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I had a really interesting conversation with someone important to me.

He told me he was afraid to die.

It makes me really sad when I hear people say this. I understand the perspective, it used to be mine, too.

But I am not afraid anymore. I think death is beautiful and peaceful. It’s transition from one reality to another. An adventure.

Adventure is fun. There is so much to do and so much to see. So many stories to tell.

The universe is forever expanding. For every action there is a reaction, an alternate state of existence, and they expand and go on forever. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

There is so much proof of parallel universes existing. And I think there is way more to learn than a human mind can comprehend.

Sooooooooo, I don’t fear death. I love adventure. When it’s my time to go I will follow Death happily and listen to her stories, before I move on to the next state of being/reactions and create my own again.

It is sad to say goodbye to what is familiar and comfortable. This is not the end for anyone. Our souls are energy, and energy does not disappear, it is only transferred.

We will meet each other again in the next plane.

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margaret atwood // doom days - bastille // azra t. // carry on - rainbow rowell // romeo and juliet - william shakespeare // cruel summer - taylor swift // gregory orr // red, white, and royal blue - casey mcquiston // romeo and juliet - william shakespeare // cruel summer - taylor swift // erica jong // sober ii (melodrama) - lorde // romeo and juliet - william shakespeare // the raven king - maggie stiefvater // ghosts - florence + the machine // tamerlane - edgar allan poe // the raven king - maggie stiefvater // cruel summer - taylor swift

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She has her emotions REPRESSED. That is a FAR cry from having them in check. 

And I can’t tell you about her possible deterioration because I haven’t seen it. Finn started deteriorating when Clarke disappeared. We have another disappearance of the LI again. So I’m wondering if it’s started again.

And I will be honest, I ALWAYS worried that they’d take her on a path that made us empathize with her and then lead her to a dark and tragic end, because that’s a tendency on this show.

Finn was painted as a sometimes villain, you’re right. BUT so was Echo. I mean she was COMPLETELY a villain in s3 and most of s4. She’s had a lot more time to develop than Finn. I like her better than I liked Finn. But Echo HAS been painted as a villain and she still jumps to the “okay then let’s kill them” response.

If she could have stayed with spacekru we might have seen development as she explored her past as Ash. I don’t know if that’s going to happen now. 

One of the things about this show is they give the characters the CHANCE to redeem themselves and make changes in their lives and INTEND to do better, before their previous actions and choices drag them down. Finn, Lxa, Jaha, Abby. In particular. So having have growth and learn doesn’t mean she’s left the risk behind.

I don’t know if it WILL happen, but there’s a definite story that could happen and I don’t think it’s been taken out of contention yet. 

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“Arrêtez de m'appeler Sire” de Kaamelott et “Don’t call me son” de Hamilton ont des énergies très semblables et extrêmement différentes à la fois

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Are You Still You?

Sarah Kane, Blasted

The National - “Beautiful Head”

Annette Langlois Grunseth, “When Your Child Comes Out”

Kim Daehyun, 섹스어필 ((Wearing me)

Margaret Atwood, The Tent

Marina - “Buy the Stars”

blackbear - “CHANGES”

Perfect Blue, Satoshi Kon (1997)

Florence Welch - “Third Eye”

Unknown source

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Looking back at my Ilberd post I just reblogged and how Ilberd’s actions are framed, I am now thinking of the parallels in his fanaticism and point of view compared with Emet-Selch. Particularly the ideas of “they were willing to sacrifice all” to create a primal and the determination to see his home reborn no matter the cost, and anyone who disagrees—even a former dear friend—is an obstacle and traitor to that cause. Hrm.

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