: The mall isn't that bad but there are too many humans. Carla: Hold my hand firmly. Yui: Yes, I definitely won't let you go!
Yui: Um, Carla. Carla: What? Yui: Let's go on a date together again. Carla: Hpmh... ... if you wish it then I will accompany you.
E S P A Ñ O L.
Lugar: Pasillo de la escuela - Noche.
Yui: Carla, ¿tienes algún plan para hoy después del colegio? Carla: No, no tengo. Yui: (¿... ...Es esta mi oportunidad? Quizás me rechace pero me atrveré a preguntarle... ...) Yui: Entonces, ¿quieres venir conmigo al centro comercial? Carla: ¿Centro comercial... ...? Yui: Puede que sea un sitio en el que no tienes mucho interés, Carla... ... Carla: ーーNo, está bien. Saldré contigo.
Lugar: Centro comercial - Noche.
Yui: Fufu, esto es muy inesperado. Carla: ¿Qué cosa? Yui: No puedo creer que conseguí venir a una cita para hacer las compras contigo, Carla... ... Yui: Pensé que para ti el centro comercial sería sólo un lugar ruidoso. Carla: No voy a negar que el centro comercial es un lugar muy ruidoso, tampoco me gusta este lugar. Yui: ... ...Aún así, el que vengas conmigo a caminar por la cuidad me hace muy feliz. Carla: Oye, no tires de mi brazo. ¿Por qué estás tan emocionada? Yui: Ah, lo siento. Estoy tan feliz que no me di cuenta.
*... ...*
Yui: (... ...Ah, hay una tienda que vende salchicas y jamón.) Yui: (Es comida casera... ... hay muchos clientes, ¿quizás sea una tienda muy popular?) Yui: (A Carla le gusta el jamón crudo.) Yui: (Quiero darselo como agradecimiento por haberme acompañado hoy... ...) Yui: Oye, Carla. ¿Quieres que nos detengamos en esta tienda? Yui: ... ...Espera, ¿oh? Donde está Carla... ... Yui: (Eh, no me digas. ¡No veo a Carla por ningún lugar!) Yui: ... ...Imposible, ¿Carla se perdió... ...? (Pink: Pffff LOL) Yui: (No, no es imposible. Por lo contrario, en realidad si es posible... ...) Yui: (Es que Carla no está acostumbrado al centro comercial.) Yui: (Además, es raro que él camine los lugares donde hay tanta gente.) Yui: (En estos momentos tal vez está en problemas... ...) Yui: (¿¡Qué debería hacer... ...!? ¿El servicio de información... ...? No, no puedo.) Yui: (No puedo dejar que el servicio de personas extraviadas me llame... ...) Yui: ¡Carla! ¡¿Donde estásー?! Yui: (No hay respuesta... ... Tal vez no esté cerca.) Yui: (A pesar de que era nuestra cita nos terminamos separando.) Hombre vulgar A: Oye, oye, ¿tienes tiempo libre ahora? Yui: ¿Um... ...? Hombre vulgar B: Nosotros también tenemos tiempo libre. ¿No quieres ir a jugar con nosotros? Yui: (¿Quienes son estas personas?) Hombre vulgar A: Aquí la gente de nuestro alrededor sería un problema~, ¿nos dirigimos a esa esquina?
(Los hombres empujan a Yui)
Yui: Kya... ... Yui: U-um, detenganse por favor. ¡Sueltame... ...!
(Yui resiste)
Hombre vulgar A: No te preocupes~, todo está bien~. Yui: (¿Qué debería hacer? Están sosteniendo mi brazo fuertemente... ...) Yui: (¡A este paso me llevarán a algún lugar... ...!) Yui: (La gente de nuestro alrededor nos están mirando... ... pero no parece que vayan a ayudarme, eh.) Yui: (... ...Tengo que hacer algo por mi cuenta.) Yui: ¡Detente por favor! ¡¡Suéltame!! Hombre vulgar B: ¡Eres ruidosa! ¡Cállate y ven! Yui: ¡... ...! Yui: ¡N-no... ...! Yui: ¡Carla, sálvame... ...!
(Sonido de pasos)
???: No toques a esa mujer. Yui: (Esta voz... ...) Carla: ¿Quieres que lo diga una segunda vez? Esa mujer no es alguien que ustedes puedan tocar. Yui: ¡Carla... ...! Yui: (¡Él vino!) Carla: Justo en este momentoーー larguense. Hombre vulgar A: ... ...*asustado* Yui: (La presencia de Carla es muy poderosa... ... En un momento el ambiente a nuestro alrededor cambió.) Hombre vulgar B: ... ...Quien es e-este... ... Hombre vulgar A: ... ...Q-que aburrido. No tengo ningún negocio con hombres. ¡V-volvamos!
