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Ghost 3D

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im reluctant to label zaheer/the red lotus as anarchist because their views on freedom were deeply flawed but zaheer’s relationship with his airbending compared to someone like aang or just the air nomads in general is super fascinating. it makes you think just how deeply individualistic our understanding of freedom & power is which in turn is why lok portrayed a society outside of oppressive governmental systems as “chaos” and not just like…… a better world that’s achievable.

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This AU is centered around Freddy having to live with his mistakes and having to let go of who Lucas once was and appreciate the time left on him.

Shiva, in the song by The Antlers, is a Jewish tradition where upon the death of first-degree relatives families mourn for seven days. Therefore, the mourning feeling of watching his friends/former lover die for something he allowed to happen, more or less, but a constant feeling of hope that tomorrow would be a new day.

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Not to be Jewish on main again, but I’m actually very interested in this thing I’ve realized about The Mandalorian and I want to see if anyone else vibes with this. I don’t know my SW lore very well at all, I’m just a simple nerd, so everything that follows are just my own personal thoughts and impressions!

I don’t see the practice of not removing the buy’ce in front of other living beings as negative or oppressive at all. I’ve seen quite a few people discussing this and more often than not it seems people are interpreting this practice as negative which??? Baffles me???? Maybe it’s because I come from a culture that has similar “restrictions” and rituals that I see Din choosing to keep his helmet on as a sign of pride.

He’s honoring the customs of his family. This isn’t oppression; this is carrying on a tradition, this is making the choice to remember and honor your ancestors, carrying your faith and your culture and your people with you. I don’t know the actual SW lore behind it, so maybe I’m wrong, but it’s very interesting to me that so many people focus on when he removes it as a positive thing. To me, he always looked lost and scared and anxious during the scenes where he was forced to remove it.

Those weren’t times he felt liberated or relieved of a burden. He was being forced to compromise an extremely important part of his identity (which makes these scenes even more impactful when you think about how these instances were all done to protect The Child) I always felt both fascinated and absolutely horrified for him personally during those scenes.

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