(Los hombres se van)
Carla: ... ...Escoria de clase baja. Yui: Muchas gracias Carla, me salvaste. Yui: Aunque les dije que me suelten no me escucharon, yo... ... Carla: Honestamente... ... ¿qué es lo que estás haciendo? Quédate a mi lado. Yui: L-lo siento. Yui: (Uhh, pero el que se extravió fue Carla, ¿no es así... ...?) Yui: (Aunque realmente me alegro de que Carla me haya encontrado.) Carla: ... ... ... ... *mirada intensa(?)* Yui: U-um, Carla, ¿estás enojado... ...? Carla: Ven aquí.
(Carla agarra el brazo de Yui)
Yui: EH, ¿¡a dónde... ...!? Carla: Tú sólo deberías callarte y seguirme. Yui: ¡E-espera por favor... ...! No es necesario que me empujes, yo te seguiré apropiadamente, Carla. Carla: Hpmh, no sabré a dónde podrías ir si alejo mis ojos de ti. Yui: Eso no es cierto, reciénーー Carla: ... ...Tengo que sostenerte firmemente. Yui: ¿Carla... ...? Yui: (¿Estamos yendo a un callejón?) (?!!?!?!)
Lugar: Callejón - Noche.
Yui: ¡D-duele... ...! Yui: U-um, ¿qué estás haciendo... ...? Carla: Haz silencio.ーー hpmh... ... Yui: Ah... ... Yui: (No puede ser, está bebiendo mi sangre tan repentinamente... ...) Carla: Mm... ... mnnm... ... Yui: Mm... ... ¡ah... ...! Yui: No... ... alguien podría mirarnos en este lugar... ... Carla: Dije que hagas silencio, ¿no? Carla: Dejar que esas personas de clase tan baja te toquen, parece que no entiendes cual es tu posición. Carla: Es más efectivo castigarte en el mismo momento que cometes el tu acto. ... ...Aprende quién eres y a quién le perteneces. Carla: ... ... Nnm... ... Mmm... ... Yui: Ahhh... ... Mn... ... L-lo siento... ... Yui: (Parece que él está muy enojado.) Yui: (¿Es porque yo me separé? No, no es eso.) Carla: Tú eres la mujer que es mi pareja. No te olvides que eres la futura esposa del rey fundador. Yui: S-si. Yui: (... ...Podría ser que la razón por la cual Carla está enojado-) (Pink: Está C E L O S O.) Yui: (ーーQuizás estoy siendo engreida. Me da la sensación de que eso sería imposible para Carla. Pero... ...) Carla: ... ... ¿Qué sucede? Yui: U-um... ... Carla, ¿podría ser que estás celoso? Carla: ... ... ¿Qué? Yui: Ya que otros hombres me llamaron y casi me llevan con ellos. Yui: Me preguntaba si quizás estás celoso, por eso estás siendo algo emocional... ... Carla: ¿Me veo como un hombre que es tan poco tolerante? (Pink: ''de mente estrecha'') Yui: No lo parece, es por eso que estoy feliz. Yui: *sonrojada* Um... ... Pensé que quizas quieres monopolizarme, Carla. Carla: ... ...Es una interpretación muy egoísta de tu parte. (Pink: Absolutamente siempre que Yui se acerca a otra persona Carla actúa de esa manera.) Yui: (... ...Ah, como lo pensé, yo estaba siendo engreída... ...) Carla: Sin embargo, ya lo entiendo. Así que yo estaba celoso, eh. ... ...*Risa* Como de costumbre no estás aquivocada. Yui: (¿Oh... ...? ¿Acaba de reirse por un momento?) Carla: No vuelvas a seguir a unas escorias de clase baja. En caso de emergencia llámame. Carla: Dispersaré a esa clase de personas en un segundo. Yui: ... ...¡Sí! Carla: Aunque yo también tengo la responsabilidad por haberme alejado por uno momento. ... ...Te daré esto. Yui: Tiene un lindo envoltorio. ¿Qué es? Carla: Ábrelo. Yui: ¡Bien!
(Yui abre el regalo.)
Yui: ... ...¡wow! ¡¡Es un listón muy bonido... ...!! Carla: ¿Te gustó? Yui: ¡Si, y mucho! ¿Está bien que me lo quede? Carla: Adquirí ese listón de cabello para ti. Carla: Si no lo necesitas entonces desechalo. Yui: ¡No, algo así... ...! Definitivamente no es inecesario. Yui: Muchas gracias, lo atesoraré. Yui: ¿Pero por qué me das un regalo tan repentinamente... ...? Carla: No hay una razón en específico. Lo encontré por mi camino y sólo pensé que te quedaría. Yui: Con que así fue. Fufu, estoy muy feliz. Gracias. Yui: Ah, pero... ... ¿acaso te extraviaste porque fuiste a comprar estoーー Carla: ¿Me extravié? Yui: *se sonroja* ¡Ah, no! ¡No dije nada! Yui: (Él podría enfadarse si le digo que se extravió.) Yui: (Pero él fue a comprarme un regalo. Fufu, estoy feliz.) Carla: ... ...¿De qué te estás riendo? Yui: Ah, lo siento, no es nada. Atesoraré este listón. Carla: Haz lo que quieras. Carla: Dejando eso de lado, no vuelvas a alejarte de mi. Dame tu mano. Yui: ¿Eh... ...? Carla: No pierdas el tiempo. Yui: *se sonroja* ¡... ...! Yui: (Carla entrelazó su mano con la mía y estamos caminando juntos, no puedo creerlo... ...) Carla: ... ...Hacer esto es lo más razonable para que no te extravies. Carla: El centro comercial no es tan malo pero hay demasiados humanos. Carla: Sosten mi mano firmemente. Yui: Si, ¡definitivamente no te soltaré!
(Sonido de pasos)
Yui: Um, Carla. Carla: ¿Qué? Yui: Volvamos a tener una cita juntos. Carla: Hpmh... ... si así lo deseas entonces te acompañaré.
DEMONIOS, yo pensé que Carla había ido a ver jamón o algo así, el que le haya comprado un regalo a Yui me tomó por sorpresaaaaa.
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zonax-bylarnsolo · 4 months ago
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[  Día del Rock • Live Aid 1985 ]
Hace 35 años, un 13 de julio, se dio un evento musical sin precedentes y sin exagerar, un hito en la historia de la música y el rock desde Woodstock. Era 1985, y en aras de ayudar a las poblaciones de Somalía y Etiopía, que pasaban por una sequía devastadora y la hambruna había arrasado con ambos países africanos y alrededores, el músico y activista Bob Geldof ideó reunir a todos los artistas posibles para un concierto benéfico, un concierto sin precedentes, que habría de desarrollarse en simultáneo tanto en USA (el estadio JFK en Philadelphia) como en Gran Bretaña (el estadio Wembley en Londres).
Tumblr media
Geldof, recordado como líder de la banda británica The Boomtown Rats (para mayor referencia su canción más exitosa “I don’t like mondays”, que hacía referencia a un tiroteo en una escuela de USA), junto a su amigo Midge Ure (vocalista de la banda Ultravox), tuvieron esta sensacional idea, que fue a la postre un antes y un después para muchas bandas y artistas de habla inglesa. Originalmente se generaron dos colectivos de artistas para sacar un single cuyas ventas fuera de carácter exclusivamente caritativo, pero a la vez, permitía a sus participantes una vitrina no sólo mundial, sino mostrar ante su público su lado humano, solidario y filántropo. Así, los norteamericanos guiados bajo la producción del “rey midas” Quincy Jones, y con la composición de Michael Jackson y Lionel Ritchie, grabaron la canción “We are the world”, firmada como USA for Africa, mientras que su contraparte británica grababa “Do they know it’s Christmas?”, escrita por Geldof y Ure, firmada como Band Aid. Ambas canciones, que presentaron varios inconvenientes para su grabación, a su vez terminaron siendo el tema final de concierto en cada escenario, correspondiendo al lugar de origen.
Tumblr media
Sin embargo, para cuando se hicieron las coordinaciones para el concierto, que se vendía bajo la idea que “todo artista que era ‘alguien’ debía estar allí”, fue más complicado que juntar tantos artistas para una sola canción. Cuando la cartelera de los conciertos vio la luz, muchos de sus participantes que originalmente habían participado en las grabaciones de los singles, terminaron por no asistir por diversas razones. Bruce Springteen por motivo de agenda y Tears For Fears por renuncia de músicos de la banda. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Diana Rose y The Pointer Sisters decidieron boicotear el evento por no considerarlo de igualdad de oportunidades para artistas de raza negra, siendo Sade y Tina Turner las únicas artistas negras en aparecer en cartelera y en el escenario, aunque también apareciera B. B. King, Patti Labelle, Billy Ocean, Teddy Pendergrass (apareciendo en silla de ruedas luego de quedar parapléjico en un accidente de auto), o Lionel Ritchie, Dionne Warwick entre otros, cuyos nombres no aparecieron en la promoción.
Tumblr media
Asimismo, y como mencioné, fue un antes y después para muchas bandas: Para Bono Vox y U2 significó la catapulta al estrellato, aunque sólo tocaron 2 de los 3 temas programados, pues empezaron con “Sunday, bloody Sunday” generando furor en la audiencia y para cuando tocaron “Bad”, Bono tuvo que bajar hacia el público, y llevó a una chica al escenario. Originalmente se pensó que ese acto era para invitarla a estar junto a él, pero luego se aprecia en la grabación que la joven estaba prácticamente siendo aplastada por el público. Esto hizo que la canción demorara más de lo debido. Pero mientras U2 había afiatado al mundo para que reciba con los brazos abiertos a su cuarto álbum (el exitoso «The Joshua’s Tree»), otras bandas terminaron por descender en la preferencia pública.
Tumblr media
Así, Judas Priest llegó con altas ventas al escenario, pero su presentación no fue de las más acogidas. Led Zeppelin, después de la muerte de su baterista John Bonham, se reunía sin previo ensayo y fue una presentación para el olvido, ya que Robert Plant y Jimmy Page estaban tan alcoholizados (y algo más) que ni la voz ni los acordes, fueron los esperados, considerando además que en la batería estaba Phil Collins, quien aprovechó el evento hasta la última gota: no sólo se puso en la batería de Led Zeppelin (sin atinar a un solo ritmo), sino que fue el único artista en presentarse en ambos escenarios a la vez, usando para ello al ahora extinto avión supersónico Concorde. Collins, ya líder de Genesis ante la ausencia de Peter Gabriel y promocionando su carrera solista, además de sus propias canciones, también participó en cuanta canción ajena podía.
Tumblr media
Por otro lado, Live Aid también desnudaba los quiebres de algunas bandas: Sting aparecía sin The Police y nunca disimuló su cara cuando tuvo que cantar las canciones que popularizó junto a Andy Summers y Stewart Copeland, a diferencia de su performance junto a Dire Straits, donde incluso sonríe haciendo ese mítico coro en la canción “Money for nothing”. Wham!, el dúo pop formado por el finado George Michael y Andrew Ridgeley, sólo tuvo presencia a través de Michael, quien curiosamente, canta junto a Elton John la canción “Don’t let the sun go down on me”, que años más tarde, en 1991, terminaran realizando juntos nuevamente en un concierto de Elton John. David Gilmour aparecía sin Roger Waters anunciando la disolución de Pink Floyd, y participó como músico de apoyo para Bryan Ferry, ya separado de Roxy Music. Para Duran Duran, que llegaban con récords de ventas, terminan haciendo una presentación muy criticada cuando Simon Le Bon, su vocalista, desafina más de una vez y en palabras del propio Le Bon, la performance fue de la más vergonzosa en su carrera. Madonna, que no aparecía en la cartelera, estuvo en el concierto lanzando la frase lapidaria “Esta vez no me desnudaré.”, respondiendo a la crítica que fieramente decía que ella valía más por vender su físico que su talento, mientras que su “rival” musical, Cindy Lauper, no apareció en el evento. The Cars dejó de ser tan preponderante como Spandau Ballet o Simple Minds. Mick Jagger parecía más forzado que motivado a pesar de presentarse junto a Tina Turner y contar como apoyo nada menos que al dúo de Daryl Hall y John Oates. Los otros Rolling Stones (Richards y Wood) por cierto, se presentaron aparte como músicos de apoyo, Y Bob Dylan aprovechó la oportunidad para espetarle al público que antes de pensar en ayudar a otro continente, deberían ver la pobreza en la que viven los granjeros norteamericanos. Pero vamos, que no todo era tan malo: The Who se reunía después de muchos años, y dice la anécdota que en el escenario había una luz roja que avisaba al artista de turno que su tiempo acababa para dar paso al siguiente, pero Pete Townsend, siempre desvariado al momento de tocar, dañó esa luz y por ello, la banda encabezada por Roger Daltrey alargó su presentación. Black Sabbath se reunía nuevamente con el Príncipe de las Tinieblas: Ozzy Osbourne (valga decir no tan tenebroso con un look más de luchador de la WWE), y nos regalaban una vez más su mega–éxito “Paranoid”. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, también se rencontraban, y no decepcionaron, y claro: Queen.
Tumblr media
Mercury y compañía llegaban al evento con la etiqueta de “banda en decadencia”, y se especulaba que más iban a ser de “relleno” que de carácter protagónico. Y una vez más, Mercury hizo que todos se traguen sus palabras y caigan rendidos a sus pies haciendo pleitesía, para honrar el nombre de realeza de su banda. La participación de Queen fue, de lejos, la mejor de todo el evento (y por todo me refiero a ambos escenarios). Se dice que durante el concierto en Wembley, los problemas de sonido sucedían a cada instante y Geldof se encontraba en labor de hormiga de una lado a otro intentando solucionar las cosas, pero cuando apareció Queen, él y todo su equipo dejó de trabajar. Nada más importaba, como en el último verso de “Bohemian Rhapsody”: era Queen, y había que paladearse cada instante. David Bowie, gran amigo de Mercury, les siguió y además de mantener el estado febril del público con su éxito “Heroes”, detuvo a todos a pensar pasando diapositivas del estado de la gente en África, para no olvidar el motivo fundamental de los conciertos, más allá del disfrute del momento.
Tumblr media
Pretenders junto a Chrissie Hynde, Sade, George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Rick Springfield, y Huey Lewis & The News tampoco desentonaron, así como Sir Paul McCartney, quien interpretó el clásico “Let it be” junto a Bowie, Townsend y Alison Moyet. Entre las performances que no fueron altamente destacadas, pero merecen toda nominación honrosa están las de Paul Young, Kenny Loggins, REO Speedwagon, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Santana y Eric Clapton (que por cierto sufrió una descarga eléctrica mientras tocaba “White Room”). Ausencias muy sentidas, junto a los nombrados fueron AC/DC, Deep Purple y Frank Zappa, quienes contarían luego que estaban escépticos con respecto al evento. Culture Club, que afrontaba en esos momentos la lucha de Boy George contra su adicción a la heroína. Paul Simon, Billy Joel y Rod Stewart, quienes manifestaron no conseguir banda de apoyo. Se dice que The Kinks quiso participar pero para Geldof “no eran lo suficientemente famosos.”, Frankie Goes to Hollywood rechazó la oferta y su vocalista diría en el futuro que fue el mayor error en su carrera, y el dúo Eurythmics había aceptado en un principio, pero por motivos de salud Annie Lennox no pudo estar por lo cual terminaron sin presentarse.
Tumblr media
Live Aid, además, permitió vio satélite transmisión desde Austria, Japón, Holanda (desde donde transmite B. B. King que estaba de gira) y desde Australia, quienes presentaron a una banda consagrada en sus tierras pero desconocida para el mundo, pero que sonó tan, pero tan bien, que muchos productores mostraron interés en promocionarla. Sí. Eran Michael Hutchence junto a INXS, otros de los grandes “ganadores” en su carrera gracias al evento. Y sí, me faltan nombrar a más, muchos más, como Adam Ant, Neil Young, Thompson Twins, Joan Baez y es por ello que Live Aid de 1985 es tan relevante como importante en tanto conjunción de la pléyade musical, así como punto de inflexión para la carrera artística de muchos. Es por esta relevancia que los 13 de julio se celebra el “Día del Rock” y que obviamente no podría pasar desapercibido para un ángel Caído.
Tumblr media
Ahora, lo más difícil, es tomar una canción, una de tantas, que no hayan visto ya, como la mítica performace de Queen, o la versión de “Don’t you forget about me” de Simple Minds, o “Money for nothing” de Dire Straits junto a Sting, o la performance de U2 con “Sunday, bloody sunday”… Así que les comparto la performance del británico Elvis Costello, exponente del pub–rock de los 1970s, que incursionó también con el pop, el new wave y el country, pero que a diferencia de otros artistas, salió sin banda de apoyo, sin coros, sin nada más que él, y su guitarra. Costello, cual mítico caballero de cuentos de hadas, enfrentaba sólo a ese dragón o Leviatán que era un público hambriento de rock. Y así, sin más que su solitaria presencia, empezó a tocar la canción de The Beatles, “All you need is love”, haciendo que todo Wembley, antes de desgañitarse con Queen, ya empezara a cantar con el corazón, usando sus voces como reemplazo de los demás instrumentos y músicos que no estaban al lado de Costello. Porque al final, de éso se trata todo… absolutamente todo: Amor. © [ Zᴏɴᴀ X ] Lᴀʀɴ Sᴏʟᴏ Lima/Perú • 13/jul./2020
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